Bows of Promise

Chapter One

It was a bright sunny day.

Perhaps it was a bit of a clichéd start, but for him, this was hardly the beginning of anything, even if he had crossed one side of the entire world just a few hours ago, from one country to another to start a new job in this new place. He barely felt the anxiety related to new beginnings. Only a twinge of uncertainty every few hours, but otherwise?

He smiled…

It was one of those days where one woke up with such a smile forced on their lips by how beautiful the world was. The start of the week…or was it? Sweet smelling spring air, little blossoms on the trees shyly peeking from their cocoon and a breeze that gently lifted spirits on its feather-soft wings…

Involuntarily, his thin lips smiled gently to the world around him…long lashes were closed in a content expression, until he decided he simply could not miss one more second of watching this beautiful place. He opened his eyes, allowing bright crimson orbs to glance around him at tall trees and bright sunshine and utter peace that the place screamed.

The softness his surroundings emanated gave him endless peace of mind that he did not really care that his contact in Domino was not able to meet him and was sending his wife instead. He said her name was Mai and that he was so sorry he couldn't welcome him in person but an unexpected surgery came up.

Yami assured him that he more than understood.

He leaned calmly against the body of the car he bought in advance before arriving in Japan, waiting for his future colleague's wife to arrive since he really had no inkling where to go and how in the city since his plane arrived just an hour ago.

He did not have to wait too long. Within only fifteen minutes from the call he received from his contact, he heard a soft clearing of a throat beside him. He turned towards the sound, smiling gently at the woman standing a few feet away from him, her body language having an air of hesitance about it, like she was unsure of what she was doing.

She was really beautiful woman. Tall and feminine, with long, wavy blonde hair that she styled up into a messy ponytail, and allowed several strands to come loose, surrounding her face and neck playfully. She wore a pair of light blue skinny jeans and a white off-the-shoulder top and a pair of ballerina shoes. Her amethyst eyes betrayed more of her uncertainty as she stared right at him and she opened her mouth for a second, closed it, then opened it again to ask, "Dr. Motou?"

He smiled and nodded once, straightening from his position as she sighed in relief.

"Thank goodness," she said, returning his smile with a radiant one of her own as she extended a hand, which he shook as she said, "I was so scared I'd show up late, or I wouldn't find you…"

"I think I described where I was quite accurately, Mrs. Katsuya," Yami replied with a chuckle.

"Oh please…don't," holding up a delicate hand in front of her face, she groaned, a mortified expression on her beautiful features. "Just Mai. I told Jonouchi he should have changed his last name to mine, Valentine, but he is just so traditional. Now whenever someone calls me by his last name, I sound like some old woman knitting in her backyard."

Yami stared at her for a moment, before bursting out laughing at how serious she sounded.

"Yes, laugh…go ahead. I know it's funny," she grumbled, crossing her arms with a disgruntled expression.

Yami sobered up, his chuckles dying down to a gentle smile. He gestured for her to wait a second, rummaging through his bag for a few moments, until he found what he was looking for. His smile widened a fraction more, as he stepped closer to her, handing her a bar of Lindtt dark chocolate, while saying, "I'm sorry I laughed. Here you go, please accept my apology."

She stared at him in shock for a few moments, numbly accepting the chocolate, then her face broke into a most beautiful smile and she said, "You're a man after my heart, Doctor… I wasn't that offended, you didn't have to bribe me with chocolate. Shall we go straight home or would you like to grab a cup of coffee while we wait for Jonouchi to wrap up at work?"

"Let's wait for Jonouchi," he suggested, offering her his arm and generally being a gentleman.

She giggled.

"What?!" he defensively asked, withdrawing a bit and taking his arm back, thinking he offended her.

"You're so awesome. We are going to be great friends," she said, taking the arm he had tucked to himself after her giggle. "C'mon, good Doctor, let's go have something to eat other than that horrible flight food and some real coffee. Jeez, the passengers totally must sue the air-travel companies. Just getting all those thousands of feet above air entitles me to a decent meal. Like that one time Jonouchi took me to Turkey after getting his fellowship and before our wedding…"

Yami smiled, opening the door to the passenger's seat and letting her inside his car before quickly going over to the driver's seat to start driving away, while her chatter continued amiably.

