Season 4, Episode 8




The sound of tons of huffs…



Someone laying on the ground, rising halfway up, and watching Leo rush through the gates, into a truck and out of the other side of it. The truck is blocking the gates from all the huffs, who are spilling into the area by the dozens…

POV of Cutter, as he climbs to his feet, and hesitates for a moment, looking for a way out, or to go after Leo, but is left with only the option of turning back toward the complex, and running off, inside…

Cut to him killing a huff in the hallway, then eventually another, while making his way to his grandfather's office…

He arrives, opening the door, and immediately reacts to a gruesome sight. His POV of Victor's dead bodyguards, eating Victor…


(just staring at him)

Got what you deserved, didn't ya, you twisted

piece of shit.

Victor begins waking as a huff, while the other two cease to feast on him, with their attention shifting to Cutter…


Rot in hell, Grandpa… Shep and I will take it from here.

He closes the door, and even moves a desk in front of it, providing Victor with an eternity of roaming that room, just like Leo had told him before killing him…

Cut to Cutter going through random parts of the complex, killing his way through all the men who Leo had killed, who were now huffs…

Cutter eventually comes to a panic room, and closes himself inside. He looks around. There are weapons, and a small closet with stored food. There is even a small bathroom, and a spot to sleep…

He comes to another door, opening it up. It's a staircase, leading to a secret way out. He climbs upward, and to another door, with a window. He looks out, and can see all the huffs, surrounding any way for him to run. He is trapped…

He grabs his gun, opens the door, and shoots as many of them as he can, before closing the door…

Dissolve to him down there reloading, as he again climbs up the staircase, opens the door and unloads on as many huffs as he can…

Dissolve to him again loading his gun, and then to him again at the door, shooting huffs dead, but there are tons more, as he makes a small dent…

Dissolve to him out of bullets, and grabbing a blade.

Dissolve to him out there working on his dent, and killing as many as possible, before tiring, while the yard is still swamped with them…

Dissolve to him now laying in the bed, sweaty and tuckered out…

Dissolve to him snacking on some food…

Dissolve to him again in the yard, near the door, killing as many huffs as he can, and using every ounce of energy he can find, before tiring, and closing the door on them, exhausted as he walks back down the staircase…

Dissolve to Black…

Sound of someone moving around in bed…

Darkness gives way as a small lamp is turned on, as Cutter lays in bed, before rising slowly, and very sore/stiff, from an endless day of killing as many huffs as his energy would allow him to kill…

Dissolve to Cutter tiredly dragging himself toward the food supplies…

Dissolve to him munching on food…

Dissolve to him slowly stretching out…

Dissolve to him feeling more limber…

Dissolve to him tying his shoes…

Dissolve to him walking up the staircase, and looking out the window, at a sea of huffs. He looks down at his blade, then takes a deep breath, before opening the door, and stepping outside. He quickly begins dragging the dead huffs away from his door, next to piles of other huffs.

He then rushes toward the area where tons of other dead huffs are on the ground, and selects an area next to them, to wait, and begin killing the approaching huffs…

He keeps an eye on the door, and his safe passage back to it, as more and more huffs come his way, all while killing the ones already there…

He begins taking steps back, while continuing to kill one after another, before eventually picking up his pace, to avoid being swamped by them…

He then decides to begin running back to the door, even killing a few who are within his reach…

He makes it to the door, killing more huffs who arrive at the same time, and then more and more…

He struggles to open the door, with dead huffs behind it, and continues killing more, before squeezing his way inside, and closing it just in time, as the huffs overwhelm the area…

Cut to him on the other side of the door, breathing heavily, and resting his head against it, with eyes closed…

He eventually opens them up, looking outside, without a notice of any difference in their numbers, as the yard is still an anthill of huffs…

Dissolve to Cutter squeezing back inside, through the door, and again resting his tired head against it, before looking out the window, at the overwhelming number of huffs…

He turns and begins walking down the steps…

Dissolve to him waking to another day, and dragging himself out of bed…

Dissolve to him not nearly as limber, as he drags his tired body back up the staircase…

Dissolve to him in the yard, killing huff after huff…

Dissolve to him in the panic room, eating food…

Dissolve to him in the yard, killing tons of huffs, as POV pans back, revealing clumps of dead huffs all around…

Dissolve to him squeezing through the door, looking out at the yard, still full of huffs…

Dissolve to squeezing through the door, this time with his back to the window, as he rests against the door, before eventually dragging himself down the staircase…

Dissolve to him squeezing through the door, resting his head against the window, and looking out. His beard is getting longer/thicker…

Dissolve to him squeezing through the door, looking outside, and finding a little hope, as the number of huffs appears to finally be fading…

Dissolve to him waking from bed, slowly rising, and fighting a Charlie-horse…

Dissolve to him eating…

Dissolve to him stretching…

Dissolve to him tiredly, but confidently, climbing the staircase…

Dissolve to him in the yard, dodging dead huffs, as often as he kills the living ones, as he makes his way back to the door, killing a few more, before opening and squeezing his way back inside...

Dissolve to him outside the door, moving dead huffs, before rushing off out to a clearing (from all the dead huffs), where he stands his ground and begins killing huff after huff…

Dissolve to him squeezing through the door, resting head against window, before opening eyes and looking out, with a very noticeable difference in huffs…

Dissolve to him tiredly dragging himself up that staircase, looking outside, then opening the door and stepping outside. He runs out to a clear area, and waits for the huffs to arrive. He begins killing them, with more time to rest in-between each kill (with less huffs). He finds himself able to remain out there longer, killing not as many at a time, but more overall…

Dissolve to him squeezing back through the door, resting head against window. He opens his eyes, looking out. Victory is within reach. He picks up and puts on a backpack, that was laying right there, and then takes a deep breath, before opening the door back up, instantly killing a few huffs at the door, then rushing past a bunch more, and no longer worried about his path back to the door…

He kills a few huffs, here and there, before almost becoming overwhelmed by a ton more of them, but finding a second wind, and killing his way through them, and toward the gates…

He kills several more, before making his way to the truck, and jumping inside of it. He crosses through it, and out the other side, to his freedom…

He drops to his knees, out of breath, exhausted yet full of relief, and joy, as his mood begins shifting from fatigue, to excitement, then anger, and resolve…






Shots of all the chaos in the city, on day 1 of the "zombie" apocalypse, followed by bumper-to-bumper traffic on the highways, and tons of angry/nervous people honking or trying to pull off the road. Shot of Mt. Hood, followed by shots of a huge tree house overlooking a lake, which dissolves into the Columbia River and traveling down it, through a huge forest fire, and then to the Bonneville Dam. POV continues down the river, past the Glen Jackson bridge, flowing by tons of houseboats where the dead are falling into the river, after whoever is drifting by.

POV crosses Hayden Island, and the Columbia River, over into Vancouver, Washington, where it quickly finds Fort Vancouver, before backtracking to the Columbia River, then into the Willamette River, under the St. Johns bridge, and up into the hills of Portland. It travels over them, and into the Beaverton area, crossing over the top of the Nike World Headquarters, and keeps traveling over farmlands, and into the coast range, finding the Glenwood Market, and a large camp with log walls, across the creek and behind the store. POV speeds over the Tillamook Forest, highway 26, and a bunch of other land, before coming to the Columbia River, traveling west, and under the Megler bridge, into the ocean. It continues along the shoreline, past Astoria, the Haystack Rock of Cannon Beach, coming to a pair of Jetties, and through them, up into the nearby hills, and over a large camp in the hills, protected by a large log wall. POV travels back down to the shoreline, and over a huge hotel, with a shot of the Twin Rocks in the ocean. POV travels by the bay of Tillamook, and along highway 6, back into the coast range, until leaving the road, back into the Tillamook Forest, until coming to a very large compound, hidden away by all the brush and mountain-side, as opening credits roll…



Cutter fueling up a large yacht, before stopping, as two men approach him, carrying spier sticks…

Cutter eyeing them, as they arrive and circle him…


I'm happy to see you guys. I could use some help sailing

a little North from here, to a place with others, shelter,

and food. We're always looking for more people to join

our army. (they both smile at him) You both look like

men who can take care of themselves.


Afraid we can't say the same about you…


You look more like someone who's barely made it

this long, and not someone with shelter and food,

let alone an army.


Looks can be –

Cutter suddenly uses martial arts to disarm both men, and take them to the ground, before finishing his sentence…



Dissolve to Cutter and the two men now sailing through the bay, heading north, as Cutter hands them both a bottle of water, with a smile…

Dissolve to the yacht, docking at an island, in the bay…

Dissolve to Cutter and the two men leaving the docks, where they are met with over 20 men, aiming guns right at them…

POV from behind the 20 men, as one of them steps forward…




Good to see you, Thunder.

Cutter and Thunder shaking hands, as the men lower their weapons, and the two men with Cutter look at one another…


Where's Jordan? Mick?

