Season 4, Episode 9

"Battle of the SSH"




(OS, over radio)

Something's wrong. Relay 4 reports that relay 3 west,

is not responding. No response at all. Over.


(OS, into radio)




Doc nervously pacing/stumbling (looks buzzed/drunk) with radio in his hand, with Lucas and Virgil (a cat in his lap) in the room…


(into radio)

Relay 6 reports no response from relay 3 west.

Please pass this information along, asap!


(over radio)

The SSH reports no response coming from relay 3 east. Over.

Doc continues to pace, with a look at Virgil, who looks back at him, while placing cat on the ground…


(into radio)

Relayers, lay low and stick to protocol…and check in

every five minutes!

Doc looking at Lucas and Virgil.


Put the entire hotel on alert. Everyone armed

and in their positions, now.

Virgil moving quickly, exiting the room. Lucas takes a look at Doc…


I'll get you some coffee.

Lucas leaving.


(somewhat mumbling)

Thank you.

Cut outside, on the pier, where Damon and Sage are wrapped in a blanket, looking out at the blackness of the ocean, when suddenly the town tsunami alarm begins going off. They look at each other with wide eyes, before quickly rushing toward the doors of the SSH…

POV of random homes in the town, where some people live, and are coming outside, looking around. Some of them are already heading for the hotel…

POV of all the cousins, and people of the SSH, arming themselves…

Cut to many of them going/arriving at their positions, in different locations throughout the hotel. They are in hotel rooms, at the windows, or doorways throughout the building. Some of them are in the outfield bleachers of the whiffle ball field, down low and watching the ocean/beach, from covered areas, while one guy works a spotlight, all over the beach, and ocean…

Cut to random people arriving at the hotel, as the alarm still goes off, and the people are rushed inside…

Cut to some people taking shelter inside hotel rooms. Some of them are children, being consoled by their parents. Some look out the windows, at the spotlight that moves along the beach/ocean…



Shots of all the chaos in the city, on day 1 of the "zombie" apocalypse, followed by bumper-to-bumper traffic on the highways, and tons of angry/nervous people honking or trying to pull off the road. Shot of Mt. Hood, followed by shots of a huge tree house overlooking a lake, which dissolves into the Columbia River and traveling down it, through a huge forest fire, and then to the Bonneville Dam. POV continues down the river, past the Glen Jackson bridge, flowing by tons of houseboats where the dead are falling into the river, after whoever is drifting by.

POV crosses Hayden Island, and the Columbia River, over into Vancouver, Washington, where it quickly finds Fort Vancouver, before backtracking to the Columbia River, then into the Willamette River, under the St. Johns bridge, and up into the hills of Portland. It travels over them, and into the Beaverton area, crossing over the top of the Nike World Headquarters, and keeps traveling over farmlands, and into the coast range, finding the Glenwood Market, and a large camp with log walls, across the creek and behind the store. POV speeds over the Tillamook Forest, highway 26, and a bunch of other land, before coming to the Columbia River, traveling west, and under the Megler bridge, into the ocean. It continues along the shoreline, past Astoria, the Haystack Rock of Cannon Beach, coming to a pair of Jetties, and through them, up into the nearby hills, and over a large camp in the hills, protected by a large log wall. POV travels back down to the shoreline, and over a huge hotel, with a shot of the Twin Rocks in the ocean. POV travels by the bay of Tillamook, and along highway 6, back into the coast range, until leaving the road, back into the Tillamook Forest, until coming to a very large compound, hidden away by all the brush and mountain-side, as opening credits roll…



Dylan rushing through the camp, as they have their own alarm going off, while everyone is arming up, and protecting the walls, as families and children are being rushed inside…

Dylan is heading to the walls, and climbing up, taking a look out and about, where everything looks quiet. A man (Edwards) comes over next to him…


Here we go, again…


It's probably nothing…technical issues or something.


I don't know… I have a bad feeling, this time…

Edwards just looking at him a moment, then back out past the walls…


You're thinking about that backyard trail, aren't you?


Why not? We could send a team on horse, check in with

the SSH, scout the area. If the relayers between us and

them are good, then what's there to worry about?


It's not protocol.


Technically, I don't see it that way. We still have

communication between here and Tillamook. If we

do lose it, at least we'll have a team out there to

see what's happening, or back up the SSH, if hit from

the water. No one's hitting us without a warning…

Dylan pondering for several moments…


(into radio)

Relay 8. Let Doc know I'm gonna take twenty men

down the backyard trail, and have his back, in case

of trouble. Over.

Dissolve to Dylan climbing onto a horse (alarm no longer on), with about 25 men also on horses, with flashlights and armed…

Dylan looks up at Edwards, on the catwalk of their walls.


Hold down the fort, buddy.


You're leaving me with plenty of manpower, so I can

do that.

Dylan nods, as he rides out the open gate, with the others, as the gate closes behind them…

The road is in front of them, but they all turn off it, and begin trotting along the walls, and into the woods, which eventually turns into a trail, taking them along some cliffs, until coming to a man-built bridge, taking them downward, and then shining their lights onto a large trail, ahead, with the sound of running water. It's the kind of trail or terrain, that a vehicle couldn't take, but works just fine for the horses…

POV goes birds-eye, shooting up high, far enough to see both the beach camp, and the SSH (about 10 miles apart), before shooting downward, toward the SSH, until coming all the way down on it (alarm no longer on), and to the pier, where Damon, Sage, Leon and Gus, are patrolling, as Sage strolls by Damon.


What you think?


I don't know… Who's even at that relay post, right now?...

Maybe they're just off being "romantic", or something.

Damon laughing.


There you go, with that dirty mind of yours.

Sage flashing him a seductive smile…

Cut inside, to Doc, chugging some coffee…


Hopefully this turns out to be a false alarm, and your

drunk ass can get back to enjoying your day off.


My day off was already on the verge of ending, and

all I plan to do once this blows over, is pass the hell out.

Lucas laughing as Doc swings some more coffee.


Yeah, good luck with that, now!

Suddenly, someone frantically comes over the radio.


(over radio)

Relay 4 reports seven trucks full of men, speeding north

on 101! Men are armed and look ready for a fight! They

appeared unaware of the relay post. No one stopped,

and no one appears to be here. Over!

Lucas rushing out of the room, while speaking into his own radio, as Doc speaks into his.


(into radio)

Sound the alarm, again! We have incoming! Seven

trucks full of armed men coming from the south!


(into radio)

Relay 4 reports seven trucks full of armed men

speeding our direction! They appeared unaware of

the relay post. The SSH is preparing for an attack! Over!

Cut to Sage and Damon, hearing Lucas come outside screaming, while the tsunami alarm begins going off, again.




Damon a worried look at Sage, with wild expressions from Gus and Leon.


Do we stay here?! Or to the front side?!


Everyone up front!

Doc is at the doors.


NO! You four stay here! We have to keep all sides

protected! If you get overwhelmed, then get back inside!

Doc and Lucas rushing back inside…

Sage sharing a worried look with Damon, who gives her a quick kiss on the forehead…




POV Edwards and others, listening to radio.


(over radio)

Relay 4 has reported seven truckloads of armed men,

speeding north! They believe the convoy was unaware

of their post! The SSH is preparing for an attack!



radio) Keep us posted! And stay safe! Over! (speaking into

radio again) Dylan, please tell me you heard that?!

Edwards waiting for a response, but not getting one…


SHIT! (now speaking to his men) Okay, everyone knows

where to be. Don't be afraid to ask me, or someone else,

if you do not!

Everyone scattering to their positions, if they weren't there already…

One man (Nolan) comes to Edwards.


Shouldn't we help defend them down there?


Not if it means abandoning the women and children we

have here. Dylan has all the men we can afford to send…


They're not going to make it there, in time…

Edwards shaking his head, as he stares out past the wall…


Doc should be able to hold them off… They have a

strong defense, there…



Dylan and his men riding their horses, using flashlights. The trail they are on goes a bit sideways, to keep from going too steep, and also taking them in the direction of Rockaway, and the SSH…

They come to a spot where they go straight down, and where large stairs have been built into the ground, and they begin riding down them. You can tell that a lot of hard work went into constructing this trail, that goes through rough terrain, steep hills and heavy brush…

Suddenly, some noise is heard, as they stop, and shine lights around, until seeing a group of deer that are scattering away…

They all begin riding, again…


I seriously hope that's the biggest scare, of our night.


At least up here, it will be. Thunder's people have no

idea about this trail. Reaching the bottom might be a

different story.


