The Necklace

Part Six

Goku looked at Roshi aghast. "Kill Chi-Chi? I can't kill my wife!"

"I know it's a hard decision, but you must, Goku. It's the only way. Besides, she can be wished back with the Dragonballs."

"Still, I can't do it. She's my wife. I can't hit her, let along kill her."

"Goku, you have to!" Roshi yelled. "You know better than I that you can't get emotionally attached in a battle!"

"But that's my wife!" Goku shouted angrily at his former master.

Master Roshi was surprised at Goku's anger but could certainly understand and that's why he had to argue with him. "That's not Chi-Chi! That's Tashi! Chi-Chi is gone!"

Piccolo who recovered from Tashi's attack and was listening to what Roshi said decided to step in. "Well, if you're not going to fight her then I will," Piccolo said and went to fight Tashi.

Tashi had just finished taking Vegeta's energy. She saw Piccolo coming towards her. "Ah, someone to test my new powers on. You dare attack me—your pupil's mother?"

"You're not Gohan's mother. You may look like her, but you're not her," Piccolo growled and attacked.

Tashi kept up with Piccolo's kicks and punches until she had enough of the fight and shot an energy blast right through his chest. It just passed his heart, but Piccolo was still in bad shape. She held him by the arm. "Oh, yes, the power of Vegeta is wonderful through my body!"

"Piccolo!" Gohan yelled.

Tashi tossed the Namek aside like a rag doll. "Who's next?"

Goku watched on in shock at what his wife, no what Tashi did. He tried to separate the two, but it was hard seeing that it was Chi-Chi's body that was doing such horrible things. He couldn't do it. He just couldn't fight her. This wasn't an enemy. This was his wife, lover, and mother of his child. Those images of their happy life together kept flowing through his mind.

Master Roshi sighed. "Well, if you won't do it then I will have to." He threw his cane to the ground and took his shirt off. He slowly began to breathe heavily, powering up. Muscles appeared where muscles weren't normally seen on his slim body.

Tashi laughed. "Oh, Roshi, don't fool yourself into thinking you can defeat me like you did 300 years ago. You're not as strong as you used to be and I'm more powerful than I ever was!"

"Maybe, but I'll try," Roshi said and prepared his infamous attack. "Ka…me…ha…me…HA!" The powerful energy blast flew out of Master Roshi's hands and was going for Tashi.

"Chi-Chi!" Goku yelled and flew to her. He covered her with his body as he took the brunt of the wave. The wave burnt his shirts off, but Goku wasn't hurt much.

Tashi merely smiled at Goku. "Thank you, sweetie, but I'm still gonna have to hurt you," she kneed Goku in the stomach and threw him to the ground.

Gohan ran to his father. "Dad, are you okay?"

Goku sat up. "I'm fine, son." He stood up. "I don't like it, but I'm gonna have to fight." He stood and saw Tashi in the air. He flew up to her. It surprised him that she could fly, but then again, she had stolen Vegeta's energy, so he figured she stole his ability to fly.

"So, you've decided to fight. I hope you're not going to hurt your dearest Chi-Chi."

"You're not, Chi-Chi. She would have never done this. She would have never harmed her son!"

"That should be proof enough that Chi-Chi is dead. She will never return."

"Chi-Chi is in there and I will bring her back," Goku said and powered up.

"You know, Goku. We don't have to fight. You're the only man to resist my temptations, my power. If you're smart, you'll join me and we'll rule together. Who knows? I may let Chi-Chi come out whenever you want." Tashi changed her voice to Chi-Chi's. "Wouldn't you like that, Goku?"

Goku shook his head. "No, I wouldn't. I don't want you. I want Chi-Chi and I'm going to get her back."

Tashi frowned. "If you don't join me, then you're against me and must die! Once I defeat you, no one will stop me!"

Gohan started to fly up to help his father but Roshi, who had powered down, place a hand on the boy's shoulders. "No, you won't fight in this. Goku will. In the meantime, go to Korin's Tower and get some senzu beans. We need them now. Vegeta and Piccolo's life energy are fading fast. It's a war field out here."

