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Hermione went out of the bathroom only to find her husband lazily tucking his shirt. She adjusted her robe, making sure it's in place and approached Severus. She gently did his to topmost buttons and straightened his collar.

"There," she gently said.

He scowled. "Remind me why we have to attend Potter's son's christening."

She smiled and cupped his cheeks. "Harry's my brother," she simply answered before sitting in front of the vanity mirror.

"I know," he replied. "But I did not attend his firstborn's christening a year ago," he remarked. When she did not answer, he approached her and played with her curls. "You know, I have a feeling... a very uncomfortable feeling. You're hiding something from me."

She smiled sweetly. "Guilty as charged, but still, I won't tell you. You have to come to the Potters' house to find out."

"We can just stay here while Savelius is having fun at Moony's," said Severus who continued to comb her hair with his hand. He bent down to bring his lips to her ear. "We can have fun, too."

She giggled— something she only does when they're alone together. "Sev, don't start something we can't finish," she scolded but her facial expression betrayed her.

"Who says I can't finish the fun?" he drawled. He planted a kiss on the side of her throat and Hermione leaned back to give him more access.

"Sev, please," she said in protest.

Severus chuckled and kissed her again. He stood up straight and scanned himself through the mirror. "You owe me, Missus Snape."

She smirked. "I'll gladly pay you tonight... with interest."

Half an hour later, they arrived at the Potters' residence in Godric's Hallow. It was the same two-story house owned by James and Lily Potter more than two decades ago. Harry fixed it a year before she married Ginny Weasley. Sirius, Remus and Severus helped him. It's now more inviting and the garden was beautiful, surrounded with lilies and other different flowers, courtesy of Mrs. Weasley. There was a big tent on the garden with few tables and chairs, as if they're celebrating the child's first birthday.

Harry and Ginny rekindled their romance when they met again on Savelius's fourth birthday. Ginny was away for four years after her graduation to join the Harpies. Harry started his career as an Auror. It seems, their separation helped a lot. Ginny no longer see Harry as some sort of hero or 'the boy who lived'. She finally just saw him as 'one of her brother's best friend; Just Harry. They dated again for a whole year before he finally proposed by putting the ring inside the snitch he made her catch.

Hermione was Ginny's matron of honour during the wedding while Ron was Harry's best man. It was a very simple ceremony held at the Burrow and only selected people were invited, mainly family, close friends and D.A. members. Nine months later, Ginny gave birth to James Sirius Potter and Ron was made godfather. Harry adapted the Muggle tradition called 'christening', but he had his own version. It's a simple gathering to formally introduce the newborn child and assigning a godparent.

Last year, only Hermione and Savelius attended James's christening. Severus preferred to stay at home and brew in his laboratory. However, this year Harry made her swear that she will bring Severus at his second son's christening. Though Hermione was there when Ginny gave birth to a raven-haired and green-eyed boy, they haven't revealed the child's name yet because Harry wanted it to be a surprise. However, Hermione 'guessed' the child's name and Harry and Ginny couldn't deny.

"Mum!" called a male child's voice. "Dad!"

Hermione spun around and bent down to welcome her seven-year old son in his arms. "My Savvy!" she called happily. Savelius hugged her back. "How's your visit at Teddy's?"

"Fine, Mum," he replied when they finally broke apart. "Gran Dromeda took us to Diagon Alley. Look, Mum! She bought me a new book!" He flashed the new children's book to her sight.

"How very kind of her," said Severus from behind. "Did you thank her, son?"

"I did, Dad," he replied and took his father's hand. "Dad, Teddy and I saw a poster in Diagon Alley about Skele-Gro for kids... it has different sweet flavours..."

And Hermione watched her two wizards walk away, hand-in-hand and conversing about potions. She smiled and shook her head. Severus and Savelius have a lot in common and it seems that their son is more fascinated with the art of brewing than charms which happens to be Hermione's forte.

"Hey 'Mione!"

"Hello, Neville!" she greeted her son's second godfather. Ever since Savelius was born and Neville was named as one of the godfathers, they became closer than they were in Hogwarts. After four years at the Ministry— two years as an Auror trainee and two years as a full-fledged Auror, Neville decided to apply Apprenticeship with Professor Sprout and now, he's on his last year. Next year, he will be the new Herbology Professor in Hogwarts.

"Heard that you finally brought Nott Junior in Azkaban after that riot in Knockturn Alley," he said in buoyantly.