So, we're getting hazard pay, you're saying?

A few laughs…


I'm just glad you thought to build this backyard trail.


What else is there to do without our nine to fives'?

Although, I can't take the credit. That goes to the true

genius, Leo…(Dylan pondering that thought) Or maybe

it was actually Zane…


EXT. WOODS (sunny) – DAY

Leo, Zane, Mason, Chasin, Doc, Divit and others, are all on horses, searching the coastal hills, for any signs of Thunder, or his people (some of them still believe they are searching for Jordan as well)…

They appear hot, and tired…


Maybe it's time to give this up…and focus on Anthony.


My son is not a threat to us. Thunder is a very dangerous

man, who we have not seen the last of.


If I thought that were true, I'd be in total agreement…

but what makes you believe he isn't dead or surviving

elsewhere, without a thought in the world of screwing

with us?

Zane waiting for a response, without getting one…


I mean, Shepard's out there, too. Should we form an

army and go search the country for him…or wait for

him to show up where we are most protected from him?


Shepard has an army. Thunder already lost his, and

is a wounded animal who needs to be put down.

Zane a semi-smile, before Divit suddenly holds them up, as they stop and look at him, listening…

He rides his horse up ahead, and then turns toward a clearing, where he stops and looks out at the fresh water setting, in front of him. The others ride up behind him, looking around, some of them hopping down off their horses, and toward the water…


Geez, what's a beautiful swimming hole gem, like

this, doing all the way up here, probably untouched

by human swimmers.

Leo a smiling roll of his eyes, as he does take in the beauty of the entire area, as some of the men are drinking and wetting their faces, or letting their horses drink. Chasin wets his face, then begins taking his shirt off.


Screw it!

Chasin dives in, and is obviously refreshed, as Doc does the same, with laughs from some of the others…

Leo nodding, as he watches…


Sure…we can take a break…

Leo watching them, then turning to look at Zane, who looks tempted to join the fun, as a couple others jump in…


This actually reminds me of a spot, at the beach camp,

that I haven't even shared with you, yet…

Zane looking at his dad, while removing his shirt.


Oh yeah?


Yeah…and I'm thinking we all deserve a day off,



Well, your stance just took a major turn.

Leo just smiling as he watches Zane climb in, and begin swimming with all the others. Leo nods, as he considers a plan…


We'll crash at the beach camp, tonight…



Leo sitting on the porch of one of the cabins, as Zane groggily comes outside…




Why do I get the feeling it's actually afternoon? Besides the

fact it might be triple digits, out here?



Because you let Dylan drink you under the table, last

night. (laughing) That's okay, you needed that…and

today, I have the perfect hangover remedy.

Dissolve to Leo, Zane and all the others, along with Dylan, riding their horses through the gates, and then along the walls, and into the woods. They continue following Leo, until coming to the manmade bridge…


What the? Did you guys build this bridge, or…


We did…long before we built the camp…


I feel a story coming…

Leo rides off of the bridge, and continues forward.


Dylan and I used to hunt up here, when we were

practically still kids. We built that bridge long before

the camp was even conceived…to provide us with a

better passage to a place we knew we'd be spending

a lot of time…after stumbling across such a "gem"…

They can now hear the sound of fresh running water, as Leo leads them back into a brushy area…


Do I hear water?


The one you found yesterday, is nothing compared

to this one…

Leo leading them into a clearing, with a gorgeous swimming hole full of fresh water, a small waterfall, cliffs for jumping, and even a rope swing. There is even a stretch of grass and shade, perfect for large groups and picnicking. The others excitedly hop off their horses, and don't take long to throw off their shirts, and dive into the water, screaming like little boys…

Dissolve to Leo now in the water, resting against a rock, as Zane swims over, resting next to him…


Now I know why you bought this land.


It was Dylan and Grover, who bought it, but yes, this

"escape", the hunting, the ocean, the bridge over

there that we had built…it was a dream in the making,

a long, long time ago…


You are your father's son…

Leo smiling…


You know, not sharing this place with you, until now,

has me thinking about your sister, Samantha and all the

others. They would love this place.


You suggesting allowing the younger ones outside

the walls?


The dead aren't just rare here, they're nonexistent. You

guys let the kids watch the Sand Series, last summer, and

it's much safer up here, than it is down there, at the SSH.

I say we head back this evening, and do a sleepover

tomorrow night, at the camp, with a couple days of

escaping the dark cloud, this family's been stuck under.

Zane almost sad at the thought of that dark cloud (grandpa's death)…


Or we could get back on the horses and kill ourselves

in this heat, trying to find a ghost. Divit said the heat

hasn't even peaked, yet. Probably at least one more

day of triple digits, before a slow cool down.


Scares me how well he predicts that kind of shit.


Is that a yes? (Zane hesitating) It'll make up for not

doing anything over the 4th… I can't believe I'm the

one having to talk you into this idea.


I'm actually sold…but good luck with Sam's moms!



POV of shock all over Brianna and Kayla's faces, shaking their heads, as Samantha and other kids grow excited…


Yeah, umm, I had this dream already, so I'm going to

have to pass.


Please, Mom?!


I'm the one who woke her up screaming form those

dreams, so yeah, I'm with her!

Leo turns and looks at Zane, who smiles…


I knew I should have had you ask.

Zane now actually laughing, with both Brianna and Kayla taking notice, as well as Scout, Hunter, Samantha, Pepsi and others, all pleased to see him doing something he hasn't done since Christmas…


Well…if it makes my baby girl do what I just saw Zane

do, then maybe I have some considering to do.


That was pretty amazing to see.


Does that mean we can go, Grandpa?

Hunter looking from his grandson, to his son, Gunner, as Blaze also looks at him.


Don't look at me.

Gunner and Hunter both turn to look at someone else, as Blaze does the same. POV Rachel, shaking her head, but then stopping.


Only if I get to go.

Gunner instantly cheering, which excites the others.


It's swim time, baby!

Blaze hugging his mom.


Thanks, Mommy!



Someone on a horse riding through the long corridor, and into the field, heading straight for the Baker complex, as fast as he can…

He arrives, and jumps off his horse, not even tying it, but just rushing straight inside…

POV Blake, rushing inside one of the large rooms, and stopping, staring straight at someone…

POV Jo and Chloe, tear-streaked faces, looking up at him…

The room is full of extremely concerned Bakers and friends…

Blake begins walking toward Chloe, as tears begin rolling down his face…

Cut to Hunter on the wall catwalk.


(over radio)

They knocked trees down, to block the god damn road!

They're going to hit the SSH and kill every last damn one

of them. That was their plan all along! We're circling

around the old lake road. It'll take us an extra hour, but

it's all we got!


(into radio)

If they've been using back roads to get in here, and

coordinate all of this, aren't you concerned they could

have those blocked, too, or be sitting there ready to

ambush you?


(over radio)

They couldn't have blocked them all, and that road is off

the maps, probably not the one they used to sneak into

our forest.


(into radio)

Okay, I'm with you. Just be safe. I'm going to send a

vehicle to notify Nike World, and another to scout the

relay post for survivors. You're probably right. The fight

is at the beach. I'll get the logging team on the trees,

and get communications back up.


(over radio)

I agree; they're all at the beach and will leave by sea,

if they get the chance. Get those relay posts up and

running, but send men who know what they're doing.

Cut to Leo driving, with Zane in passenger seat, and Scout in the back.


(over radio)

On it. Be safe, brother.


(into radio)

Copy that…

Leo looks over at Zane, who is staring at him…




Is that all really safe? I mean you were the one insisting

we keep people behind the walls.


Cutter is smart, but he's not diabolical enough to put

together a plan that beats the one he's already pulling

off. His master plan ends at the SSH…and it's going to

be brutal, which is why we're forced to act…


I wish I knew this dude, like you do…

Leo staring out at the road, in thought…


He's going to hit them from both sides…



Doc pacing the front end of the SSH, with over a dozen armed men…


(over radio)

Here they come! Passing us by, now! I count…yes, seven!

Full of armed men, and not stopping to mess with us. I

don't think they knew we were here! I would say maybe

fifty men! Over.


(into radio)

Relay 6 reports the same as 4 and 5. Maybe fifty men,

looking for a fight! We're bracing for impact. Over!

Doc grabbing a second radio.


(into radio)

Do it, Virgil!

