Season 2, Episode 3 (49 pages)

"Riders on the Storm"





A pitcher from the mound throws a heater, right down the middle, as Fish (same age as he was when he died) swings and misses.

Dissolve to same pitcher throwing another fastball, this time Fish watches it go by.


Outside! We got 1-1 (count).



Good eye, baby!

Dissolve to same pitcher throwing a curveball, as Fish swings and nails it up the middle (in between the two infielders). He runs safely to first base, as Zane and others can be heard cheering (as well as fans from the stands and hotel balconies, hundreds of them!).

Zane at dugout, with Greg, Jagger, Miles and 3 others. Chasin is clapping his hands from the third base coaches box, Troy is walking to the on-deck circle, as Wyatt walks to the plate.


That a baby, Fish! Way to play this game like the

kid that you are!


Way to get that leadoff man on, baby!



Here we go, kid! Two to tie, and three to take

this thing home!

POV goes over the stands (hundreds of fans), over the ball field (1 pitcher, 2 infielders on each side of diamond, 3 outfielders), and over the fans on the rightfield beach area, and in the pool (all cheering)...

Dissolve to Wyatt swinging, hitting the ball up the middle. It's picked up by the shortstop infielder,

who runs to second base, tagging it (before Fish does) and quickly firing the ball to the pitcher, who catches it like a first baseman (they play pitcher mound out rules).


Out at second; safe at first!

Dissolve to Troy swinging, ripping a ball to the gap in right center field. It splits the outfielders, and rolls to the fence, as the crowd cheers. Chasin is holding his hands up in the air (for the runner, Wyatt, to stop at 3rd base), as Wyatt rounds 3rd, stopping and watching the ball. Troy hustles into second, pumping his fist and yelling to his teammates at the dugout.


YEEEAAH, BABY! (holding up hands!)

Zane is approaching the plate, as he and others behind him, at the dugout, are all pumped and cheering...


This is all you, Zane. We've waited seven years

for this, baby!

Dissolve to the pitcher throwing a heater to Zane, who swings and drives one deep to left field. His family/teammates (in background) throw up their hands. Zane runs hard. Both Wyatt and Troy take steps forward, with hands going in air, as the left fielder runs out of room, and watches the ball fly into the hands of fans on their balconies, cheering. The crowd erupts. Zane's hands go in air, as he rounds the bases, his teammates at the plate are jumping up and down, waiting for him.

Fireworks begin blowing up, over the field and above the Hotel. The other players hang their heads as they walk off the field. An announcer comes over the stadium speakers.


That is the first-ever walk-off, Sand Series Championship,

in League history! Also, for the first time in League

history, the Rip City Rippers, and League founders, are

your 4th of July Classic, Sand Series Champions!

Congratulations, Rip City!

Zane crosses the plate, as they all go crazy. They could not be any more happy or excited, and proud of their efforts. Grandpa Sam is in the dugout, with Samantha, who begins running out to Fish, with a giant hug. Then Zane instantly picks her up, high in the air, as she screams with joy.



SAND SERIES CHAMPIONS! We finally did it!

Grandpa Sam is smiling, with a tear. He flashes to a time before the Hotel, when the kids were young and playing wiffleball, on the beach. Some of them were hanging their heads, as the other half celebrated like champions. About twenty friends and family members, watch and cheer...

Grandpa Sam comes out of flash, with his smile and tear, and continues to watch his proud family, celebrate like children, and later they remain celebrating on that same field, at night, with bonfires, drinks, and fireworks exploding above…



Shots of all the chaos in the city, on day 1 of the "zombie" apocalypse, followed by bumper-to-bumper traffic on the highways, and tons of angry/nervous people honking or trying to pull off the road. Shot of Mt. Hood, followed by shots of a huge tree house overlooking a lake, which dissolves into the Columbia River, and traveling down it, through a huge forest fire, before reaching the Bonneville Dam. POV continues down the river, past the Glen Jackson bridge, flowing by tons of houseboats where the dead are falling into the river, chasing after whoever is drifting by…

POV of the Willamette River as it goes under the St. Johns bridge, and up into the hills of Portland. It travels over them, into the Beaverton area, crossing over the top of the Nike World Headquarters, and keeps traveling over farmlands, and into the coast range, finding the Glenwood Market, and a large camp with log walls, across the creek and behind the store…

POV speeds over the Tillamook Forest, Highway 26, and a bunch of other lands, before coming to the Columbia River, traveling west, under the Megler bridge, and into the ocean. It continues along the shoreline, past Astoria, the Haystack Rock of Cannon Beach, coming to a pair of jetties, and following through the channel between them. POV continues up into the nearby hills, finding a large camp, protected by a large log wall…

POV travels back down to the shoreline, and over a huge hotel, with a shot of the Twin Rocks in the ocean. POV travels by the bay of Tillamook, and along Highway 6, back into the coast range, until leaving the road, back into the Tillamook Forest, until coming to a very large compound, hidden away by all the brush and mountain-side, as opening credits roll…



Sam and all the others on the river, rowing along.


It's like your Grandpa takes images of Heaven,

and creates them into real life... No wonder

he's so loaded.


I played there before, but never in one of the

tournaments, or the League.

Sam placing her fingers in carrier, checking on Bailey.


League is sixteen and over, but they have weekend

tourneys during the off-season, for kids... Had...

They all pause a few moments...


It's one thing that you have a compound, but I still

can't believe you're the people who made the Sand

Series Hotel. That place was amazing.


Grandpa always dreamed of making more, along

the beaches of every state, maybe even the states

without beaches.


It was getting huge in Oregon. That's so cool, your

family actually won it all. I was there in 09, I

remember thinking my boys and I could never field

a team, worthy of beating those two squads.


My cousins are crazy good. My dad was a tough

southpaw, with nasty junk. But it took even

them, seven years to win it all.


Was it only family on their team?


The lineup was all family. Chasin only pitched, my

dad was the DH, when he wasn't pitching, and

they had three other friends, who were pitchers.


Including the DH, they had seven in the lineups,

and six on defense. Pitcher mound outs at first

and home, but you had to touch second and third,

for the force outs there. I think that's how it worked?


Sounds right...


When we all die, soon...they better have a

Sand Series Hotel in Heaven!

Sam just turns around, trying to give Eli a dirty, annoyed look, yet can't help but to start laughing, like DJ and Benny do...


You like sports, Renee?

Renee simply shaking her head...


Ping pong is the only thing I ever got her

interested in, and she was Forrest Gump good!


She will have to prove that to me, some day.

Sam smiles at Renee, then looks back to DJ...


Ever heard of Wall Pong?


Wall Pong?


My cousins own an entire block of pubs, in the

city. It's called the Baker Boardwalk.


I like that. I take it, that's your last name?



One of the pubs is called Basement Wall Pong. It's

ping pong, but with wall shots. It's fun to watch!

They have huge tournaments, and run edited

videos of them on the boardwalk website, some

of them even live. It makes a ton of money for

the compound. Grandpa started it all.


Your Grandpa and Walt Disney sound like twins,

separated at birth. What an amazing man!


Speaking of Walt Disney, (looking at Sam) tell

them about that Land of the Great North West,

or whatever it was called.

Sam anxious to speak, but she notices Renee pointing, and begins staring in silence, the direction in which Renee is looking. Everyone else begins staring...

Eventually, you see about a dozen experienced kayakers, passing right by, without a word, just a nod or two. Sam and them just stare, as the group goes by...and then begin to stare at each other...

Dissolve to Sam and them, floating by, as they stare in silence at a small herd of huffs, along the shoreline. The huffs spot them, and begin walking into the water...

Dissolve to them all rowing downriver. Renee points to huffs, who are already in the water. Some of them are stuck, others are going deeper, once they see the kayakers. They get in water over their heads, and begin floating away, some of them sinking.

Both Sam and Eli begin staring at the water, all around them...

