Season 4, Episode 6

"You Can Never be too Careful"



The sound of footsteps (dragging), and slight sound of a huff or two…


EXT. WOODS (foggy) – DAY

POV travels through the foggy woods, with the sound (but no sight) of a huff or two, dragging themselves along…

POV of the feet of one of the huffs, as it slowly goes by. POV remains, until a second huff also goes by…

POV remains in same place, as the second huff exits the shot. Eventually the feet of several people (appearing not to be huffs) are seen slowly (quietly) walking behind the huffs…

POV behind a couple of people (one younger and female) who are hiding behind a tree and watching the huffs…

POV of the woods, as the first huff walks into the woods (POV from behind, can't see his face)…

The huff continues forward, as the second one eventually enters the shot. It's a kid or teenager, and female…

POV Samantha and Eli at the tree, watching, with tears falling from Sam's face. Eli places a hand over her shoulder…

POV the feet of the first huff, and going up his body, until revealing him as DJ…

The second huff slowly begins entering the shot, and revealing herself as Renee…

POV Samantha with tears, and turning to look away. Eli looks back at her, and then back at the huffs.

POV of DJ and Renee (as huffs) walking through the woods…



Shots of all the chaos in the city, on day 1 of the "zombie" apocalypse, followed by bumper-to-bumper traffic on the highways, and tons of angry/nervous people honking or trying to pull off the road. Shot of Mt. Hood, followed by shots of a huge tree house overlooking a lake, which dissolves into the Columbia River and traveling down it, through a huge forest fire, and then to the Bonneville Dam. POV continues down the river, past the Glen Jackson bridge, flowing by tons of houseboats where the dead are falling into the river, after whoever is drifting by.

POV crosses Hayden Island, and the Columbia River, over into Vancouver, Washington, where it quickly finds Fort Vancouver, before backtracking to the Columbia River, then into the Willamette River, under the St. Johns bridge, and up into the hills of Portland. It travels over them, and into the Beaverton area, crossing over the top of the Nike World Headquarters, and keeps traveling over farmlands, and into the coast range, finding the Glenwood Market, and a large camp with log walls, across the creek and behind the store. POV speeds over the Tillamook Forest, highway 26, and a bunch of other land, before coming to the Columbia River, traveling west, and under the Megler bridge, into the ocean. It continues along the shoreline, past Astoria, the Haystack Rock of Cannon Beach, coming to a pair of Jetties, and through them, up into the nearby hills, and over a large camp in the hills, protected by a large log wall. POV travels back down to the shoreline, and over a huge hotel, with a shot of the Twin Rocks in the ocean. POV travels by the bay of Tillamook, and along highway 6, back into the coast range, until leaving the road, back into the Tillamook Forest, until coming to a very large compound, hidden away by all the brush and mountain-side, as opening credits roll…



DJ and Renee, walking through the woods…

Samantha still looking away from them, and closing her eyes…




POV of several guys with video equipment, behind DJ and Renee, all ceasing to use their equipment. DJ and Renee turn around, forming subtle smiles. Renee's quickly fades, as Samantha comes in for a hug…

Zane approaches them all, with a smile, a tear, and a shake of his head, while giving DJ a high-five and a hug. He then gives one to Samantha…

Zane now looks over all the camera people.


That's a wrap. We'll pick up tomorrow with them waking in

the boat, under the tarp.


(shake of the head)

I still remember waking from this dream like it was



I can't believe you never told me about it.

DJ just staring at her as they walk away…


You had enough to worry or think about, at the time.


To me, it feels like it was forever ago.

POV sticking with Samantha, Eli and Zane, who begin walking in same direction as DJ and Renee.


I'm so sorry, Samantha. I know how hard this must be.


It is, but what you're doing…putting it to film like this,

for our family of the future, and for the world of the

future…it's priceless.

Both Zane and Eli laugh a bit, and nod their heads.


I love how you say things like Grandpa.

POV begins panning back from them all.


He would be so proud of you, right now…

Panning back quicker as it soars above and away from them, through the internal woods of the compound, and over the lake, until coming down onto the Baker complex…

POV inside to the Strategic room, and over some of the table maps, until coming to Mason and Porter, who walk over to one of the tables, finding Leo, looking over a map of the northern coast range of Oregon…


It's good to see someone cares about something other

than movie making.

Leo just gives Mason a look.


I know, I know. It'll all be important to have someday…

but you know as well as I do, that just getting to

someday, is a little more important, right now.


You know I agree with you there. It's just these damn

meds making me so soft, these days.

Both Mason and Porter with a chuckle.


Besides, Zane is good at it. I'm good at doing this…and

when we need him, Zane will be just as good at doing

this, as we are. Let him help bring peace to everyone.

He's good at it.


What about your other son? What's he good at? Is he

more like us?

Leo taking a deep breath…


Honestly…He's probably a lot more like Zane than he is

me…it's why he was my best friend…until he was my son…

Both Mason and Porter just staring at Leo, as Mason begins nodding and placing a hand over Leo's shoulder…


So, what's the plan with this Thunder guy?


Hunter thinks we should just let him take his chances

out there, wherever he and his men are.

Leo staring at Porter.


Is that what you think?


I see both sides. I personally want each and every one of

them dead, but agree that they are no threat to this place,

or our way of life on the outside.

Leo still staring at him…


What about my son?... I know that time has changed

things for many, but Jason's death is a large part of your

passion to get Thunder's group… Have you truly come

to peace with Grover, and the way things have played out?

Porter looking Leo dead in the eyes.


I overlook his role the way I overlook the things you did,

while ill. He had powerful people taking advantage of that

illness, using him like a weapon. I blame them for Jason.



Thanks, Porter. (turning around) But you ever refer to

me as ill, again, I'll put your ass in the ground.

Porter and Mason with another chuckle, as Leo looks back at his map.


Now, to follow up on your thoughts with Thunder, you're

right. He's no threat to us in here, but out there (shaking

head), he's trained to do one thing, and that's to gather

intel and wait for Shepard, and if he hears about Jordan,

or stumbles across her, as one of her men already has,

then he could be a threat to free her.


Another reason she should be here, and not there.


(shaking head)

She's already been through worse there, than she would

have gone through in a lifetime here. If she had killed me…

Even Dad would have gone dark on how to handle her…

but not here…where the democratic part of the world still



Talk about dark, big brother.


I didn't say it was a bad thing…just supporting the new

grey world, we also live in.


So, you really think Thunder is more important to worry

about than this Gallagher guy. They say he's ex-military.


Oh, he's on my mind, but like I said, Thunder's a threat to

go after the bitch. Gallagher knows nothing about us,

and is free to roll on up, any day he'd like.


I get it, but you helped those hillbilly hicks booby trap

the hell out of that mountain. He'll be doing us a favor

by showing up there.


I agree, but we'll deal with whichever one we find first.




We also have to be on high alert with the freeing of

Gallagher's people.


(slight chuckle)

Yeah but, those people deserve their freedom the way

they offed their so-called leader.

Mason smiling with a nod of the head…


I still don't trust them…but yeah, that shit was priceless!

All of them laughing as scene dissolves to flashback…



Montage scene of Hunter, April, Leo, Mason and Zane, all taking their individual turns, heavily interrogating the survivalist group prisoners, one by one. POV is at them, without a view of the person they are speaking to.


Whose idea was it to kill Billy, and why?

Cut to Mason taking his turn.


Why kill Billy, and whose idea was it?

Cut to Zane's turn.


The first thing I want to know, is why did you guys

decide to kill the man you followed before and

after the apocalypse?

Cut to April.


So…I know what you guys said after you did it, but

please tell me again why you all chose to kill Billy,

and who was the first one to bring it up?

Cut to Leo, just staring at the person, until finally speaking, with intimidation…


What in the hell were you idiots thinking when killing

that son of a bitch, and who in the god damn fuck of

things, came up with that idea?

Cut to a large room where Zane (slight chuckle), Mason, Hunter, April, Scout, Samantha, Bo, his dad Chasin, Dakota, Cleo, Porter, the Queen of Nike, Stix, Sheriff Dave and Mayday are all watching Leo, from behind a see-through mirror.

POV cuts back inside the room, at the guy Leo was talking to.


It was Welsh's idea…and we followed through with

it because we wanted to show that we don't approve

of what that jackass did!

POV Leo just staring at him, looking him over…

Cut to hunter back in the room, this time with POV revealing different random prisoners, who sit at the table being interrogated.


Is Welsh your new leader?

Cut to Mason.


Is Welsh a better guy to follow than Billy was?

Cut to Zane.


Is Welsh your man, now? Tell me how close he and

Billy were, before all this. Did Welsh ever question

him? Publicly or behind closed doors?

Cut to April.


So…does that make Welsh your new leader? Do you

all see eye to eye on what he's suggesting?

Cut to Leo, again just staring at a different guy, with intimidation…


Who in the fuck is Welsh?

Cut to Hunter.


Are you all on the same page, or are you somewhat divided?

Cut to Mason.


Who do we need to keep our eyes on?

