Summary: This wasn't part of the plan, she has to get out. She is going to get out.

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The alarm clock is blaring in his ear, not that FP slept a wink that night; too much was on his mind, but mostly her. His room is dark and cold, it is the day after Christmas after all; as always, his family is strapped for funds so the heat is on as low as it can go without turning them into human popsicles. FP slips out of bed and roots around for some clothing in the dark, he isn't sure if the items he picks up match, but he isn't for fashion so it doesn't really matter to him. All anybody will ever see him is as Southside trash anyway.

FP stumbles out into the living room, his father, Senior, is still passed out on the couch and is probably sleeping off the massive hangover from his family's special egg nog; the one holiday tradition that sticks. He hears coughing and rushes into the bedroom; his mother, Rosalie, is awake and propped up on some pillows and taking harsh breaths from her oxygen tank. She looks so small in the bed; the cancer has given her skin a grey tint and her long raven curls are gone, since replaced with a bandana, a different color each day and today it's red to celebrate the holiday season.

"Ma?" FP whispers. "You okay?"

Rosalie wipes her hand across her face. "Yeah, baby, I hope I didn't wake you," she croaks.

"Nah, Ma, they just need me to open up at the store," he reassures her, leaning over to press a kiss to her cheek. "I just wanted to make sure you didn't need anything before I left."

"No, baby, I'm fine," she smiles, meekly. "Tell Allie, I said hello, okay?"

"How did you-?"

"I know you, I know Allie," She interjects. "I also know that Liz is out of town for the weekend with her new boyfriend leaving the place empty."

FP figures this is what he gets for falling in love with the daughter of his mother's best friend, his mother figuring out his every move, but at least she wasn't too intrusive. She hadn't thrown any Trojans at him like Senior had done to him time and time again; he probably should have taken them with him.

"Have fun and don't give me any grandchildren before you're ready," Rosalie teases before breaking into another coughing fit.

Oh, if she only knew.


The car ride is quiet, this isn't the usual comfortable silence they find themselves in from time to time, FP casts glances over to Allie occasionally; she has curled deep into herself, something FP isn't used to. He is used to getting the full extent of Allie's personality, all her brashness, all her snark, all her inappropriate laughter. Now all he is getting is radio silence, he suspects this is natural considering the unpleasantness of the current situation. The silence becomes unbearable.

"How are you feeling this morning?" He asks, lamely. "The morning sickness bad today?"

"I threw up twice before you got me," Allie admits. "I'm not sure if it's the ba-the thing or just my nerves."

Allie has taken to calling the kid 'the thing,' it sounds harsh, sure, but FP knows she's trying to disconnect herself from the situation. When she told, him she was pregnant, he had been overjoyed, scared, but he saw it has a chance for a fresh start. Allie didn't see it that way, though, she saw the kid stopping her from her dreams of abandoning the Southside and had made the choice not to go through with it. FP wasn't thrilled, but he wasn't the type of guy to force his girl to go through with something she didn't want.

"Don't worry, soon you won't have to deal with that anymore, things will go back to normal."

"Will they really?" Allie sighs, rolls down the window and lights a cigarette. "I don't think there is really anyway to come back from this, FP."

He's not quite sure what to say to that, so he remains quiet, not being the type of person to speak when he has nothing of relevance to say. The two lovers both fall back into an uncomfortable silence again; he pulls up to Riverdale's Planned Parenthood and cuts the engine going for the car door of his Oldsmobile.

"Don't" She demands, coolly. "Wait here, please, I just need you here for the ride."

There it is, the feeling she sometimes gives off, the one of having a knife shoved in your chest and being twisted. They were either hot and heavy, or cool as ice, and there was no in between. She throws the door open, and he is surprised that she didn't pull it clear off. FP watches as Allie storms up to the front of building, too indignant to realize that she is still carrying a cigarette between her finger tips. God, he loves that girl.

FP read up on the procedure to calm his own worry for the girl he loved; the procedure itself would be five to ten minutes, but the actual examination would keep her in there as long as forty-five. He decides to busy himself and drives down to the corner store to pick up some random odds and ends to gift her after. He grabs her a Sprite, a box of saltines, and bouquet of red rose which wreak of the gas station where he bought them. He hopes she'll still love them, Roses always reminded of him of her, beautiful but there was always the danger she could hurt you.

