Season 4, Episode 10 (season finale) (extended)

"Mary's Return"



The sound of Leo in complete agony…





Cut to Scout rushing down the SSH hallway, with sound of Leo's agony…

Cut to Leo screaming and grabbing his head.

Cut to Dakota rushing through a different part of the SSH, with sound of Leo's agony…

Cut to Leo.



Zane comes rushing into the room. He runs right to his dad, hugging him, as he continues to scream in agony.



Scout now enters the room, rushing to help Zane support Leo…

Dakota rushes inside, and right over to her father, hugging him…

Cleo and Mason enter, standing there watching…


I can't stop her! I can't get her out of my head! I

can't do this, again!


It's okay, Dad; we're here, this time.


She can't have you, this time, Dad. You belong to

us, not her.

Leo simply begins weeping like a baby, as they do everything they can to hold and help him…



She's returned…Mary's returned…



Shots of all the chaos in the city, on day 1 of the "zombie" apocalypse, followed by bumper-to-bumper traffic on the highways, and tons of angry/nervous people honking or trying to pull off the road. Shot of Mt. Hood, followed by shots of a huge tree house overlooking a lake, which dissolves into the Columbia River and traveling down it, through a huge forest fire, and then to the Bonneville Dam. POV continues down the river, past the Glen Jackson bridge, flowing by tons of houseboats where the dead are falling into the river, after whoever is drifting by.

POV crosses Hayden Island, and the Columbia River, over into Vancouver, Washington, where it quickly finds Fort Vancouver, before backtracking to the Columbia River, then into the Willamette River, under the St. Johns bridge, and up into the hills of Portland. It travels over them, and into the Beaverton area, crossing over the top of the Nike World Headquarters, and keeps traveling over farmlands, and into the coast range, finding the Glenwood Market, and a large camp with log walls, across the creek and behind the store. POV speeds over the Tillamook Forest, highway 26, and a bunch of other land, before coming to the Columbia River, traveling west, and under the Megler bridge, into the ocean. It continues along the shoreline, past Astoria, the Haystack Rock of Cannon Beach, coming to a pair of Jetties, and through them, up into the nearby hills, and over a large camp in the hills, protected by a large log wall. POV travels back down to the shoreline, and over a huge hotel, with a shot of the Twin Rocks in the ocean. POV travels by the bay of Tillamook, and along highway 6, back into the coast range, until leaving the road, back into the Tillamook Forest, until coming to a very large compound, hidden away by all the brush and mountain-side, as opening credits roll…




(over radio)

Relay 2 west reports Doc and DJ as taken captive. All

residents of Rockaway, who either remained in their

homes, or sought refuge at the SSH, are currently safe at

the beach camp, or in their homes. All residents of the

SSH are no longer with us, other than Sage and Damon,

who is in stable condition at the beach camp, after

multiple gsw's. The beach camp lost 13 men… O…OVER



Hunter, with closed eyes, shaking his head with shock, anger and sadness, at such a report, as April places a hand over his shoulder, with tears dropping from her face…

Dissolve to Samantha, in her living room, hugging Renee. Her moms, Marlana, Rich and the girls are there. Samantha is crying. Renee looks very upset, but without tears…

Ashley walks over, waiting for Samantha to let go, and then hugging Renee…

Rich sheds a tear, with a hand over his shoulder, from Kayla…

Brianna opens their door, as Blair and Griffey walk inside. Griffey walks over to Renee, sharing a look with her, then a hug…

Dissolve to the somber faces of the Rough Riders, along the wall catwalk, some of them with tears, including Eli, who is visibly upset…

Dissolve to the Guardian, in her underground home, sitting at her table, shedding tears, while looking at a picture of Samantha, Renee, Marlana, Eli and DJ…



POV of the dark ocean, coming up onto the beach, where tons of dead huffs are around, as well as living huffs, roaming the area…

POV travels under the pier, over more dead/living huffs. POV over the barricade, and up the staircase, onto the pier. It's quiet, other than the sound of the ocean, and a few huffs…

POV into the empty hotel, where all bodies have been removed, but blood stains are still everywhere, and broken windows. It's dark, as POV moves down the halls, toward the front, where it's still empty of all life, and quiet…

POV of the wiffle ball field, quiet and empty…

POV of the parking lot, with tons of dead huffs, everywhere…

POV moves down below, where the hummers and entire convoy are pulling away, and leaving the SSH…

Dissolve to one of the relay stations watching the highway, as the Baker convoy travels over it, and past their tree house, as they keep guard…

Dissolve to the convoy entering the field, in front of the walls of the compound, as Rough Riders watch them from the catwalk, driving toward them, as the gates open up…

Dissolve to the guardian, watching them drive through those gates, which close behind them, and her…

Dissolve to the Baker complex, where Bakers and friends fill the room, hugging and crying…

Dissolve to Leo, exhausted, but at the safe house, checking on his friend, Dylan…

Dissolve to the strategic room, where Leo is again exhausted, but drinking coffee, as the room is full of them all, awake in the middle of the night, half asleep, with no time for rest…

Hunter stares at Leo, as do some of the others…


Nobody would blame you for getting some sleep, Leo.


It was just a panic-attack… I'm good…

Dakota squeezes his hand, in support…


Well, then…you said there was a deal on the table?

Everyone looks at Leo, who takes a moment…


He wants me to take Thunder and Gallagher to the

Racetracks, two weeks from today.


Two weeks?!


He said the two of them will get us one of ours back,

but…it'll take Jordan to get them both back…

Zane and Mason share a look…

Everyone else is pretty confused…


They believe we have her?

Leo hesitating…


I don't think he really does, no… It's more of a

win/win, for him.


What do you mean?


If he gets her, he gets her…if he doesn't…he gets to

do what he really wants to do…and that's to make

sure one of our guys don't make it back, here…

Everyone taking in that information…


I don't even think he wants her to be alive…but feels

obligated, to Shepard.


If that's true, about him obligated to Shepard, then

it's a sure bet he's still out there, and that this Cutter

guy, has recently heard from him.


The question is…is that a problem to deal with when

the time comes…or has that time already come?


I think for now, we can deal with Cutter, and hopefully

get that information out of him. Shepard's not here,

now, or would have made an appearance last night,

but Zane's right, he's surely a problem to come…


Is everyone forgetting that they had Colton?! I mean

how in the hell did that happen?


Yet another reason to believe in the myth, that has

become this Shepard mother fu –

Zane cutoff as he takes notice of Samantha opening the door, popping her head inside, as everyone turns to look at her…


Samantha, you should be in bed.


You can't invite me to these meetings, and then tell

me I should be in bed, when one is necessary to have,

at this hour.

Everyone staring from her to Hunter…


I want to be here…


We're talking about Shepard. We expect he must still

be out there, and recently had contact with Cutter,

hence Colton's appearance. (Samantha sad) And now

Cutter, who might not even like Jordan, is demanding

we return her, for the safe return of both Doc and DJ…

Samantha staring at Zane, then to Hunter…


But…we don't have Jordan…


The fact he's asking for her, proves he's following orders

from someone…

Everyone silent…


What are we going to do?




We have to get them back!




She looks at Leo…


Sweetheart, I'm going to need you to leave the room.

Samantha staring at Leo, then the others, who are speechless…


I think we already covered that.

Leo staring directly at her.


Samantha, you are a child, you are emotional, and

I need to say something to my brother, that I'm going

to need you to not be a part of…

Silence as everyone stares from Samantha, to Leo, and then to Hunter…


You are a guest and a student to these meetings, and

we need to speak about things above your clearance.

I love you, but please leave the room.

Samantha staring right at him, with a tear, and then glancing at Zane, who nods…

She rises, and leaves the room. POV with her, as she walks past it, with more tears…

Cut back inside, with everyone staring at Leo, including Hunter…


You have something to tell me?

Leo staring at him…

Mason and Zane sharing a look, and then staring at Leo…



Leo taking a breath…


We do have Jordan…she is alive…

Surprise and worry take over the expressions of Zane and Mason, who share that secret, but shock on the faces of everyone else, who had no idea!

Hunter simply stares at Leo, waiting for more…


It was weeks after her disappearance. She was in a cage,

high in the hills, on some sort of 19th-century plantation,

twice as high as the beach camp, and about ten miles

north. It's not on the maps, hence the reason I've never

previously known of the place.


When do I hear why she's in a cage there, and not here?!

Leo silent, as both Zane and Mason look downward, caught by Hunter, who stares at them…


The two of you knew about this?


It was my call.


Who else knows? No, back to that later. Why?!

Chasin, Gunner, Wyatt, Dakota, Scout, Cleo, Porter, Mayday, Sheriff Dave, Doug, Gia, April, Catherine, Rachel and Missy, are all just as anxious for an answer…


They took her in, at first, until learning what she did,

and without even knowing us, they put her in a cage,

outside, next to wild cougars, where she watched one

of them, eat a friend of hers. She's starved, half

dressed, and married off to their "special" brother, who

looks half man, half beast, and is even named after the

cougar claw, scar on his face. Every Christmas Eve and

night, on the anniversary of what brought on this new

life of hers, she is forced to sleep out in the cold, and

reminded of why this is now her life…

Leo stops talking, as everyone is silent, and staring from him to Hunter…



Leo just staring at Hunter, and nodding…


Well…not happily, I imagine…

Hunter just staring at Leo…then at Zane and Mason…to his wife…and then back to Leo…

Silence fills the room…


How do we know she won't escape?


Doc checks on her weekly. We supply the group holding

her, including cuffs to keep her in. They have an indoor

cell, where she sleeps when it's too cold. The entire area

is boobytrapped, in case she was to escape. They have

hounds, and would track her down. She's going nowhere…

Silence among them all, as Leo still awaits Hunter's response…


I broke her… She tried to remain strong, but in the end,

as I left her there, walking away, she begged me to kill

her, bragging to me about what she did, trying to entice

me to do it to her, and end her suffering…which is exactly

what she's doing…every moment of every day… Death

would be too easy on her…

More silence… Leo staring at Hunter…


Thank God our father is not here…to hear me say how

pleased I am, to know that bitch is getting exactly what

she deserves!

Leo shocked, as are Zane and Mason, and everyone else, but no arguments from anyone, although some of the women look a bit questionable…


If he was here…would he be pleased?

Everyone silent at that thought…

Leo looks at his daughter… She doesn't look ashamed, yet certainly questionable…


She cut the throat of someone she didn't even know…

simply to hurt all of us, and then hung him up like a

piece of garbage…on display, and as an image that will

haunt us till the day we die…no matter how much we

work to heal from it.

Silence, but with some nods…


I'm not disagreeing with you, Dad…but…would he?

More silence…


Yes, he would. He was better than me, and better

than all of us…just like Samantha, which is why I

got her out of here…

More silence…


Anyway, we can talk more later about my harsh

punishment decision. Right now, our focus is

bringing home both Doc and DJ.



Two people kissing, panning back to Rich and DJ, as they come out of it with smiles…


Most understanding and supportive boyfriend, ever!


You beat your problem with alcohol, with three to

four binges a year…which means I get you all to

myself, the rest of the year, so I'm good.

DJ laughing and giving him more kisses, until interrupted by Gunner and Wyatt, and eventually Leo.


EWWW! Get your tongue the hell out of my cousin's

mouth. I don't want to see that!

Rich a little embarrassed, but both he and DJ laughing…


Well, then don't take him away from me!


Screw that; he only drinks with me a few times a year,

and he's the best drunk at the compound, maybe the

entire Forest!

Leo rolling his eyes, as the others laugh…

Dissolve to Leo driving a hummer, with DJ, Gunner and Wyatt inside. They are cruising highway 6, heading for the coast…

Leo honks, as they drive past relay post 1 west. Ken and Becky wave at them, from below the tree house, both with big smiles…

Dissolve to them driving by the bay, full of smiles, looking out at it…

Dissolve to them arriving at the SSH, as Leo remains in driver's seat, while the others unload, and Doc, Virgil and Leon hop inside the hummer, evidently going with Leo…


See you guys back here in a little bit, don't start without us.