Dissolve to them all rowing downriver. They can see people on the shoreline, watching them row by...

Dissolve to Sam looking tired, as does Renee, while they all continue to row...

Suddenly, they flinch as gunshots are heard. They all look around, no one can see anything, or anyone. A couple more shots are fired. Still, no one can see where they're coming from. They hear some screams, and more shots...

Dissolve to Sam and them, rowing downriver. Renee points, as they all look. A dead body is floating, not too far away. It's face down in the water. They row away from it, while peeking at the water all around them...

Dissolve to them all rowing downriver. Benny is quizzically looking at the hazy sky, ahead. Renee is closing her eyes, off and on. Sam is taking a break from rowing, simply staring silently into the water...

Sam slowly begins to notice something falling on or near her face. She looks outward, and then upward...


Is it...snowing?

They all look around, and take notice of the falling flakes, only they are not flakes...


It's ash...

Dissolve to Renee, as she begins pointing. Sam and others looking. Their view up ahead, of smoke rising, as something appears to be burning.

As they get closer, they can tell it looks much bigger than a simple house or two. It's getting bigger and bigger...


We'll be safe, on the water…right?

They all have eerie expressions, as they watch the sky become darker and darker, with smoke...

Dissolve to Sam and the others, rowing close to the opposite side of the river, from the fire, as it burns fiercely, on the other side. It's a forest fire, burning homes and trees. Conditions are extremely smoky.


I know you guys are tired, but we need to give

it our best, right now.

They all begin rowing with all their might, to reach better breathing conditions...



Everyone is exhausted, as they tiredly row toward land, near the Bonneville dam...

There is still smoky/hazy conditions behind them, but they are past the danger...

DJ and Benny begin climbing out of the kayaks, and pulling them in and onto shore. DJ then grabs Eli and Sam's kayak, pulling them in. He begins helping them out. Sandy excitedly jumps out and runs off to use the ladies room. Sam is grabbing Bailey's carrier, bringing him to shore with her. Renee is going after Sandy...


Unfortunately, no time to rest. We need to hike

over to the other side of the dam.


Those guys dragging their kayaks/supplies, and coming to a secure location at the shoreline, on other side of the dam...

Sandy runs off.


Sandy, come back!

Sandy stops and barks a couple times. Everyone stops what they're doing, and looks direction of her barking. They can see another group, about a dozen adults. It's the same people who passed them on the river. They've already set camp, and are sitting around a fire. They're looking back at them...


What do we do?

DJ grabs and places a pistol on his backside. Eli has his gun, Sam is moving toward kayak, grabbing her gun. One of the men from the other group rises, as does another, and they both begin walking toward them.


DJ, what do we do?


Nobody panic, stay totally calm...and shoot their

asses off, if they pull guns on us.

Eli braces, Sam looks nervous, Benny has his hand on his pistol, in his pocket...

Sandy lets the two men arrive at her, patting her on the head as they walk by...


I think they're friendly...but be ready. (looks

directly at Eli) And be careful.

Renee patting her leg, as Sandy approaches back her direction. Sam and Eli eyeing the men, as they approach. Benny and DJ begin taking a few steps toward them, as they begin to arrive.


Hello, there. I'm hoping you folks are as scared

of us, as we are of you?

Man arrives and offers his hand, as DJ shakes it. Other man shaking with Benny.


I'm Thomas. This is Ryan.


(now shaking Ryan's hand)

I'm DJ. This is Benny. (Benny shaking with Thomas)


We saw the kids, and figured we'd roll the dice and

take our chances. You seem like decent folks.


We are, but have been through hell, especially the

kids. (looking right at the kids) If you can even call

them that, anymore, after what they've been through...


I can imagine...even though I don't want to.


Well, we'll leave you guys to it. We just wanted to

introduce ourselves, and let you guys know we

won't be any trouble, for you.


We appreciate that.


(while walking off)

We'll be leaving at first light; good luck to you folks.


Where are you guys heading?


Washougal... We have some land, in the hills.

Private, and worthy of surviving.

DJ gives Sam a look...


We have a compound...a multimillion dollar, one.

Thomas and Ryan stop walking...




Tillamook Forest. It's my family's...


(shaking his head)

Can't reach that destination by river, not to mention

going through the city. I take it, you're extending us

the offer of joining you there, if we travel with you?

DJ nodding with a shrug, and look at Thomas...


An offer I believe we'd decline. (begins walking again)

I'll talk it over with the others, and return if they

disagree, but just sounds too dangerous, compared

to Washougal.

Sam suddenly looks worried, knowing that danger was a reason for the others not to join them. DJ takes notice of Sam.


I hope you didn't mind me doing that, Sam? We'd

just be a lot safer in a big group like that. Didn't

figure they'd be so chicken shit, about it.

DJ and Sam, sharing a smile...


Well (holding a pole)...let's catch some supper.

Benny hands a pole to DJ, and another to Sam, as scene begins dissolving.


Did you just say, supper?

Sam kind of laughing, as she opens the carrier for Bailey, who slowly comes out...

Dissolve to everyone finishing off their "supper", next to the fire. The camp is set up behind them. Bailey is in Sam's lap, eating some fish that Sam feeds him. Eli begins to rise, stretching.


Oh my God, I've had sore arms before, after pitching,

but there is not a part of me, that does not ache.


I know! I used to laugh at my dad, complaining after

basketball or the Sand Series, about his old man parts.

My parts are young, but they sure don't feel like it!


He must have been pretty young, when he had

you, to still be running around in the sand, playing

a kids game?


He retired after that championship. I've seen videos

of him in his younger days, and even before the hotel

was built, when it was just family against family.


Were they ever close to winning it, before last summer?


They were a couple runs away, from making the

Championship, in 08. That's as close as they ever got...



Fish (couple years younger) windups, from the pitcher's mound, and throws a nasty curveball, swung on and missed by the hitter. Fans cheer, as Fish and his teammates hustle off the field. Zane coming in from left field.

POV goes over the field, up the first base side, and up to a fancy balcony, where Leo stands cheering. He sits back down, next to Mary. Kate and a couple of her friends are in the background.


Fish is showing his age, this year. I thought he

was going to shut these guys down, and take us

straight to the Championship. Now we got to get

some damn runs...

Dissolve to Troy hitting the ball to left field, for a base hit. Greg comes into score, as Jagger rounds 3rd base. The left fielder throws to the pitcher, who catches the ball at the mound, just before Jagger touches home.


(with enthusiasm)

He's out, at the plate!

Zane was near the plate (with bat in hand), showing disappointment in the out.


We have two down. That is the tying run at 3rd,

and the winning run at 2nd. Play ball!

Zane steps up to the plate.


Come on, Zane! Put us there, baby!

POV Leo, Mary, Kate, and her friends, all standing.


That would have tied it. Winning run would have

been at 3rd, with 1 out.


Zane's going to win it, right here.


He flakes under pressure.


This guy's already struck him out once today.


(talking only loud enough for Mary)

He won't strikeout. He's got my blood in him after

all. He'll hit it hard, but just miss it. Either pop it

straight up, or a tailor-made fly ball to the wall.

Kate and her friends cheering.


Come on, Zane!

Fish stands on 3rd base, while Wyatt claps his hands from 2nd base, and Troy at 1st base.


Right here, Zane! Time to flip the script!

The pitcher begins winding up, and throws the pitch. Zane thinks about swinging, but holds back.


Nope, outside. Ball 1.

The ump throws the ball (no catcher), back to the pitcher.

Greg is on deck, with others behind him, cheering from dugout.


Way to lay off it, kid! Now get your pitch, and

put us in the Sand Series, baby!

Pitcher begins winding up, and throws the pitch. Zane swings and hits it hard, and deep to left. He looks hopeful, for a split second, before angered, as he runs toward first base and watches. The left fielder easily gets under the ball (with back almost against homer fence/hotel balcony), and makes the catch.