POV Virgil down the street from the SSH (with a music radio playing down by the highway). He signals some men, who begin opening several trailers, full of huffs, quickly flooding the streets, heading toward the music from the radio…

POV of some more men, opening a few trailers that are facing the ocean, as huffs begin spilling onto the beach. The men begin racing back toward Virgil and his men, who are now rushing away from their crowd of huffs, and into a building, followed by the others, all rushing inside…

Cut to Cutter and his men, on the beach, quietly hustling toward the SSH, where they can see the spotlight going over the beach, and ocean. Cutter slows down, as they begin creeping as close to the spotlight as they can…

Cut to the highway, where Gallagher's convoy is speeding into Rockaway, toward the SSH, and suddenly slamming on the breaks, with their POV of a herd of huffs, shining through their headlights…

Suddenly, Virgil and others rise from the top of a building, aiming guns down toward Gallagher's convoy…

Cut to Cutter's men creeping toward the SSH, with a view of some guards on the pier, when suddenly they can hear heavy gunfire, not at them, but up near the highway…

Cut back to Virgil and his men, unloading heavy gunfire on Gallagher's convoy, who desperately begin reversing, and trying to turn around, with limited room to do so, and incoming huffs all over them…

Cut back to Cutter…


Something's wrong!

Suddenly, they are bombarded by huffs, coming at them out of the dark, immediately biting into one of them, as they begin to open fire on them, and quickly move backward, toward the beach in front of the SSH, where the spotlight continues to shine…

POV Sage on the pier, looking out over the beach and spotlight.


(into radio)

I can't see them, but I hear them shooting on the beach!

Cut to Doc inside, at the front lobby of the SSH, eagerly listening to the radio.


(over radio)

They must have got hit by the huffs!


(into radio)

Shit! Okay, at least the dead are slowing them down!

Let me know asap how many men you think are on

that beach!


(over radio)

How's the plan working up front?!

Cut to Sage on the pier, with Damon coming next to her, squinting out toward the beach. Leon and Gus do the same, trying to locate the men below, as the spotlight begins going further down the beach, without sight of the men or the huffs.


(over radio)

Virgil says they lost a vehicle, and those men had to

scatter, but the others got turned around. Not sure

yet, what their next move will be.

Damon pointing, as the spotlight finds Cutter and his men, fighting off the dead…

POV Cutter and his men, as the spotlight comes over them, and the huffs, just as one of them bites the flesh off of another man, screaming out in agony…

Cutter begins running for the pier.


They know we're here! LET'S TAKE THE HOTEL!

His men rush off after him, as a few shots come from the pier. Cutter opens fire at the pier, as his men do the same…

Cut to Sage and the others, taking cover.


(into radio)

They look to have over fifty men! Too much gunfire

for us to stay out here!


(over radio)

Get inside!

Sage takes a few shots, before fired on and taking cover, as does Damon, and Leon. Gus takes a few more shots, before shot himself, and then taking a second shot, this one knocking him over the railing, and down onto the beach.

Damon grabs Sage, pulling her after him, as they and Leon rush toward the doors, taking on tons of gunfire. They fire back a few shots as they run, and then are covered by some others, who open fire on Cutter's men, from the windows of the SSH…

Most of Cutter's men fire back on the SSH, but Cutter and a few continue firing at the pier, just

before Sage and Damon make it to the door, opened from the inside, by Lucas. Sage and Damon rush inside, but Leon takes a shot in the rear, before helped in by Damon.




AHHHHHHHHHHH! They shot me in the damn ass!

Damon helps him down.

Cut to Doc, still up front awaiting a possible attack from the other group.


(into radio)

I repeat. The SSH is being hit from both sides!

Cut to Dylan and his men, on the backyard trail, listening to the rest of Doc's message.


(over radio)

Over a hundred men altogether. We will NOT be able

to hold them all off. Over!

Dylan and his men begin galloping as fast as they can!


(into radio)

Hold them off, Doc! We're a few miles out!

Cut to Gallagher pulling over, and allowing a few of the men who lost their vehicle, to jump into the back of his truck, with the others. He speeds down a back road, then slams on the breaks, as he comes to a blockade.


SHIT! These people were ready for us!

POV from above, as he turns around and speeds away, followed by the rest of the convoy…

Cut to random cousins inside the SSH rooms, at the windows, firing down on the beach, at Cutter's group, who are firing back…

One window is shattered, after being hit by gunfire, as the guy inside takes cover…

Cut to a different room, where a man shoots and kills a man on the beach, before eventually shot through the window, and killed.

Suddenly, the men on the beach are again being overwhelmed by the huffs, who have caught up to them. The men cease fire on the SSH, and focus more on the huffs. A couple of them are shot dead, and another one of them is bitten and overwhelmed by huffs. Cutter kills some huffs, then comes to realize they are sitting ducks out there, and races over and under the pier, followed by the others.



They reach an area to climb up toward the pier, but more huffs come from underneath the pier. It's another mob, but one that has not completely littered the area, yet…

Cutter kills one, then another…


Hurry up! We have to get up to the pier before the

these things swamp us!

They all work hard, killing off a ton of huffs, but with many more approaching. Some of them have reached the steps, but are still killing off huffs, as they have to climb over a barricade (built to keep huffs out). More of Cutter's men arrive, helping kill huffs, so that some men can climb, which Cutter currently does. Most of them eventually make it up and over the barricade, but with the last few guys in trouble. Two of them get bitten, while another climbs over them, while they're being bitten, and makes it up and over, as Cutter's men all climb the steps to the pier…

Cut to the beach camp, where Edwards watches Nolan hop into a truck (full of armed men), and speed through the gates, followed by 3 more trucks full of armed men. They speed away from the camp, downhill, heading for the SSH…

Cut to the SSH, where Sage and Damon lead a large group of mostly women and children, down the SSH halls…

Dissolve to them now quickly work to get all the women and children into a hidden basement room, and closing them inside, followed by pulling a huge bookshelf back over the door, leaving it as a secret "panic" room…

Cut to Doc, opening the front doors, as Virgil and all the men he was with, come rushing inside, and taking places, ready for a fight. Doc remains at the door, with it open, as two more men are opening two more trailers, full of huffs, that begin spilling out and around the entire front end of the SSH…


They're determined to get around the other huffs.

I think they're waiting them out.


That works for me. All we need is enough time for

backup to arrive.


And when exactly would that be?


They're coming down from the hills, right now. Between

these huffs, the ones on the highway, and those on the

beach…I'm liking our chances...


(over radio)

They're on the pier! Send more men!

Doc begins rushing away.


Virgil, stay here with Alan and Boz, Everyone else,

with me! Half of us will return once you get company!

If the huffs wonder too far, you know how to get them


Virgil remains there, with Alan and Boz, nervously looking outside, where it's currently quiet, other than the huffs, who are unaware of people in the SSH, but can hear the gunfire on the other side of it…

POV Doc and the others, rushing to windows, as Cutter's men are unloading on the SSH. Sage and Damon fire back at them, as does an injured Leon. Doc and the others open fire, with heavy gunfire coming from both sides…

Cut to Gallagher, parked and watching the last of the huffs (from several blocks away), heading away from the highway, as he begins slowly driving ahead, followed by the others. He now speeds up, as do the others, and quickly pulls onto the highway. POV of the huffs, now turning around, heading toward Gallagher's convoy, which speeds straight for the SSH…

Gallagher's POV, as he arrives at the SHH, but blocked from it, by another herd of huffs, who eagerly come toward their convoy. POV Gallagher, shaking his head…


I am really starting to hate these god damn people!



POV of a radio, blasting some hip tunes, and panning back to Gunner, in a ridiculous pair of shorts, and doing an even more so ridiculous dance, to the laughter of everyone watching, including his wife and son. Samantha is too busy swinging off of the rope, leaving Renee standing below, sheepishly laughing as she watches Todd join in on the dancing, with Sandy barking…

Everyone is smiling/laughing, and having a great time. Every Baker is there, other than Hunter and Scout. Many of Samantha's friends are there, as is Eli and the rest of the Rough Riders. Marlana is there, and in the water, next to Griffey, DJ, Rich and the girls. It's perhaps the first time any of them have smiled, since Grandpa's death…

POV slowly travels around them all, swinging and jumping off of rocks, splashing into the water, laughing at one another, eating, talking, running around, and just having an all-out great time…

Leo swims over to Zane…


I can't believe you and Dylan had this place all to

yourselves, back in the day. And good call, man.

This is exactly what this family needed…

Leo looking around at everyone, having the time of their lives…


Makes me ashamed that I never brought any of

you up here, long before all of this…

Zane just looking out at everyone, while pondering what his dad just said…


Make it an annual thing, and we'll call it even.

