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I've never fully been 100 percent satisfied with Safe Haven, so I decided to go at it again with a new twist. Fun Charming Family twist, because I find the relationships between Snow and Regina fascinating.. As well as David and Snow's with Emma. So this will be a mix of all of them. Zelena, Henry, Hook will all be involved.

So this is set right before season 6... Zelena and Regina are still working on their relationship and Hook and Emma are not married yet. No dark fairy yet... Use your imagantion with me.. :) It's hard to pick an exact time period with all that happened. I plan for this to be a short mini series.. a 3 parter probably with 3 longer chapters. Could go more if my imagination really goes wild.

It was a beautiful hot summer day in the town of Story Brooke. No monsters lurking, no curses coming. Everything actually felt peacefully normal.

Snow had decided to take little Neal down to the local park that recently added a splash area. She figured they could picnic under the shade of the big trees, and he could splash around in some water to cool off.

Snow rested on her blanket while little Neal lay next to her, in his little swimming trunks on. His arms above his head and a light blanket over his chest. He'd worn himself out toddling around in the splash park.

Snow's eyes were on the pair in front of her. Regina was trying to teach Emma some kind of light magic using a lady bug and a flower. In hopes to help Emma gain more control of her power and to be able to use it on command.

When Snow had decided to take this park adventure it wasn't hard to convince Emma to come along with her. Henry and Hook had taken off for three weeks out at sea, for a bonding male fishing trip, and Emma was going stir crazy bored, and the promise of her mother's homemade cookies as a treat all but sealed the deal.

As Snow packed the lunches she realized she had plenty to feed an army, with a quick call to Regina, she'd managed to convince her to get out of the office for the afternoon and join them.

David had calls to the sheriff station directed to his phone, incase anything came up, but it was peacefully quiet. After a few hours at the park, he decided to run to the store and grab some more cool drinks, more sunscreen as they'd used the last re-apply on Neal, which left Snow worried about her own pale skin, and even more worried about her daughter's fair skin. He'd also been talked into getting a box of fudge ice-cream bars, with a bat of the eyes from his grown daughter. Who didn't seem to care she'd just down four of her mother's cookies, and only stopped when they had been taken away from her, and replaced with a carrot.

"Miss. Swan, are you even listening to me anymore?" Regina demanded "Focus."

Emma blew some hair away from her hair in frustration. "I am listening! I just don't understand what you're doing."

Snow tilted her head to the side. Clearly Emma was about done. She was hot and cranky. Yet too stubborn to tell Regina she wanted to stop.

"Emma, Regina. David's going to be back soon. Why don't you two take a break? Its ninety degrees. Come sit in the shade with Neal and me."

"I've almost got this" Emma waved her hand in Snow's direction. "Just another minute."

"You said that twenty minutes ago, Emma" Regina rolled her eyes "You're nowhere even close to having."

"I would, if someone would stop yelling at me" Emma said as she clenched her teeth.

"Oh, I am hardly yelling at you" Regina scoffed "Quit acting like a child…Focus. Emma."

Emma whirled around on Regina. "Hey, I am not a child." She snapped as she pointed to Regina. "You're acting like a bratty, bossy child."

"That's your come back?" Regina laughed

"Guys" Snow now stood up, "Neal is sleeping, could we maybe save the yelling for I don't know… Never?"

"I am not a child!" Emma glared at Regina.

"Child" Regina taunted back "Who can't follow simple directions…"

"You're really getting on my last nerve today" Emma mumbled "I can do this.. I…" She pointed her finger to the ladybug on her hand and squinted. "Watch" She taunted Regina. When all of a sudden a loud explosion happened followed by a puff of pink smoke.

Snow jumped to her feet as she ran forward. "Emma?' She gasped as she hurried towards the smoke. "Emma, Regina?"

"We're okay." A small voice replied back as the smoke cleared away, Snow's jaw dropped. Standing where Emma and Regina had been standing mere seconds ago, were tiny little girls. With adults shirts swarming them as oversized dresses.

"Miss. Swan, I am going to kill you!" Regina yelled as she went to lunge at Emma only to find herself tripping out of the skirt adult sized Regina had been wearing that was now at her ankles.

Emma let out a squeak and jumped over her jeans and boots and mad dash for Snow.

