Elvis and Georgie swam back towards consciousness at around the same time. They had made love and drifted back to sleep content after Georgie's decisions about returning to the army and to Elvis.

Their eyes fluttered open at nearly the same moment and they grinned at each other. Elvis' good hand floated over her bare skin while his other hand brushed back her hair. "Elvis I think I'm going to need to look at that hand of yours." Georgie mumbled against his chest, placing soft kisses along his ribs.

Before he could stop her, she sat up wrapping the sheet around herself, shielding what Elvis considered to be the best view in the entire place. "Georg, really...it's fine." Elvis managed to get out as she took his hand and began to gently prod at it. Elvis made sure he made no signs of discomfort otherwise he knew she would be dragging him off to the hospital. "You know the others are leaving today. If you want to spend any time with Marie you're gonna have to leave me alone and get up."

Georgie groaned and dropped his hand "Marie won't feel up to doing anything this morning. Fingers neither! They'll want a smooth flight home or.." she mimicked sticking her fingers down her throat and gagging.

Elvis threw his head back onto the pillows and laughed at her. "He'll have to get over that and get used to flying in all sorts of conditions."

They lay snuggled together for a few more minutes before getting up. Georgie found her dress and threw it on before climbing back over the railing to get back to her own room. Elvis stuck his head out the sliding door. "I'll jump in the shower and be at your door in 10."

Georgie nodded as she disappeared around the partition.

True to his word, Elvis was knocking on her door 10 minutes later, showered and dressed, more casually than she had seen him in awhile.

Elvis found Georgie on the other side of the door swathed in a towel and dripping hair. "Not ready yet?" he teased, a smile bringing his handsome face to life.

"Shut it Elvis." Georgie fired back.

"The door or my mouth?"

"Both would be for the best."

As Georgie turned away from him, Elvis snagged the end of the towel and gave a gentle tug.

"Hey!" Georgie squealed as she grabbed the towel before it drifted away from her body. Elvis smiled and arched his eyebrow at her, a question half formed on his lips "No...no! I've just got out the shower Elvis." Georgie held fast to the towel as Elvis pulled at it a little harder. His face showed his disappointment and Georgie smiled at him. "Later...I promise. You were right I need to see Marie before she goes. She can warn the family.."

"About me, you mean?" Elvis interrupted.

"No, well not just you," Georgie responded "but the fact I'm coming back to the army and my job."

"You think your parents won't be happy?"

"About you? Probably not but they'll come round. But I don't think they'll be any happier about me going back to my job. The last tour shook them a bit."

"Yep, I know that feeling." Georgie looked at Elvis, waiting for him to finish that statement. He slowly looked at her "When we got here and I hopped off the helio, I was happy to see Charlie. Then we opened the orders and I saw you were the primary. Shit Georgie my whole world shifted...tilted. The boys were concerned and Charlie wasn't going to let me run the mission but there was no way I was going to let you down again. I got you back, I got you back Georgie and I'm not letting go." He tugged at the towel again.

Georgie gave him a gentle smile "I know you got me back," and with a giant heave of the towel she pulled the towel from his grasp "but you're going to have to let me go now!"

Elvis laughed "Go on then Georg, get ready, I'll wait." Georgie rummaged through the bag that Marie had packed for her and found a bikini and some other things to wear. She disappeared into the bathroom to dress and finish getting prepared for the day.

Minutes later she emerged dressed, hair swept up and ready for the day. She took Elvis' hand as they drifted out the door.

As they entered the restaurant they found Spanner, Clare and Charles enjoying a full breakfast with all the trimmings, whilst Fingers sat very quietly sipping black coffee, looking slightly worse for wear. Marie, on the other hand, was nowhere to be seen.

Georgie's face lit into one of her glowing smiles as she looked at her friends around the table. Elvis couldn't help but smile as well, looking at the woman he loved and seeing her happy with his surprise.

"Morning guys!" she rattled off in a sing song voice as she pulled Elvis towards the table. Spanner, Clare and Charles all looked her way, their faces bright and refreshed from the night off. Fingers grimaced and put his hands to his head "Not so loud Georgie...please! My head is banging!"

Everyone laughed and it only got louder as Fingers stuck his fingers in his ears trying to shut out the thumping which was only amplified by their laughter. He groaned and took another swig of his coffee.

"Where's Marie?" Georgie asked him once everyone had quietened down.

"Still in bed, she threatened me with death when I tried to get her to come to breakfast." Georgie smiled knowing that Marie, who was normally a morning person, must have had a big night.

"Well I hope she surfaces soon so I can see her before you all get on the plane to go home. You're all going today aren't you?"