Leo looking at his son, with a smile…

Samantha watches Ryder swing from the rope, and splash down into the water. Samantha smiles, but then suddenly flashes back to the rope swing on Mt Hood, and the day they were attacked by huffs, coming up from under the water. Samantha quickly looks around, and becomes so nervous she swims to the shore, and climbs out…

She looks out at her family, but then flashes again to that day when her and Eli had to desperately swim away from the huffs. She looks all around, almost as if worried there could be huffs in the water. Suddenly, she's spooked, as Renee bumps her from behind.


You going to swing, again?

Samantha takes a deep breath, just looking out at everyone…


Geez, Renee. I suddenly can't stop thinking of that day.

The day we were swinging on Mt. Hood, when attacked

by the huffs.

Renee looking out at the water…


That…that can't happen here…right?


I don't think so…but I can't stop thinking about it, now.

Samantha then flinches, as Gunner does a huge splash into the water, after jumping off a cliff, and comes up annoyed, as the radio batteries begin dying…


Anyone bring extra batteries?


On it.

Rachel shuts off radio, and begins replacing the batteries. Zane is in the water next to Pepsi (very pregnant) and Leo, and takes notice of Samantha…


What's up, Sammy?

Samantha looking out at Zane.


Get over here. It's too hot out there.

Samantha steps into the water, then stops, just staring around…


You okay?


I…I can't stop thinking about the day of Mt. Hood.

Everyone looking at her, as silence takes over…


I understand the bad memory…but are you actually

worried about the same type of thing happening here?


It's silly…right?

Zane looks at Leo, who kind of shrugs, then Zane turns to Pepsi, who climbs up on the rock, taking her feet out of the water, with a few hushed laughs, followed by guilty looks at Samantha…


It's okay. I'm not freaking out about the memory… I'm

just actually…feeling like I did after watching Jaws, for

the first time.

A few more laughs, and even more as a few more people become a little paranoid, climbing out of the water…



Samantha! Look what you're doing! (more laughs)


What… Are you really thinking they could be under

the water?

Bo and some of the children are now climbing out, with a few more mild laughs, especially as Zane even climbs up on the rock, next to Pepsi, with a look from Leo…




Think about it, man. Someone swimming upstream…

drowns…floats downstream…becomes decapitated

over time…drops over the top of that waterfall…

becomes wedged down at the bottom…down there

just (mimicking a huff chomping its teeth), chomping

its teeth…inches away from your toes…


Jesus, babe!

More laughs, then a lot more as almost everyone begins climbing out of the water…

Chloe cracks up at both Jo and Cody, as they come out of the water. Blake standing by Hope, smiling as he takes notice of Chloe laughing, almost as if he's developing a small crush…

More cracking up, as Leo himself climbs up onto a rock, with Zane busting up laughing…

Gunner, Chasin, Wyatt, his wife, Bryant and Blaze are the only ones still in the water…


Really, Dad?


What? I saw Jaws, too! And your little story just

screwed me up more than the movie ever did!

Everyone laughing, including Jennifer, with her youngest child, and Wyatt's baby, all on a blanket in the shade, with snacks, as her other children, August, Jax and Maddox, all come over for a towel and some food…


I mean, I know they aren't down there, but…

More laughs…


Grown men pulling their toes out of the water,

while little Blaze shows no fear.

A few more laughs, as Blaze proudly swims past his dad.


Huffs don't scare me.


Me neither, but that fin I saw was definitely a great white!

Blaze immediately comes out of the water, as everyone cracks up laughing…


You better be lying! Dad, there can't be sharks

in here, right?!


Not unless someone invited GW.

A few laughs, as Gunner suddenly goes under water, as if attacked…



Gallagher goes speeding into the herd of huffs, smacking some of them, and crumbling over a bunch of them. As he slows down (due to running them over), his men use their guns to knock some of them away, and look back at the other trucks, also driving right through the herd, as they begin taking light gunfire from the SSH…

Gallagher finally makes it through the herd, and up the hill, into the SSH parking lot. He drives halfway across it, before skidding to a stop. He and the others are under fire, and quickly hopping out on the opposite side from the SSH, taking cover, and shooting back…

Gallagher directs the other trucks, who do what he did, except the last 3, who he screams at, while pointing them where to park.



POV inside the SSH, where Virgil, Alan and Boz are firing on Gallagher's men, even hitting and killing one of them.


(into radio)

They got past the huffs, and are in the parking lot!

We can't hold them off!

POV outside, to the last 3 trucks forming a blockade, keeping the huffs below the parking lot. The men from those trucks begin to dash toward the other trucks, for shelter, as they take gunfire from the hotel, but then eventually overwhelm the hotel, with heavy gunfire…

Cut to Doc, taking heavy fire of their own, and firing back as much as they can…


Alright! (pointing out several men) You, you, you

and you, with me. Leon, can you walk?


I'm good, Doc!


Alright, let's go!

The men he selected rise up to go with him, in a hurry. Leon takes a few shots, before rising and rushing after the others, but is hit in the back, as the bullet flies out of his chest, dropping him dead.



Doc looks back, with frustration and sadness, and punches the wall, as he continues to the front, to help Virgil…

Cut to the pier, where Cutter and his men are unloading on the SSH, taking out all the windows, many of which have been barricaded, with shooters behind some of them, firing back at the men on the pier…

Cutter watches one of his dead men, rising as a huff, and aims carefully, as one of his men is directly in front of the huff, with no idea he's coming for him, until dropped dead, by Cutter's gunshot…

Cut to Gallagher and his men, unloading on the SSH, knocking out all the windows. All the lower ones are barricaded from behind, and a few more shooters are arriving behind them, opening fire on Gallagher and a few of his men who just tried to advance, but retreat back behind their vehicles…

Cut to Nolan and his convoy, still working on driving down the bumpy backroad…

Cut to Dylan and his men, trotting as fast as they can, but then slowing down, once coming to another manmade bridge/steps, that provides a route where obviously there wasn't one, before the bridge and steps were put in. It's a bit of a process for the horses, but again trotting away, once to the bottom…

Cut to Doc, opening a door and quickly tossing out a grenade, in which sends some of Gallagher's men running, as it explodes, and damages one of the vehicles…

Gallagher is angry, and becoming aggressive, as he charges the SSH, followed by all of his men…

They charge while unloading their weapons, taking returned fire at first, and losing a couple men…

POV Doc and them firing back, but about to be overwhelmed, and retreating…

POV Gallagher's men no longer taking returned fire, then arriving at the SSH, breaking their way inside…

POV Sage, Damon and the others, retreating the halls of the SSH…

POV random cousins leaving the windows of the hotel rooms, and retreating…

POV Cutter and his men, charging the part of the pier that connects to the SSH, and shooting their way inside…



POV coming from underwater, through goggles, of the bottom of the swimming hole, as someone looks all around…

POV Zane coming up from under the water, taking a breath, and going back under, again looking all around. Leo, Gunner, Wyatt and Bryant, are all doing the same, while others watch, or eat. The radio is again playing…

Zane pops up again, this time taking off his goggles…


That's it. We've checked every inch of this swimming

hole. It's officially huff head freezone, and cleared for

human feet.

Most kids jumping back in, excitedly…

Jennifer's kids put down their snacks, running back to the water, with a smile by Pepsi, who arrives, holding her very pregnant belly.


Go play with your kids, Jennifer. (sitting down) Let

me keep an eye on the young ones, here.


Oh, thank you, Pepsi. (grabbing her baby) I'm going

to let him play a little first, but if you don't leave, I'll

bring him back to you.


With all these snacks, I'm not going anywhere.

Jennifer brings her baby boy to the water, allowing him to stand in the water, as she holds him up. He smiles, and looks out at his siblings, who splash around, making him smile even more…

POV moves out past the kids, and all the other swimmers, before coming to Zane and Leo, resting back in the water, against a large rock, and watching all the others…


I'm thinking we could put a net up over the waterfall,

for peace of mind.



Funny, Dad. I guess we'll tell the kids it's for their

peace of mine.


Absolutely. That's the only reason I brought it up.

Zane looking out and around…


You know… I'm thinking above and beyond a little

project like that, and sensing something else?


Now the old man is intrigued. What you got?


How far is the town of Rockaway from here? If we

were to go straight down the mountain?


It'd definitely be a major shortcut. Maybe half the

distance of the road, but a vehicle could never make

that trip.