"Fix this!" Regina demanded as she steadied herself and resumed running after Emma.

Emma wasted no time in practically climbing up Snow's legs. "She's going to kill me!"

Snow found herself instinctively lifting Emma and settling on her hip. "She's not going to kill you, we'll figure this out. I am sure it's an easy fix."

Regina stopped dead in front of Snow. "Put your daughter down please, I need to kill her!"

Snow placed her hand down on Regina's head keeping her from lunging. "Regina, calm down. Can you fix this?"

Regina placed her hand on her hip "Maybe, but first I want to kill Emma."

"How about you fix this first?" Snow tried "After… we can discuss the next step."

"Hey!" Emma looked offended while Regina waved her hand trying to use her magic, but gasped when nothing happened. "I don't have my magic!"

"Let's take a deep breath, and not panic" Snow said calmly as she placed her hand on Regina's back and pushed her towards the picnic blanket where Neal was still peacefully sleeping. "We're going to sit on the blanket, and take several deep breaths, we're not going to kill anyone. We will figure this out."

"It'd be easier if you let me kill her" Regina crossed her arms over her chest and let out a slight pout. Snow had to close her eyes for a minute to keep from laughing. Regina was an adorable child.

"She won't let you kill me" Emma smirked down at Regina. "I am her daughter, after all."

"Emma, don't taunt her" Snow warned as she turned to look at her own daughter. Her heart catching in throat as she studied all of Emma's perfect features as a child. She was a beautiful an adult, so it was not surprising she was beautiful child. It was taking all of Snow's control to not smother that little face in kisses.

"Yeah, well. I raised her' Regina grumbled

"Ha, you raised her, so you could try and kill her. That doesn't count." Emma shook her head as Snow sat down on the blanket and putting Emma on her lap and Regina in front of them. "Do you guys, hear yourselves right now?" She asked. "I know you just found yourself in child sized bodies, but do you really need to act like children?"

"She started it" Emma grumbled.

"Emma" Snow warned as she turned her focus to Regina.

"Do you know what happened?" She asked "Have you ever seen this before?"

Regina shook her head. "No, and I don't seem to have magic." She looked to Emma. "Do you?"

Emma tried to motion the tub of cookies to herself but her hands fell when nothing happened as she shook her. "No"

"Perfect!" Regina grumbled

Snow took a deep breath. "You two aren't hurt, so that's a positive" She tried while Regina shot her a glare, that if looks could kill she would have been dead. "That's what you've got? Look at me! I am the size of a freaking infant!"

"No" Emma shook her head "You're bigger than Neal."

Snow placed her hand on Emma's knee trying to quiet her. Since Regina was clearly agitated. "Regina, we'll figure this out. We always do. Have faith" She assured her as the child sized version of Regina kept pouting.

"I don't have magic, how can we figure this out?" Regina demanded

Snow gave Regina a small smile "Other people in this town have magic." She slid Emma off her lap and reached out and grabbed Regina's small hand. "Don't worry, as soon as David gets back, we'll work on figuring this all out."

"Why do we have to wait for David?" Regina grumbled "We aren't helpless."

"It's scorching hot out" Snow reminded her "You have no shoes" She glanced back to the pile of the clothing still on the grass that Regina and Emma had been wearing before they shrank down. "You're in an oversized shirt that looks like you are placing dress up. There is no way you can wear that around town, or walk on the blazing hot pavement. You'll burn up your feet.

Regina wanted to argue but she knew Snow's reasoning was right. There really wasn't a lot she could right that second, especially since she was half her size.

"Told you to concentrate, Emma" Regina grumbled

"I was trying, but you were yelling at me" Emma argued "You'd been yelling at me for over an hour."

"And in the future, maybe you two will learn when to take a break" Snow reminded them both as she ran her fingers through Emma's blond curls.

"So much magic, so much potential and she just wastes it" Regina grumbled "You never take your magic seriously."

Emma rolled her eyes "I take it seriously, when the time is right."

David came walking up to the blanket. "Alright, I've got some fudge…." He stopped dead in his tracks when he got to the edge of the blanket and found two very small little girls on the blanket. One with blonde curls for days and the other with big brown very annoyed looking eyes. "Uh…"

"Hey, dad" Emma blushed as she stood "Fudge bars, I'll take one" She smiled as she stood on her tip toes trying to reach for the brown paper bag.

