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Chapter 6: What did I do?

Sakura's P.O.V.

'He…he has a girlfriend! How could I have been so stupid to think he'd wait for me?' Sakura thought while running as fast as she could. She didn't care where she was going, she just wanted to leave.

'Please let this be a dream, and when I wake up, I'll be back on the plane with Tomoyo and none of this happened. He'll still be the Syaoran that loved me and is waiting for me…please…' Sakura just stopped running and collapsed to the ground. She couldn't gain her composure and just wept.

'How could this happen! I thought he loved me! People don't just say it if they don't mean it! It took how many years for him to kiss me like how he kissed her! Oh my gosh! I must've looked like an idiot! Kissing him at the airport like that when all along he had a girlfriend!' Sakura just lied down on the ground curling up in a ball weeping.

'What did I do? Did I do something wrong?'

Meiling & Xin

"Wait! I want to help you find her too! What's wrong?" asked Xin. He was baffled. Sakura seemed like a happy person, and then Lana shows up…ooh and then it clicked in Xin's head.

"Hey Meiling…"

"Xin! Take her stuff to my dorm! I need to find her! DO NOT IGNORE ME ZHOU!" Meiling shouted back as she ran off in the same direction as Sakura.

"Wha…but I wanted to…oh alright…" he said to himself. 'I need to figure out what's going on.'

"Oh hey Tomoyo!" Xin shouted. 'Wow…she looks pissed'


"Oh crap"

"What Syaoran?" asked Lana.

"Nothing…" he said drifting off towards Sakura's direction. All of a sudden a pair of amethyst eyes came into view, angry ones in fact.

"Hey Tomoyo. Did you get your stuff inside your dorm?" Syaoran asked.

"Yes, Syaoran I did. In fact, I came down sooner than I expected. I just happened to see the lovely reunion," said Tomoyo "Hi I'm Tomoyo, I'm guessing you're Syaoran's girlfriend?" she said facing Lana.

"Yes I am!" she replied smiling "I'm Lana Wang, nice to meet you! Are you one of Syaoran's friends from Japan?"

"Oh, I see he told you about us. I wonder if he covered everything…" she said looking straight into Syaoran's eyes as she said that. "Anyway, if you don't mind, I'd like to talk to Syaoran for a little bit. We have catching up to do! Wouldn't you agree Syaoran?" she said while latching arms with him, but secretly pinching him.

"Uhh…yeah! Sorry Lana! I'll see you later okay?" he said wincing.

"Oh…okay!" Lana said as both Syaoran and Tomoyo smiled at her, watching her walking away. As soon as she was gone, Tomoyo let go of Syaoran's arm and faced him with fierce eyes.

"Hello Syaoran…anything that you haven't told me?" she said with anger all over her face.

'Oh shit…' Syaoran thought. "Hey there's nothing new?"

"Ugh, Syaoran, don't play dumb with me. Just answer my question" she said.

"Fine whatever," he replied nonchalantly.

"Do you still love Sakura?"