"Jonouchi is gonna like you. He was afraid you'd be a stuck up little brat; said that your CV was too impressive for you not to be arrog…" she trailed off.

He blinked and shot a sideways glance at her to see her eyes widening as if in shock at what she was just saying. Then started laughing.

"I'm sorry," she said, joining him and laughing at her poor choice of words.

"I might be a bit of a brat, to be honest. Dr. Katsuya's fears may be justified," he calmly told her, a smile still playing on his lips.


"Don't call him that… he really won't like it if you do," Mai said, pointing left. He followed her directions, until they started the long road that took them into the depths of the city, then she added, "Jou doesn't like it when people call him that. His high school friends used to mock him by calling him 'Dr. Katsuya' after he started med-school because he hadn't seemed the type in school."

Yami oh-ed silently.

"I am very talkative, sorry," Mai apologetically told him, glancing sideways at him for a moment, then looking ahead at the road.

"Oh please don't apologize," he quickly told her. "It's alright, you can tell me about it if you want." He was genuinely interested. He didn't mind lending a listening ear, and besides, they were going to be spending a good deal of time together until her husband arrived, so they might as well become friends.

She smiled, and kept up a chatter about how her husband wasn't exactly the very disciplined type, how he just barely made it in school. He wasn't and never would be the overly-studious type. He was fun and lively, partying and playing football all year long. It didn't matter that he wasn't the first amongst his peers. He made mistakes, got kicked out of lectures, made fun of doctors and patients…

They had made it to the heart of the city by then and she was giving him directions to a coffee shop that made excellent coffee, she assured him, then she started telling him about how Jonouchi was more concerned with gaining physical skills than theoretical knowledge as the years passed by. Eventually, he was so much better than his peers that he was now the head of the emergency department in Domino's St. Michael's Hospital as well as one of the best surgeons in its Surgery Department.

She then started complaining that everyone thought it was more than perfectly fine to swamp him with responsibilities. He was not exactly a complainer but she knew, even if he didn't say anything, that sometimes it got a bit too hard for him. She told him she was so happy to see him beat one obstacle after another, proving ancient higher-ups that he was more than capable of dealing with what they had to dish out at him.

Yami absorbed the onslaught of information as they sat sipping at their coffee. He let it sink in and kept bits and pieces of it stored for later use. He tried offering comfort where possible, advice where appropriate. The woman was sweet, her love for his future colleague obvious in the way she spoke of him and the pride she felt over his achievements, as if they were her own. It warmed his heart.

They sat together, exchanging conversation and going through cups of coffee one after the other until it was a little past three in the afternoon, when a playful voice came from beside them, saying, "Sure…sit there, drink coffee and have fun, while I was stuck elbow-deep in portal blood."

Yami turned and with ease, a smile tugged on his lips when his gaze fell on a tall, blonde young man with hazel eyes and sharp features, softened only by the affectionate little grin that crinkled the sides of his eyes. He was dressed in casuals; a t-shirt and worn jeans. Overall, he looked very friendly and Yami found himself feeling more and more comfortable.

Mai got up, laughing and placing a kiss on his cheek, "Don't be so bitter about it. No one told you to go into medicine…you walked in willingly, baby," she turned towards the young man sitting opposite her when he got up. "Jonouchi, Dr. Motou…Yami, this is my husband, Jonouchi…"

"Pleased to meet you," Yami smiled, politely extending his hand for Jonouchi to shake.

"Pleasure's all mine," Jonouchi said, pointing to the seat once more. "Let's sit down a bit longer, I need a cup of coffee. That is, if you don't mind, Dr. Motou."

"Please don't call me that, just Yami," Yami asked, as they took their seats once more. "Bad day I suppose?"

