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This starts before the wedding for sailor moon, after the Shikon jewel is completed, without Sango I don't like her, I don't like mentioning her, I never want her name in my fic again, patoowie that was a spit for those that are curious and before the fellow ship of the ring is formed. Please review and send ideas for pairing.


"Inuyasha! Come on! I wasn't serious about piercing your ears." Kagome yelled into the forest. The dog demon high tailed it when she questioned him about piercing his canine ears. "No deal Kagome! I have no need for an extra hole!" He shouted from above. "Come down!" "And if I don't?" "I'll shoot you down" She returned, nocking an arrow and taking aim. "Alright, Alright! I'll come down." He said before plunging down wards to land beside Kagome. "I don't like your negotiation skills." He muttered before being wrapped in a hug, and smothered with kisses. "Good puppy!" She cooed patting his head. "Let's go to the village now." With that he crouched down for her to get on his back and they were off leaping. "Finally," Kaede said eyeing the couple come through her hut's doorway, Kagome still piggyback. "You got him down out of the trees. You really shouldn't threaten him if he scares so easily." With that he sneered at her knowing full well that he didn't want to get in a fight with Kagome. Ever. He really disliked arguing with her now. She always finished with a 'sit' any way. "I have been waiting for your return. I need a good strong man for this." She said while stirring the fire. "Not like Miroku." A look was sent to the lecherous monk massaging his arms. "There is a well in which I get purified water and I need a large basin filled. Could you go there and bring back a few buckets full? Take Miroku if necessary." "How many Buckets?" Inuyasha suspiciously questioned. "Oh. Maybe, forty or so." Kaede regarded in an of hand sort of way. "That's at least 6 trips. If my hands don't fall off." Kagome Uncharacteristically whined. "Come on Kagome. We'll drag the pervert with us." Inuyasha stated plucking an unsuspecting monk off the ground, where he was so stealthily looking up Kagome's skirt.

) Two hours later (

"Finally." It was the last trip and the group was pooped. On this trip Kagome had the urge to practice her aim. "Hold still Miroku." Kagome said taking aim at Miroku "Let's see if I can snip off your Dragon tail" "Ah. No. Not The Dragon tail. I need that." Miroku said simply. "Vain little monk. That's a first." Inuyasha snorted as they neared the well. "Oh my, that's a deep well." Kagome said leaning over the edge. "I wonder were the spring starts." "For all we know it's in another dimension. I really don't like wells anymore." Inuyasha said winding his arm around Kagome's waist and pulling her away from the lip of the well. "Let's get the buckets and go." Miroku proceeded to tie the bucket to the hanging rope and plopped it in. 'mmrrrrroooooooooooowwwww' "Inuyasha, there's a cat down there! Please, go in there and save it." Kagome Pleaded staring into his amber eyes. I hate it when she makes me do things like that. "Fine! All right, all right. I'll go save it. I shouldn't have to though. I am sort of a dog, you know." He yelled, slowly toning it down to a growl. He jumped in the well looking for a cat. He found nothing. "Oi! Kagome, there isn't a cat." He paused. "Kagome?" The dog demon listened and heard.nothing. Nothing at all. "Kagome! Where are you?" He shouted jumping from the well and being surrounded by rolling hills.and no Kagome. "Inuyasha! Help me!" He heard Kagome from the bottom of the well. "And get the lecher off of me!" Miroku! If he touches her, Inuyasha though as he dove in the well. "Pervert!" 'slap' "That wasn't necessary. You're a very violent girl. You need punishment. Come here for your spanking." Miroku said, before Inuyasha calmly turned him into a pile of bruises. ~Who goes there~. "Eh. Who's that?" Inuyasha asked peeking his head out of the well, just to find an arrow in his face. "Who are you?" He asked once again, looking over the pointed ears and the silver outfit. "I'm Miroku. What might your name be young maiden?" Miroku said grabbing the startled elf's hand. He noted the strong cheek bones and slight figure with pleasure. "I," HE started scaring Miroku "am Legolas. What are you doing in Mirkwood?" Legolas asked. "Please let go of my hand." He requested of Miroku calmly. Miroku dropped it. "Well, we came through the well." Kagome explained. "We were looking for a kitten and ended up here." ~Great. Just great.~