Gohan nodded and flew off.

Tashi got in a fighting position as Goku looked as if he was ready to attack.

"I'm sorry, Chi-Chi," Goku said and threw a fist at her.

Tashi caught his arm and threw Goku over her shoulder. The two began fighting in punches and kicks. Tashi threw a ki blast at him and Goku blocked and fired with a ki blast of his own. Tashi grew frustrated that she wasn't hurting Goku. She then shot multiple energy blasts at him. It became so much that she couldn't see Goku anymore, just smoke.

Tashi stopped and allowed the smoke to disperse. "That should do it. What?" She said when she didn't see Goku in front of her. "What the—" She said as she was put in the full nelson by Goku.

"Give Chi-Chi back her body," Goku said.

"No!" Tashi said as she struggled in Goku's hold. She tried to pull her arms free but Goku only tightened his hold.

"Give it back!"

It pained Goku to be fighting this woman. She looked so much like Chi-Chi. She had her body and Goku had to keep telling himself this wasn't her. It was Tashi.

"Never!" Tashi screamed and a large burst of energy left her body. It even blew Goku away. "Distructo Disc!" A yellow disc formed in her hand and she threw it at Goku.

Goku landed and looked up. His eyes widen as he saw a distructo disc coming at him. He did a back flip to avoid it. He looked up and saw another one coming at him. He did another flip and saw more heading for him. He continued to do back flips avoiding each disc as it tore into the earth. Goku found himself back to tree, but there was no sign of a distructo disc or Tashi.

Tashi suddenly appeared in front of him. "Miss me?" She asked and then punched Goku in the face. She took his arm and threw him away from the tree. She fired ki blasts on him and both were a direct hit.

Goku cried out and managed to land on his feet. "How do you know that attack? Vegeta doesn't know that attack."

Tashi laughed. "Haven't you figured it out yet? I can do any move you can do. All the techniques you've learned, I know. Such as Tien's…" She splayed her open hands over her face. "Solar Flare!"

A bright blinding light filled the sky and Goku was caught in it. His eyes caught the light and he was momentarily blinded. Goku felt his face come in contact with a strong punch that sent him into the sky. Goku rubbed his eyes as he was going upwards trying to get a clear vision. As his vision cleared, he saw Tashi balled her fist and made a direct hit on his face, slamming Goku back in the ground, causing a crater.

Goku sat up, groaning and rubbed the back of his head. "Man, that hurt."

"You got that right." Tashi said flying to him.

Goku saw her coming and grabbed hold of her arm before it came in contact with his face. He grabbed hold of the other arm and stood up. He squeezed both her wrists.

"Are you ready to give up?" Goku asked.

Tashi winced in pain. "I'm never giving up!" Tashi exclaimed. She tried kicking him but he avoided her swift legs.  When she made an attempt to kick him between the legs, Goku caught her leg between his. Goku thought he had her since he had one of her legs and both of her arms, but Tashi was still defiant in giving up. She wrapped her free leg around his waist, lifted them both in the air and position both of them to be hanging in the air upside down.

"What are you doing?" Goku asked slightly confused.

Tashi only smirked and sent both of them plummeting down to the ground at super speed. "I'll just knock you out when I beat you into the ground."

"Wait! You can't do this! My body is a lot tougher than yours and even though you have some of Vegeta and my power, you're still a human and will hurt yourself!"

"We'll see!"

Goku tried to divert them both from the ground but Tashi was fighting with him making sure it happen and it did. They both plummeted into the earth. They crashed into the rocks before and it tore through their skin and clothes, more from Tashi than Goku's. Goku was able to pull them both out of the fifteen feet hole they created.

Tashi pulled away from him. Her hair was covered in dirt, part of her skin was cut on her arms and clothes torn on her pants legs and top.