He raises his arms and immediately begins charging toward the infield, to celebrate with his teammates.

Zane drops to the sand, hanging his head...

Leo is looking down toward Zane.



God damn it, son...you guys had it...

Fish is slowly arriving to Zane, who is still hanging his head, in the sand. Fish puts a hand on his shoulder.


I know...it stings like hell. It's what makes you

a true competitor...

Zane looking up, and over at the other team, celebrating...


That was supposed to be us...



Dark (little moonlight) with sound of people sleeping...

Suddenly, there is some panic beginning, from the other camp. It gets louder, and Sandy begins barking.


(too dark to see him)

What's happening?!



Benny turns on a flashlight, as both DJ and Eli get to their feet.


Something's happening to the other group!

Flashlights at the other camp are going everywhere, as DJ and them, all just kind of look and listen, while at the same time reaching for guns, bats, and flashlights.

Sandy begins going toward the commotion.


Sandy! (Sandy stops)


Do we go over there?

DJ thinking...then looks/speaks to Benny.


Please stay here, with Sam and my sister.

Benny nods, as DJ and Eli begin walking over that direction. Eli shines light.


Turn your light off. Be safer if we're not seen,

depending on what's happening.

They carefully work their way over there. Eventually, they come to hear the sound of at least one huff. They don't seem as afraid now, especially Eli, who turns on his light, readies his bat, and confidently begins approaching other group.

DJ turns on his light, and catches up with Eli. The other group appears calmer, but focused, as they mostly group together, with plenty of commotion…

Some of them, take notice of Eli and DJ arriving. Some of them, take notice of not only the bat in Eli's hand, but the spear and gun in DJ's. They begin clearing out of their way...

They reach the middle, where Thomas, Ryan, and four other guys, work hard to take down/secure two different huffs. They beat on them with paddles. One huff gets close to biting one of them, as Ryan uses his paddle, to knock the huff down/away. They have no idea how to kill them.


Oh my God, you people are ridiculous!

Eli simply walking right through the men, and blasting the 1st huff, with one shot to the brain, from his bat. All it takes is one more swing, to smash in the other huff's brain.

The entire group now stands there, staring at Eli and the dead huffs, in total awe. Eli looks at them, then to the dead huffs, and back to them...


You're welcome.

Eli walks away...

They all stare, including DJ...who then turns toward the others, who are now looking back at him.


It has to be the brain...it's the only way to...kill them.

Everyone looks from DJ, to the dead huffs...

Dissolve to DJ arriving back at his camp, with Eli already there...


The day we met, you told me about having anxiety...

(just looking at him) What happened to that?


I grew out of it...

DJ looking at Sam...


Is he okay?


Not even close.


Should I be more like those people? Scared and

weak? Did you see the way they were looking at

me? I feel guilty over how great that makes me

feel...yet at the same time, it's the only thing

really keeping me going...

Others just looking at Eli...DJ nodding...

Dissolve to dawn, as DJ and Eli take down the camp, while Benny, Sam, and Renee are fishing. A pair of couples (holding hands), from the other camp, are approaching...


Hello, there... We wanted to thank you guys for

your assistance, last night. I'm Paul, this is my

wife, Tami. That's Noah, and his wife, Marlana...

Thomas told us of your offer. They're all leaving

soon, but after seeing how well you guys appear

to have adapted to this new world, the four of

us were hoping to go with you, to this

compound of yours?

DJ a smile and look at Sam, who is turned around, looking at the new people (while holding her fishing pole), and smiling back at DJ.


Absolutely...and for the record, the "guy" who

assisted you last night, is actually a kid. He's only

thirteen, and(motioning toward Sam) Sam, over

there, whose family owns the compound, is only

ten. She too, is very capable of handling herself.

The shy one is my sister, Renee. She's the team

lookout. (motioning toward Benny) Benny and I,

hell we're only still here, 'cause they keep us safe.

Paul, Tami, Noah, and Marlana all smiling...


(looking at Eli)

Wow, only thirteen, eh? It was amazing how you

handled yourself, last night. I take it you've

encountered a lot of those?


Sam wrote a letter, that would answer that

question, for you.


We'd heard about what was happening, but didn't

see it with our own eyes, until going downriver.

Last night was the first time, up close...


We didn't even know there was a way to put

them down.


And you're sure the brain is the only way?


Before my brother died, he cut one's head off,

even tried to drown it. Nothing worked...


So, that's where you get it from...(Eli just looking

at him) That was a compliment, son.


Thanks, but I'm not half the person, he was.


Maybe not yet, but you're on your way.


I'm only alive, because of him...(looks/motions

at Sam) Her and I, both.

They all have empathetic looks, at the kids...

Dissolve to the camp completely put away, and packed up in kayaks (2 new kayaks now present). Everyone is finishing up breakfast, and packing up final supplies. The other group, can be seen in the background, kayaking downriver...

DJ has a plastic baggie of leftover fish, he's tying to the kayak, leaving a baggie of fish in the water.


Last call for bathroom... Everyone set?

Sam placing Bailey inside carrier, as Renee watches...


I'm so glad he doesn't run away.


I know. I had a feeling about him, though. He's

calmer than most other cats.

Sam sticking her finger in cage, comforting him. Paul approaches DJ...


We were talking it over, and both Tami and Marlana

are well experienced, and willing to kayak together,

so that Noah and I, could pair up with the kids. That

divides the experience, and only speeds up the trip.

DJ looking at Sam, who is shaking her head, as DJ hesitates to answer...

Tami approaches...


I know we're still strangers, and even though we

haven't experienced the kind of things, that all of

you have, we have suffered loss. Paul and I, have

a daughter, who means the world to us. She lives...

or lived...in San Francisco with her husband and

our grandchild, Kaitlin... Even if they are still out

there...somewhere...how would we ever find

them...or them us? I spend almost every waking

moment trying to answer that question. (shaking

head) I don't know...maybe surviving at your

compound, is a start. (looking right at Sam) We're

no threat to you, sweet children. Having my husband

and our good friend Noah, in those kayaks with you...

is our way of contributing...



Paul is kayaking with Sam, Noah is paired with Eli, Renee smiles as Sandy playfully barks at her, from Benny's kayak. Both Tami and Marlana smile, as they row past the barking dog. They are all moving at a faster speed than they did the day before...

The scenery is beautiful. There are waterfalls. There are small islands, full of trees and beaches. The birds are flying by. It's almost hard to imagine life is the way it is, as everything out there is so peaceful...



A car full of teenagers, laughing as they drive along. The driver gets a text and looks down at her phone. She smiles and looks back up at the road, for a quick moment. She then spends several moments looking/typing on her phone.

Headlights begin shining on her face. She looks up as a car honks, and all her friends scream, as does she, just before impact.



Sam in her kayak, with a tear running down her face...


He was only nine, when it happened. The teenagers

in the other car, were all fine. I guess their karma

comes another way. I spent the first few months,

simply trying to survive. The next few months, I

spent thinking about providing that karma. (smiling

at her husband) Eventually, I realized I still had at

least one great reason to go on.


It's the only thing that got me through it, too...



Player running with football, as he is tackled by opponents, with fans cheering.

Offensive players from sideline running out onto field, as defensive players come in, taking their place on the sideline. One player pats a teammate, as they come off the field.


That a baby! Way to take advantage of your playing time.


Gotta' love a good team virus!

Both players stop in their tracks, staring over toward the stands, where the sound of mass commotion is growing. Their POV of fans scattering, eventually the entire stand of fans, are rising, panicking, and running. Most go around, or right toward and onto football field. Those who aren't running, are simply waiting, and watching. Football players are doing the same.

Once people are out of the way, everyone can see a person, on the ground, ripping flesh off the body of a dead person, and eating. Some people scream, while some, including football players, begin slowly approaching the "attacker". As some of them get closer, the huff eventually rises, and takes a step their direction.

