Season 4, Episode 7

"Spreading Fear"





Zane, Mason, Chasin and others, are all on highway 26, working alongside a tractor, inside a corridor of mud/debris, twice as tall as any of them, on both sides. Gunner and Wyatt are up on top of the mud/debris, and looking down at them all, and over on the opposite side of the direction they are digging, and removing mud/debris. Dale is also up there, yelling down at the men on his side, and then at Gunner and Wyatt, who then begin shouting down at Zane and those guys, as they all scoot back and let the tractor do its work…

They all watch as the tractor takes a big scoop of mud/debris, causing a ton more of it to come crashing down, to the point of finally reaching and seeing the other group, who has been working from the opposite side. Everyone begins clapping and cheering, and even climbing/crossing sides, sharing high-fives with the others…

GW climbs over, shaking hands with Zane. Stix and Mason shake hands. Chasin slaps hands with a few random loggers, all with big smiles. Everyone thrilled to have finally broken through, and to be close to finishing this long project of clearing the highway…

Dale meets up with Gunner and Wyatt, happily shaking hands with them, and glancing down at Zane and the others, and then over toward one of the hummers, where Leo is sitting in the front seat, watching over the excitement. He looks up toward Dale, and shares a nod with him…

Suddenly, a loud gunshot is fired, echoing throughout the area, and leaving a hole in Dale's chest (right next to both Gunner and Wyatt). He takes one final look up at Gunner, before closing eyes and collapsing. Gunner and Wyatt try to grab him, but he falls all the way down onto the highway, in front of the others, now all scattering and reacting as more shots begin to be fired, one after another…



Wyatt and Gunner just miss being shot, as they leap several times to reach the bottom with the others, who appear out of harm's way. But up further on the west side of the landslide, there are compounders rushing either into their vehicles, or into the landslide corridor. Some of them begin reaching their guns, and firing into the woods…

Tanner takes a shot in the leg, falling to the ground. Gia and Darius help him up, and carry him into the safety of the corridor. POV Leo rushing through the back of the hummer, while speaking into his radio.


(into radio)

Compound, this is Leo. We are under fire. I repeat;

we are under fire!



Shots of all the chaos in the city, on day 1 of the "zombie" apocalypse, followed by bumper-to-bumper traffic on the highways, and tons of angry/nervous people honking or trying to pull off the road. Shot of Mt. Hood, followed by shots of a huge tree house overlooking a lake, which dissolves into the Columbia River and traveling down it, through a huge forest fire, and then to the Bonneville Dam. POV continues down the river, past the Glen Jackson bridge, flowing by tons of houseboats where the dead are falling into the river, after whoever is drifting by.

POV crosses Hayden Island, and the Columbia River, over into Vancouver, Washington, where it quickly finds Fort Vancouver, before backtracking to the Columbia River, then into the Willamette River, under the St. Johns bridge, and up into the hills of Portland. It travels over them, and into the Beaverton area, crossing over the top of the Nike World Headquarters, and keeps traveling over farmlands, and into the coast range, finding the Glenwood Market, and a large camp with log walls, across the creek and behind the store. POV speeds over the Tillamook Forest, highway 26, and a bunch of other land, before coming to the Columbia River, traveling west, and under the Megler bridge, into the ocean. It continues along the shoreline, past Astoria, the Haystack Rock of Cannon Beach, coming to a pair of Jetties, and through them, up into the nearby hills, and over a large camp in the hills, protected by a large log wall. POV travels back down to the shoreline, and over a huge hotel, with a shot of the Twin Rocks in the ocean. POV travels by the bay of Tillamook, and along highway 6, back into the coast range, until leaving the road, back into the Tillamook Forest, until coming to a very large compound, hidden away by all the brush and mountain-side, as opening credits roll…



POV Leo standing at his hummer, now unloading a machine gun into the woods, with faint sound of Hunter over the radio…

Porter now begins doing the same…

Zane and Mason reach the hummer, grabbing machine guns, and joining in on the mass firing into the woods…before eventually ceasing fire, taking cover, and listening…

Everyone remains silent, and shielded… No more shots are being fired at them…

Mason and Zane look at Leo, who looks right back at them…

Stix and GW come to a rushed arrival at the hummer, looking at Zane, as is everyone else, awaiting instructions…


(over radio)

Leo, come in! What the hell is going on out there?

Backup is already in motion. Copy?!


(into radio)

Hold on the backup. Keep home base secure. I really

think we only have one shooter here…but Dale is dead,

at least one other is hurt. We returned heavy fire, and

are waiting for a response. Over.


(over radio)

Jesus… Okay, we're going on full alert here, and will

notify the other communities. You do what you feel is

best, and then get everyone back home safely. Over.


(into radio)

Still no return fire. We're going to go search for

a body. Over.


(over radio)

Be safe, little brother.

Cut to Blake galloping through the corridor, with urgency, and followed by the other Rough Riders…

They come to the gate area, and climb off their horses, rushing to the ladders of the cat walk, and climbing…

POV Blake and other Rough Riders reaching the cat walk, where Hunter and Mayday are handing them weapons, as they take watch along the catwalk, and in the tree houses, with the few others who were already up there, and armed…

Cut to Glenwood, where Kemp is on the radio, and Lester is shouting at others to prepare for a possible threat…

Cut to Nike World, where the Queen is on the radio, while her father, sister, and Marshall are scattering around, preparing all the others…

Cut to the Sand Series Hotel (SSH), where Doc is on the radio, while Sage, Virgil and others are eagerly listening and awaiting instructions…

Cut to the Beach Fort, where Dylan is on the radio, as others around him are scattering to prepare for a possible threat…

Cut back to the landslide area, where Zane, Mason, Stix, GW, Chasin and others, are cautiously entering the woods, looking all around…

POV of several different compounders/convicts searching the woods…

Eventually POV finds Mason, who takes notice of something, and aims his gun. He whistles over at the others, who all cautiously head his direction, all aiming their weapons…

Mason continues forward, approaching and coming to a body. The unfamiliar man has been shot, and is close to death, but still clinging to life…

Dissolve to a few moments later, as Leo approaches…


He still hasn't told us anything.

Leo goes straight to the man, squats down, and sticks his fingers into the man's gunshot wound, causing him to scream out in complete agony. POV of GW and Stix watching, along with Chasin, Gunner, Wyatt, Zane and Mason.


I don't care if you talk or not. This right here is

like a wet dream for me.

Leo stops, and waits for the man to get over the pain, and respond…

The man spits some blood, looks at Leo, and utters a few final words before dying.


Shepard is coming for you, Leo…

Leo just stares at the dead man, and then at Zane and Mason…


I'd never seen him. He must have recognized me

from my stay in Seattle.

Leo turns to head back to the highway…


We have to get back, and figure out what this means…

Dissolve to moments later, with everyone back at the highway, preparing to leave…


Are you worried about ambush on the way back?


They would have never attacked us here, like that,

if an ambush was coming.


He's right; this move makes little sense…unless it was

all about sending us a message… Which also makes no

sense, cause if that guy died before we got to him, the

message would have never been delivered.


Let's just get back home, check out the body and his

belongings, and put our heads together.


Makes sense to me.



Zane shakes hands with GW and Stix.


Tell the loggers and your camp, how sorry I am for

your loss. Dale was a good man.


He was indeed. Be safe, brother.



Samantha climbing herself up onto the catwalk, along with Catherine, Bryant and Bo.



What are you doing up here?


Hunter said it was a good time for a learning experience.


But the moment word comes in that this fight is

coming here, and it's back to the complex you go.


I'm guessing since we're up here, that you're not

counting on that to happen.


If we do, there'll be plenty of time to get you to safety,

but the fact is, we've lost a member of the community

today, and outside travel is going to be on high alert,

for the time being. Now that we know we have an

enemy in the forest.


I never really met Dale, but I'm so sorry that we lost

a good man. What do we know about the man we

took down?

Hunter looking right at her, before answering…

Dissolve to Stix and Kemp, on top of the Glenwood wall, and tons of other armed guards, all on the lookout, with Lester down below, holding a radio and watching over the men at the wall shooting holes…

Dissolve to Nike World, where Shawn stands below the walls at the gate, with plenty of armed men on top…


(into radio)

I want constant chatter along the entire perimeter. No

one goes radio silent for too long. I've told you all before,

and I'll tell you again. If I was going to hit one of these

communities, this is the most likely to be penetrated…

We are the first line of defense, here folks. Stay awake!

Dissolve to the Beach Camp, where Dylan stands on their walls, with an army of fighters ready to defend, as he looks out with the binoculars, while speaking into his radio.


(into radio)

Relay 8? Radio check…


(over radio)

Relay 8, here. All quiet, and just as quiet from

the others. Over.

Dissolve to waves crashing at the SSH, where Doc and the cousins are all on alert, armed and ready for an attack. Doc holds a shotgun and a radio.


(over radio)

Relay 5 reports the same. Quiet all the way around,

so far. Over.


(into radio)

Talk to you in five minutes. Over.

Dissolve to Zane and Leo in the hummer, along with their convoy team, driving highway 6. They are all on full alert, looking all directions, guns ready…

Dissolve to Hunter and everyone on the compound walls, as Zane's hummer comes through the tree line, followed by all the others, heading for the gates of the compound…

POV Samantha, taking a deep breath…



Everyone important is present, including the young phenoms, Samantha and Bo. Hunter holds a radio.


(over radio)

I've got something interesting. Very interesting.


