Hey guys, here is the alternative storyline for Resistence – this chapter is set after Damon has submitted to initiating sex with Klaus, after having given his collar to Yvonne for protection and after Stefan visiting and watching as Celina tried to rape Damon in front of everyone. In this version we don't see Stefan again…as yet, and the story focuses more on the dynamics between Klaus and Damon rather than the relationships with the other slaves in the house. It's a lot more about blood, gore and dominance than the other one but there is a real connection being built between them.

I haven't finished it yet because I was trying to write the next Mated Bond. It's looooong! It has warnings for some pretty brutal group sex, non-con, violence, bad language etc but stick with it. As for the last Mated Chronicle, all I can advise is that it will be called The Crimson Bough.

Also, I can't be bothered trying to find a new username that isn't already taken. Nightmare so just keeping my username.

Enjoy ;-)


Extras chapter 1

Damon tilted his head back onto the soft mattress beneath him as he climaxed loudly. Since he'd began to initiate and take more involvement in pleasuring Klaus, the sex had gotten better, more intense and Klaus showered him with affection and approval. It was almost impossible not to let himself get carried away with that. Whenever he slept he dreamt of Elena, of saving her and being with her and although he'd wake up and remember that she was gone, the dreams were such a comfort, he could convince himself that perhaps her death wasn't real. This was Klaus's power and Damon fell into it like a moth to a blaring yellow orb.

He panted noisily and Klaus leaned over him breathing heavily.

"You are a marvellous creature." Klaus whispered. "You have no idea how much you please me pet."

Damon gave a weak nod and closed his eyes. His entrance pulsed and vibrated. He was so used to that feeling now. Klaus had him at least four times a day now, in every position imaginable, so his body no longer hurt or gave resistance to it. Klaus ran his nose up Damon's throat and stroked his sides.

"I have a request." He whispered and Damon opened his eyes.

A request? Not a command? Klaus pulled back and looked down at him hungrily.

"You're so magnificent Damon. You respond to everything so perfectly, you obey and you know how to pleasure me now." Klaus paused. "I want to watch you." He whispered and Damon blinked in confusion.

"Watch me?"

"My friends here desperately want you. They are a danger to you because of that. I fear that when you leave here they may still seek you out and try to collar you even as a free man." His words filled Damon full of fear and his eyes widened. "We can solve that problem here and give me what I want."

"You're going to let them rape me?" Damon croaked and Klaus shook his head and cupped his cheek.

"What I am suggesting is that you allow them to have you. You consent to that for me."


"I will stay with you while it happens. They won't hurt you. I'll ensure that. I will watch."

"Please sir, I don't…" Damon began to panic.

"I will be there with you, pet. This would make you safe here and it would please me."

"Please…!" Damon begged now and held Klaus's upper arms.

"Brave Damon, this is for your own safety. Don't you see that?" Klaus stroked his face gently.

Damon closed his eyes tight in grief and exhaled.

"I just want you." He mumbled, heartbroken that Klaus would do this. Was there no end to his evil?

"No one will spill inside of you. That is my job and you won't swallow any seed either, but they will have your body. You'll wear my collar so that they know I am your master. Think of me." He purred and Damon turned his head away.

Klaus withdrew from inside of him and sat up. Damon curled into himself and turned on his side.

"Consider it pet. It would make me so proud of you. You are a wonder and I want to declare to them all how much you obey me, how much you're mine and they will know never to approach you ever again. When you are free you won't have a collar and you will have a hard time convincing them of your free status if they find you. By demonstrating your obedience to my will they will know that even if you weren't free, I would still own you with or without a collar and they'd have to leave you be." Klaus explained and stroked Damon's thigh as Damon shivered and let out a small sob of grief. "Salvatore the Brave. Be my brave one, one more time. I so long to watch you perform for me. Please?"

Damon tuned and looked at him as he shed a tear.

"Please?" He whispered in utter amazement. Was Klaus really asking him, really?

"It would make me very happy. Please." Klaus said calmly and Damon exhaled again and lay back down. "Think on it. I'll call for Michelle. I have a new collar for you. Would you like to see it?"

Damon nodded numbly and Klaus got up from the bed and opened his bedside drawer.

"It's specially made just for you." Klaus climbed back onto the bed and lay it down beside him.

"Why?" Damon mumbled as he reached out and took it in his hands to feel the texture.