Some of them stop, but many of the football players look angry, and ready to fight. As they get closer, the dead person on the ground, suddenly comes to life, and rises to her feet. Now, everyone turns and scatters, mass commotion as people go fleeing from the scene...



Sam staring at Paul, as he rows and talks.


At least, that's how Thomas said his son explained

it. Once some of the others, began getting similar

stories, of the dead coming back, we knew it wasn't

an exaggeration, as we'd speculated at first. Even

seeing it on the river banks, I don't think it was until

last night, that I fully believed it. Anyhow, that's why

we avoided making this trip, to Washougal, as long as

we could. Until it appeared things weren't improving,

on their own.

Silence for a while, as they row along...


It's gonna' get better...eventually... That's what

my grandpa was born for...



It's a ping pong-themed pub, with a bar on the main level, and 8 different railed areas, with views of basement rooms, with ping pong tables, next to basement walls. Webcams hang over the areas, capturing all the game action.

There are games going on in each and every room. There are spectators (with drinks) watching and cheering from above, as well as below. You can see several shots of players, using the wall to hit the ball off of, and back onto the other side of the table.

Eventually, you come to see Zane, on one side of a pong table, in the middle of an intense game, against someone else. The other player hits a hard shot off the wall. Zane returns it. The other player goes off the wall again, but this time Zane is set up for a monster slam, which is exactly what he does, to the cheering of the fans, as he pumps his fist in victory. The other player is approaching with a smile, and a handshake.

Zane shares high-fives with a few others, while making his way over to another table. He begins watching, as his cousins Greg and Rich (Mason's son, 21), playing against each other. They are going back and forth, one amazing shot after another. Fans are cheering, and with added excitement, after Greg slams one on Rich, but somehow is returned, as the rally continues.

A few shots later. it's Rich who slams one on Greg, but this time, Greg is the one with an impossible return, but only to be slammed again, by Rich. Greg makes a great effort to return the shot, off the wall. It does indeed go off the wall, but too far, as it crosses over the table, landing on the floor.


Eight-six, baby!


(patting Rich and leaves for another room)

You guys are sick! I can't handle watching you

do this, for an entire game.

Zane leaves room, as Rich serves a nasty spinner shot, to Greg.

Cut to their game, now coming from a computer monitor. They are again rallying back and forth, over and over, as POV pans back to Sam, watching (over the internet) from her bedroom, in her pajamas...


Gosh...you guys are just sick...



Paul rowing, as he looks and listens to Sam.


I have so many special memories, but those were

some of my very favorite. Staying up late on Friday

nights, watching my cousins in those tournaments.


Did they win those tournaments?


Sometimes, not always. Rich more than anyone

else. Greg too. Zane sometimes. Some professional,

came once. We all thought Rich could beat him,

because it was his first time playing with wall pong

rules. Didn't happen, though. He destroyed everyone.


I bet Renee could take him.


I don't even know wall pong rules. I don't get it.


Well...something tells me that this compound

we're heading for, probably has wall pong. At

least from the way Sam has described it.



Everyone in the family contributed with creating

what Grandpa called, the recreational part of

surviving the apocalypse. Community events,

sports, and things like that. Even Christmas, will

still exist at the compound.


Wow, really?


(nodding, with a long face)

I don't know about this year... Maybe next year...

Some silence, as they row along...


Maybe Christmas, this year, can be about the people

we've all lost, or will never see again. Rather than

giving to each other, we can give honor, and thoughts

to those who are no longer with us.



More silence, as they row along...


I just want to see my moms, for Christmas...

My family... What's left of them...

More silence...

Sam can see Renee's attention is on something toward the shoreline. Sam turns to look. They all begin looking...

Their view of what looks like over twenty huffs, unaware of them (river is wide), and just walking down the highway road, in between all the abandoned cars...

More silence, as they continue to row...


You called it, DJ. Kayaking was the way to go.


I just hope the weather stays good (cloud cover),

and my idea of a UPS truck, works out, and enough

open road to get us at least to Forest Grove. There

would still be a lot of ground to cover, from foot,

but don't see there being too many huffs to deal

with, in the coast range. People (shrugging)...

Some silence...



Dissolve to Sam yawning as she rows some, stops, begins again. Eli looking pretty tired himself...


Man, I didn't get sore until we stopped yesterday,

but I'm already feeling it, today.


Quit whining, ya big baby. I had to do this for five

days, before we reached Astoria. Of course, we had

music, good food, warm tents, shorelines with

waving people...well...maybe some of them weren't

waving, might have been a middle finger or two, but

it was definitely a better world, back then…

Some silence...


Okay, seriously...what does huff stand for?



Coach throwing batting practice pitch to Eli. Eli crushes it, players shagging in the outfield, are running back for it, and watching it fly over the homerun fence...

The coach throws another pitch, and again Eli crushes it, this time the outfielders don't even move, as they simply watch it fly way over the fence...

Eli takes another powerful swing, this time crushing a line drive grounder, that the infielders get out of the way of, in fear of their lives.

Coach throws another pitch, and Eli sends another ball flying over the fence, as the outfielder shouts to the guy retrieving the other homerun balls.


Another one, for ya'...

Dissolve to a real game, as Eli pitches a blazing fastball from the mound, with the hitter swinging and missing, walking back toward dugout, as Eli and his teammates leave the field, toward their own dugout. Eli's parents, John and Saara, along with Rhett and Amy (about 6 months pregnant), are all next to his dugout, in the stands, cheering.


Way to blow it by him, son!


Way to go, Eli!


Throwing gas, baby brother!


(from dugout as players arrive)

We need base runners. Here we go, now!

Players pumped and cheering, as they enter the dugout. Some of them grabbing helmets. Eli standing against fence, watching...

Dissolve to a pitch coming to the hitter, high and outside, as the hitter begins trotting toward first base.


Ball four.

Players cheering, as another hitter comes to the plate. Eli is now wearing a helmet, and walking into the on-deck circle. His teammates are cheering the hitter, but Eli just swings his bat, and watches.

The pitch comes in, hitter swings and lines a base hit to left-center field. A runner comes in to score, as another, runs to 3rd base. With the outfielder throwing the ball to 3rd base, the guy who hit the ball now runs to second base, clapping and cheering.


Come on, Eli, baby!

Eli slowly heading to the plate. Fans and family, cheering behind him.


You got this, Eli!


Just relax, Eli. Get your pitch, now.


Deep breaths, Eli. Stay calm, buddy!


(from 3rd base box)

Let's go, Eli. Tie and win this game, right here.

Eli steps into the batter's box. He looks nervous, and takes a deep breath. He watches as the pitcher nods, and begins winding up. The pitch comes, and Eli rips it hard, but foul.


Straighten it out, son!


Hey, hit me harder, eh? Little more patience up

there, buddy!


Come on, Eli!


You can do this, Eli. I believe in you, buddy.


You can do it, Eli!

Eli looks from his 3rd base coach, to the cute girl, next to a second cute girl. He steps back in the box. He watches the pitcher nod, and then throw a curveball at him. Eli buckles his knees, and watches it curve back over the plate.


Strike two!


Ohh, I don't know, Blue!


That's okay, Eli. Stay in there, kid. Gotta' be

aggressive, now.


Relax, Eli...deep breaths.

Eli takes a deep breath, with a look from his 3rd base coach, and at the girls again. They are both clapping. He steps back in, taking another deep breath. The pitcher nods, and then throws another curve, this time out of the zone, but Eli chases it. He strikes out. Slowly walking back, and hanging his head...



Noah listening/looking at Eli.


It feels like a lifetime ago... Put me back in that

box, now, and I'd hit that ball, like I hit huffs...

with all the confidence in the world...the way I

hit in batting practice...

Silence, as they row...