(into radio)

Give it to us…

Hunter holding the radio out for all to hear.


(over radio)

The victim was bitten, recently. Less than twenty-four

Hours ago. Maybe a half day.


(into radio)

Huff bite?


(over radio)

Are there any other kinds, these days?

Everyone with wide-eyed looks at Hunter and amongst themselves…


(into radio)

Thank you, Doctor Lancaster. Let us know if you

discover anything else.


(over radio)


Hunter looking around at them all…


It was a suicide mission…



Son of a bitch.


But…is Shepard finally here? Or is it one of Jordan's

leftover men?


He's one of Thunder's. I've been telling you he's still

out there and still on a mission. His man recognized

me. One of Shepard's would not have.


So, why mention Shepard?


They're holding on to the hope of him arriving…

and want us to fear it.


So, what…he gets bitten, and they just decide to

have him go out with a bang?

Everyone looking to Leo for an answer…


That would be my assumption, yes.


Okay, so that means he was probably just outside of

the forest, and probably Doc's part of the coast…so,

where are his guys holding up? And how did they get

their wounded man into the Forest?


You think just because he got bit, that they're in a

more populated area?

Hunter looking at Leo…


That would be my assumption, yes. That, and the fact

that they haven't been seen by any of our scouts or


Some silence…


My assumption would be they once were outside

of the forest, but have made their way back, at

least to its outskirts, now that Seattle has nothing

to offer them, and with their New York army awol.


If they are here, then I'm with Zane. Perhaps their

army is no longer awol.


I heard a lot about Shepard while in Seattle. He

doesn't play games when he has the power to just

come right at you. If he's here, and playing games,

then he's here without that power. But for now,

I'm just not smelling his presence…

Some silence…


So, it's the work of Thunder, you're smelling?


I am, but…it's been a while…he could have picked

up some people along the way.

Dissolve to the meeting broken up, and the last of people leaving, besides Leo, Zane, Mason and Chasin…

Leo waits for the door to close, before jumping on his radio.


(into radio)

Doc, you in range, yet? Give me some good news.

Leo, Zane, Mason and Chasin all nervously waiting for Doc to respond…


(over radio)

Jordan is rotting in her cage, without any issues.

Instant relief over all of their faces…


(into radio)

Did she seem different, at all?

Everyone waiting a moment…


(over radio)

What do you mean?


(into radio)

Any kind of confidence in her demeanor?

Waiting for response…


(over radio)


Leo and the others all sharing a nervous glance at one another…


It's time to kill that bitch.



(over radio)

Anything else?

Leo hesitating to respond, as Mason looks at him…


Order him to do it, Leo.


(into radio)

Not for now, thanks Doc. Out.

Leo turning to look at Mason.


Killing that bitch is my job…



Jordan asleep in her cage, with her back toward the front, and her face toward the other cage, as the cougar paces around, and begins purring…

Jordan's eyes slowly begin to open…She can hear the cougar purring, as it paces right past her.


(semi quietly)

Hello there, fella.

Jordan smiles at it, but then her smile fades, as she can sense someone else's presence…



Making new friends?

Jordan turns to see Leo staring down at her, from in front of the cage…

She lays her back against the bent bar, to avoid Leo from taking notice of it, and determining it as a way of her to use the cougar to kill herself…


I have to find ways to pass the time, somehow…

Plus, my husband likes him. So, so do I. (smiling at

Leo) I'm starting to like it here, Leo. My karma has

run its course. I think it's time for you to send me to

face your father. He'd be so proud of you, Leo.

Leo studying her face, trying to figure out if she still really does want to die…


Something's different… You don't mean what

you're saying…you prefer to live, now…



No, Leo, I do not. I get raped almost every night, by

a man-child, and spend my days taking naps and

dreaming of ways to get out, and cut your throat the

way I did your father's. I also carry-on conversations

with a cougar, who I actually have come to believe

might be listening, so, I'm pretty much full-on crazy

these days. I mean, you actually look halfway attractive,

right now, so I must be insane. But if preferring to live

gives you a reason to end my suffering, then yes, Leo,

I want to live…

Leo again just studying her face…


Is that lust in your eyes, Leo? Are you thinking about

doing your own dirty work?

Jordan begins pulling down her clothing.


Here you go, Leo. Come and get it.

Leo annoyingly turns around, and begins to leave…before stopping…

Jordan whistles at him.


Do it, Leo. You know you want to. Make me suffer one

last time, before cutting my throat…

Leo turns back toward her, heading back to the cage, to her pleasure.


Cover the fuck up.

She smiles while slipping her top back up, covering all her scars and bruises from the last year…


I'd think you'd enjoy seeing all the abuse I've been through.


We've spent a month clearing a landslide from the

highway. Yesterday, in the middle of all that work, a

man opened fire on us. He killed one of our own. It

was a suicide mission, as he had been bitten… Does

this sound like something your man, Thunder, would



(with a laugh)

Thunder is all muscle. He couldn't orchestrate a way

to catch dinner, if he couldn't intimidate someone

else into doing it.

Leo simply staring at her…

Jordan smiles at him, again.


You want me to pull it down again, don't you?

Jordan again pulling down her top, but then stopping, and staring right at Leo, with another developing smile. This one a hopeful smile…


You're scared, Leo…aren't you… You think Shepard

has finally arrived…don't you?


What do you think? Is that possible? Why would he

arrive now, after all this time?


You don't need me to answer that. You know what

he's up against, out there. He could lose his entire

army, but he'd still find a way to get here.

Leo focusing on that last part…


If he is here…it's like you just said. He's here without

backup…(smiling at her) If that's the case…then we're

going to have to get him a little cage of his own, to put

here right next to yours.

Leo turning to leave, as Jordan just watches…


Even without an army, he's smarter than you, Leo.

He'll beat you, Leo…

Leo keeps walking…


The first thing he would do, is to get into your head…

I can see he has already done that, hasn't he, Leo?

Leo keeps walking, as Claw comes from the cabin. Leo takes a few steps toward him, and speaks while passing…


Your wife just exposed herself to me. Marriage is a

secret vow that should never be violated. She needs

to understand that can never happen, again.

Leo smiling to himself as he walks out of their camp, while Claw turns and heads toward the cage…

Jordan looking at Claw with great dread, and her fear of what he's going to do to her, as his shadow comes to cover the cage…




Leo standing in the baseball stadium, watching Zane, Blake, Eli and all the other ball players tossing baseballs. They look rusty, and stiff, as if the day's spring weather was their first opportunity to resume baseball activities after the long winter…

Hunter comes up from behind Leo, looking over the sight of the ball players…


It's been quiet for two months, now, Leo… I think the

day's weather is more than a sign, that it's time to live

and play ball. (with a smile)


It's not what we do in here, that bothers me… It's

transporting others here, that does.


We've been on high alert for two months, but kept

teams and scouts out doing their things, hunting and

transporting fish from the beaches, all without issues,

or a sight of trouble. We've even taken in people,

without any sightings of Thunder or Shepard, and also

nothing on Gallagher…


That's what bothers me…



Oh so, you'd be fine and dandy if we had heard of them

being out there, seeking their hateful revenge on us all?


Yes, because then they couldn't surprise us. We'd be

ready for them, instead of throwing baseballs.

Hunter cracking up.


You are the funniest person I know, Leo…

Leo rolling his eyes and turning to leave, but not before letting Hunter see him crack an amused smile…

POV goes into the bleachers, where several compounders are sitting and viewing, or reading, or teens just hanging out…

POV comes to two teens, making out, and revealing them as Kyle and Ryder…


(staring at her)

I love you…

Ryder's smile turns to a semi-frown…


I told you, Kyle. I'm just not there, yet…

Kyle becomes frustrated/hurt, with his expression dramatically changing, as is Ryder's…


Don't do that. You know how I feel about you.


I do…and it's just not the same as I feel for you.

Kyle rises and walks away, with a look from Cleo, who sits not too far away, with Dakota and others.



POV Hope with some friends, taking notice of Ryder's expression as she calls to Kyle, who walks away from her…

Hope walks over and sits down next to her concerned sister…


Trouble in paradise?


Paradise? What's that?


The place your expression looked to be, back

when dating Milo.

Ryder throwing a surprised look at her sister…


That was cold…


That was reality, little sister. Kyle is not just a rebound,

but someone you took pity on, because you felt his pain,

as your own. I didn't say anything at first, because maybe

it was real, but I don't see it as that. He's way more

messed up from what he went through, because what he

went through was a million times worse than what you

went through. (looking right at her) If you're not into him,

like he is you, you have to cut him loose, Ryder.

Ryder a regretful look at her sister…

POV goes down to the field, to Zane and Blake tossing the ball, with Eli/Pav on one side of them, and Scoop/Wong the other…


(while tossing ball with Pav)

Man, I spent all summer looking forward to having

baseball season, this year.


There will be a season, just no traveling. Maybe by

season's end.


God, I just hope all this crap is over by then.


In the meantime, we get to trash talk and play against

each other. But let's keep in shape, so we can win the

tournament at season's end.


And win that softball series in June!


Shit yes, we are!