Thunder staring at Cutter, with dread…

Dissolve to Cutter back on the Yacht (beard trimmed), with Thunder, Donny and about 20 other men, leaving the bay, into the Pacific, turning south, toward Oregon…

Dissolve to them passing the Columbia River, heading toward Astoria…

Dissolve to them passing Seaside, where the beaches are littered with huffs, as are the streets…

Dissolve to them passing the Haystack rock, in Cannon Beach, also littered with huffs…

Dissolve to them passing a more woodsy/brushy area…

Dissolve to them entering a secluded area with a dock, as most of them have their weapons ready. They jump off the yacht, guns ready, as they look all around…

Off the docks, there are huffs, but not an overwhelming amount…


Are we really going just leave the boat, here?


Shane and Jake will remain in the yacht. They know to

meet us at a selected location, if this one becomes


Dissolve to them all trekking uphill, through the woods…


Are you sure this is worth it? They either got her, or she

drowned. That current she dove into was sick, and the

water was ice. If she made it out, it was only to end up

their prisoner.


It'll be worth telling Shepard we tried, rather than

telling him we didn't. We need to at least find any

possible clues, or else Shepard might one day find

them himself, and ask why we didn't.

Thunder eyeing Cutter…


What? You know how crazy he is…


It should be up here another five minutes, or so…

Dissolve to them coming to a bunch of rotting bodies, in the brush. It's their mobster friends, who were killed by the compounder search party and their dogs…

Cutter looks over a pair of men, who look like they were torn up by dogs…


Spread out. Search the entire area for bodies, and any



Is she was here, they would have taken her.


Dead or alive…but if dead, they would have taken her

head…so, be on the lookout for any headless females.

Most of the men looking at each other, over that request, and continuing to search…

Dissolve to them heading back down, as Cutter suddenly motions for everyone to freeze…

They can hear the growing sound of others, not too far away, as Cutter then silently signals them to follow him, as he hustles (quietly) through the woods, and coming to a stop in a brushy spot, and waiting…

The sound of the others, is still far off, and not coming within seeing distance of them, as Cutter then signals everyone to follow him to another brushy spot, and spying from there…

They wait until they get a glimpse of Doc, leading at least a dozen of the cousins through the brush, and eventually back out of eyesight…


Either she drowned…or she's still out there,

somewhere…because they're still looking for her.


How can you be so sure?


They don't care about you guys. But they'll hunt her

until they're left with no place else to look, except the

ocean floor.


Cause that's where she's at.


Or she's walking her ass back to Seattle…only to find

Leo's wrath…


Is that our next move? Search between here and Seattle?

Cutter looking at Donny.


You want to be the one to tell Shepard that we didn't?

Thunder and Donny with a gesturing shake of the head, as they all rise and walk the opposite direction, in which Doc and his men were going…

Dissolve to them all back on the yacht, leaving the Pacific, into the Elliott Bay…

POV Thunder and Cutter on the yacht…


So, what now? Besides sending a search party after

a ghost, that is.


Fist thing's first. I need to get into the racetrack and

find out who's still loyal to me.


You want to try and take it back?


(shaking head)

It's not worth it. We wouldn't have the manpower to

hold it, if Leo attacked, which he would. Once we're

done searching for Jordan, we'll need to remain in

isolation…and wait for Shepard. But I do know a way

into the tracks, and know I can at least double our

numbers, with some good men from there… If Shepard

doesn't return, we'll need to double in size, again, and

get creative…

Dissolve to Cutter creeping around the racetrack, with a very incognito look about himself…

He looks around at the people, trying to locate a familiar face…

Dissolve to him in a different area, spotting a pair of guys he recognizes, and waits for his chance to speak to them, without anyone else taking notice of who he is…


Wade? Kayce?

They both turn and approach, looking him in the face…


Oh my god…Cutter?



I need your guys help. Find whoever you can, to come

join our cause. Only ask those you trust. I can't have it

getting back to whoever runs this piece of shit, that I'm

alive. It can't get back to Leo. In 24 hours, Thunder and

I will meet you and whoever you guys can get to come,

at the trail bridge. (staring at them) You guys with me?

Both of them nodding.


You're damn right we are.


(nodding/shaking hands)

That's what I like to hear.

Dissolve to Cutter and Thunder on the trail bridge, watching as Wade and Kayce are leading about 20 men their direction…

They arrive, as Cutter shakes hands with them all…

Dissolve to random shots of the days/months going by, and men fishing, or hunting, killing off huffs, chopping firewood, searching the freeway for Jordan (killing more huffs), collecting supplies, playing cards, taking in more men, turning away women and children, taking in attractive women, change of season, rainy weather, lightning and thunder, snowy weather, sunny/rainbow weather…

Dissolve to a very rainy day…

Cut to many of them laying around inside, bored…

Dissolve to some of them rushing through their building, as more people join them, all of them grabbing weapons, and rushing outside into the rain, and toward the docks…

They all take cover at the bank hilltop, and watch as 2 boats full of men, dock next to Cutter's yacht…

They ready their weapons, and eagerly watch, as a few men with weapons, jump out of the boats…

Suddenly, Cutter reacts to seeing someone he recognizes, and begins rushing over the hilltop, and down onto the docks, as Thunder and the others watch/follow…

He arrives at the boats, as Jordan climbs down off of one, and smiles at him…except it's not Jordan, it's her twin sister, Jordi! Her niece, Ravin, hops down next, and reacts to seeing Cutter, racing into his arms.


Uncle, Cutter!


My crazy little niece! Where's your crazy daddy?

Cutter throwing out his arm for Jordi to embrace with them, and then looking at all her men…


Where's my mom?!

She stares up at Cutter, who looks from her, to Jordi, as Ravin's expression changes…


I need to tell her that my dad is dead.

Cutter a wide-eyed look at Jordi…

Dissolve to a shot of all the new men, shaking hands with Thunder and his men…

Cut inside to Jordi speaking alone with Cutter, whose expression reacts before he can respond to what she had just told him…


He's dead? But then…where's his army? How'd he

die? Is this a good thing?



Of course, it is, especially with Jordan out of the

picture. I mean, I was sent here to get her, for morale,

as the men always loved her, and love her even more,

now that Shepard set them all straight on who he loves,

and who the mother of his daughter really is, but this

will work even better. They will follow us.


How do we get them here?


We'd have to go about it the same way he was. It

won't be easy. There are super herds out there, and

dangerous groups, that have already slowed

our attempt to get here, and that have both taken,

and given to our army.




We've lost men fighting, and we've gained them.

Shepard had a way about him, and talked most of the

dangerous men into being his men. With each state we

crossed, our numbers climbed, tripling since we left New

York, which was his goal all along, and why he passed on

joining the army of men he sent you, just over a year ago.

He told the newcomers about that compound, and the

life they could all have there. He'd become like a god out

there…but he wasn't the only one…a group by the name

of Negan, aka the saviors, have outfits all over the place,

and even though he talked an entire outfit of saviors, to

abandon their post, and take up with our cause, he came

across another outfit of theirs, who remained loyal… He

was taken, and given to their leader, Negan, who ruled

him to death, by Lucille, his barbed-wire baseball bat.


He names his communities after himself, and his bat

after a woman? This is the kind of man who Shepard

was put down by?


Does that mean you're up for the challenge?




Traveling back there with me, and helping our army

take this Negan piece of shit, out.


Why would we do that? The guy did us a favor.


The men are loyal to Shepard, dead or alive. They

want Negan to pay, and you leading them to it,

would be the motivation we need to get them

heading this direction. We'll leave my men here,

and take some of yours, as long as they're good

with what we have to do. My men will have to be

kept in the dark.

Cutter pausing as he considers it…


Most of these people are making this trip on foot…

motivation means more than you know…and the

real benefit might be supplies and more men. We

take out their leader, then we take over their

people, who from what we've been told, have

plenty of recourses…

Cutter takes a deep breath, while still pondering…


I will go with you. I will kill this Negan with his own

bat, and then I will take the yacht back here, and

wait for you to lead them here.


That would probably work…Ravin will have to stay

here though. We don't want her giving away my

true identity.


She's done it before, and it'll be a good learning

experience, for her. We'll take her, but she'll return

with me. Getting that army back here, is now your job.

Jordi looking back at him…

Dissolve to them walking out where all the others are, who are all watching Ravin, as one of the men releases a huff toward her, as does another man. Cutter is about to rush over to them, but is stopped by Jordi, who nods and smiles at him.


Shepard has already given her plenty of "learning


They watch as Ravin uses a machete to easily kill both huffs, to the large roar of all the others, especially Thunder and his men…

Cutter is highly impressed, as Ravin bows for everyone, and wipes her bloody blade on the dead huffs…

Jordi looks at Cutter, giving her a questionable look of his own…


What can I say… He taught her well…

Ravin runs over to them…


Are we going to go free my mom, now?