She smiled, humbled by his praises. "Yeah. Thank you for assisting us last week. Two Aurors on my team were really injured and we couldn't take them to St. Mungo's. If not for your skills in herbology..."

"Hey," he cut her off. "You know that even if I'm not with you guys anymore at the ministry, you can count on me."

"That's why sometimes I wish you're still with us."

"Well, I heard that someone in our circle of friends is moving from Auror Department to another office," he said in a sing-song voice.

"Yeah. I applied for a post in Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures," she confirmed. "I'm done catching dark wizards. It's Harry's ambition, anyway."

Neville chuckled. "Right. It feels good when you're doing something you really love. Me, herbology; you, helping and doing something good for the magical creatures; Ron, the joke shop; and Draco, potions and alchemy."

Soon, Hermione and Neville were joined by Luna and Ron. They were waiting for the Potters to finally introduce their newborn son. Savelius and Teddy were playing with the younger ones: Victoire (Bill and Fleur's daughter), Molly (Percy and Audrey's daughter) and Castor and Pollux (George and Angelina's twins). Hermione also caught a sight of her husband in one corner of the garden, chatting with Remus, Sirius and Arthur while Nymphadora was with Martha, Sirius's steady girlfriend.

"Oh, good, the Potters finally came out of their den!" Ron announced. They turned to the front table where the cake was and guaranteed, Harry and Ginny were standing there with their children. In Ginny's arms was the newborn and in Harry's was James.

Harry cast a silent 'sonorus' and used his wand like a microphone. He welcomed and thanked everyone for coming and made a joke about sleeping in the same room again because Ginny threw him out during her entire pregnancy. Poor Harry had to sleep either in the library or the guest room.

"Anyway," Harry went on. "So, I am sure that you're all excited to know our second child's name and we're tired as well calling him 'Baby Boy' in front of everyone."

"Yeah," Ron whispered to their little group in the corner. "Even Mum's annoyed because they won't tell her what his name is."

"We decided to name our children after significant people in our lives. As you know, James was named after two important wizards in my life— my father and godfather— two pranksters and Marauders. In my father's absence, Sirius was the closest person I have to a parent. Now, our second son, we decided to name him after two great wizards who devoted their lives protecting me..."

"Oh, Merlin's wet pants! No!" groaned Severus who made it to her side in the middle of Harry's speech.

"Boy, I think I know what's coming next," said Remus in awe.

"I died in another time," he whispered to her. "I'm alive and this shouldn't be happening!"

"Shhh. You can complain later," she told him casually.

"—Two bravest wizards I ever knew. One was a Gryffindor and the other was a Slytherin. Everyone, meet Albus Severus Potter!"

Everybody, except for the Potters and Hermione froze and turned to Severus in shock, but the Weasleys instantly recovered and cheered. Hermione smirked at her husband before pulling him for a side hug.

"I agree with Harry," she whispered. "You're the bravest man I ever knew."

Severus gave her a small smile and kissed her temple. Harry also named Hermione and Severus Snape as Albus Severus Potter's godparents.

"Come, let's meet out godchild," she said and pulled him gently to approach the Potters.

When Hermione took Al from Ginny, Severus was still speechless, but brushed the child's cheek gently.

"Dad, I want to see him!" said Savelius. Severus carried their seven year-old to take a closer look at the child in her arms.

"Isn't he adorable, honey?" she asked her son.

"He's got black hair, just like me!" Savelius said.

"Yes. You're right, love," she replied. "Sev, say something."

Severus smiled and shook his head and put Savelius gently on the groud. "You'll pay for this, wife," he whispered to her ear. "With interest... for a month!"

She giggled. "You're mean, Professor Snape," she whispered back.

"Only because you kept a secret from me and you allowed a Potter to be named after me." He rolled his eyes.

She leaned closer and kissed him chastely. "Don't be mad. You can't be mad at me or Harry forever," she teased.

He sighed. "I still can't believe that that brother of yours did this to me."

"I need to use the loo," she said, changing the subject. "Be a good godfather and take him." He carefully handed Baby Al to her husband.

He glared at her but she smiled sweetly. "You can't be mad forever, Sev. You love me too much."

Severus took Al from her arms gently. "Insufferable witch."

"You married me," she teased more. She gave him a wink before walking away with Savelius to the house, leaving her godson, Albus Severus Potter to her husband, Severus Tobias Snape.


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