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Kagome's New Neighbor

Chapter 10

Before he even got to the door, Koga (who obviously was no good at sneaking around) blew his cover by stepping on a twig. To any human, the sound would go unnoticed, but to demons with canine power, it seemed almost deafening. Hearing someone stir inside the tavern, Koga made his patented speedy getaway.

Not two seconds later Inuyasha poked his head out of the tavern door, sniffing the air for whatever had woken him up. Of course, knowing Inuyasha's amazing sense of smell, he picked up on Koga no problem. "That damned wolf, what's he want now?!"

The next morning was just like any morning, and the next few days went off without anything too terribly exciting going on. Though, slowly, everyone seemed to notice changes in Anzu. Her eyes and hair seemed to be lightening and her fingernails seemed abnormally long. Nobody mentioned it at first, but as weeks went by, it had become an extremely noticeable change. Finally, Kagome decided it was time to bring it up.

"Anzu-chan? Have you been doing something with your hair lately?" she asked in her oh-so-curious Kagome-like way.

"No," Anzu replied bluntly.

"Oh…" Kagome looked at her shoes for a minute. "Well, you know it's been getting lighter, right?"

Anzu glared at Kagome, Is she really this stupid? "Duh!"

"Well, um, anyway, I was thinking about going back home for a little bit. Would you like to come with, or are you staying here?"

"Ah-" Anzu stopped short, Do I really want to go home looking like this? Or do I even want to go home at all? she thought. Anzu was at a loss. She never really liked her home, but what would become of her staying here? Would the small amount of demon blood she possessed manifest itself so much that she became a half-demon? And what would she do then? She really didn't have a place here. Here she was merely a reincarnation, the second of two. At home it was just her, she was the only one of herself, but she still never felt like she really belonged there.

"Maybe you should go home for a few days just to relax." Miroku suggested, "You've been looking somewhat strained lately."

Anzu thought for a second, then merely nodded.

"All right then! I just might make it in time for my math exam!" And with that, they set out for the bone-eater's well.

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