Dissolve to them taking batting practice, with rusty cuts/swings from Zane, Blake, Eli, Pav, Trav, Nate, Wong and Scoop, followed by better cuts/swings, from them all. Eli even hits one over the fence, with some cheers. Blake hits one over, followed by a second monster shot, way over the fence. Zane ripping line-drives to the gap. Eli making a sliding catch. Scoop making a diving catch. Blake robbing a homerun…

Dissolve to Zane hitting them ground balls, as they take in-fielding practice. POV of each other taking grounders and tossing to first base, followed by turning double plays…

Then Zane hits flyballs to the outfielders, who catch the balls, or charge the ground balls, and toss back into second base, with chatter from their teammates…



Kyle sits at his spot at the river, just staring out at it, obviously frustrated…

Suddenly, Ryder comes from behind, and gingerly finds a spot close by, to sit…in silence, for a bit…



He doesn't respond…


I'm worried, Kyle… I'm worried we've made a mistake…

Kyle simply rises and begins to walk away…


Kyle, talk to me. I'll always talk to you.

Kyle suddenly turns around with rage.


You'll always talk to me?! So that's it?! That's all we are,

now?! People who can talk?! That's all I am to you?! A


He turns to leave, again, as she rises, with emotion.


Kyle, please.

He turns again and comes right at her, with intimidation, almost scaring her, as he arrives so quickly into her face, just glaring at her…


What?!... WHAT?!

Ryder flinches as he shouts that at her, and begins to cry…as he gets even more intimidating with her.


Ohhh, did I hurt your feelings, Ryder. Did my loud mouth

scare you? I didn't put a KNIFE to your throat, did I?! I

didn't make a FOOL of you in front of EVERYONE, did I?!

Ryder crying.


I'm sorry, Kyle. I'm sorry she did that to you. I'm sorry

that you're obviously not in a good place, for you and I

to be spending any more time together, but…

Ryder turning to leave.


I just have to leave, now.

Kyle grabbing her.




(pulling free of him)

Just let me go!

Kyle tries again to grab her, but missing, before getting more aggressive and violently grabbing her arm, causing her to try to get free, lose her balance, and start to fall down, but saved just in time, by Kyle. But again, she fights to get free, and does so, but not before met with the most powerful slap to the face, that he can deliver. She is hurt, and bleeding from the mouth, but more than the pain, is the expression she gives him, as he himself looks hurt, and simply turns to run away from the scene, as she drops to her knees, and begins bawling in silence…

Dissolve to shots of Ryder crying in the arms of her mother, Scout, and sister, Hope. A shot of Bryant, leaving…

Dissolve to Kyle walking into his home, where Cleo comes right at him, and punching him directly in the face, and then again, before stopped by Dakota, before escaping her grip, and landing two more brutal punches on her brother, before again pulled away from Dakota. Bryant now stands at the door, looking over the damage Cleo did to her own brother, before turning and leaving. Cleo's youngest brother, Ethan, stands at his bedroom door, eyes wide! Cleo closes her eyes with dread, and shame…

Dissolve to Hunter, April, Leo, Mason, Zane and Blake (both sweaty from baseball), in the Baker complex discussing what has happened, and shaking heads with disbelief…


Yes, it just happened.


Where's he at, now?


Porter has him down the hall. He's being treated by

one of the nurses.


What the hell do we do with him? He's seventeen, and

Cleo's brother.


He's family, but we have to be smart here. We have

to be fair.


What are you saying?


This will get out, and he will be hated for it. What we do

about it, has to be the same thing we'd do if it happened

to one of the communities' seventeen-year-olds.

Leo looking everyone over…


He laid hands on a woman, and I'm banking that the

black eye Cleo had a couple months back, was not

from whatever story she told people.


You think he did that?

Hunter sharing a look with his wife, April.


It makes sense. I'm sure they'll admit to it now,

after this, but I'll talk to Dakota.


Yeah, this is a real problem. Once is bad enough, but

a pattern, and his own sister? (shaking head)


I'm probably the one who's supposed to argue against

lock and key, but…(shaking head)


Yeah, he's going to have to do at least some time.



At least a few days, and full approval of a sociologist,

before earning back any chance of freedom.

Everyone pretty much agreeing on those ideas…

Dissolve to random moments of Kyle in a private basement cell of the Safe House. Sitting, pacing, laying, thinking…

Eventually, Scout slowly makes her way into the room, carrying something in her hand…

She just stares at Kyle, who shamelessly fails to make much eye contact…


It's a horrible thing to take a picture of…or keep a memory

of..(handing him a picture) but I wanted you to have this…

To look at it over and over, and to see the damage you did

to her poor face…and to the part of her, that will never heal

from it…the scar you have left in my daughter's life.

He begins looking at it…

Scout turns and leaves, with one last look back at him, still staring at it…

POV of the picture, and the sound of Scout leaving. Her eye is bruised and swollen shut. She is a complete mess…

POV of a tear running down Kyle's face…



A hummer drives down the highway, as POV comes down toward it, to the sound of a couple women laughing inside…



Well, Cody is sol. This is girl's week!

Cut inside of the hummer, where Jo laughs from the back, next to Cody and Chloe. Porter is driving, with another guy (Matt) smiling/laughing.


You two will be sick of each other, and it'll feel like a

month, before you're relieved of duty.


Which means the two of you (Cody/Jo) will be tying up

the radio, and driving me crazy.


He's only five miles down the road. I'll jog there each

day to get a break from Chloe.


No jogging away from your station, and definitely no

trying up the radio. I don't like what I'm hearing here.

Porter trying to act serious, as Jo puts a teasing arm around him from the back.


Porter tries to act like a badass, but he knows he

loves us.


Just like he knows he loves someone else. (Porter

looking at him in mirror) I saw you coming out of

Blair's place last week.


Did you finally make that happen?


I'm so glad I'm just dropping all you guys off.

They all laugh, as scene dissolves to them pulling over to the side of the road. They all climb out. Porter opens up the back and begins pulling out supplies. A couple more guys suddenly begin climbing down out of a tree (revealing they are at a relay station). Jo and Chloe begin taking the boxes/supplies that Porter had placed down, and over to the tree house, where the other two guys are pulling down a supply-cart, tied to the tree house. They place the new supplies, and begin pulling them up into the tree, as Porter comes over to them.


All quiet, out here?


Just the two huffs we reported. They're in the pit.

Chloe going around a brushy area, and to a clearing with a pit, where a pair of huffs are stuck inside.


Easiest job in the world.


Tell that to the girls. This is their first time on relay duty.


It's like jury duty. Everyone has to do it. Everyone gets

bored to death doing it. Have fun.

Jo smiling as she gives Cody a hug and a kiss…


I could do this all by myself and never get bored.

(looking at Cody) Just a little lonely, as I miss someone.

Cody smiles and gives her another kiss, as Chloe returns from the pit, rolling her eyes and begins climbing up the ladder.


Yawn…you're putting me to sleep just listening to ya.

Porter, Cody, Matt and the other guys laughing.

POV suddenly comes from someone behind a pair of binoculars, watching the girls climb upward, and disappear into the well camouflaged tree house, as Porter, Cody, Matt and the other two guys, climb in the hummer, and begin driving down the road.

POV of 3 armed men, watching the hummer drive by, and disappearing down the highway. One of the men begins taking notes, as they eventually back up, and quietly leave the area…



Kyle watches as a woman (Mrs. Fernandez) enters the room, unlocks the cell, enters, and takes a seat, looking back at him…

Dissolve to a little later, as they are engaged in conversation, with Mrs. Fernandez taking down notes, like a sociologist…


Would you say this is something new, or something

you've always felt?

Dissolve to a different question.


How does that make you feel?

Dissolve to another question.


And would you say being on display like that, is why

you suddenly feel this need to express dominance?

Kyle shamelessly nodding his head, and developing a tear…


How do I make that go away? It's one thing to have

the control to never do it again, but how do I prevent

myself from even having the urge to do it?

Mrs. Fernandez taking notes while responding.


That's a very healthy question, Kyle… Let's work

together on finding ways to answer it…

Dissolve to the Baker complex (night) where Hunter, April, Zane, Scout, Leo, Mason. Missy, Porter, Chasin, Catherine, Dakota, Cleo, Gunner, Wyatt, Samantha and Bo, are all in a room, having a meeting.


Mrs. Fernandez says he has made tremendous progress

in all aspects of what he has been through, what he has

done, and the consequences of it all.


What about the community?


Most of them were there, and those who weren't, know

everything he went through. The community is empathic

to his situation, and will understand his release.

Leo nodding…


We have good people here…Dad is to thank for that…

Everyone now nodding…


But here's the thing… There's still one thing he's

struggling with…

Everyone looking to Hunter, as scene dissolves back to the cell (daytime), with Kyle still talking with Mrs. Fernandez…


I can't be here, right now…at this place…


What options does that leave you with?


I want to learn from the convicts, and maybe learn

about logging, too.

Mrs. Fernandez nodding with a look at him, as scene dissolves back to Hunter and the others, in the meeting…


What are you talking about?


He wants to move to Glenwood…

Cleo in shock, with stunned expressions all around…



Cleo sitting in the back seat with Dakota and her brother, with Zane and Leo up front.

Kyle looks out the window, as the hummer reaches the beginning of the landslide area, and enters the corridor that runs along the highway, and in-between the high sides of the "cleared" landslide…

It's a long corridor, and Kyle takes in the amazingness of it all, and also the sign, that he comes to see as they come to the end of the corridor. It's a Forest Grove sign, with a red "R" at the end of Grove, which POV settles on as they drive by it…

Dissolve to the hummer reaching Glenwood, and turning off the highway, and across the bridge. The gates are already opened, as they drive through it, and come to a stop…

They all begin climbing out, with Stix, Kemp and Lester approaching…

Scene dissolves to them at the moonshine station, with Moon pouring a glass for Kemp, who hands it to Leo. Kyle is in the background, holding his bags, talking to GW and other convicts.