Suddenly, someone is honking a car horn. They all turn to look. The person (guy) stops honking and runs outside the car, trying to grab their attention. He runs over near the shoreline, to a child. He picks up the little girl, holding her, for them all to see.

Sam looks to DJ...


I...I don't know what we can do?


I could make room, for them.


It could be a trick.

They stop rowing, drifting in silence, a few moments...


I just...I just don't think we can... What happens

the next time we see someone in need?


I agree...

They can all hear the guy's echoing pleas, for them to come help...


(nodding, with a tear)

I agree...

More silence, as they begin rowing again...except Sam, who simply stares back, toward the man and little girl. Then she looks at Benny, who is rowing back toward shore, where the guy and the girl are...



Benny keeps rowing away. Sandy barks, back toward Renee. Benny looks toward the guy, now excitedly waving his hands. He keeps rowing, toward him. Suddenly, he stops, and just stares toward the guy...

His POV of the guy and his girl, as a woman and two more children approach them...

Benny sits there, watching, knowing they have no room for that many people. DJ and them are in the background, waiting...

Benny begins rowing back, toward DJ and the others...



A father (LANCE, 45ish) in the water, laughing and throwing his little boy (11ish), up and into the water. The boy comes up, laughing. His dad picks him up and throws him again. More laughter from them both...

Suddenly, a car can be heard crashing. They both look toward the sound of it. Now a woman screaming is heard...

Cut to a woodsy road, with a busted up vehicle. POV rolls around side of car, where someone is hunched over something, down on the ground. It looks like a huff eating someone or something. It's a dead deer...

Lance, is coming from trail, onto the road, with his son behind him...

They see the person (female), or huff, hovering over the deer, as she rises and faces them.


Oh, thank God! (she's not a huff!)



Lance dropping the woman off at a towing company.


Thank you, so much. You are such kind folks.


You're very welcome, and good luck with your car.

He smiles and drives off, looking back at his son...


Helping people is the godly thing to do, son...

even sinners deserve what we can offer.

Some silence...


Was she a sinner, Daddy?


Indeed, she was, Benjamin. She was in possession

of a marijuana cigarette, and the language she used,

in which you did not understand, are the kind of

words I will never tolerate coming from your mouth.

They drive on, in silence...



DJ looking at Benny.


It's the way I was raised...

Some silence...


You weren't so ready to help the night we

showed up, at your place.


I thought you were sinners, at first...

More silence...


(talking to Benny)

Are you religious?


I was raised to be...but my mom left my dad, for

a woman. He always said she had lost her place

in Heaven, for it. I couldn't except that...it made

me begin to question everything he dumped on

me, as a kid...

More silence...


My family believes in love. The love people have

for their children and families, is proof of a higher

power...a great one. Everything else, is about

being open-minded, and treating other people,

the way you want to be treated, yourself.

Benny nodding his head. Tami and Marlana, are both nodding, as well...


Sounds like a special family...

More silence... DJ stares ahead...


Coming up on Multnomah Falls, aren't we?


That we are...

More silence...


Anyone...think maybe...once we get there...that

the water will be rising, rather than falling?

Everyone just turns and stares awkwardly at him...


What?... Like we all haven't seen stranger things?

Everyone slowly begins smiling, even kind of cracking up...


Wow... Just wow…

Dissolve to them now passing Multnomah Falls, with a great view of the magnificent scene, as they all stop rowing, and just look at it...


Almost makes you feel like everything is normal...

Silence as they just continue to watch it...

Suddenly, a motorboat can be seen, leaving near the shoreline, at the falls. It is coming right their way.


Oh, shit!

Panic taking over all their expressions, as they begin to row.


It's useless rowing. Just get ready to fire, but

only if we have to!

All of them readying their guns...

As it gets closer, they can come to see that a white flag, is being waved from the motorboat.


That's a good sign, I hope...


It looks like...Multnomah Sheriff's Patrol!


I don't know if that's a good thing, or not...


This is the Multnomah Sheriff's department. Please

do not give us a reason to open fire! We mean you

no harm...

They all look on, as the Multnomah Sheriff's Patrol motorboat, speeds by them. Several officers aiming guns right on them, but not firing...

The group all looks amongst one another, as the boat turns back around and slows down, while coming right at them...



Close-up of the falls, panning back as people stand on the bridge and hike the trails around it. POV pans back more, coming to a sheriff, with DJ and the others.


All in all, there are thirty-seven of us, here. Five

officers, including myself, four US soldiers, and the

rest are family and a handful of civilians. With

some serious firepower, we've been able to keep

away anyone looking for trouble, so far...


How much trouble from the dead?


(shaking head)

We've seen it, but no trouble at all. We've seen

some herds, while out on patrol, and we know

what to do if one comes here.


Are you worried about the fire?



I sure was, at first, but the wind has taken it more

east, and rain should take care of it, soon enough.


So, you like your chances of surviving here?


Supplies are running low, weather will get rough,

soon. So, as you can imagine, your compound is

very intriguing.


So, you'll join us then, with your boat?


(shaking head)

Afraid I just can't do that. My family and the people

who have become my family, depend on me and the

people here, and that boat. We will share whatever

supplies you might need, some food, and wish you

all the luck in the world. If you do make it, we'd

appreciate you thinking about us, if you ever make

it out this way...with a caravan.


Our chances of making it, change dramatically,

with your companionship... (Dave shaking head)


Highway 26 is a mess. You'll have to go off-road at

times, or most of the time. Highway 6 is probably a

mess, too. People fleeing to and from the beaches.

My boat and your journey on the water is not the

issue, it's once you run out of water.

Sam discouraged...


There's no guarantees on the water, either. Eventually,

it'll be flooded with pirates. The best I can offer you is

a radio. You run into any trouble, while still in range,

and I'll be there as soon as I can...

Dissolve to a few people walking around the lodge, a couple tossing a frisbee, and one hanging clothes...

Benny, Sandy, Paul, Tami, Noah, and Marlana are all standing around, next to the lodge.

Cut inside to the gift shop, where DJ, Eli, Sam and Renee, look around. Benny and others can be seen outside. The room is just as it would be, before the apocalypse.


They've really kept this place up.

Woman (Traci) walks inside, with a smile.


We do our best. It gives people a sense of normalcy.

The entire place does. The waterfall, the hike up to

the top. It's not a compound, but it's got hope...

Eli somewhat rolling his eyes, as he flips through some magazine brochures.

Dissolve to Sam and her entire group, inside the beautiful restaurant, filling their tummies. Sandy eats from a plate, as does Bailey. Paul and Tami walk together, over to one of the many great views, this one of the river. Marlana is enjoying her view of the falls. DJ is looking around, taking in the beauty... He comes to see Sam, looking right at him...


We have beautiful places like this, at the

compound, too...


Do you have a waterfall?

Sam giving him a smartass kind of look...


A river and a lake, but no, no waterfall… There are

trails, ball fields, swimming pools, an entire

neighborhood, a gym (Benny, Paul, Tami, Noah and

Marlana all wide-eyed, as she goes on and on), a

farm, animals, pack of dogs, secret passageways,

a park, camouflaged guard tree houses...



DJ and those guys, all rowing away, with the falls in the background...

DJ takes notice of Sam eyeing the Multnomah Sheriff's boat, with a disappointed expression…


When we make it to your compound...we're

totally not sending back a caravan...


What he said...

Sam giving DJ a dirty/amused look…



Rowing in silence...

Dissolve to everyone rowing along. Sam looks bored, tired. Renee is resting her head against her hand, eyes opening and closing...

Paul suddenly loses a paddle, as it hits something in the water.



Noah gets a peek of what looks like a kayak, submerged in the water (what Paul's paddle made contact with), as he sails by it.


There's a kayak under the water. Jesus it looks

like Thomas's!

DJ sailing by it, taking in a good look...

