Grand Line Trainer Chapter 1: Prologue and Beginning

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Alola Region, Aether Academy - Jason's POV

I rush as I head to my graduation ceremony as I think on the rapid changes made to the Alola Region and many other Regions in the past two Decades since the Pokémon World Governments started to actively change how to become a Pokémon Trainer and the many other small changes to help young people to achieve their dreams.

Be it a Pokémon Trainer, Coordinator, Connoisseur, Researcher/Scientist etc.

The Aether Academy was the answer to many of those problems as it was originally the Aether Foundation who despite their past hidden crimes wished to merely help Pokémon as they tried to make up for that by offering help to anyone who wished to learn all they wanted about Pokémon.

It eventually grew until the former headquarters of the foundation became an Academy that was dedicated in teaching students and children all they could about the dangers and joys of Pokémon.

The dangers was one of the reasons why the World Governments tried to further help those of whom were in most danger as Pokémon Trainers, Children.

It was the lack of knowledge and improper instructions given to many of these young children that lead to many deaths and accidents caused by Pokémon who either were rampaging or too feral to deal with by a young trainer's own skills and lack of knowledge.

To help stem the heartbreak and dangers of many families who grew fearsome of their children dying too young when deciding to become a Pokémon Trainer or whatever profession needed travel in the wild and contact or necessity to work with Pokémon, The World Government's decided to take all of those who wished to become such things and teach them all they could.

They began to set up massive Academy's with Alola being one of the first since it already had a small but successful school ran by the Cousin to Kanto's own Professor Oak.

They merely moved many of the students of the school to the former Organisation and now Academy building.

Kanto got something similar with the old Poke Tech Academy being replaced and updated to better standards to become the 'Kanto Academy of Fine Learning in Pokémon' Which was ran by one of the former Kanto Champions, Blue Oak; Son to Professor Oak and staffed by either retired Gym Leaders or former Elite Four Members.

Johto got the same with one of the town/city's own Academy's being refitted and changed to Match it with another former champion heading it as Headmaster, Ethan Gold.

Hoenn was the same as well with its small trainer school in Rustboro City being changed and refitted into a much larger facility to be then dubbed 'Rustboro Academy', the City itself being made to adapt and grow larger to facilitate the size of the Academy and again having a former champion as Headmaster or rather Headmistress, Kristine Crystal or more known as 'Kris' by many who knew her.

Sinnoh, Unova and Kalos got a similar deal as well with some academy's having to be split into two different ones with the amount of students attending said Academy's.

Most notably Unova which had two academies apply named 'Black Academy' and 'White Academy' due to each of the Academy mascots being either Reshiram or Zekrom.

Galar's information was currently and largely unknown to him besides a few details, The Academy for that Region was fairly private and the name of it was only given to those who were accepted; the chosen student had to sign a legally binding contract that basically stipulated they not give out or tell any details of the Academy to outsiders besides the immediate family who also had to sign a contract of similar details like the chosen student to be doubly sure that details were not given out about it.

It was a mystery why this was how it was but I respected the school for how I'd heard its successful Pokémon training programs brought out powerful and skilled graduates; especially since the stories of how its Headmaster and Sensei was a former Champion of Galar as well who in fact trained the current Champion, Leon.

Anyway, Most or at least all the Schools/Academy's had many similar courses and classes for many children as they usually started with children aged 5 to 9 for introduction and beginner classes to test out what took the children's interests.

From there they started the more general to intermediate classes which was for those who were at the age that many children usually would have started their Pokémon Journey, 10 to 15, if they wanted to become a Pokémon Trainer and eventually the fabled Pokémon Master.

That rank and position has only been reached by very few people and all of them have sadly passed on or retired.

The final leg of the Journey was the Advanced and Master Classes which required many to stay on until they reached at least 18 to 20 Years old, this was of course an optional choice as usually most students just left when they had finished the general and intermediate classes as there was just enough information given and taught to them for them to survive and be able to become whatever their life choice in relation to Pokémon.

