Godric's Hollow. Halloween. 1981

Children were dressed as witches, ghosts, goblins, and devils laughed as they carried bags of candy while behind them the significantly taller figures of parents followed at a respectable distance quite willing to let the children have their fun. A few of the adults even enjoying some of the yearly festivities themselves by donning their own masks although few put as much thought into their own attire as their children did. Still with the masks on and the darkness and the mist that had crept into the village it made things more spooky than usual, something the older children in their teens took no end of delight in as they attempted to scare their younger numbers.

Amidst the fog a half dozen figures walked with purpose almost completely unnoticed. Only one adult and two children ever caught a glimpse. The adult who was farther away from the six figures simply assumed they were other parents, albeit ones that looked like they'd all dressed up. As for the two children one simply giggled and ran amidst the figures. One of the adults, all of whom were wearing long robes, five black, and one white and of those four wore masks. One of the masked black robed figures seemed about to do something as he was halfway in the process of drawing a long slender stick from his pocket. He was stopped by another of the black robed and masked figures who grabbed his wrist and quietly whispered the words.

"Wait until our Lord has finished and then you can."

This seemed to settle the man and the six walked forward moving past the second child that would see them that night. A little girl dressed as a witch stood on a corner, a plastic orange pumpkin half filled with candy held in one hand, a stick that she'd found on the street in her other, a wand if you had the imagination to see it as such. The six though walked past without sparing her a glance all except for the lone white robbed figure who wore the same silver mask as the others. The girl could not help but feel that perhaps she had best go and find her mother and father. There was something about those masks that did not make her feel good.

The wedge of people stopped in the center of a circular courtyard at which there were four houses, one to each point of the compass, the narrow road they had come from being at the point that would be South-West. The lead figure reached up and removed the hood of his black robes revealing a man with a snake like face. His nose was almost impossible to discern, just two slits and a slight bump, he had no hair on his head and his eyes seemed dark as he breathed in deeply of the foggy air. He looked at each of the houses in turn while behind him none of the other five moved or made a noise. When the snake like man had completed looking at each there was the sound of movement and five of the six figures instantly reacted each drawing sticks and pointing them with purpose at the noise.

The noise proved to be a pudgy man with rat like features, he seemed to flinch at being seen, at having those sticks, those wands, for that was what they were, pointed at him but he moved forward quickly as if he was afraid something bad would happen to him if he did not move quick enough. It wasn't a run, but it was rather a very quick shuffle as the man did not seem possessed of enough courage to walk with normal dignity in the situation. All five black robed figures that had their wands drawn on him, and the one white robed figure that did not, watched him approach. As soon as he was close he dropped to his knees in front of the bald snake like man and could not stop quivering in terror.

"I am here... I am here my Lord."

The individuals were silent before the snake like man suddenly raised his wand upwards and away from the man and following his lead the other four shifted their wands away, some simply lowering them, others putting them away inside their robes. The white robed figure who had not drawn a wand at all simply stood there.

"It is time Wormtail. Tell me where the Potters are hiding here."

The kneeling man shook his head repeatedly in understanding and took a breath to try and steady himself, it didn't work of course. "The Potter's cottage in Godric's Hollow can be located at the northern most part of the court." As soon as the words ere finished all six of the robed figures white and black alike realized there were not four but five houses around the court, and that the one they had thought was the northern most was no longer so. Instead now a quaint little two story cottage was now the northern most of the buildings. If one looked close there was the briefest of movements of drapes being pulled shut right as it became visible.

The snake man laughed a cruel laugh that was echoed by the black robbed figures. Three of them laughed with the voices of men, one had the cackling high pitched laugh of a woman. With a smile he turned to the cottage and studied it for a moment before looking over his shoulder. "Prepare for anything. Kill any that try to escape but leave the boy for me. And do not be surprised if Dumbledore appears hear and now in the final hour." The black robed and masked individuals all bowed before scattering and moving to surround the house leaving the woman in white, the bald snake man, and the still kneeling mouse man. The snake man looked down at the quivering man who had told him where to find the house that had just appeared and spoke with a voice quite cruel.

"I want you to watch as I kill your friends Wormtail." Then he looked to the woman in white who had remained by his side the whole time never moving except to follow him. "I would have you follow me since tonight the Master of Death will be revealed. If you bear witness and proclaim it to be true then none shall dare protest your words. I would have all the world know of my power when this night is done." The woman in white only nodded and followed behind the black robed snake man as he strode towards the house. Before he could get to it the door burst open and a tall man with messy black hair came out brandishing a wand at the two of them. The snake man was forced to summon a barrier as a red spell nearly hit him. Grinning cruelly he slashed out with his own wand and so began the duel in the court.

The two men went back and forth for almost two minutes trading spells while from within the house the sound of a child crying could start to be heard. The woman in white did nothing as the messy black haired man and the bald snake man traded spells back and forth as they dueled. Each of them was forced to their best as they dodged and weaved and cast spells of great and terrible power. Overhead the sky was torn asunder as it began to rain and storm. The black haired man transfigured the cobblestone street into mighty golems that did battle for him even as he cast dozens of spells any one of which could kill a man. As for the snake man he conjured massive serpents that did battle with the golems made of brick. And so the duel, no the battle, raged on. But a victor had to be decided and so it was that with a surprise trick that ended with the man with the messy black hair raised high into the air impaled on a spear of ice that was risen from the ground. He died as it pierced his heart and then remained their held aloft in the court as his blood ran down the ice.

