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And if you're not back in 24 hours, I'm going to your time and dragging you back here! Inuyasha shouted.

Yeah, yeah, sure, sure, 24 hours, Kagome replied shoving her stuff in her pack. Don't worry! Inuyasha was glaring at her in disbelief, Geez, don't you even trust me even a little bit?

Good question. Inuyasha was convinced he'd have to drag her back to Sengoku Jidai, just like he had many times before.

Bring me back something good! Shippo shouted.

And don't forget to get those -whad'ya call Sango asked.

Kagome replied automatically.

Yeah, I want to see them, don't forget! Sango reminded her friend.

I won't. See you guys later! Kagome smiled and jumped down the well.


We have new neighbors now, Kagome-chan, Kagome's mother told the young girl as she served breakfast, Some one moved into that tree house in the forest.

The tree house that belongs to the owners of the forest? Kagome asked. The owners of the forest near her house, known as the forest of Inuyasha in Sengoku Jidai, had never bothered to actually live in the little house up in one of the trees on the property.

Your grandpa and Souta tell me it's a girl around your age. They said her parents aren't with her, though.

Why would some one my age move anywhere without their mom and dad?

I don't know, but she sure did. I don't think that little house would fit more than one person anyway. Mrs. Higurashi glanced at the kitchen clock, Kagome, you'd better hurry or you'll be late to school! Oh, and why don't you visit our new neighbor when you get back home if you're so curious?

'K, sure, see you later, mom! Kagome ate her last bit of toast and sprinted out the door.


Eight periods and on bus ride later, Kagome was on her way through the ancient forest to a little house located in on of the larger trees. Two flights of steps off the ground, the tiny green house (painted to match the foliage) rested on the lowest branch.

I bet Inuyasha would like a house like this, Kagome thought as she climbed the stairs to the door, He's always up in a tree.

Kagome knocked on the door. some one answered from inside the house.

Konichiwa, what can I do for you? an exasperated young girl with shoulder-length black hair cut similarly to Inuyasha's (except shorter) and dark brown eyes answered the door.

Uh, hi! I'm Higurashi Kagome. I live over in the shrine, next door you could say.

Yukimura Anzu. You came because your grandfather and little brother couldn't get enough information about me from just spying. It wasn't a question.

Kagome sweat-dropped, Uh, not really, mostly my own curiosity.

Come in, sit down, whad'ya wanna know? Anzu grumbled.

Kagome took a seat on the couch, while Anzu sat cross-legged on the bed and crossed her arms.

What an Inuyasha-like pose! Kagome thought. Well, um, where are you going to school?

No where yet. At least not until those stupid bakas from the government come along and tells me I have to.

Won't your parents care if you go to school or not?

No, they're dead.

So you're here all alone?

Yeah, well, they decided I'm old enough to look after myself and too old far a foster home, but not old enough to keep the bakas from the government from looking in on me' every month.

Oh. Where did you move from?

West of here. A pretty big, old estate. It used to be the castle' where the Lord of the Western lands' lived, but that was hundreds of years ago.

Why didn't you stay living there?

Those bastards said that it had to pay for expenses' and kept it themselves. They made it into a museum and sent me here cuz it was the on;y other property we owned. Every time she mentioned the government, Anzu made a nasty face.

I'm sorry.

For what? You're just some nosy neighbor who came here for the sole purpose of finding out as much about my life as you could so that you could go home and tell your family and eventually blab it all over Tokyo.

No I wasn't. You know, you remind me of someone. Of Inuyasha, Kagome thought, Is it possible that Kikyo wasn't the only one to be reincarnated?

And what poor soul would that be? Anzu rolled her eyes.

A friend of mine. From a long time ago Kagome answered subtly.

Oh. What are you looking at me funny for? Anzu shot out.

No reason, Kagome dismissed the question, Hey i want you to come someplace with me tomorrow and meet some one. Kaede would know if she's his reincarnation or not, she thought.

Just then, the two girls heard some one stomp up the stairs and kick the door open.

I got impatient and I figured your stupid tests' would be over by now. It was Inuyasha, Come on, Kagome, suddenly he noticed Anzu and his eyes widened, Who're you?

I think that I should be asking that question, as this is my house! Anzu said hotly.

m Inuyasha, like you really needed to know. We're going now! He grabbed Kagome by the arm and proceeded to drag her out the door.

The next thing Inuyasha knew was that he was out of the house at the bottom of the stairs on his back, and that other girl was above him in a fighting stance.

I'm a master of martial arts, I'll have you know. So watch it! Anzu glared at Inuyasha.

What the hell was that for? Inuyasha yelled, You can't be human, no human could knock me down two flights of stairs with one kick, martial arts master or not!

Anzu went pale.

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