Cut to Zane.


I'm not at all worried about you. It's the others I need

to know about. I need to know which ones I can trust,

and which one I can't.

Cut to April.


So…you seem like a perfectly trustworthy person, as do

many of the others, but tell me more about Jenson and

his father, Johnathon?

Cut to Leo, without the other person in POV.


Why have all the others mentioned how worried I

should be about this Johnathon guy, while you've

yet to tell me a god damn bit of anything, about him?

POV of a nervous guy, hesitating to respond…

Cut to a later time with Leo, and a different person (out of POV).


Why have all the others mentioned how worried I

should be about this Johnathon guy, while you've

yet to tell me a god damn bit of anything, about him?

POV of a nervous woman, hesitating to respond…

Cut to a later time with Leo, and a different person (out of POV).


Why have all the others mentioned how worried I

should be about this Johnathon guy, while you've

yet to tell me a god damn bit of anything, about him?

POV of a nervous 14-year-old girl, hesitating to respond…

Cut to a later time with Leo, and a different person (out of POV).


Why have all the others mentioned how worried I

should be about this Johnathon guy, while you've

yet to tell me a god damn bit of anything, about him?

POV of a semi-angry looking 17-year-old boy (Jenson).


My dad…what about him?

Cut to Hunter interrogating Jenson.


I need you to tell me everything you can about your father.

Cut to Zane.


You and your dad close?

Cut to April.


So…does that mean you agree with the others,

or your father?

Cut to a different moment where Jenson is getting very angry, with Mason on the other side of the table.


Why do you keep asking me shit about my dad?! I told

you already! We did what we had to do to survive. We

didn't know they were part of some large freaking

community! We didn't even know that kind of thing still

existed! What the hell else do you want from me?!


To calm your ass down, and answer whatever the hell

else is asked of you!

Cut to Leo working on Jenson.


Why does he keep telling everyone not to trust us?!

Why does he have your support while doing this?!

Cut to Hunter interrogating Jenson's father.


How close were you and Gallagher?

Cut to Mason.


Where would Gallagher seek refuge?

Cut to April.


So…Is anything you're telling me the truth?

Cut to Zane.


I get the anger, and skepticism over who we really are,

but after we get to know all of you, we'll prove the

things we've told you. We'll show you around the entire

compound, and educate you on our history. We just

need to know we can trust you.

Zane staring Johnathon in the eyes, as he hesitates to respond…

Dissolve to Leo at the table with him…


Some of you will be free…some of you will not…

Leo staring into the eyes of Johnathon…

Dissolve to all of the survivalist prisoners in their jailed cell, watching Zane as he opens up the gate and sends Johnathon inside, who looks over them all, before his son, Jenson…

Zane watches all their expressions, before most of them begin looking back at him…


I can imagine you all understand why we'd go through

such measures to figure out who we can trust, and who

we cannot. My family and I have a lot to discuss, and will

soon be taking you all on a tour, and eventually working

toward your freedom, from these bars.

Zane turns and walks away, with nods and appreciation from most…



Samantha entering inside, seeing her moms, and giving a hug to both.


Are you okay? What am I sensing?


(looking into her eyes)

And you look like you've done some crying.


Just a side-effect of filming DJ and Renee's scenes today.


Oh my gosh, I don't know how I'm going to get through

that film, without losing it.


Or taking us back to the nightmare, our life was during

those times.


A nightmare without end, if not for what those two

went through, to find us. Hearing about it was one

thing, but seeing them act it out, and remembering

things they hadn't even mentioned before.


So, it'll be twice as bad as reading your journal,

is what you're saying?

Samantha just staring at Brianna with a nod of her head, as Kayla kisses them both, a top of their heads.


And because of their bravery, (holding up a board game)

we get to have quiet nights in, playing board games and

sharing giggles.

Kayla making a silly face at Samantha, then at Brianna who makes one back at her, as Samantha laughs and sits down to play the game with them, while scene dissolves to a little later, while they are in the middle of the game. A loud knock startles them, coming from the front door.

Kayla approaches the door, with a glance toward the window.


Oh my god.

Samantha and Brianna curiously, and a little nervously, watching her open up the door.

POV a snow-covered Eli and Renee, as Tricia and Ashly come up from behind them.


(rushing to the door)

Holy crap! Where did that come from?!

Samantha arriving at the door, as her moms follow her out onto the porch, and watching Eli as he picks up Ashley, and swings her through the snowy air, with laughter.


It came out of nowhere. Huge flakes! DJ, Rich and

some of the others, are all out front.

Samantha rushes back inside to go change, as scene dissolves.


Well, there goes a quiet board game night, inside.

Dissolve to the front of the Baker complex, as Samantha and them excitedly arrive. Most of her family and friends are there, along with many other families, out in the large open field. Samantha runs right over to Zane, standing with Pepsi and a bundled-up baby, who Samantha smiles at.


Well, look who finally figured out what nature was up to.


There must be at least three or four inches already,

that's way more than we had at Christmas.


It's kind of cool when you get no warning from the

weather station. I thought it might rain, but had no idea

it was cold enough for snow. Even Divit said nothing of

it. I'm guessing the heavy showers pushed the snow level

down. If it lets up, it'll turn over to rain and wash this all

away quick. Enjoy it while you can!

Dissolve to Samantha, Eli, Griffey, Renee, Ashley, Tricia and tons of other kids all playing late into the snowy night, with tons of it piling up.


It's at least eight or nine inches, now!


I've never seen that much in only a few hours!

Dissolve to the kids all gone, and just an empty snowy field, with tons of snowmen and footprints…

Dissolve to the footprints covered up, by freshly falling snow…

Dissolve to Samantha, totally crashed out in her bed…

Dissolve to daylight now filling her room, as she begins to wake…

Once she remembers the night before, she excitedly hops out of bed and dashes to her window, looking outside…


You have to be God damn shitting me!

Her POV of tons of falling rain, which has already washed away plenty of the snow on the ground…

She turns and goes back to her bed, climbing inside…

Dissolve to a little later, as Brianna knocks and enters…


I'm guessing you've already looked outside?


Yeah…and Zane said we're not filming today, so

I'm kind of dragging.

Brianna laughs as scene dissolves to them now in the front room, again playing board games. Brianna begins rolling dice as Samantha goes to the window, looking out at the heavy rain and disappearing snow…


And I thought it piled up quicker than ever. How could

almost a foot of snow be gone in less than 24 hours?

Dissolve to a glumly Samantha in a raincoat, coming in from outside, with no sight of any leftover snow. She places down her school bag.


No filming, again today…just flooding…


Well, at least you didn't miss any of it while in class.


I totally would have skipped.

Kayla and Brianna smiling as scene dissolves to Samantha and her mothers at the table, just as Brianna appears to be the winner of a game. Samantha begins to rise.


Okay, as much fun as the last couple of days have been,

I'm heading to bed and dreaming of blue skies…or even

cloudy ones, as long as it's dry. I'm not picky.

Brianna and Kayla smiling at her remarks, as she kisses them goodnight…



Mayday, Gia and others are inside the tree house, avoiding the heavily falling rain, as someone comes over the radio.


(over radio)

Compound come in…


(into radio)

Compound here. Mayday speaking.


(over radio)

This is Mark and Tammy, at relay east one. Umm,

something's happening. Something loud.


(into radio)

Like a crash, or?


No; more like an earthquake, or something. We felt

the treehouse shaking.

Mayday curiously looking around, and at the others.


You guys didn't feel anything, did you.


Not at all.

Others shaking heads.


(into radio)

You're only five miles away. We didn't feel anything

here, but stay put. I'm sure Hunter will send a team



EXT. HIGHWAY 6 (heavy rain) – DAY

3 hummers driving the highway with caution…

POV inside the first hummer, to Leo driving with Zane in passenger seat. Dakota and Cleo are in the back. Zane stares at his dad, in reaction to how slow he is driving.


I know it's wet out, but…


All the rain we've had this winter, the snowfall in Nov,

and at Christmas, followed by more heavy rain. A foot

of snow a few days ago, followed by wind, warm

temperatures and all this constant rain…(looking at

Zane, then back at the road) I'm thinking.

Leo coming to a sudden stop, and nodding ahead…

POV of a massive landslide.


Landslide…but Jesus Christ…

POV going over the entire mess, which has completely blocked the highway and then some, and taken out tons of trees, some of which are laying all around, including on the highway, which is not even visible.


I never imagined it this bad…

POV Mason, Chasin, Catherine, Gunner and Wyatt all climbing out of their hummer, looking over the area, with shock.

Porter, Frost, Sheriff Dave, Darius and Tanner all climb out of the third hummer, also looking over the mess, in front of them.


We are completely cutoff from Glenwood and Nike!




This is a real problem… I mean we have the equipment

to get to work on this, but…(looking it over) Hopefully

Dale and his loggers know a little something about safety,

when it comes to this kind of thing.


I was just thinking that, cause you're right. We might not

even be safe standing right here like this. No telling how

unsteady this area is, right now.