The bald snake man laughed a little but did so alone as the figure in white, who was now certainly a woman given how the fabric of her robes clung to her figure and showed what a figure it was. Even with only drenched white robes to give the barest of hints as to her figure the woman in white had a figure that would rival the most beautiful women in the world. And without further circumstances both proceeded into the cottage while outside the dead man was left where he was no more thought given to him. The ground floor was abandoned, things scattered clearly knocked over in haste, it looked as if two people had been sitting down to dinner, a romantic single candle still burned in the center of the table. From upstairs though came crying of a child loudly and the much more muffled sounds of a woman's crying that she tried to restrain. The man led the way up the stairs and the woman in white, now mysteriously dry once more as if the rain had never touched her, followed.

They came to a door and the man opened it revealing a red haired woman of noted beauty standing infront of a child's crib. The entire room was clearly a nursery. The woman held in a sob.

"Take me instead. Kill me but spare him."

"Foolish girl get out of the way."

Please spare him kill me instead."

"Your fate has been decided you will have another purpose."

"Trade me for him. SPARE HIM!"

The woman begged the snake like man even as she shakily held a wand she seemed ready to defend her child but after the display in the court outside, was there even any point? The woman had instead decided to try and bargain for her child's life. So distraught was she, and so consumed was he, that neither noticed the woman in white finally moving around from behind the man in the black robes to look at the crib and the crying child within. The woman in white reached up and removed her mask just as the man in the black robe in a sudden movement raised his wand and roared out.


Terrible green magic launched from his wand and hit the red haired woman square in the chest and as soon as it did she fell forward hitting the floor completely dead. The snake man smiled and stepped over her corpse to reach the crib and the crying black haired child within that was growing quiet at long last as he looked up at the woman in the white robes. The woman smiled as she looked at the child and whispered.

"This is He."

The black robed man nodded. "A shame, his father's family was powerful and his mother skilled, any other child and perhaps he might have had a place in my ranks but he must die."

He raised his wand just as quickly as before and roared out the words just as before.


Before the terrible green energy could strike the child though the woman's hand shot out and blocked its course. One of the darkest curses to ever be created was stopped cold for the first time by the dainty feminine hand.

"You shall not harm Him."

The black robed man whirled leveling his wand at her.

"What is the meaning of this?!"

The woman smiled a smile without warmth as she lifted the child from the crib and held him to her, he was silent now, his cries from before gone even despite the fact his mother's body was by now cold on the floor below him, but his eyes were only on the black haired and white robed woman.

"I told you when I found you Tom. I search for my Lord and Master. And I have finally found him after all these centuries."

The pale snakelike man could not help but grow a little more pale as he heard those words before he reached a decision his spell shot another burst of that terrible green magic even as his mouth uttered the words. Her free hand, not the one that held the child, but now held a massive axe that she had produced as if from nothing caught the terrible magic on the black axe's side. But rather than simply stop the magic she struck it back at him as if she were a baseball player swinging a bat at a ball. The result of his own magic striking him tore the room apart in an explosion of magical power. The walls were blasted outward and in the aftermath the cottage's second floor had a large crater as if a bomb had gone off ripping off the entire roof and much of the walls. The woman in white simply stood there in the wreckage unharmed holding the child to her with one hand while the other held the enormous axe one handed. Walking forward she lightly jumped down to the ground outside the house just as the black robed figures came running. One took a single look before raising his own wand and casting the same terrible spell that Voldemort had so favored.

Once more the axe was used like a baseball bat to send the magic back to its source. The man hit the ground instantly dead. The mask went flying revealing the man's aristocratic face and long blond hair. The other four were frozen as the woman in white holding the infant and axe looked to each of them. "Your Lord is dead. Mine is not. Pursue me at your peril." The three remaining figures in black stood there silently frozen as did a fourth pair of eyes. In the shadows of a nearby house a newly arrived elderly man with a magnificent grey beard had tears running down his face as he watched the woman in white walk off with the child.

Behind her was left the shocked and stunned Death Eaters. Peter Pettigrew, the sniveling rat like man remained where he had been kneeling since the start of the fight between James Potter and Lord Voldemort. When the first soft crack of apparation beyond the wards of Godric's Hollow filled the air as a one the Death Eaters vanished apparating away, only Pettigrew, still frozen in shock and terror remained alive. James Potter was still skewered twenty feet in the air on the slowly melting spear of ice. Lily Potter lay dead in the remains of the nursery. Lucius Malfoy's body was untouched, none of his fellow death eaters having retrieved it.

And as for the Dark Lord himself nothing remained not even the robes he had been wearing. All of this left for the Aurors to find as the woman smiled downward at the infant boy held lovingly and protectively in her arms as she walked off into the night.

P.S. AUTHOR'S NOTE: So this is my second attempt at a HP/Overlord crossover. The basis of this idea was actually given to me by one of my reviewers of my first crossover Harry Potter and the Great Tomb of Nazarick. In this crossover I will be focusing primarily on Albedo and a reincarnated Aniz Ooal Gown who has reincarnated through magic into Harry Potter. If there will be any appearances by the other NPC's it will be late into this story as I do not intend for any of them to appear for a very long time if at all. The same should be said for Nazarick itself. While there will be the presence of a Guild Base it will not be Nazarick. Still I don't want to give too many things away. Let it simply be said that this will be heavily AU that features major political aspects of the HP Fannon. Powerful political houses and intrigue will abound. Harry will have a romance option. I'll be creating a poll eventually for people's opinions on who that should be as I am as yet undecided. I shall attempt to give all the contenders their chances. (I do intend for it to be a girl.) However more than one girl may win as while I am not opposed to Harry falling in love his marriage will be a political one. As always keep your reviews and messages coming. Constructive criticism is always appreciated.