By the time, he returns to the clinic she is out front, her arms wrapped around her frame; one hand is massaging the cramps he is sure she has right now. He quickly exits the car and wraps his arms around her, she begins to sob into his flannel in a rare moment of weakness. Allie proceeds to crumple against him and he lifts her up carrying her towards the car.

"I will never forgive you this," she whimpers. "I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, you've ruined me!"


That's the last time he really sees Allie Smith, she decides it's best they don't see one another after that morning; she claims it's because she hates him now, but he knows the truth and that it's she's hurting. After that she moves to the good part of town with her mother and stepfather, she transfers to Riverdale High, she starts to go by Alice instead of Allie and no longer hangs around with the Serpents. She's gotten what she has always wanted.

FP sees her around town from time to time over the years; usually with that cheerleading squad or that prick Hal Cooper. She usually ignores him, even at his mother's funeral she barely acknowledges him; she offers him a forced hug and a muttered condolence. It stings, he remembers how they used to spend Summers together, where his mother would take the two of them to the beach, but now it's as none of that has ever mattered. He's done with her, he's done with her for good, or so he thinks. That is until Betty Cooper stumbles into his son's life and steals Jughead's heart.

He sees the way his son looks at the spunky blonde, as if she's the whole world, he even sees the stoic boy smile from time to time. The young love brings Alice Cooper back into his life; homecoming, prom pictures, their wedding. Today it's for the birth of their first grandchild; she sits on one end of the hospital wing with Hal and Polly, while he sits on his own. They have been their all night, neither daring to exchange glances with one another, but both determined to see their grandchild.

At about 5 AM Jughead stumbles out from behind the doors of the maternity wing into the waiting room; pulling the mask from off his face. The boy…no man looks dumbstruck, completely in awe, and mildly disgusted; he remembers feeling the same way when he was born. For once in his life Jughead looks speechless, he has definitely fallen in love again.

"What did we get, kid?" He calls out, quickly standing to greet his son. "More importantly is it healthy?"

Alice is at his side in seconds, it's the closest he has been to her since his mother's funeral. It still makes his heart race, though he would never admit it. "How's Betty, is she doing okay?" She asks, quickly.

"Betty and your granddaughter are doing great." Jughead manages. "Ten fingers, ten toes, they aren't webbed or anything."

"Oh! A little girl!" Polly bounces. "What's her name?"

"Her name is Alessia Rose Jones, she's seven pounds even, and 20 inches long." Jughead announces. "Meaning she already has her mother's figure."

"Oh!" Alice is tearing up; it's the reaction he pictures whenever he thinks of what could have been, their baby.

"Can we see her?" FP manages to choke out.

"Yeah, of course, she's in the nursery."


Somehow it turns just the two of them standing in the dimly hallway in front of the nursery window; Polly and Hal disappeared to visit the new mother, while Jughead sat in a rocker next to the baby; the look he gives her is completely full of love. Alessia is beautiful, dark hair that is clearly his son's, but no doubt she looks like a Smith, or a Cooper now he supposes; the same delicate features and the big eyes he is sure will turn green. It's what he always pictured their baby looking like.

"She's beautiful," Alice croaks.

"She looks like you," FP declares. "Don't worry that's me agreeing with you."

"I know," She chuckles, darkly. "Somebody is in love."

Alice nods towards Jughead who hasn't taken his eyes off the newest family member of the family; it was like looking into the mirror. By this point in their life they had both experienced this, but he still couldn't keep his mind off what could have been.

"Allie," he whispers, tenderly. "Do you ever think that about how that could have been us?"

FP expects her to blow the question off, and storm away but she doesn't. She turns to him and gazes up into his eyes. "All the time," she admits, timidly. "But had our time but then it was over, we weren't supposed to co-parent, we were a nice fantasy, we share something completely different now."

"Grandparents, can you believe we're grandparents?"

"Just yesterday we were scamming those Riverdale High kids in pool and now this," He snorts. "The good ol' days."

Alice laughs but then pauses for a few minutes, just gazing at her son-in-law and granddaughter "I'm sorry about your mother, I never properly said that," She finally admits. "I could have handled that better and I don't think you ruined me for what it's worth I was just-"

"It's okay Allie, we were just kids." FP promises her.

"Right, just kids."

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