(with smile)

Let me know what you think of the latest improvements.

Moon tried something that Shine had always wanted to

try, and I personally, think it has paid off.

Leo swallowing and nodding, as he hands the glass to Zane.


Making an impact in the world after death. That is what I

call a successful man.

Zane swallows and also nods, while handing to Dakota.


Taste improvement. Big time.

Dakota raises the glass before drinking.


To Shine.

She drinks and nods, followed by a second big drink…


Shit yes, Shine!

Moon proudly smiling, as Cleo finishes off the glass, and hands to Moon.


Fill that bad boy, back up.

Dissolve to Cleo hugging her brother, Kyle, and climbing into the hummer…

Dissolve to them on the road home. POV from outside the hummer, as it goes through the landslide corridor, again. POV rises as they drive through it, looking over all the destruction of it…

Cut to POV through binoculars, watching the hummer drive out of the corridor, and up the highway…

Cut to the man putting down the binoculars, and taking notes, before hopping onto a horse, where 2 other men are already on horses. They begin riding away, through the woods…



DJ and the girls (Trisha/Ashley) are packing one of the vehicles, as sounds come from the warehouse (attached to the garage)…


What was that?


Sounds like someone's hard at work in the warehouse.


I've never even been in there.


Let's have a look.

They walk over to some doors, and enter inside. It's huge, and full of supplies, everywhere…

They see a man working on what looks like a fancy carriage, with plenty of others, already finished…


Wow… These weren't here the last time I peeked in here!

The man (Cooter) smiling, and even bigger once he comes to notice the young girls…


Well, what do we have here?


Hey, Cooter. These are my girls, Trisha and Ashley. If you

ever left the garage, you would have met them already.


I've seen you all together, but yeah, I'm sorry for being

so rude, and never introducing myself. (shaking their

hands) I'm Cooter, a prisoner of the compound. They

never let me leave this place. I've been stuck in here

ever since they put the walls up.

Trisha laughing, but Ashley nervously ducking behind DJ, who laughs.


He's just kidding, Ashley. He was the world's biggest

introvert before the apocalypse, and has been the

happiest survivor of it, ever since!

Cooter and Trisha laughing.


He ain't lying! Samuel knew this about me, and hired

me before he hired a single other person, to be a part

of all this.


Really? (Cooter nodding) I didn't know that. So, what

are you busy working on, right now? It looks amazing.


Yeah, it does.

They begin looking over the fancy carriage, as well as the others, as Ashley keeps a curious look at Cooter.


Well, gas won't last forever. I don't care how much

of it the Seattle group has retrieved from the Puget

Sound refinery, we'll need to depend on other means

of transport, eventually. So (gesturing toward his fine

work)…that's what I'll be remembered for.



And who are you, again?

Cooter cracking a smile as Rich comes from behind them all, shaking his hand.


I'm the man, who once had to change your dirty diaper,

when your dad had a babysitter emergency, back in the

early 90's, which is why I haven't been around people

ever since! (Trisha laughing) I've had grease and God

knows what on my hands every day of my life, but never

once have I scrubbed them like I did the day I wiped this

boy's butt!

Trisha cracking up, as Ashley also laughs, this time…

Dissolve to them waving goodbye to Cooter, and entering back inside the garage. Rich looks over at the vehicles…


So, you all packed up?

DJ looking at Rich, who just stares back at him…


Don't look at me like that… It was Doc's idea, and

it's been over 6 months… I need my escape…

Rich smiling at him…


I know… Close your eyes, girls.

Girls laughing, as Rich gives DJ a kiss…



All the same people gathered in that same room, for another meeting, as Chasin, Catherine and Bo, are the last to enter…


Okay, so what are we all meeting for, once again?


Leo, if we had it your way, we'd be having daily meetings

before and after each meal of the day.


Sounds like my daily itinerary…

Hunter giving him a questionable look, before starting…


So, it's been quiet since the attack at the landslide. The

townspeople believe we need to allow beach vacationers,

again, and get back to weekend visitations between

communities, monthly with Vancouver. I myself, tend to

lean more Leo's way of thinking, especially when it comes

to carriage day trips to the coast.


You would think the battle of Red Christmas was a decade



I've explained the danger in it all, but they saw an army

that Christmas, and don't believe we should let a dozen

or even several dozen, desperate men, be a threat to our

way of life.


Unless Shepard returns with an army of tanks, there is no

way through those walls. If he is here, or Thunder is trying

to scare us, their attacks will be on the road, and not at our

door. If I was them, the goal would be to fuck with us so

much out there, that we feel imprisoned in here.


But if we hide in here, aren't we already imprisoned?

Everyone looking to Leo…


It's not like we're avoiding the things we need to do.


Exactly; but large civilian groups going to the beach, or

from community to community. Sporting events. Those

are the things I'd be looking to hit, if I were your enemy.


Amen that you are not, but he's right.



Yeah, he knows how to think like them. And the question

isn't whether they're out there or not, because we know

that they are, but are they actually a threat? (shrugging) I

for one believe we can't live in fear, and should let people

smile while they can. In this world, even though the goal is

something much better, someday, it's not this day, or the

next. If not Shepard, we'll run into issues eventually. We

might as well enjoy the time and freedom we have in front

of us…that way we have passion to fight for it, when

someone does come to take it from us.

Mason shaking his head with a laugh.


There goes Zane, again. Talking like a man running for

the White House.

Leo, Hunter and the others, all laughing…



GW, Kyle, and other convicts/Glenwood residents, are hard at work chopping and collecting firewood…

Kyle appears to be happy in his new environment…

Dissolve to them back at Glenwood, unloading all the wood, while others around them are hard at other jobs. Kyle takes a look around. There are kids playing, and girls his age, either working or watching him, curious about the new guy. He then looks over at a guy sitting at a table, with a girl, and writing. It's Milo. He looks up, and toward Kyle, and then writes down something in his notebook…

Dissolve to GW, Kyle and the others, all back outside the camp, and collecting more wood. Kyle and GW are chopping away…

Suddenly, they can hear a motorcycle approaching, and the person riding it begins honking at them, as they all stop what they are doing and come together, eagerly watching.

Suddenly, a second person on a motorcycle comes speeding around the corner, and stopping once he sees all of them, as the first biker comes to a skidding stop in front of them. The other biker turns and speeds back around the corner, and disappearing, as the first one rushes to stop his bike, climb off and remove his helmet. His face is out of the POV, as all the others are eagerly looking at him.



Mayday walking the catwalk, casually looking around, before entering a tree house, where Gia plays cards with Doug. Mayday looks over a log book, and then his wrist watch. He then pulls his radio out.


(into radio)

Relay 1 east and west. Hourly check in time. Let's

see how your neighbors are doing.

Mayday waits for a response, without one coming…


(into radio)

Relay 1 east. Please respond. Over.

Mayday nervously awaits a reply, as both Gia and Doug become concerned. Mayday only becomes more worried, speaking with urgency.


(into radio)

Relay 1 west. Where the hell are you?!

Mayday again waits, until urgently reaching for a different radio.


(into radio)

Hunter, I can't reach either relay station! Something's

wrong!... Not even a full minute, yet, but neither one of

them is responding, it can't be a coincidence!... Yes sir!

Mayday rushes over to the side, watched by Gia and Doug, as he begins pulling the alarm rope, with the bell ringing!

The others on the catwalk are shocked, and readying their weapons, as spotlights begin shining through the open field below, and into the woods. One guard comes out of a different tree house, looking down the catwalk, toward Mayday's tree house.

Cut to Leo in bed, waking to the sound of the bell ringing, with eyes wide, as he rushes out of bed, wearing a robe…

Cut to Samantha, Renee, Rich, Tricia and Ashley, all looking up in surprised dread, at the sound of the bell echoing throughout the compound.

Cut to Zane, handing his daughter to Pepsi, and rushing to his radio…

Cut to Blake and the Rough Riders, at the stalls, rushing to bring their horses out of their stalls, and saddling them up…

Cut to Chasin, sprinting full speed across the Baker field, with Catherine and their kids, Bo and Kat, watching him go…

Cut to the covered basketball courts, where teens and others are rushing outside, looking toward the sound of the bell… POV moves from them, to the Baker complex, where Leo is hopping in a hummer and speeding for the corridor, he stops to allow Chasin to jump inside…

Cut to the compound neighborhood, where parents are rushing outside to gather their children, and quickly bring them inside…

Cut to a guy coming out of his house, looking at the sound of the bells…


Not this shit, again!

Cut to some scared younger children, crying and rushing for their homes…

Cut to the town center, where shop workers/customers are nervously stepping outside, looking all around…

Cut to Ryder, at the river (with a book), where the sound of the bell is faint, and she is nervously heading back toward it…

Cut to Gunner, Wyatt and others (armed), in the tunnels hopping on bikes, and zipping down the underground corridor…

Cut to the Guardian, placing keys in the locks of the huff gates, preparing to set them free, if need be.

Cut to the catwalk, where plenty of armed compounders are climbing up onto it, including Hunter, with his radio… (bell still ringing)


(into radio)

We have no idea if there will be an attack, but with

both nearby relayers still not responding, we have to

assume one may be imminent!

