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Chapter 1

The Life of Sakura Kinomoto

"HOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I'M LATE!!!!" Sakura Kinomoto screamed on a Monday morning as she realized she was late to school. Even though she was a senior in high school, she still never changed her habits.

Sakura now had hair up to her shoulders and her beautiful emerald eyes still stood out, she still had those bangs over her hair which never seemed to bother her. Over the years, her body has matured into a women, and all the guys at school wanted her. Everyday, guys would ask her out, or want to go the movies. But no boy could ever have her because of a certain amber-eyed boy, Syaoran Li.

As Sakura was dressing up, Kero was awaken by her scrambling around the room.

"Sakura-chan…late again huh?"

"Oh hush Kero, I'll see you after school ok? Tomoyo wanted us to come over"

"Why do I have to go? She's probably just gonna make you try on dresses…why do I have to be there while I can be playing video games!"

"Kero…please…she wants both of us to be there! And besides, she said that has a big chocolate cake there just for you…but if"

Sakura was cut off by Kero shouting of joy and she just giggled. "You can get some food down stairs. I think dad is making pancakes"

"ALRIGHT!!! Oh ya, Sakura?"


"I think you should go now…the bell's gonna ring soon"


She ran downstairs and flew past Touya, who was standing at the end of the stairs with pancakes stuffed in his mouth. Sakura strapped on her skates and was off. Kero came downstairs and saw Touya with the pancakes in his mouth and started if he ate all the pancakes he'd kill him.
You see, after Syaoran left, Sakura let her family know about the cards and Kero, Fujfd was shocked, but Touya wasn't all the surprised because he sensed it from her a long time ago.

~*~*~At School~*~*~

Tomoyo was sitting at her desk waiting for her friend. Tomoyo also had matured into a women, her raven hair had grown longer just around her butt, she was the second most wanted girl in school, but she already had a boyfriend (guess who) which was Eriol. Eriol came back from England 2 years ago, and Tomoyo and Eriol have been dating and a little "busy" since then.

"5...4...3...2...1..." Tomoyo counted as she watched her watch. Then there was Sakura, as if on que, who made it just in time right before the bell rang.

"You're lucky this time Kinomoto-san," Mr. Terada said "go take your seat."

Sakura took her seat right next to Tomoyo and she smiled.


Sakura sat alone today, she didn't feel like talking. She was feeling miserable. She missed Syaoran A LOT, but there was nothing she could do about it. She ran her fingers through her pendant that she received from Syaoran on her 15th birthday, it was a crystal cherry blossom with a wolf engraved in it (sorta like the one in "Wild Things" I LOVE THAT STORY!) that was the last present that he sent her. She thought that it was just some kind of mistake, or he was too busy. But there was in a feeling in her that, that wasn't the real reason why.

"What if he doesn't love me anymore? He might have a girlfriend…no! He still loves me! He said it himself, he'll wait for me!"


Sakura and was in Syaoran's bedroom and they were talking.
"You're leaving? Why?"
"I can't tell you, but, I promise you, I will be back. I love you too much to leave you forever."
And as that was said, they brought themselves in a loving hug. Sakura looked up and said,
"I love you my little wolf"
"I love you too my precious cherry blossom"
Syaoran cupped her face and brought it up to his. Sakura's heart was racing right now, and then, she finally experienced her first kiss.

*~*End of Flashback*~*

Sakura smiled when she remembered that day, but that was all disturbed by the bell. Sakura walked back to the classroom and saw everyone chatting about something, she thought it was her so she took out her mirror to check if anything was on her face.

"Nope, nothing. Then what is everyone talking about?" Sakura asked herself.

She took her seat and then Mr. Terada came in.

"Alright class, as you probably heard from other students today, we will be going to Hong Kong."

Sakura felt like she was going to cry. She finally found a way to see the love of her life.

"We are going there for a school project. We will be there for 2 months, so you'll basically be ending your school there. We will be joining another school called Ling High School. For this project, you will be going around Hong Kong and finding out information about it. Any old wars, or families, or anything you can think of. We will be leaving in 5 days, so pack and get ready. You will need to get this permission slip in by Wednesday, which only gives you 2 days. We need to buy the tickets early so if you don't turn it in, then you are not going. So do I make myself clear?"

"yes" the class replied as Mr. Terada passed out the permission slips, "There will also be party on the last day of school, Ling High School will also be joining us."

The bell rang and everyone rushed out talking about the trip. Sakura met up with Tomoyo and Eriol and started talking about the trip also.


"Ya, it'll be fun," Eriol said


By mentioning Syaoran's name, she felt a combination of joy and misery, and the misery part was written all over her face.

"Maybe I shouldn't have said that, but I mean, it's Syaoran! Why would she feel depressed?" Tomoyo asked herself

"Oh gosh, Sakura, here we go again…it's just that…JUST WHAT?!?! JUST FOR THE FACT THAT HE SAID 'I LOVE YOU' AND KISSED YOU AT THE SAME TIME?! YOU KNOW IT MEANT SOMETHING! Ya but…something doesn't feel right, besides, it's been 5 years, I bet he moved on" and with the thought of that, she felt her eyes water, as she continued to argue with herself "HE SAID 'I LOVE YOU'!!! I DON'T THINK HE'D SAY IT AND NOT MEAN IT! Ya but still…I feel something, something awful…"
Little did Sakura know how right she was…