(into radio)

Relay one east, copy?


(over radio)

Mark, here.


(into radio)

Mark, we've got ourselves a massive landslide, maybe a

quarter of a mile west of you. We'll start work first thing

tomorrow, but I need Dale and his boys here asap. We'll

be following his lead on this.


(over radio)

On it.


(into radio)

Thanks, Mark.

Zane watches Leo climbing over on the side of the road, working on a better look over the mess…

Dissolve to later, with Dale chatting on the radio with Leo, who is all the way over on the other side of the huge slide, way too far to speak without the radio…

Dale's conversation is unheard, as POV is with his men, looking over the scene…

Cut to Zane and the others standing off a little further from the area, out of Leo's earshot, who continues looking over the scene, while on the radio with Dale.


We are so screwed. I don't see how we're getting

that road back.


I guess your dad really knew what he was doing, when

he put together a team of loggers for the apocalypse.


You really believe they are skilled for this kind of thing?



Leo was thinking landslide before we even got here…

and he was thinking landslide before the apocalypse

even found us.

Zane looking at Mason while in thought over what he just said, before turning and staring at his dad…

Zane begins slowly nodding, with appreciation of his father's wisdom…

Dissolve to teams of men and heavy equipment on both sides of the landslide, with beginning efforts being made to clear the gigantic mess…



A few buses are driving over the bridge that leads into the compound neighborhood. As the buses enter into it, POV goes inside to the curious expressions and eventual astonishment of all the survivalist prisoners. They look all around, and even watch as curious children come from some of the homes, watching the buses, some of them waving, with some waves returned from those on the buses. They also take notice of some scowling looks from parents of the homes, some of them even holding their children close…

POV finds Hunter standing at the head of the bus, talking over a speaker.


Most of the people who live in these homes, had purchased

them back before the dead began to walk. They are doctors,

professors, businessmen, friends of the family, but sorry…

no celebrities.

Cut to April at the head of her bus, also talking over a speaker.


Sam Baker had a vision of this place paying for itself,

before things became apocalyptic, and preserving a

small piece of our history, in whatever kind of new

world might present itself, some day.

Cut to Cleo at the head of her bus, talking over the speaker, as the buses are now heading down the city street, with bakeries, ice cream parlors, decorated stores, the monthly forester office, and more.


Yes, baked goods, ice cream and more than you can

imagine, has survived the end of times, or as Sam

Baker saw it…the beginning of something better…

The people look all around, in total aw. Johnathon looks from outside to his son, Jenson, who looks back at him. A teenager (Gayle, 17), stares out the window, and takes notice of a couple younger kids under the cover, outside of one of the stores. Both are snacking on something, as they watch the buses drive by. She makes eye contact with one of them (Kyle (15), Cleo's brother). She keeps watching him, as they pass by…

The buses now begin passing by what appears to be a school building.


(OS, over speaker)

That's right, we educate our children, here, and keep

alive traditions like Summer and Christmas vacation.

Everyone eyeing the building, as the buses come to a stop in the town center area. POV Hunter.


(over speaker)

We'll have some reading material for you, a little later,

that will make you understand the scene we're about to

show you. That tree house, over there, is an exact replica

of one that was built on Mt. Hood, and served as refuge

for some very important people, who made it back here

to us, after the world fell.

Cut to April, talking over speaker.


Their story was kept by journal, and is honored here

by this replica of their experiences.

Cut to Cleo, talking over speaker.


And now their story is even being brought to film,

and is to be shared here and, hopefully, someday

around the world.

Gayle is looking all around, at the tree house, the statues, and then taking notice of Kyle, again. She watches him and his friend throwing on their raingear, and hoping on bicycles…



Two younger people making out, under the cover of the front door to the Safe House. They stop and giggle, as a man comes out while opening an umbrella. He smiles and walks down the path. The couple is revealed as Kyle and Gayle. They gaze into each other's eyes, smiling…


I'm so glad you guys are staying here, now…


I'm so glad we can do this, now.

They begin kissing again, then stopping…


Now, I just have to find a way to keep you here.

Gayle smiles and kisses him again…



Several POV's of the wet and rainy weather, before moving into the complex. Samantha watches with dread, as Zane speaks with Leo, before eventually making his way her direction…


Sorry, Sam. The filming will be on hold, until we get this

mud pile cleaned up. You should go spend some time

with Pepsi and the baby.

Dissolve to Samantha sitting and holding the baby, as Pepsi takes a much-needed break, with a big yawn.


Actually, Samantha if you can, I could really use a quick nap?



I can! Go nap! I got this.

Pepsi smiles and kisses her baby on the head, then gives one to Samantha before heading toward her bedroom.


You are a lifesaver. There's a bottle in the fridge, if she

gets hungry, and you know where the diapers are. If

you need help, Coke is a great diaper changer.

Pepsi enters and closes her bedroom door, as Samantha stares questionably over at Coke, who is staring back at her.


It was fun to learn how, but I am quickly having regrets!

Samantha laughs, and continues to make baby faces at her little niece…

Dissolve to a little later, as she, Coke and Chance are amused while watching Clarissa in her "Johnny jump-up", who is smiling and cracking up at their responses, to her showing off to them, by jumping around like a baby maniac.

Jennifer then comes through the front door, carrying her baby (Miles, 20 months), with August, Jax and Maddux following her inside, and smiling as they see the baby, and go over to them all. Jennifer also smiles, and places Miles down, who follows after her, while also looking at the young jumping baby.


Where's Pepsi?


I'm letting her nap as long as she needs to.


(smiling at Sam)

First time babysitting? (Sam nodding) Well, look at you.

If I had known you were ready for a job like that, I would

have been knocking on your door a long time ago.

Samantha laughing at Jennifer, then taking notice of the Rough Riders, through the window. She goes over to it, watching them (all in rain gear) riding horses in the rain, over the field and disappearing into the long corridor…


(under her breath)

Lucky bastards…

Cut to Blake galloping along, leading the Rough Riders through the wet and rainy corridor, toward the gates, which begin to open…

Cut to Mayday and Gia up on the catwalk, watching as the Rough Riders begin riding through the gates. POV Blake looking over toward the Guardian's area, and nodding at her/him, with a wave in return, as he leads the Riders across the open field.

Mayday begins closing the gates, watching them ride into the woods…

Cut to them now slowly riding highway 6, going west…


I'm not complaining…but God damn it, I wanted to

see that mudslide!

Few laughs.


You'll see it, eventually.


And it'll probably look even cooler once it sandwiches

the highway.


(with laugh)

Sandwiches the highway.


My dad said it'll be a clear warning to anyone who

doesn't know about our communities, who go driving

through there, that some kind of society is still out here.


That would be some crazy shit. Some random people

coming across that. Pretty sure their imagination

would be through the roof.


It's gonna happen.


They should put a Forest Grover sign there.


That would be dope!


That would definitely give people something to

think about.


Who would mess with the people who could clear

that mess?!



Leo is hard at work supervising some of the guys using machines to move trees and mud, with compounders everywhere, hard at work with shovels and other equipment, doing what they can to clear the highway…

POV travels up over them, and over the entire mudslide, until coming to the other side, where Dale is doing the same thing Leo was doing, and GW leads an army of convicts and others, all hard at work doing their part, with obviously a TON of work ahead of them…

POV travels back over the mudslide, again coming to Leo and the others, and continuing over them, and up the highway, and speeding way up ahead, miles and miles, until coming to Blake and the Rough Riders, now stopped on the highway…


What the frack, Manny?! You get lost out there?


You having trouble finding leaves, bro?

Rough Riders laughing, as Manny finally comes out of the woods, to some applause…


You guys are all assholes.

Blake (laughing) beginning to ride again.


At least we're not as dirty as yours, right now!

Everyone cracking up/disgusted…

Suddenly, Blake puts up a hand, and they all freeze and go silent…and listen…

Something can be heard…it's someone on a horse (but not seen), coming toward them.

They all pull guns and aim…waiting…until finally a single rider gallops around the corner and right for them… It's Doc!


Sorry guys…but way to stay on your toes!


Dude, you are lucky not to be shot forty or fifty times,

right now! (Doc just smiling) And since you're smiling, I

take it there's no emergency up the road?


They'll be here momentarily. This corner is where we'll

trade them off to ya. (motioning at side of road) We'll

hide up that hillside. You guys can head down the road a

bit. The rest of us will be cruising over here any second.


How many do you have?


Surprisingly a lot. We may need to strengthen the

Tillamook barricade. So hey, have you seen the slide?

How bad was it?


Bad, but I haven't seen it. Zane thinks it'll take the

Winter to finish.


Geez, I hope he's exaggerating at least a little. Oh,

here they come. You guys should head down the

road. I'll keep them heading this way.

