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TITLE: Ringu (Ring) --SD Version


GENRE: Supernatural / Horror (?)

PAIRING: ?????? Sadako with an SD Boy?????? *evil grin*

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Cream-colored eyelids snapped open to the shrill ringing of the phone revealing a pair of fear-stricken brown eyes that instantly stared into space. Naoe Kojima felt her blood turn to ice as her hand flew and clutched at her chest within which her heart was pounding out a deafening, chaotic rhythm. Cold sweat began to break on her skin. The apprehension that she had been trying to abate surged through her nerves like a shuttle at Mach 2 speed.

The phone rang again.

The shivering brunette slowly turned her gaze to the dark, cryptic TV screen. Utterly wary... utterly timorous... She had been watching the local news a while ago as she quietly munched on a bowl of popcorn. Her attention was unwaveringly riveted to the screen until that certain report came up. And as stupid as it may have sounded to some, it left with her an overpowering effect that screamed of terror. Of a vague yet haunting truth that she alone would ever know and comprehend.

The heartless gizmo, wholly indifferent to the uneasiness it had induced in her, squealed again. This time it was followed by a brief beeping sound that let in a warm, cheerful manly voice she knew so well.

"Hey, Nao-chan, asleep already?" The first few words worked their way toward gradually soothing the fear that had come so close to completely overwhelming her.


Some miles away, in a training camp outside of Kanagawa, the human hedgehog, ace player and captain of Ryonan High's basketball team was practically crying into the phone amidst the pandemonium going on around him. "This is Akira. Your Akira..." He chuckled as he ducked to evade a square, fluffy pillow sailing straight for his face. "C'mon pick up. I know you can't resist me..."

"Whatever," Hiroaki Koshino rolled his eyes heavenward and flopped himself on the couch beside his best friend. But his butt had hardly touched the cushion when a jumbo-sized teddy bear hit him square on the face. "Urgh, Fukuda!!!" he growled before jumping to his feet to chase his assailant all around the cabin.

Akira Sendoh regarded them with an amused smile for a second before turning his attention back to the phone in his hand. Then, in a soft, flirtatious yet affectionate voice, he said, "I miss you, baby... please..."


Sendoh had to actually pull the receiver an inch off his ear to save his head from rattling up. "Hey, aren't we a little too excited?" The smile on his lips grew even more amused. "I know I haven't called you for a long while but you didn't have to--"

"Don't bloat. I'm just glad someone called."

Sendoh pouted and said in a whiney voice, "Aw, c'mon, didn't you miss me at all?"


Naoe playfully twirled the phone wire in her forefinger as she strained to hear her boyfriend's voice amidst the din that was filling up more than half of the other line. "Didn't you?"

"Look, honey, I'm really sorry," Sendoh's voice was soft and imploring. "This week has been a very busy one, we hardly even have time to do our own stuffs!"

Naoe, not letting herself be swayed by the guy's charms just yet, proceeded to play with him some more, "Oh, and I see you're having a party over there."

"Not a party. Just a childish pillow WAR." Sendoh grunted. "Kosh! Leave me alone for a while, will ya?!"

"You hardly have time, ne?"

"Please, baby, I said I was sorry." Sendoh grunted again. "KOSH!"

"It wasn't me!" Koshino chortled in the background before another voice, a timid sounding one guiltily admitted to the crime. "It was me, Sendoh-san. Gomen..."

Naoe could almost swear she felt the air of Sendoh's heavy sigh from the other line. It made her chuckle.

"You wouldn't be chuckling like that if you were in my position," Sendoh said in mild reprimand. "Taoka-sensei's out and they're all just being so wild and all. These guys--even goody-goody Hikoichi--OUCH! HEY!"

Naoe unleashed a louder set of laughter at her boyfriend's misfortune. "Serves you right."


"Wh-What? HEY!" Suddenly aware of a raise in the tone of his voice, Sendoh took a deep breath to calm himself. "Nao-chan, y'know this is more than what I deserve. God knows how much I miss you..." Sendoh was suddenly fusilladed by pillows and stuffed toys of different shapes and sizes.

