When he was very little, he found his reason to get strong. Haruto was his younger brother by almost a year, and was very kind. Whereas Tsunayoshi was a bit of a loudmouth who was quick to jump into things headfirst, without hesitation.

The two were almost complete opposites... except Tsuna was very protective and loved his little brother. And Haruto trusted his older brother to be there when he needed him.

Even if he did get in over his head so often it wasn't funny.

And then everything changed. It had started out small, mostly when Tsuna found out their father was one-half Italian and even worked in Italy. The long distance being his "father's" excuse for why he was never home, and left his poor wife alone with two children on her own.

So Tsuna used the public library and learned basic Italian. He had it mastered in a week.

He could hold a simple conversation, but that was about it.

One day, their father came home with some important guests. One was an old man who insisted they call him "grandfather", and he had a bodyguard with him named "Coyote".

While he was playing with Haruto, the ball got kicked too far and landed in the tree. Tsuna climbed it with the ease of a monkey to get it... and the branch snapped.

He vaguely remembered what happened. One minute he was falling to an almost certain broken arm, the next he was floating.

He brushed off his pants and held out the ball proudly to his little brother... except he saw the look of shock in the eyes of the adult men. Something about the way his "Father" looked at him sent shivers of apprehension down his spine.

Thanks to the door being partially open, Tsuna heard his 'father' arguing with the old man. Something about a "seal"...though he couldn't be certain, he was still trying to learn Italian.

Haruto didn't know anything was wrong... until their father took Tsuna inside and the old man's hand lit up with orange fire, much weaker than the one his brother had an hour ago.

He didn't see what happened, but one minute the old man went to poke at his brother's head...the next there was a loud yelp of pain and the sound of breaking glass. He turned and saw a slightly bleeding Tsuna who was already making a run for it.

Haruto was used to being dragged along with his brother, but he had the feeling this time it was important. The men should not catch them. They needed to escape, to hide from them.

Haruto and Tsuna take off running as if their lives depended on it. And Tsuna made very, very sure that his brother stayed with him.

Two hours later...

"Brother? What happened? Why are we running?" asked Haruto scared.

Tsuna was taking deep lungfuls of air, but his eyes were sharp and clear. There was a certain depth to them, like he was seeing the world with eyes much older than his five year old body would suggest.

Tsuna patted Haruto on the head.

"It's okay little brother."

Haruto turned his brown eyes at his big brother. He was scared. Something was happening and he had no idea how to handle this.

"That man tried to do something. Something bad that shouldn't be done. So I made sure he had something else to think about and that you weren't left alone with him," said Tsuna.

"Something bad?"

"Remember that fire earlier? The one that protected me when I was about to be hurt? Father convinced the old man he brought to try and take it away from me, because he doesn't want to stay here with us," said Tsuna, eyes hard.

"But Mama would be happy if he were home more!" said Haruto, crying.

Mama was always sad because papa was never there and she had to sleep alone at night. Tsuna always stayed with him, to keep the bed monsters far away from him, but Mama didn't have anyone to protect her from the monsters.

"Which is why we're going to run. If they catch us, then they'll try to take away the fire so we can't protect Mama, much less each other."

Haruto wiped his face, and put his hand into Tsuna's slightly bigger one. He knew his big brother would keep him safe, that's what they were for.

Hearing someone cursing in Italian nearby, the two started running again.

However Haruto wasn't as athletic as Tsuna. He could only run for so long and his brother couldn't carry him and escape at the same time. But Tsuna would never dare even entertain the idea of leaving his brother behind.

Then they found a small hole, too tiny for adults to crawl through, and managed to get through even though it scratched them up.

They thought they were safe, hidden behind the thorny bushes. Except someone found them.

"Little animals, what are you doing in my yard?" growled a voice.

Tsuna immediately shielded Haruto from the rather angry voice of Hibari Kyouya, the strongest, most territorial boy in their neighborhood. Hibari hated being part of a group and most of the teachers had long since given up making him play "nice" with others.