No promises!

Dissolve to Leo parking the Hummer at the hick plantation, as they climb out, with some supplies…

Dissolve to Doc, Virgil and Leon handing supplies over to the hicks, while Leo approaches the cage, and Jordan, who stares back at him, with her back to the cage where her "pet" cougar resides…

Leo arrives and just stands there, staring at her, in silence, until she finally gives in…


You just going to stand there?

Leo just keeps staring at her, straight-faced…


Talk to me, Leo. What did you come here for?

Leo keeps glaring at her…


(with smile)

My guys still giving you trouble?

Leo continues to stare, with Jordan eventually becoming frustrated…


What the hell, Leo. What do YOU WANT?!


Leo finally forms a small smile, slowly nods and turns around, walking away, his back to her…


You don't come here and just stare at me, Leo! What

kind of shit is going on in that head of yours, old man?

Is Leo going crazy, again? Is that it? You got a few too

many voices in your head, to be talking to little ol' me?

Claw rips open her cage and backhands the shit out of her, with a threatening hiss from the cougar, which makes Leo take a semi-questionable glance back at the cage, before showing his back, again…




So…you told me the truth about Jordan… Does that

mean you believe we should use her to get our boys, back?


I told you, because I can't make these decisions on my

own, not when other lives are on the line…but no. I do

not think freeing her is an option…


Even if it means Doc or DJ end up in the ground?


You said it yourself, Leo. Cutter wants to kill one of them.


Jordan is too dangerous to set free, and could be

responsible for much more loss of life.


Yet, torturing her is worth the risk of her potentially escaping?


I told you. She is secure, there.


As secure as she would be here?

Leo silent…


You could talk me into moving her here, long before

you could make me believe it's okay to just release her

back into the world. Even if we knew she'd never be a

threat to us, the hell she'd rain on whoever else she

crosses paths with, would be on us. She is evil, and I

know what evil is. Cutter has nothing on her.


So, what are you proposing?

Leo takes a breath…


I don't know…yet…

Dissolve to everyone gone, except Leo, Zane and Dakota…


I'm not getting a good vibe about whatever's going

on in your mind, Dad.


(staring at Leo)

What he said…


It's not going to make sense, that's for sure…


Out with it…


Everyone here thinks of me as a God, for what I

accomplished in Seattle, and well…I could have never

done that without…without Mary. She hated her family

as much as she did mine. She wanted me all to herself,

and our son. It was all her, in Seattle. Every part of that

diabolical plan was from her.


(shaking head)

Dad –


I know, I know; if it was her, then deep down it was

me…but I can't find that part of me…without being…

off my meds.


(both shaking heads)

No! No way, Dad!


Here we go, again! Same excuse as before. The

meds make you stupid. Is that it?


All meds have side effects...

Both his kids just staring at him, shaking their heads…


I need to go sleep for a few hours, and then get my ass

to Seattle, asap! I can go alone, and get plenty of help

at the racetrack. The boat ride there, will give me the time

I need to get my mind right, and figure it all out… I got this…


Alone, my ass!


What about Grover? Shouldn't we bring him in on this?


What does he have to do with it? This is not his fight.


Maybe he'd be your "Mary"…

Leo pondering it…before shaking head.


No…just Gallagher and Thunder… I need to be alone

with them… Get inside their heads…

Dakota shaking her head and then looking at Zane, who stares back at her…

Dissolve to Zane talking to Hunter, in another room, with April present.


I don't know what to tell you, Zane. Leo does as he

pleases. He's been different for over a year, now,

and so must we. We have to trust him to do what

he does. He is your grandfather's son…


Off his meds, though?


That's where I'll focus, when I talk with him in the

morning. He's not leaving this compound without my

knowledge, or an opportunity to hear his plan. Why

don't you lead the team to Fort Vancouver, tomorrow,

to update them, and speak with your brother. Maybe I

can talk Leo into waiting for the two of you. You three

seemed to have made one hell of a team, last Christmas.

Dissolve to Zane walking toward his cabin, next to the lake, when he comes to see two people, sitting on a bench, over near the family rope swing, down just a little ways from his cabin. He begins walking toward them…

Dissolve to Blake (with tears) holding Chloe, on the bench, as she sleeps. Zane arrives from behind, with a concerned look. Blake looks at him.



She's just sleeping. She's worn out. She's not even

feverish, yet. Doctor thinks she could have twenty

four hours…


(shaking head, hushed)

Blake, I'm so sorry, man… I didn't even realize the

two of you were…


No one did, and we weren't…not yet…

Zane standing there feeling devastated for his buddy…

Dissolve to Rich, in his home putting the girls to sleep…




Yes, sweetheart?


Will I ever see my other daddy, again?

Rich hesitating to answer…


Those badass uncle and aunts, of yours, are working

on that, right now. They will get him home, for us.

She smiles as he gives her a kiss on the face, and walks over to Trisha, giving her one, too…






Does it bother you that I don't call you my dad?

Rich shakes his head.


Yes, and I'm getting rid of you in the morning.

Both Trisha and Ashley slightly laughing.


Of course not, silly girl! I respect how much you

remember your dad, and how important it is that

you refer to only him, as dad, because only he, was.

I'm just the guy trying to do half as good as he did.


So, you don't think it bothers DJ, either?

Rich tearing up…


I don't want him to die without knowing how

much I love him.

Rich's face full of tears…


When you say things like that…you don't have to call

either one of us, Dad. He loves you, too, and knows

how you feel about him.

Rich smiling at her, as he leaves the room, and sheds more tears, while closing his eyes…

He then moves over to the next room, dries his eyes, and knocks, before entering. Renee is sitting at her bed, holding a copy of the Monthly Forester. He walks over and sits next to her, looking down at the article. It's an old one, about her and DJ, and their story on Mt. Hood…


The girls are going to need you to be strong, Renee,

for them. I know you're hurting, too, but it's okay to

medicate that pain, with love for those two little girls

in there, who love your brother like a father. They love

you like a sister…especially that Ashley. I can really see

she looks up to you.




Really, Renee. She doesn't even remember her old life, or

the people she loved. She thinks of us as the family she

started with, and is just as worried about DJ, as you are.

Suddenly, a knock comes from the door, and slowly opens, as they look with curiosity, before Ashley finally pokes her head inside…


You okay, sweety?


Can Renee sleep in my bed, with me?

Rich smiling at Renee, who looks back at him.


Like I was saying…

Renee forces a smile and grabs her pillow, walking for the door, as Ashley takes her hand…

Rich sits there watching them, and worrying about DJ…

Dissolve to Leo, sleeping, as POV pans back, revealing him in a chair, at the safe house triage center. He wakes up as a surgeon comes in the room, looking at him.


You'll be happy to hear that sleeping in your own bed

is an option now, since your man is going to be just fine.

(Leo shaking his hand) He'll be out for a while, so you'll

be able to see him in the morning, (shrugging) or maybe

the afternoon.


Thank you, Kenneth. We're so lucky to have you, here.


I believe I'm the lucky one, Leo.

Nodding at each other as Kenneth leaves the room, and POV follows him down the hall. He walks on, as POV goes into another room, where April and Jennifer sit with Becky, who lays in a hospital bed, completely traumatized…

Dissolve to a birds-eye POV of the dark compound, as darkness gives way to dawn, and the sound of several roosters…

Cut to Leo, coming out of the shower with a towel. He goes to the sink/cabinet, and pulls out his meds. He stares at them, then himself in the mirror…before placing the meds back inside the cabinet, and walking away…

Cut to an alarm clock going off, as Pepsi rolls over and shuts it off, and then begins rubbing Zane, who wakes and stares at her. Neither one smiles, but they just stare at one another, until he finally kisses her, and rises…

Cut to April entering her bedroom, and waking Hunter, who is actually already awake, but in bed…


Did you sleep, at all?


I'm pretty sure I dozed off for a moment or two,

once or twice.


And Becky?


With help from the drugs, she did, yes, but I'm sure

even sleep won't be much of an escape from the

reality of her new life.

Hunter rising from bed…


We are going to find that piece of shit, and put him

in a cage right next to Jordan.

April an expression of worry…


Is that you talking…or is it Leo?

Hunter gives her a look…



Hunter enters the garage, where Mason talks with Leo, as he packs up his hummer.


I hope you're here to help me talk some sense

in to him, big brother.


What's the plan, Leo?


He claims he's going to Seattle, alone, and Zane says

he's "taking a break" from medicating himself.


Damn…I was hoping that was a dream…


There's no time to talk about it, or even plan it. I

have to sail there and brainstorm, like I have never

brainstormed in my life…and there's only one way

to do that.


Leo, you've been maybe the smartest of us all, in

the fifteen or sixteen months you've been on those

things, and an invaluable member of this compound,

and community.

Leo stares right at Hunter…


The old Leo, thought never being medicated was the

way for him, and he learned the hard way how wrong

he was, but he was not wrong about the piece of his

mind, that is lost to him, while on those meds…and he

needs that piece, right now…



He also needs some backup.

Zane walking down the steps to the garage…


Agreed…so go get your brother, and come back me up.

Zane questionably staring at Leo…


Are you going to wait here, for us?


I'll go ahead to Seattle, and get things started. You

can meet up with me there, or receive word of my

whereabouts. I'll be updating the racetrack of my plan.

Zane looking from Leo, to Hunter and Mason, then back to Leo.


Why not just wait for us, and go in numbers?

Cutter could be waiting for you? For us?


Then you'll catch up and find me feeding his ass

to the sharks.


Dad, you can't go alone. At least take Mason, and

maybe Dakota and Cleo.


You're right…and I have someone in mind…



Leo shakes hands with Edwards, before walking into the beach camp medical center, where Sage smiles and laughs with Damon, who looks to be in high spirits, and doing okay…

Sage's smile fades, as she takes notice of Leo…




I'm heading to Seattle, now, and could use a first mate.

Sage looks at Damon, then to Leo, and nods…



POV close-up of the word/name Armageddon, panning back to a fancy yacht (pulling a speedboat), sailing the ocean…

POV Thunder and Gallagher, tied in a room of the yacht…

POV Sage, at the wheel of the yacht…

POV Leo, at the bow of the yacht, just staring out at the ocean, lost in thought…



Zane climbing out of a hummer, greeted by Stix and Kemp…

Dissolve to Zane at Nike World, climbing out of the hummer, greeted by the Queen and Solis…

Dissolve to Zane at the Clark campus, climbing out of his hummer, greeted by Grover and Jessica…



Chloe is hugging Jo, then Cody, and going around the room getting hugs from everyone. Scout and her kids, Jennifer and the other wives, Dakota, Cleo, some of the Rough Riders, and many others…

Dissolve to her and Blake on horses, riding by the lake, and then into the compound woods. She smiles as Jo and Cody catch up, and pass them by. Jo smiles back at her, as Chloe speeds up…

Dissolve to Renee, on the floor with the girls, playing a board game…

The girls seem to have their mind off of DJ, but Renee is clearly distracted, and struggling…

POV Rich, also clearly struggling, and forcing smiles whenever the girls look his direction…

Marlana comes through the door, smiling at the girls, before going to Rich, who stands for a hug. She then goes and gets down on the floor, with the girls, and a smile at Renee…



Cutter's yacht arriving at his base/island, as he walks in to check on Doc and DJ. DJ still looks hungover, but a little more alert. He stares at Cutter, making eye contact with him for the first time, as Cutter stares back at him, before leaving, as others come in to grab the prisoners…

Cutter climbs down off the yacht, where a small crowd of people await them, mostly women, and a few kids, some of them weeping, with no sign of their men, and assuming them dead…

Doc and DJ looking around the area, and the people, as they are led off of the yacht, and toward the base…



Leo leading Thunder and Gallagher out onto the back end of the yacht, sitting them down, and looking right at them, as they look back at him…


One of you is going to make it out of this, and back

with your man, Cutter, but one of you is about to go

for a swim, so…which one of you is feeling talkative?