"Oh no, that was a short day at work. You're gonna love it here," Jonouchi sarcastically said as the waitress came. She asked if he wanted his usual and he smiled, nodding. Small town, Yami realized. Everyone knew each other by name. After she walked away, he turned back to Yami, "If you file in for a vacation a week from now, I wouldn't blame you."

"I won't don't worry," Yami calmly replied, that calm smile on his face still. He didn't think these people ever had to work in conditions he worked with back in Egypt. He was confident that it will never be as hard or stressful. He wasn't being overly confident or arrogant. He just knew that one of the world's most developed countries' working conditions could never be more stressful than a third world country's.

"So…" Jonouchi said after considering this for a few seconds of silence. "Why Domino?" The smile faded a bit, replaced by a serious expression and mingled with the calm pleasantness of Yami's angular features at this question, "You haven't applied anywhere else. Your CV is very impressive," Yami smiled and exchanged looks with Mai, but decided not to embarrass Jonouchi, letting him continue, "You could have been approved anywhere else in the world."

"Where else to apply for a Phd in trauma surgery as respectable as the one received from Japan?" he answered smoothly. He took a sip out of the mug of mocha, adding the explanation that the blond wanted, "I'm looking for fresh experience, Egypt has nothing for me anymore and learning a fourth language would have taken a bit of time; I just wanted to leave."

There was a sense of finality in his tone.

Jonouchi did not press for more details. Which simply made him climb higher in Yami's good graces. "You'll find your stay here very pleasant," he reassured. "Dr. Seto Kaiba will be pleased to work with you."

Mai snorted and rolled her eyes.

Yami stared questioningly at her.

"Nothing, Mai just can't leave people's personal lives alone," Jonouchi groaned, pausing only for a moment to thank the waitress who arrived with his order, then continued while opening the sachet of brown sugar, "Dr. Kaiba is a great surgeon and will be your partner and a great resource for your thesis. He will be more than willing to share his vast knowledge and research abilities with you."

"More like share body fluids and bedding abilities with you…" Mai mumbled under her breath, earning a glare from her husband.

Realization dawned on Yami and he rolled his eyes. "Just my luck, getting someone like that for a partner on my work…"

Jonouchi groaned and shot Mai another glare, "Please ignore her and try dealing with him with an open mind. He is not as bad as she makes him sound."

"Oh please… we both know… hell, Domino in all of its entirety knows how he jumps from one bed to another," she shrugged, stealing the small piece of fudgy brownie that arrived next to Jonouchi's order. Yami seemed to be amused by their exchange, sitting back comfortably in his seat and smiling as she bit off one end of the chocolate treat and munching it, then adding, "It's only fair to warn Yami about it."

"I was gonna eat that!" Jonouchi protested, snatching the remainder of the brownie from her, "don't complain about your weight later. You're the one eating all those chocolates!"

"Yami got me a chocolate today," she said with amusement on her features, pulling out the bar of chocolate and showing it to her husband.

Jonouchi groaned and looked at him accusingly, making him throw his hands up in a placating gesture, "Hey, it was a peace offering. I didn't know she was on a diet. Not that she needs it." he was trying to be as diplomatic as possible.

"I know she doesn't. She still complains though. We agreed she gets only one bar a week. This week she got two." Jonouchi grumbled, watching as his wife popped a square of the chocolate into her mouth, munching happily on it. "One word about your weight and I will get angry!"

"Promises promises…" Mai winked teasingly at him.

Yami cleared his throat.

They turned simultaneously to look at him and he sheepishly asked, "Should I leave you two alone?"

The couple laughed, and he joined them, amused by the two who were quickly making very good potential future friends.

It wasn't hard, fitting in, Yami came to the conclusion.

Domino was… beautiful. It was the peace and quiet that he never got on the bustling, noisy, crowded streets of Egypt. There was a certain tranquility to the place, along with luxury that was found only in certain places of Cairo. The streets of Domino weren't exactly mute, but they lacked the tension, the heat and stuffiness he left behind.