Leo coming from out of a tree house, followed by Chasin, (as bell stops ringing). They approach Hunter, looking out over the empty field (with spotlights shining).


We can't risk going out there at night. We have to wait

until we receive word, or at least until daybreak. This

has to be a trap. They want us to leave the compound.


Or they're simply cutting off our communication.



How in the hell did they even know about our

relay posts?!

Mason climbing up onto the catwalk, and joining Hunter and Leo, as they look out over the field, while talking.


Grover did mention them, but never had time to

reveal their locations.

Leo in thought, as Hunter looks at him…



Leo not wanting to believe it…


I still don't buy that…but this is not Thunder…not

by himself…

Leo shaking head at that thought…



Thunder and about a dozen of his men are rushing off of the beach, taking a little bit of gunfire…

POV of the last of his men coming off the beach, with a glance back at Doc and the others who had been firing on them. Luckily, they are more consumed with killing off remaining mobsters/huffs who remain on the beach, and/or focused on the jetty, where everyone is reacting to Zane in the water…

Thunder leads the men through a small parking lot, and past some abandoned homes. He spots a huff, puts away his gun and reaches for his blade, then kills the huff, and continues rushing away…


We have to help Jordan!


If we get that chance, then great! But for now, it's

every man for himself!

Thunder quickly uses his blade to kill another huff…

Dissolve to them now in the brush, coming to a part of the long barricade, as Thunder begins climbing over it, followed by the others, as one of them (Thomas) speaks.


The dead will be all over that side. We all seen the mobs

of them from the ship. We should stay on this side and

go straight for the hills, and cross sides there. I know this

area. It'll take longer, but we can get to the emergency

rally point that way, without issues from the dead…as

long as the meeting location isn't infested with them.

Half the men simply come back down and begin running along the barricade, as Thunder then signals the others to do the same…

Dissolve to them at the end of the barricade, where it meets the hillside, as they begin climbing…

They all disappear, as POV remains a moment, before crossing over the barricade, and quickly going down the road, around a couple of corners and a large hillside, before settling on a spot…

Eventually there is the sound of someone desperately running through the brush, into the road and POV, and for the hillside. It's the same man who gets caught by the people who catch Jordan (one who was eaten by the cougars). He goes climbing the hillside, and disappearing…

POV then travels a little further down the road, coming to a mob of huffs, who also litter the brush/trees, of the other side of the road, where Jordan can be seen (in just a bra). She's running through the brush/trees, and passing the mob of huffs, before working her way to the road, and up the hillside.

POV remains, as the huffs begin flooding the area. Some of them go after Jordan, but with no progress of making it up the hillside…

Cut to Thunder leading his men up through the hills, unable to go the direction they want, because of a large canyon. It's getting darker and darker.


I think you screwed us, sending us up into these hills

where we can't see shit. We should have used what

daylight we had to get past the dead, and to the rally point.


I didn't know we'd have to climb this far.


You said you knew this area!


Not this exact hillside! I didn't realize there'd be a

freaking canyon to get around!

Thunder stops for a moment and pulls out his radio.


(into radio)

Jordan, are you out there? Anderson, are you out there?


Jordan went into the ocean. If she's out there, she

won't have use of her radio.


(over radio)

Anderson here! We were cut off by the dead, and had

to run for the hills. (Thomas throwing Thunder a look)

Last I saw Jordan, she was swimming away, but one of

those bastards jumped right in after her! We're heading

in the direction of the rally point, but we have every

reason to believe we are being followed. Over.


(into radio)

What do you mean?


(over radio)

While retreating, we could see they had eyes on us and

looked to be in pursuit. Some of them are after Jordan,

but they have an army.


(into radio)

Alright, we're still climbing, due to a canyon. Don't wait

for us. Just get to the rally point and tell the captain to

wait for us!


If they're being chased, then we're going to probably

have to get by them, once we get by this canyon.

Thunder stressed as he continues upward, followed by the others, with Thomas shaking his head…

Dissolve to even darker conditions, as they come to an end of the canyon, and begin to walk around it…

Dissolve to total darkness, as they are now going downhill, at an angle…

Suddenly, they can hear shots being fired, in the distance, as they all come to a stop, and listen…

The shots finally slow down, and then they can hear the slight sound of dogs barking…


They got Anderson.


And they have dogs!


Then we go straight down, and get to that rally point!

Thunder hurrying downward, as the others follow…

Dissolve to Mason, leading the dogs, with a team of compounders. The dogs begin to sniff multiple directions…


Did they lose the scent?


I don't think so. It looks like they're picking up another scent.


A few random guys on the run?


We have to keep them on Jordan's scent. (directing

the dogs) Let's go!

Mason leads the dogs the direction they had been going, following after Jordan's scent…

Dissolve to Thunder leading his men down off the hillside, and onto the highway. Huffs can be heard, and somewhat seen, but with the darkness, Thunder and his men are at high risk, as they all begin rushing along the highway…

Dissolve to them still jogging the highway, until forced to go off, up the hillside, again. The huffs can't follow, as the men all climb at an angle, and in the direction they are forced to, due to the terrain…

Dissolve to them again coming down off the hillside, and onto the highway. They keep jogging, as huffs can be heard, and sometimes seen. Donny kills one, followed by Thunder, and then another one, as they keep going along…

Dissolve to them fighting through a lot more huffs, and doing so successfully, until suddenly one of them screams out in agony, as the rest glance at him, but keep going. He continues to fight them off, but is eventually overwhelmed…

Dissolve to them finally reaching an area with a small bay. They fight their way through some more huffs, and then race for a set of docks, with several boats. They hop into a pair of them, and speed off into the bay…

Dissolve to them speeding to a huge ship, the same one they took here from Seattle…

Dissolve to the ship leaving the bay, for the ocean, and heading north, toward Seattle…

Dissolve to the ship anchored in the Elliott Bay, same place it was when the Seattle mob first boarded it…

Dissolve to Thunder and his men, rushing back onto the ship…

Dissolve to Thunder entering one of the ship's rooms, with anger, as he knocks a bunch of items off of a table…




I say we take it back!


And just wait for Leo and his family to come find us

here, even if we could take it back?!

The captain enters the room, with a look from one of his mates, who had been with Thunder's group, just now.


(speaking to captain)

The racetrack is now in control of the Canadians, thanks

to Leo. We have no choice except to go to the backup site.

Thunder and the others curiously looking at the mate, and then the captain, with some hope. The captain looks at Thunder.


With Jordan MIA, we can now inform you that an

emergency site is not far from here, where we can

find any possible survivors of the racetrack, and

Jordan herself, if she ever returns. Shepard and

Cutter also knows of this location.

Thunder and the others with a sign of relief…



POV through a pair of binoculars, of the compound wall, and people above it, on the catwalk…

POV Gallagher, putting down the binoculars, and looking over at Toby, as he and about 25 other armed men, begin falling back, when suddenly, guns are aimed at the heads of each and every one of them…

Dissolve to Gallagher and his men, tied and being led through the brush, by armed men…

Dissolve to Gallagher and his men, all squeezed inside of an abandoned cabin in the woods, with armed guards, and just waiting around…

Eventually, the door opens, as Gallagher (POV coming from him) looks over at the feet of someone approaching, who walks right over to him, as Gallagher just keeps staring toward the feet of the man, as he stops in front of him, just standing there for several moments…before finally speaking.


(familiar voice)

Enemy of my enemy…

Gallagher finally looking up at him, and the face of Thunder, who smiles down at him…


Is my friend… I mean, (shrugging) we have already

saved all your lives.


And how exactly is that?


Those people you were spying on, have underground tunnels

and will come right up from under the ground, and put your

ass in the ground. (looking right into his eyes) I've seen it

done. We were part of an army that attacked that place, and

got our asses handed to us. The only reason you got that close

without being discovered, is the fact most of them have been

down the road clearing a landslide that took out the highway.

It's the only reason we decided to come in this close. Hell,

over the last year, we've avoided even coming anywhere

around this forest of theirs.


So, what's changed, now?


We're working on something…something that will put a

dent in these people, before the rest of our army gets here.


The rest of your army?


It's been a rough year, since we lost most of our people

here, but word has recently come that an even bigger

army is still working on crossing the country, to get here…

and that word came with a little more muscle, as well.


What about brains?

Thunder staring at Gallagher, before shrugging with a shake of the head…


Did that word, supply brains to this operation, or are we

supposed to follow and rely on a bozo like yourself, to

give us a reason to team up against a mutual enemy?


It's funny you ask that, especially sitting there with your

hands tied behind your backs, and at our total mercy.


First off…we were well aware of their issues on the highway,

and our perfect chance to gather intel on the surroundings

of that place, which led us to finding one of their so-called

underground secret hiding spots. All information, that would

have been used long before we ever considered attacking

that place…something obviously you were lacking in brains,

when foolishly charging those walls…and secondly…I'm sure

at least half of my men have untied themselves, just as I have.

Gallagher suddenly headbutting Thunder, and taking his gun, holding it to his head. Half of his men do the same thing, and either hold weapons on Thunder's men, or begin untying their friends…

More of Thunder's men rush into the cabin, with weapons aimed, as Gallagher keeps his aim on Thunder, and his men on the guys who just entered, as Thunder waves them down…


It's okay; we're good here!

Gallagher watches Thunder's men lower their weapons, as he looks at Thunder…


We're more than happy to team up with your people…

but you need a real leader, friend…



Random shots of Gallagher and Thunder's men, spying on several of the relay tree houses, and taking notes…

Random shots of those same people, using horses on the highway, but then moving into the woods, as they pass the other relay stations, and staying out of sight.