Jordi and Cutter share a look…


We can't do that, without first getting our army here.

Dissolve to Jordi, Cutter and Ravin, on the yacht, with Thunder and about 20 others (all Cutter's men), heading out of the bay, and into the pacific…

Dissolve to random shots of their voyage, as Ravin spends lots of time with Cutter. He points out cool locations to her, and she cheers as he reels in a huge fish. They stop for a swim, as they splash around in the water…

Dissolve to night, and Cutter, Ravin and Jordi in their own separate unit of the yacht…


Tell me about that guy…


What guy?


Leo…what did he do? I can tell you don't like him.


Someone really pays attention to the things said

around here, doesn't she?


I know he is Anthony's father, and that my dad hated

Anthony. You hate Leo, and now they have Mom, so…

I hate their entire family.

Ravin looking up at them both…


Is it true that she killed Leo's dad?


Where did you hear that?


I heard Thunder telling some guys about it. He said

she was a hero and the toughest bitch he ever knew.

My dad always says that too…(a little sad) She is

going to be so sad when she hears about him.

Jordi and Cutter sharing a look…


Thunder was also talking about a battle on Christmas…

(looking at Cutter) I know you weren't there, but can

you tell me everything they told you about it?

Cutter just staring at her a moment, as she stares back, before he finally begins telling her…


Your mom would have already gotten us the golden prize,

if not for Anthony getting in her way. She killed tons of

their people, and even their leader, right in front of

Anthony, after he cost us that prize. We also lost most of

our army that night, besides Thunder and a few others.

Your mom is the reason they are still alive. She's the

reason those people fear us, and the reason we need your

father's army to help us go take that prize, from them.


By golden prize, do you mean the compound?


I do, indeed.


You don't have to talk to me like I'm a little girl. My dad

told me all about the compound. They have a lake, and

horses… Some people even think they started building a

Disneyland, in there!

Cutter and Jordi laughing…


A lake and horses, I've heard that too, but I haven't

heard anything about a mouse!

Ravin laughing, then cracking up as he begins tickling her…


You sure giggle like a little girl!


Alright, alright, time for this "big girl" to go say

goodnight to everyone. It's time to get some sleep.

Cutter stops tickling her, as she gets up and takes a drink of water, before leaving the room to go say goodnight to the others…


You think we made the right call?


She's still dealing with the loss of her father, and

needs to believe Jordan is still out there, somewhere.

She's tough enough, for now. Learning of her mother

will only make her more deadly, than she already is.

No reason to make her do so much growing up, all at

once. We'll probably be someday taking orders from

the little bitch, as is.

Jordi a skeptical smile at him…


(semi hushed)

What? You can't tell me she's not a little mini-Jordan!


(with laugh)

Not my fault…I've done everything I can for her…

(becoming straight faced) But seriously…are you

certain her mother is dead?


You don't know Leo…she either drowned, died trying

to get back to Seattle, or died at the hands of that

mother fucker…


That's not how I heard that family is. Couldn't she be

locked up inside that compound?


(shaking head)

If she was found, it was Leo…(staring at Jordi) and he

would have told his family that he never found her…

Jordi just staring back at him for a moment…


Are you sure we're doing the right thing?


I already told you; it's better to keep her in the dark,

for now.


No, I mean about even making this trip, and going

to war with them? How bad is your relationship with

this, Leo?

Cutter just stares at her wide-eyed, after that question…


That bad?


Why do you even ask?


If you can't beat em'…


Join em'?! Are you shitting me?! Screw Leo, and his

bastard son.


(with smile)

Now you sound like Shepard…(laughing) Just saying!

Ravin coming back inside, with laughter from some of the guys out in the other room…

Dissolve to morning, with Thunder barging through their door.


We got company!

Cut to Cutter and Jordi, rushing outside the yacht, watching as several boats come speeding toward them, all full of armed men, aiming their guns, as all of Cutter/Jordi's men, do the same…

As the boats stop, right next to the yacht, those men and the men on the yacht come to a standstill, all pointing guns at each other, until one of the boat men (Olson) steps forward…


That is one hell of a ride, you people have yourselves…

POV of Ravin watching from a secure spot.


Your best possible outcome is to lose more than half

your men, including yourself, as one of our snipers

already has you locked… Your best alternate course of

action, would be to put down your weapons, follow us

and our "ride", to our army, which travels the Oregon

trail, where the real fight takes place…with complete

sanctuary as the prize…


We'll need all the men we can gather. Our army has

already tripled since it first left New York, mostly on

foot, and we'll only continue to add on, as we make

our way to the coast range of Oregon…an absolute

paradise of sanctuary from the dead, and unlimited

source of food and water…

Jordi flashing a flirtatious smile at Olson, and the others…


Or you and your army shoots us dead…


If we really have an army, why would we shoot

those who want to make it even larger?

A different man speaks from the boats.


Sailing the "Oregon trail", would be a lot easier.


Our army is too large, and we'd lose out on adding

men to that army… Because an army it's going to

take, to seize the billion-dollar compound in that

coast range…


I have never heard of such a place.


It was built by a multi-million-dollar family, and their

investors, who currently all inhabit the place, with an

army to protect it…and they even know we're coming…

shit's gonna be fun as fuck.

Jordi smiling at Cutter, who gives her a look, and quietly speaks to her.


Getting into character already, I see.



I'll be giving that speech over and over, until we

march right into "Forest Grover"…

Cutter smiling, as scene dissolves to the yacht sailing into a small bay, off the Florida coast, and followed by the other boats…

Men on the yacht and boats begin looking all around, as they near a docking area, where suddenly tons of men begin showing themselves, and aiming guns at them all. Jordi quickly waves her men to not raise their own weapons, as Cutter raises a large flag, with a picture of a German Shepard, as the men on the shoreline all begin cheering…

Jordi smiles, as more and more men make themselves visible, while cheering her return. Cutter looks at her…


Goodbye, Jordi… Enjoy your new life as Jordan.

(bowing at her) My queen.

Jordi laughing…

Dissolve to Jordi/Jordan walking through a crowd of mobsters, all excited over her arrival, even though not sure if she was Jordan, or Jordi. They are also excited to see her with Cutter, who is shaking hands with random men from the crowd…

Dissolve to Jordi and Cutter standing at a podium near the bay, with Ravin next to them, as tons of people are gathering (many more men than women), and then tons more, as they keep piling up, hundreds of them…

Olson and his men look over all the people, in awe of it all…

Cutter looks over the men, and then Jordi, who smiles at him…


I told you I wasn't exaggerating.

Cutter impressively shaking his head, as Jordi waits for the rest to gather and give her their attention, before raising her blowhorn…


(over blowhorn)

I know what you're all asking yourselves, right now…

"Is that Jordi, or is it Jordan?" Let me answer your

question with this… While my sister remained in Seattle,

I'm here to not only lead you to the beautiful coast

range of Oregon, but to first lead you to revenge

(excitement building)…over the death of Shepard, (more

excitement building, as Jordi places a hand over Ravin)

the father of my daughter!

The crowd erupts with excitement, and begin chanting her name…




(speaking over them, with blowhorn)

And we couldn't do this without the help of Shepard's

own flesh and blood, who has already set in motion a

plan to set the stage, before we arrive in Oregon, at the

door of that compound. He will return to continue that

plan, but not until helping us take our revenge…on Negan!

More applause, but this time without as much excitement, as eventually one of the men can even be heard heckling Cutter.


(shouting from crowd)

We need a real man!


(shouting from crowd)

Jordan's more man than Cutter!

Some laughter, as another man now shouts out.


(shouting from crowd)

He'd probably rather date Negan, than kill him!

Major laughter from the crowd, at least half of them, as many of them remain silent, intimidated over how they fear Jordan, or even Cutter, will react…

Jordi about to respond, before Cutter takes the blowhorn from her…


(over blowhorn)

If you can doubt the faggot, and run your mouths to

the faggot, then you should have no problem stepping

up to the faggot…and avoid seeing an army of survivors

watching you get your ass beat, by the faggot…

Jordi taking the blowhorn.


(over blowhorn)

That sounds like an epic ass challenge to me! Who's

ready for a rumble?!

A massive eruption of cheering and excitement…

Dissolve to Cutter removing his shirt, and getting into a makeshift fighting ring, up high where the entire crowd can witness the highly anticipated event…

The crowd is also excited over 2 different men (Moose, Sly), who everyone is arguing/debating their opinions, over which one is the best one to step into the ring, against Cutter…

Eventually, Moose appears as the top draw, and steps up to the ring, as Cutter watches him enter, and taking in his mammoth size (even bigger than GW)…

Cutter grabs the blowhorn from Jordi, walks to the side of the ring, and points toward Sly, who many of the men were trying to select for the fight.


(over blowhorn)

Get your ass up here, bitch.

Laughter and cheers from the crowd…


He's scared of you, Moose!