The weather too, seemed to welcome him, soothing and smoothing over whatever little crinkles of worry that may have lingered on his mind. He loved winters and hated the summers' heat with a passion. Arriving in Japan at this time of the year had him a little uneasy at first, then he realized that Japan's summer was anything but hot. It was lovely, pleasant, breezy, with plenty of sunshine that didn't scorch or threaten a dark tan. It also promised a very cold winter, making Yami grin happily, looking forward to the chilly days and freezing nights ahead.

He set up his little cozy home that overlooked the sea, ensuring that his desk and library were in the room with maximum sunlight during summer and largest view of rain or snow during winter. He was particularly excited about a window-side love-seat that he was sure was going to get a lot of use during the upcoming winter months.

He went out and got himself an endless supply of notebooks and two packets of ball-point pens. He went grocery shopping and toured the neighborhood on foot, getting to know his way around the place and routes to and from the hospital.

It was a lovely first weekend to spend at this new place. Peaceful and quiet. Jonouchi called him once to confirm his schedule and invited him to have dinner with the blonde couple, an invitation which he politely accepted.

The calm stayed with him for the first hours of his first day at his new work. He waited outside the doctors' locker rooms for Jonouchi, who told him to change into his scrubs and coat so he would take him on a tour. He showed him the way to the ER and the shortest route to take to go there, then passed by the Operating Rooms and scrubbing areas, the head of the surgery department's office as well as the surgery ward and outpatient clinic. He was advised against the cafeteria's club sandwich but was recommended to try the chicken salad.

After making sure he left his number with the receptionist for consultations, and that he was properly introduced to all the nurses and assuring everyone that he was more than capable of taking the exact same amount of work everyone was handling, Yami sat in the room designated for him in the outpatient clinic and told the nurse he was ready to begin.

And that was where the calmness that painted the past few days seemed to evaporate.

It wasn't exactly the intensity of the work or the incredible number of cases flooding in one after the other. God knew he was more used to crowded, stuffy examination rooms with lacking equipment and inhumane working conditions more than the comfort of a well-lit room with literally everything at the tip of his fingers, be it lab investigations, radiology services or pathology analyses. No it wasn't the work conditions or its amount. It was the patients.

It was so difficult, now that he thought he was finally a thousand miles away from people who looked down at him, for whatever reason, expecting him to fail until he has to literally kill himself proving that he would succeed. He'd had a lot of people telling him to simply ignore such people but it was very difficult trying to do his job, alleviate pains and cure maladies and soothe hurts when the very people he was trying to help curled their lips at him, staring at his slight, delicate form with contempt, before asking, "And exactly how old are you?"

It wasn't even the attitude that exhausted him despite the very comfortable and otherwise enjoyable working conditions. It was the exasperation he felt. It seemed he was wrong. People's stone-age perception of what constituted a proper physician wasn't just confined to his home country. It seemed to be an international problem.

He hated it. And what he hated more, was that clinic work wasn't his specialty; he was a trauma surgeon. His place wasn't behind this desk, dealing with surgical maladies that had nothing to do with trauma or emergencies. It was a very dull part of his work that he hated with a passion. Sitting with dimwitted people—patients or their relatives—who had access to Google and confused it with his medical degrees. His work was in an emergency room and an operating theater. Not with these people.

Still, it wasn't something he wasn't used to. Annoying but really, not the thought itself, but the energy he wasted fretting over the matter was a loss. He was more than up for the challenge and he knew that although a lot of his patients left the clinic grumbling unhappily, or stared with unmasked uncertainty as he ordered investigations or prescribed medications, most of them would follow his instructions and with time, they would come to realize that they were wrong about him.

However, by the end of the day and after hours spent reassuring patients that yes, indeed, he was quite sure of his diagnoses, and no, he was not a student but actually graduated years ago and was a holder of multiple certificates and degrees in Surgery, his final patient walked in, took one look at him and asked, "You the new male nurse?"

Yami smiled and forced his eye muscles not to roll his eyes at the words. The man was really tall, with a receding hairline and a large nose. He was wearing a scarf wrapped around his neck and his eyes were wide, unblinking. Yami took a mental note of them, along with the clothes that hung loose on his frame, the slight tremors of his hands and the sweat beading on the man's brow and above his lips.