It was pure leather and the hoops around it were real gold. He touched it in wonder. It had been custom made? It must have been expensive.

"Because you are special. The girls are wonderful but they are here willingly. You please me more than I can say and you do this only for me, not for yourself." Klaus explained and Damon looked up at him. "Do this for me and no matter how you disobey I will never take it from you again."

That was quite an offer. To have a collar that would always protect him because it would never be removed from him, no matter what! He looked at it in wonder and could feel his resistance slip. If he could get through this, he would be safe. Klaus's logic as usual was sound. If they believed beyond a doubt that Klaus would always favour and protect him, they'd never try anything again. He exhaled.

Klaus leaned down and placed a few kisses over Damon's hip, surprising him before he rubbed over Damon's bottom fondly and smiled at him.

"Feed, bathe and rest. I won't take you again today." Klaus said and Damon raised his eyebrows.

Klaus had only had him once today and he didn't want any more? This was a serious first.

"Think. Rejuvenate. You may leave the house and visit your home if you wish, but without a collar I'd be fearful for you. Put this one on and do this for me and I will let you bring some of your home comforts back here. Of course, your brother is there no doubt."

"I can go home?" Damon whispered in disbelief.

"Only to collect some of your things." Klaus pointed out. "Then you must come back and fulfil your end of this bargain."

Damon swallowed. The thought of being able to go home and get some new clothes, his bourbon, some of his books – anything familiar and comforting. He could bring back something of Elena's too. He chewed his lip.

"What will they do to me?"

"They will have you all on one occasion. I won't share you any more than this one time so they may take you at the same time."

Damon gasped at the thought. Klaus stroked his thigh comfortingly.

"They will want to be inside of you, they'll want your mouth too." Damon gulped.

"I will prepare you and I will not let them hurt you. If it hurts you must give me a signal and I will stop it."

Damon panted and curled tighter into himself. He didn't know if he could do this.

"You can do this Damon. I know you can. I will prepare your body beforehand and I will be with you." Klaus soothed. "I won't leave you."

Klaus got off of the bed as Damon rocked himself slightly. To his surprise Klaus returned and covered him with a soft blanket. It was almost loving - Klaus's behaviour and Damon watched him as Klaus tucked the blanket around him. He moved behind him and inserted his plug lastly before tucking the blankets around him.

"Sleep pet. When you wake Michelle will care for you and bathe you. Two pints from her and afterwards I shall send someone else in for you."

"Someone else?"

"You may drink until your strong, but only two pints from each donor. If you need another after the last, ask me."

Damon stared at him.

"Sleep brave one." Klaus cooed and stroked his hair away from his forehead.

Damon closed his eyes and relaxed into the comfort of it as Klaus continued to stroke his head.

"Sleep." Klaus continued to soothe and Damon fell into a deep comfortable sleep.

Of course he knew he didn't have much of a choice really. The draw of being able to go home even just for a short hour was too much. Klaus ensured that he knew that this opportunity came at the price of his new collar and the bargain of letting the others have him. He had put the collar on shakily, his fingers fumbling and Klaus had had to calm him and buckle it for him. Freshly collared again, Klaus had praised him and given him clothing and his car so that he could venture outside. He'd left feeling like he was dreaming. He hadn't been outside or away from this house for the longest time. As he drove back to the boarding house he couldn't ignore the rushing of blood in his ears. He could just keep driving. He could run. Then…Klaus would come and look for him – he had no doubt about that. As far as Klaus was concerned they'd made a deal and Damon belonged to him. Besides, should he run, Stefan would be killed. He had a hard time arguing with his brain that he should let that happen. Stefan still had his humanity switched off and had left him, knowing full well what was happening to him. Yet he still couldn't allow him to be killed.

He spent little time at the Boarding house as the lure of running became more urgent, a persistent thought in his head the longer he stayed there. It was strange to be at home and yet feel so far removed from it. He became emotional and struggled with himself. It was strange to feel as though he'd be more comfortable back at Klaus's mansion but he knew it was simply because he couldn't make any fatal mistakes there because of the rules and there was some security in that. Thankfully Stefan was absent but had made a mess of the house so far. Evidently he had had girls around and had been feeding from them and not bothering to clean up. The house felt alien. He'd grabbed one of Elena's necklaces from his room and placed it safe in his pocket. He'd carry it with him for comfort.