Blake leads his riders down the road, as Dylan, Virgil, Sage, Damon and a couple more of Dylan's men, come galloping around the corner, as Doc shows them where to hide. They begin leading their horses up the hillside, and into the woods. Doc rides back around the corner of the highway, and rides around in a circle, getting his horse to make noises…

Blake and his riders watch, as Doc now takes his horse up the hillside, disappearing into the woods…

Eventually huffs can be heard, tons of them, and eventually coming around the corner. A pretty big herd of them. Blake and his riders begin riding around, attracting the huffs, until they arrive. Then Blake leads his riders east, back down the highway…

Dissolve to Blake and the riders slowly heading down the highway, as Doc comes over the radio.


(over radio)

Everything here sounds quiet. Are you guys doing

okay? We're heading home, if so.


(into radio)

Yeah, you guys should be good to go. We are all good

here, and ready for some huff training.

Cut to Doc signaling his guys to grab their horses and head back for the road, and rolling his eyes as he watches his sister, Sage, come out of a kiss with Damon…

Dissolve to Blake and the Rough Riders leading the huffs off of the highway, and onto a backroad…

Dissolve to Blake and the Rough Riders leading them across the field, toward the compound…

Dissolve to the Guardian waiting their arrival, and beginning to lead the huffs down underground. The Rough Riders are in the brush, handing their horses off to others, and then racing down underground to help the Guardian…

Dissolve to them all leading them into a large cell, and backing themselves down to the end of the cell, where they open a door and escape. POV of the Guardian at the front of the cell, closing the large gate, and trapping all the huffs inside, and looking them over…

Eventually Blake and the others come down a hall, to the Guardian. She/he and Blake then begin walking down to another cell, with tons of other huffs, followed by one more cell, with huffs who have their mouths muzzled, unable to bite. Blake looks from one cell to the other.


We'll need twenty biters, and fifty muzzled.


EXT. BAKER LAKE (raining) – DAY

The buses pass the Baker complex, the Baker cabin, as the lake comes into view…

POV cuts inside the buses to the astonished reactions of the survivalist group, taking notice of the beautiful lake. Pepsi stands outside her door, watching the buses go by.


(over speaker)

That's right…our own lovely, man-built lake, right here

inside these walls, and not only that, but in the back of

this compound, where no roads exist, our very own river

flows under these walls.

Dissolve to April's bus.


(over speaker)

Where we have farms and farmlands.

The people begin taking notice of all the animals.


(over speaker)

And with that, comes farm animals.

Cut to Cleo's bus.


(over speaker)

If it can be planted and grown on this soil, it's being

planted and grown here at this compound.

POV of the buses turning around, before coming to a sudden stop. The people inside begin to take notice of the Rough Riders, all racing around on horses. Even some young kids are on horses. Samantha and Renee go racing by, followed by Kyle, as Gayle takes notice, and smiles. Her smile then disappears, as she takes notice of huffs coming out of a large barn. There are about a dozen of them…

Everyone begins to semi-panic, as they take notice of the huffs. All the adults and kids on horses have stopped on one side, as the Rough Riders are on the other side, near the huffs. They climb off their horses, and approach the huffs. Blake, Scoop, Nate, Trav and a couple of the other older Rough Riders, begin killing off huff after huff, until half are left…

Inside the buses everyone watches in total aw and curiosity.


(over speaker)

This next kid, Eli, is fifteen, but was only thirteen

when he first began killing the dead.

Cut to April's bus.


(over speaker)

You'll read all about him and his Mt. hood heroics, later.

Cut to Hunter's bus.


(over radio)

He is one bad ass mother –

POV to Eli as the other Rough Riders stand back, leaving him to the final 6 huffs. He beings clobbering them with his bat, one after another, with total ease, until the final two remain…

He backs off from them, until pushing one to the ground, and then the other.

Samantha and the Queen of Nike are quickly galloping over toward Eli, and jumping down from their horses…

POV inside Hunter's bus.


(over radio)

And that would be my little niece. Only thirteen years

old, and killing these things since just a handful of

days after they first rose.

Cut to Cleo's bus.


(over speaker)

Next to her, is the Queen of Nike, which you'll also

read all about in our monthly foresters.

Cut to April's bus.


(over speaker)

Everyone here learns how to fight, and survive, and

basically, be a soldier and protector of this land.

Cut to the Queen of Nike, showing off some of her skills before suddenly knocking one huff to the ground, and slicing the next one, then standing over Samantha, who approaches her huff with a manchette, quickly using it to kill the final huff (which was muzzled), and turning to go back to her horse, where her and the Queen begin galloping toward the buses, and past the windows, for all to see…


EXT. HIGHWAY 26 (landslide area, not raining) – DAY

POV of all the loggers, convicts and Nike World workers, as they all appear to be closing up shop and putting away all their tools, many of which are being left/stored away in a makeshift storage area. Divit is seen standing and talking with Dale and a couple other loggers, and nodding in agreement, as POV begins traveling up and over all of their progress, and eventually traveling over all the work that remains, until coming to the progress of the opposite side (west side), where Leo is seen talking on his radio, and staring toward the east side (talking with Dale)…

POV finds Zane handing supplies/tools to others, who work to close up shop for the day. Zane suddenly stops, and takes a look out into the woods/brush, before going back to putting things away. POV then cuts to someone's view from the woods, while watching Zane and the others. The person ducks back further into the woods/brush…

Dissolve to Leo and the entire team of workers now entering the Baker field, out of the long corridor…

Dissolve to the team now parking in the huge garage, as Leo and Zane climb out of the hummer…

Everyone looks exhausted…


I know you disagree about giving everyone a day off,

but our time is valuable here, as well.


Every day off is another day without quick access to

our other communities…and another day before we

can move out our "new community members".


All the more reason to spend some time here, teaching

them our way of life… Their new way of life.


Teaching people how to fight, who might want to fight

us. (shaking his head)


If there were any left who wanted to fight us, they

would have stopped the other three who left. We've

given them too many reasons to trust us, and want

to be a part of us. You worry too much, Dad.


Someone's got to…


INT. SAFE HOUSE (raining) – DAY

Zane, Hunter, April, Scout, her kids, and many other Bakers are around, watching/waiting…

POV travels from them to all of the survivalist group, sitting and reading through pages of material…

POV travels through them, finding many of them in tears, or shaking their heads as they read…

POV Samantha, watching over them all…

POV Dakota, Cleo and Kyle standing around, watching. Kyle smiles. POV Gayle smiling his way, then flipping the page of Sam's journal. There are also copies of the Monthly Forester sitting next to her, and all the other people, who continue to sit and read in silence…

POV Ryder, taking notice of one of the readers. Her POV of a boy her age (Milo), with tears running down his face, as he flips the page. He then looks out at the Bakers, staring right at Samantha, before taking notice of Ryder, staring back at him. He wipes a tear, before continuing to read…

Ryder continues to watch him, surprised by his emotion…

Dissolve to a little later, while Hunter is introducing Samantha, Eli, DJ, Renee, Marlana, Todd and Sandy, to all the survivalist members, who shake their hands with smiles and awe. Some of the females are even hugging them. The younger male teens are shaking Eli's hand with pride, and admiration…

Ryder watches Milo, who gives both Samantha and Eli a hug, followed with ones for the others, and a big smile as he appears in awe, over their stories…

Dissolve to a few moments later, as Hunter stands in front of everyone, speaking into a microphone.


(into mic)

This concludes our attempt to earn your trust, and provide

you with reasons to give us yours. There will still be a

training course to come, and time to pass before giving you

your freedom, but eventually you will all have the opportunity

to reside at our Glenwood community. For those of you who

wish to go back to the cage, for now, and continue through

the steps it takes to have that freedom, the choice is yours.

For those of you who do not accept this choice, you will now

be given another. We have a team traveling to our Fort

Vancouver community, right now. For any of you who choose

not to follow our rules, to not become a part of our community,

your ride out of here, awaits you. If you have questions before

making this choice, now is the time to voice them.

The Bakers watch over the Survivalist group, who look amongst themselves, in silence at first, before the first hand is raised, as Hunter points at him…

MAN #1

(speaking up)

How different are the living conditions at Glenwood?

MAN #2

How safe there, would we be from the convicts, we just

read all about?


(into mic)

You've read all about it, what happened to the convicts

who we couldn't trust, and those who we have come to

treat like family. Stix (pointing toward him, next to Zane)

is here now, and a true leader who had the respect of his

fellow convicts while on the inside, as much as he still does

now. You also read that they have other families there, who

have become of our community over time, as well as those

who have been there from the beginning. They have

children there, gardens, livestock, and moonshine. You read

that we have relay post every five miles between here and

there, and our other communities, besides Fort Vancouver.

If trouble comes knocking on our door, or theirs, we all come

to answer that knock. We take care of our own. Residing at

Glenwood will make you our own.

All the survivalist look among themselves, in silence…


Where will you be taking those of us who choose the

other option?


(into mic)

We were hoping none of you would, but those who do, will

be given all the food you can take, some supplies, and a ride

to the outskirts of Fort Vancouver. Where you go from there

is on you. As long as you never become a threat to us and our

way of life, you will not be considered an enemy of the


Johnathon reaches for his boy, Jenson, and guides him out front of everyone. He motions toward another man, who also steps out, and then motions at a couple of others, who hesitate, and decide to remain with the others, as Johnathon gives them a displeased look, while he, his son and the other guy (Rob), step toward Hunter…


Will you give us weapons?