Look, your man already told me I'm only getting one

of my men back, alive, so the same goes for his men.

One of you is going to talk, while the other one goes

in the water…any minute here, cause I'm off my meds

and out of patience…

Thunder and Gallagher nervously sharing a look…


Exactly what are we supposed to talk about?


Well, you probably don't know shit, anyhow, so –

BOOM! Just like that, Leo kicks Gallagher into the ocean, who still has his hands tied. Thunder is in shock, as Leo shouts out to Gallagher.


You're ex-military. You got this. You can back float

your ass on over to those rocks, and wait there

for my son. He should be sailing by sometime later

in the day. Good luck with that!

There are a few large rocks nearby, close enough for Gallagher to make his way to, which he begins doing, as Leo sails away from him, with a shocked Thunder, and Sage just as shocked, at the wheel…


Ummm, are we really leaving him?


You betcha! Thunder's the one with all the information,

anyhow, and he's more loyal to Jordan, than he is Cutter…

Thunder now curious, staring at Leo…


What do you mean by that?


Apparently, Jordan is still alive, and Cutter wants us

to kill her, in return for both of our men…and he

gave us permission to use the two of you, to give her up.

Thunder confused.


What in the hell are you even talking about? That

doesn't make a bit of damn sense!


He said you'd be confused, since he kept her a secret.

She's the one who set him free at the old base, after I

left him for dead. He returned the favor by trying to kill

her, and take over sole command.


Even if that's true, how does he say I can be of any help?


He believes she may have reached out to you. He

doesn't trust you. He –


(becoming frustrated)

That's bullshit! He knows how faithful I am! I gave

myself up, to save his plan!


He knows you're faithful to the cause, but not his

right to carry it out, at least not if you know Jordan's

still alive, which Cutter senses you do. He thinks she's

out our way, and that she's made contact with you,

since you've been out here.


More bullshit!


Hence Gallagher becoming his number two.

Thunder silent…


This makes no sense…


Then he's wrong, and you don't know shit…which

means you're useless to me. I won't let you drown, or

await your death on a rock, like Gallagher, because I

still need to know Cutter's location, so…

Leo shrugging, then going to town on Thunder's face, beating the holy hell out of him…


(still beating him)

I know you'll probably remain loyal, but I enjoy this

kind of thing, so it's worth a shot.

Leo continues to pound on Thunder's face, with the ocean in the background, and the sound of Mary laughing….


That's my boy…



Leo walking into the bar at the SSH, where he finds Doc, Gunner, DJ, Virgil, Leon, Sage and others, all with alcohol. Leo grabs a drink for himself…


It's the apocalypse, right, so that 5pm horseshit can

go straight to hell!

Doc and the others raising their drinks, and hollering/laughing over Leo's words, as he swigs his drink…

Leo glances over at DJ, who taps his glass with Doc and Gunner, before they drink…


So, DJ…I was told this is a quarterly thing, you do?

You had a bit of a problem, before D-day?


Well, it was my dad's problem, that he so happily

passed on down to me, as a great way of escaping

the reality of him being my dad, but yeah…as a

"reward", or even something to look forward to, I

give myself up to four "escapes" from reality, per

year, but try to only actually do it, half that. Just

knowing I can, helps me go longer, and then of

course things come up, like armies showing up at

our gates, or the gates of Fort Vancouver…so, with

that said, (raising glass) this is my first "escape",

since last summer, and only my second since your

return. So, thank you, for joining us!

Everyone raising their glasses, cheering and drinking…


The last time we did this, with DJ, was maybe the

most epic, post-apocalypse, night in the history of

the SSH. This man can party!


(toasting DJ)

Almost as much as I can!


Excuse me?


Oh, you're fucked, now.

Doc and other cousins laughing…


Well, not compared to the legend, of course!


That's what I thought!

Leo swigging and finishing his drink, pouring another, with the group becoming rowdy…

DJ approaches Leo…


So, what about you? I heard you've been sober, since…


Since I went back on my meds? No choice, really.

Can't mix them, which is why I hated being medicated,

back when I was your age. I skipped my dose, today…

so, if you see me in conversation with someone who's

not there…you'll have to keep drinking, if you want to

join the conversation!

DJ laughing, as they both swig their drinks…



POV Cutter in his office, flipping the page of something he reads. POV of his reading material, which happens to be a copy of the Monthly Forester…

A knock comes from the door.



Donny walks DJ (hands tied) inside, giving him a seat, and then leaving…

DJ stares at Cutter, who just keeps reading…

DJ takes notice of what he's reading…


Interesting to you because it's interesting…or because

you want to tear it all down? Destruction over beauty?

Cutter glances at him with a small smile, but just keeps reading, until he finally finishes, and places it down, before finally looking over at DJ, just staring at him…


You're a faggot. I thought so.

DJ just stares back at him…

Cutter reaching for a certain issue of the Forester, as he has an entire stack of them…


It says right here, in one of the early editions. Well,

it might have phrased it differently.

Cutter smiling at him…


Don't hate on me; I'm a fag, myself, and been hiding

it my entire life.


(shaking his head)


DJ stares back at him, as Cutter smiles.


So, you recently came out? (holding up article)

During this time?


Pretty much… I also have a problem with alcohol,

and came out with both.

Cutter laughing…


That you do, don't you?

Both just staring at each other…


So, this Baker that you shack up with, Rich, is it?

What about him? Did he hide it, too?


No; the Bakers are not human. They don't hate or

discriminate, over anything.


And they just excepted you into their family? Which

they had to, after the role you played in getting little,

Samantha, was it, down off the mountain? Pretty

capable out there, for a faggot, aren't you?


It's one thing to live with other people ashamed of

what we are, but to keep using that word, only

proves you're just as ashamed as they are, maybe more.



Using that word only proves I accept who I am, and

how the world looks at me. I expect that's why the N

word, so commonly comes from the mouth of those

with color.

DJ stares at Cutter…


You'll sit there and say, faggot, all day long, but you

refer to another offensive term, as the N word?


You didn't say it…yet you said the other one. That's

because you and I own that word, just like people

of color, own their word.


I guess I'm surprised a person like you, has boundaries.


So, I'm a villain, simply because I want to survive,

or was born into a family of crime?


I don't know the man born into a family of crime, but

I know the man who is part of the army who attacked

our home, and killed our loved ones, on a magical

night like Christmas Eve. I know the man who attacked

our vacation escape, and killed most of the people who

lived there, and God knows what else you had done to

our relayers. But yeah, you're respectful enough to call

the N word, the N word. (becoming extremely sarcastic)

Good for you. I'd date you. What a catch!

Cutter smiling at him…


You're cute, when you're angry…


You're insane, when you think you're charming…or

anything other than the man who has killed people

I love and respect.

Cutter's smile fading, as he even looks away from DJ…


It's a shame you see me this way…

Cutter goes to the door, and opens, speaking to someone out there.


Take this one back, and bring me the other one.

(looking at DJ) I enjoyed reading your stories…

maybe someday you'd like to hear mine…

DJ looks at him, then to the man who enters the room, for him, and leads him away, as Cutter gives him another look…



Leo's yacht docking, as Sage comes down to Leo, looking over a beaten Thunder, tied up and passed out…

Dissolve to him and Sage catching huffs…

Dissolve to them placing lifejackets on a few huffs, and then locking them in a shed…

Dissolve to them gathering more huffs…

Dissolve to them leading the huffs onto the dock, as Leo runs ahead, climbing onto the yacht, and untying Thunder (as he wakes), but keeping his hands cuffed behind his back. He forces a lifejacket over him, and tightens it. He begins making him rise.


What are you doing?!

Leo simply tosses him right over the edge, into the water, close to the dock, where Sage leads the huffs to the end, then climbing aboard the yacht, as Leo climbs down onto the dock.


Where the hell you going?!

The huffs are almost on Leo, who dives into the water (near Thunder), where the huffs are falling in, after him. Leo easily swims away, as Thunder floats near the huffs, with no way of swimming away. Lucky for him, most of the huffs are sinking.


What the hell, Leo?!


You better hope they go all the way to the bottom, or

else you're about to wish it was a shark in the water,

because a shark would finish you off quickly, but these

guys might nibble on your ass for days. And even the

ones at the bottom can probably get your toes, dude.

(as he climbs back on the yacht) That's a gnarly situation

you have going for yourself.

Leo gesturing Sage toward the shed, as she jumps back down on the dock, heading toward it.


They bite me, I'm a dead man. Cutter won't trade

for a dead man, Leo!


Who in the hell said I was making any kind of trade?!

I already cut Gallagher loose, and he's the one Cutter

actually cared about. There's no way in hell you're

not answering for your crimes against our sanctuary!

Leo looking and seeing Mary, smiling at him, as he tells Thunder how it is…


Come on, Leo!


The only question is…do you answer my questions,

and die swiftly, or do you suffer, before meeting

your maker…and pleading your case?


Leo, you son of a bitch! These things are going to

bite me!


That's the idea, smart guy. It's inevitable.


Cutter will kill your men! Let me out, Leo! Leo! Get

me out of here! AHHH! It bit me! One bit me! Fuck,

Leo! AHHH!

Leo just cracking a smile…

Dissolve to Leo and Sage leading the lifejacket huffs out of the shed, and pushing them into the water, near Thunder, who helplessly floats near the dock…


Just kill me, Leo.


I'll do that the moment you give me Cutter's location,

and I'll even tell him you gave him up, after learning

about Jordan.

Mary next to Leo, smiling after that comment, with a nod of her head, as Thunder cries out in pain, from another bite, and begins sobbing his words to Leo.


Oh my God; he bit my toe off. Leo kill me, now.

Just kill me.

Leo pushes in a couple huffs, as does Sage. They float around Thunder, snapping their jaws at him, as he floats helplessly, dodging them at first, but eventually bitten in the face, and again on the arm, crying out in agony…

The huffs keep going for him, but missing, as Leo and Sage watch…


If you don't want to give up Cutter, then tell me where

Jordan is. I'll do her worse than I'm currently doing

you (Mary smiling), but I figured Cutter's the one you'd

rather rat out, which only keeps your girl safe…for now…

Mary shaking her head with a laugh, and a proud look at Leo, over his great act, as Thunder begins to look defeated, and then reacts to a chunk of his ear being bitten off, as he pulls away from the huff who latched onto it. He's in agony, and sobbing, as he finally gives in…


Guemes Island. Now do it. Kill me.


Son of a bitch; I knew that was a possibility. I know

exactly where he's at.

Leo climbing on the yacht, gesturing for Sage to follow.




Are we just going to leave him here?


He's a dead man. There's no coming back, for him.


Leo, you finish this! Don't leave me like this! Leo! LEO!

Leo behind the wheel, and speeding away, leaving Thunder in the water, as the waves push the huffs over him, with another one biting him, but just enough to sink its teeth in, without ripping any flesh. Thunder is left to die quite slowly, and painfully!

Mary stands over Leo, both of them smiling…



Doc glaring at someone…

POV Cutter staring at Doc, and then holding up the pile of Monthly Foresters.


I didn't get as much about you in here, as I did your

buddy, so I'm thinking that makes you (shrugging)

not as interesting? (shrugging again) Not as loved,

or respected, or even cared about.


Yeah, you're right. I should flip, and come work for

you, cause you'll give me all kinds of love in your

newspaper, won't you?

Cutter smiling at him…


I can see why Leo is fond of you… Do you think he's

fond enough to trade the woman who killed his father,

for you? Because I told him the only way he gets you

both back, is to give up Jordan.