Benny sails by, slowing and reaching down, attempting to bring the kayak up. Marlana and Tami come to it, on opposite side of Benny, and begin lifting it upward...


Yeah, it sure looks like his. (straining) It's really

weighted down.

Suddenly, the kayak quickly flips upward, with Thomas's body still stuck inside (kayak wrapped in tarp, keeping his body inside of it), Tami is screaming and dangerously close, too close!

Thomas snags her shoulder, with his teeth, and pulls her out of the kayak, into the water, as he slips out of his own kayak, still latched to Tami. Marlana was thrown from kayak, into water. Sam and Renee are screaming...





Paul desperately rowing back toward the incident. Benny is helping Marlana, up into his kayak. Noah rows toward them. DJ nervously watches Paul (Sam in same kayak) rowing for his wife, who screams, as she goes up and out of the water, still fighting and taking nabs from Thomas.




It's too late, Paul! Don't let it get you, too!

Renee holding hands over her ears, blocking the horrid screams.

Thomas finally sinks his teeth deep into Tami, who gives a final scream, gargled by water, as she goes under, and is never seen again. Thomas continues to somewhat resurface, but in no control of the water or direction it takes him, as he begins floating away...

Marlana is safe in Benny's kayak, Noah next to it, with his arm over her back, as she weeps...

Sam and Renee are crying. Eli sheds a tear. Paul stares at the water, in too much shock to shed tears. He looks at everyone, then places a gun to his head, and fires.

Sam, Marlana, and Renee all scream. His body falls over into the water. Sam fights to balance the kayak, but is in no shape to give it a proper effort, as the it flips over, spilling her into the river.



DJ, Eli, and Noah all row toward Sam. She is in complete shock, swimming and kicking her body, to avoid being bitten, as if huffs were everywhere in the water. She screams, as DJ and others reach for her, securing her, as Benny arrives. They all help lift her up into his kayak, where Marlana grabs and holds onto her...

They both weep. Renee weeps. Noah is shedding tears...

They all sit there, in silence, weeping... Suddenly, Sam screams at top of her lungs, while rising and looking to the water, toward her flooded kayak.



DJ suddenly looks to the water. His POV of the carrier, sinking. He looks over to Noah and Eli (who are directly next to his kayak).


Watch Renee! Hold the kayak, don't let it flip!

DJ dives into the water. Noah and Eli are holding onto Renee's kayak. DJ goes right for the carrier, pulling it up out of the water, and raising, so that the water can fall out. Bailey is inside, freaking out and spitting water. DJ swims it back to his kayak, placing it inside. He climbs in, looking over Bailey.


Is he okay?!


I actually think he is...

He opens door, pulling Bailey out. He is shaken and soaked. DJ holds him up to Sam. She looks, and leans back in the kayak. Everyone still in complete shock. DJ places Bailey back inside...

They all sit there several moments, in silence, before some of them slowly begin rowing...

DJ comes to take notice of Renee, who is staring out in the water, at something.

As they come closer to it, they can tell it's one of the other kayakers (from Thomas's group), floating in the water, with help of a life-jacket. As they get even closer, they can hear that it's a huff, groaning at them as they go by it. As they continue to row on, they come by more and more of them, floating along in their life-jackets. Groaning, but in no control of themselves...


What happened to them?

They continue to row, in silence. Sam closes her eyes. Marlana is shedding tears. Noah is trying to make eye contact with her. She eventually comes to look back at him...

DJ begins reaching for radio. He turns it on, and speaks into it.


Sheriff Dave, do you copy?... I know we're probably

out of range, but in a little trouble... Sheriff Dave?...

DJ holds it, listening to static for several moments, before turning off...

They row in silence...

POV travels over all their solemn faces...

DJ and Eli are the only ones who watch around, in front of them, behind them, and the shoreline, for whatever trouble is lurking...

They are all silent...as a short audio clip of "The Doors - Riders on the Storm", plays (just the beat and sound of water/rain) while scene dissolves.

Dissolve to everyone still quiet, as they row along. Wind has picked up. Sam (still wet) is freezing. The audio clip now ends, just as Eli becomes totally still, looking and pointing toward the south side shoreline. DJ quickly turns to look. Now everyone looking...

Their POV of several kayaks leaving the shoreline, straight their direction. More kayaks are still taking off. One after another. There is close to a dozen, already. A few more take off, before it ends. Maybe fifteen, coming straight for them. It's a wide river, they are still far from them.


What do we do?!


(looking toward opposite shoreline)

Racing doesn't sound promising...maybe go to

shore, hide? (shrugging) Or hide and shoot them

before they can dock?

They all begin rowing toward shore...

Dissolve to POV through the trees, of the river, as a dozen kayakers work their way inland.

Cut to Sam aiming a gun at them...

POV travels over Eli, DJ, and all the others, aiming guns at the kayakers, except for Renee, who sits off a way, with both Sandy and Bailey (in carrier).

The kayakers are nearing the shoreline. DJ silently signals everyone, then takes the first shot. He hits one of them, knocking them right out of the kayak. Everyone else opens fire, and it quickly turns into a massacre. Several of the kayakers quickly turn, and row away (firing a few shots as they retreat), but the rest are dead or badly wounded in the water...

DJ walks toward the shoreline, stops, and watches...


We just gave them our best punch...let's hope

they don't get back up.

Dissolve to DJ and all of them, dragging their kayaks/supplies, alongside the river...


Okay, this is good enough. We'll row close to the

shoreline for a while...stay out of their sight, in

case they're watching...

They begin dragging everything toward the shoreline, and into the water. They pack and set everything for travel, and push off. They row close to the shoreline...


You really think they're still watching?



No idea, but they could be. Or someone else could

be. I don't know. I'm just...trying to be prepared...

Everyone looking every which way, in silence...

They all flinch, and look at the shoreline side they just came from, as a loud banging noise is heard. It's a huff, falling over garbage cans, trying to head their direction. 3 more huffs are behind it.

DJ notices people inside the house, behind the curtains. They watch as the huffs walk away from their house. Renee and others take notice of a pair of huffs in the water, they appear stuck, in water to their chest. DJ leads kayakers out a little further...then even further...


Can't take any chances. Some of them could be

stuck and submerged. I don't want anyone to

be knocked over by one.

They all look around, and down at the water, and out and about...scared/nervous about everything, as they row in silence...


I killed someone...

Everyone looks at Sam...

They row in silence...


Me too…at least he'll be dead, soon…

More silence…

Dissolve to DJ now leading everyone toward middle of river. There are cars in background (on North shoreline side, side they want to stay close to) driving along the road. DJ is looking toward other shoreline (South side). He squints, and can see what looks like several motorcycles, driving through the abandoned cars, on I-84...

DJ keeps toward the middle, with eyes on both shorelines. Eli is doing the same, as are the rest of the adults...

Sam is dazing, as Marlana rows...

Renee has her head down, resting, but looking outward...


We have to get as far as we can, before we camp.


We need to be picky with finding a place...a safe

place. The shoreline might not work.

DJ nodding...


You guys are being paranoid. We destroyed

those people.


It's not even them I'm worried about. Like the

sheriff said, pirates will take over these waters,

soon...if not already...


In the worst ways imaginable...


People are so ugly...

Everyone rows, in silence...

Dissolve to evening, as everyone is rowing inland, toward north side shoreline...


Once on shore, we go inland, asap.


We should probably go at least a half mile in.


Agreed...(looking at Sam) Then tomorrow we

make it to the St. Johns bridge.

Sam forces a half smile...

They are coming up on the shoreline. Renee suddenly sees something, and immediately points.

DJ looks. He can't see anything. Then he spots several motorcycles.

BOOM, loud gunshot fired. Noah is shot, instantly falling over dead, into the water, with a scream from Marlana.



