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Thinking "Talking" `sound' ~elvish~ * mind communication *

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) on the trail (

"Two, one five. Good! Very good." Boromir was giving pippin and merry a few sword lessons, every one was scattered about. "Move your feet." Aragorn put in, around his pipe. "Keep your eyes on him." Lita tossed in, from a rocky lounge. The hobbits traded complements. Merridoc commanded "faster!" And they recommenced. We see that Gandolf, Gimli, Inu, Amy and Raye are gathered about talking. "If anyone was to as for my opinion, which I note they're not," Gimli started in on his daily dose of whining. "For good reason." Raye put in, earning a glare from the dwarf. "I'd say we were taking the long way round." He began his persuasions to the leader of the three combined groups. "Gandolf, we could pass through the mines of Moria. My cousin Balin would give us a royal welcome." Gandolf barely pondered the reasoning for a moment. "No. I would not take the road through Moria unless I had no other choice." Legolas, Kagome, Serena, and a battered Miroku were traversing the rocks and looking out into the midday sky, parted by few clouds. They were interrupted for but a moment as two of the hobbits attacked the lord of Gondor. Count on Sam to ask the important question. "What is that?" "Nothing. It's just a wisp of cloud." The one called grumpy answered. now for the more observant. "It's moving fast." Boromir said, thinking aloud, "Against the wind." "Crebain from Dunland!" Our favorite elf yelled in realization. And there's Aragorn with the good ideas. "HIDE!" "Hurry!" There was a flurry to get under cover and to bring the items and animals with them. "Take cover." The crebain swooped in, and in moments covered the camp. Much of them were hiding under dry blush, including a smooching, new found, couple. "Spies of Saruman." Gandolf informed the group. "The passage south is being watched." Everyone looked to him yet again for a solution. "We must take the pass of Caradhras." Many of the middle earthlings looked to the mountain, Mina squealed, "Hands off!"

) Hours later (

Seventeen figures trekked up the mountain trail. Frodo, of course took a back flip in the snow. "Frodo!" Aragorn and Mina called out. Both rushing to help him to his feet. Frodo checked for the ring and found it missing. Boromir admired it in the sunlight. "Boromir." Aragorn said attempting to bring him back to the state of consciousness. "It is a strange fate that we should-" At that moment he was attacked by an impatient demon hybrid. Inuyasha grasped the ring and tossed it to Frodo. "Here, shorty."

) the caverns of isengard (

"So, Gandolf, you tried to lead them over Caradhras. And if that fails, where then will you go? And what's this about a dog?"

) Caradhras (

Much of the group was waist and neck deep in the snow, while Serena flew, slightly, above their heads and Legolas, with his small lithe body, simply walk on top of it all. "There is a fell voice in he air." Legolas uttered, just barely making noise over the wind. "It's Saruman!" Gandolf yelled just as boulders began to fall from the mountaintop. The group ducked for cover as Serena darted out from the pass. Blasting a few of the large ones. "He's trying to bring down the mountain!" Aragorn yelled his evaluation. "Gandolf we must turn back!" "No!" Gandolf refused and climbed to a sturdy part of the snow. He began an incantation to stop the aggressor. Saruman and him battled back and forth for a while. Until they were buried in snow. Serena started digging franticly in one spot that happened to be Legolas. "Your okay!" She kissed him flat on the lips and he shot out of the snow. "We'll continue later." He told her as the group started to pop up.

"We must get off the mountain!" Boromir called to gandolf, over the fury of the storm, "Make for the gap of Rohan, and take the west road to my city!" "The gap of rohan takes us too close to isengard!" Shouted Aragorn. Gimli stepped in. "We cannot pass over a mountain let us go under it." Gimli pitched his plan again to a much more willing gandolf. "Let us go through the mines of moria." At this moment gandolf could hear sauromon speaking of the mines and the dangers they hold. Andolf broke from his trance. "Let the ring-bearer decide." He looked to frodo and frodo looked to the group. "Frodo?" After a moment to think, frodo decided for the mines. Only Inu and Legolas heard the light 'so be it' from gandolf.