It'd make for one hell of a horse trail, though…

Leo smiling, as he imagines it…


Like a secret backyard trail… I like it!



POV pans over the lake, coming to a bench, where two people are sitting, looking out over it…

POV Blake, holding Chloe. Both of them in tears, and quiet…



Kemp supervises Glenwood men to help with the loggers, who are rushing to gather equipment, for the job that lays in front of them…



The Queen is at the gates, with her family, Solis, Marshall and Bonnie, all of them taking in the devastating news, delivered by Gunner and a team from the compound…


Hunter wants you to understand that although this will

disrupt our way of life, it will not force us to shutdown

communications between our communities. The SSH was

always a risk, and its future is in question, but our relay

posts are not. It will stop being voluntary, and for the

time being, will be manned by trained fighters, only.


I understand.


New arrivals are taking over as we speak, at the locations

that were hit. As you can imagine, we still have a lot to

figure out, but will notify you once a new plan has been

developed, for how to man the other sites.

Nikki emotionally hugging her father, as the Queen nods. Shawn is then quick to speak with Gunner.


May I ask you how Marlana is doing, Gunner?


She's fine, and doing what she does. Keeping people

calm and helping in any way she can.

Shawn smiling, and looking at Solis, who also worried about someone special.


Thank you, son. (Gunner nodding at him)


Gunner, may I ask you about your aunt? Is Scout, okay?

Gunner forces a half smile, and nods…


Of course, you can, Solis. She's with the team. (Solis

becomes worried) They are in large numbers and will

be just fine, out there.

The Queen puts her hand over Solis' shoulder…


I can't tell you, Solis, how much I appreciate your

dedication to this community, when your heart is

with someone from another.


My heart is with you, Grover, and Scout's entire family.

Keeping this community safe, is my way of thanking

them for everything they have given me.

Gunner now placing a hand over Solis's shoulder, with a nod.


I freaking love you, Solis. (looking a them all) I love

you all. Stay safe. I have to get back.

They nod, as Gunner hops in his vehicle and takes off…



Wyatt drives a hummer down the highway, full of other men, with one of them shining a spotlight, as they drive slowly, looking all around…

Suddenly, they see someone slowly walking on the side of the road, barefoot and naked.


Jesus Christ!


Is that Becky?!

Wyatt speeds over to her, and parks, as Jennifer hops out, with a blanket and throwing it over Becky, who looks beaten and in total shock, not saying a word, just trembling with fear, and a face full of tears…


Oh my God, Becky. What happened? Where's Ken?

Becky simply begins weeping, followed by screaming out in complete agony, as Jennifer just holds on to her…

The others, including Wyatt, are horrified as they watch…

They then get spooked, as a loud approaching noise comes from the highway. They watch, as the loggers team begins driving by, with a flatbed, carrying a pair of tractors, and spotlights. A few trucks full of men are also with the convoy, as they all stare at Becky, weeping in Jennifer's arms, as they drive by…




(into radio)

And Ken?


(over radio)

Same as all the others… I think they left her alive

as a message…

Hunter just closing his eyes, before responding, with emotion in his voice…


(into radio)

Just get her back here. Then you guys go join the loggers,

and get relay posts one, two and three back up and running.


(over radio)

On our way. Out.

Hunter slams down the radio, as the others in the room remain silent, and April reaches for her

husband, who screams out in his own agony…



April simply holds onto him, as he begins holding her back…



The loggers have spotlights on the trees, and the sound of heavy saw equipment, cutting through the large logs…

Dissolve to them using the tractors to move the logs off the highway. It's quite the process, as there are several large trees…

They have men keeping an eye out for huffs, and/or enemies, but none are around…

Dissolve to Wyatt pulling up in the hummer, as he and Jennifer climb out, and look over the progress, as do the other 2 guys (Dean and Misha) from inside the hummer…


(into radio)

Relay 2 west; we're with the logging team, now.

Things here look to be going pretty smoothly.

Wyatt gets a thumbs up from one of the loggers, over by the trees, supervising…

Dissolve to the area becoming clear enough for travel, with tons of small debris still in the road, and the logs and brush to the side (similar to the avalanche debris)…

Wyatt, Jennifer, Dean and Misha, all climb back inside, and take off through the remains of the knocked down trees, as the logging team begins cleaning up…

Dissolve to Dean and Misha climbing up the tree house of relay 3 west, to the sound of huffs, inside. Wyatt climbs up behind them, as Jennifer remains down below, watching….

They enter inside, with dread at the sight of two of their own, as huffs.

POV Jennifer watching from below, and flinching, as two shots are fired, and the sound of two bodies dropping…

Dissolve to them placing the bodies into the back of the hummer…

Dissolve to them all standing below the tree house, with Dean holding a radio.


(into radio)

Relay 2 and 4 west, this is Dean, taking over and

reopening relay 3 west. Unfortunately, it's my sad

news to report the deaths of our comrades, Jerry and

Brandon. They are heroes, and coming home, after

proudly serving their compound. The highway is back

open. Relay 4 west, please update us in anyway you

can, about what's happening at the SSH.



Sage and her people coming to Doc and his people, in a small hallway.




I want you and Damon to go to the panic room. Get

those people out, and take them through the players

tunnel, and out the backside. (Sage shaking head) Sneak

them down a couple blocks, and take a quiet route to

the backyard trail. Dylan will be there, waiting for you.

He'll get you to the beach camp.


No Doc; let's just hide in there and wait for backup.


These guys are too persistent. They're here for blood.

They'll find it.


Then come with us!


That's the plan, eventually. We'll hold them off, to

assure your escape, and hopefully be right behind you.


Hopefully doesn't work for me, Doc!


Yeah well, running like a coward and watching you and

those kids, getting killed, doesn't work for me, Sage!

Sage just looking at him, with tears in her eyes, as Doc looks to Damon, who reaches for Sage, pulling her away…

Suddenly, they begin being shot at, as Doc and the others open fire…


Get out of here, Sage! GOOOO! Take her, Damon!

Doc shoots one of Cutter's men, as Damon leads Sage away, as Virgil and the rest of the cousins are opening heavy fire on Cutter's men…

POV Cutter, as Gallagher and his men arrive, taking cover and intensifying the gunfire on the cousins, who are heavily outnumbered…

Cut to Sage and Damon, rushing to move the large bookshelf, and the door to the panic room, and then signaling out all of the scared people, who can hear all the massive gunfire, that echoes throughout the entire SSH…

Cut to the cousins, where Lucas lays dead, as do a couple of others. Doc takes a shot, nailing one of the mobsters, but then watches another of his cousins shot, and killed. Doc looks helpless, for a moment, before suddenly, horses can be heard, inside the hotel! Cutter's men turn, as they take gunfire from behind. It's Dylan and about 15 of his men, shooting at Cutter's men, even killing some of them!

Cutter dives for shelter, as do the others, who begin taking crossfire, from Doc and whatever cousins are remaining…

Cut to Sage and Damon, leading the families through the back of the SSH, and outside, where they retreat toward the town…

Cut back to Dylan and his men, taking heavy fire, and backtracking, as one of them is shot off of his horse…

POV Doc taking notice of Dylan backtracking, and decides to lead the rest of the cousins away, in the direction that Sage went…


(into radio)

Dylan, we're retreating. Do the same!


(over radio)

We'll meet you outside!

Cut to Dylan, as his men backtracking, while continuing to fire…


(over radio)

Meet us as the trail! Sage is already evacuating the

families, there.

Dylan and his men come around a corner, and wait, before opening up fire, again…

Cut to Cutter, who takes half the men, as he goes after Doc…

Cut to another one of Dylan's men shot dead, as they begin backtracking, again…

Cut to Gallagher's men going after them…

Cut to Doc and the cousins, running down a long corridor, when Virgil is suddenly shot from behind, and dropping dead. Doc and the others turn, to fire back at Cutter, who had fired the shot that killed Virgil. Cutter smiles as he takes cover, and he and his men begin firing back…

POV of Gallagher's men, cautiously moving forward, and firing shots, as they are fired on. Gallagher looks behind him, where one of his own dead men is now a huff, and inches from biting into a different man, before Gallagher aims, and blows his head off, just saving his man…

POV Doc, taking a quick look at Virgil's dead expression, before rushing away, followed by a handful of leftover cousins…

POV Cutter and his men rising, and moving forward…

Cut to Dylan and his men, now riding their horses out of the SSH, into the parking lot, where several huffs are roaming, as they shoot a couple of them dead. They ride their horses over toward some railroad tracks, where they can get around the mob of huffs, that roam below the parking lot. Dylan hops off his horse, quickly jumping into one of Gallagher's men's trucks, and drives it away, before jumping back out, and back on his horse.