Goku had to admit with the powers she stole, Tashi was an exceptional fighter. Unfortunately, she stole Vegeta's energy and all his attacks and power. Goku was having trouble fighting her without going Super Saiyan and that was something he didn't want to do, but he knew he had. With his Super Saiyan powers, he could end this fight quick and easy. If he went on in his normal state, Tashi would continue to hurt herself and that meant hurting Chi-Chi.

"I didn't want to do this, but it seems I must. HAAAAAAAAA!" Goku cried out and transformed into a Super Saiyan.

Tashi laughed. "It's about time!" She said and cried out transforming into a Super Saiyan as well. Her hair was standing up and were yellow. This transformation shocked Goku.

"How—" Goku was silent with a Super Saiyan punched from Tashi.

"From you, who else? I stole some of your energy too, one the night of my revival and last night. Though I can never get you under my control like that sap Vegeta, I was able to take some of your energy, and on those nights you just happened to be in Super Saiyan form," she laughed gleefully and wickedly.

Goku quickly gotten over his shock. There was no time for that. "So, you know this then. Kamehameha!" Goku quickly made a very powerful Kamehameha attack and shot it at Tashi.

Tashi, overconfident, took the full blast of the powerful wave. She immediately realized that was a mistake. She didn't imagine Goku would fire so much power on her. After the wave enveloped her, Tashi's clothes were torn on the pants revealing most of her right leg  and burned off one of the straps of her blue top. Tashi felt her energy draining fast as she collapsed to ground hard. Goku flew down to her and knelt over her. He saw her hair was black again and felt she returned to normal. "Chi-Chi?" He wiped some dirt off her face as he stroked her right cheek.

The woman coughed. "Goku?" Chi-Chi's voice spoke.

Goku smiled and hugged her. "You're all right now. It's gonna be all right. Tashi is gone."

Master Roshi, who had been watching the battle, saw that the necklace was still on her. He knew Tashi was still in control. "No, Goku! Stop! It's a trap!"

But the cry went unheard as Tashi formed a ki blast and fired it on Goku. She was too weakened by the Kamehameha Wave to form a blast to go through his body like it did with Piccolo, but she hoped it was enough to stop him.

Goku cried in pain and he was knocked from her to twenty feet away. His stomach groaned in pain as it took most of the ki blast, plus he was starting to get hungry. Tashi stood up weakly and staggered towards him. "You're a tough one, but when I take your energy, I'll be more powerful than ever."

"I…can't…defeat you," Goku said weakly. He tried to sit up and fell backwards in pain.

Tashi laughed. "No, you can't."

"I…want… a request… before…I die."

She stumbled on him, nearly drained of her energy. "And what would that be?"

"One…last…kiss…from my…wife."

Tashi smirked. "I guess I can make that request." She leaned over Goku and spoke in Chi-Chi's voice. "Goodbye, Goku. You should've joined me." She kissed him.

Goku kissed her back, his arm coming around her and resting in her hair as he kissed her passionately. Tashi returned the heated kiss resting her hands on his chest and slowly moving it in his hair. Goku's hand fell on Tashi's neck and he ripped the necklace off.

Tashi pulled back, gasping as she clutched her neck. "You tricked me!"

Goku only smirked as he sat up. "Yep. You never took that necklace off ever since I gave it to you so I figured you were controlling Chi-Chi that way."

Tashi grabbed her forehead and screamed in pain. Her essence was leaving Chi-Chi's body once more, turning into a purple aura and returning to the necklace in Goku's hand. Golden sparks shot out of the necklace landing on Vegeta's body and a few shot on Goku. Goku figured it was the energy that Tashi stole from them returning to their bodies. Chi-Chi's body fell on Goku as he caught her. Goku looked at Chi-Chi and saw that she was unconscious, but breathing.

Goku gently laid her on the ground and threw the necklace in the air. "HA!" He yelled and a ki blast left his hand and hit the necklace, destroying it into nonexistence.

Goku picked Chi-Chi up and held her close in his arms. Gohan, who just returned from Korin's Tower, flew to his father.

"Dad! You got Mom back?"