(coming from behind him)

We will not. You're lucky you'll get what we give you.

Follow me.

Everyone watches as they follow Leo out the doors, along with Porter and Baxter…

Gayle watches them…

Hunter looks over the others, who appear to be happy with the choice to remain…


EXT. BAKER LAKE (not raining) – DAY

Ryder at the lake shoreline, making out with a boy, revealed once they come out of their embrace, as Milo. They just smile and look back at one another…


I think you have some training to get to.



Teach me to be a warrior. (Ryder laughing)


A lover and a fighter.

Milo smiling as he leans in to kiss her some more, before she pushes him away and toward the direction they begin walking. POV travels up over them, and over the field, where many others are heading toward the corridor, mostly people walking, but some on horses.

POV continues into the corridor, where many others are walking or riding toward the gates, where POV eventually comes, and through the gates, finding the Bakers, the Guardian and Rough Riders, all with a bunch of huffs, ready for training…

Dissolve to a little later, with everyone now just outside the gates, or watching from up on the catwalk and tree houses. Zane, Dakota, Cleo, Mason, Porter, and Baxter are standing near the huffs, as they let a couple go free. The huffs (unmuzzled) are going toward a pair from the survivalist group, with others from their group standing nearby, and watching. The two guys are armed with blades, and ready for the huffs. Zane and the others are close enough to jump in, in case of anything going wrong. Chasin stands next to his wife and kids, Bo and Kat, as he points out what's happening, while educating his kids on the situation.

The huffs reach the two guys, who do a pretty good job of taking them down, with applause from the others in their group, as well as the Bakers and compounders who are there watching. They hand over their blades to a couple more guys, who prepare for their own turn…

Dissolve to shots of Mayday, Sheriff Dave, Gia, Tanner, Darius and other soldiers, using smaller knives and blades to teach/instruct the survivalist teenagers, and eventually showing them how to kill huffs, with the moves they were teaching them…

POV of Milo being instructed by Mayday. POV Gia instructing Gayle…

POV Gayle now facing off against two huffs, alongside another teenager, as they carefully get the job done…

POV of others doing the same thing…

POV Milo taking a blade, while someone hands one to someone else, but with Ryder stepping in and taking it, and taking her place next to Milo, as Zane and the others are releasing two huffs toward them. Scout watches with a smile and shake of her head, as does Hope and Bryant. Ryder takes the first one out, with simplicity, and an impressed look from Milo, who isn't quite as smooth as Ryder, but is able to take his huff down, with applause from the others, while Ryder shakes him with excitement…

Dissolve to more shots of Mayday and his soldiers, killing huffs with smaller blades, as they go over their moves with survivalist members, and with tons of teens standing close by, also taking in his instructions…

Dissolve to a much larger group of huffs (muzzled) being released, the last of the huffs. They are approaching the entire group of survivalists, all now holding blades of some sort, and readying themselves for action. Some of them look nervous, while others appear excited and confident.

The huffs arrive, as the group begins making kills, and working together to take them all down…

They are doing pretty well, although one woman takes what would have been a bite, from a muzzled huff, as Zane points it out…

Dissolve to the final huffs being taken down, and mass applause from all the Bakers and others, with pumped emotions from the survivalist members…

Dissolve to Zane chatting with the woman who would have been bitten, schooling her anyway he can…

Dissolve to a shot of all the blades being gathered, and then a quick shot of someone placing a smaller blade into their pocket/clothing, but the person is not fully seen…



Hope heading toward a bedroom, opening door and interrupting Ryder and Milo, who come out of their embrace.


Oh! I'm sorry!


No, it's okay. I have to get back to the Safe House, anyway.


You're with me. Screw the rules.


No, I don't want to take advantage of this situation.

(smiling at her) I will see you tomorrow.


(smiling back)

Yes, you will.

Hope smiles at him as he leaves, and watches him quickly catch up with another group of his people, who are being escorted by Missy…

Hope closes the door, and rolls her eyes at the dreamy expression on her sister's face…


So, what happened to the guy on Fort Vancouver's

softball team, who had this same silly expression on

your face?


I was a little tipsy the night Matty and I kissed,

but Milo…he's different.


Because he's closer? How long will that last? Once they

clear the road, uncle Hunter won't make an exception

for him. You know this, right?


Glenwood is a lot closer than Fort Vancouver, and not

too far away to move…(a look of shock from Hope) if I

ever had a good enough reason.


(shaking head)

I won't be telling Mom you said that!



Telling Mom, she said what?

Both girls turning to watch Scout enter the room.


Ryder's in here making life plans over a boy.


Boy? Or boys? Because the last time I looked, you

were juggling a couple of them.


That's pretty much what I said.

Ryder rolling her eyes with a smile, as scene dissolves…



Gayle and Kyle walking outside, through the Safe House doors. She grabs his hand, holding it as they begin walking a trail…


You did well, today.


You lie well, right now.

Smiling at each other.


Seriously, you didn't seem as nervous about it, as you

were thinking you'd be.


That was called acting. I can do that. Pretending to be

someone with confidence.

Kyle just keeps staring back at her, as they walk along…


Tell me more about your dad. I know you lost him,

that night…

Gayle hesitates, and takes a deep breath…


He was a coward, and deserved what happened to him…

Tell me more about your dad. A hero who died during

the battle of Red Christmas, deserves to be remembered…

My dad doesn't…

Kyle gives her a sad/concerned expression, as they walk along…


INT. SAFE HOUSE (raining) – DAY

Quick shot of all the heavy rain falling outside, before cutting inside where some Bakers/compounders are helping members of the survivalist group establish beds and an area for themselves/families…

Leo and Mason are in one of the back rooms, watching through a window. They appear to be eyeing the two guys who turned down Johnathon, when he motioned for them to leave with him…

Most of them look happy to have more comfortable surroundings, and freedom, as their younger children are racing around the area…

Kyle is helping Gayle, who has no family…

Milo also appears to be alone, while setting up his area, and placing issues of the monthly Forester next to his bed…

Suddenly, a shadow comes over Milo, and he turns to see Ryder looking back at him, holding a folder…


(slight chuckle)

Sorry, I'm Ryder. I've heard from Samantha that you are

quite the fan of her diary and the Forester. I actually

saw your reaction to the journal. I can't help but to be

intrigued by people's reactions to it. We've shared it

with so many people over these last couple of years.


And you should continue to share it with every person

or group you come by! I'm sure there are stories out

there just as "good", just as sad, I guess I should say, but,

the way you guys have put it all together, making tons of

copies of it, and a monthly paper to keep everything

documented. The good and the bad.

Milo suddenly stops, just staring at her, as she smiles.


I'm sorry. I didn't mean to cut you off, or ramble on

like an idiot.


No, it's fine. It's this kind of reaction that my grandfather

envisioned when he built this place, or thought about

making something good out of something so bad.



What do you mean, by that last part?


He feared the "end of times", but created a path toward

"new times", and wanted that path to be documented,

for the people of the future, who hopefully live in a better

world than any of us have ever been a part of.


I am so sorry you lost him, and so sorry I won't get the

pleasure of meeting him, but thanks to him I feel like I

did meet him! This entire place is as amazing as the

things I keep hearing about him. I am in total awe.

Ryder just smiles back at him, in silence for a moment, before remembering the folder in her hand…


So, anyway, I thought I might surprise you with something.

I have here an early addition of the next paper, with some

cool news about you and your group. (handing folder to him)

Don't share it with anyone else, but if you're free later, and

would like to chat about what you read…(smiling at him) I'd

love to stop back by.

Milo smiling back at her with pleasured shock…



April, Missy and Catherine are going through all the blades that were used during the training event, and looking all around for a specific one…


I don't know, April.

April looking over a sheet of paper with a list of all the weapons used, and how many there were all together.


I'm just not seeing it, here.

April continues looking at the paper, before placing the radio to her mouth.


(into radio)

Hunter, can you please meet me in the weapons storage unit?


(over radio)

I'll be right there. Do we have a problem?


(into radio)

We have a situation, yes…



A group of people are at the gates with flashlights, and a spotlight from the cat walk above, which shines down over the entire area, as other spotlights also begin shining down there…

Hunter, April, Missy, Catherine, Scout, her daughters, Blake and the Rough Riders, are all out there looking all around for the missing small blade…

April gives Hunter a concerned look…


If it's not here, and it's not in storage…it has to be

in someone's possession.

Hunter with a hesitating look at her, before placing the radio to his mouth.


(into radio)

Leo, Mason, Zane? We have a situation. Meet us at

the weapons storage unit, asap.



Everyone from outside in last scene is now in the weapons unit, along with Leo, Dakota, Mason, Chasin, Zane and Porter…


We have no choice. We have to charge in there and

go through all their things. Strip search every last one

of them, if we have to.

April shaking her head.