(over blowhorn)

Five more, the first five brave enough to step in here.

I want a god damn challenge from this bullshit.

Jordi smiling at him, as he hands her the blowhorn.


(over blowhorn)

You heard him! One faggot beating the shit out of

seven men, at once!

Everyone cheering!

Dissolve to the fight now beginning, with them all staring him down, with smiles, before eventually one brave man comes running at him, and goes down with one quick, smooth move from Cutter, to the laughter/cheering of the crowd…

Two more guys come at him, at once, without any luck whatsoever, as he puts them on their asses. He then decides to get aggressive, going right after Moose, with a monster shot to his face, before quickly moving on to the other 2 random guys, making easy work of the first, but then dodging a shot from Sly, before taking out the last of the random guys, with only Moose and Sly still standing, and all to the wild excitement of the crowd, quickly becoming fans of Cutter's…

Moose is angry after being sucker punched, and becomes aggressive, moving in and taking wild swings at Cutter, to no prevail, as Sly works to make random little moves, but also with no prevail, as the crowd laughs and cheers. They are in shock over how easily Cutter is taking care of himself, and even seeing a couple of the random guys rise, only to instantly go back down, after quick moves from Cutter, all to the wild excitement of the crowd…

He is then finally met with a punch from Sly, with more crowd excitement, thinking they now have a serious fight, but quickly fading as they watch Cutter land shot after shot, to Sly. He then dodges one from Moose, before landing another to Sly, which lands him on his ass, all to the wild excitement of the crowd…

It's now just Moose and Cutter, circling each other, before Moose attacks, and receives mighty blow after blow. He's tough, and can take it, until he no longer can, and falls straight to the ground, with wild cheering from the crowd, who cheer even more after Sly rises, but is immediately dropkicked by Cutter, and going down for good, to an eruption of excitement…

Dissolve to Cutter shaking hands with Moose and Sly, who proudly, and defeatedly, shake his. The other 5 men also shake hands with him, all while the crowd is clapping, and beginning to chant…



Dissolve to Jordi, Cutter and Ravin standing near their vehicle, watching Moose, Sly and tons of others, boarding several buses…

It looks like over 100 men, all together, and armed with weapons, and some of them with protective gear. Thunder, Donny and a few others are climbing into the vehicle just in front of Cutter's, where he, Jordi and Ravin climb inside, as another man comes to his window (passenger side, Jordi driving), looking back at even more people, who are not making the trip, but there to send them off.


Don't worry about us. We'll still be here when you

get back…waiting for you to show us Negan's head.


He'll have to take mine, to stop me.

The man smiles at him, as Thunder begins driving, with Jordi following, as are all the others, to the applause of the crowd that remains behind…

Dissolve to them passing a sign reading "Entering Georgia"…

Dissolve to shots of them traveling through deserted towns, some smaller, some bigger, with crowds of huffs in the bigger ones, in which they avoid, or at times have people climb out and kill them off…

Dissolve to them passing a sign reading "Entering South Carolina"…

POV Jordi looking at a map, as Cutter drives…


We're within an hour of the place Shepard was taken.

I took this road with the scouts, after his death.


Yet, you didn't see his death?

Jordi about to speak, but then looking back at Ravin, before answering him…


I told you. Negan's unit who joined us, told us how he

kills his enemies. We took out the unit who remained

loyal to him, but not before learning Shepard had been

taken an hour up the road, to yet another unit, where

he was assassinated that morning. We'll be there in a

couple hours. It'll probably be abandoned like it was

when we went looking for him, or his body. They knew

our army was huge, so they picked up and left the area.

Clancy, his top man who joined our cause, told us we

may have to go as far as Virginia, to find him. He was

only familiar with the one location he gave us.


Which is the part of this I still don't understand…or like…


It makes sense. The Negan guy is smart. Why give

his main location to a unit three states away?


With all the gas we're using, to backtrack this army,

it had better be worth it.


We might make it all back and then some, once

we take over their supplies.


Optimist, much?



Okay, Shepard.

Jordi looks at him with a smile…


Okay, Jordan.

Jordi and Ravin laughing, as scene dissolves…

Dissolve to them at an abandoned "Negan" camp, looking all around. A few of them kill off random huffs, while some of them are setting up camp, as they look to be spending the night…

POV Cutter inside a complex, looking around for clues, but without much to see…

Jordi comes inside…


There's nothing here…


There's always something…

Cutter continues to look, while pondering a moment…


You said there was a spot he might have slept?



Jordi motions for him to follow her, as she leaves the area, and goes down a hallway, and opening a door. Cutter and Ravin follow her, as does a couple of Shepard's mobsters (Harvey and Sonny), who appear curious as to what Cutter is hoping to find…

They enter a room with several dirty mattresses, laying on the ground, and some garbage…

Cutter looks all around, eventually flipping over the mattresses, with curious eyes from the others…

After flipping over a third mattress, he almost moves to the next, before stopping, squinting, and then reaching for something that was stuck to the bottom of the mattress. It appears to be gum, but with something stuck to the back of it…

They all curiously watch, as he pulls a locket from the gum, and opens it up, with a tiny folded piece of paper inside. He unfolds it, reading, and instantly closing his eyes as he shakes his head, with wild curiosity now coming from the others.




Jesus Christ!





Wide eyes from everyone as he hands the paper to Jordi, opening it up, as Harvey and Sonny move in to read.


Taking me to Virginia. Could be weeks before Negan

arrives. They have other enemies!


My dad's alive!?

Harvey rushing out of the room (followed by Sonny), down the hall, and outside to the others.



Shepard's ALIVE!

They can hear the cheering from inside, as Ravin reads the note and hugs Jordi, who gives a skeptical look to Cutter, with one in return…

Dissolve to Jordi and Cutter alone in a car, as Cutter pulls over and stops, with Jordi already bitching at him.


I mean what in the holy hell, Cutter? Why did you even

go looking for that, let alone share it with the others?!

He's about to respond, but she cuts him off.


And how in the hell did you even know to look there,

like that?


He and I used to talk about things like that, all the

time, actually. He even mentioned using gum to stick

a hidden message for me to find.

Jordi just looking at him, in disbelief…


Then I repeat myself. What in the holy hell, Cutter?!

You knew once you saw the gum, that it was him, and

you knew Harvey and Sonny would see it, and tell

everyone. And now we're screwed. This is a rescue

mission, now. You really want him back in charge, and

continuing to raise that little monster?

Cutter a questionable expression at her.


Oh, don't look at me like that. I love her to death, but

you know as well as me, that anymore influence from

her father, and the soul of that child doesn't stand a

chance in holy hell, nor does anyone who crosses her,

just like her father!

Silence, as Cutter casually nods…


Why, Cutter?


I honestly don't know. Instinct… I couldn't stop

myself from looking…


You couldn't wait for Harvey and Sonny to not

be watching you?


And take the chance of finding him once we find

Negan, without telling him I was smart enough to

find his message?

A very questionable look from Jordi…


Or deep down you want him alive?


Need him, alive…need…

More disbelief from Jordi…


Sailing here without issues, boats full of men aiming

guns at you, doubt from Shepard's men, killing Negan…

no lack in confidence, whatsoever…but (shaking head)…

Leo, that compound, taking over that forest…no


Cutter staring at her, and getting closer to her…


It doesn't matter how hard you throw. Eventually, your

fastball isn't enough. You've got to have a curveball…

Shepard is our curveball…and Leo is the one who used

this analogy…I want to bury him with it…even if it takes

a monster like Shepard…we'll deal with him, once

behind those walls…

Jordi just staring at him…


You sure you're gay…cause I would jump your bones,

right now!

Cutter looks at her, and then looks her up and down, before mockingly gagging himself with his finger, as she instantly begins cracking up, and jokingly hitting him, who also begins laughing…

Dissolve to nighttime, and all the men being rowdy, as guards kill off a few approaching huffs…

Dissolve to morning, as they tear down camp…

Dissolve to them all in the vehicles, leaving the area…

Dissolve to them passing a sign reading "Entering North Carolina"…

Dissolve to shots of them traveling through the state, looking over the aftermath of everything, and random huffs…

Dissolve to them stopping, as men come out onto the road, killing off a herd of huffs…

Dissolve to them moving the dead from the road, as some of them kill random huffs still approaching from the brush…

Dissolve to them going through a coastal town, with random huffs here and there… They eventually come to a stop… Cutter climbs out, walking over to Thunder's vehicle, and looking ahead…

His POV of a major herd of huffs, flooding the rest of the town, with no way around…

He speaks with Thunder a moment, before rushing back over to Jordi's window, who is already looking at a map. The herd of huffs approach, but are still a safe distance away…

Cutter rushes back to Thunder, speaks to him, then back to his vehicle, climbing inside, as Jordi turns it around. Thunder does the same, and drives past the rest of their convoy, and then waiting for them to all turn around…

Dissolve to them now in the woods, driving a highway, with huffs and abandoned cars, here and there…

They again eventually come to a sudden stop, as Jordi pulls up to Thunder's vehicle, and stopping. Her POV of a major road block, of stacked logs (just like the ones the saviors made in TWD)…



What the…

POV Cutter and Jordi climbing out, as does Thunder and his men, along with others from the buses…

They all walk over to the logs, looking for a way around them, which there is not…


Shit…this is Negan. He's doing this…keeping people out…

Cutter thinking things through…


We're just going to have to go deeper into the cities,

where he won't be able to block our paths (heading

back to vehicle)… This piece of shit is going down…

Cutter climbs into the driver's side, waiting for Jordi to hop in…


Are we going a different way?