Goku smiled at his son. "Yeah, I did. It's her. Tashi is gone. Are those senzu beans?" he asked noticing the bag.

"Yeah. This was all Korin had."

"Good. Give everyone one. I feel Vegeta's energy has returned to him but he's still weak. Give him one, too."

Gohan nodded and gave all the unconscious people a senzu bean. Master Roshi walked up to Goku with his stick.

"You did good, Goku. Tashi tricked me and Crane years ago. I wish I had the strength to destroy the necklace like you, but I couldn't. I fell in love with her."

"It was hard fighting her, Master Roshi. I kept seeing Chi-Chi, but I knew I had to fight her to defeat her and get Chi-Chi back."

Gohan frowned as he returned to his father. "Um, Dad. There aren't anymore senzu beans. I only had enough for the others but not for you and Mom."

"There aren't?" Goku frowned and looked down at Chi-Chi. He could already see some bruises forming on her body and he rather sore, too. "I guess we're gonna have to heal up the old fashion way, at least until Korin's made some new beans."


"I did WHAT?!" Chi-Chi screamed and then groaned as the pain around her bandaged head ached again.

It's been hours since Tashi's defeat and Chi-Chi's return. She woke up half an hour ago with a bandaged on her chest, arms and head and Goku besides her. He had a few bandages on his body but he wasn't as hurt as she was. He was telling what happen when she woke up.

"Kissed Vegeta, but hey you weren't you. You have no memory of it."

"Thank Kami for that. If I remembered kissing Vegeta, I would kill myself."

Goku laughed. "It's not something I want to remember and neither does Vegeta. He's in complete denial over the incident and claims he's gonna have nightmares for the rest of his life. He's never gonna forgive himself for letting his lebedo get in the way."

Chi-Chi laughed at her husband. "I think you mean libido."

"Oh, yeah," Goku realized.

"That is all I did right? I just kissed him?"

"Actually, you squeezed his rear and you patted his groin."

"I DID NOT!" Chi-Chi screamed. "I didn't, did I?" Chi-Chi asked disgusted.

"You did."

"Ugh! I think I'm gonna be sick. He told you that?"

Goku rubbed the back of his head and laughed. "No, I had to read his mind." Chi-Chi just looked at him. "Well, I had to find out all you did and he wouldn't say. He was too embarrassed. You also let him touch your leg, arm and butt."

"Ew! That freak touched me," Chi-Chi shuddered and shook her head. "Oh, dear. I have a lot of apologizing to do, especially to Gohan. I can't believe I hit and throttled him."

Goku laid a hand on Chi-Chi's. "Hey, it's okay. You weren't yourself. You weren't in control of your body. Tashi was.  If anyone's to blame, it's me. I'm the one who gave you that necklace."

Chi-Chi squeezed his hand. "It's not your fault. You didn't know. I forgive you."

"Yeah, but I still had to hurt you. I didn't want to fight you."

"I'll heal. It wasn't me you were fighting, remember? It was Tashi."

"Yeah, but it looked like you," Goku said ruefully.

Chi-Chi looked confused. "I don't get it. Why was Tashi after Vegeta if she wanted enough power to take over the planet? Wouldn't she go after you instead?"

Goku laughed and rubbed the back of his head. "I asked Master Roshi the same thing. Apparently, she couldn't get me under her power, so she went after the next strongest person and got Vegeta under her control."

"How come she couldn't get you under her power?"

"Because she was trying to seduce me and I didn't get it. It kind of went over my head. I didn't realize it until after this whole mess and I was thinking about your behavior. Master Roshi was screaming at me, asking me how come I didn't see the changes."

"What changes?" Chi-Chi asked curious.

"Well, the moment you put the necklace on, you were all over me, wanting sex. I thought you wanted to thank me for the gift. Then there was the next day where you wanted to spend the day together. I thought you were being silly and went to train with Gohan and Piccolo instead. You also started to wear shorter clothes. You were dressing more like Bulma, but I thought that was because the weather was getting warmer."