Eli fights to keeps the kayak balanced (after Noah fell out), as he moves to the middle. DJ and Marlana (in shock, crying) begin turning around, as several men come out, from behind trees or from inside the brush. They open fire on the kayakers, who are turned around and desperately rowing back out into the river.

Sam watches a shot just miss Sandy, as it goes through top part of kayak. She watches several more shots go into the water, near her kayak. She looks up, as more shots are fired into the water, near both DJ and Eli's kayaks.

Now she looks up, as a shot goes right through the chest of Benny. She watches it happen, directly in front of her, as he leans over, falling out of kayak, into the river. Sandy jumps right in after him. Renee screams.

Sam's kayak is simply drifting now, as Marlana is still in too much shock, after her husband's death. She is looking toward his body, floating toward the shoreline.




Marlana snaps out of it, and begins rowing. Shots are slowing down, but a few still fired, and missing. The shooters are out of ammo, and watching from shoreline. One of them is on a radio. The rest, run to their motorcycles.

Sam watches Sandy, barking/wimpering for Benny. Renee is crying. Sandy begins swimming toward Sam's kayak, but can't catch up, she turns and swims toward shore. Benny becomes a huff. Sandy swims toward him. He is snapping at her, but unable to reach her, as he floats in the water with his life-jacket. Sandy seems confused. Renee cries as she watches. Sam also watching, with a quick flash of her father, biting into Merry. Sandy begins going back toward shoreline, again.

They all watch, as Sandy climbs up onto shore, looking back at them. They are still heading toward middle of river...


We have to go back for her!


We can't, Renee. We can't...

Renee weeps like never before. Sam begins weeping herself. Marlana has not yet stopped crying, while rowing...

Sandy watches from the shoreline, simply sitting and quietly whining, as they row further and further away...

DJ looks outward, he can see the Glen Jackson Bridge (1-205)...

He begins looking all directions, especially back behind them...


What now?


I saw one of them on a radio... They must have

more people, nearby...


We're screwed...

DJ rowing hard, using body language to inspire Marlana to row, harder.

Everyone silent, except Renee and Marlana, still crying. Renee stares toward the shoreline, looking for Sandy. DJ looks from her, to Marlana...


(speaking to Marlana)

Marlana...you're still with people who care about

you...people who need you. I know you're hurting,

like we are, and have for some time now... I'm going

to mourn with you, later tonight...when we're all safe...

She looks up at him, musters a half nod, and begins rowing harder...while still shedding tears...

DJ looks at Renee...he almost says something, but decides against it...

They row in silence...

DJ comes to see the motorcycles, on the north side, through the brush/trees/houses, riding on the highway. The view of them goes away. DJ is thinking...

He begins scanning the shoreline of the bikers, then looks at the bridge, then to the opposite shoreline, and back to the biker side shoreline...


(kind of speaking to himself)

They can't see us right now. They have that radio...

DJ just thinking, as Eli stares at him...


We need to go to shore, this (motioning to biker

side) side, before anyone else comes behind us...

but not yet...not until we give them more area to

cover...in case they search for us...


Are you sure?



Not at all...




Silence...everyone looking to DJ for the answer...he just shakes head...


I don't know... I don't know...

DJ just zoning ahead, as he and others row, in silence...

Suddenly, Eli goes wide-eyed, and points behind them. Everyone turns.

Their POV of several kayakers, gaining ground, their direction...

DJ begins rowing to biker side shoreline, as others follow, while panicking...


Row, Renee, row!

Everyone rowing hard...


They're coming fast!

They keep rowing, as fast and hard as they can, but Marlana rows alone, and still shaken up, exhausted...

DJ can hear motorcycles, as he looks, but can't see them. He has panic all over his face, defeat taking over. Yet he continues to row.


Come on Marlana, row! We must make it to land!

Eli is now tiring, and falling behind...


Find your second wind, All-Star!

Eli trying to keep going strong...

Marlana giving it her best, but fading...

Renee is fading...

Sam crying...

Eli grabs his gun.


Keep rowing!

The other kayakers open fire on them. Just a few shots. They are making serious ground...

Eli fires a shot back at them.


Save your ammo! Keep rowing!


It's no use!

A few more shots are fired from other kayakers. Getting closer...




DJ and all of them quickly turn, to see Sheriff Dave's boat, heading right for kayakers, who turn and open fire on him. Sheriff Dave and others, fire back, and begin blowing them away. They pass them, turn, and open fire on them again.

DJ, Sam, and Eli, are all cheering.



Sheriff Dave turns boat around one more time, circling back and finishing them off...

He now cruises over to DJ and them...


(as arriving)

Somebody make a distress call?



Sheriff Dave on his boat (docked) along with a couple others, talking with DJ and his people.


I tried to warn you guys. I don't even feel safe out

there, with this, let alone a kayak, and no place safe

to sleep at night... Now please, get in and come back

to the lodge, with me. I can tow the kayaks...

DJ looks at Sam, looking back at him. He looks to Eli and Renee (still very upset), and to Marlana (quiet/sad). He shakes his head.


We've come this far...turn around now and we'll

lose any chances we have, of using the river.

He looks at Sam again...


We're one safe night's sleep away, from pulling

this off...that and...one trip through the infested

city...we got this...

Dissolve to Sheriff Dave's boat now towing DJ and them (inside of their kayaks). He tows them down river, until he points toward a safe-looking location, and begins taking them to the north shoreline...

Dissolve to DJ and all of them now on the shoreline, towing their kayaks/gear (only 2 kayaks, now), with Sheriff Dave in background, on river, heading back toward the Glen Jackson Bridge...


We can't take any chances, of those guys scanning

the shoreline area, all night. I know we're all tired

and hungry, but we have to keep going...

POV scanning over their worn-out faces, coming to Sam's. You can see her thoughts, as scene dissolves...



Zane and Sam work on fighting techniques. Sam is doing quite well, but exhausted.


You are just sick, kiddo. Not only mastering your

moves, but I can see the exhaustion in your face,

yet you just keep going. You'd go run a mile with

me right now, if I requested it. (she keeps coming

at him) You're a machine!

Fish walks into room, with waters, and a smile...


Like she's going to let her big cousin see her ask for

a break. What do you think she is, a ten-year-old?

Fish hands them both waters, as they stop and drink...


(looking at his tired daughter)

She'll be out, upon contact with the pillow, tonight.


The reward of hard work, Zane says.


(looking at her with a smile)

I'm pretty sure your dad has said that once

or twice, too.

Zane smiling, Fish too.


I'm just glad you didn't have a son. He'd already

be taking me!

Sam instantly goes after him, making a skilled shot at him, as he laughs...


Stop calling me a girl!

Zane cracking up. Fish laughing too...


You know what I mean! Mr. chauvinist!


If you weren't just a little girl, you'd be hitting

me right now, but you can't!

She's actually getting angry, over not being able to break through his defensive moves.


That's right! Be angry, over being a little girl! Be

stronger than that little girl! Teach her how to

survive! Teach her to be a leader! Teach her to

fight like a boy!

Fish begins attacking Zane, forcing him to defend himself, making it more difficult to block Sam's shots.


What? You think I can't handle a little girl,

and a fish!

Fish gets more aggressive, as Zane gets caught up in defending his shots, and Sam finally makes contact with hers. Zane goes down, pretending to be in real pain. Sam goes down to him, but is swooped up by his arms. He immediately begins tickling her tummy, as she jumps in tickled hysterics...



Zane flipping pancakes, Sam eagerly waiting at counter, on a stool. Fish enters kitchen, with car keys.


Appreciate you dropping her off at her moms,

later. But pancakes, dishes, washing my car,

actually working a vacuum cleaner, and mowing

the lawn, are things you don't have to do, every

time you crash here.


I didn't wash your car...


I know, that's why I mentioned it, what the hell's

the matter with you?!

Both Sam and Zane throw something at him.


I missed staying with you guys. Ever since I left

home, I barely stay here anymore.