Jordi climbing inside.


You bet we are. We're getting your father back.

(Ravin smiles as he looks at Jordi) I'm starting to

understand why it's taken you guys so long to

simply get yourselves to Florida.


(rolling eyes)

You have no idea…



Birds-eye POV of the city, panning downward, seeing several large crowds of huffs, especially on the freeway. POV continues downward, toward the convoy, using backstreets to avoid the herds, which react to the sound of them, but too far off to be of threat, as long as they don't become stalled, for any reason…

POV of the men on the buses, looking all around, ready to jump out and fight, if necessary. Some random huffs get close enough to smack the bus, whenever they have to slow down, to avoid abandoned cars. Sometimes they slow down so much, that men jump out, and kill off huffs, even pulling some of them out of the road/pathway…

Suddenly, a family of people, with children, come running from park, right for the buses. They bang on them, begging for help. Some of the men actually laugh, while others feel for the family…

Cut to Ravin, watching the desperate family…


I feel like I should feel bad for them… Is it bad that

I don't?

Cutter looks at Jordi, who looks back at him, and then back at Ravin…

Cut to the men on the bus, shouting out at the father and mother, who bang on their bus, shouting things like, "Get your kids!", "Watch your kids!", "Turn around, jackass!".

The mother and father turn around, to see one of their children already bitten and shouting out in agony, as a second child is now bitten, with only one more remaining, as the parents hysterically run toward them. The men from the bus watch, as the mother reaches her bitten daughter, and is then mobbed herself, and eventually bitten, as the huffs begin tearing into her.

The men on the bus turn away from the scene, as if watching a horror movie. Some of them laughing/entertained, some of them just shaking their heads…

POV travels past their expressions, one man after another, until suddenly coming to a very familiar face, Colton, from the compound! (he left the compound in a hummer during season 3, well over a year ago) He looks sad over the family's fate, as he stares straight ahead…

Suddenly, some of the men react to something happening up front.


What the hell?


Where's he going?


Where's who going?


Thunder! He just took off.


He's chasing someone!

Cut to Cutter, watching Thunder speed off after a truck that goes speeding down the cross street, from them.


(into radio)

Thunder's in pursuit of possible saviors. Everyone else

wait right here.

Cut to Thunder's POV of the truck, who's ass he is on, as Donny opens fire on them, eventually nailing their back tire, causing them to run into an abandoned car.

Thunder and his men are quick to hop out, with attention mostly on the truck, but also aware of surrounding huffs, even a mob of them down the street…

They get to the truck, holding guns on the two men inside, who raise their arms.


I got them!

Thunder and the others begin firing on the random huffs, with the mob quickly coming their way…


(into radio)

We've got two men, with major incoming dead. We're

coming back your way. This road is NOT an option!

Thunder and another man continue taking out huffs, while another man goes back to help Donny tie up the men, and throw them in their vehicle. Thunder and the other guy hop in, and they speed back to the convoy. They take the prisoners and move them to the bus, before back in their vehicle, and getting the convoy moving again…

Dissolve to them pulling into a park, parking lot, with only a few random huffs. Some men come out, killing huffs, while Cutter and Thunder quickly go to the bus, pulling out the prisoners, and tossing them down in front of them…


Where is Negan?

The two men look at each other, then back at Cutter, shaking their heads.

Man 1

We don't know any Neg –

His head is blown off before he can finish his sentence, as Cutter now aims the gun at the head of the other man, who is now shaking immensely…


I'm not even going to ask this time, before simply blowing

your head off next, if I don't get an answer to my question!

MAN 2 (Myrell)

He's…He's not here, yet. He's coming.


Where is Shepard? Is he alive? Lies or hesitation

gets your head blown off.


He's the man Shepard is coming to meet. He's been

ordered not to be touched, until Negan arrives. Put

me in your vehicle. I will show you exactly how to get

there, and how to save your friend, before it's too late.


What do you mean by that?


You'll need to free him before Negan arrives. He

knows you have an army, so he's bringing his.

Myrell looks at the 3 buses.


I'm guessing he has more than twice the amount that

you have. And I don't have to be telling you all these

details. So, please give me the choice you gave the unit

you already took. Word has really spread about that,

hence Negan's anger. He's scared of you guys, and he's

scared of no one. But I've also heard he's intrigued...


What do you mean?


Some people think he might want to do your man

Shepard, like Shepard did our other unit…and get

you guys to join him.

Cutter laughs…


Well, I can tell you one thing, buddy. I like your

chances, better than I like Negan's…

Dissolve to the convoy back on the road, with Myrell in Cutter's vehicle, in the backseat, tied, and oddly looking at Ravin, who holds a gun on him…as he speaks to Cutter.


Is that thing really loaded?


You bet your ass, it is.


(again speaking to Cutter)

And you're sure the kid won't shoot herself?


Call me a kid again, and we'll find out.

Both Cutter and Jordi cracking a smile…


I'm going to tell you what I told the grownups. I'm on

your side, now. I know where we're going, how many

men are there, and how many are on their way. I could

have kept that information to myself, and watched

Negan taking batting practice on ya all. I've seen him

do it before!

Jordi looking at Cutter, as she drives…


What if he's lying? What if instead of fifty men, Negan

and his army are already there, waiting for us?


Then Ravin gets to kill her first man…


(shaking her head)

Not her first.

Cutter looking at Jordi, semi wide-eyed…


I've killed more men than most of my dad's men.



POV behind Shepard (his face remains out of the entire flashback), as he walks down a corridor, with Ravin, and some kind of clearing up ahead.


So, these men have to die for what they did?


For what they did, what they stand for, and for the

threat they would be to us, if allowed to go free.


So, I shouldn't feel guilty?


You should feel proud, brave and like the daughter

of Jordan, who did this very thing, at your age.

They reach the clearing, where a dozen men stand, tied against the wall, and guarded by armed men, including Moose and Sly…


Those are the men?


Yes, and they are all tied up, and no threat to you. Hitting

your target and making the kill, is all you are working on,

this time. When you get older, you'll have to learn how to

kill those who are not tied up, and very much a threat, to

you. It's either kill, or be killed. Which is why getting you

started now, is of most importance. You don't want to

reach your mom, and still be a little girl, do you?

Ravin doesn't even ask, but simply reaches for the gun in her dad's hand, who smiles as he hands it over to her, and watches her take off the safety. He walks her right over to the first man, and nods at her. She aims the gun at his head, and without much hesitation, fires the shot, with a huge wave of excitement coming over her expression, not even fazed by the blood that splattered on her own face. She looks at her dad with pride, who motions for her to scoot back.


Don't get cocky. Scoot your little butt back, and

prove to me you can hit that target, again.

She takes several steps back, aims, fires, and nails her target in the head, again, this time with a faint laugh, of pride…

Dissolve to her taking more steps backward, and again firing, again nailing her target…

Dissolve to her missing, but then nailing the next guy, with anger from the miss…

Dissolve to shots of her taking shot after shot, killing multiple men, and loving every single moment of it, before ending with a big hug with her father, as Jordi watches from afar, as more time goes by, with more kills, as Ravin becomes an expert…



Jordi driving, as she thinks back on all of Ravin's kills…


I lost count somewhere in the forties. It just didn't

seem important anymore.

Myrell now looking more spooked than ever, and eyeing the gun in her hand, as if she's itching to fire it…


Looking a little white, back there, Myrell. Don't worry,

she scares me, too!

Ravin laughing, as scene dissolves to a little later, with them driving in silence, as Cutter stares at the road, lost in thought…


We'll need to find a place to camp, soon, and make

our move in the morning…

Dissolve to them setting up a make-shift camp, just for the night. Some of the men are kind of flirting with Jordan/Jordi.


I don't know Jordan; this might be our last chance to make

things happen, before we free our man tomorrow.


Manny, you'd have a better chance talking Shepard into

letting you and I "make things happen", than you would

me; you ugly son of a mobster bitch.

Manny and others laughing, as they set tents up…


That's okay, I constantly struck out with your sister, too.

But God damn, I can't wait to see Shepard's face when

he's not only rescued, but when he figures out you're

Jordan, and not Jordi.