Doc suspiciously glaring at Cutter…


Are you saying that bitch is alive? Because Leo can't

trade what he doesn't have?

Cutter just staring at him…


I agree…she's a real bitch. I only want to ensure she's

dead, and not still out there somewhere.

Doc eyeing him…


So, she killed our people before you (shrugging)…

jealous much? Or is it Shepard, who you're jealous of?


You can ask your buddy DJ, how jealous of her

relationship with Shepard, I am.

Cutter suddenly stares right at Doc…


And how exactly do you know about her relationship

with Shepard?

Doc staring at him, silently…


Son of a bitch. She is alive!


Slow your roll, detective. Grover told us.

Cutter not thrilled at the mention of Grover…


Yeah…I read that he's made good with your people,

and his long-lost family… Has he told any of you of

his affair with Jordan?

Doc looks surprised at that news…


No? Are you guys sure he doesn't have Jordan,

at his Fort Vancouver home?


You know that Gallagher and his former employer,

took that place over, for five minutes. I'm sure if he

had Jordan, we would have figured it out.

Doc staring at him…


Why are you so scared of her?


Shepard's the one I'm scared of, and the two of them

together, and their twisted daughter…that's not a

combo you all want coming to your Forest, someday.


That she-devil procreated?! Man, you gotta' let me

live. I have to meet this Shepard freak, and his spawn

of Satan.



She's a saint compared to her mini-me, who already

hates your people for taking her mother, let alone

killing her. (shrugging) You guys sure don't want her

growing out of her so-called adolescence and knocking

on your door, someday.


Sounds like you're not a big fan.


Is this where you try to turn me?


If you hate these people so much, why the hell not?



Because I hate Leo, even more. (again shrugging) I

do like ya, man, but I can only spare one of you, and

I think I like DJ even more…

Doc again glaring at him…


INT. SSH – DAY (evening)

DJ and Doc toasting their glasses, and drinking, as loud music plays…



Hey, if I don't go to sleep tonight, then technically

I can just keep drinking tomorrow, right?


I'm with that! (shouting over at Virgil) Hey Virge,

get some rest tonight. You're in charge tomorrow!


Don't you guys do this pretty much every night,

here? Do you have like, a designated leader every

night, or…how does that work?


Ain't nobody taking this shit from us!


Be fun though, if someone tried!


Someone attacks this place, my ass is going straight

up the backyard trail, and behind the walls of that

beach camp!


(looking at Sage/Damon)

I see who the man is, in your relationship.


He's got a point, bro. For a convict, you're pretty quick

to jump on your chair, every time you see a mouse.

Sage, Leon and DJ cracking up… Damon wide-eyed and looking at DJ.


Bro, he ain't lying! Mice be everywhere at this bitch!

More laughter…



I wasn't being literal! (looking at his sister) Is this

fool actually climbing on chairs?!

Sage laughing and pointing at Damon.


I've seen it twice, now! A fully grown ass man,

screaming like a little girl.



She isn't lying!

Virgil nervously looking around.


Wait, there's mice, here?

Sage and Doc pointing at Virgil, and drunkenly cracking up…


Look at this worried expression on that face!


Why do you think we keep all those cats around,

out there?


(still visibly nervous)

So, the mice are just outside?

More cracking up!


Not for long. The cats goin' to chase em' all inside!

More laughs.


Don't even think about it, Virgil. Those cats are not

coming in here!


Better than the mice!


No such thing as cat litter, anymore.


What the hell you talkin' bout? There's a whole

beach of cat litter out there!

Lots of laughs!


I don't want to be smelling that crap, in here!


Better than mouse crap! Or stepping on those things!

I ain't scared of em'. I just don't want squishy bloody

dead mice under my feet!

Some grossed out laughter!


Oaky, I feel you there!


It's on you guys, if you want to be hauling sand

in and out, as cat litter.

Doc looking over at the other side of the room, taking notice of Leo, looking over a ton of framed pictures…

POV Leo staring over the framed pictures, coming to the one of him, Zane and Grandpa Sam (same one Cutters writes on). He pulls it off the wall, looking at it, and then seeing Doc's refection, and turning to see him arriving, with a look at the framed picture.


We have a Sand Series Champion, in the house!

Doc drunkenly raising Leo's hand (also drunk).


Just a few months before the apocalypse, and the

last Sand Series of the old world. Our own Sand

Series founders, finally take that shit for themselves!

Doc raising his glass, as everyone begins cheering. Leo smiles and parties, as others pat him on the back, remembering his family's victorious moment, that day…



Renee, Samantha, Marlana and the girls are all watching the movie "Toy Story"…

Rich paces in the kitchen…

A knock comes from the door, as Rich approaches…

He opens it up to Shawn, flashing a sympathetic smile.


Hey, Shawn. Come on inside.


(patting him on the back)

I hope you are doing okay, son.


I'm hanging in there…waiting for some magic to

be pulled off.


Well, this family's done that before.


Thanks, Shawn.

Shawn now at the sofa, sitting next to Marlana, who flashes him a big smile, which he returns.


Hey there, sweet woman. How are you holding up?


I'm better, now that you're here.


Of course. I kind of had to see you.

Marlana kissing and smiling at him, as he then turns to look at Samantha and Renee, with a small smile from Samantha.


Hi, Samantha, Renee. I hope you know how much we

are all praying for that brave, brother of yours. I know

the two of you are like family to my Marlana, so I'm

here to show my support any way I can.


Thank you.

Marlana smiling at him…



Have you heard anything?


Nikki is with Zane. Harris remained at Nike, so I figured

it'd be okay for me to sneak off and see you. Other than

that…things are in motion…

Marlana motioning him to follow her outside, as Rich joins them…


We'll be right back, Renee.

Ashley cuddles herself next to Renee, as they keep watching the movie…

POV goes outside, as Shawn fills in Rich and Marlana, with POV going past them, and through the quiet compound, without any laughter, or the sound of kids playing…

POV enters the yard of another home, where things are still quiet. POV comes to a large trampoline, where a preteen boy is laying facedown, on top of it. He just lays there, as Blair comes next to the trampoline, looking at him…


You're pretty quiet out here, kiddo. Are you sure

you don't want to go see the girls, again?

Griffey looks up at her, with tears…


I'm not sure what to say to Trisha. Just knowing

everything that happened at the hotel, brings me

right back to that day, and I'm thinking it must be

the same for her, but now she has DJ to worry

about. I can't stop thinking the worse. That there's

no way she ever sees him again, and I don't know

how to tell her everything's going to be alright. I

don't know what to say to Renee, also.

Blair opening her arms for Griffey, who embraces her, as POV leaves the yard, going through more quiet homes/yards, until coming to a small park, with a skating area, where a few teens are hanging out…


Doc is so fine. I hope they get him back.


I used to love going there, or to the beach, but I'm

never leaving these walls, again.

POV never actually stops, and just keeps going, through some more yards, and trails, until coming to the back half of the quiet Baker complex, with no one around, until someone can be heard, trying not to weep…

POV finally finds Blake, behind a corner, doing what he can to dry his face, before taking a breath, and going back around the corner. POV goes with him, as he opens a door, and returns to a room with Chloe, Jo, Cody, April, Jennifer and others…

Chloe is actually speaking with Macy, who writes down some of the things she's saying, as Jo sits next to her, smiling…

Chloe smiles, as Blake sits down on the other side of her…


And I'd like to shout out at the Rough Riders, and their

dedicated leader, Blake. I have no idea where this

compound would be, without a man like him, who the

younger boys look up to, idolize, and grow into men just

like him, ready to give their lives for this magical place,

and to become role models for all the young boys to come.

Macy writing this all down, with both Jennifer and April shedding tears. POV rolls over Jo's face full of tears, and Blake forming a new one, as Chloe kisses his cheek…

Jennifer steps outside, seeking a little privacy as her emotions take over…

POV travels away, and past the Baker complex, over the Baker cabin, and coming to Zane's cabin, with an overhead view of someone walking up the porch steps…

Cut inside to Pepsi, with a crying baby, and then a knock on the door…

Cut to Pepsi opening the door, excited to see Jessica.


Jessica! Come inside!

Cut to them taking seats, inside, as Pepsi reaches for her crying baby, Clarissa. She takes her out of the playpen, and sits down with her, across from Jessica, who just smiles and stares at Clarissa…


So, I take it Grover is with Zane?

Jessica nodding…


He wanted me someplace safer, just in case of more

attacks. I wanted to go myself, and would have, but…

Jessica just staring at Pepsi, who curiously stares back, before Jessica goes back to staring at the baby, with a smile…

Pepsi's eyes go wide!


You're pregnant!

Jessica trying to hold back a smile…


It's hard to tell anyone, and I feel bad about being

happy, right now.


You have no idea how I relate to that! I told Zane about

Clarissa, the very night of the Red Christmas, and, now…

I have to tell him again.

Now it's Jessica's eyes going wide!


Pepsi…are you…

Pepsi nodding with a small smile, as Jessica tries to keep from freaking out…


Oh my God, Pepsi! That's terrible! I want to be so

happy, right now!

Jessica gets up, goes to Pepsi, and makes her rise (putting baby on couch), giving her a big hug…both of them developing tears, that are a mixture of both happy, and sad…



POV travels over the water, coming to a large rock, where Gallagher works at rubbing the back of his hands against the rock, trying to free his tied hands…

He gives up, frustrated, and staring at the waves, and the shoreline, a long way from him and his rock…

He takes a deep breath, as if ready to make an attempt to swim to shore, but stops, turns, and can see an approaching yacht…

His mind races, as he ponders the move to make. Show yourself, and become captive, again, or hide, and take his chances on his own…

He jumps into the cold water, hiding behind the rock, as the yacht goes by. He moves himself enough not to be seen, as he glances at the name on the yacht, "Clarissa"…



Cutter is on the large patio of a fancy cabin, overlooking the bay, and land across from them, with other islands in the large bay. It looks perfect for nearby hunting, and apocalyptic survival…

He stares outward, as DJ is being walked out onto the patio, and over to Cutter, who nods at Donny, as he leaves them alone…

Cutter stares back out over the area, and the wilderness of the land on the other side. DJ stares at Cutter, then out over the water, and in the direction that Cutter stares…


Looking out at all that…one would wonder why I'd

waste my time trying to defeat your people.



You think?

Cutter smiling, as he continues to stare outward…


There's endless hunting, over there, and a bay full of

fish, in there… No threat of the dead, on an island.

This area really is just as setup for the new world, as

your forest is…

Cutter just looking out over the area, as DJ curiously watches him…


Victor was a fool to make this place secondary, to that

racetrack. (shaking his head) The old man was stuck in

the old world…choosing war over an easy alternative…

If Shepard was guaranteed to never show, I'd seriously

consider a life here, but…could Leo even let that happen?


If I don't trust a thing you're saying, then good luck

getting Leo to believe you'd leave us the fuck alone.


But what if I did?

DJ turns and stares at him…


How about you untie me and have this conversation?

Cutter still smiling, eventually facing DJ, staring right into his eyes, before turning him around, reaching down, grabbing his hands, and untying them…then starring back out over the bay…

DJ turns, stares at Cutter, a moment, before out at the bay…




What are you asking me? Are you trying to negotiate

a peace? Five minutes after you kill a ton of our loved

ones, and take me and Doc from the rest of them,

from my autistic sister, who has been through hell

and back, already?! Is that what you're asking me?

Cutter's smile has faded…


I read about your sister. I read about the two little

girls you took in, and the backstory that brought

them to your community.

Cutter turns to look at DJ…


I also read about your holidays, and baseball games.