"Charming, about time you decide to get back here" The other little girl grumbled "Now you're here, we can go."

"Snow" He looked between the two girls before crouching down to Emma's level, so he could get her the ice cream bar she was trying to get. "What did I miss?"

"Your daughter" Regina hissed "Did this to us, and we can't fix it!"

"It was an accident" Emma defended.

Snow nodded "Yeah, something she did backfired, one minute they were yelling at each other, the next minute I found myself with four year old, sized little girls."

"I am not a little girl" Regina glared.

"I need your help" Snow motioned to the picnic mess, Neal and the small girls. "We need to get back home, so we can start to fix this."

"I am not worried about it" Emma said calmly "Gold will fix this, will in our regular clothing by dinner."

"Of course" David agreed with her as he watched Emma struggle to open her treat.

"Little hands suck" Emma grumbled as she held it up to David blushing again. "Could you?"

"I can't believe all you can think about is your stomach" Regina grumbled.

Snow shook her head "The last thing she needs while in this body is more sugar David."

"Too late, he gave it to me" Emma shoved her fudge bar into her mouth smugly while Snow began to pack up the picnic stuff. "Good, it will occupy her for a moment" She mumbled as she carefully reached over and scooped up Neal. His body reacted startled to the touch. Snow brought him to her chest and rubbed his back bouncing slightly. After she was sure he was still asleep, she lowered him into the stroller, and buckled him quietly.

"Kid can sleep through a tornado" Emma observed as chocolate ice-cream dripped down her chin.

"Gross" Regina grumbled as she looked at Emma disgusted "Are you getting any of that in your mouth?"

"Trying" Emma mumbled "These little hands, are making it very hard."

"Because you have little hands, you forgot where your mouth was?" Regina asked quirking an eyebrow.

Snow looked down at her daughter and shook her head. She'd just stuffed Neal's diaper bag away, in the bottom of the stroller. She pulled it back out and dug through until she found the baby wipes. She pulled two out. "Emma, here."

Emma dropped her now empty fudge bar stick into the trash bag by her feet, as her eyes got wide. "Hell no, I am not using that. Those wipe asses!"

"That's some beautiful princess language you have" Snow shook her head "Don't teach your brother those words please."

"He's asleep" Emma defended "And baby bro can only get out, mama, dada and cookie, these days. I think I am safe!"

Snow didn't say anything as she gave Emma a look that clearly told her she wasn't impressed. Which caused Emma to cringe slightly.

"Oh, come on. Don't give me that look" Emma begged as Snow reached out and grabbed a hold of her daughter's tiny wrist and pulled her closer to herself, before placing one hand on the back of Emma's head to steady her and hold her in place as she quickly used her hand to wipe Emma's mouth.

Emma balked, and turned and twisted making dramatic sound effects as the baby wipe was used on her face. However being small did not work in her favor. Her mother the bandit was already strong, but now she was freakishly strong, which made it impossible for Emma to breakaway.

"Mom!" Emma stumbled backwards when Snow let go of her as she wiped her face with the back of her arm. "Gross."

"Oh, please Emma. You're acting like I murdered you."

"It was embarrassing!"

Snow raised her eyebrow "More embarrassing than me allowing you to be covered in chocolate?" she asked as she threw the chocolate covered wipes into the bag of garbage David had just picked up from the ground and held out to her.

"All of this is embarrassing" Regina grumbled as she watched David head to the trash bins. "Can you Charming's move faster? We need to fix this, like five minutes ago."

"Regina, it's going to be okay" Snow promised as she knelt down to her level. "I know you're afraid, but we aren't going to let anything happen to you."

"Not afraid" Regina grumbled. "Annoyed."

"Let's get these guys back to the loft' David said as he came back from the trash run.

Snow looked between the two girls, the stroller and the picnic basket. "Can you carry one of them and push the stroller at the same time?"

"Wait, carry… hold on a moment, Snow White…"

"Regina, do you remember how hot it is?" She questioned "Do you remember you have no shoes on? You can't walk back to the loft, your feet will be a blistered mess."

