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This is the sequel to my S4 Canon-Divergence fic, Days of Future's Past. There are a lot of dynamics and backstory within Days that carries into this story so I'd heavily advise you read it before this one, other wise you'll spend most of the time scratching your head wondering who the characters are and why x is happening. For those who did read Days, welcome back to the universe! I have been dying to get back to this world and finish out our heroes' story! It's stated in Chapter 1 (which will go up in a week or 2) but this story begins 6 months after the events in Days of Future's Past.

As always, enjoy, and reviews feed the muse!


On the shores of a vast and still lake, beneath the canopy of stars that had bore witness to the creation of all realms, stood a lone figure.

She would have been considered a vision if any mortal had been there to witness her presence, her beauty unparalleled except for that of Aphrodite's. Her features were soft with her skin glowing alabaster in the moonlight, her black hair cascading down her shoulders and a stark contrast to the white gown that hugged her form. For centuries Mankind had written poems and songs about her, weaving her name and title into their tales until she was nothing more than a legend in their world - a faceless and forgotten woman. But they would never know the true depth of her being. She had been a fixed point in the cosmos since the dawn of time, born from the raw magic of the world and placed as its guardian before Mankind had even winked into existence. Power that not even the Dark Ones would have been able to comprehend flowed through her veins and seeped into the very air around her.

Everything began and ended with her. She had seen the turn of centuries, countless wars and the births of nations, a witness to humanity's light and its most evil acts.

Evil was not limited to only humanity she thought mournfully, her hazel eyes moving from the still lake at her feet to the moon that hung high overhead. Her own race was responsible for some of the most despicable acts the gods had ever seen. The ornate box that sat under lock and key in the ancient temple behind her had been the source of Mankind's evils, including the one that was threatening to spread once again.


Turning from the waning full moon she saw three black robed figures standing behind her on the cobblestone path that lead to the ancient temple. The one on the right held a simple spindle of yarn in its hands while the middle figure grasped a gnarled and aged staff, a white orb at its apex. The final figure seemed to be empty handed but she knew within the depths of its robes lay a pair of golden shears with the sharpest of edges. They were all of the same height and build, the hoods of their robes pulled down low so as to obscure their features but she knew what lay beyond the darkness of their cowls. She was one of the few who had ever been allowed to gaze upon the faces of the Moirai.

"I was not expecting to see you so soon," she greeted warmly, her ring adorned fingers interlocking against the front of her gown.

"The sands of time dwindle as we approach the hour of the Twice-Blessed Children fulfilling their destiny," the hooded figure to the right responded.

"It is almost time," the other two intoned in unison.

"How much longer?" she asked quietly despite the fact they were the only beings in the realm. She had felt the universe shifting into place for some time now, the planets and fate aligning to fulfill the words that had been written so long ago. Every passing of the new moon brought it closer but even she was not privy to all of Fate's design - only the three who stood before her held that burden.

The orb at the top of the middle figure's staff glowed briefly before it's owner's voice spoke softly.

"In two new moons the final battle will begin."

She nodded at the answer. In less than three fortnights the moment she had spent ages preparing for would finally come to pass. With the help of the Moirai she had moved every delicate piece throughout the centuries to ensure those that were suppose to stand in the end would be there, a dangerous chess game where free will, fate, and her own interferences tangled like a sailor's knot.

"And my sister will succeed in her endeavour?"

"She must in order for the prophecy to be fulfilled," the figure holding the spindle replied.

The robed figure on the left nodded and she caught a glimpse of the wrinkled face beneath the hood. "She sealed her fate the day she broke the laws of your magic, M'lady."

"I know," the woman whispered forlornly, swallowing against the bile of regret that rose sharply within her throat. She knew the Moirai were right - the path her sister had taken that would lead to her downfall was one of her own making. There had been so much promise within her, a talent and power that none of the other Sisters of Avalon had ever shown and in a singular moment her sister had forever altered her destiny. All magic came with a price, however, and their sacred laws made no excuse for actions that were taken because of a broken heart.

"Are you prepared to walk another sister into the endless mist?"

She nodded before the middle figure had even finished asking the question. Yes. It cut her to her very soul every time she had to make that journey but it was a necessity. She may regret many things and wish that different choices had been made, but in the end she was the guardian of their magic and she must do everything in her power to protect it.

It wouldn't be the first time she had to set aside personal feelings for the greater good.

Shaking her head against the memory of what she had lost centuries before, the woman smiled softly. "Thank you for keeping me informed."

"Of course, M'lady," the three figures said in unison, bowing their heads in the ultimate sign of respect. In the blink of an eye the Moirai were gone, leaving no trace that they had ever been there.

Alone once again, she turned back to the lake and stepped forward, the still waters rippling as she walked towards it center. There was still much to be done before the final battle was fought - truths to be learned, guidance to be given, and hearts prepared for what must be done to ensure the safety of all the realms. It would be a long and perilous journey for The Twice-Blessed Children but their souls were true, the same magic that had created her flowing through their veins. They would fulfill the destiny she had placed upon their shoulders long before the stars had seen the birth of their father. The Darkness, the counter point to who they were, would finally come to an end.

As her eyes closed and she sunk fully beneath the water, a line from the prophecy came unbidden to her mind.

And they shall be born in the heart of the storm - one fair, one dark - the children of the light and the dark, two halves forever bound in destiny by the Darkness.