Jordi forcing a smile, but nervously worried over that thought…


The queen his father should have always given him!


Given us! No offense, but your sister is a vanilla cupcake,

compared to you. You know that's why old man Victor

kept her for himself…him and the son he never knew was

gay. (few chuckles)

Jordi forcing another smile, as POV moves to Cutter and Ravin, with a random man (Nathan) approaching…


The perimeter is set. We'll have twenty men watching our

backs at all times. I'm on the first shift, which has already

begun. I have the second shift crew catching some Z's, now.


Thanks, Nathan.


I feel safe with you watching our backs, Nathan.

Nathan giving her a high-five, as she heads over toward Jordi.


Thanks, sport.

Nathan looks over at Cutter, who catches the look…


So… I'd wanted you to know it's a real honor to have

you here. I really hope you'll be sticking around, even

if things work out with Shepard.


I was honestly planning on returning to Seattle, to set

things in motion there, but now it'll be Shepard's call.


The men may fear Shepard, but they respect you… I

for one, would be happy if he forces you to stay.

Cutter looking at Nathan, who stares back at him…


I have reasons to get back to Seattle.


Will you be allowing volunteers to join you?

Cutter staring at Nathan, who stares back at him…before simply turning and walking away…

Dissolve to night, with Ravin at her tent, looking out at the guards, who kill some huffs…


Get some sleep, Ravin.


I can't; I'm too excited about Dad…plus I like watching.

I can't wait to be bigger…and stronger…like Mom…

Jordi again feeling the difference between her and her sister, who everyone seems to love and admire…



It's the following morning, with the convoy coming to a stop, offroad. POV Myrell, looking out…


Yeah, this is as close as you want to get, and your vehicles

should be unseen here from the main road. It'll be at least

a mile, probably a little more, to their camp from here, and

I can show you how close you can get, without detection.

Jordi a look at Cutter, wondering if trusting this guy is the right thing to do, as they all begin piling out of their vehicles, reaching for their packs and weapons…

Dissolve to them creeping in close to the savoir base, and staying down low. Thunder and Donny move over close to Cutter, who is next to Jordi and Myrell, watching dozens of saviors packing things up…

A few others carefully arrive to Cutter and the others, eager to know their next move…


If they're packing up, then they're leaving as soon as

Negan gets here…joining his army to go after you guys.

They'll stop at my base, first, and grab all those guys too.

(looking at Cutter) You need to go grab your guy, now,

and take these homeboys out, while you can.

Cutter looking from Myrell to Jordi, pondering the move to make…


We start firing now, they might take out Shepard.


(shaking head)

Never going to happen. They're more scared of Negan,

than they are of you.


I'd really like to meet this guy, but…that'll be Shepard's

call. Let's do this shit.

Cutter nods at Donny, who speaks into his radio, as POV cuts to all their men, in the brush, preparing to open fire…

POV of the saviors, packing their things, as they are suddenly heavily fired on, and either scattering for cover, or dropping dead.

POV of all the men in the brush, firing on the saviors…

POV Cutter, Jordi and Thunder, all firing their weapons, and nailing saviors. POV saviors now firing back, as more of them come running outside, from the base, and opening fire, or shot dead…

POV one of Cutter's men shot dead, and then another, from in the brush…

The shooting goes on for quite a while, back and forth, with more saviors dying than mobsters…

At times, dead men are rising as huffs, and shot, but still moving, until taking a kill shot…

One huff sneaks up on a savior, and bites him, before the guy turns to shoot it in the head, and quickly looking over his bite, as complete dread comes over his expression. Rage then takes over, as he steps out in plain sight, firing heavily into the brush, even killing a pair of mobsters, before shot several times, before taking a kill shot to the head…

POV of the brush, where several huffs are now roaming the area…

POV of a huff attacking one of the mobsters, who struggles to get free, until helped from behind, by another mobster. He kills the huff, with a look of gratitude from the guy he saved, just before bitten in the back, by another huff. The other man kills the huff, and grabs the bitten mobster…

Eventually, Cutter leads the charge toward the base, as his other men follow, and open heavy fire on the remaining saviors, who are dropping like flies…

Another mobster is shot and killed, as they swamp the saviors, but eventually take total control, as Cutter, Jordi, Thunder and Donny, are quick to enter inside, where they carefully make their way through…

Eventually, they are shot at, and taking cover, as they return fire…

They go back and forth awhile, with more men arriving, and overwhelming the shooters, who get hit or run deeper inside…

Cutter leads the men on, chasing after the remaining few, with a few shots fired back and forth…

They finally reach them, with one man shot dead, and then another, before entering a room where the last savior (Freeman) is standing, behind a smiling Shepard, and holding a gun to his head…



CUTTER; you son of a bitch! Did you actually find my



(aiming gun at savior)

Stuck to a piece of gum, just like you always said, back

in the day.



Holy badass; I thought that shit was the Hail Mary of

all Hail Mary's! And you caught that shit! Now shoot

this savior piece of shit and let's go meet Negan.


How about he puts down his gun and we let him live?


We just lost good men, so we have some vacancies to fill.

Freeman hesitates, before hesitantly lowering his gun, and handing it to Shepard, who immediately aims it at his head.


He already had that opportunity.

Shepard blows his head off, to honestly, no one's surprise…

Jordi goes right up to him, and begins kissing him, as Cutter then looks at the other men, nodding them toward the door, as they leave, with Cutter closing it behind them…

Shepard looks at Jordi with a very strange smile.


I know you're not trying to fool me into believing you're

Jordan, so who are you trying to fool? (his smile changes

to fear) Is she okay?!


Shep, we need to get out of here, five minutes ago.


Tell me right this god damn moment, what happened

to Jordan!


They have her…at least we think.


The compound? Those Bakers?! Did Anthony do this?!


Yes, and we'll tell you all about it, once we get the hell

out of here. Everyone out there believes I'm Jordan,

because we thought you were dead, and they needed

to believe she was here to avenge your death, and lead

them to Oregon.


Will Jordan be safe, there? What will they do to her?


Shepard, Negan is on his way, with maybe more than

twice the men we currently have here, with us. The

quicker we get you out of here, the quicker we get to


They open the door and head out.


How many men do we have here?


Hopefully still over a hundred. It's all we could get here.

It's not enough to go up against Negan. He's said to have

numbers that more than double ours.


I have to meet Negan.


I'm intrigued by the guy, too, but we need to get back

to the rest of our men, first. (as they're walking outside)

From the looks of it, there are a lot of supplies here.




Shepard opening his arms, as Ravin comes rushing into them, with a huge hug.


Look at my big girl, bringing the rescue party here, herself!


We thought you were dead!


Your dad can't be killed!

Thunder approaching.


They have a ton of fuel, here. This should help your

trip to Oregon. We're packing everything we find,

except the stuff already packed, as we'll just take

those vehicles, as well.


Thunder, right?


Yes, sir. It's nice to see you alive and well.

A dead man on the ground suddenly becomes a huff, as Shepard grabs a blade and kills the huff.


(while killing huff)

I guess that makes you people the real saviors.


Once we have time, I'd like to hear the story of how

the hell you got yourself captured by these clowns.

Shepard suddenly freezing, as Cutter, Jordi and Thunder all look at him…


Where the hell is Colton? Did he make this trip?


Who the hell is Colton?



POV Panning back from some water, where a huge alligator enters the water, heading toward a huff, stuck in the mud/water…

POV leaves just as the alligator drags the huff under water, and pouncing on it from below. POV travels a trail, coming to a park sign, reading "Crooked River State Park", with a dead huff laying below it…

POV finds a large open area, with grass, playgrounds, complexes, docks, and a view of the beautiful bay…

It's quiet, other than birds, until a half dozen men are seen crossing the area, heading toward a covered picnic area, where Freeman (guy Shepard just killed) and a half dozen men are awaiting them. Both groups are armed, and carefully staring one another down, as they arrive, with Shepard stepping out in front of them all, facing Freeman, and his group…


So, you're the infamous Shepard?


Even more infamous than your very (developing

smile) own Negan?


(forming his own smile)

Lucky for you, he's dealing with trouble of his own, but

getting very anxious to meet you, and your "mob".


Lucky for him, he's choosing the easier fight…unless of

course, you think he's as open as you are, to joining our

cause? That is why we're meeting like this, is it not?


It is, but we've got some Q and A to get through, first,

before I even consider to screw over one dangerous man,

for another.



I appreciate your ability to both recognize and admit,

what's right in front of you. (looking around) I see you

have a nice setup, here, and plenty of help protecting it,

but how long do you really think a place like this will keep

you safe? We've already dealt with mega herds, coming

from out of New York. We lost half our people, to

starvation, while waiting them out. And even an army like

mine, or Negan's, is still vulnerable to other large groups,

cause they're out there, too. Possibly even Government

groups, from the looks of one, that we barely avoided.