Regina crinkled her nose. "Too bad I can't just poof myself there" She gave Emma a sideways glare.

"It. Was. An. Accident!" Emma snapped as she took a step closer to Regina "I already, said I am sorry!"

"Alright, it's hot. We're tired we need to get back to the loft" Snow said stepping in between the girls. "Regina, either you let one of us carry you, or…" She motioned towards the stroller. "You can ride."

"I have never been so embarrassed in my life" Regina grumbled as she moved to Snow and held up her arms.

Snow lifted the tiny queen into arms, and settled her on her hip. "It's going to be okay" She tried to assure her.

"I am sorry, I don't share the same optimistic view as you right now, while I am the size of a munchkin and am wearing what was once a very nice form fitting flattering shirt, as an oversized dress!"

Snow decided the best approach in this moment was to not say anything. She gave Regina's back a pat before picking up the picnic basket.

"Looks like I am your chariot, my princess" David smiled to his daughter as he knelt down to her level.

Emma let out a groan. "Dad, that was cheesy." She rolled her eyes but walked towards him anyway.

"Do you want to ride on my shoulders?" David asked "That may be easier for me to push, your brother."

"Sure, I just don't want to burn the hell out of my feet, before we fix this" She agreed as she easily climbed up his back.

"Just hold on" David warned her "And if you feel like you're slipping, let me know. I promise I've got you. I won't let anything happen to you."

Snow's heart hitched in her chest as she watched this moment between her husband and her daughter. The look on her daughter's face, when Charming uttered that warning was priceless. The thought had never even crossed Emma's mind that she wasn't safe with him. They'd come such a long way with their daughter and her walls.

"I am good dad. Whoa the view from up here is amazing... Hey dad did you know you're starting to think out a little here?" Emma teased as she ran her fingers through his hair.

David tugged her foot. "Careful, I may..." He paused as he dipped slightly leaning her forward. Emma let out a small gasp. "You wouldn't! Mom would kill you if you dropped me."

"You think so?" David asked tugging her foot slightly

"Well if you drop me, you may for real have a bald spot. I'll need something to hold on to" She taunted while Snow watched with amusement her husband and daughter banter back and forth.

"Do I need to separate you two?" She asked with a big smile

Can we just get out of the park?" Regina demanded "I don't want people to stare at the freak show we've become."

"I am the Savior, you're the evil queen, and my parents are Prince Charming and Snow White" Emma rattled off "You're sister is the Wicked Witch and I am with Captin Hook, well when he's not on a fishing trip and I am not this size" She continued "But I think we've been a freak show for awhile now."

Regina groaned as she covered her eyes. "I am living a nightmare. Snow White, Get me out of here!" She demanded poking Snow's shoulder three times.

"Alright" Snow assured her "We're going."

"Oh, Granny. You're a life saver! Thank you" Snow smiled as she ushered Granny into the apartment. "You're so quick."

"Hopefully this will fit them" Granny nodded as she handed Snow to large bags of clothing before letting her purse drop of her shoulder so she could hang it on the coat rack. "I'll sit with Neal as long as you need."

"We cannot thank you enough" Snow said again as she began to root through the bags. She found a new package of underwear at the top and put that to the side pulling out a black sun dress with red polka dots on it. "Cute" She smirked putting it to the side as well finding a pair of strappy black sandals. She then found a yellow tank top and a pair of blue jean shorts and little brown leather sandals. "Hopefully this will fit."

"They should" Granny nodded "Based off the measurements you sent me, speaking of... How did you manage to let Regina measure her? I bet that wasn't an easy task."

"She didn't really like the idea of going to see Gold, in an oversized shirt, or naked." Snow smirked

"Where are they?" Granny asked looking around the quiet loft.

"David, ran to borrow two car seats, Neal is eating a baby cookie" She pointed to where Neal was in the highchair by the counter. "Regina is upstairs hiding on Henry's bed. Though she claims she is resting."

Granny laughed "Sounds about right."

"Yeah" Snow rubbed the bridge of her nose "This is probably her biggest battle yet."

"Who would have thought, being transformed to child size, would be harder than conquering your evil side" Granny laughed.

"She's vulnerable" Snow smiled sadly "She's not used to letting other people help her. Or care for her needs."