Dissolve to a couple men spying from a bush below one of the relay tree houses, and listening as someone above is speaking into his radio.


(over radio)

Thanks; talk to you in a bit.


(into radio)

Sounds good. I'll talk to you in an hour.

One of the men below is now taking notes, before they sneak away…

Dissolve to shots of men reporting back to Gallagher, as he takes their notes, and works on his own strategic plans…

Shots of all the men standing around the abandoned cabin, where they have a small camp area setup. All together they have around 60 men…

Dissolve to some of those men on horses, riding the highway, before leaving the road and entering the woods…

Dissolve to them hopping off their horses and ensuring they are hidden, as they watch a hummer drive up the highway. One of them reports it over his radio, as scene dissolves to a couple different men, riding horses through the woods. They come around a corner, and run right into a small handful of huffs, spooking the horses!

One of them falls off his horse, while the other climbs down, using his blade to kill the huffs. The guy who fell is struggling to fight off the huffs, and eventually is bitten on the side of his stomach, hollering out in agony, before the other guy kills the huff, which was the last remaining one…

Dissolve to the wounded man (same man who shot Dale), now back at their abandoned cabin, as Gallagher looks him over…


It's just a flesh wound, but it's enough. I might have

twenty-four hours, or so…

Gallagher staring at him, then turning to Toby…


You thinking what I'm thinking?

Toby looking from Gallagher to the wounded man, who stares back at them both…


If you're thinking "suicide bomber", then yes, I am…


We'll have to take down camp here, and set up

near the beaches.

Dissolve to the wounded man now in the woods, aiming his gun at Dale, and shooting him dead, before firing off plenty of other shots, including almost nailing both Gunner and Wyatt…

He keeps firing, until heavy fire is returned, all around him, until finally hitting him…

Dissolve to him watching Leo approach him…

Dissolve to Gallagher standing over a bunch of his men, and Thunder's men, as they stand near the beach, looking toward the ocean…

POV behind another large group, as they walk up the beach, arriving to Gallagher and Thunder's group, doubling the number of men they had (now around 125). Someone out front of the new group arrives to Gallagher and Thunder, shaking hands with Gallagher, but his face and most of his body are blocked by all of the others…



POV of a sign in the tree house reading "RELAY 2 EAST", as POV moves past the fire, and then finding Jo laying back in her bunk, reading a book, as Chloe sits at a table, doing the same…

Jo finishes her book, and rises with a stretch and yawn…


I thought I'd never get used to not having my electronics,

but I am finding myself with a new appreciation for books.


Another good ending, huh?

Jo looking outside the window, out and around, as daylight is on the verge of leaving them.


It could have been better, but it had me guessing right

to the end…

Jo moving to the shelf, placing the book on it, in-between all the others.


And I'm already looking forward to the next one. (looking

outside again) And looking forward to having another

whole day here, and coming back soon. It's so peaceful

out here… (grabbing an apple from the table) I hope the

day comes when these are used for vacations only, and

have nothing to do with security.


If we could keep the living out of the forest and the

beaches, we'd already be there.


I know. We haven't seen a single huff. Even the two

in the hole have been quiet. I thought maybe they'd

attract more.


Nah, this entire forest is just too enclosed. As long as an

army of them never makes it past the Glenwood area,

the dead will not be a problem. It's people…and from

what I've heard, our leaders believe more and more

people will be retreating to this forest, throughout the

years…as long as the dead continue to overwhelm most

other places…

Jo staring at Chloe, becoming suspicious…especially once Chloe stares back at her, as Jo forms a smile…




(still smiling)

You're seeing someone… You are!

Chloe tried to remain straight faced until unable to crack a smile.


Which compounder are you doing?!

Chloe laughing.


I'm not doing anyone… I'm spending time with…Blake.

Jo shocked!


What?! But…I thought he and Hope were a thing?


(shaking head)

They are super close, and I thought the same thing,

but she's not at all into guys.



Holy shit! I did not know that! Screw reading books!

Why haven't we been talking about all of this?!

Chloe laughing…


Seriously, how is this the first time I'm hearing this?


Well, he and I haven't even kissed, yet, but he admitted

he was into me, right before we came here. I signed up

for this, before I had any idea he and Hope were not a thing.


Okay, but that still doesn't explain why we've been

here almost a week, and I'm just now hearing about

it. What the frack, cuz?


(over radio)

Relay 1 east, seeking hourly update from Relay 2 east…


Saved by the bell.


(into radio)

Relay 2 east, seeking hourly update from Relay 3 east…

Jo stares at Chloe with a smile while waiting for a response.


(over radio)

Relay 3 east, seeking hourly update from Relay 4 east…


Don't think we're not going straight back to this,

or not spending all day tomorrow talking about it.

Cut to Cody, holding his radio as he gets a response. Matt in the tree house with him.


(over radio)

Relay 4 east, seeking hourly update from Relay 5 east…

Cut to sign in tree house reading "RELAY 6 EAST", and sound of relay 5 coming over radio.


(over radio)

Relay 5 east, seeking hourly update from Relay 6 east…

Cut to a guy in a tree house, looking out over highway 26 (outside of the forest).


(over radio)

Relay 6 east, seeking hourly update from Relay 7 east…

Cut to a tree house that is even closer to the city, with a view of abandoned cars along the highway, as the sound of the radio is heard.


(over radio)

Relay 7 east, seeking hourly update from Relay 8 east…

Cut to a guy in a tree house, smiling at his wife, who lays under the covers smiling back at him, as he speaks into his radio.


(into radio)

Relay 8 east, seeking hourly update from Relay 9 east…

Cut to a guy tossing wood into the burning fire, as another guy behind him (OS) speaks into the radio.



Relay 9 east, seeking hourly update from Relay 10 east…

The man tossing log on fire now moves to table, where a deck of cards is spread out, and the other guy waits for radio response…


(over radio)

Radio 10 east, nothing but disgruntled huffs here, stuck

on their side of the tunnel. Talk to you in an hour.


(into radio)

Relay 10 reports no news is good news…

Cut to relay 8, who reports back, before smiling at his wife again, and climbing under the blankets with her.


(into radio)

Relay 9 reports no news is good news…

Cut to Jo at the table with Chloe, still smiling over all the intriguing new gossip.


I just can't believe you and Blake… He is so fine!

Chloe laughing…


I know!

Now Jo laughing…


(over radio)

Relay 4 reports no news is good news…and relay 3

reports that he misses relay 2.


(smiling, into radio)

Relay 3 reports that he can't live without relay 2, and

that news is good news.

Jo smiling at Chloe, who laughs.


You're suck a dork!


(with laugh)

I know.


(over radio)

Relay 2 reports a whole lot of sappy crap coming from

relay 3 (Jo and Chloe laughing), resulting in Relay 1

requesting they relay together from now on, and leave

the sap crap (Jo laughing) off of the damn radio!

Jo and Chloe cracking up…

Cut to Mayday on the catwalk, staring at his radio with "wtf" all over his face!


(into radio)

Motion granted! Relay 1 east reports no news is good news…

Mayday shaking his head with a smile, walking into tree house, where Gia shuffles cards, as Doug sits down at the table with her. Mayday checks the log book.


Eastside is just as quiet as the westside…

Gia smiles as she begins dealing cards…

Cut back to one of the relay trees houses, where a ladder is being placed up on a nearby tree…

A couple men are climbing it, and then onto a large branch, climbing themselves onto another branch, which leads them to the side of the tree house, where laughter can be heard…

They creep up to a window, while keeping themselves out of sight…

One of them carefully peeks inside, where he can see Jo and Chloe full of smiles and laughter…

Cut inside, where Jo is being ridiculously silly, causing Chloe to crack up, as does Jo. They're both stuck in laughter, until startled shitless and screaming, as two men (Rob and Adrian) come charging inside, holding guns right on them…

Cut to a view of a relay tree house sign reading "RELAY 3 WEST", and the sound of two men charging inside, holding the relayers at gunpoint…

Cut to a view of a relay tree house sign reading "RELAY 2 WEST", as POV moves to see two men break inside, aiming guns directly at the two frightened relayers, inside…

Cut to a view of a relay tree house sign reading "RELAY 1 WEST", and the sound of music playing. POV moves and finds a man (Ken) and his wife (Becky), slow dancing with a smile at each other, before scared out of their minds, as men break inside and hold guns right on them…

Cut to a view of a relay tree house sign reading "RELAY 1 EAST", POV finds one man at the table (with gun on table) and another man in his bunk. Suddenly, men break inside. The man at the table reaches for his gun, begins to aim, but is then shot dead, by Gallagher, who looks over at the other man in the bunk, with a gun held to his head, by Thunder. Gallagher walks over to him, holding a rope, and just staring at him…

Cut to a view of a relay tree house sign reading "RELAY 3 EAST", as POV moves past Matt, toward a window, where Cody is suspiciously looking out and around…


Son of A BITCH!