Fish starts quickly eating a pancake (without even sitting).


Move in!


Then I get his place!




I wish you guys would just move to the compound.

It's like our own community there. Plus, Dad doesn't

even reside there.


I will someday, but not until Sam grows up in

the real world.

Fish giving Sam a kiss on the forehead.


Bye-bye, sweetheart. Say hi to your moms for me.

I will see you next weekend.

Fish goes over and tries to give Zane a kiss, but Zane blocks it with a skilled maneuver.


(talking to Zane)

Bye, sweetheart.

Fish leaves with a laugh from Sam, as Zane flips a pancake onto her plate...


I miss those days... I hated you and Uncle Leo

always fighting, but understood... The good thing

is, it meant you always staying here. You were like

a big brother to me, back then.


You and your dad always made me feel welcome,

here. He was like a big brother to me, growing up.

Zane flipping himself a pancake...


Can I tell you a secret?


You can tell me absolutely anything.


I wish my dad would move to the compound,

too. I love it there!


Yeah, I know. Your dad does, too. I agree with his

idea of raising you away from there. That way

you're never dependent on it, and grow up being

able to survive on your own.


Is that the only reason? Or is he really scared

of your dad?


He's not scared of him. He's just the most vocal

with him, besides me, about Mary, and his meds.

Your dad is the one who tells my dad, what he

needs to hear…because he loves his big brother…

Zane smiling at her…



Their worn-out faces, are now faces of complete exhaustion, as DJ leads them into an old garage type of structure. They all just sit, in silence... Sam opens Bailey's cage... Renee looks at Bailey, and begins shedding some tears...

DJ eventually forces himself to rise...


I'm sorry guys...if you don't get back up now,

you won't be able to, in five minutes. Just have

to fix an area to sleep, and make a fire. I have

enough fish for dinner. We can worry about

breakfast after we sleep.

Dissolve to a very half-ass camp, set up, fish leftovers lying around, fire still burning, and all three kids in sleeping bags, totally passed out. Marlana sits next to fire, weeping. DJ comes, sitting next to her, placing hand around her...



Close-up of river water...

Eventually, Sandy swims by, she comes to Benny, who bites into her flesh, taking them both under, as the water above, becomes red...

Dissolve to Renee, tossing and turning, as she sleeps...

Dissolve to close-up of river water...

Thomas and his kayak pop up, biting into Tami and taking her back underwater, with him...

Dissolve to Eli, tossing and turning, as he sleeps...

Dissolve to close-up of river water...

Sound of gunshot, as Paul falls into the water. Sam is wide-eyed as she fights for balance, and looks at Paul, as she falls into water. He is now a huff and ripping into her flesh, as she falls onto him. He drags her underwater with his teeth...

Dissolve to Sam, tossing and turning, as she sleeps...

Dissolve to close-up of river water...

Sound of motorboat, getting closer. Sheriff Dave zips by, towing a water skier. The water skier is a huff. Sheriff Dave begins firing at it. He hits it over and over, finally killing it, with a head shot...

Dissolve to DJ, tossing and turning, as he sleeps…

Dissolve to close-up of river water...

Noah floats by, dead...

He floats by again, as a huff...

He swims by now, smiling and holding his nine-year-old boy, also smiling...

Dissolve to Marlana, tossing and turning, as she sleeps...



DJ slowly walking outside, where Marlana already has a fire burning, with beans heating up. She looks and sees DJ...then looks upward...


If there was still a weather report, I'm thinking it'd

be calling for rain.


Well...look at you...


I used my husband to survive the last tragedy...I'll use

the thought and image of him, and our son, together,

to get through this one...


(hand on her shoulder)

You are one special woman...

She puts her hand over his hand...

Sam walks out, soon followed by Eli... Marlana looks over at them.


Hot beans, come and get it. Need that energy.

Today is the day...

DJ heading inside.


I'll wake Renee...

Dissolve to DJ and all of them, now hiking and dragging along their kayaks/supplies. It's beginning to rain. There is a big hill to go down, with the highway (highway 14) down below, and the river, less than a quarter mile from the highway.

The sound of motorcycles begins to be heard, as DJ freezes, before leading them all behind an old shed, with brush, to hide in/around. They watch down below, where motorcycles go by, heading west, toward the Interstate Bridge. Suddenly, DJ spots something in the river, also heading west. It looks like several kayaks. Eli takes notice of what DJ is looking at...


Is that...



God damn kayak gang, is what they are...

DJ just standing there, thinking, while he stares toward kayakers...


What do we do?


That was my question...

DJ still thinking, rain is beginning to fall harder...


It looks like three of them. If that's the last of

them, then we have a shot.


A shot?


Either they'll all go down the river, to the mouth

of the Willamette, or they'll split up, and one of

them will take the smaller channel, through

Hayden Island. We can take just one of them.


What if they turn around, or guard both channels?

DJ thinking...


(shaking head)

I don't know what else to do?

DJ looking at everyone...


We have weapons...we see them...we row right

at them...guns blazing...

Eli nodding...

They all begin walking downhill, while the rain really picks up...


Be careful, it's getting slick.

Suddenly, they can hear huffs, a lot of them, an entire herd of them! They could hear DJ and them, dragging their kayaks/gear.

The huffs begin falling down the hill, unable to find the proper balance to walk down it. Some of them falling toward DJ and them, who begin hurrying down the hill. Huffs are rolling past them, to the bottom. A huff rolls over Eli, who drops the rope that tugs the kayak. Eli falls and begins rolling, with the huff.



The huff is snapping at Eli, who finally pulls away and begins to rise, while the huff continues rolling.


He didn't bite you, did he?!

Eli shaking head. They all begin hurrying down the hill, at an angle, as the huffs at the bottom, are now rising to their feet, coming back uphill...


We need to get to the highway! We can lose

them on the other side.

Renee slips, and rolls downward a ways.



A couple huffs are dangerously close to her. One of them reaches and has a hold of her.



Suddenly, a dog begins growling, as it leaps into the air, knocking that huff flat on the ground. Renee goes down for a second, but rises, her face developing excitement.



Sandy runs and attacks the second huff, as DJ grabs Renee, and they both run with the others.


Come on, Sandy!

Sandy is bitten, wait, no she is not. She just gets away, and goes running with them. They reach the highway, dashing across it. They run through some grassy area, into a yard, and disappearing in between the houses. The huffs are just now crossing the highway, as the rain is now pouring...

"The Doors - Riders on the Storm" begins playing (8 seconds before lyrics begin, with sound of thunder and rain falling) as scene dissolves...

( watch?v=n-SpyO6bcwc )



Song playing, sound of rain.

Rain is dumping. DJ and them in kayaks, pushing off into river. DJ is in back, with Renee in middle, and Sam in front, rowing. Eli is in back of his kayak, with Sandy in middle, and Marlana in front. Sandy barks...


"Riders on the storm... Riders on the storm... Into this house we're born... Into this world we're thrown."

They begin rowing outward, getting soaked in the rain. They look back, as huffs begin coming over the hill, falling and rolling down to the shoreline...


"Like a dog without a bone, an actor on his own, riders on the storm."

Sandy barking at the huffs. DJ and them all looking, as they row. Their view of huffs, walking into water...


"There's a killer on the road. His brain is squimin' like a toad."

DJ stops looking at huffs, and looks out and about, over the river in front of them...


"Take a long holiday. Let your children play."

Marlana rowing, with hope of surviving. Sam rows, while Renee stares at Sandy...



"If ya give this man a ride, sweet memory will die. Killer on the road, yeah..."

DJ and them looking ahead, as they enter the channel on the left, the smaller one. A green bridge (Interstate Bridge) is up ahead, off to the right, over the larger channel.

Houseboats fill the smaller channel. The rain still pours, as they all look around, and ahead, while they continue to row...


Song continues (instrumentally) with credits...