He catches up with his men, who begin taking fire from Gallagher, who is coming outside of the SSH, with his men, firing at them, as they gallop away…

Gallagher takes notice of all the huffs, from below the parking lot, now spilling up into it, and toward all the noise. He shuts the doors, going back inside…

POV Dylan, now stopping, as he takes notice of incoming trucks, full of his men, as Nolan stops in front of him, climbing out of his truck.

POV Gallagher, taking notice of more men arriving, as he looks out at Dylan, then at the approaching huffs from the parking lot, before leading his men back toward Cutter's men, who can be heard shooting their weapons.


Toby, stay here with Sax and Eagan, Keep your eyes on

those guys. Everyone else with me!

Dissolve to POV of dead cousins, some of them rising as huffs, as Doc appears to be the last one remaining, and unloading his weapon, until on empty, as Cutter and his men, along with Gallagher's men, move in on him, surrounding him…

He looks up in defeat, at Cutter, who smiles down at him…



Queen Nike, her sister Nikki, father Shawn, Bonnie and all of the children of Nike World, are in total awe, as Zane shows them the swimming hole…

Kyle is also arriving, with excitement, as GW rips off his shirt and dives in (huge splash), with laughter from the kids, half of which are already jumping inside…

Some of the loggers are there, and women of Glenwood, with their children, all excited over the beauty and swimming pleasures, that lay in front of them…

It becomes crowded, as the Baker children arrive, and jump in, happy to be around the children of the other communities, who they haven't seen in quite a while…

The teenagers of all communities are also there, but look like they are ready to be put to work. GW climbs out of the water, placing his shirt back on, placing an arm around a couple of the Glenwood teens, leading them back out into the open field, where most of the adults are, and work equipment…

Some of the women remain with the children, as does Hope and Ryder (acting as lifeguards). Marlana is there with Renee, flashing a smile at Shawn, who watches Nikki turn on a radio. He does a little dance, making Marlana laugh out loud, before he and his daughters go back out to the field, with the others, who are preparing to start working…


Alright, this is where the trail ends. So, this is

where we start.

Cut to random shots of them all hard at work, cutting down brush, grass, filling holes, smoothing out the land, and pushing forward, as they create the backyard trail…

Much of the terrain doesn't require much work at all, as they simply walk through it, tearing out weeds here and there. Other areas are full of brush and thorn bushes, where they chop their way through it. Some of them knocking through it, while others pick up the remains…

Some areas require ropes and shoveling, and of course bridges and stairs are forced to be built, in certain places…

They have guns nearby, and guards, but no huffs in the area…

Megan and Lacy (from the monthly Forester) are there, taking some footage of the project, with smiles from some of the hardworking men and women…

Samantha takes a break from swimming, to walk the part of the trail that has already been semi-completed, and catching up to where they are currently at work. Marlana, Renee and Griffey, are with her. They are amazed at the progress, and neatness of the project. Samantha chats with Megan and Lacy, over the pictures they are getting. Griffey looks over some pretty flowers, picking one and handing to Renee, and then helping her place it behind her ear, with a smile…

Cut to later in the day, as they appear to be finished working, with most of them taking over the swimming hole, jumping in, one after another…

Marlana laughs, as Shawn dives in, followed by his daughters. The children appear amused by watching their Queen in the water, being thrown around by her father…

Suddenly, everyone is splashed, as GW splashes down from above, off of one of the cliffs, splashing anyone nearby…

He comes up out of the water, taking notice of a pair of Nike World women, smiling at him. He attempts a semi-smile, back at them, as he swims over and begins entertaining some of the kids, who are eager to play with him…

Everyone is having a great time, as POV dissolves to the next day, with the children back in the water, and the adults back at work, making more and more progress, as the POV pans over it all…

They come to an area with a steep hill, and begin pulling out tons of wood, from a carriage, pulled down the trail, by horses…

Dissolve to them in the middle of building a bridge, to get over the steep side of the hill…

Dissolve to them completing the bridge, as Leo tests the sturdiness of it, with others joining, and eventually everyone crossing it, with pride…

Dissolve to them done for the day, and again taking over the swimming hole…

Teens are all hanging out, enjoying the company of the teens they haven't seen, since the Red Christmas…

Adults are reaching for moonshine, and some grub!



Blake continues to sit on the bench, with Chloe against him, who pulls away, beginning to sob…


I shouldn't even care that I'm leaving this new horrible

world…but this place…it's so beautiful…and full of hope…

I wanted to see what it becomes…what it shapes the new

world into…how can I make it this far, through everything

I've survived…just to end like this?

She begins sobbing hard, as Blake tries to pull her back close to him. She stops him, and looks at him…


I haven't even experienced what I've been dreaming of

experiencing with you…I wanted to have that first kiss…

and to maybe…fall in love with you…

Blake just staring at her, as she stares back, before they begin kissing, and continue kissing, and never stop kissing…



Toby watching the people on horses taking off, but not down the highway, in the direction of their beach camp. Instead, they go down some backstreets, and are soon followed by their friends, in trucks…

Toby looks out at all the huffs, with no way out of the SSH, yet no way for the huffs to get in, due to the barricades that lay in front of all the broken windows…


(over radio)

What's the story with those guys outside?


(into radio)

They just drove and rode off down the town backstreets.


(over radio)

There's nothing but mountains that way. They must be

looking for people who got out. Cutter says we have the

guy he needs, but is doing a sweep of the hotel, so just

remain there, and let me know if company returns.

Cut to Cutter, Gallagher and Donny.


(over radio)

You got it.


We don't have time to take the fight back out there.

Have the men sweep the rooms, and radio the yacht

to dock at the pier. Tell them to strap up the parting

gift to the end of the pier. We'll be out there in fifteen

minutes. Take the prisoner out there, now, and let all

the men know how much time they have.


Yes, sir.


What are you going to do?



Taking a look around…

Dissolve to Cutter in the game room, looking at all the pictures, and window that looks out over the wiffle ball field…

He comes to a picture of Leo, with his arm around his father and Zane, and a headline reading "Sand Series Champs, Finally!"…

Dissolve to the hotel rooms, as the men go in and out of all the rooms, checking for people, knocking things over, punching holes in the walls, causing damage. One man urinates all over a bed, and all over the room…

They keep going in and out of the rooms, until one man stops, staring down at the bed…

His POV of a fully dressed, passed out man, laying facedown, with no idea who it is…

Dissolve to Cutter entering the room, with a smile, and looking down at the guy, who one of his men begins to turn over, scene dissolving just before his face is revealed…



The loggers have some heavy equipment and trucks full of dirt, at the back of the town, near the mountainside, where they drop dirt up against it, smoothing it out, and building a ramp, leading up to where they are building the backyard trail…

Doc looks over the work, talking with Dale (guy who got shot at the avalanche), and Divit…

It's a massive project they have going, probably the hardest part of the entire trail, which happens to be the end of it…

Dissolve to random shots of their progress, as the day goes by, and then the next day, followed by the next, to the point of completion…

Dissolve to them now at the top of the ramp, working on more of the trail, on much flatter land…

Dissolve to them now further along, as POV travels upward, into birds-eye view of them, as POV travels past them, until coming to the other end, where many more of their people are hard at work, edging their way toward the other side…

POV continues past them, heading up the mountainside, over all the progress of the past days…

POV travels on for about ten miles, until coming to the swimming hole, where the kids and mothers are enjoying the afternoon…

Dissolve to the workers finishing for the day, and taking over the swimming hole…

Sage and Damon jump in the water, as does Doc, Leon, Virgil and the other cousins, all exhausted from a long day's work, and happy to be in the cold refreshing water…



A convoy of hummers and other vehicles turning off of a brushy backroad, and speeding onto highway 101, through Tillamook. As they come to one spot, the last vehicle pulls over, as two people rush down the ladder of a hidden tree house, and speak to the people in the car, before gesturing them away, and watching them speed off, before climbing back up inside the tree house, with guns in their arms, and keeping an eye out the windows, at the highway below…

Cut to the convoy, inside to Leo speeding in the first hummer, with Zane in passenger seat. Scout is in the back, zoning off, worried of what's happening at the SSH…


(shaking head)

If Cutter hit them from the beach, he must have at

least as many as Gallagher does. That's a hundred

plus men… They can't hold that many off…


If Dylan got there in time, along with Nolan and his

guys…it could be enough…


(zoning off)

Or they're all dead…

Scout closing her eyes… Leo looking over at Zane…


Don't blame yourself. This is way more on me,

than it is you.