They all nodded as Charles added "But we're not all heading back to London." Georgie noticed that Clare held Spanner's hand just a little bit tighter but she had a bright smile plastered on her face. Clare added "I got the latest flights that I could so none of us are leaving until late tonight."

"Good." Georgie responded "So I still have a chance to talk to you all." She smiled around the table "but right now I'm starving."

Eventually Marie managed to make her way to breakfast, about an hour or so after Elvis and Georgie, and found them all still sitting there planning what they were going to do for the rest of the day.

"What have I missed?" she asked as she plopped herself down between Georgie and Fingers. She looked remarkably chipper for someone who must have had a massive hangover and little sleep.

"Not much, just breakfast." said Georgie, as she gave her a quick hug "I hear you're flying back tonight so I thought we'd make the most of the day and lounge around the beach."

"Sounds like a good plan." Marie answered as she snuck a mouthful of Finger's coffee.

"Ok, let's get moving then."

Elvis placed his hand on Georgie's arm "Don't you have something else to say?" he murmured "To tell everyone?" He rubbed his hand along his jawline, worried that she had changed her mind. Georgie looked at him for a moment before leaning over to kiss him.

"I see there's been a slight change here." said Charles cocking his head towards the pair of them.

"Ooooooohhhh!" Fingers intoned. "Do tell...do tell."

They drew apart and Georgie turned to face her friends. "If you must know.."

"Yes, we must, we must." Fingers cut across her.

"Shut up Fingers!" Charles barked with a stern look on his face.

"Yeah, well me and Elvis are back together but its early days and a few things still need to be sorted." Marie was giving Elvis the eye as a chorus of voices broke out around the table.

"Wait...wait there's more." Elvis called out over the top of them all. Silence hung for a moment before Georgie added "I'm coming home and going back to work, back to the army." Charles' face broke into a grin. Molly had said as much last night, that if Georgie got Elvis sorted out that maybe she'd back amongst it.

There were questions flying around the table so fast none of them could be answered. Georgie held her hands up "Alright you lot. I'm not saying anything more than this...I'm coming back once I've spoken to Nafula. It'll take a couple of weeks before I'm back in England. Then I'm sure there's boxes I'll have to tick before I can be back in the thick of it."

"There'll be no problems there Georgie." Charles informed her. "We'd be glad to have you back. The replacement medic well, just isn't up to 2 Section's standards I'm afraid..."

"Very few are, they're pretty high, you know." Fingers chimed in "There's only been you and Molly that's managed to reach 'em."

"Aww thanks Fingers! Now..."

"Shut the fuck up!" everyone finished for her.

"As I was saying before Fingers opened his mouth, you just ring me when you're back and I'll get it squared away." Charles said smiling at her.

"Thanks Charles. I'd better start calling you Bossman again." Georgie responded. "Anyway let's get this day at the beach started!" Everyone stood up to get going as some of them had to head back to their rooms to get their swim suits. "Let's be back here in 15!" Charles, ever the organiser, suggested.

"Right Boss!"

As everyone moved away Spanner caught Georgie's eye and he motioned to a quiet corner in the lobby. Georgie gave him a quick nod and an excuse to Elvis, who headed back to his room to make a phone call to his family. The others all disappeared as Georgie and Spanner sat down.

"Ok spill it. What's on your mind Spanner."

"Hold on Georg, there's nothing to spill but I do want to ask you something."

"Go on then!" Georgie rolled her eyes.

"Are you sure?" Spanner queried.


"All of it, I suppose." Spanner shrugged and ran his hand through his hair. "Coming back to the job, the Boss. What happens if it all goes to shit?"

"Again, you mean."

Spanner gave a quick grin "Yeah...again! Do you think either of you would survive it, splitting up or...or.."

"Or if the worse should happen?"

"That's always a possibility in our line of work." Spanner had a serious look upon his face. It had never really bothered him before but now he had Clare. He was now more aware of how things could go down for the one left behind.

"I'll organise a letter for him when I get back. After the whole wedding disaster I got the other one back but I'll make sure it'll be alright...well he'll be alright.

Spanner smiled at her "What makes you think I'm just worried about the Boss? You seem to attract a fair amount of trouble all by yourself."

Georgie laughed "Only when you guys are involved. But I told him the last time I wasn't to get his final letter and that still stands. It would be too much."

"So you'll have it covered?" Georgie nodded. "It's all ok?"

Georgie patted Spanner's hand, touched that he cared and then looked him in the eye "Time will tell Spanner, time will tell."

A/N I've had this last chapter sitting for quite some time and I apologise for that but I wasn't ready to let Elvis and Georgie's story be over. But now it is.