Chi-Chi was quiet for a moment and began laughing. "So, you're saying that because you're so naïve, she couldn't get you under her power?"

"Um, yeah," Goku said rubbing the back of his head.

Chi-Chi continued to laugh loudly. She started to clutch her side from laughing so loud and hard. She groaned in pain as her laughing made her side ached from the battle. Chi-Chi pulled Goku in a hugged and rubbed his hair playfully. "That'll teach her for trying to seduce my Goku. You can't be seduce. Even I can't do it."

"Um, Chi-Chi, what does seduce mean exactly? Master Roshi kept saying it over and over that that was what Tashi was trying to do to me but I didn't ask what it meant."

Chi-Chi's mouth dropped. "You don't know what it means?"

Goku shook his head, his innocent look on his face. "No."

"Goku, it means that Tashi was trying to get you to have sex with her. I tried seducing you once before the whole ordeal with the Saiyans."

"You did?" Goku said scratching his head. "When?"

"You were training all week extensively and after dinner and Gohan was in bed, you asked me to start the outdoor bath for you since your muscles were kind of sore. I told you I would fix a bath for you in our bathroom. You didn't mind. When you got in, I got in the bath with you. I bathed you myself, massage your muscles and rubbed bath oils on you. I was being very suggestive but you didn't get it. Afterwards, you just got out of the tub, said thanks and went to bed."

"I thought you helping me sooth my sore muscles. I didn't know you wanted sex. Why didn't you say so?" Goku said innocently.

"Because you were suppose to get the hints I was sending you." Chi-Chi said.

Goku scratched his head. "Really? I didn't know."

Chi-Chi just smiled. "You never do, but that's just you, Goku." Chi-Chi laughed and stopped as she realized something. "Goku, if Tashi turned into a Super Saiyan then she took some of your power. If you never fell under her spell, then how did she get it?"

"When you and I had sex."

Chi-Chi glared at him. "How many times did that happen?"

"Two. Your birthday and last night. The other times we just cuddled and I told her I was to tired from training for it."

Chi-Chi shook her head. "I don't get it. If she took your energy while you were having sex, then how come you didn't feel it? Surely you felt your energy being taken, even if it was a little."

Goku rubbed the back of his head and laughed. "Well, I did feel a little tired afterwards, but I just thought you wore me out."

Chi-Chi stuttered for a moment and folded her arms. "What exactly happened when my controlled body was having sex with you?"

"Um, it was the same. I guess she was imitating you so not to throw me off, although you never licked me all over before. That was different. I kind of liked it."

Chi-Chi took her pillow and smacked Goku across his face with it. "You like her licking you?!"

"It wasn't her licking me. It was you licking me," Goku said not sure why Chi-Chi got mad.

"Her mind, my body."

"You see?" Goku said.

Chi-Chi sighed. The more they talked about it, the more confused she was going to get. "Forget it. I'm glad Tashi's not in control of my body and she's dead. I'd just like to forget this whole incident has ever happened." Chi-Chi looked at her bandage body. "How long will I be like this?"

"You don't have any broken bones but you are sore and you have some bad cuts, so a few days. I'll be with you at home. I'm sore, too."  Goku said.

"Well, I feel a little better. It just hurts when I laugh." She stopped talking and looked at Goku. "We're going to be stuck in bed for a few days?"

"Yeah," Goku said nonchalantly and saw a weird look in Chi-Chi's eyes. "What?"

Chi-Chi moved closer to Goku and kissed him. She kissed him again, slipping her tongue inside. She pulled back sending Goku a certain look.

"Um, Chi-Chi? Are you all right?"

Chi-Chi smiled wickedly. "Of course I'm all right. I just want to spend some time with my husband. We are going to be in bed for a few days, maybe a week. We have to do something besides sleep, don't you think so?" She asked planting kisses on his neck and moving to nibbling his ear.

Goku smiled. He thought he was going to be bored being stuck in bed with Chi-Chi for a week in bed and not fighting, but he saw it wasn't going to be so bad after all.

The End

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