"No, Mr. Tanaka, I am the new surgeon," he answered the patient's question, gesturing towards the seat to his side.

"Just out of high school, son?" the man laughed at him, ignoring his invitation to take a seat.

Yami blinked slowly, "I assure you I am more than just a fresh graduate. They would not have hired me otherwise."

"Well, son, go call your senior. I won't have you anywhere near me."

Yami was silent for a moment as the older man sat down, crossing his legs rather impolitely and raising an eyebrow expectantly at him.

"Mr. Tanaka, I am one of the surgeons working in the outpatient clinic today. Rest assured you are in more than capable hands and you will receive the best…"

"I am not letting someone younger than my kid lay a finger on me."

"Alright…" Yami forced himself not to hurl something at the man's stupid head, figuring that he really was tired and didn't exactly feel up to arguing with yet another person questioning his age and skills. He reached for the intercom that linked his office to the nurse outside and spoke to her, "Amy, is Dr. Katsuya free at the moment?"

"In a multiple trauma operating room, Dr. Motou; what seems to be the problem?" she answered him.

"Mr. Tanaka would like one of my seniors to examine him instead of me," Yami answered her sarcastically, starting to tuck away his pen and cell phone into the pockets of his coat. Might as well get ready to leave since he was done for the day.

There was silence on the other side of the intercom for a while, before Amy's voice buzzed in, "Dr. Kaiba is coming in, Dr. Motou."

Before Yami could ask her anything else, the office's door opened. Yami turned to look at the newcomer, taking in the very tall and slim figure that he possessed, along with the thick, soft brown hair that was combed neatly into place, but a wayward strand fell out of the orderly arrangement to fall into bright, intelligent blue eyes sitting in alabaster-white, sharp features.

The expression he held was calming; smoothing over the sharp edges to the face and the intense, cold, cold blue eyes into a bearable mixture of stern dominance and a kind care-giving. Intense eyes that were quickly scanning him from top to bottom with an interested, almost amused look in them. Yet there was no contempt of any kind in them, more of amusement along with deep respect that made sure not to alienate him or set off any hostile feelings within him…

It was so intriguing, this man's bearing and the way he looked and the way his eyes shone with intelligence and mischief at the same time.

He immediately piqued Yami's interest.

However, carefully remembering Mai's warning and wanting to avoid a lot of unwanted attentions during his stay in Japan, Yami nonchalantly stood, holding out a hand, "Dr. Kaiba, very pleased to meet you."

"Hello, Yami," the young man said with a smile, shaking his hand with his own very –very—soft one. Yami raised an eyebrow very slightly at the way he skipped to first-name basis. "Just Seto, please."

Yami smiled a formal little grin, not commenting on the request, but pulled his hand out of the brunet's grip that held his hand for a while longer than necessary. "I am glad you're here. Mr. Tanaka has requested one of the senior staff to carry out his examination and I thought it wise not to go against his wishes…" he explained, turning to gather the rest of his things. "Please feel free to use my office. I will be along now…"

And he stepped around his colleague's body to leave, only to have his arm gripped gently, stopping him from leaving.

"Yami, please wait," Seto told him, and Yami stared questioningly at him. "Mr. Tanaka, if you don't mind, I want Dr. Motou to advise me on how to proceed with your management plans." Yami blinked in surprise, but said nothing as the brunet carried on, "You are Dr. Katsuya's patient, aren't you?"

The older man was speechless, nodding mutely at Seto who sat where Yami was sitting a few moments ago, pulling another chair nearby and gesturing for Yami to sit.

"Well, Dr. Motou just arrived from abroad and he has a far more impressive experience than mine and since Dr. Katsuya is otherwise occupied with trauma surgeries, it was decided that to give you the best care, Dr. Motou would follow-up with you," Seto explained, opening the file while casually speaking. "You don't mind if I take his opinion, do you? After all, you have let me examine you before, am I right?"