"YUCK! Sendoh, you're such a sap!" Koshino's remark was followed by a series of "BOOS" and "GET LOST" exclamations from the other team members. Naoe's loud, taunting laughter from the other line only helped in inciting his irritation more.

"Nao-chan, I'm serious." He threw a glare that quietly said "stop-now-or-you-die" to his subordinates. The guys, though a bit taken aback by the unlikely expression on their genial captain's face, instantly stopped guffawing but still wore teasing smiles on their faces as they cautiously retrieved their weapons. "Nao-chan..."

"Okay, okay," Naoe sounded like she's in the process of halting her laughter but was not making any progress, whatsoever. "You're forgiven..."

"I can't hear you," Sendoh teased in a sing-songy voice.

"I said," Naoe chortled, "get lost you JERK!"

"Nao-chan..." Sendoh whined beseechingly.

"I miss you, too."


The house was now very quiet, save for the then calm, and rhythmic breathing of one of the luckiest girls in Kanagawa. "And I wish you were here with me right now."

Ryonan's ace and resident heartthrob comforted her with an assurance uttered in such a sweet, sincere voice that could make even the devil himself faint with delight. "I will be with you, soon, baby. Just a little more patience..."

"Anou, Aki-chan..." The tremble in her voice startled even Naoe herself. She could feel the fear from a while ago subduing her once more.

Sendoh's voice reflected his concern, "Is anything wrong? You sound a bit--"

"I was watching the news," Naoe cut in immediately. Not wanting the truth to be rubbed to her face. Hell, she knew she was scared, already! No need to let her boyfriend tell her that.


"There was this girl! God, I can't forget the look on her face! She looked like she's been to hell and back... and to hell and back again! And to hell and..."

"Hush," Sendoh's voice was now soft and soothing. "I get your point..."

"Something killed her Aki-chan! Something that I fear could be after me too!" A drop of tear rushed down her cheek but Naoe was hardly aware of it. "And that something is very near..."

"Nao-chan, please calm down. I honestly don't get what you're talking about, though you're really beginning to scare the hell out of me here!"

Naoe took a deep breath and tried to compose as much of herself as possible. She couldn't blame Sendoh if he resorted to think she was going crazy. She thought she was herself. "Have you watched the video?"


"The one I gave you a week ago. Did you watch it?" Naoe's agitation was beginning to eat at her again.

"Oh, sheesh! I knew I forgot something at home!"

Naoe almost shouted "BAKA!" to the phone, but held herself back and instead squeezed her eyes shut. She always knew he was a baka, but she loved him just the same. So, there's absolutely no reason to hate him now...

"Is... is it... that important?" Sendoh asked a bit timidly.

"Oh, I don't know," Naoe sighed exasperatedly... frustratedly... "Maybe I'm just making a little too much out of it." It wasn't like her to believe too easily in such a farfetched story. So wasn't her at all.

"What's in that video anyway?" Sendoh's curiosity was utterly evident.

"Crap," Naoe simply said. Then, a sudden force jerked her head up to look at the clock on the wall. And the fear that she was attempting to dispose off began to wash over her again as she registered the time-- 10:25. It was the exact same time that she... last week...

She shook the thought from off her head and as she was doing so, her eyes got glued on the framed painting in front of her. Her eyes grew wide and she gasped, consequently losing hold on the receiver...


Sendoh found himself buried in a mound of pillows and stuffed toys once again. The guys were airing their disappointment at his not bringing that certain video with him. Some were even chanting the word "SMUT! SMUT!" over and over that he felt totally humiliated. Was this how his mates look at him? God, he didn't even own the video! It was Naoe's video!

Speaking of whom... Sendoh pushed the pillows off and groped for the phone that had been rudely thrown to the floor by the unexpected attack. He put the receiver to his ears, "Nao-chan. Nao--" Sendoh's heart skipped with agitation as the eerie, screeching sound from the other line filled his ear...


A/N: Um, yeah, that was the first part of this fiction. Please be gentle with me. This is my first horror fic. Or, is it scary enough to be a horror fic? Anyway, not all of us can be Stephen King at first try, ne? I'll try to make it scarier in the proceeding parts. Hm... I think I need to find Sadako and learn some tricks from her... *rushes off in her quest*