(looking back out over the bay) It made me think of

someone very special to me, and how she actually tried

to suggest I go another route, with your people… She

has raised Jordan's daughter, with Shepard, and loves

that little girl…(looking back at DJ) If I could undo things,

I'd wish that I could help raise that girl, in a place like

your community, and be a part of protecting all that. I

would wish that I was never born into the madness of

my family, and so-called responsibilities that were

forced on me, since before I could remember (DJ finally

staring back at him)… I didn't choose this life, DJ…

They continue staring at each other, before Cutter suddenly leans right in, grabbing DJ's face and kissing him! But DJ is sickened, and pulling back immediately!


What the god damn hell are you doing?!



Flirting with the idea of change.


You think even if I wasn't in love with another guy,

that I'd be drawn to a man who made your kind of

choices?! A man of brutality and hate?! You want

my respect? Go ahead and give us back! Don't even

answer for your sins, just ride off into the sunset and

leave us be…

DJ just staring at him, as he catches his breath, still in shock…


Or maybe start with an apology…for your sins, the

people you took from us, and for that kiss!

Cutter smiles, and kisses DJ, again! This time DJ punches him. Cutter just smiles, and spits out some blood, and begins walking away…


If there were such a thing as second chances, or life do-

overs, I would make you forget all about little Richie…

Cutter walks inside, as Donny comes out for DJ…



Doc enters room, strangely noticing a cat in Virgil's lap…


If that thing pisses in here, it's your ass!


I filled a box with sand. This bitch is sleeping in my room.


Speaking of sleep, who's still up?


Just Leon, Sage, Damon and DJ, and whoever's working.

What about Leo? Did he pass out?


Yeah, he got tired of killing me at pong, and called it a

night. That sob will be up in an hour or two, whenever

the sun rises, drink his coffee and be ready to tackle the

day. Me, I'll be up once the sun is closer to setting, than

it is rising!

Cut to DJ (drunk) on the pier.


Where's the sun? What's it take until noon to rise,

at the beach?



Sit your drunk ass down. It's only after 5am, it's at

least another hour until the lights come on.


I'm bored. How far off is that jetty. The one the

battle took place at?


Like three miles. The sun will be setting by the

time you get back.


I'm there! You guys coming?



Bro, you crazy. I'm about to be passing out.


Come on, guys. Once I sleep, I can't do this for another

three months. Help me stay at it. If I can make it until

noon, the sun will keep me going, until it goes back down.


Yeah, good luck with that bullshit.



I'm down! I will show you where Zane's crazy ass

dove in after that bitch.


(drunk, rising)

Hell yeah; let's relive that shit.


Come on, Damon. We can sleep when the apocalypse

is over.


We might be sleeping forever, if we step out onto

that dark ass beach.


Climb on down from that chair you're on! Grow a pair!

There ain't nothing on that beach we can't handle!


Yeah, come on, Damon. Don't make me go straight

and show this girl of yours, a good time, down there

on that dark beach.

Sage laughing.


Woo hoo!



You fools bout to get us killed.

DJ heading for the steps.


DJ, slow down! Flashlights, weapons and more

alcohol, are on the list of things to bring.



Dissolve to the dark beach, with the sound of the ocean…

Suddenly, the sound of a huff can be heard, walking out of the ocean…

Suddenly, someone shines a flashlight on it… Its face looks downward, as it drags itself up onto the beach, and toward the light… It finally looks up at the light, revealing the face of Grandpa Sam, and with the slight sound of Mary, echoing someone's name, "Leo".

POV Leo waking in his hotel room. He rises his upper half, looking at the window, seeing that daybreak is quickly approaching…

He rises to his feet, looking back down at the bed, second-guessing his decision to get out…

Dissolve to dawn, with Leo in his hummer, yawning, then taking a drink of his coffee. Gunner is in the passenger seat, going back to sleep. Leo drives out of the SSH parking lot, turning onto highway 101…


This is it. Exactly where it all went down.



You have to show me the spot where Zane's crazy ass,

jumped in.

Dissolve to them on the jetty, with Sage pointing out the spot where Zane had dove in, after Jordan. They all look all around, at all the beautiful scenery…


(taking a drink)

I can totally see Zane's badass diving in after her.

Sage flashbacks to the image of seeing Zane dive in, as Jordan swims away…


I'll never forget it, although, I honestly thought he was

going to die. Drown or freeze to death…which is probably

what happened to Jordan.


I was so scared during the Red Christmas, but later

that day, out here (shaking head)…not even a little.

I just wanted to kill as many of them as I could.


(holding her glass up)

Which is exactly what we did!


I'll drink to that.

Leon and Damon also drinking…

Dissolve to Leo driving through the gates of the compound, while yawning…

Dissolve to him parking outside, in front of the Baker complex…

Dissolve to Leo walking through the Baker complex…

Suddenly, he can hear Mary calling him, as he turns toward another hallway, seeing Scout, instead of Mary, and shaking his head.


You okay?


Yeah… I might just need to go back to bed for a while.


You were partying like a kid, last night, weren't you? I

should probably be upset with you for not inviting me.



That actually would have been fun, little sister. You are

a lot like DJ, aren't you? In the sense that you can go

back to the bottle for a day, without doing it every day.


Next time, I expect an invite! And speaking of DJ,

didn't he come back with you?



He was still up when I left, and planning to keep

holding his bottle for as long as he can hold off sleep.



I've been there!


He's riding back with Doc, tomorrow. He, Virgil, Leon

and some others, are going to Nike, for some basketball.


I know; I'm catching a ride with them.


Alright sis, I'll see you later. I need a shower!

Leo walking away.


What you should really do, Leo, is ignore your

alarm, and treat yourself to an entire day in bed.


Don't tempt me!

Dissolve to Leo's pills, on the bathroom counter, with the sound of Leo in the shower…

Dissolve to Leo in a robe, leaving the bathroom, where the pills remain, untouched…

Leo walks to his window, looking out for a few moments, before closing the curtains, walking to his bed, and snuggling up inside, making the sound of someone who is extremely happy to be in bed, and ready to pass out…

Dissolve to DJ and them walking the beach, back for the SSH. Sage, Damon and Leon are dragging, but DJ is ready for more…

Dissolve to DJ (alone) standing with his feet in the ocean, wearing shades (sun shining), and swigging from his drink…

Dissolve to DJ, drinking from the end of the pier, where Lucas holds a fishing pole, while Gus reels in a fish. DJ watches him place it in a bucket, full of fish…

Dissolve to Virgil, going through some of the stores, in town. He has a shopping cart, full of litter boxes, and cat food…

Dissolve to DJ and Doc, on one of the hotel balconies, in chairs, swigging from their drinks and overlooking the ocean…


How are you possibly still awake and drinking?


I'm still awake, because still I'm drinking. We played

weekend mushball tournaments at the coast, and did

this kind of thing all the time… Feels like a lifetime ago…

Dissolve to DJ on the wiffle ball field, swigging as he tosses a pitch to Leon, who crushes a ball to the outfield. DJ pitches another, this one crushed onto the balcony of a motel room, for a homerun, over the leftfield fence…

Dissolve to Doc and DJ drinking in the hotel, laughing at Virgil who is carrying inside another box full of sand, and with several cats now racing around through the halls…


Virgil, you will clean those things daily, or the cats

are going back out, and the mice can come on back in.

Virgil looking at DJ.


How about that compound? You guys have a mouse

problem there?


Almost messed my pants when I saw a deer, once,

but nope, no mice. Samantha has a cat farm, there!

Dissolve to Doc and DJ back on the hotel room balcony, watching the sun set (empty plates of food in front of them). DJ finally looks like he is moments from passing out.


It's funny sitting here watching the sun go down, with

someone who finally looks like he's about to go down!

Might be a day and a half, before you rise!


This was the goal. Make it until sundown, and wake up

with the kind of hangover that will make me happy to

wait at least three more months, before coming back

here and drinking your ass under the table, again.


Shit, I ain't denying that! I slept, sobered up and had to

start again, before you finished, so those bragging rights

(toasting him) are yours, brother.

They both take another drink…

Dissolve to the hotel room, with the sound of the toilet flushing, before DJ walks out of the bathroom, not even taking off his shoes, and just flopping down onto the bed, and passing out…



Doc and DJ locked in a room, looking out a window, as the sun is setting. They can see a boat full of men arriving, and Cutter speaking to Donny, and looking over the men, even shaking their hands…


This is not good. Giving you a view of the place, and

now putting us in here, untied. (looking at DJ) He's

not planning on letting us go.


I don't know. I still have no idea where we are.


Neither do I, but I bet describing it to Leo, will tell him

exactly where we are. Cutter won't allow us to do that.

This is not good…

Doc looking over at DJ…


I'm sorry you're here, DJ. The only thing we did right

last night, was get the families, women and children,

to safety. I thought you were with them, until it was

too late to reach you. I'm so sorry, buddy.


Maybe it was meant to be, that I ended up here,

with you.


What do you mean?


Cutter…he freaking kissed me.

Doc's eyes shoot out of his head!


What?! (DJ nodding) He's…


Gay, yes. But…


But what?


I can't tell if he's just messing with me. Trying to

get in my head. He was also talking about Jordan's

daughter, and how he wishes he could raise her at

a place like the compound. He was reading all of

the Monthly Foresters.


Wait…Jordan's daughter? But not his?


No, apparently the father is the infamous Shepard,

but Cutter seems to have a weak spot for her, even

though he hates Jordan, and Shepard, from the

sound of it.


So, back to the kiss. I mean, how did that play out?


It's like I said. Either he connected with me, or

he's messing with me…I don't know what to think.



POV comes from the water, straight at the shoreline, and the brushy area on top of it…

POV very slowly panning in toward the brush…



You're halfway there, Leo…but keep going…you could

stop now, and get them out safely, almost guaranteed…

but also guaranteed, would be more opportunities for

Cutter to come after you and your family. I know you

don't think I care about that family…but they are

Anthony's family, now, which means you no longer

have to fear me…or use those pills to make me go away.

POV finally close enough to see someone camouflaged, blending in with the brush, which of course is Leo…



Those things only prevent your full capabilities, anyhow…

POV behind him, with his view of the sun setting over Cutter's Island, base. He uses his binoculars. His POV of Cutter's Island, as a speedboat takes off, heading toward the island that Leo is currently on…

Leo moves his binoculars toward his own island, where it appears there is a secondary base, with a few armed men standing around…


Kill them all, Leo…kill them all…

POV Leo, sneaking off into the brush…



Chloe lays in a bed, struggling with her fever, now, and saying her goodbyes, as Cody kisses her on the cheek, before moving and allowing Jo to sit at her bedside, as Blake stands off to the side…


(face full of tears)

It breaks my heart, that I'm looking and talking to you

for the last time…but I know that is not true. I know

we are soul mates, and will see each other in a much

better place…even better than this one… We will play

softball together, and you might even be better than

me! Well, probably not.

Both girls laugh, but quickly change back to tears, crushed to be saying goodbye to one another…

Jo rubs her face right up against Chloe's, looking and feeling her one last time, before rising, and leaving the room with Cody, looking back at her one last time, with that smile of hers…

The door closes, as Chloe drops her heads and tries not to weep, as Blake comes to the bed, sitting next to her…

She fights her sadness, finally looking up at him…


Just kiss me…one last time…and walk out the door…

I'm ready, Blake…and you have said and done every

perfect thing that you can…so, just kiss me one last

time, with that beautiful soul of yours, and promise

to look me up, when you get the chance. (a laugh)

I'll be the one playing softball with Jo…

Blake smiles, leans in, and gives her the best, last kiss that he can, and stares at her…


I promise…I'll meet you on the field…

Blake opens the door, stares at her, then goes back for an even longer, last kiss…before turning and leaving…

Chloe closes her eyes…then opens them, weeps, then smiles…and closes her eyes, again…

Cut outside, with Jo giving Blake a hug…both of them full of tears….