And you believe the answer to all these threats, is in the

Oregon coast range, and some mythical compound?


Even if that compound wasn't there, this land is setup to

keep out the dead, so mythical or not, it's the best place

on this chunk of land, to set up camp, and work for the

future…but I assure you, right now. I have family in Seattle

that has been eyeing this compound since before it was

built…and for all I know, they have already taken control

of it…but if they haven't, then I surely will, with the army

I march right to their walls…


Say you march a thousand men to those walls… How do

you plan to take on the people with the power to build

such a place?


They went into debt putting up those walls, and the magic

behind them…and from what I've been told, were decades

away from paying it off, or fully supplying it, with ways of

protecting it. Not to mention, everything fell apart quickly.

I doubt they had time to secure all their loved ones behind

those walls, let alone the manpower to defend it.


I'm liking everything I'm hearing…but what I don't like,

is what I've already heard, and that's the fact that more

than half your army is making this trip by foot. I'm not

worried about the time factor, just the danger factor.

You said it yourself. There are mega herds, out there.

It's already taken you over two years to get this far, less

than half way…


Fuel is definitely a problem, but –

Suddenly, all of Shepard's men are shot dead, quickly, by one of his own, who now holds his gun on Shepard, just before Shepard can pull out his own. Colton is the man holding him at gunpoint, but now with Freeman and his men, all holding their guns on Colton…


(speaking to Colton)

What the hell are you doing?!


(speaking to Shepard)

Yeah, you can't even control your own men. I think

we'll be sticking with Negan!


I think that's the smartest thing I've heard here,

because this lying piece of shit has led man after

man, to their deaths, and all in the name of getting

to his lost love, in Seattle. He doesn't give a shit

about Oregon, it's Seattle he wants, and an army of

men to keep him safe, while he gets there.

Shepard staring Colton in the eyes, with rage and longing to kill him with his bare hands…


So, why the hell are you telling us all this?


Who are you?


I'm the one who's going to take over his group, as half

of them have already given me their support, and desire

for Shepard to be out of power. His mobsters are the

reason we've been forced to follow him (shaking head)…

but not anymore. We outnumber them now, and without

him, they'll have no one else to follow. (looking at

Freeman) He's yours now, give him to Negan. Give him

to the alligators…I don't care…

Shepard eyeing him with rage…

Dissolve to Shepard tied up, as Colton shakes hands with Freeman.


Well, as much as I love baseball, and the idea of

(motioning at Shepard) his head as the ball, I'm afraid

I have to get going. But DVR it for me, cause that's a

game I'd like to see.


Trust me, you don't! It's ugly!

Colton laughing as he hops inside his truck, nodding at Freeman, and driving away…



Everyone lined up, as Cutter, and a very worked up Shepard, look among all the men.


Where's Colton? Has anyone seen Colton?

Men looking around, shaking heads.


He was here when we first took over, about ten minutes ago.

Shepard looking frustrated…


(under his breath at first)

He ran…he got the hell out of dodge.


We don't have time, man. Negan could arrive here

any damn minute!

Cut to Shepard and his men combing the woods…



I see him!

Shepard races off toward the man who called that out, as does Cutter and the others…

Dissolve to some shooting, as Shepard screams.



The shooting stops, until it starts again.


No firing!


It's him firing! He's killed three men, already!

Cut to Colton, firing another shot, and killing another man, before rushing off further into the woods…

Cut to him arriving at some brush, and remaining quiet, while out of breath. He waits a few more moments, before he's about to rush away, but then met with a gun to the head. He ponders his situation, for just a moment (knowing they are not allowed to shoot), and then begins fighting the guy, and overpowering him, taking his gun and sticking a knife into his gut, before rushing off into the woods…

Dissolve to Shepard and Cutter stopping, as they hear a huff. They move toward the sound, before seeing it, and recognizing him as one of their own, as Shepard becomes frustrated.


Jesus Christ! He's one fucking man!

Shepard shoots the huff in the head, and moves on, followed by the others, with tons of other men nearby, moving forward…

Dissolve to Colton, rushing through the woods, and into a field…

Suddenly, one of Shepard's men comes out of the woods, into the field, rushing after Colton, followed by another guy. Colton slightly turns his direction, toward more woods, but then a few men come from those woods. Colton stops, and looks around, where more and more men come from the brush/woods, aiming guns at him. He turns back the direction he came from, where Shepard comes out of the woods, with a developing smile, and followed by Cutter…

Dissolve to them rushing back through the woods, with Colton tied up (a fresh black eye) and led along, as they hustle back to the savior base, to clear out before Negan's arrival…

Dissolve to them arriving back at their vehicles, where a few of the men are waiting for them (including Ravin who runs to hug her dad), and all the new vehicles and supplies are already loaded and ready for departure, as the men all quickly begin loading into the buses…

Just before they finish loading up, a sound can be heard, as they all freeze…

POV Shepard turning from his vehicle, looking toward the road. POV men on the buses, all looking out the windows, and reaching for their weapons.

The sound is obviously a convoy of vehicles, lots of them! Shepard, Cutter, Thunder and a couple of

Shepard's men, go rushing through the woods, getting closer to the road, to take a look…

They watch as the first vehicle passes, followed by one after another. Then a flatbed, full of men, as Shepard and his men duck down lower. Some U-Haul trucks go by, and then a pair of TriMet buses, full of men, and more vehicles, also full of men…

(to Shepard)

I told you, cousin. This is not a fight we are prepared for…

Shepard nodding his head, but disappointed…


If not for Colton, we could be making one hell of a

deal right now, with this Negan sob…

Cut to Shepard hopping in his truck, along with Cutter, Thunder, and all the other men, taking off, and taking off quickly!

Dissolve to Shepard in his truck, looking over some paperwork, while Cutter drives, with Jordi in the backseat…


If these numbers are right, we just scored enough fuel

to speed up our trip to Oregon.

Shepard in thought, as Cutter looks over at him…


Whatever you're contemplating, stop it. We're not

using the extra fuel to go back, after Negan.


Don't believe I didn't consider it, but I'm actually thinking

we should hit their other base. The one Myrell is from.

Sneak up on them, and give them the opportunity to join

us, with Myrell's help.




Are you freaking crazy!? Negan may be heading

straight for them!


You're right; we should just kill them off immediately,

and snatch their shit, before the man you're so scared

of, shows up.


I told you; I'm just as intrigued by the guy, as you are,

but it's his army that I'm so scared of, smartass.



Several saviors are keeping guard, or out and about…

Eventually, a group of them come out, and walk over to some of their vehicles…

Suddenly, massive gunfire begins, instantly killing most of the saviors who were outside, while a few of them take cover, and shoot back…

POV coming from a group of saviors who run outside of their base, with a couple of them instantly shot dead, with the others taking cover…

Suddenly, they are rushed, by all of Shepard's men, at once. They open heavy fire, quickly killing most saviors who try to defend the base, as a few others retreat inside, but are soon followed and overwhelmed by Shepard and his men…

POV outside, as Jordi and a few others are killing off huffs, or the last of the saviors who remained outdoors, all while heavy gunfire goes on inside, extremely heavy gunfire!

The gunfire begins to cease, as Jordi watches Cutter come back outside, victorious and eagerly looking around. He shoots a dead man in the head, killing him before he can turn, and then goes toward the garage, checking supplies…

Eventually, Shepard comes out of the base, smiling…


I told you this was worth our time, wherever you are.


I'm in here. You might be right. Even more fuel.

Cutter walking out of garage, motioning people over.


Let's go. Get it loaded up…and let's get the hell

out of here…

Dissolve to them all supplied up, with even more new vehicles, and starting their engines, before driving away, as POV pans over them all, watching the convoy drive away from the area…

POV Shepard, inside smiling, as Cutter drives, with Jordi and Ravin in the back…


God damn, if we only had the rest of our men, here.


We don't, so let it go. We're not taking on Negan.


Cutter's right. Take the win, and let's get to Oregon, already.


What's to stop him from chasing us all the way there?

You know he's heard the stories.


He's got an entire network, here. He won't throw that

all away, for a wild goose chase.


His network won't last forever. We've already put a

major dent in it. Once it collapses…he'll remember us…

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a large truck rams into the lead car (Thunder's) of the convoy, as Cutter slams on his breaks. Several more vehicles come to a skidding stop, in front of the convoy, and begin opening heavy fire on them. Jordi holds down Ravin, as Cutter quickly goes into reverse, pulling back behind one of the school buses, as he and Shepard come out shooting, as are the men on the bus, and the men from the other buses…

Thunder and Donny are banged up, but exiting their vehicle. Thunder looks over the driver, who is dead. He then grabs his gun and begins firing at the saviors. For now, they have the saviors outnumbered, as the rest of their convoy has not yet arrived, and as more men come from the buses, they are taking charge, and killing off saviors…

A couple more vehicles arrive, and not far behind, is the flatbed, full of tons of saviors, eager to join the fight…

Shepard takes notice, and rushes off to the lead bus, and inside. The men shoot, and watch Shepard, as he begins driving the bus forward, and eventually speeds up, forcing the saviors to get out of the way, and then blocking the road they came from. Shepard begins taking heavy fire, with windows shot out. He can't exit through the door, as it faces the saviors, so, instead runs for his life, toward the back, opening it up and jumping out, just in time.