"Sounds like Emma too" Granny scanned "Where is the princess?"

"In the bathtub" Snow smiled just as they heard a small splash. "Her hair had ice-cream in it, then she realized how small she was and how big the tub is. She was enjoying some soaking and climbing up the side and sliding down…"

Granny raised her eyebrow "She's not fazed by this, I thought for sure she'd be freaking out just as much as Regina."

"I think in her mind, she just knows David and I will figure out how to fix this." Snow shrugged "I don't know, I am shocked by her reaction. I hope it lasts" She grabbed the clothing she'd pulled out from the bags. "I should get them, motivated to start getting ready. David will be soon."

"I've got the little one" Granny promised "You take care of the…."

"Other two little ones" Snow let out a slight laugh before she headed to the bathroom. She knocked on the door twice. "Hey, Emma may I come in?"

"Yeah" Came a little voice "Please?"

Snow wasn't sure what she was expecting, but it wasn't the response she got. Opening the door carefully Snow poked her head in. "Everything ok….." She gasped when she saw the sight of her daughter.

They had an old fashioned claw tub that was out away from the wall with a small size gap. Apparently just the size for a small child to get half way stuck. One leg half way in the tub with Emma folded over while her back upper thigh, hip area seemed wedged between the wall and tub.

"What happened?" She asked as she rushed towards her daughter.

"I was trying to get out" Emma whimpered "The tub is bigger than I pictured, so I tried to use the wall to help me balance and I fell…" She sniffed as she was trying to not cry. "It kind of hurts, can you hurry?"

"Oh, baby" Snow winced as she grabbed a towel and moved to Emma. "Can you try and get your torso up a little?" She asked "I am going to wrap the towel around you, so you're not slippery, before I lift you out of here."

Emma nodded and managed to swing her upper body up and use her hands on the ledge of the tub while Snow came along side and wrapped a towel around her, before looking closer at the situation. "I got you" She whispered as Emma let out a grunt of pain and annoyance. Snow carefully began lifting her from under the arms. "Can you bend your leg straight down?" She asked "Point your toes to the ground?"

"Yeah" Emma whimpered while Snow adjusted and now had one arm completely around Emma's torso so she could use her other hand to push on Emma's thigh just a little as she pulled her up and with a final sweep she managed to get her daughter unstuck.

Snow sat down on the lid of the toilet with towel wrapped daughter who was breathing hard on her lap. "You okay?" she asked after a few quiet moments.


"Can I look at your leg?" Snow asked

Getting a nod in return. Snow carefully turned Emma on her lap and lifted her towel up. "Oh, Emma" She saw a big angry welt and green and purple tones under the skin already forming "We're going to have to ice this. It's already bruising."

Emma wiped her eyes and nodded but stayed quiet.

Snow gathered Emma's hair up in pony tail before letting it fall. "Are you sure you're okay? How come you didn't call for me, honey?"

"I am okay" She sniffed "Just embarrassed that I cried, and was naked, and I am the size of a four year old, and I couldn't climb out of the tub, and it's all my fault" Her voice cracked as she was holding back tears. "All of this all my fault!"

Snow cupped Emma's chin in her hand and directed her eyes up. "Emma, it was just an accident."

"A stupid one" Emma mumbled as she looked at Snow "And now Regina's mad, what if this sets her back? Or what if she... what if she starts to hate me again?"

Snow shook her head "Have faith in her. This isn't going to set her back. In fact, Emma honey this could be a blessing in disguise for Regina."

Emma raised her eyebrow "Huh?"

"Until we can fix this, it just helps her learn to rely on us, her family just a little more. It could bring us even closer. She could really see how much we love her." Snow then lifted Emma's chin so their eyes met "And you, my beautiful girl are impossible to hate. Regina will never hate you. She simply can't. She tried once. It lasted for a season. You're okay honey."

Emma sniffed and nodded as tears still threatened to fall. "My emotions are all off, I am sorry."

"Your body is three or four, I am not surprised. Emma"

"It's stupid, and my leg really hurts."

Snow wrapped Emma's towel around her tighter and brought her close into her body just holding her in a tight hug. "I've got you" She whispered before laying a linger kiss to Emma's temple. She knew Emma must have been struggling as she allowed herself to just be held for a few moments.