"Now, now Kyouya. Even I can see the 'little animals' are scared of something," chided a voice. Tsuna looked up and saw an even more dangerous predator. One that disguised itself as a toddler with a red pacifier. He could have passed for a younger, longer haired Hibari, except his eyes were much older than he looked.

The 'toddler' looked past the wall and spotted something that had him frown. Then an idea occurred to him.

"Kyouya, how would you like to...play...with an older carnivore that could use a lesson in intruding in your territory?" he asked with a smirk.

Hibari's smirk turned vicious, and his tonfas practically gleamed with the idea of the impending violence.

Within moments there was a pained yelp, followed by even louder swearing in Italian, among other things.

Never before had Tsuna been thrilled that Hibari had a habit of biting anyone who annoyed him to death, including adults.

The toddler chuckled darkly. Coyote Nougat wouldn't hurt his grandson too badly, and he'd think twice about entering the house of a baby Cloud who would only get more vicious if he thought the man would intrude on his territory. Served the Vongola Storm right for chasing two little boys to the point of exhaustion.

"Come along, little ones. You look like you could use a good glass of tea and some snacks," said the toddler cheerfully, as if he hadn't just sent a child to attack an adult mafioso.

Tsuna liked him more than the people his father... no, Iemitsu, brought already.

Poor Haruto was almost dead on his feet.

The toddler watched with approval as Tsuna let his brother crash on him, and waited for him to at least have some tea and some onigiri.

"So why was that man chasing you?"

"Probably because I kicked the old man so hard that I'm sure I felt his knee break. Or at least get one nasty bruise," said Tsuna immediately.

"Old man?"

"The man my Mama claims is my father brought him and an old man to our house. He seemed pretty upset about me floating earlier, and I managed to get most of his conversation. All I know is that when someone tries to poke you with a hand on fire, it's generally a good idea to be somewhere else. So I created a distraction and took Haruto out of there with me," said Tsuna, patting his little brother on the head.


"I went to get a ball, and the branch broke. Next thing I knew, there was a weird warmth in my chest and I floated a bit before I landed on the ground."

The toddler smiled oddly.

"Tell me, did you see the color?"

Tsuna shook his head. He had his eyes closed.

"Who are you, mister? You're eyes are too old for you to be our age," asked Tsuna innocently.

The toddler chuckled.

"And you see more than most adults do. My name is Fon, and I'm Hibari's grandfather. Don't let my appearance fool you... I'm much older than I look."

Tsuna tilted his head and looked at him oddly.

"You feel more like an Arashi than a Fon," he said.

Fon smiled at him. It was rather odd.

The door opened, revealing a scratched up but rather pleased Hibari. He glared at Fon, then at Tsuna.

"Little animal, why was that man looking for you and the kitten?" demanded Hibari.

"Because I bit an older carnivore when he tried to do something, and they were mad about it," said Tsuna, saying the first thing that came to mind. "I wasn't about to let the older carnivore and the fake carnivore hurt my brother."

Hibari stared at him for a moment, before he twirled his tonfa and slid them into their holsters, apparently satisfied with the answer. A pack should always protect their own, especially little ones like the boy sleeping against the potential omnivore in front of him. He went to a Sakura tree and promptly laid down to take a well deserved nap.

That annoying carnivore wouldn't be back anytime soon.

Fon chuckled darkly, then noticed Tsuna yawning.

"Rest, little one. I promise on my word no harm will come to you here... and if they try to get into the house they'll have to deal with me first," said Fon.

Tsuna stared at him, and was apparently satisfied with something he saw in the "toddler". His eyes drooped and soon there was a snore coming from him while his younger brother curled up even closer against him.

The door slid open, revealing Fon's daughter Tsubaki.

"Well father?"

"It seems that Iemitsu attempted to seal a recently awakened Sky, and the Ninth paid for it."

Tsubaki's eyes went dark and hard.

"Really now. The Vongola of all people should know how precious Skies are," she said darkly.

