So yeah! My amazing mother decided it would be hilarious to drag me out of my junior yeah at high school and send me to some snobby boarding school. I'd been caught drinking several times and age decided it would be better to get me out 'before I went onto harder stuff!'

She trusts me so much.

Of course I didn't take this lightly and I was in the car in my jeans and my 'dick joke'. T-shirt. I did a lot of field work so I was slotted into district 9.

Oh yeah, that's how fucked yo the school is. It has TWELVE fucking districts. Andveach one seems to hate the others according to my cousin Colby who went to the school once. He was one of the few who had friends in other districts.

My mother dropped me off and left me with my bags. Since she caught me she's refused to talk to me about anything and basically told me until I've 'cleaned up my act' I'm on my own.

Somehow, I find my way to reception, passing a fight between two Who's hats told me they were from 1. We didn't have a uniform but we had to wear a hat of any style with whatever District we were in on it. It was annoying but it was probably the least annoying thing about the school.

I walked into the reception area and signed in. The woman gave me my schedule. "Since your Tour guide is busy at the moment you'll have to come back here tomorrow to meet them." She said in a nasally voice. I nodded, torn between being bored and nervous, and walked out into the halls. It was Sunday and I had to find my room.

Of course this seemed to be like every cliche book and I had a roommate.

"Hey," he said, sticking his hand out, I noticed his district 4 cap. "I'm Ian"

This was written too quickly (25 minutes) but I hope you enjoy it.