Matt jumps, as Cody reaches for his gun, steps outside, and begins firing. He eventually hits and kills a man who was climbing a ladder, but then is sucker punched by another man, who then fires a shot at Matt, who was aiming his gun at him, but drops dead. Cody now tackles the man to the ground, and they begin fighting all over the tree house…

It's an even fight, but eventually Cody frees himself enough to make a run for it…

He begins climbing down the tree, but taking shots from the other guy. Cody dodges bullets, and makes his way down and around the corner…

The man makes his way down, and heads toward that same corner, but then jumps out of the way, as Cody goes speeding past him on a motorcycle. The guy hops back up and aims his gun, with a great shot of Cody, but is suddenly attacked by his buddy (now a huff), and has to fight him off, and shoot him in the head. He turns to unload his gun on Cody, but it's too late. He is pissed!


Where the hell did he even get that from?!

The man then looks back toward direction Cody had gotten he bike, and goes around the corner, seeing a second bike, down inside an underground hiding spot…

Dissolve to Cody racing his bike down the highway, with the other man trying to catch him…

Cody flies around a corner, and can see GW and a bunch of others, as he begins honking his horn, and speeding right for them. The other biker turns the corner, and comes to a stop, before turning and racing back the other direction…

Cut to Gallagher at Relay 1 East, looking at the guy tied and chained to a part of a large tree branch, that comes through the tree house. Thunder comes inside with a torch, handing to Gallagher, who stares at the tied-up man, shaking his head at him, as Gallagher then sets the tree house on fire, and walks outside, climbing down the ladder, to the cries of help by the tied man, which turns to screams of agony…

Gallagher reaches the bottom, where Thunder and about 50 other men (not including the new group from the beach) are all watching…


I thought we were under orders not to damage the

tree houses…


Just this one…just to send a message…

Dissolve to Relay 1 West, where music still plays inside the tree house, while an armed man climbs down the ladder, holding a gun on Ken, as his wife begins screaming from inside the tree house…


What is he doing to my wife?!


(with a sick laugh)

Sending her off with a bang.

Suddenly, Ken charges the armed man, but is quickly shot and killed, to the growing horrific screams of his wife above…




Stan smiles and begins climbing back up the ladder, to the sound of her continued agony…

Dissolve to the tear-filled faces of Jo and Chloe, as they reach the ground (getting darker), held by gunpoint…


How much time do we have before they get here?


Enough to have us some fun with these girls.

Dreadful looks from the girls, as Adrian smiles at them…


Oh, don't flatter yourselves… You've been ordered

to the pits.

Adrian and Rob leading the girls around the corner, into the much darker brush, and over to the pit where the two huffs are inside, as Adrian looks down at them, barely able to see them in the darkness below.


Nice! It's dark as shit, down there. This will be fun.

Adrian looks at the girls with a smile, who nervously/dreadfully look at him. Jo shakes her head at him, while Chloe continues to drop tears from her face…

Adrian nodding them to jump down inside, as Jo sheds more tears and continues to shake her head…

Suddenly, Rob shoves Chloe from behind, dropping her down into the pit, with a scream.



Jo jumps down into the darkness, and the sound of Chloe screaming, along with the grunting of the huffs…

Rob and Adrian laugh and watch from above, squinting their eyes as they try to see what is happening in the darkness…

Adrian then flashes his flashlight, for just a moment, to get a peek…

He then flashes it again, followed by moving it all around, and then off and on, making it a show for him and Rob, and very difficult on the girls, who desperately try to fight for their lives, without weapons…

Adrian leaves the flashlight off for a while…



He shines it for a moment, right as a huff is opening its mouth and snapping at Jo, just missing her! Jo works to fight it off, pushing it away, slamming it against the side…

Adrian shines his light again, as Chloe struggles with the other huff, almost taking a bite to her face, while screaming and fighting…

Suddenly, a motorcycle can be heard, as Adrian and Rob quickly turn and rush back to the tree house.


Don't leave us down here!

They nervously watch and aim their weapons at the motorcycle, who stops in front of them, removing his helmet, revealing he is one of them.


Teddy, what the hell are you doing here? (looking

at the bike) Where'd you get that?


And where's Jack?


Dead! They had bikes hidden, and one of them got

away. I chased him, but he got to their other camp.

We're going to have company, very soon!

Adrian and Rob begin hustling away, as Teddy puts his helmet back on, and prepares to ride.


I'm going to warn the others. You guys get to your

truck and get out of here!

Suddenly, another biker can be heard, as they stop to look/listen for a second, before rushing away. Teddy tries to speed off, but the other biker aims a gun, and unloads on him, eventually nailing him, just before he can escape.

The other two are rushing into the brush, as the biker rides after them, and even jumping a log, and crashing right on Rob. The biker jumps up, firing a shot at Rob, and then rushing off on foot, after Adrian. The guy is huge, it must be GW! He tosses off his helmet, revealing himself as GW, and quickly catching up with Adrian, and diving on top of him.

Adrian jumps back up, takes one dreadful look at GW, before met with a devastating knockout punch to his face, followed with a bullet to the brain.

Suddenly, a scream comes from the pit, as GW turns and rushes back to the tree house. He listens to the screams, and runs to the pit. He looks down, barely able to see anything.


Hold on!

He rushes back to the tree house, about to break off the built-in ladder, before glancing over and taking notice of the ladder that Adrian and Rob had brought. He runs over to it, grabbing and hauling over to the pit, where he places it down, and hops inside.

The girls are still crying, and exhausted, as they listen to GW smashing in the heads of both huffs…

GW begins helping them climb out, both still crying and breathing heavily…

They rush out of the brush, where a tiny daylight remains, just enough for GW to look them over, seeing no bites…

Then Jo looks over at Chloe, who looks back at her with complete dread, as Jo becomes worried.

She rushes over to Chloe, who looks at her, and then turns around…

Jo slowly lifts her shirt from the back, to the sight of a pair of obvious bite marks…


I can't feel nothing now, but I felt it when it happened…

I felt its teeth sink into me…I think more than once.

She turns back around, looking right at the dirty face and teary eyes of Jo, who throws her arms around her cousin and simply begins weeping…they both weep, while GW watches, and then turns to face the approaching headlights of a truck, that comes to a sudden stop in front of them. Kyle and the other wood choppers all jump out of the back, looking over the scene, and the weeping girls…


Jo? Chloe?


We have to get to the next relay post!


Stix will be here in a minute. He said to wait for backup…



Stix and most of the convicts are all in vehicles, stopping at the burning tree house, and looking all around (with flashlights). Most of the flames have died off.

They all stop, and stare, as Stix holds his light up on what's left of the burnt tree house, and the remains of the guy who is still chained to the burnt branch…

Stix turns his light off, and angrily turns back for his vehicle, as do all the others, and peeling off down the highway…

Dissolve to (flashback now caught up with present time) them up the road a little further, as Kyle works the radio, waiting to get within service of the compound.


(into radio)

Compound, come in. I repeat, compound, come in?

Mayday? Hunter? Is anyone there?

Dissolve to a minute later…


(into radio)

I repeat, compound, come in!


(over radio)

Hunter here. Who is this?


(into radio)

It's Kyle! I'm with Stix and the convicts. We are on their

asses and speeding down highway 6, now. We're not

turning off to the compound. We're going straight down

6 until we find whoever attacked relay posts 1, 2 and 3

east. Cody, Jo and Chloe are still alive, and coming to

you, now. They killed the others!


(over radio)

This could be a trap! We all agreed that if something

like this happened, we'd stay behind our walls.

Stix grabbing the radio.


(into radio)

They burnt Rollins alive, and chained him to the tree

house branch. We have to go after the other relayers.


(over radio)

We're right behind you Stix! Don't wait on us!

Cut to Zane/Leo, Mason and others, dashing off the catwalk and down the ladders, hopping into hummers as the compound gates open, and they speed through them…

Cut to the highway with the compound turnoff, as Stix and his convoy go speeding by it, except one of the cars, which turns for the compound. Cut inside, where Cody drives, with Jo in the backseat, weeping as she holds Chloe, also weeping…

They drive in silence, for a short while, before approaching headlights come, as several hummers quickly speed by them…

Dissolve to them driving through the compound gates, with people looking down at them from the catwalk…

Cut inside, where Jo and Chloe still weep, as Cody drives the long corridor…

Dissolve to them parking in front of the Baker complex, where Hunter, April, Scout and others, are eagerly awaiting them…

Cody jumps right out, but then looks at Jo, who slowly climbs out, bringing Chloe with her. One look at their faces, tells Hunter and the others, all they need to know, as their own expressions become grim…

Dissolve to Stix and his convoy, speeding the highway…

Dissolve to Zane, Leo and their convoy, speeding the highway…

Dissolve to Gallagher and his convoy, speeding the highway.

Cut inside to Thunder's truck, one truck from the rear. He looks in his rearview mirror, and can see another convoy quickly approaching.



Thunder begins slowing down…


What are you doing?!


Taking one for the team!

The guy in the passenger seat of the truck behind him, reaches over to honk the horn at them, as Thunder forces them to slow down, while the other convoy catches up, but Gallagher and the rest of his convoy continue forward.


I was warned this could happen, and swore my allegiance.

Thunder turns the truck to a skidding stop (keeping car/headlights on), almost knocking out the two guys in the back, who are quick to gather themselves and their weapons. The other truck does the same, and blocks the road, with a pair of men also in the back of that truck, aiming guns at the approaching convoy…

Thunder jumps out of his truck, rushing around the side, taking cover as he pulls out a large machine gun from the passenger side, and aims at the approaching convoy. He begins unloading on them, causing Stix to drive off the road, crashing into the side. Thunder continues firing at the convoy, which has now stopped (headlights still on), and are returning fire, killing one of Thunder's men in the other truck. Thunder now aims and fires at the men, killing a pair of convicts, one of which who was right next to Kyle, who stops shooting to watch the guy fall dead. Now a guy on the other side of Kyle, is shot in the leg, as Kyle helps him to safety.