I hear you, Leo, but hear me. If we do that, and we

don't find it, it'll just create fear and distrust.


They know they can walk out those doors anytime

they choose. They have nothing to fear, by us playing

it safe.


And what if we find that one of our own is the culprit?

Leo looking at Zane…


I'm actually with Dad. You can never be too careful, and

that's the way we've been playing it with them.

Dakota surprised/taken back, at Zane's response.


I agree. They may not be the ones who opened fire on

the Fort, but they were a part of the group that did. They

have to realize the repercussions of that.


What would Grandpa say?

Everyone silence, staring from her to one another…


He would say…

Hunter and Zane look at each other, as Hunter gives him lead, but then cutoff by Leo.


He'd say he's not here anymore, and that we have to

figure this out on our own.

Zane nodding…


He probably is saying that, right now…but if he was

actually here, he'd say something that none of us would,

because he was in a league of his own, that way…but

whatever he would say, would result in us finding a better

way…than storming in there and risking the trust we've

built with them.

Zane looking at Dakota…


Thank you, little sis, for making me see the way through

his eyes…

Leo a semi roll of the eyes…


Dad was all about balance. He would oppose my way

of doing things, but then confess I am right, and find a

better way of getting the same results.


What are you suggesting?


We carefully go through their things while coming up

with a reason to get them all away from them. We get

a team of people to search the brush and all the possible

hiding places around the Safe House, in which they have

had access to…(pausing as he thinks)


And if one of them has the weapon on them?


I would think hiding it somewhere outside is more likely.


Is that doable? Could we actually find it that way? And

how do we know who hid it?


We've got metal detectors; we'll find it if it's hidden.

Finding who took it is not of importance, yet…



Ryder is smiling/nodding at the survivalist group, as she walks through their areas…

She begins taking off her wet raincoat, as she enters Milo's area, who sits on his bed reading the material she had given him. She doesn't want to disturb him, and quietly sits down in a chair, watching him…

He finally raises his head, looking at her with a big smile and placing down the material.


Oh my god. Thank you so much, Ryder. I have been

reading this over and over since you gave it to me. I

LOVE this place and the more than fair opportunities

you are giving to us all. I mean, I'm nervous as hell,

because killing anything whatsoever, is not something

I am going to be good at, but I respect how you teach it

to everyone, here.


(curious smile)

How does a member of a survivalist group get nervous

about killing something?


Oh, I guess you don't know my story. My dad begged my

mom to make me go on that "month long" outdoor retreat.

I might have been eighteen and able to prevent it, but his

wallet was something I couldn't say no, to. He was sending

me to school after the first of the year… We never really

were that close, and I had nothing in common with him

when it came to this outdoor stuff. No offense!



None taken!

Milo actually goes quiet a moment, as they just kind of awkwardly smile at each other…


So…what happened to him, if you don't mind me asking?


No, not at all. He might have really been into Billy's way

of things, and the religious reasons for surviving outdoors

and away from the madness of the city, but a fighter, like

me, he was not… I just think he was lost, with life, reality,

and with his line of thinking and trusting, when it came to

Billy. And then lost again, once the world flipped on us… He

was killed early on in the new world, by disease. We lost a

couple of others to that kind of thing, before we came to town…

Milo stares directly at Ryder, into her eyes…


Which has turned out to be the best thing that has ever

happened to me…

Ryder a huge smile, as they smile back at one another…



Large POV of the entire area outside the Safe House, where tons of Bakers/compounders are hard at work, searching for the missing blade…

POV Leo, searching the grounds, looking for good hiding places, and then searching the brush and areas of tampered dirt…

POV of Mason doing the same type of thing…

POV of Porter using a metal detector in the brush…

POV cuts to the covered basketball court, where the survivalist group are watching/participating in a game…

POV cuts back to the Safe House, this time inside, where April, Catherine, Missy, Jennifer, Marlana and others, are hard at work searching through the things of the survivalist group. They are being extremely careful and delicate while going through their things…

Dissolve to April and the others now leaving the Safe House, meeting Leo and the others outside. They are all shaking their heads, coming up with no evidence of the blade…

Dissolve to them all back at the Baker Complex, with a view of the covered basketball area…


Unless we plan to search them, I'm not sure what

other options we have.


Does that mean you're for it?


If we search them, we better search the homes of

everyone else who was there.


It's a knife. People who live here already have access

to knives.


Kitchen knives are babies compared to the knife that

is missing.


Any teen or preteen living here would potentially

make for a plausible suspect.


Exactly; they could have taken it to be cool, or out

of boredom, or any other reasons.


Or one of them took it to put into the heart of someone

they blame for killing their people. (staring at others) You

think I'm the only "ill" person living in this new world of

ours…the kind of world that creates "ill" minded people?

Everyone pondering Leo's words…



Leo and Zane carry on a conversation while hard at work clearing the landslide mud/debris.


I just think Dakota's approach is the best. How would

Grandpa handle it? I tried to answer that all night…and

the best I came up with is open honesty. Let's just have

a meeting with them all, and tell them what's up. Tell

them it could be one of them who took it, or one of us,

and for any kind of reason.

Zane and Leo clearing out of the way of Sheriff Dave, coming through with a tractor full of mud/debris…


And then what? Just ask whoever it was to just return it?

Zane shrugging, as they watch Sheriff Dave unload the mud/debris off to the side, where a huge wall of it has been formed…


Well, depending on the reason it was taken, we at least

make them feel comfortable coming forward, whether

from their group or ours. Get them all together at once.

Zane and Leo go back to work on more of the landslide, as other tractors are all around, doing their part.


Everyone at once, will lead to accusations and possible



I thought of that, and I get it, but in the end, they will

be residing at Glenwood, anyhow. Something like this

happens there, who knows how it will be handled.


All the more reasons we stop treating them like babies.

Zane and Leo again clearing out of the way of Sheriff Dave, who enters back inside the pathway that has currently been created…



School bell rings, as eventually younger children and teenagers begin exiting the building, for the day. Some of the younger kids have parents waiting for them, while the older kids begin hanging out, walking away, or riding bikes…

Cut to Samantha and Renee walking through the town center area, and eventually entering into the monthly forester offices, where Megan and Lacy are inside, as well as Jennifer, with baby Miles walking around in a childproof area, with tons of toys. There are also several other young kids. It looks like a daycare area…


Hello, all.

The three women smile and say hello, as they put down their bags/coats. Samantha looks over their work, and prepares her own material. Renee goes over to the children…

Dissolve to a later time, as Ryder enters inside, with Milo…


Hi, guys. I believe you all know Milo, my boyfriend.

(everyone smiling/nodding at him)


Aw, the guy we let you sneak an early addition of this

month's Forester, to. Is he here to help?


We've heard he has some talent. Maybe some ideas

of his own?


Well, even though I'm eventually moving, I've been

told I can work with Kim, at Glenwood, on the stories

she supplies, for what's going on at their community.


I'm sure Kim would love that. She's very talented,



And we all meet once a month to go over her work,

(Ryder smiling at him) as well as ours, so, (smiling at him)

welcome to the team.



I'd say welcome to the team, too, but I'm kind of just

the daycare keeper, here.

Jennifer opening up the dirty diaper of one of the other children, with a laugh from Samantha, Renee and Ryder…


So, I'm going to be blunt and just say what we're all

thinking, here. Besides stories of Glenwood, what the

people would really be eager to hear, are the stories of

your group. The things that happened before you found

yourselves here, and even what it was like for those of

you who had no idea what your leader was putting you



What she means, is something from the point of view of

you, and the other teens and/or children of the group.

I'm sure you all had opinions, that were difficult to express?



Now, you're talking my language.

Milo smiling at them and then at Ryder, who happily smiles back at him…



Plenty of teens using the court to play several half-court games, with others watching or hanging out…

POV finding Kyle and Gayle, making out in the bleachers…

Gayle comes out of the embrace, smiling at him, then out at the games going on, and then back at him, who continues to stare back at her, smiling…

Dissolve to a little later, with Gayle now cheering, as Kyle dribbles to the basket and scores the bucket. He gets the ball back, and showing off, he takes another shot, this time missing. POV of Kyle now playing defense against another kid his age.


(while dribbling)

So, going after the older girls now, huh? I bet I can

score on you long before you can score with her.

The kid makes his move toward the basket, as Kyle times his jump and blocks the kid hard, and then talks trash to him, while POV goes to Gayle, clapping and smiling after Kyle's impressive block, which also got a reaction from surrounding others…

Dissolve to a little later, with Mason and Chasin entering inside, and signaling everyone over, as people stop playing and approach, as well as all the spectators. Gayle climbs down from the bleachers, reaching for Kyle's hand with a smile, as they head toward the crowd in front of Mason and Chasin…



Hunter stands in front of a microphone, waiting for everyone to settle in and give him his attention.

Ryder stands with Milo, Samantha and the others from the Forester office, except Jennifer and the kids…

Gayle stands with Kyle, curiously looking around at the Bakers. She looks at Leo, for a moment, as Hunter begins to speak.