(still zoning off)

It's all of our faults…

Scout opening her eyes, with tears…



Nolan and the trucks are driving the backstreets of the town, looking for signs of Sage and the others…

Dissolve to Dylan and his men on horses, arriving at the ramp of the backyard trail. Dylan shines his light up top, flashing it as a code, and then waits, until he gets a flashing code back, followed by Sage and Damon coming out of the brush, from up top, followed by all the families, as Dylan smiles…


(into radio)

I got them, Nolan.

Dissolve to Sage and Damon helping all the families into the trucks, as they then drive away, leaving behind Sage, Damon, Nolan and a few of his men, as well as Dylan and all his horsed men…

Dissolve to them arriving back near the SSH, from behind a building, on the other side of the highway. There are still plenty of huffs. Dylan uses binoculars to look out on the pier, where he can see some lights from the yacht, and tons of men on the pier, eventually boarding the yacht, and the other boats…


Looks like they're leaving…


Of course, they are. They know Leo will be here soon.


Any sign of Doc?


It's too hard to tell if they have prisoners, or not, let

alone make out faces. But…




It looks like they have strung something…or someone,

up to the pier.

Sage taking the binoculars, and looking. Her view of what does look like someone strung up to the end of the pier. She lowers the binoculars, with a tear falling from her face…

Suddenly, they are attacked from behind, being shot at, and some of them dropping off of their horses, shot dead. Some of them shot from inside the back of the trucks, as the rest of them return fire. It's Gallagher leading his men, and even some of Cutter's, as they outnumber Dylan and Nolan's men, who take on heavy fire…

Some mobsters go down, but more of Dylan's are biting it. Damon suddenly takes a shot to the chest, going down, as Sage screams. Dylan helps her drag him over to a vehicle, and get him inside, closing the door and gesturing for the driver to get out of there, as he speeds away. Dylan then gets shot, and goes down. Nolan helps him up, as the shot was to his arm…

It's turning into a slaughter, and looks like certain death will come to them all, before a herd of huffs, suddenly begins attacking Gallagher's men, from behind, as their focus changes to the dead. Dylan's group now has the chance to retreat, as Dylan gets on his horse, with the help of Nolan, who then helps Sage up behind Dylan, who nods at Nolan, motioning him to get in his truck and clear out, which he and the others do…

Dylan and less than half of his men remain, but have the opportunity to ride away, with Gallagher's men still fighting off the huffs…

Gallagher turns to watch Dylan gallop away, followed by the others. He begins running after them, firing his weapon, and killing one more of them, and then watching the others, who they had killed, now rising as huffs. Gallagher kills them, and turns to watch his men finish off the huffs…


Jeff, clay; go get a pair of trucks. Go NOW!

Cut to Dylan and his men, riding as fast as they can, heading for the backyard trail, through the abandoned town…

Cut to Jeff and Clay, killing off a handful of huffs, working their way toward the trucks, hopping in, and speeding away…

Cut to Dylan, nursing his arm, as he rides as fast as he can, with Sage holding on behind him…

Cut to Gallagher and as many of his men that can, filling the two trucks. Just as Gallagher is about to step inside his, another dead person from the ground comes to life, and takes a rip at his ankle/foot, just barely missing, yet brushing against him hard enough to scare the shit out of him. He angrily mashes in the huff's head, and quickly checks his foot, worried he was actually maybe bitten, then relieved, yet annoyed, as he jumps inside the truck, slamming the door.



Clay speeds as fast as he can, almost hitting an abandoned car, before speeding around it, followed by the other truck. Gallagher looks down all the side streets, before spotting them.



Right there!

Clay skids as he turns to go down that street, as does the other truck, with men in the back holding on for dear life! They can see Dylan's group up ahead, now turning up a different street, as they speed to catch up with them…

POV Dylan and his men, with the headlights behind them, as they turn that corner, heading up the street…

They ride as fast as they can, before those headlights reappear, as the trucks skid around that corner, and head straight for them…

Gallagher's POV of them, as they quickly gain on them, and some of his men open fire…

One of Dylan's men is shot off of his horse, but then they all begin going upward, looking strange to Gallagher and his men (as they can't see the dirt ramp through the headlights, just the horsemen now going upward)…


What the…

They can see Dylan's men almost disappearing (out of the headlights), and then begin to brace, as it looks like they are about to maybe slam into something, but the truck begins going upward, as the one behind it comes to a skidding stop…

They can see Dylan's men again, and are driving up some sort of ramp, after them…

They begin disappearing again, as they go over the top, and out of POV/headlights. Gallagher and them again brace, as the truck goes over the top, but then slamming on breaks, as a wall of trees is in front of them. Clay doesn't stop in time, as they crash into a tree, and watch Dylan and his men riding away, into the darkness, on some sort of trail…



Leo, Dylan, Zane, Mason, Chasin, Wyatt, Gunner, Porter, Dakota and Cleo are all riding down the trail, coming to the exact part where all the fighting from the last scene, takes place. They ride out of the trees, and over to the ramp. They stop there, and just stare out at the town, and the ocean in front of it…

Leo smiles, and proudly looks at Dylan and Zane, then shakes Dylan's hand…


It's good to still be doing amazing things with you,

old friend.


Nothing about you amazes me, anymore, Leo.

Leo smiles, then rides to the others, shaking all their hands…


Unfortunately…this means we get back to work, tomorrow…

Zane takes a deep breath…


Unfortunately…I agree…


Who do we start with…Thunder…or your brother?

Zane with another deep breath…


It's time to focus on Anthony…


Maybe you're right…but I'm telling you, we haven't

seen the last of Thunder. He's loyal to their cause, and

as long as he still believes help is coming, he'll be a threat.


Maybe Anthony can help with that threat…



The men in the truck at the bottom of the ramp, now begin driving up it, slowing down near the top, and stopping right over the top, in front of the trees, and Gallagher's wrecked truck, with their headlights all over them, as Gallagher and them come for the truck…


(over radio)

It's go-time, Gallagher. You had your chance. If you

haven't finished them off, you're out of time.


(into radio)

Sending a truck load to you now. It'll have to come

back to get the rest of us. They have some kind of trail

back here. Possibly leading up to their other camp.

Gallagher motioning for the other truck to leave.


Drop these guys back off at the hotel, then come

back and get us, asap, or they're leaving without us!

Gallagher shining a light on the backyard trail, tempted to go after them.


(over radio)

That'd explain how they got here by horse, but don't

get any ideas. Leo gets here, and you're not on a boat,

you're a dead man.


(into radio)

I don't know if you fear this man, Leo, or have a man-

crush on the guy. Either way, I'm looking forward to

meeting him.


(over radio)

That's going to happen sooner than you think, if you

don't get your ass back here.

Gallagher jogs up the trail, shining his light, looking all around, before suddenly hearing a horse, and quickly shining his light, right at Dylan on a horse, and Sage standing next to him, aiming a gun directly at Gallagher, and firing. He goes down! But it's unclear if he was hit.

His men scatter for shelter, as more gunfire comes at them all. They fire back…

Dylan aims, and shoots one dead, so does Sage, killing another, before he can get over the ramp, for shelter, as the rest of them do…

Sage just misses being shot, followed by Dylan taking another shot, and falling off his horse, as Gallagher rises from the ground, firing more shots at them all…

The shooting continues, until the truck returns, and they all begin jumping into the back of it, as Gallagher continues firing at Dylan's men…

Cut to the highway, where a mob of huffs walk in the dark, until hit by headlights, as a hummer skids to a stop, and Zane aims the 50-cal at the huffs, but then just listening, as he can hear the gunfire in the background…


Is that the backyard trail?

Zane sits back down, as Leo turns off of the highway, onto a backstreet, and speeding for the mountains. The rest of the convoy follows…

Cut back to Gallagher, firing at Dylan's men…



Gallagher hesitates, takes a few more shots, and eventually dashes for the truck, as Sage unloads on him, making him dive over the edge of the ramp. He gets back up, and is hit by headlights, as a convoy speeds up the ramp, stopping in front of them, with Zane holding the 50-cal on them…


(over speaker)

Weapons down! NOW!

Leo is already out of the hummer, going straight for the truck, but stopping, and looking over at Gallagher. He goes to him, just staring at him…


The infamous Gallagher, I take it?