"Y…Yes…" the man spluttered, staring at them both disbelievingly.

"So, Yami," Seto turned to him. Yami raised an eyebrow. "What do you think?"

"I … I haven't taken a history yet," Yami uncertainly answered him.

"Spot diagnosis."

Yami seethed, "I wasn't aware I would be undergoing my med-school exams all over again."

"You're not," Seto answered with a smile that was tinted with utter mischief. The blue eyes shone with amusement that threatened to send Yami into a fit of rage once more but he realized that that was probably the young man's intention.

Forcing himself to calm down for the patient's sake, he completely ignored the brunet, "Mr. Tanaka, I assume you were diagnosed with thyrotoxicosis about… 3 weeks ago?"

The man stared at him with awe for a while, then said, defeated, "yes…"

"You have been on a course of anti-thyroid drugs for the same duration, is that correct?" Yami asked, reading over the file which he took from Seto's hands, making a note here and there before looking up as the man nodded. He closed the file, handing it over to Seto, smiling coldly, "Did I pass my exam, Dr. Kaiba?"

"It's Seto, and yes, with flying colors, I might add," he replied, flashing a brilliant smile at him.

Yami's cold smile didn't waver, unimpressed.

He turned to the patient, inwardly scandalized by the unprofessional behavior they were displaying in front of him. "Mr. Tanaka, I apologize for this. I know you refused me having anything to do with your file altogether. I will excuse myself now…"

He got up once more, but the old man told him, "It's…err… it's alright. I am sorry, son. Please let's get this done. If Dr. Katsuya was the one assigning you to take his place, I am sure you will do just fine."

There was silence for a little while, before Seto stood, smiling at them both that charming, dazzling smile, "right then, I'll leave you in Yami's capable hands. Later, Yami."

And he departed the way he came, leaving the office in a deafening silence in his wake. Said silence persisted for a few seconds in which Yami got his anger under control and was not about to get up to grab the arrogant bastard by his hair.

"Mr. Tanaka, I apologize once more…" he said, proceeding with a more thorough history taking and examination.

He carefully recorded his positive findings into the man's file while updating him thoroughly and honestly about his condition.

"We will have to continue with the carbimazole for another three days, then you will return here once again the same time next week so we can perhaps start radioactive iodine treatment, before your surgery," he explained, recapping his pen.

"But why? Dr. Katsuya said he would put my name onto the waiting list for surgery today…"

Yami nodded, "I am aware he said that, but your thyroid hormone levels are still too high. If we carry out the surgery now, the handling of the gland during the procedure will release the hormone out into your blood. This will cause all of your symptoms to flare up… your eyes will be endangered, especially."

The older man did not seem very amused – or convinced—but nodded. "Alright, son…"

"Dr. Katsuya will be available tomorrow, Mr. Tanaka. If you would like him to look at you once again tomorrow, I will schedule an appointment. Whatever it is the time you want to come over you can…"

"No!" the man interrupted him quickly. Yami stared at him questioningly, so he added, "It's alright. I'll be here next week."

Yami smiled widely at him, "Alright… that's all then…"

"Thank you, son…"

"I'm sorry once again for earlier. I must have made a horrible impression," Yami repeated his earlier apology politely, getting up to shake hands with the man.

"Oh no, I should be apologizing. Don't worry… and if Dr. Kaiba vouches for you and your expertise, then there is no doubt that you are more than just good at what you do. Sorry once more."

"It's alright," Yami smiled. "I'll see you next week, then, shall I?"

Carefully hiding the seething anger at the fact that this man most probably didn't agree to let him examine him except when someone else stepped in to assure him he was capable of doing his job, he let the man leave, tidying his desk methodically, trying to actively control his anger without flinging something or the other at the wall in frustration.

He didn't emerge from the office except when he was sure he wasn't about to lose his temper or let such a disastrous day to start his stay in Domino dampen his spirits. Amy smiled brightly at him when he emerged from the office, taking off his coat and straightening his dark blue scrubs and running a hand tiredly through a stray lock of his hair.