I myself chose to stay on as I simply loved Pokémon with every fibre of my being; all its details, lore and the world we lived in with them.

It was also the day of my graduation ceremony as I was one of the few students to complete every class and pull through every test with honours and perseverance in the pursuit of knowledge.

It also helped that I was a bit of a prodigy in relation to Pokémon.

I shake my head as I run faster to reach my destination.

A short time later - Graduation Ceremony

"Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the new graduating students of Aether Academy!"

Cheers and applause greeted the air as parents and teachers/faculty members praised the new graduating students, chief among them was the top student of the year; Jason Grimm.

Said Young man had a wide smile on his face as he viewed his mother and father along with his older sister in the crowd in front of him.

He was brought out of his joy by being tackled to the ground by a excitable Pokémon of which the man has been with for quite a few years.

"Vap, Vapor, Vaporeon."

"Calm Down Aquarius, I'm happy too."

The young man says aloud to the Eeveelution of Water who begins to calm down as the man picks himself up and drapes the Pokémon around his shoulders like a scarf.

He is greeted by the chuckles and amused faces of his family as he walks up to speak to them.

"I thought I asked you to keep Aqua still and not rush about like that?"

He directs his question to his sister who has a sheepish expression as she says back, "I tried but you know how slippery she can be especially when she wants to be given attention by her trainer and to congratulate you."

He chuckle's as he knows it to be true as she simply loves being attended to, the little minx.

He looks down at one of his other Pokémon as he stands next to his sister calmly as he then comment to said Pokémon, "I can see you can at least be civil unlike the little madam here."

He points to Aquarius who gives him her equivalent of a pout as she then sticks her tongue out at his other Pokemon, Dartanyon; his Dartix and opposite to his other Pokémon.

He got both of them as a Rowlet and Eevee when He started both his General and Advanced Courses as one of the requirements was that the student had to have a Pokémon to learn from and raise themselves.

Rowlet was his starter or rather first owned Pokémon and had evolved just last year, he had nicknamed him Dartanyon as it seemed like a good name for him.

Aquarius or Aqua as he nicknamed her was his second Pokemon and he got her as a Eevee from one of the other students who wanted to become a Pokémon Breeder and Egg Caretaker, one of their projects was to find or raise a Pokémon Egg but they found two eggs of different type so they gave him the other egg and they kept the one that eventually hatched into a Rockruff.

Eevee was pretty much a spoiled little girl from when she first hatched he simply loved to give her all his attention when he could and when she evolved (after being asked of course what kind of Eeveelution she wanted to be) that turned her into a little princess as she was a very proud and happy Pokémon.

He shakes my head as he comments in his mind, "A lot of reminiscing going on today."

He then begins walking home with his family and Pokémon, or rather one walks while the other flies above them all.

He begins speaking to his mother and father as they tell him of the party and dinner planned for tonight in his honour of graduating Aether Academy.

That Night, Later on Jason's POV

I sigh as I think on the fun party and meal from dinner as I rest on my bed and lazily scratch Aqua's back as she lies beside me with Dartanyon perched atop my bed's strong headboard and giving off hooting snores.

Aqua mewls and snuggles further into my side as she appreciates the attention while she sleeps.

I can also just spy my Trainer outfit and supplies I have hung up on my wardrobe and dresser as I plan to go on my journey through Alola and defeat the Kahuna's and Alola Pokémon League and then once that's done I plan on going through the other regions and battling the many Gym's, Elites and Champions that live in those regions.

"But first I may need to sleep as I have a big day tomorrow and I don't want to be too tired to start it out."

If he only knew what really awaited him and the Grand Journey he will experience in a world not of his own.

Well that is the first chapter and intro to one of my new stories that I plan on doing.

I was actually inspired by a Fanfiction author and someone I would call a friend, 'Insane Dominator'.

His idea of someone from Pokémon or at least a character based in the World of Pokémon who travels to a world that is completely different than the norm and having a massive amount of adventures with his Pokémon.

I know that many may have done this but he does it in a impressive and wonderful way that I cannot help emulate him.

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