AN: I'm already gonna say it now. In this story, some people will seem out of character, but it goes with the plot, and in some weird way kind of funny. Okay, maybe it's funny to me. In this story, Goku gives Chi-Chi a birthday present but it has strange affects on her. Can Goku and his friends handle the consequences of this gift? BTW, those waiting on my other two stories will have to wait a little longer. I had to take my laptop in and all my stories are on there and this was the last story I had transferred to disk before I had to turn my laptop in for repair.

The Necklace

Part One

Goku and Gohan left Piccolo to return home. They had finished another day of training in preparation for the Androids. Countdown time was two and a half years from now. Instead of flying, father and son decided to walk home. With training just full of fighting, the two rarely had time to talk to each other.

"How are your studies?" Goku asked.

Gohan looked at his father surprise. He never asked about his studies, except when it was done so they can go out to play or spar. "I'm doing good. I passed the test Mom gave me with flying colors."

"That's good."

"Dad, why did you ask about my studies?"

Goku shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know. I guess it's because your Mom really wants you to excel in your studying that it must be important. At dinner, she often asks about your training and what you learned, so I thought I'd ask about your studying."

Gohan just nodded. It made sense. Sort of. "Mom's birthday is next week. Do you know what you're getting her?"

"Gah!" Goku yelled slapping his forehead. "It's next week?! Oh, man, I thought it was next month. I guess I haven't caught up on my dates yet since I've been back from Yardrat and the training I'm in." He looked at his son. "Do you know what you're getting your Mom?"

"I got Mom some perfume. Krillin said women like that type of stuff."

"I guess," Goku said scratching his head. "Your Mom rarely wears the stuff, but I'm sure she will like it. I just don't know what to get her yet."

Gohan thought for a moment and smiled. "I know what you can give her, Dad. I found it in the woods when you were gone. I was playing with Icarus and he showed it to me."

"We've some time before dinner. Why don't you show it to me now?"


Gohan and Goku went to the cave where Icarus lived. The animal wasn't there today. Gohan went to the back of the cave while his father stood at the entrance waiting for his son to return. Gohan returned with a purple box in his hands.

"Icarus found it in the lake nearby. I think it was at the bottom and it was in this box," Gohan said handing the box to his father.

Goku opened the box. "Wow." Inside was a round lavender jewel on a woven gold chain. "This is nice. Your Mom will really like this. Thanks, Gohan." Goku looked at it a little closer. "There's some smudge on it. I'll ask Bulma to show me how to clean it." Goku closed the box and handed it back to Gohan so he can put it in his hiding place.


"This is beautiful, Goku," Bulma commented looking at the necklace Goku planned to give to his wife in two days.

"So, you think Chi-Chi will like it?" Goku asked.

"Chi-Chi's gonna love it and I wouldn't be surprised if you get lucky that night," Bulma said with a smirk.

Goku scratched his head confused. "What do you mean 'get lucky'?"

Bulma nearly rolled her eyes. "You'll find out yourself. So, are you doing anything else?"

"I'm taking her out to eat with Gohan and her father," Goku answered.

"Good idea. She deserves a break after feeding you and Gohan," Bulma said and took another look at the necklace. "I'll take it to the jewelers this afternoon and have it cleaned. You came just in time, Goku. I'm leaving on a trip with my Dad the day after tomorrow and I won't be back until next week. Hmm," she said carefully as she gave the necklace a closer inspection.

"What is it, Bulma?"

"I don't know. I have the feeling I've seen this necklace before." She took her eyes off the necklace and looked at Goku. "Where did you get this?"

"Actually, Icarus found it at the bottom of the lake near our home and he gave it to Gohan. Why?"

Bulma shook her head. "It's like I've seen this necklace in a book somewhere." She smiled at her friend. "Don't worry. I'll have it for you tomorrow evening."

"Thanks, Bulma. I've got to get back to training. See you tomorrow!" Goku said cheerfully and flew off.