Cut back inside, to Chloe still laying there, with eyes closed, and taking what appears to be a final breath…

Someone approaches, using a stethoscope…

It's a doctor, now looking toward someone else, and nodding…

Hunter comes to Chloe's head, and jams a sharp long blade into her brain…

Cut to the doctor opening the door, and leaving, as Jo begins sobbing, knowing that her cousin is now gone…

Cody hugging her, as Blake goes back inside, with a look from Hunter, to Chloe…

Hunter approaches Blake, with a hand over his shoulder, and then pulling him in for a hug…

Hope is standing behind them, in the hallway behind another door, with tears running down her face…



Hope sitting on a bench, watching Blake, who stands at Chloe's grave, before coming over, and taking a seat, next to Hope, in silence…

It's a beautiful day, and there is someone else in the graveyard, visiting a loved one…

Hope finally looks over at Blake, just staring at him, as he stares at Chloe's grave…


Are you okay?


It's hard to worry about how okay I am, when it's been

over a week, now, since they all went north. I guess I'm

worried more people will end up in the ground.


You don't have to remind me. My mom's out there…

but for now, it's okay to deal with the loss in front of you.


(with sarcastic laugh)

Yeah, that way I can deal with the next one. I mean, thank

God I'm not dating anyone who went, but with me, it

doesn't matter. People I care about just keep dropping.


Those people were cared about by all most of us.


That's the thing…I keep losing these people, who

someone else is hurting even more over. I hadn't even

begun to hurt over Joshua, before I lost Eva. Zane's still

not the same, since Joshua, and even though the same

can be said about me, when it comes to Eva…at least

I'm alive… her parents killed themselves right after.

Now, Chloe's gone, and it hurts, it really does…but I

spoke to Cody last night. Jo is hurting, bad…and

knowing all that…it just makes my own pain feel worse…

Blake just shaking his head, as Hope cuddles up against him…


I'm done with love…I can tell you that much…

Hope snuggling him even more…


Thank God you're into girls…cause I'd even shoot

you down, right now.

Hope smiling and looking at him, as he remains straight faced…


Still not smiling, I see…but it's good to see that

beautiful sense of humor of yours, is able to

make an appearance.

Hope smiling as she leans back against him…



Random shots of Doc and DJ watching new men arrive, or hunters bringing tons of meat, and men in training…

POV of both Doc and DJ permitted to take a walk, along the shoreline, of the beautiful island…


This is getting ridiculous. What's he doing?


I don't know. He hasn't spoken to me since the kiss…

but why treat us like this, if he was just going to kill us?


(shaking head)

Gain your trust, maybe. I really don't know, man…

Dissolve to Cutter on that patio, again, as DJ is brought out to him, by Donny, who turns and leaves…


I'm happy to see how comfortable you're becoming, here.


What do you mean?


Demanding to see me?


What the hell are you doing with us? What's the plan, here?


This is home for you, now.


What the hell are you talking about?


You're not only alive, but you're not prisoners. For now,

you'll sleep where you've been, but during the day, you'll

be free to go as you please, at least here on the island,

and of course, you'll contribute.


Cutter, stop screwing with me and just tell me what

is going on?


I just did… Look, if I could change things, I would. I'd

need to kill Leo, regardless, but I'd change everything else.

DJ just giving him a shocked expression…


Leo is bad news, DJ, medicated or not. I know him

better than you. He needs to die.


So, that's what you're doing? Setting him up?


I could have brought another hundred men, to your

hotel, but right now, keeping this place safe, is the

priority. If Shepard never makes it here, then this

is home, and after I kill Leo, I will never need to

bother your people, again.


So, you're going to take that manpower to Seattle,

kill him and anyone he brings with him?


Not to mention possibly save Gallagher and Thunder,

but they are expendable…

DJ just staring at Cutter…


Like I said, if I could change things I would, but these

are my cards and I have no choice but to play them.


Exchange us for your guys, let Leo live, and promise

to remain here and never come to Oregon, again.

Toss your damn cards, and play those ones!

Cutter smiling at him…


You are way too adorable, DJ. But also, gullible. Leo

is a monster, and needs to be put down.


A monster is the kind of person who did God knows

what to our relayers, and killed all those innocent

people at our hotel. Were they monsters, too?

What's your excuse to that?

Cutter just staring at him, without a smile…


Playing my cards, DJ… Playing my cards…

DJ trying to fight back tears…


What does keeping me and Doc here, have to do

with playing your cards? What does keeping me

from my sister, have to do with playing your cards?

DJ shedding a tear…


Please don't keep me from her… Please don't do

that, to her…

Cutter wiping DJ's tear…


I would love to have your sister here. Leo's niece

Samantha would love it here, too. Maybe we can

make that happen…

Cutter kissing DJ's cheek, and leaving, as DJ looks at him as if he has gone absolutely crazy…

Dissolve to DJ on a walk, with Doc…


Oh, he's gonzo, man. Totally flipped! It's like, he's so

drawn to what he read in those Foresters, and knows

he can't be a part of it there, but wants to make it

happen here. First kissing me, then acting like we

should get my sister here, and hey, let's grab Samantha

while we're at it! He's crazy, Doc! Creepy crazy!


Him getting Samantha or your sister, is never going to

happen. This thing with Leo, though, man we have to

do something about that!


Any ideas?


If he's truly crazy, then maybe we have to take

advantage of that… (staring right at DJ) You, have

to take advantage of that.

DJ a skeptical wide-eyed expression, at Doc…



Rich answering the door, with a shocked expression…



Oh my God…

Rich turns around to see Samantha, and now Renee curiously arriving behind her, almost as if she was expecting to see DJ.



The Guardian!

Trisha comes running from behind Renee, and followed by Ashley, as they both run and hug the Guardian, standing at their door…


You actually did it… You came inside the walls…

Dissolve to them all taking her to the town center (Griffey and Eli now with them), and walking her to the tree house replica of the one on Mt. Hood…

Dissolve to her climbing up into the tree house, looking all around, with Renee showing her the room where they slept…

Dissolve to them all just sitting in the tree house, dangling their legs over the deck…


This has been amazing. I'm happy I came in. I look

forward to rereading Samantha's journal, and being

able to picture it better. (looking at Sam/Renee) I

can't imagine what just sitting here, must be like for

you two, (looking at Eli), and you.


It definitely takes us back to that time.


Which feels like a different life.


Like a dream.

Samantha looking directly at Renee.


If you call that a dream, then I don't want any part

of your nightmares!

Some laughs…followed by silence…


My nightmares are bad, until they are funny.

Sam and Renee laughing…


What does that even mean?


Remember before we got here, and were staying

with the convicts, at Glenwood? Well, GW was the

one I thought I'd be tossing and turning over, because

he scared the huff out of me (some laughs), but I had

this one dream, where I thought, like, Paul Bunyan was

trying to chop his way through those walls, and into

the camp…but it turned out to be that damn Colonel

Ballard, guy! (few laughs) He looked like a cartoon

character in the dream, as he broke through the walls,

swinging an ax, that was as big as the people who were

all running away from him!

Many more laughs! The Guardian happy to see Renee laughing…



Doc and DJ in their room, heated over their conversation.


I know it's sick! I know it's the worst thing imaginable,

other than never seeing your sister, again!


It won't even work, Doc! The guy went several rounds

with Leo! And now we know he's as crazy, as Leo! He's

probably playing the same diabolical game that Leo

played, with him.


Listen, all we can –

Doc stops mid-sentence, and looks outside, where commotion appears to be taking over…

They can see people scattering, panicking and racing away…


What the hell is –

DJ cutoff and startled, as an unfamiliar man (with a bag over his shoulder) barges into the room, and is covered in blood/guts…


I'm Slater, and I have no time to explain.

Slater lowers the bag and opens it up.


Right now, I need you guys to smear yourselves in

this crap, like me, or get eaten alive.

The bag is full of a partial corpse, with blood and guts. Doc and DJ look skeptical…


No time, Guys! Do it, now!

Slater begins smearing on them, as they begin taking some out of the bag, as well, and smearing all over themselves…

Cut to Cutter, in his office, looking up when the sound of a gunshot is suddenly heard. Several more go off, as Donny comes charging into his office.


We've got peasants, all over the place!


How the hell is that possible?!

They both go speeding out of the office, as a man (Winborne) opens one of the doors from the other large room.


Donny, over here!

Donny and Cutter rush for the door, looking at Winborne, who is now knelt down over a dead huff, smearing blood and guts all over himself.


What in the god damn hell are you doing, Winborne?


There's too many of them! This is how Slater and I

survived, out there! If you smell and look like them,

they leave you alone! I have a boat not far from here.

This is our only chance to get there.

They continue looking at him, wide-eyed, but also looking around at all the approaching huffs, and commotion of gunshots and other men being eaten, as they decide to use the only option they have, smearing the dead parts all over themselves…

Cut to shots of Cutter's men, shooting the huffs, but being overwhelmed by them. Some of them are being eaten alive, while others are bitten, yet fleeing the scene. Some men are literally rushing into the bay, and swimming away, as some huffs walk into the water, after them. A few different people are leaving in boats…

There are some women and children, who are locking themselves inside, as other men continue to try and shoot through the huffs, before either being overwhelmed, killed or retreating…

Dissolve to Slater, Doc and DJ, disguised as huffs, and roaming away from all the chaos, with some huffs following them…

Dissolve to Winborne, doing the same, and followed by Cutter and Donny, as well as several huffs.

Dissolve to one mob of huffs, merging with another, and eventually most of the others…and walking the shoreline…

Dissolve to Cutter's face, as he, Donny and Winborne lead the herd of huffs along the shoreline, with an empty speedboat, up ahead. Cutter looks from Donny's gut smeared face, to Winborne's.



Who put that boat there?

Winborne not answering, and just continuing to drag his feet, while followed by the rest of the herd…

Cutter continues to eye him, then glancing over and taking notice of Slater…

He then looks at the huffs next to Slater, and comes to the face of Doc and DJ, staring right back at him!

Cutter looks shocked/confused, and then looks at another huff, which comes from right behind him. Its face is heavily smeared with blood and guts, but eventually comes into focus, as Leo! Cutter is stunned! His eyes going wide! Leo cautiously sticks a pistol to his back, as Cutter continues to walk, toward the speedboat ahead…



Leo sneaking through the woods, with the sound of Mary, in his head.



Kill them all, Leo…

Cut to Leo now leaving the woods, and climbing into a speedboat.



Kill them all…

Leo begins speeding away…

Dissolve to late dusk, and Leo now on his yacht, with Sage at the wheel. Leo just stands at the bow, staring out over the Elliott Bay, in deep thought…

Suddenly, Mary comes from behind him, staring at him, as he stares at the view ahead…


We got this, Leo. I helped get you out of Seattle, and

back to your family. I helped you create these allies…

and now, I'll help you finish off Cutter and his men…

She smiles at him, as he continues to zone off, lost in his own thoughts…

Dissolve to night, with the yacht docking in Seattle, as Sage shines a spotlight all over. Leo doesn't see any huffs nearby, and hops down (with a flashlight), tying the yacht to the docks, as Mary climbs down with him…


The huffs will work, Leo… You just need some more

help…and to remember who helped you pull this all

off…once you're safe and back home…deciding

whether or not to take those pills, again…and lose

this ability of yours…

Mary watching Leo, as he thinks over what she's saying…


Lose me…forever…

Mary fading away, as Sage (also with a flashlight) hops down next to Leo… They begin walking away, killing a few huffs along the way…



Cutter looking pissed, as he continues forward, with Leo holding the gun to his back, and surrounded by dozens of huffs…



What are you going to do? Shoot me?



If that's what it takes to shut your ass up!

Cutter remains silent, while walking toward the boat. Doc and DJ are eyeing him, as are Slater and Winborne, who receive looks from him. Donny is wide-eyed, staring directly at Cutter, who continues walking slowly ahead, before suddenly making his move!