Get back on the buses! Let's go, let's go, let's go!

Cutter hops back in his truck, driving away just as Shepard hops inside, with Thunder also jumping in the back, next to Jordi and Ravin. Donny jumps in one of the other trucks, and the rest of the men pile onto the remaining buses, which become over flowed, with standing room only. A few men can't even get on, screaming for help as the doors are closed on them, and the buses begin driving away without them…

The buses take on fire, from the saviors who climb around the parked bus, that blocks their convoy from getting through. The men who didn't make it back on the buses are fired on and killed, as Shepard and his convoy speed away…

POV of the TriMet buses now arriving, and one more truck, where someone steps outside of it. POV of just his feet, and Lucille, the bat he's holding, as he begins walking toward the front of his convoy, with a view of the parked bus…

Dissolve to Cutter, speeding his truck down a road, with the convoy following, as fast as they can…

Shepard looks back at Jordi and Ravin.


Is she okay? Was she hit?


She's good. She wasn't hit.

Shepard looks at his daughter's face, seeing the tears…


Then why the hell is she crying?

Shepard turns back around…


Your mother would be so embarrassed of you,

right now… She never cried.

Ravin sheds a new tear, but quickly wipes it, along with the others, and works hard not to be emotional...

Jordi watches her, then looks away, and outside, while shaking her head…

Dissolve to dusk, with them still driving…


They won't be able to find us. We should just camp,

and make it back tomorrow.


We're driving through the night.


You got men standing on those buses. They need a break.


She's not wrong.


I'm the reason they still have a pulse… They can

survive a rough night on the road…


Please tell me you're not going to turn right around,

once back, and waste fuel and men, starting a war we

don't have the time or gas to fight?! Let Negan go! Our

fight's in Oregon!


He's right, Shepard.


You told me yourselves, that you promised the men

you'd be bringing them Negan's head.


And instead, we're bringing them yours! Attached to

your damn body!


Exactly! The men will be more motivated than ever,

to see you alive.


And what will they come to think, when their leader

can't even defeat this wanna-be baseball player and

his band of so-called savior shitheads, yet has promised

to get them through the walls of a state-of-the-art

compound, with an army waiting behind it?!


(shaking head)

No…you got to let that go…


Use Colton…

Both Jordi and Shepard looking at Cutter…


Explain how he foiled a chance at all the saviors joining

our cause, even Negan himself, and how he handed you

over to them, after shooting your men in the back. Make

an example out of him, in front of everyone…and let his

death be an end to this savior war…


You might be on to something… I can't believe I haven't

even had time to interrogate and beat the shit out of

that man.


Not to mention, discovering his motive…and shit, now

that I finally have some time, do I ever have some things

to fill you in on… Like your buddy Anthony, and who he

really is…



POV sleepy people waking, and excitedly looking out, where Shepard's convoy enters the camp, with a small crowd of people cheering their arrival, and becoming much louder, after Shepard climbs out of his truck…

Dissolve to later in the day, with everyone gathered, and applauding, as Shepard steps on stage, in front of them all, holding a blowhorn…

They begin chanting his name…



He waves his hands for them to cease, and holds his fingers closely together…


(over blowhorn)

I was this close…

He waits for them to become totally silent…


(over blowhorn)

I was this close to not only a commitment with another

group, but a possibility of combining forces with Negan

himself, and his entire network…

Cutter and Jordan/Jordi walking out, while pushing Colton, who is tied and strung up on some sort of fisherman's equipment…


(over blowhorn)

If not for this man…

Some booing from the crowd, as Colton is strolled over to Shepard…


(over blowhorn)

This "war" with Negan, and his saviors, is all on this

man… This man, who killed four of our own, and held

a gun to my own head, before handing me over to

those saviors, and telling them that all my truths of

Oregon, were lies…

Anger and boos from the crowd, as one of them hollers out…


Make him bleed!


(over blowhorn)

Oh, he's going to bleed, alright…

Some cheering…


(over blowhorn)

I don't remember how this man came to be with us,

and haven't found any answers, yet, but I have some

theories…and now it's time to have some fun, finding

the truth.

More cheering, and then heavy cheering, as both Shepard and Cutter begin using martial arts to perform several fancy kicks to Colton's face, with the crowd loving every moment of it…

Jordan/Jordi hands the blowhorn back to Shepard.


(over blowhorn)

Do you work for Anthony?

Colton bloody and beaten, looking up at Shepard, surprised to hear an unfamiliar name, as Shepard places the blowhorn to Colton's mouth…


A last name might help?

Shepard instantly drills him in the face, followed by a dropkick, by Cutter, and roaring from the crowd…

Cutter grabs the blowhorn from Shepard…


(over blowhorn)

What about Grover? Word has it, he's as cuckoo as his

father, Leo, and now refers to himself as Grover.

Colton does recognize the name Grover, although his true identity is still a mystery to him, and he probably figures Cutter is referring to Zane, since he was playing the "role" of Grover., when Colton left…


(over blowhorn)

You're taking something, from that information…

what is it?

Cutter holding blowhorn to Colton's mouth…


(over blowhorn)

It's all confusion, to me. I don't know these names,

and did what I did for myself, and every man here,

because this piece of shit (Cutter pulling away

blowhorn) has been lying to us all long.

Shepard kicking the shit out of Colton's face, just as he finished his sentence, and met with several more kicks…

Dissolve to multiple moments of Shepard and Cutter interrogating him, followed by punches and kicks to the face, with cheering from the crowd…

Dissolve to Jordi having enough, and moving in on Colton, with a torch lighter, moving in toward his eye, as Cutter and Shepard hold his eye open…

She is about to burn his eye out, right before he gives in, screaming for them to stop, and that he'll talk, as the crowd reacts with excitement…


(over blowhorn)

I think our traitor finally has some truth to speak…

Cheering from the crowd, as Shepard takes the blowhorn to Colton's mouth…


(somewhat struggling to speak)

I really have no idea who Anthony or Grover are, but…

Leo's son is pretending to be Grover, because we have

no idea who he is. I volunteered to scout the country…

for survivors…for intel…for threats…but the truth is…

there are none… If you think Negan has an army, and a

network…you haven't seen shit!

Crowd booing, as Shepard strips the blowhorn from Cutter.

POV of nurse Reese, in the crowd, next to the officer from Beaverton, who joined Colton on his trip, when he first left the Forest of Grover. She has a tear running down her face, and the arm of the officer around her shoulder…


(over blowhorn)

No, Colton… It's your people, who have not yet seen shit,

and shit is coming…coming right to the gates of that

compound…of OUR compound!

Some cheering…


(over blowhorn)

And, you've been gone a long time, Colton, because

Grover is Anthony, Leo's "friend" from the beach camp.

I guess you haven't heard the twist, yet, which only gets

better, because he's also Leo's son.

Colton still struggling from his beatdown, but shocked over the information, as is Shepard.


(over blowhorn)

That's right…even I was shocked to learn that information,

and the fact that even though "Grover" fucked our chances

of taking that compound, a year ago, he also did us a solid,

in his unmedicated insanity. (speaking to his crowd, just as

much as Colton) He fired a rocket at that compound, on

Christmas freaking Eve, and stood next to my beautiful wife.

Shepard now smiling at Jordi/Jordan, as he raises her arm with his…


(over blowhorn)

As she slit the throat of the man who designed and paid

for that compound. That's right, Sam Baker is dead!

Crowd cheering!




(over blowhorn)

And his own grandson is now public-enemy number one!

Shepard dropping Jordi/Jordan's arm, and taking Cutter's, raising it with his, as massive cheering comes from the crowd…



Shepard now drops Cutter's arm, again raising Jordi/Jordan's, as the crowd begins chanting her name…


(over blowhorn)

The two of us will lead you to Oregon, while Cutter returns

to Seattle, and begins the eviction process. These people will

fear us, long before we arrive at their doorstep, and with new

supplies, and fuel…I plan to get us there in the next couple of


Massive cheering!

POV Shepard pointing his gun at Colton's chest, and firing two shots, to an eruption of cheering from the crowd!

POV Colton's dying expression, as he bleeds from two holes to his chest, near his heart…

Dissolve to Cutter on his yacht, with Thunder, Donny and others. Olson and his men are in their boats, and following the yacht, out into the bay, and toward the ocean…

Dissolve to night, as Cutter and about 60 men are stepping out of boats, heading up the beach, directly for the Sand Series Hotel…


Sound of heavy gunfire…very heavy gunfire…