Bulma looked back at the necklace in the box. "Where have I seen you before?" She looked at the odd emblem. "And where have I seen this emblem? This is strange."

"Wishing it was yours?" A voice sneered.

Bulma groaned and rolled her eyes. The Saiyan Prince was getting on her nerves more and more each day and yet there was something about him that she couldn't get out of her head. "No, Vegeta. I'm thinking I've seen it before. What do you want anyway? Shouldn't you be in the Gravity Room training?"

"Even I need a break, woman."

"Stop calling me that! My name is Bulma!" She shouted moving away from him. Bulma marched upstairs to her room to get her purse. "I better go if the jewelry store will have this clean by tomorrow. At least, I'll get away from the arrogant prince for a while."

Bulma dropped the necklace off at the jewelers and went over to Master Roshi's island to see Krillin and Yamcha as they train. She didn't want to be around Vegeta when he was in his arrogant prince moods, which was almost every time she saw him.

Master Roshi was laying in his lounge chair reading his magazines, or more correctly ogling at the pictures. Yamcha and Krillin were training on the beach. The two stopped for a moment. Yamcha saw Bulma. She made a brief eye contact with him and walked over to Master Roshi. Yamcha and Krillin resumed fighting.

"How's the training?" Bulma asked Roshi.

"Oh, hey, Bulma. Just as hard as ever. This fight is going to be a tough one I can tell. Their very life depend on it and having died before, they can't get wished back a second time."

Bulma looked grim. "I know. I just hope three years is enough, and I'm really worried about Goku and that heart virus."

"Don't worry, Bulma. With the medicine Goku got from the kid from the future, he should be fine."

Bulma smiled. "Yeah, you're right. Goku seems so confident about this battle that he's taking his wife out for her birthday the day after tomorrow."

"Really?" Master Roshi said surprised as he looked up from his book. "What's Goku getting Chi-Chi besides the night off?"

"He's giving her a beautiful purple necklace with a gold chain. All genuine."

"Where did Goku get the money for that?" Master Roshi asked.

"He said Icarus and Gohan found it in a lake near there home. What's strange about it is that I've seen that necklace somewhere and the emblem on the box it was in…I don't know. It's like I've seen it before, but I'm not sure where."

"What did the emblem look like?" Roshi asked.

"Something like a black widow spider and a heart blended together."

Master Roshi thought for a moment and shrugged. "Maybe your mind is overworking over nothing because you're bored."

Bulma rolled her eyes. "I doubt that. I have enough on my mind—working at Capsule Corp, dealing with Yamcha and Vegeta. I'm so glad to get away from him for a while. I have a conference to go to with my Dad. I'll be gone the day after tomorrow for a week." Bulma looked at her watch and saw how much time has passed. "Oh, man, I better get back home. I left that Saiyan Prince Jerk loose and my parents are home, and I have to finish packing. Tell Yamcha I said hi." Bulma rushed off into her plane

"Don't you want to tell him yourself?" Roshi asked.

"Not until he apologizes," Bulma said getting in her plane. She made quick eye contact with Yamcha as he sparred with Krillin for a moment before she flew off.

Roshi waved goodbye as Bulma left. She didn't stop to say hello to Yamcha once. They had arguments before but she always spoke to him even when mad. This surprised the old warrior. "Something tells me their relationship is coming to a final end. Yamcha goofed up for the last time," Master Roshi rubbed his beard. "And that emblem Bulma mentioned, why do I have the feeling I've seen it before?"

A feminine voice entered his head. "Oh, Roshi. You know it's you I love and not Crane."

"Kill Crane. He's trying to take you from me."

"You're a fool, Roshi. You always have been and always will be."

Master Roshi shook his head, ignoring the thoughts. "No, Bulma must be mistaken. That's impossible. It wouldn't be that. She's dead. I killed her myself."

To Be Continued