A Fan Made, Halo Short Story

Operation Crie, November 16, 2536:
Part I: Spring loaded Spartan

"Okay fine, how about this. When I win, you have to write up my mission report for ONI," said Jason (A-112,) as he slowly looked up from the black monitors on the ships bridge, and turned to face Ally (A-073).
"I'm not writing up your report Jason, you should know that by now," replied Ally jovially.
"But I wrote up yours after that assassination on Fumirole."
"Well, that's because you made a bet that I knew you couldn't win."
"Oh, scared you'll lose this time?"
Kaitlyn (A-216) looked up from her M7S Submachine Gun, at her squad mates bickering and couldn't help but relax and smile under the black visor of her helmet. "Stop acting like children you two," joked James (A-062), their squad leader over the coms. This only broadened Kaitlyn's smile. While the six-man team certainly looked intimidating, clad in their SPI armour, loaded with weapons, they were just that, children. Orphans of the Human-Covenant war, Fireteam Ocelot had enlisted with the Spartan III program in the hopes of getting revenge on their families' murderers. For Kaitlyn, today was just another opportunity to do exactly that.

"Seriously cut the chit chat team, we got covies less than a minute down the hallway. When they get in to the bridge, we eliminate."
That minute took an eternity to pass for Kaitlyn, but soon enough she heard the loud clank of Sangheli armour on floor. The elite barked something in a language she couldn't understand, and a small spark appeared on the blast door of the bridge where Fireteam Ocelot was now hidden.
The door blew inwards, hesitantly six grunts walked in waving their guns around the room, followed by an elite.
The Spartans held their positions, waiting for the signal from their commander. Kaitlyn was just beginning to wonder if their equipment was malfunctioning and the order had failed to come through, when another elite walked into the room. The acknowledgement light in the bottom of Kaitlyn's HUD went green, it was go time. She knew the other members of her team would all want a chance to take down the elites, so she began with the grunts.

Pushing herself off the wall and out the shadows where she was concealed, she immediately grabbed a grunt from behind driving one of her knives hilt deep in to its throat. Levelling her SMG in her left hand, she emptied the clip in to the backs of another three grunts. A fourth grunt turned to face her, as her weapon clicked on empty. Without thought she threw her SMG at her enemy as a distraction, while it did nothing to harm her opponent, it gave her all the time she needed to rip the knife from her first victim, and throw it accurately through the fourths heart. Kaitlyn took in her surroundings, the other two grunts she didn't kill lay dead at James's feet. Ally and Joshua moved aside for Patrick to deliver a final blow to the last standing elite, and halfway across the room lay a moaning Jason.

"Well looks like you are writing my paper again Jason." Ally laughed, as Kaitlyn walked towards him to offer him a hand up from the ground. Jason mumbled something indistinguishable under his breath as he accepted Kaitlyn's hand, and pulled himself off of the ground. After he dusted himself he finally retorted with "well, I really need to stop letting you win. I bet, I will be the first one to kill an elite once we board the enemy ship." Ally's witty response was cut off however by James's orders. "Reload and get prepped team, there is most likely another force guarding the enemy dropship. Once we hijack that you all know the drill, board the cruiser, kill our way to the bridge and capture ourselves a ship."
James had earned the respect of the entirety of Alpha Company, his adaptability and strategic prowess made him a dangerous commander, if something went wrong the team would listen to him without question. yet in this situation his orders were more to shut up the arguing, than to actually remind the team of their task.

With a blend of silence and caution, FireTeam Ocelot moved through the wreckage of the UNSC battle cruiser. Its carcass had been left adrift in space near a former human colony world, in an attempt to bait covenant search parties. ONI desperately wanted to get their hands on a covenant cruiser and a trap loaded with Spartans seemed an almost fool proof way to get it. In the event that things didn't go according to ONI's carefully laid out plan, then Fireteam Ocelot was armed with a HAVOC nuke, capable of obliterating the entire covenant ship. This HAVOC was currently in the protection of Joshua (A-013.)
"Watch that thing Josh, that things hot and I don't want it blowing up in our faces." Whispered Jason as he slowly moved to the other side of the hangar door the team was preparing to breach.
"Not as hot as your head." Whispered back Ally, as she levelled her MA5B assault rifle at the closed door.
"You saying my head is hot?"
"I am saying you have a temper and are irrational, not good looking."
"Quiet," barked James. "what are we up against?"
"Sensors indicate eight hostiles on the other side of this door, looks like another six grunts and two elites. Two elites are on the east wall, grunts are by the dropship in the centre of the room," replied Kaitlyn.
"Alright, got that? Ally and Jason, you are on grunt duty. The rest of you, with me, we're going for the big guys." Everyone tensed, preparing to rush the room. "3…2…1…go"

The team was through the door in an instant. Kaitlyn didn't have time to register how Ally and Jason were going, she was focussed on her targets. With a speed that ordinary marines couldn't begin to keep up with, the four Spartan III's ran across the open hangar, bobbing and weaving dodging the incoming plasma from the elites, while simultaneously returning fire, hoping to destroy the elites shields as swiftly as possible. James and Patrick (A-285) branched off to the right, leaving Kaitlyn and Joshua to deal with the elite on the left.
This particular elite must have decided it wanted the pleasure of killing the duo with his bare hands, for as Kaitlyn and Joshua got within ten feet of him, he dropped his plasma rifle, pulled out an energy sword and charged them. Kaitlyn dodged under the initial swing moving behind her opponent, and climbed up on to its back getting ready to stab the elite in the neck. She wasn't given the chance, as the elite reached up with his free hand and grabbed her by the throat and threw her forwards onto her back, just over a meter away.
Joshua continued to duck and weave, narrowly avoiding the hot plasma slashing around his body, yet unable to land any vital blows. Rolling to his side under another yet incoming strike, he raised his MA5B and tried to squeeze a few more rounds into the elite, but had the rifle kicked out of his hands. Laying on her back with her ears ringing, Kaitlyn drew her M6C sidearm from her thigh and opened fire on the elite. His shields were already weak from earlier as after just one clip, the glimmer around him vanished. Raising herself to her knees Kaitlyn threw a knife at the elite, piercing him just below his knee dropping him down on one leg. Joshua hastily moved behind and snapped its neck in one swift and fluid motion.

With a roar of defiance the elite engaging Patrick and James fell over dead, drowning the room in silence. Kaitlyn picked herself up and reloaded her weapon, then went to retrieve her knife. Looking at the elite she had just helped kill, a sinking feeling began to appear in her stomach. That elite had thrown her around like she was nothing, and that was only one of them. There could be hundreds on the ship she was about to try and hijack, maybe thousands. How could six kids fight that? How could Humanity fight that? She pushed the worries deep down in to the recess of her mind, and told herself she and her friends fought because they were the best. They were Spartans.
"Everybody on board" James puffed via the coms, "ONI wants this ship tonight and I have never been good at disappointing people." Kaitlyn looked at Jason and Ally, as if mentally daring them to retort James with some witty remark. Instead they just nodded at him with determination, and alongside the rest of FireTeam Ocelot, moved towards the Covenant Spirit parked in the hangar.