I am finally starting the idea I said a little while ago!

My high school AU based on my SYOT!

Fanfiction about Fanfiction!

Don't worry if you haven't read it, (though it's only about 30 thousand words so check it out!) I will be introducing two new original characters, one that's new to the school, and one that's a tour guide.

Sound ok?

The list

Main Characters:

Carolyn Scotts

Ian Shark

Jacob Perkret

Amber Blacksmith

Secondary Characters:

Maya Klean

Natalia Bonheaur

Madhi Quick

Avy Anna Green

Antoinette Bloodstone

Shaft Grey

Ulcrich Lockwood

Lysander Reed

Annette Bourreau

Travis Rodgers

Siaria Rohan


English: Kiera Jewel

Science: Lesli Jewel

Maths (I'm English I call it maths): Siron Kings

Art: Jerali File

Music: Shengi Baker

PE: Rika Finks

Head Teacher: Sharron James


Although it is mostly original I had a bit of help coming up with how to the districts work. You know who you are (HIIIIIIII) and if you want credit just tell me.

It'll be a boarding school and each district will either be based on what your extra curricular activity is, or what your family does.

District 1: Jewellary making

District 2: Training

District 3: Eletronics

District 4: Anything water related

District 5: Nucular power (is that something you can do?)

District 6: Mechanics

District 7: Lumber work

District 8: Textiles

District 9: Field work

District 10: Animals

District 11: Agriculture

District 12: Unsure

Form if you want a character to be the Tour guide (narrator has been taken)








Average outfit:



Tour Guide or newbie:


Tour Guide Submissions: 1

Even if it has a submission it isn't closed

Obviously you may not want to read a Fanfiction of a Fanfiction and if you don't want your character in this just review/Pm me.