(over mic)

I thank you all, for your attention… What we hope to

only be a minor situation, has presented itself.

Regardless of having a new group, we take caution

very seriously here, and are trying to find the right

way to resolve this situation. We don't know who, one

from our new group, or one of our own, but someone

has taken something potentially dangerous, and we

are hopeful it was just a kid, taking it for reasons that

a child would do such a thing…

Everyone curiously/nervously looking at Hunter…


(over mic)

We can't locate one of the smaller blades used at

the training event, the other day. We searched

everywhere outside, and in the secured location it

belongs. It has not resurfaced…

Hunter looks all around the room at people, before going on…


(over mic)

Rather than searching everyone, we would like to offer

an opportunity for anyone who knows anything, to stand

forward, or even come to us in private, and help lead us

to restoring this item back in the safe place it belongs.

Hunter looks around at everyone, who remain silent…


(over mic)

We don't suspect the knife was taken for malicious

reasons, and see no reason to make a big deal out of this.

Hunter looking around at them all, and then at his family, before going on…


(over mic)

I'll ask the compounders, now, to head to the complex to

let us know if you are aware of anything. Several of us will

remain here, to ask each and every one of the survivalist

group, of anything they may know. We appreciate

everyone's cooperation. Thank you.

April begins to signal the compounders to follow her, Catherine, Missy and others, outside…

Welsh begins speaking with Hunter…

Milo looks nervously from Ryder, to Hunter (with Welsh) and other Bakers, who line up to begin interrogating his people…

Gayle also looks nervous, as she looks from Kyle, to Hunter, and then to Leo. Kyle places a hand on her shoulder, as he begins walking away, toward Samantha, and the other compounders, who follow April's directions. Gayle nervously looks at him, almost going after him, but hesitating. She stares at Leo again, and now with rage taking over her expression, she dashes back at Kyle, placing her arms around him, as he embraces her. She then reaches for her side, pulling the missing blade from her pants, and aggressively holding it to Kyle's throat, to the shock of Samantha, who screams…

Everyone turns to face Samantha's scream, that echoes throughout the Safe House. They all turn to see the horror of Gayle's expression, tightly holding the knife to Kyle's throat.


Gayle!? What the hell?!

Shock taking over all their expressions, with Zane racing to the scene, with Leo, Mason, Chasin and others, not far behind. Gayle becomes more intimidating as they approach, with body language she has yet to reveal.



Stop right there! Or my final act in this hellhole of a world,

is to put this sinner out of his misery!

Zane in complete shock, as is Dakota, who arrives at his side. Then he turns to look at his father, as he arrives next to Dakota, with a nod of the head, as if to regretfully say "I told you so"…

Zane looks back at Gayle…


If he's a sinner, then I take it you've been putting on a

show this entire time. I will tell you right now that I am

a much worse sinner than him, and will gladly trade

places with him, and give you whatever you want, to get

myself out of the situation…but letting him go is a must.

Gayle simply shakes her head, looking right at him…


I don't want you…I want him.

Gayle points directly at Leo, who looks back at her with a curiously confused expression…

Zane looks over at Leo, just as confused, and then back toward Gayle. Suddenly, Cleo comes charging through the doors, racing to the scene. She arrives with both Dakota and Zane holding her back, as she glares at Gayle, holding the knife to her brother's throat…


What the hell does she want?

Dakota and Zane turn to look at their father, who still looks confused himself…


Apparently, she wants Dad…

Cleo looks from Leo to Gayle, and then back at Leo…


What the hell did you do to her, you crazy son

of a bitch?!


It's not him. She called Kyle a sinner. She hates us all.


I tried to ignore the hate and judgment he pushed on

all of us, and on my father…but (pointing at Leo) he

taught me just how right Billy was. The way he talked

about people made them out to be like a nightmare,

and like something that simply couldn't be true…

(again pointing at Leo) Until he appeared to me as

just that…a nightmare…



All the lights in the house are out, and no one appears to be awake, in fact, snoring can soon be heard coming from a bedroom…

Eventually, someone is seen slowly walking from inside of a different bedroom. Cut inside to the person, trying to flip the light switch, but with no results. The person moves toward the bedroom door, slowly and quietly, before suddenly freezing near the corner, as a creepy shadow of another person can be seen in the hallway. The bedroom person steps behind the book shelf, and watches the shadow becomes an actual image of someone, moving around like a serial movie murderer. The person appears to take one step into the bedroom, as the hiding person remains dead still/quiet…

The creepy person steps back out, creeping over toward the other room, and the sound of the snoring…

POV of the man in bed snoring, as the freaky image of the other person slowly creeps into the bedroom, approaching the bed…

He is almost there, before his foot kicks something in the dark, making enough noise to wake the man, who takes a deep gasp, taking notice of the creepy image lunging directly at him, and just able to dodge the knife that comes for his throat, as they begin wrestling/fighting…

POV of the hiding person, listening to the racket of the fighting from the other bedroom. The person slowly begins stepping out from behind the bookshelf, and creeping toward the door, working for a view of the other bedroom…

POV from that bedroom door, to the one with the fighting, as a winner is being heard, along with the sound of someone dying… Someone approaches the door. His face is finally revealed as Leo, stepping out of the room and into a bit of moonlight. His face is just a little bloody, as he slips his ski mask back on, and walks for the front door…

POV of Gayle, face full of tears, watching Leo leave the home, as she looks at her father's bedroom door, too scared to go to it, and simply falling down to her knees, and all the way down to the floor…simply laying there in silence…



Everyone staring at Gayle, holding the knife to Kyle's throat…


So…how does this end?


I'm only one person, so I can't change the world all by

myself…but I can make a dent…I want a gun, which I am

fully aware of how to use. You only have to put one bullet

in it. I will shoot (nodding at Leo) this man in the head,

and then release the boy.

POV of Kyle's face of tears…

POV Ryder (Samantha close by) next to Milo, staring at the situation with shock…

POV Zane, speechless…





Leo takes out his handgun, removing all the bullets, except for one, and showing it to Gayle, before placing back into the gun. He begins approaching Gayle…


No… Put it on the ground and kick it over to me…

Leo stops, and places down the gun…and kicks it over to her…

She cautiously goes down for it, while continuing to aggressively hold the knife to Kyle's throat.

POV of Porter, Mayday and others, guns pointed right at Gayle, but with Kyle certainly in harm's way…

She begins standing back up, working a way to aim the gun without letting Kyle or the knife out of her grasp…

She slowly begins to take her aim, directly at Leo, while still holding Kyle close…

Suddenly, to the shock and ducking, of everyone, a shot is fired, as is the gun pointed at Leo, right as Gayle's leg is shot, taking her to the ground…

Everyone looks at her (Chasin quick to secure her), to Kyle (Cleo running to his aid), and then turning to look at Leo., who looks back at them, grabbing his chest, where blood begins to spill.

He drops to his knees, with both Zane and Dakota rushing to him, as are many others.

Megan and Lacy begin rushing Samantha and Renee out of the Safe House, with the help of Ryder. Milo grabs Ryder, who angrily slaps his hand away from her.



Get your fucking hands off of me!

Milo in heartbroken shock, over her reaction, and watching her aid Samantha out of the Safe House, full of screams and panic…

Dissolve to much later, and the Safe House cleared out of its occupants, but with Bakers over at the corner, at the triage center…

The belongings of the survivalist group are still there, but with none of them in sight…

POV then travels down a corridor of the Safe House, and into the basement, with plenty of cells, and one huge one, where all the survivalist are back where they first started…

Cut back upstairs to the triage center. POV finding a window, where doctors work on someone…

POV finds the face of who they are working on, Gayle…

POV moves away from that window, and finding Zane, Dakota and the other Bakers, becoming anxious as a doctor comes from the other room, approaching them. Zane and Dakota are the most eager to hear what the doctor has to say.


(reassuring body language)

He's okay; he's okay. They're working on him, but he's

going to be absolutely fine.

Zane and Dakota expressing relief, as are the others…

Dissolve to Zane and Dakota in Leo's triage room, leaving his bedside. Zane nods at him before leaving, but Dakota sits down next to her father's bed, with a look back at Leo, who nods at her, and then leaves the room, closing the door…

Dakota just stares back at her father, in silence…


What's wrong, baby girl?

Dakota almost begins crying, at the words he just used…


I can't remember the last time you called me that.


It's been years…(sarcastically) Maybe the last time

we actually spoke.

Dakota fights back a laugh…


I know I haven't forgiven you the way everyone else

has, even though I keep hoping the day will come that

I will choose to…

Dakota just staring back at him, holding off tears…


But then I saw you take that bullet, and go down.

Dakota losing her battle with the tears…


Me? Go down?

Dakota again fighting back laughter, and giving him a playful nudge.