He knocks Leo's gun away, and kicks him into the crowd of huffs, who ignore him, and move for Cutter. Leo rises, but slowly, as if dead, and keeping the huffs from going after him, who are now focused on Cutter, and Donny, who are fighting Doc. Winborne goes for Leo's gun, and using it just in time to shoot a huff, and then another.

Slater is rushing DJ toward the boat. Cutter is also rushing that direction, away from the huffs, and waiting for Leo, who catches up, as they begin brawling like never before! They are going at each other hard. Exchanging blows, and martial art moves. The fight is amazing, and even, and anyone's game!

Eventually, the huffs grow closer, and they both jog ahead, just enough to have more time to continue their fight. Slater arrives at the boat, helping DJ up aboard. Doc was kicking Donny's ass, but becomes distracted by huffs, and has to fight some of them off. Donny is then jumped by Winborne, but eventually is able to climb on top of him. A huff comes for Donny, who rolls over, just in time, placing Winborne on top, who is now bitten by the huff, and attacked by several more, as Donny climbs out from under him, and escaping.

Doc jumps him, as they begin fighting, with Leo and Cutter nearby, still going at each other…

Both fights are even for a while, before Doc gets the upper hand, but then loses it, as a huff snaps at him, missing him by maybe a half inch! He's then punched by Donny, going down to the ground, and rolling as far as he can, as huffs are all around him…

Donny jumps in on the fight between Leo, and Cutter, which gives Cutter the upper hand. They begin taking over the fight, and have Leo backing up, toward approaching huffs. Suddenly, Doc jumps back in, kicking the shit out of Donny, and then shoving him into a crowd of huffs, who begin eating him alive…

Doc looks and Leo and Cutter, still going at it. He then looks to the boat, where huffs are approaching.


(shouting at Slater)

Take the boat out! Head down the beach, and

meet us there!

Doc turns, just in time to see Cutter take Leo to the ground, with huffs approaching them. Doc also has huffs approaching him, and begins knocking some down, while dodging others, in attempt to reach Cutter/Leo. Cutter looking down at Leo, as he holds him against the ground, waiting for the huffs to arrive…


You fought well…for an old man!


Being old…is the only reason you're still in this fight!

Leo flipping Cutter over, and jumping on top of him, swinging repeatedly at his face, and not stopping, as the huffs are about to take them both…

Doc arrives just in time, lifting Leo up.


No! I want him alive!

Doc letting Leo go, who grabs Cutter, just in time! He and Doc carry him toward the boat, as Slater speeds it to the shoreline, and he and DJ help them inside…

The huffs begin walking into the water, just in time for the speedboat to take off on them, leaving them soaked and floating away…

DJ staring at Cutter, who stares back at him, with his face to the bottom of the boat, and bloody, as Leo ties his hands behind his back…

Leo then sits up, reaching over the boat, splashing water all over his face, washing off huff blood, and his own blood, with plenty of it still coming from his nose, and other wounds, after the major brawl on the beach, with Cutter…

Slater drives the boat, as he stares out ahead…


Here comes trouble.

Leo and the others all look ahead, where several speedboats are coming at them, from a nearby island…

Cutter smiles, as Leo looks down at him…


You can wipe that arrogant smirk right off your

busted face. I've got your backup, covered.

Doc and DJ looking from Leo, out to the bay, and all around, until spotting a pair of large yachts, one reading "Armageddon", and the other "Clarissa". The yachts are full of Bakers and the other communities. Zane, Mason, Chasin, Gunner, Wyatt, Scout, Solis, Porter, Grover, Colonel Davis, Nikki, Grill, Toast, GW, Stix, Gia, Dakota, Cleo and others, are all there, heavily armed, and speeding right for them, and the approaching speedboats…

Leo allows Cutter to come up, taking a look, as his speedboats begin scattering, while taking heavy fire from the yachts. Several of them are shot dead. Porter aims an RPG, and blows one of the speedboats right out of the water!

Leo smiles down at Cutter, who returns his smile…


It won't be enough, Leo… I have men and weapons

on half the surrounding islands… Your family and

friends won't be enough…

Doc and DJ looking from Cutter and Leo, out to the bay, where the yachts still have the speedboats on the run…

They look out further, where more speedboats are approaching, from different islands. They are full of men, and some of the boats are even larger, also full of men, as Cutter laughs…


You fell for it, Leo… I wanted you to pull this sort of shit,

and was counting on it. Now, you can watch your entire

family go down…leaving your compound more vulnerable

than ever…

Leo watches, as the yachts turn, and head toward Leo's boat.

They all watch, as the yachts continue toward them, with several boats from several islands, also coming at them…

Doc and DJ look at Leo, wondering what's next…

Zane's yacht and the Armageddon, arrive, as they all prepare for the attack, with the approaching boats maybe a minute away…


Game over, Leo…

Zane and others from the yacht are helping Leo and them out of the speedboat, and onto the yacht, when suddenly, more boats are heard, many more. They come speeding around the corner of the nearby island, and right for them, as Leo looks at Cutter and smiles, while beginning to sing the Canadian national anthem, with strange looks from the others. But as they look at all the new approaching boats, they take notice of Canadian flags, hanging from each and every one of them. Gunner begins joining in on the singing…

Leo smiles down at Cutter, who takes notice of the endless amount of Canadian flagged boats, and all the men who are on them, heavily armed…

They are already arriving at the yachts, with many of them speeding past, and right for Cutter's approaching boats. The yachts and rest of the Canadian boats begin speeding forward…


Remember your Canadian enemies? They sure

remember you.

Heavy gunfire soon follows, with tons of Cutter's men being wiped out. They fight back at first, and kill a few Canadians, but eventually they all begin to retreat…

Leo's side is relentless, as they go after each and every one of them, killing one after another, and not losing many of their own…

The fight continues on the water, for the longest time, as most boats choose not to go back to their islands, but to speed away into the bay. The Canadian boats continue the chase, until each and every last boat is caught. They take no prisoners!

Eventually, the fight leaves the water, as the yachts and Canadian boats begin docking at the islands, and killing off whatever leftover threats remain…

They carefully go through all the bases, taking women and children as "prisoners", but very few men…

Dissolve to shots of them cleaning up, and removing the dead…

Dissolve to shots of them speaking with the women and children "prisoners", and allowing them to join the community, even putting them to work, on cleanup duties, and preparations for a brand new community…

Dissolve to a large ship, where the yachts are transporting tons of people, and supplies, as ALL the people from the racetracks appear to be moving onto the islands…



Leo and Sage walk the dock, as Leo takes notice of Zane's yacht, tied to the dock. He smiles and points it out to Sage…


Told you, they'd be here by now…


I still say this plan of yours is as crazy as you are,

without those meds of yours.


(to himself)

That's exactly why I'm off of them!

Dissolve to random shots of Leo and Sage fighting their way through random huffs, and doing what they can to avoid the large herds.

Dissolve to them arriving at the racetracks, as Leo smiles at all the huffs, that remain caged around the entire area…

He and Sage begin holding their hands in the air, as they approach the guards.

Dissolve to Zane, Grover, Mason and the others, all with Rhodes, Mac, Macy, Jesse and other leaders of the racetrack/Canadian community, as they look happy to see a pair of familiar faces, Leo and Sage, who approach with handshakes and hugs…

Sage gets smiles and hugs from Dakota and Cleo, as Leo is happy to hug his sons, before coming over to Dakota, as Zane listens in…


Are you good, Dad? (looking him over)



I'm good, baby girl. I'm good.

Zane and Dakota skeptically staring at him, as he laughs…

Dakota looks to Sage.


Girl, is he good?


I swear, guys. And not only am I good…

Leo looking over Rhodes and the others…


But I have us a plan!

Both Zane and Dakota look from Leo, to Sage…


Should we be worried?



It is a plan…but yes, you should probably be worried.

Leo laughing just a bit…


Don't worry. It's Mary's plan.

Leo glancing at the very questionable expressions of his children, before cracking up…


Sorry! I had to fuck with you guys!


It actually might be a great plan…if there's as much

manpower here as he says…and I don't have to be

one of the ones smeared in huff guts…

Zane becoming intrigued/excited…


And we can actually infiltrate them, like Leo believes…


I'm more than ready, to hear this plan.

Leo looking around…


You guys did pick up Gallagher, right?

Shocked expressions over all their faces…


What in the hell are you talking about?


In order to get Thunder to talk, and give up their

location, I had to demonstrate how "crazy" I am…

and tossed Gallagher's ass in the ocean. He was

tied, but close enough to make it to that same

rock you used to explore, and always said you

wondered if you could swim to shore from there.

Zane just staring at his dad…


(shaking head)

Well, I guess you can. Because he was not there, Dad.


Like I said, he was tied, so must have drowned trying

to make that swim. Regardless, the information received,

would not have been possible without that effect…

Zane semi-nodding with a shrug…


Well then, let's hear this plan, of Mary's.

Leo with a laugh and hand over his son's shoulder…

Dissolve to Leo shaking hands with Slater and Winborne…


These are the right two for the job. They've had real

life stories that should get them in, with Cutter's

people, but they'll need your experiences and

education, when it comes to walking with the dead…


We'll cover that on the trip, there, as well as stopping

at the refinery, and stocking up.


What about this place?


Ghost town. There's no reason to keep it going, is

there? I mean, it's a shame, to just let it go, but I do

have a favor to ask, that just may serve as a "farewell"

sendoff, to the place…


(with a smile)

I'm listening…

Dissolve to shots of them gassing up tons of speedboats, placing Canadian flags on them, and loading up the ship, with everything they can bring, from the racetracks…

Dissolve to them taking a small chunk of the huffs, from the gated ones around the racetrack, and loading them into large U-Haul trucks…

Dissolve to the ship, boats and yachts, all loaded up and leaving the Seattle area…

Dissolve to them all sailing the Elliott Bay…

Dissolve to them porting in Puget Sound, and entering the refinery. Shots of them stocking up on gasoline, tons of it…

Dissolve to them leaving Puget Sound…

Dissolve to them porting at another dock, and unloading the U-Haul trucks…

Dissolve to Slater and Winborne, driving a pair of the U-Haul trucks, down a dirt/rocky road, near the shoreline of the Elliott Bay. There are a few other trucks, full of armed men, keeping them safe from people, or random huffs…

Dissolve to the U-Haul trucks arriving at a location where Leo and all the others are waiting for them…

Dissolve to the huffs being loaded onto the yachts…

Dissolve to the yachts sailing the bay, toward Cutter's island, as POV leaves them, and finds a dozen of the speedboats, up ahead, and going ashore, on the closest island to Cutter's...

The men in those speedboats are armed and jumping out of the boats, onto a brushy shoreline…

Leo (covered in huff guts), Zane, Grover, Mason, Chasin, Scout, Solis, Davis, Nikki, Wyatt, Gunner, Stix, GW, Grill and Toast, are all there, as they follow Leo through the brush, and into the woods…

Dissolve to them coming to the end of the woods, looking out ahead, at the base of some of Cutter's people, who have the best view of his island, from the side in which the yachts are sailing, with all the huffs. It's the same island Leo had previously been on, while taking notes, and scouting the area…

The small army just waits…

POV cuts to Leo, silently killing a pair of guards. Zane and Grover then do the same, as does Mason and Chasin…

Cut to Wyatt and Gunner, killing 2 more guards, as a third one comes out of nowhere, about to shoot Gunner, but stabbed in the back, by Wyatt, with a wide-eyed look of appreciation, from Gunner…

Leo then signals the others, who all leave the brush, and quickly rush to the base, where they all enter together, and begin unloading heavy gunfire, on everyone they come across…

Cut to Cutter's Island, where Sage and Porter are helping Slater and Winborne, get all the huffs from the yacht, onto the dock, and to the island, where they all begin following Slater and Winborne…

Dissolve to Leo, speeding toward the island, and passing the yachts, which both Sage and Porter, are sailing back to the other island, to pick everyone back up…


(into radio)

Once we have our boys secured, you guys can

make your move.