One of the men in his truck now shoots and kills another convict, but then is shot himself, by GW.

Thunder turns to fire at GW, who goes running and diving behind one of their vehicles, barely missed as Thunder unloads on him, and keeps unloading on the vehicle he dove behind, until hit in the arm by a bullet, as well as watching the other guy in his truck get shot in the leg, then the head. He quickly opens heavy fire back on them, but then is suddenly reached for, by the first guy in his truck who had died, and is now a huff.

Thunder punches the huff, then pounds his head against the truck, smashing it in. He then watches the driver of his other truck get shot and killed, with only one other guy now left, still over behind that truck, firing on the convicts. Thunder begins firing on them too, and killing another one of them. He then sees his last man suddenly attacked by GW, who is whaling on him, and quickly killing him.

Thunder turns to fire on him, again sending him diving back behind that truck. He quickly turns to fire on the other convicts, but then takes a knife to his leg, as he turns to see Stix on the side of his truck. Thunder is wounded, but still able to fire on Stix, sending him for shelter. He then turns and fires a few shots at GW, sending him back for shelter, and then resuming fire on the other convicts…

Suddenly, a hummer speeds and skids to a stop, near the trucks of the convicts, as Leo aims a 50-cal right at Thunder, who had run out of bullets, and now holds his hands in the air, as several more hummers come to a skidding stop…

Dissolve to Gallagher (sound of chainsaws) and the rest of their convoy, parked on the road, watching the woods…

POV of a few of their men, in the woods using chainsaws on huge trees, while others hold flashlights for them. The first tree goes down, followed by the others, falling onto the highway (blocking it). The men race over to another set of trees, which have already been precut, as they use their chainsaws to finish the job, and knock down a few more trees over the highway.

They now rush back to their convoy, as they all begin speeding away, leaving the tree roadblock behind them…

Cut to Stix, yanking his knife out of the leg of Thunder, who hollers out, and then is met by several punches to the face, by Leo, before Mason stops him, and gets in Thunder's face…


Telling us every damn thing you know, is the only thing

that stops you from being dinner for the dead! WHERE



They had a convoy of trucks; at least six or seven

more, that kept going up the road! Maybe forty or

fifty men.


Why did he stop here?!



To stall?

Leo now getting in Thunder's face.


Is that all of you? Or are there more?

Thunder just smiling at him…


We don't have time for this; we have to go after them!


If Shepard is here, they could have an army back there

at our walls, right now!


Forty or fifty men is not a threat to Doc and the SSH. (Leo

again in Thunder's face) Why did you sacrifice yourself?

Thunder again smiling.


Seriously, we don't have time to make him talk!


What if they're hitting us at home?

Leo thinking a moment, with all eyes on him…


They can take care of themselves. We go get Doc and

his boys, and check the relay posts for survivors. If they

hit us at home, we'll hit them from behind when we get

back there.

Stix helps Mason and Zane tie Thunder up, and lead him toward one of the hummers, as everyone scatters back toward their vehicles. A couple people quickly drive Thunder's truck (and the other one) to the side of the road.

It's a large convoy, between the convicts and compounders. They all pile into their vehicles, and begin speeding the highway, with Leo's hummer leading the way…

Dissolve to a shot of Gallagher's convoy speeding through Tillamook, past the Cheese Factory…

Dissolve to Leo hitting the brakes, as his convoy reaches the tree blocked highway, with all the other vehicles stopping behind them, as Leo climbs out, shouting the F word! Zane, Mason and the others are all looking over the huge mess, with dread, as they realize there is no way around it, or to the coast, at least from this highway…

Dissolve to Gallagher's convoy, speeding the highway, next to the bay…

Dissolve to Leo's convoy heading back down the highway…

Cut inside to Leo's truck, with Mason, Zane and a tied Thunder.


There's no way they're at the compound. They blocked

that road to either escape, or hit the SSH, without us


Leo checks the rearview mirror, to catch Thunder cracking a sly smile…


Is that it?... Is that what Gallagher is doing? Is he the

brains of your outfit, now?

Thunder chuckling under his breath, and slapped by Mason.


Answer the damn question, moron!


Gallagher's just the muscle…


If Shepard's here, then he's here, but you pretty much

just told me he's here without his army. So, you cross

paths with Gallagher and he comes up with the idea to

take out our communication? What's the end game

here, Thunder?


Who says Shepard's the one who's here?

Leo suspiciously looking at Thunder, as he slows down while coming to the spot with Thunder's truck half way on the road…


What the hell does that mean?

Leo, Zane and Mason all staring at Thunder, as they pass his truck.


The answer to that question is back there in my truck…


How in the hell is that?


He left a message for you…

Leo staring at him, before slamming the brakes…


And you're just now telling me this shit?!

Dissolve to them at Thunder's truck, as he points an item out, to Zane, who reaches inside and pulls out a small recorder, and looking at Thunder, who looks at Leo…


Play it…

Zane pushes play, while holding it for him, Mason and Leo to hear, as a recording plays.


(over recording)

Hello, Leo… You really should have finished me off, buddy…



Gallagher's men holding guns on Thunder's men, and Gallagher with one on Thunder…


We're more than happy to team up with your people…

but you need a real leader, friend…


If you want to take lead for now, be my guest, but I take

orders from a very powerful person, whose help you and

I both need. He'll be here in a couple months. Until then,

he wants us to learn every little thing we can about those

people and this forest…and he wants us to send them a

message, that he's coming…

Gallagher curiously looking at Thunder…

Dissolve to the day at the beach, looking over the beach, as Gallagher/Thunder's group await the new arriving group. A man steps up to Gallagher. POV of his face, as he removes his shades, revealing himself as Cutter.


Hello, Mr. Gallagher. I would be Cutter…

Dissolve to Gallagher and Cutter, taking a seat in the old cabin, as Thunder leaves the room, leaving them alone.


I have looked over your reports, and am highly impressed

in your work…(smiling) and I loved what you did with

Duggan, after he got bit. With Shepard obviously struggling

to get our army here, I'm not going to bullshit you. I'm

desperate for a man like you, and the men you have. I told

Shepard I'd give him until April to arrive, and now that he

hasn't, it's time to at least spread some fear to these people,

and begin crippling them, anyhow we can.

Dissolve to them in strategic conversation, with Thunder, Donny and Toby, now in the room, looking over drawn maps of the area, with marks of the relay posts they plan to hit.


The tree houses along the coast are too difficult to even

find or study, let alone hit.


They'll all retreat once they lose contact with the others.

They won't be there to send word of your arrival.

Gallagher waiting for him to finish, before going on…


The ones we do hit, all have to take place immediately

after they check in with home base. That'll give us less

than an hour until they know they've got trouble.


More than enough time to finish off the trees, and get

the highway blocked, before meeting us at the beach. I

like your idea of burning one of the tree houses, to

dishearten them, but not the others. We will one day be

the owners of this forest, and want to keep everything



The people?


Kill them in whatever ways will help create fear, for

those who hear the stories of it all. Derrek and Ryan

will take this first one on the west side. They will

leave a survivor, to help spread those stories.

Thunder laughing under his breath, with a look from Gallagher, then to Cutter…


The woman? (Cutter nodding) I get survival, and casualties

of war, but I draw the line at abuse or rape, when it comes

to an innocent person.


I knew you were too good to be true. Too much of that

damn patriotism, left inside of you. The woman will live

rather than die…perhaps that's the way you should be

looking at it…

Dissolve to just Cutter and Thunder now in the room…


You want me to keep an eye on him?


No, he's sold on what side of this he's on. We can

trust him. What I need to know now…is can I trust


A skeptical look from Thunder, as Cutter pulls out a small tape recorder…


I'll need you to either climb the trees and leave this at

the roadblock, in a way that Leo and his people will find

it…or if they end up on your ass before the roadblock is

up…I'll need you to do something really difficult, for me…

Thunder staring at Cutter for more…



Zane holding the recording, as Leo and others listen.


(over recording)

Don't blame the messenger, Leo. I'm only doing as Shepard

ordered me to do. He wants you and your people to live in

fear, until the day he arrives to take what you have built for

him, for us. And that's before he even finds out what you've

done to Jordan. He might screw taking it all over, and simply

burn your forest to the ground, once that news flips his sanity.

I would have killed the bitch myself, if not for the shitstorm it

would have created, a shitstorm soon coming your way…

Until we get there, let's you and I have some fun. We'll be

stopping through regularly, from now on, but not leaving

without stopping for a night time visit to the beach…(Leo and

others becoming nervous) I've always wanted to see a night

game at the Sand Series Hotel. Don't worry Leo, I'll keep it

standing, as like I said, it'll be ours, eventually…but the current

tenants are about to be evicted… See you soon, Leo…



Several boats coming ashore, with around 60 heavily armed men exiting the boats, into the water/waves, and creeping onto the dark (moonlit) beach, led by Cutter. They walk along the beach, until seeing a spotlight, shining over a certain area, as they hustle forward…

They begin creeping, as they get closer to the spotlight, which comes from the Sand Series Hotel (SSH). They can see the boardwalk on the other side of it, with at least a few guards on top of it. Cutter holds up his hand, for them all to stop, as he looks over the entire area, while his men ready their weapons…