Yes, you. The great Leo…and all I could think, was there

goes my chance. My chance to finally forgive you. (shaking

head) I just kept remembering all the time I heard about

how great you were when I was younger, before Mom… I

wanted to see that man. I wanted to see you doing and

saying the things, I heard you use to say, back then. I kept

telling myself that's when I would forgive you. When I was

convinced you were that man, again…

Leo just staring at her, teary eyed…


I will never be as great as my dad…and spent too much

time trying to be even better than him…I used to think I

needed meds for that, more than I do my other issues…

but if there's anything I can be better at, it's never to stop

taking those, again. I don't know if I can be the man I used

to be, but I can promise you that I will never again be the

man who let you down, most of your life.

Dakota letting out some relief and reaching down to hug him…


That man did die…and is never coming back…



Cleo knocking on the bedroom door…

Cut inside to Kyle lifting his face out of his pillow to yell at her.


Leave me the hell alone, Cleo!



I just want to talk with you, Kyle. I'm here for you.

Kyle rises from his bed and begins shoving, throwing, and kicking things all around the room, in a complete rage.





Cleo had been yelling his name, but now breaks open his door and runs to him.



Cleo comes in to grab him, but instead is punched directly in her eye, and knocked down…

She looks back up at him, in shock. He looks back down at her, in shock over his actions, yet unable to shake the rage, as he simply turns, knocks over a bookshelf, and exits the room…

Cleo remains knelt down, and can hear the sound of him slamming the front door…



Scout and Hope are on Ryder's bed, consoling her as she weeps…

POV Bryant, near the bedroom door, looking in on them, before heading for the front door…

Cut to Ryder's tear-streaked face, as she begins shaking her head…


I can't…I just can't… How could I ever trust him? Any of

them?! They are all evil! They think we're evil!


Ryder, baby… We have no idea whether he thinks that

way, or not. Gayle is a very disturbed individual. Key

word being, individual. She did this on her own.


How do we know that, for sure? Kyle was going through

the same thing with her, that I was with Milo. They could

all be scamming us…and even if they're not, or he's not…

(shaking head) I could never look at him again without

thinking it…or thinking about what Gayle did…what

happened to Leo…what happened to Kyle…

Ryder burying her head into her pillow, with comforting touches from Scout and Hope, who share a worried look at each other…



POV of the dark, fast flowing, river…

Suddenly, footsteps are heard, as eventually someone comes out of the brush…

He approaches the river, stops, and sits down on a rock. His face comes into the moonlight, revealing him as Kyle, with a face of tears, but also a face of rage…

Several POV's of him just sitting there, in silence, but holding in that rage, before finally letting it out…





Bryant enters the cell area, with a look at April, Mason and Porter, who appear to be interrogating the prisoners…


Bryant, what are you doing here?

Bryant simply stares at Milo, inside the cell looking back at him…


I need to speak to him… (staring at Milo) Please put

him in another room, and let me talk to him in private.

April and Mason share a questionable look at each other…


I'm guessing this is about your sister?

Bryant simply nodding, while still staring at Milo.


I wasn't lying to her, Bryant. I would never do that.

I had – we had nothing to do with what she did!


So far, it does appear this was just a freak occurrence…

from a very disturbed young lady.

Bryant finally stops staring at Milo, and turns to look at April and Mason…


I want to speak to him…look him in the eye…and then

go hug my sister…can you do that for me…for her?

Mason looks from Bryant to April, and then back at Bryant, while nodding his head…

Cut to Mason closing the door to another basement room, where Bryant waits for him to leave, before staring over at Milo…

Dissolve to random shots of the Bakers/compounders, starting with Dakota in mild shock, over the bruise she comes to see on Cleo, and touching it/her with concern…

Dissolve to Zane, opening the door to his cabin, immediately met with a huge welcoming embrace from Pepsi, followed with excitement from Coke and Chance…

Dissolve to Samantha, in her room getting into her bed, as Renee (spending the night) climbs into the extra bed, as Brianna and Kayla look over their somber faces, before closing the bedroom door…

Dissolve to Milo, pacing in the group cell, with tears running down his face, and concerned looks from some of the others…

Dissolve to Ryder, laying alone in her bed with a face full of tears, as Scout watches from the bedroom door…

Dissolve to Kyle, still sitting near the river, freezing as he sits there staring at nothing, while tears run down his face…

Dissolve to Gayle, in a triage bed, handcuffed to it, and just staring at nothing…

Dissolve to Megan, lost in her tears from the events she witnessed…

Dissolve to Lacy, writing…then looking up in thought, and a single tear running down her face…

Dissolve to Hope, alone in her room, and concerned with the sound of her sister weeping…

Dissolve to the somber faces of the survivalist group, stuck back in their cell, some of them with tears…

Dissolve to Mason and Missy, embracing as they walk out of a room, where an exhausted Hunter is now

embraced by April…

Dissolve to Zane, picking up his baby daughter from her playpen. He can't help but to be cheered up, by her excited expression to see him…

Dissolve to Leo, lying in his bed, just staring at nothing, lost in thought…




POV of the crowded Safe House, as the survivalist group appear to have their "freedom" back, with members of their group back in their temporarily living areas…

POV of Milo, sitting on his bed, writing…

Suddenly, he looks up…

His POV of Ryder, staring down at him…



She remains standing where she is.


I know that you are not to blame, for what Gayle did. I

understand that your entire group is innocent, when it

comes to her guilt. I wish all of you the best of luck,

once you finally get settled in, at Glenwood.


Ryder…what are you saying?

Ryder stares at him, as a tear begins to run down her face…


I can't be your friend anymore, Milo. I can't be your

anything. It's not your fault. It's…it's piss poor luck, is

what it is…


Ryder, it doesn't have to be that way. It –


I can't look at you, Milo…(more tears) Not without

seeing her face…seeing what happened that day. It

just feels wrong, now…and what good is it if I think

bad things when I see or think about you…rather

than the great things I used to think about.

Ryder begins bawling, and turns to leave…


Goodbye, Milo.


No, Ryder…come back! Please, Ryder…

Milo watches her head for the doors, and outside, with concerned expressions from the others…

POV Ryder's weeping expression, as she continues up out of the Safe House…



A bunch of people are racing toward the basketball courts, and inside, where a ton of commotion can be heard…

POV inside where a crowd of teens are gathered, around a fight…

POV Blake working his way through the crowd, along with DJ and Rich…

They come to the fighters, and pull away the teen who is thrashing on another teen. His face is revealed as Kyle, who looks back at the bloody beaten face of the other teen…

April walks in, followed by Hunter, both shaking their heads…

Ryder sits in the bleachers, with tears…

Dissolve to Blake outside, trying to speak with Kyle, who simply turns and walks away…

Dissolve to Kyle, back at that same spot by the river, just staring out at it…

Suddenly, Ryder comes out of the brush, from behind him…

He turns and simply walks away, leaving her there alone…

Dissolve to him exiting the brush/woods, heading toward the compound neighborhood…

Ryder again comes from behind him, catching up to him, and reaching for him. He stops, but shakes her away from him, and keeps going…

She catches back up with him, again, and again reaches for him. He aggressively turns toward her this time, and stares her in the face, then suddenly grabs her and kisses her…

She quickly pulls out of the kiss, surprised by it, as he shakes his head and turns to leave…

She stares at him…then goes after him, again catching up to him and grabbing him.



This time she grabs him, and begins kissing him…







Sounds of someone opening a door, and opening it up. Lights get switched on, as Claw begins leading a tied-up Jordan, down the basement steps, and into the cell room. He closes the door and lets her go. She just looks at him and sits on the bed…still looking right at him…he stares back…


I'm ready to make a deal with you…


What are you talking about?


I'm hungry…I'm always hungry…

Claw curiously staring at her…


How would you like it, if I didn't fight back?

Claw continues to curiously stare at her…


All I'm asking…is you start giving me twice as much to eat,

every day…and then I will start treating you like a husband

wants to be treated…

Claw's curiosity begins to turn into a creepy smile, as he begins approaching her…

Her eyes close, before reopening, and forcing a somewhat happy expression, as he arrives at the bed…



Claw placing Jordan back inside of her cage, and untying her…

She takes a seat, and stares back at him, as he closes the cage on her…

Dissolve to a little later, as Claw is bringing her breakfast. He hands her a dish, with some food…

She stares back up at him, and watches him pull out another dish from behind, and present her with twice as much as usual… She forces a smile.


Thank you…husband.

She takes a bite, and then watches him watching her, as she takes another bite…

She continues eating, with a forced smile or two at Claw, who keeps staring at her…

He finally turns to leave… she watches him disappear, before grabbing the second dish, and placing it inside of the other cage…

She watches and waits, as the cougar approaches… It keeps looking from her, to the plate, before scarfing it down…

Once finished, she takes the rest of her own food, and places it on the other plate, quickly pulling her hand away, as the cougar scarfs the grub…

It looks at her, while licking its lips, and begins pacing around…

Jordan grabs the dish, placing back inside her own cage, then sits against the bars of the cougar's cage, even sliding her hands back inside, with her back to the cougar, who eventually makes its way back to her, taking sniffs of her hands, before eventually licking them.

POV Jordan's face, somewhat nervous, but forming a small confident smile…