(over radio)

It's a great plan, Dad…it's going to work…

Leo smiling, as Mary sits next to him…



Random shots of Leo, Zane, Grover, Rhodes and others, on each and every one of the islands, looking over the setup, and going over the possibilities…

Dissolve to shots of Sage, Dakota, Cleo, Porter and others, cleaning the yachts (from all the huffs)…

POV Cutter, tied up in one of the rooms of the yachts…

Dissolve to shots of people finding homes for the families, and women/children…

Dissolve to shots of happy children, running all over the beautiful and spacious area…

Dissolve to them securing areas for their animals…

Dissolve to Leo and Rhodes shaking hands, as well as with Zane, Grover, Mason and the others…


You came through, again, Leo. I owe you two lifetime

debts, now. And trust me, I don't care how big his army

is, if Shepard shows up here, he'll have his hands full.


I don't doubt that for a second, Rhodes…and since

you do "owe" me… You did leave those cars fueled

up and ready to go, right?



You and your family are indeed about to have some fun.

Leo shaking his hand, again, with a big smile.


Good deal, Rhodes!

Dissolve to Leo and all his people, on the yachts, sailing the Elliott Bay, full of smiles over the big victory, and the new way of life for their allies…which helps ease the pain of the loss they took at the SSH…

Dissolve to Leo, at the stern of his yacht, sitting with Zane and Dakota, while Grover stands…


I don't know when the last time was that you took

your pills, Dad…but I think you've accomplished what

you set out to do, and no longer have any reasons to

avoid getting back into your routine.

Zane pulling out a bottle…


What he's trying to say, Mr. Hero, is that you no longer

need to be that hero, so take your damn meds!


I agree with her, Leo. I actually think you should have

never stopped. Maybe Mary doesn't control you the

way she did me, maybe she even gives you these epic

ideas of yours…but now she's going to try to talk you

out of letting her go…and that is not easy to overcome…

Zane and Dakota staring at Grover, understanding his experience with the same disease, and the abuse Mary has continued to cause him, even in death…


Sounds like he knows what he's talking about, Dad…

Grover sharing a look with Dakota…


Although it's hella' weird, hearing him call you Leo.

A few laughs…


Not as weird, as it'd be calling my best friend, Dad!

Few more laughs, as he and Dakota share another look, this time with a smile at each other…

Zane rises, as Leo suddenly pulls out his own bottle, opening and taking out a pill, as they all look at him…


Seeing my "new" son, smiling at my beautiful daughter,

is all the reason I need, to get back on these silly things…

Dakota smiles at her dad, then again at Grover, as they all watch him throw the pill back into his mouth.

Dakota begins rising, placing a hand on Leo's shoulder, before walking away.


I'm proud of you, Dad.

Grover nods at his dad, before walking away with Dakota, as they begin speaking with each other…

Zane looks back at them, and then his dad, with a smile…


It's nice to see them talking. That's your doing,

Dad… I'm proud of you, too.

Zane quickly patting his shoulder before walking away, as Leo watches them all...

Leo then turns toward the bay, just staring out at it, and then grabbing the pill from his mouth, which he has NOT swallowed…

He then turns, and watches, as someone else comes from behind him. He watches Mary sit next to him, just staring directly at him, as he turns and looks back at the bay…


I get it, Leo. They love you, and you them. I love my

son, and am happy he has siblings to share you with,

and people to keep him safe. I'm happy the threat of

my father's people are being eliminated, and that

those walls of yours should keep you and my son

safe, until the day we are finally reunited…but…

Mary just staring at him, with pleading eyes, and tears running down her face…


This doesn't have to be the end, Leo… You need me,

and I need you… We can keep this going, and no one

has to know… You already made them believe what

they need to believe… You did that without any

pressure from me… You did it because you know you

can trust me, and that I won't confuse you, or make

you question yourself…

Leo looks at the pill in his hand, then finally turns and faces her…


I didn't lie to them… I just wanted to say good

riddance to you…

Leo places the pill back in his mouth, as heavy tears fall from her face, and he looks away, back at the bay. POV of his face, with Mary offscreen…


(OS, her voice changing)

If it's the last time, then at least see me the way you

did, when you still loved me. See the face of the

woman who dreamed of being your soulmate.

Leo fighting back the urge to swallow that pill, with his own tear developing…


Look at me, Leo…

Leo closed his eyes, and turns toward her, before opening…

His view of the Mary he first met, young and beautiful, and much smaller. She smiles at him, brushing her hand against his face, then wiping his tear…


It's your mind, Leo. I can be whatever you want me to be…

Suddenly, she's dressed in only a bikini, and smiling flirtatiously, at him. She then goes behind him, and begins rubbing his shoulders, as he closes his eyes…


Let me take care of you, Leo…

He sits there allowing her to rub his shoulders, eyes remaining closed, until he finally opens them, and looks startled…

His POV of Fish and Sam, smiling at him…


The Leo we know…can take care of himself…

Leo instantly begins to swallow, as Mary shouts at him!


Leo, NO!

Leo swallows, and closes his eyes, and falls asleep…

Dissolve to Leo waking, as the yacht docks in Seattle…

Dissolve to Leo placing a helmet over his head, as does Zane, Dakota, Cleo, Mason, Chasin, Scout, and most of the others.

Cut to them all taking off, from the starting mark of the racetrack, and speeding around it!

Cut to random shots of all their faces, having the time of their lives, as they race the track. Gw, Stix, Gia, Nikki, Solis, each and every one of them. They are screaming, laughing, cheering, and in complete bliss!

Dissolve to dusk, as they finally come to a stop…



Dakota just grabbing Cleo and giving her a big squeeze. All of their faces are wild with excitement of the experience, yet worn out, from such a long day, and hours of fun!

Dissolve to them loading up on the yacht, and taking off, into the darkness of the Elliott Bay…



Leo drives his hummer through the gates of the compound, followed by all the others…

Dissolve to them all parking in front of the Baker complex, where an army of people are excited and joyous to see them!

They climb out of the vehicles, receiving hugs and high-fives from all the others. Samantha goes through each and every one of them, hugging them with all her might, and then staring at Renee, as a big smile crosses Samantha's face, watching DJ running toward Renee, and hugging her tightly! Rich comes in, hugging them both, as do the girls, Trisha and Ashley. It's complete happiness, with hugs all around, laughter, and tears of joy…

Pepsi is holding their baby girl, as she embraces with Zane. Jessica is doing the same with Grover, and then looking at Zane, with a big smile, followed by a hug, as Pepsi hugs Grover. Jessica continues staring at Zane with a smile, and then at Jessica, as Grover and Zane eye her curiously. Pepsi laughs, and knows the time is right.


I guess I better tell you, before she gives it away

(Jessica laughing) I'm pregnant!

Zane wide-eyed and smiling, and hugging her again! He then stares at her tummy, before shouting out at everyone…


We're pregnant, again!

Everyone applauding!


I'm not sure if your brother told you, but so are they!

Zane staring at Grover with a smile and happy shock! They shake hands.





Zane shouts, again, while pointing at Grover and Jessica.


They're pregnant, too!

More applauding, as others approach the area, cheering the victorious bunch, when suddenly a loud roar of excitement rushes over the group, as Samantha looks over at one of the hummers, where Leo has pulled out Cutter, revealing him to the crowd, who erupt with cheers of his capture!

POV Cutter, looking among the people, and then out and about, taking in the beauty and size of the place, as the people of it, continue to cheer his incarceration…

Leo walks him by the people, including Grover, who speaks to Cutter.


I don't know about you, but this is a moment I'm

certain to never forget.


(next to Grover)

I'll think about it when I lay down to sleep, at night.

Grover and Dakota laughing…


(next to Dakota)

I'll tell my children about it!

Cutter staring at her, as she is grabbed and kissed by Dakota, and patted by other loved ones…

Cutter looks over many of their faces, until spotting DJ, held by Rich, and with his arm around Renee. DJ shares a look with him, as Cutter even smiles, but is then punched, by Mason, as another eruption of cheering takes over!

Dissolve to the jail cells of the Safe House, where the cheering continues, as Leo locks Cutter in a cell, and staring back at him…


You already know the bad news, but…I'm gonna hook

you up with some good news, before we get to the bad…

POV dissolves on the bars of the jail cell, as Cutter stares back at it…

Dissolve to day, and POV of the bars of Jordan's cage, where she stares back at it…



Panning back to Jordan in her cage, looking forward, with the sound of many oncoming footsteps…


Well, well…what do I owe this kind of an audience,

to? Is this the day you finally cut my throat and get

it over with?

Her POV of Leo, Zane, Grover, and many of the others, as they make room, for someone else approaching…

POV Jordan's face, as the shadow of another person arriving at the cage, comes over her…


Can't say I recognize this guy? Someone important?

POV of Hunter, staring directly back at Jordan, with all the hate in the world, for what she did to his father…


I was kept in the dark about your presence, here, yet

probably love my brother more than I ever have, for

what he has done with you, here…and even though

I'm not permitted to leave the compound, as its leader,

I simply had to look into the eyes and the evilness, of

the woman who killed the greatest man who ever lived.

Sadly, for you, your time here, has not come to an end…

but once it does, maybe it'll go something like this…

Hunter turning around, as Jordan looks on…

POV coming from someone being taken forward, through a bunch of compounders, until coming to a cage, and the sight of Leo, Zane, Grover, and then Hunter, before seeing Jordan, looking back at him…

POV Cutter's stunned face, in total shock, looking her up and down, seeing the bruises, scars, filthy hair, lack of clothing, and her missing finger…

Cutter simply begins laughing, loud, as his laughter echoes through the camp, and the woods, and even causes one of the cougars to act out…

His laughter doesn't stop…until his throat is cut from behind, by Leo, who turns to look at him…

Cutter glances at him, and then back at Jordan, forcing a smile, just before collapsing to his death…

Jordan watches in shock, looking down at his dead body, and then back up at Leo and them, as they turn with smirks on their faces, but without a single word, and simply begin walking away…

She is about to speak, but in too much shock, and watches Claw approach, and begin dragging Cutter's body toward the door to the other cage, tossing his body inside with the other cougars…

Jordan just watches, still in shock, as claw closes the cage…

Jordan watches the compounders getting into their vehicles, and driving away. She looks at the hicks, staring at her, with smirks on their faces…

She looks at the cougars, who are curious and sniffing at Cutter's corpse, until spooked, as it comes to life…

Cutter spots Jordan, going her direction for a moment, looking right at her, before turning for the cougars…

Jordan just watches, shaking from the cold and the shock…

The cougars try to avoid him, as long as they can, but as he keeps going for them, they finally take him down, and tear him to shreds…


Sound of the cougars ripping into the flesh of Cutter…


BONUS SCENE (season 5)



Nikki lays in bed, covered up and embraced with Colonel Davis, staring at his face, as he stares upward…


I simply can't believe the world had to end, for

me to meet my forever.

Davis turns to look at her, with a smirk.




If billions of people hadn't died, including people

we both knew and loved…you and I never meet…



Well, that's not dark; not even a little!



I'm sorry. I'm not trying to be morbid, or anything,

and I'd prevent what has happened to the world, if

I could…but (staring at him), I'd be devastated…if it

meant losing you.

Davis staring back at her, then kissing her…

Suddenly, there is a growing glare of a burning fire, coming over them and the room, as they come to take notice of it, reacting with urgency, and climbing out of bed.


What the –


Jesus Christ!

Both of them rushing for the door…

POV of them rushing outside, and looking up at the walls, as the fire gleams all over them…

POV of the walls, heavily burning, all around them, as people begin screaming and reacting to the danger…



Can we even get out of here?!