Fon's serene smile slipped for a moment, revealing a much angrier countenance. It swiftly returned to the calm smile that was his facade... but the ire of the Storm Arcobaleno had been firmly awakened.

It was simply good luck, or perhaps the will of the gods themselves that the child had managed to give the Vongola the slip...and that he took his younger brother with him. That they somehow found their way to this particular home, on a day he happened to be visiting.

There was no other way to look at it other than the hand of fate. And there was something about the older boys eyes. They were much like his own, but not as old or hardened. They Saw things that most people generally ignored.

Well, if the Vongola though that Fon would ignore a young Flame that was only just now starting to burn, and a baby Sky no less... well clearly Iemitsu needed to be reminded of the duty all Flame Actives had to protect the younger ones. Especially if they were a Sky.

Fon looked at Tsubaki with a hard gleam in his eyes.

"Alert the clan. If any of the Vongola try to come here for the children, we will make them regret it. With any luck we can keep them far from the boys until they leave and possibly secure Kyouya's future in the process."

He wasn't above setting the older boy up with Kyouya. If anything the child had displayed a rather amusing amount of perception when it came to Kyouya. The way he worded his reply on why the Vongola Storm had been chasing him was absolutely perfect.

If Kyouya had a Sky his own age able to match him, then the chances of him surviving past his teenage years went up. Clouds were rare for a reason... their instincts drove them to defend their territory with almost religious fervor, and it often brought them against much bigger fish that they weren't ready for quite yet.

With quiet efficiency, the Hibari home was set into defense mode. If Iemitsu or the Vongola managed to track the children here and attempted to retrieve them, they would find it quite well defended.

Tsuna woke up in an unfamiliar room, but Haruto was with him so that was okay.

The house was much bigger than his own home, and Haruto was a bit startled when he realized they weren't in their own room. He stuck close to Tsuna.

"Good morning little ones," said Fon cheerfully.

It seemed Coyote had been thrown off the scent by Kyouya. That was a good thing, and oddly enough none of the Vongola realized Fon was there, observing.

Which didn't really speak well for Iemitsu's capability as the head of CEDEF, and how the Ninth Vongola Don was clearly slipping. He hadn't even tried to hide his QI.

"Brother, who is this?"

"Hibari-san's grandfather, Fon," said Tsuna. He patted Haruto on the head.

Haruto looked at Fon oddly.

"He looks smaller than me."

"Well not all of us can grow up to be giants," said Tsuna. Haruto calmly sat down next to Tsuna, and followed his lead without hesitation.

"You two are quite adorable together. So which one is the older?" asked Fon. Though he could already guess.

Tsuna thumped his chest proudly.

"I'm older by eleven months, and its my job to protect my little brother. That's what good big brothers are for!" he said proudly.

Fon chuckled.

"And it's my job to support him...even if he does tend to jump into things a lot," said Haruto shyly.

"Both of you are good brothers. Family should protect each other from threats," said Fon pleased. Tsuna beamed at him and he could feel the warmth from the boy's Flames.

This was a child he could easily like.

"Well then, while we wait for the fools outside the home to leave and return to Italy, how about I teach you two some basic martial arts? I might not look it, but I am quite good at them," said Fon pleasantly.

Tsuna immediately turned to look at Hibari.

"Did you teach him how to bite older people to death too?" he asked.

Fon chuckled darkly.

"I may have gotten him started and given him his favorite weapons," he admitted.

Better to direct the boy's natural instincts in a way that would keep him alive than to let them bottle up until they exploded in a violent manner. Besides, there was nothing more entertaining than watching grown yakuza have their ass handed to them by a Latent Cloud with a habit of biting people to death.

"I'll learn, if only to keep my little brother safe. I won't let that man or the old guy get their hands on him," said Tsuna.

Fon could feel the unbreakable resolve in his voice. No wonder this child had awakened so early, if his natural conviction was that strong.

And Iemitsu wanted to seal his son's Flame so he wouldn't have to deal with training him. Fon's opinion of the man only sank low and lower the more he found out about the situation.