Snow pulled away after a few minutes, "I brought you some clothes to change into, why don't you get dressed, and we'll ice your leg. I'll braid it for you, if you want?"

Emma gave her a small nod "I had a hard time brushing it when I was little. I used to get my brush tangled in it. A lot of my foster homes made me cut my curls"

Snow stroked Emma's cheek. "Your curls are safe, I promise."

Emma gave a small smile as she held the towel and slid off Snow's lap. "So, what kind of cutsey crap did you find for me?" She asked playing off her embarrassed moments before.

Snow pointed to the plain tank top and little blue jean shorts. "Nothing terrible, Emma."

Emma's eyes got wide "Here is your chance to dress me like a princess, and you're not taking it?"

"I am dressing you like a princess, my princess" She winked "Emma you'd hate a frilly dress and ribbons. I just want you you and comfortable. Besides" She smirked "Its easier to dress Regina in dresses."

Emma let out a little snort. "True."

"Do you need help?" Snow asked pointing to the clothing.

Emma shook her head. "No" She blushed slightly "I can dress myself."

Snow winked "Just checking. I am going to go bring Regina her clothing."

"Regina" Snow announced herself quietly as she came up the stairs "I've got some clothing that will fit."

"Does that mean we can go?" Regina asked crawling out from under the covers.

"Soon" Snow promised as she sat on the bed next to Regina. "Granny's here to watch Neal" She handed Regina the sundress and under garments.

Regina looked down at the dress and back up at Snow "At least its black?"

Snow let out a small laugh "There is your positive attitude." She placed her hand on Regina's now very small back. "You're not alone, David and I won't let anything happen to you. I promise you."

"Something already happened to me" Regina waved her arms "Have you seen me? I can't even see myself in the bathroom mirror, without a stepstool."

Snow rubbed circles with her thumb on the back of Regina's hand. "I know, and I can't imagine how terrified you feel right now. Out of control…"

Regina scoffed "To say the least"

"Why don't you get dressed, head on downstairs, we'll head over to Gold's the minute David is back" Snow promised. "I am going to go ice Emma's leg, while you get dressed…." She paused "Unless you need help."

A horrified expression came over Regina's face. "I most certainly do not need help dressing, Snow White!"

Snow held up her hands "I just had to offer, little hands make things harder, that's all. I'll see you down stairs in a few minutes, yes?"

Regina gave a mumbled response and a nod of the head.

"Alright, if you need anything; just holler."


Snow rolled her eyes at Regina's temperament before she headed down the stairs so she could check on Emma and wait for David.

She descended the stairs and saw Emma on the kitchen counter eating a sandwich in one hand, while she held an icepack to her leg with the other. "Granny got me ice, and made me an amazing cheese sandwich." She gave Snow a big grin before taking a huge bite of her sandwich.

"Emma, you just ate a big picnic lunch, four cookies and a fudge pop!"

Emma shrugged "I can't help that I am hungry" She said between bites of sandwich "I must be going through a growth spurt."

Snow couldn't help but laugh at Emma's reasoning. "How's your leg?"

Granny shook her head from where she was standing feeding Neal some mashed peas now. "She did quite the number on herself, it's pretty swollen."

"I've had worse" Emma shrugged casually then her eyes got big when she realized what she said out loud. "I mean.. I.. Mom are you going to braid my hair?"

"Nice deflect, Emma" Snow shook her head with a smile as she moved the icepack from Emma's leg and looked at the large lump swelling. "My poor baby"

"Don't you kiss it" Emma warned shaking her finger at Snow. "I am not really four."

Snow poked Emma in the ribs causing her to jerk, gasp and giggle. "I am not going to kiss your boo boo away" She promised as Emma groaned. "But I may kiss your face, if you're not careful. It's a pretty cute little face."

"Mom!" Emma gasped as Snow cupped her little face before leaning in and kissing her forehead. "I love you, Emma."

"I love you too" Emma replied softly as her eyes filled with tears. "Stupid emotions" She laughed off as she looked away.

"You're good" Snow promised as she turned Emma around "I am going to braid your hair now. Don't scoot backwards at all. The last thing we need is for you to fall off and bust your head open."

