Title: Wish
Fandom: D N Angel
Author: Kenny
Disclaimer: I do not own D N Angel. If I did it would be so... well let's not go there. It's all Bunny-sensei's!
Pairings: Dark/Daisuke
Rating: PG
Summary: Daisuke and Dark both have a dream of each other.
Pre-notes: This is Shini-chan's late birthday present. Such a cheep gift... But still the best gifts are the ones you make yourself, even though it's short. ^^; Oh yeah /.../ stands for Daisuke's thoughts.
And thanks to my betas Cooro and Kirstin.


Daisuke looked around at his suroundings. He knew he was asleep and he was dreaming but this wasn't the usual dream he had. And it couldn't be Dark's dream. The pervert's dreams were probably full of women.

The redhead turned to check out what was behind him. Dark was sitting on the ground not far behind him looking serious.

"Dark? Is this your dream?"

The kaitou looked at the redhead, "No. It isn't your dream either. It's *our* dream," he said, answering Daisuke's silent question. "I wanted to tell you something," Dark continued, "something I want to tell you to your face rather then just speaking to you."

/This is odd. Dark is being so serious./

"You know that I will disappear when your 'wish' is granted. When you fall in love with someone, and they return your love." The thief looked off into the distance, "But what about what I want. My 'wish'."

/Dark's wish...?/

Daisuke walked over to Dark and kneeled down in front of his other half. "And what is your 'wish,' Dark?"

"I want someone to love me."

"But people do love you. All those girls. They are always talking about you. I swear, my mom's in love with you too."

Dark sighed, "No. That's not what I want. I want someone to love me. Not the Phantom Thief. They don't love me. They love my fame. Even your mother, she wanted to be me. Like you are. But girls don't have the blood in them that transforms them into me."

Girls can be phantom thieves too!

"She was very disappointed that she couldn't be me. I talked to her a couple of times before she met Kosuke. But that's not really the point, Daisuke. I want to love someone and have them love me back in return."

/That's right... You love Riku, but she hates you./

"But a love like that is impossible. Because... I am not real."

Daisuke shook his head and put his arms around Dark. "You are real, Dark! You are real to me."

Dark blinked, once, and then again before putting his hand on the boy's red hair. "I am not real. I will disappear whenever you find someone who you love and who will love you in return. It's happened every time. It will always happen. And I will never get to have my 'wish'."

The redhead shook his head, "You're wrong Dark. You will find someone you love. Maybe even now. Maybe someone who loves you for who you are, not what you are, is here right now."

/Because I love you Dark. Even if you love Riku./

The thief laughed, "That's impossible. The only person here is..." Dark looked down and saw a set of ruby eyes staring at him, "...is you. Daisuke?"

"Even if it means nothing to you. The person who loves you is right here." Daisuke tilted his head and leaned up, closing his eyes. He wasn't surprised when Dark leaned in closing the distance between them.

When the kiss ended, Daisuke blushed slightly, "We should have more dreams together."

Dark smiled and wrapped his arms around Daisuke. "Who said this dream was over?"

The redhead giggled.

/Even if this could never be real outside of our dream. We can still make our love real here. And Dark would get his wish./