Leo looks up over the ramp, where a small handful of Dylan's men come, looking down at them. Then Sage comes, holding Dylan. Leo looks worried, at the sight of his friend, as Mason arrives, and takes hold of Gallagher, with the help of Scout. Leo dashes for Dylan.



Shelby comes rushing out of one of the hummers, with her medical bag. Leo grabs Dylan from Sage, as Shelby arrives and begins looking him over. He looks in pretty bad shape. Leo turns and looks at Mason, cuffing Gallagher's hands, and placing him in a hummer, next to Thunder. Leo then looks at Zane, who still holds the 50-cal over the truck full of men. Leo nods at Zane, who doesn't hesitate, and opens fire on the truck, blowing them all to pieces…

Everyone just watches, in shock, of Zane's decision to kill the unarmed men, yet no one questions it…


Get a Humvee over here! Get a stretcher for Dylan!

I want Kyle, and, you two (pointing to guys bringing

stretcher), to escort the doctor and Dylan back to the

compound. Bring them up to speed on the current

events, and that we're moving on to the hotel.

Leo helps them get Dylan onto the stretcher, and into the Humvee, that pulls up…


You got this, buddy. I'll see you back at the compound.

Leo closing the doors and going straight to Dylan's men, and Sage…


What do I need to know before we go over there?

Suddenly they all stop, and look toward the sound of Cutter's voice, coming over the radio.


(over radio)

Last call, Gallagher. I'm already out. The boats will

give you five more minutes.

Leo jumps back in the hummer, as they all speed away, back toward the SSH…

Cut to them arriving in front of the hotel, speeding up past Gallagher's trucks, into the parking lot, still full of huffs. Zane begins using the 50-cal, to blow all their heads off…

Once all dead, all the Bakers, convicts and fighters they have, go rushing into the SSH, heavily armed and ready to kill…

Cut to them looking over dead bodies, and even some huffs, which they kill, while continuing down the hallway. They come to the doors to the pier, where Leon's body remains. They rush outside, onto the pier, and see the boats still in the water, waiting for Gallagher…

They rush for the end of the pier, as the boats come to realize who they are, and trying to speed away, as the compounders unload on them, with the heaviest gunfire of the entire battle. They kill everyone in one of the boats, and most in the other, which does get away, with a pair of survivors. The last boat begins to speed off, but not before Leo launches one grenade after another, with the first two landing and blowing in the water, before the 3rd one drops right into the boat, blowing and sinking it…

Leo looks around, catching his breath, then taking notice of everyone beginning to stare at something, with shock taking over their expressions. Leo looks to the end of the pier, where a huff is strung up, hanging there almost like Grandpa was, on that terrible, terrible night…



Complete shock and bewilderment comes over Leo's face, as he walks up to the huff, looking right at the face of Colton, who as far as they last knew, was out scouting the country. They have no idea how he would have ended up here, dead at the hands of Cutter…



Cutter in the back of the yacht, staring back behind them, with no sight of the other boats…


(into radio)

Gallagher, come in? Stevens, come in? Where the hell

are you guys?


(over radio)

Where in the fuck do you think they are?

Cutter now can see the surviving boat appear, but with blood, and only 2 survivors, as then stares at the radio, before smiling…


(into radio)

Hello, Leo. You sound…medicated, these days. Your

communication system destroyed, your hotel a mess,

all those loved ones you have lost tonight…being

medicated will be a big help, my friend.

Cut to Leo, on the pier, talking on radio as he looks out to the sea…


(into radio)

You may have hurt us, tonight, but the consequences

have cost you dearly, friend…just like they did when

you sent your girlfriend to hit us last time, instead of

yourself. At least you had the balls to come this time.

I guess you're finally coming out of the shadow, I

cleared away for you.


(over radio)

Are you seriously bragging about killing an old man,

yet running like a scared baby, and leaving an army

of the dead to do what you couldn't?

POV Cutter.


(over radio)

Well, I was a little rushed. I had a ship to catch. And an

old man? I'm pretty sure I took your entire Seattle

network, that day, leaving you with what…some kind of

alternate location, with a few more men, some supplies,

and the kind of life that makes you want to come at me,

in some sort of last chance opportunity to make

something of your own life?


(into radio)

The goal was to create fear, and make you realize there

will always be someone lurking, and waiting for the

opportunity to hurt you and your way of life, like Jordan

did, when she cut your father's throat.

POV Leo.


(into radio)

Our way of life will never be changed or affected by fear,

due to the fact she cut his throat. You may have hurt us

again, there, but you also made us stronger. We have

forgiven Grover, my son, since then. He has married, and

started a whole new community, with an army. They have

a softball team. We laugh, we love, we live. You and your

handful of remaining men, will never have what it takes

to make us change our way of life, or stop fighting for it.


(over radio)

All your communities together, do not match what is

marching your way as we speak, and led by a sob even

worse than you, Leo. Everything that happened tonight,

was ordered by him. His army grows with each state he

crosses, with promises of a compound and forest worth

risking and dedicating your life, to taking over…

Leo hesitating to respond…


(into radio, sarcastically)

Stop it…you're scaring me.


(over radio)

Is Gallagher alive?


(into radio)

Is Doc?


(over radio)

He is…


(into radio)

Which one do you want to exchange for him? Gallagher…

or Thunder?

POV Cutter.


(into radio)

I want Jordan…


(over radio)

I wish I could tell you she was dead, but all I can tell you

is that we don't have her…yet not due to lack of trying.

We hunted her and Thunder into the summer, before

going after my long-lost son.


(into radio)

Nice subject change, but Shepard will kill me if I don't

either get her back, or make an example, of my effort

to do so…

POV Leo, hesitating to respond, taking in the meaning of what Cutter just said…


(into radio)

What the hell does that mean?


(over radio)

I'll give you your man for both Thunder and Gallagher,

but if you want this other guy I have, it's going to take

a magic trick…

POV Cutter.


(into radio)

Because either Shepard gets his girlfriend back, or he

gets the satisfaction of knowing a man of yours died, in

order to determine if you have her or not…

POV Leo.


(over radio)

Because let's face it, you're just not the type of people

to let an innocent man, die.

Leo looking worried…

POV Cutter, smiling and waiting for a response…


(over radio)

And what man would that be?

Dissolve to Cutter walking inside, looking at Doc, tied to a chair, and then looking next to him, where someone is on the floor, face down and tied to a bar. He begins to vomit, into a bucket, already full of vomit…

Once finished, he looks up at Cutter, revealing himself as DJ…

Dissolve to everyone at the SSH going through and clearing it, of huffs, and the dead. Sage and Zane come to a huff in the hallway, and come to realize it's Virgil. Zane waits for the last second, before sadly killing him, as Sage begins bawling…

Dissolve to Leo, in the game room, looking over the place, and finding the same picture of him, Zane and Grandpa, in which Cutter was looking at, and holding. Leo can see that Cutter marked red ink over Grandpa's throat, to mock his throat being cut. Leo grabs it, turning it over. His POV of a message from Cutter.


If you rebuild it…

We will come…

Leo is about to smash the framed picture, but stops himself just in time, but still begins to flip out, losing his rage, as he places the picture down, but begins screaming and kicking things around, and punching a hole in the wall…

He begins flashing images of the past, when he lost his children here at the SSH, on day 1 of the apocalypse. He can see the room with the dead bodies of his oldest son, Troy, and his pregnant fiancé, Angela. Mary's body is also there. He tries to reframe from that image, but then the image of her, back when she was haunting his mind, flashes for a quick moment, as he forces it out…but now begins to see his daughter, Kate, and Jagger, as they rip the flesh from young helpless children…

He sees Mary again, followed by his dead kids, and then again Mary. He begins seeing Virgil, Lean, Dylan and all the dead cousins, before back to Mary, and again his children. He now flashes his father, hanging from that tree, and then Colton, hanging on the pier. He once again flashes his children, then Mary, his father, then Mary, Doc, Mary, DJ, Mary, Colton, Mary, Dylan, Mary, Virgil, Mary, Leon, Mary, cousins, Mary, his kids, Mary, his father, Mary…


(screaming at the top of her lungs)


He's spinning, and can't stop seeing/hearing it all. She keeps calling him, and drives him crazy as she won't leave his head…


You need me, Leo…



His scream of anger and frustration is heard echoing throughout the hotel, by all the others, like his daughter and Cleo, Zane, Scout, Mason, the convicts…all of them…


Leo's agony carries over to the BLACK, dissolving as the credits begin…