"You won't let me fall" Emma said quietly

As Snow turned to Granny who got the meaning of the statement and just placed her hand over her heart.

"I won't let you fall" Snow promised. "I'll never let you fall."

"Are we ready?" David asked coming into the loft mere minutes later. "Carseats installed and ready."

"I am not sitting in a carseat" Emma crinkled her nose

"Nor, am I" Regina added as she came down the stairs holding on to the rail tightly as she came down. "Have these stairs always been so giant and steep?"

David moved to the bottom of the staircase to spot her as she made the last several steps down.

"Gold's is across town" Snow said calmly as she snapped a rubber band to the end of Emma's long blonde braid. "You two walk slower now, and ninety degrees out. We're not walking all the way there. We're taking my car with the air condition so I don't give you two sunstroke."

"Fine, but we don't have to sit in a carseat" Regina argued.

"Actually, you do" David crossed his arms over chest narrowing his eyes at her. "I am the sheriff of this town, if you remember correctly. You and Emma do not meet the height or weight requirement right now, to be in the car without those seats."

"I am the mayor" Regina argued "I'll wave that for us."

"Not happening, Regina" David said in a louder voice. "I am NOT willing to risk your life or Emma's life because you two are uncomfortable to be sitting in one. Final word."

Regina looked to Snow who shook her head. "Don't look at me, you know full well I agree with David. Your life is far more valuable. What if someone hits us on the way there? Would you willingly put your life in risk, to not be here when Henry comes home?"

Emma and Regina exchanged unamused glances while Emma shook her head. "That's low to play the Henry card against us."

"Well?" Snow put her hand on her hip "Do you blame me? If this was Henry would you make him?"

"Yes, of course he's my kid and…" Emma started to argue but the minute the words left her mouth she quickly clamped a small hand over her mouth.

"Exactly Emma. You're my child…" Snow added

"Yeah, well I am not" Regina crossed her arms over her chest as she gave Snow the best steely glare she could muster up.

Snow knelt down in front of Regina and took her tiny hand in hers and held it tightly. "You're not my child" She agreed. "But you're my Regina. The one person I have known longer than anyone else. You're my past, you're like…. You're my step mom, you're Henry's mother. You are a valuable member of my family that simply cannot be replaced. Regina please."

"Don't get mushy" Regina pushed Snow back slightly as she bit her lip to keep from showing emotion. "I'll ride in the stupid thing" She added quieter, while Granny had to turn her back to keep Regina from seeing her amused smile.

"Can we just get a move on?" Regina demanded as she stomped herself over to the door and tried to reach to unlock it but found she couldn't and just groaned louder crossing her arms over her chest as she stomped her little foot.

"We're coming" Snow promised.

"Uh, guys" Emma called from the counter. "Can someone help me down?"

David happily moved to the counter to grab his daughter "What on earth did you do to your leg?"

"Took on a dragon" Emma said animatedly as she waved her arms in the air, while Snow laughed "Yeah, or the bathtub…"

"Mom" Emma hissed while David lifted her easily from the counter to the ground. "Don't blow my cover story. I have a reputation to keep. Nobody needs to know I got stuck behind the bathtub!"

Regina rolled her eyes dramatically "Only you, Swan. Only you!"

Belle's jaw was hanging while Gold rubbed his jaw looking down at the two little girls in front of him.

"You can fix this right?" Snow asked

"He'd better fix this!" Regina glared at Gold

"Now Dearie, that's no way to get me to do what you want." Gold tsked.

Snow put a calming hand on Regina's shoulder. "Shh" She hushed her.

"Did you just shush me?" Regina demanded while Snow shot her a warning glare.

"Yes, I did. Now be quiet." Snow warned.

Regina's jaw dropped. "Are you kidding me?...I don't…" She was suddenly quieted as Snow's hand covered her mouth quickly but gently.

"Do you know what we're dealing with?" David asked "Or why they don't have access to their magic?"

"They didn't have magic when they were actually four years old" Gold nodded "Or at least hadn't awakened it" He added "Now they are physically this age again, it's dormant."

"Okay" Snow nodded while Emma raised her eyebrow "Can we make it un-dormant? I mean it was magic that did this, is it my magic that can fix this?"

