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S&S I know I have yet to finish my first OUAT fic true loves heartbreak but I really wanted to try this one shot after seeing Rumbelle get their happy ending

Title: welcome home Gideon

Author: Suns and stars

Pairings: Rumple and belle

Genre: Family

Warnings: Spoilers for last ep final battle part 2

Rating: K

Disclaimer: I do not own one upon a time

Intro: after leaving the celebration at granny's Belle and Rumple FINALLY bring their baby boy home

***14th May2017 ****

Everyone headed to Granny's after the battle had been won, there was laughter and love all around yet when the door opened again, everyone was happily surprised to see Belle and Rumple enter and in Belle's arms lay a sleeping baby Gideon. After some time everyone took their seats at the long table with Gold sitting at the head with Belle sitting on his right next to her sat Regina.

During the celebration Regina had offered everything Henry used as a baby to them for Gideon, after learning that they never got the chance to go baby shopping for their boy. The Golds were grateful but surprised that after all these years the former queen STILL had everything.

The couple thanked her for her offer.

The Charming had also offered the clothing their son Neal had outgrown for them to use, they both thanked Regina and the Charming's however Belle said that they were only burrowing them and will give the back once they themselves went baby shopping, it was then both Zelena and Snow offered a list of the best shops to go to for newborns.

So After leaving Granny's, the Golds the Charming's and Regina left for Regina's place to pick up Henry's old baby equipment.

Arriving at the Mills house the men and Regina walked into the house and regina showed them where they baby stuff was togther they began bringing out everything, Rumple opened the back car door behind the passanger side and began securing the carrier into the back seat. Once the carrier was Secured, Rumple opened the passanger side and carefully took his still sleeping son from his wife's arms before placing him in the carrier and traping him in. Belle exited the car now she was not holding Gideon to go help the Charming's and Regina pack the boot with the baby belongings. Once they had everything they once again thanked Regina got in the car and followed the Charming back to their house, were the boot was once again packed this time with bags of new born baby clothing. Snow had also offered her help as had Zelena should Belle have any question or concerns which come with being a first time mother.

Surprisingly enough David had also offered Rumple HIS help if the now light one ever needed it as centuries had passed since Rumple had to raise a baby and everything had changed from then.

Rumple nodded his thanks.

The Golds bid the Charming's goodbye before getting back into the car and heading on home however they made a few stops first. Pulling up in front of his shop Rumple asked Belle to wait in the car and he would go get the bassinet rocker from the back of the shop.

Moment later he comes out carrying both items he opened the boot and put the collapsed rocker legs in the boot and the basset in next to Gideon he closed both the boot and the car door before getting in behind the wheel. Pulling away from his shop Rumple drove off the final stop was the Storybrooke market luckily it was open late to grab tins of baby formula and bags of disposable nappies before taking his family home.

Rumple pulled into the drive way, Belle beamed just looking at the house that she and her husband can finally turn into a warm loving home now that their baby boy has returned to them.

Getting out if the car Rumple closed the door and made his way over to the front passenger side and opening the door for his wife, Belle smiled as she took his offered hand with her left her wedding ring sparkled in the night.

After months of not wearing the ring it was finally back on her ring finger. After helping his wife from the car Rumple opened the back door where their baby boy lay sleeping in the baby carrier car.

He smiled.

Before carefully lifting the sleeping babe out of the car seat and into his arms meanwhile Belle took out her childhood book from the clove box and closed the door the couple walk up the pathway and up the front steps.

Rumple takes out his house keys and unlocks the door.

"Welcome home Gideon" they both say to the sleeping baby.

As they enter their home.

Rumple then hand's his son off to his wife.

"Belle sweetheart why don't you go with Gideon into the living room well I go grab Gideon's things and lock up the car"

"Won't you need help?" asked Belle.

I'll be fine sweetheart go spend time with our little hero I'm sure he would LOVE to hear about the Hero he was named after" said Rumple.

Leaning in he gently kissed her lips.

Belle's breath hitches at the feel of her husband's lips upon her own sure the two had kissed as they reunited as husband and wife while they danced in the back of the shop but something about this kiss sent a shiver down her spine.

Pulling back, he smiled then looked down at his son.

"Papa will be back soon Gideon" he whispered before kissing his son's forehead.

He turned and walk back out the door

Belle smiled after her husband before turning and walking into the living room setting the book still in her hand on the sofa before taking a seat and readjusting her hold on her son opening the book and began reading.

****Hours later****

Every item had been brought in and put away and the car locked up, Rumple had fixed up one of the spare rooms with Gideon's baby equipment afterwards he headed back down the stairs.

He lent on the archway and smiled as Belle closed the book.

Feeling eyes on her she looked up and saw her husband standing in the arch way walking over he held out his hand.

Belle smiled shifted Gideon in her arms and took Rumple's hand and was pulled to her feet together the Golds headed upstairs and down the hall and into the new nursery they stood there and looked around.

"I know it's not much right now" said Rumple blushing.

Belle turned to smile at her husband pressing her lips to his before gently pulling back.

"It's perfect thank you Rumple but something is missing"

He gave her a puzzled look.

Belle just smiled and handed Gideon over to his Papa before exiting the nursery coming back a few moments later a smile on her face and holding something in her hand, walking over to the bedside table by the rocking bassinet she smiled turned over what she had in her hand.

Rumples breath hitched.

It was a photo of his boy, Belle had taken while in the enchanted forest when they were all taken back to their old world she then set the photo down on the bedside table Rumple walked over and showed the sleeping babe the photo.

"That is your big brother, Gideon his name is Bae he's not here with us now but he's always watching" said Rumple.

Blinking back tears he stepped over to the window and rearranged his son in his arms so he was facing the night sky

"Gideon my sweet boy look at the stars among them is a special star that burns brighter than the others that star is Bae so whenever you feel along or scared just look for that star for HE will always be there to protect and guide you, forever."

Suddenly he felt Belle's arms wrap around his waist from behind and felt her press a kiss just behind his ear.

Rumple sighed.

Gideon began to grumble.

"Ok it's time for all little hero's to be safely tucked into bed"

Belle let him slip from her embrace.

Together they walked over to the bassinet Belle pulled back the covers Rumple then gently lade his sleeping boy down before Belle tucked him in.

"Sleep well my darling Gideon strong and brave a hero for all time" said Belle.

"Come Belle it's been a long day sweetheart" Rumple said gently.

Pulling here away from the bassinet where their precious bundle lay sleeping.

"I don't wanna leave him Rumple we just got him back what if he needs me and I won't be able to hear him" her voice trembled

"Shh sweetheart we WLL hear him" said Rumple.

Belle turned and gave him a confused look.

He smiled walked over to one of the bags Regina gave him and pulled out to baby monitors.

"With these we can hear him one stays here" he said.

Walking over to the other bedside table and placed on the table.

"The other comes with us"

He takes her arm and guides her out of the nursery.

"Go on sweetheart I'll be right behind you"

Belle gives him a small smile and heads on to the master bedroom meanwhile Rumple turns back standing in the door way and looked out at the window.

"Bae my boy watch over your brother with a ready sword"

He smiled when he saw Bae's star twinkle as if he was telling his papa he would.

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