When he arrived back at Klaus's mansion the others were fluttering around excitedly. Clearly they wanted this to happen today. He swallowed back bile as he realised that meant it would happen now. He wasn't quite prepared. He'd hoped maybe he'd have some time but they wanted him now. Their eyes had lit up when he entered the front door and he had pressed himself against the wall in fear they'd just pull him to them now. Klaus swept into the hallway and rescued him, taking him into the bedroom once more.

"Did you get everything you needed?" He enquired as he locked the door behind them and Damon turned to face him, overcome with fear.

"I don't…sir I don't…" He stuttered as he felt his body clench and sweat with adrenaline.

Klaus took in his fear and went to him, cupping his face and whispering to him gently.

"You're ok, pet. I'm here ok? Everything's going to be fine I promise you." Klaus stroked his face as Damon tired to breathe. "Take your clothes off and lie down for me."

Damon choked and looked at him pleadingly but Klaus stood back and waited. Damon undressed methodically and looked to him again.

"Lie down." Klaus said gently. "I will look after you."

Damon lay down on the bed face first and Klaus moved around the room, opening drawers as Damon tried not to panic.

"Please." Damon whispered in grief.

He couldn't do this.

"Now pet I know you are strong and a man of integrity. I know you wouldn't make such an important bargain if you weren't willing to pay for it." Klaus replied as he clattered around and Damon lost hope and squeezed his eyes closed. "It is that integrity which makes you so special."

Klaus came over to the bed and gently urged him to turn over onto his back.

"Now I am going to start slowly." Klaus advised and Damon looked up at him in apprehension.

"What are you going to do?"

"I am going to prepare you."

"What does that mean?"

"Hush Salvatore the brave. Relax and close your eyes." Klaus instructed and Damon did as instructed.

He heard a bottle opening and he tried not to look. He didn't want to know. Klaus lay his hands on his chest and slowly began to massage him. A massage again? Damon relaxed instantly as Klaus worked his muscles and soothed him.

"Your body is spectacular Damon and it is mine." Klaus whispered seductively and Damon tilted his chin up as Klaus massaged into his neck gently. "There will be no kissing. If they try I want you to refuse."

Klaus worked on, lulling Damon's body so much he began to feel like he could sleep. Klaus avoided his manhood, instead focussing on his other muscles. This massage really did seem to be about comforting him, not teasing. Klaus gently roused him and turned him over onto his front. Damon let out a sigh and Klaus chuckled under his breath as he began to massage his back.

"In the 16th century I lived in Thailand. I learned the marvels of massage there amongst other things. I was always impressed at the bodys' ability to adapt to pressure." Klaus purred. "I know you are afraid of being entered, but your body will cope pet. We will ensure that right now."

Damon opened his eyes groggily and Klaus stroked down to his gluts and massaged them until he relaxed them. Klaus stroked the plug with his fingertips. And Damon tensed a little. Klaus twisted the end and sent a nice vibration through Damon's body, he gasped and twitched a little at the pleasure.

"That's right, just let it take over." Klaus whispered and Damon breathed and flexed his hips slightly as the vibration rolled through him, awakening his manhood.

He moaned and sighed in little puffs as Klaus changed the setting to pulse also and resumed massaging his body. Damon clenched the sheets in his hands as his body rocked with pleasure and he became aroused all the more. He moaned into the mattress and Klaus chuckled again.

"Hmmmn. You like this plug." Klaus chuckled and slid it out of him carefully making Damon grunt at the loss.

Klaus slid it back inside again and rubbed it in and out in little motions as Damon squirmed and gasped again. Klaus continued until Damon was sweating and hard.


"Are you ready for more?" Klaus whispered and Damon nodded.

Klaus removed the plug entirely and opened another bottle. Damon breathed, flushing in desire and Klaus slid his finger inside of him, coating his entrance in fresh lubricant. He only kept his fingers in a little while before he removed them and slung his arm underneath Damon's abdomen and tilted him slightly to get to his manhood.

"Let go for me."

Klaus began to pump his manhood and Damon moaned into the bed again as he thrusted into his hands.

"That's it, that's it." Klaus said happily and then Damon felt a cold pressure against his entrance.