Gold shook his head "Your magic stay dormant until when Emma?"

"I think it sparked once or twice when I was a teenager, when I was living with the Ice Queen, but otherwise until I was twenty eight." Her eyes got wide "Please don't tell me I have to age another twenty eight years before I get it back!" Emma shook her head "no. No way you're the dark one! There has got to be something you can do Gold" She demanded as began to climb the glass display case to get to him. Only to have David pull her back.

"LET ME GO" Emma yelled "Let me go! He knows something" She began to twist and turn in David arms. Kicking and flailing. "I mean it, dad let me down" She yelled as she squirmed and kicked harder. "Dad he knows something! We aren't waiting twenty eight years." She pushed on David's shoulders. "I can get it out of him. He's not being honest, my super power is telling me so!" Her attempts were getting her nowhere quickly "Let me go"

"Emma" David tried to get her stop wrestling "I know you're angry, but yelling at him or attacking him isn't going to help us get the answers we want, sweetheart."

"Oh yeah" Emma challenged "It's always worked for me in the past!"

"Em" David sighed keep his grip on her. "I don't want you to get hurt, I can't let you attack Gold."

She continued to push on David as she looked down to his hands holding her in place. She leaned down….

"Don't you DARE, bite your father" Snow's voice cut through quickly, in a tone that stopped Emma dead in her tracks, and gave David a chance to shift his hold on her and put her over his shoulder.

"Wasn't gonna bite him" Emma mumbled as her face turned red.

Snow raised her eyebrow at her daughter "Don't lie to me, Emma." She warned "Now get a hold of yourself!"

"It's nice to see a small version of Emma, still has her father's tact" Gold Taunted while Emma began kicking again. "This is not funny!"

Snow gave Gold an apologetic look. "I am sorry, their emotions seem to be extra sensitive."

"Yeah" Belle nodded "Because their bodies are four, you've got Emma and Regina dealing with the physical and emotional side of what changed in their bodies. Everything is different. Their chemical balances are different."

"So you're saying, I should expect more tantrums?" Snow groaned "Because the adult version don't throw enough?"

"Hey!" Emma and Regina yelled.

Snow gave a half laugh "What, you do? Do you want examples?" She asked "Like toasters being destroyed? Apple trees being chain sawed?" She narrowed her eyes at Emma.

"Ha" Regina grumbled while Snow shot her a look. "Dark curse ring any bells?"

Both girls instantly fell silent. Snow took advantage of their quietness "Gold do you know how to help them?"

"I have not seen this before" He admitted "With them not having powers, I am worried aging will only bring them back."

"What do you suggest we do?" David asked.

"Get used to having little girls?" Gold offered with a smirk towards Regina.

"Rumple" Belle shook her head "I'll start researching, I suggest you contact Zelena. Maybe between my research and her knowledge of spells and magic, we can come up with something to fix this."

"Be warned, the longer they stay like this, side effects could start happening?" Gold grinned

"What kind of side of effects?" David demanded as he shifted a now calm Emma in his arms.

"Childlike ones, dearie" Rumple replied with a smirk.

"That's it, I am going to now kill him" Regina yelled as she lunged at Gold, only to be grabbed quickly by David who now held both girls in his arms. "You two attacking Mr. Gold, is not on our list of things we're going to do" He kept a hold of both girls and turned to Snow."You finish talking to Belle" David instructed his wife "I am going to go get these two in the car, so we can head over to Zelena's."

"Can you wrangle two of them at the same time into a carseat?" Snow asked as she watched the girls both kick and squirm trying to get down. Each yelling about destroying Gold. David winced at their high shrill shrieky voices, but gave a nod. "We'll be fine, once they're in, they can't get out" He reminded Snow with a laugh, that neither one had been able to press the button on the five point harness seats he'd gotten.

"Wouldn't want to be the Charming's right now" Gold shook his head.

Snow rolled her eyes. "And you're sure there is NOTHING you can't do?" She asked Gold.

"I will help Belle look" Gold sighed "And check in with Zelena, maybe we can piece something together, or this could simply wear its self-off. Or they grow up again." He shook his head "It's a mystery dearie, after all.. All Magic comes with a price." He reminded her. "Even Emma's light magic can come with a price."