"Not bad for a first day, Dr. Motou," she greeted.

Yami snorted, "Just…don't. I just had a terrible day!"

Her smile widened, "Which makes it my job to tell you that perhaps it's not as terrible as you think it is. You managed to work nine hours, five of them straight without a break, then four. You've managed to successfully manage all the patients and even that last one, he's known to cause lots of troubles. I'd say you've done a fantastic job on your first day, Doctor."

Yami beamed at her, "Thank you. I needed that." He took a deep breath, exhaled it slowly, then asked, "Do they stop questioning after a while…or…?"

Amy shook her head, but before she could answer, a deep, familiar voice came from behind him, "Never…"

Yami turned to face Seto, who emerged from the other office, his white coat draped in the crook of his slender arm, wearing the same colored scrubs as Yami. Only his made his impossibly blue eyes stand out even sharper and brighter than ever.

Yami carefully controlled his facial expressions.

"It's good to know it is not personal, then," he said, putting his stethoscope, vacuum coffee cup and the rest of his things inside his backpack. He made a mental note of the way the nurse was looking between them carefully, busying herself with things on the computer screen in front of her.

Silence surrounded them for a few moments, in which Seto stared at him with an intense look that Yami would have called rude on anyone else. This was not rude, no. It was a look of such strength that could not have come from anyone else, perhaps. Without a blink, those blue orbs stared fixedly at him, pinning him beneath their gaze, observing anything and everything about him, on the outside and, for a moment that creeped him out a little, maybe on the inside as well…

He swallowed uncomfortably, turning to the nurse who was still studiously trying to act like she wasn't paying attention. "Well, I'll see you day tomorrow, then?"

"Alright, goodnight Dr. Motou," she said with a smile, returning to whatever she was pretending to work on.

Yami could see her looking out of the corner of her eye at him.

"Goodnight Dr. Kaiba. Very pleased to meet you," he said, giving the brunet a tight smile and walking past him out of the reception of the outpatient surgery clinic and towards the exit.

It wasn't until he was in the parking area that he heard the deep voice that was becoming familiar to him now, saying from behind him as he took out his car keys, "Leaving without even saying a thank you?"

He turned, plastering a very obviously fake smile, "For what, Dr. Kaiba?"

He was alarmed when the brunet stepped closer, so that they stood just a few inches apart. It was a blatant invasion of personal space that annoyed him to no end, but even more was the answer to his question.

"I did help you out with that last patient of yours…" the intense stare was back, while a long, slender arm snuck beside his ear, a strong, long-fingered hand placed on the body of his car so he was pinned between it and Seto's taller, stronger body.

He hated that he had to stare up at this person, but height was never really one of his more prominent traits. He glared defiantly, matching the cold blue stare with the fire of his dark, crimson eyes. He raised an eyebrow, ignoring the shiver that ran up his spine at the incredibly close proximity, "It was unnecessary. If you believe I should be grateful, then I will say thank you only to appease you. However, it was unwanted and pointless help. Also, I do believe you are invading my personal space and that is highly inappropriate, Dr. Kaiba."

A few moments of silence passed, then Seto laughed, pushing off the car's body, his smile lighting up his entire face and once more, Yami was at a loss for words at the change that overtook the features that were so sharp just a few moments ago. It was now the complete opposite. The intensity faded, the blue eyes shining with amusement and mirth, while the lips that had curled in a smirk were now shaped into another one of those beautiful smiles.

"You're really something, aren't you…? Why do you talk like that? So posh and proper," the brunet asked playfully.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Yami said, rolling his eyes and getting inside his car after opening it.

"Call me Seto."

"Goodnight Dr. Kaiba," Yami pointedly ignored the request, bringing the engine to a revving start.

The brunet leaned against the car once more to smile at him through the open window, "Let's have dinner."

Yami stared at him for a moment, before snorting and shaking his head, "I'm not hungry. Goodnight, Dr. Kaiba…"

Seto pushed off the car's body, smirking and raising an eyebrow, "Goodnight, Yami…"


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