BThe Dancing MachineP
His motions secure and steadyBR
His mind a constant tumult of questions without answersBR
Nightmares and dreamsBR
But they are too vague to be considered realBR
Because he has a purpose. BR
Paying no attention to what is beyond himselfBR
And the hideous world around himBR
That swarms in nightlife and parties and BR
Florescent lightsBR
He is home. BR
Changing one stepBR
Then the otherBR
Moving carefully but quicklyBR
Dancing in the night. BR
In front of the giant pale-faced moonBR
That seeps across the lines that outlineBR
The faceBR
The machinery that he embodies. BR
His brain is a clockwork mazeBR
Masked behind clear eyes and slicked back hairBR
He oozes into one bodyBR
Then anotherBR
Never missing a stepBR
A beautiful machineBR
Dancing to the moon.