He opened his eyes and tensed a little. It seemed large. Klaus teased his entrance with it and slid a tiny bit of it inside. It was large and Damon tensed.

"It's ok pet. Just relax."

He tried to, but it was hard. This object was much larger than his plug and he squirmed a little, making Klaus work harder at his manhood.

"Almost there. You're doing so well."

Damon breathed as more of it was pushed inside. He felt as though he wanted to push it out, like it would hurt at any moment, he braced himself and then Klaus removed it slowly and pushed it back in again, rubbing it in and out carefully until Damon relaxed and could accommodate it. Klaus touched a button on it and sent vibrations through him again and Damon's eyes rolled.

"Do you see what your body can do?" Klaus asked in admiration and Damon couldn't talk.

Everything was just so intense, he didn't know which sensation to concentrate on at all. He panted and moaned and the new plug was pushed further inside until it hit his prostate and he yelped. Klaus squeezed his manhood and halted the movements to allow him to recover. He turned off the vibration and made sure the plug was securely inside and pulled Damon over onto his back again as he flushed and recovered.

"Now I know that you don't want them but I must have you perform your best for me pet. I need your body to perform, so I am going to place this here to help you." Klaus showed him a black rubber ring shape and Damon stared at it.

He'd never tried one. He always thought it looked like it would hurt. Klaus could see his reticence.

"It only feels a little uncomfortable." Klaus soothed and placed it carefully around the base of Damon's erection.

Damon tensed and watched but it didn't hurt as such. It felt more like a dull ache. It was uncomfortable but Klaus was right. He didn't want to do this and he'd lose his erection. He had to do his best to please and this ring would ensure that. Klaus stroked his face reassuringly and raised his eyebrows. Damon gave him a weak nod in response.

"Now, lastly." Klaus paused and looked towards the door. "How I treat you is between us, but they are used to more savagery. I won't let them hurt you, but they enjoy suffering pet. Vent out your feelings as they would enjoy you more if you were distressed and vocal. They like a show. Give them one and they will be satisfied."

"What do you mean?"

"I want you to cry, scream and seem resistant."

"I am."

"Yes but you must play it all the more. Obedience to me is expected but they will want to see your distress. It excites them." Klaus advised and Damon frowned in disgust and fear. "How you behave is an indication of how much I am your master and you long to please only me. Are you ready?"

"No." Damon croaked.

Strange how he wanted to hold onto Klaus of all people. Klaus gave him a knowing smile.

"I want to put a lead on you. You will walk on all fours."


"This is a show pet." Klaus reminded him and Damon looked at him in horror as he rose from the bed and retrieved a dog lead.

Damon sat up and shook his head nervously.

"Don't put that on me."

"They want to see torture and obedience. This is the easiest way." Klaus clipped it into one of the gold hoops on Damon's collar and stood from the bed to admire him as Damon looked down unhappily.

He had a ring around his erection, a plug inside of him and a chain around his neck. What kind of sick fucked up world had this happen to people? He chewed his lip and tried to collect himself and Klaus gave him a pull forwards. He flinched in surprise and looked up at him, feeling hurt and Klaus exhaled and seemed to straighten his expression. Here was Klaus's mask of indifference – his master face. All traces of affection were gone and Damon swallowed and closed his eyes.

"If someone hurts you, you must slam your hand on the ground twice. Do you understand?" Klaus's voice was even different, colder and Damon nodded. "Come." He pulled him forward again, choking him a little and Damon moved from the bed and stood.

Klaus shook his head.

"On your knees."

Damon sighed in grief and got down onto his knees. His skin was still slightly moist from the massage oil so he was sticking to the floor a little. He looked up at Klaus expecting more instructions but Klaus moved forward, pulling him so he had to scramble on his hands and legs to keep from choking. He panted at the effort and Klaus opened the door and moved out into the foyer.

Damon felt so exposed. He was naked, plugged and tied at his penis. He prayed to god Stefan wasn't here this time around. He'd kill himself if Stefan saw him like this. He focussed on the marble floor beneath him as he moved alongside Klaus obediently. He could hear them all gasp delighted and clap as they entered a large reception room. Damon kept his head down.

"For your pleasure. This is your one opportunity to experience him so make it good and satisfy yourselves. I won't stand for any intentional damage or injury. He is mine and has functions to perform. No seed is to enter him. Those are the rules." Klaus announced and Damon trembled.