Author's notes – Hey everybody! Wow, it's been a while. I had a rough 2016 (which apparently everybody in the world did) and I didn't end up writing much at all. But I am determined to finish my series of POV stories. I've got Trini, Zac and Sarah to go. When the calendar ticked over to January, this year, I took the chance to start writing again, and I wrote Scott's story. Scott's one of my favourite characters, but he hasn't had many badass moments, so I've tried to really get him front-and-centre in this one. This story also features another original villain, but a villain who goes on to appear in another story (that takes place after this one), so I needed the Rangers to meet him in this story. Plus, the idea of a city on the moon is such a popular science-fantasy trope, and I really wanted to introduce one for my own Rangers to explore.

I trust everybody enjoyed the Lionsgate MMPR movie? It wasn't perfect, but I admit, I really loved it. It's a good time to be a Power Ranger, ladies and gents :). Enjoy the story!

Chapter One

A few years ago, I used to look up at the stars and wonder what was up there.

I realised the other day I don't do that much anymore. I guess once you know what's out there, when you've met some of the people looking back? It takes some of the magic out of it.

Hi! My name's Scott. I know I look like an ordinary thirteen-year-old boy, but trust me. My life's a little more interesting than that. And, actually, if I'm being honest? A lot more.

My twin sister Teresa and I grew up in a small coastal town in Australia. One day, the world got its answer about who was looking back from the stars, when the planet came under attack by evil forces from the depths of space and time. Soon enough, Teresa and I were drawn into this fight alongside some of our closest friends. Recruited by an impossibly-wise interdimensional wizard named Zordon, we were given Power Coins and became the Junior Team of the Power Rangers. I can still remember that first morning in the Command Centre, our secret base in the middle of the Australian desert. My mind was buzzing. I had so many questions about the world that had suddenly opened up before us. The funny thing is, every day, I have even more. You'd think that would go away after a while, but trust me, it really doesn't.

Back home, this year has been our first year of high school. It's actually been really tough getting used to feeling small all over again. My eldest brother once told me after an exhausting round of exams that high school wasn't meant to be easy, and he was right about that. Still, I think of the older Rangers looking out for the six of us and helping us find our way, and I'm glad there's people on our side. Meanwhile, as a Ranger? This year has been crazy. I guess I'm finally starting to realise just what it means to be part of Zordon's legacy. This year, we met dragon kings and angry demons, wizards and aliens and powerful queens. We've travelled to mystical realms and left footprints on faraway planets. We visited the ancient past and met one of our descendants from the future. And we've even been to an entire other Universe, to help a friendly gargoyle prince defend a beautiful castle. Twice.

And the one thing all these places have in common?

Trouble. Monsters to fight, people to rescue, tyrants and bullies to defend against. Sometimes Brendan jokes that the world can't go five minutes without needing to be saved. And lately, it hasn't felt like much of a joke any more.

Occasionally in our down-time, my friends and family ask me, 'what's been your favourite adventure?' It's a tough question. Honestly, there were dozens of them. Besides, usually we only get called into action because something awful has happened, either here or far away, and it seems strange, if not a little inappropriate, to try and pick the one I liked the best. See, the trick is that very few of them were ever asking the right question. If they'd known that, they would've been asking me, 'what was your most memorable adventure?' And that one's easy.

There were two different missions I went on in my early days as the Blue Ranger. They were separated by a year and a half and didn't have much in common, but they'd always be linked in my mind. It's funny how things work out like that, but more on that later.

This particular adventure began on a cold, shadowy July morning. We'd just started back at school for the second half of the year. We had a brand new class schedule but not too much homework yet, so with nothing else on my plate that weekend, I teleported into the Command Centre. I didn't need to see Zordon or Alpha, but I wanted to add some details about our recent trip to Gargoyle Castle into my journal. After our first few missions, I started keeping a diary of all our adventures. The places we go, the monsters we fight, things like that. Alpha and Zordon keep pretty detailed records here in the Command Centre, but I like to be able to put my own thoughts into writing. And when villains inevitably escape to cause us trouble later, it's been a useful resource to have.

Opening my locker down the hall from the central chamber, I reached for the journal but accidentally sent a cascade of books tumbling to the floor. Scooping the books back into the locker, I reached for where the journal had landed. But as I picked it up, I saw it had fallen open to one of our first adventures after Lord Zedd had arrived. I saw my handwriting and Teresa's sketch of the monster, and memories of the day came flooding back into my mind.

Shutting my locker, I suddenly heard the unmistakable noise of the Command Centre alarm. What was going on? Keeping the diary tucked under my arm, I jogged around to the central chamber.

In twelve flashes of light, the Rangers and I touched down in the Command Centre, arriving before an expectant Zordon and Alpha. We'd been hanging out in the Youth Centre that morning, with Pete and Sarah telling us about a grandfather clock a great-aunt of theirs had recently bought, when our communicators had beeped the ever-familiar six note chime. Retreating to the back corner of the Youth Centre, we'd expected Alpha to send us into battle against one of Lord Zedd's monsters. Instead, Alpha asked us to teleport to the Command Centre for further instruction. With the touch of a button, we were here a second later.

"What's the emergency Zordon?" asked Jason.

"Yeah, is there a monster?" added Ian.

"I'm afraid so Rangers," Zordon replied, "and it's a particularly fiendish creation. It's why I called in all twelve of you. If you could turn to the viewing screen?"

We turned to the opposite side of the room as the viewing screen flashed to life. On the screen was a deserted, empty street. I recognised it as one of the streets lined with hotels and apartment buildings down near Kings Beach. Only it wasn't deserted. As the footage panned around, I saw dozens of people frozen in mid-motion, men, women and even entire families. Some of them were in the process of running, some were raising their arms defensively while some had been frozen crossing the street. But they were all stuck in odd, unbalanced positions. They should've been falling over. And as we watched, we could see the figures fading it and out, flickering like a paused videotape.

"Is there something wrong with the feed?" asked Trini.

"I'm afraid not," Zordon replied. "That is real time footage, which unfortunately is the problem."

Onscreen, a flock of seagulls flew past the street, when there was a flash of blue light and the seagulls were frozen like everybody else. We soon saw the source of the problem, unmistakably one of Zedd's monsters. The beast looked like nothing so much as a grandfather clock brought to life. Standing tall on weathered timber legs, the monster's body was the clock's case, with a pendulum and clanking gears visible behind a glass window. In the monster's hand was a small rectangular clock, while the creature had four faces pointing in all directions, each face with a single eye behind two clock hands.

"Wait," Sarah began, and looked around. "Is that thing based on great-aunt Barbara's new grandfather clock?"

"Sorry guys," Pete added forlornly. "It looks like this one's on us."

"The monster's name is Father Time," Zordon said. "The clock weapon he carries fires a beam of concentrated chronal energy, which freezes its victims in a single split-second of time. The temporal effect is mild, but we can't seem to break through to rescue any of the people already trapped."

"So we take out the smaller clock and break the spell," Zac said.

"Theoretically," Alpha replied.

I leaned closer to the screen. The monster's four faces were all different. The current face looking forward was quite young, with rounded red cheeks and the single tooth of a baby or toddler. "What's going on with its faces?" I asked.

"I suspect Zedd is making a pun on the four ages of humankind," Zordon replied. "Regardless, be careful Rangers. If you get frozen in time, we won't be able to help you from here."

Even as we watched, a Japanese family staying in one of the hotels stepped onto the street, unaware of the danger. As they crossed the monster's path, he raised the clock and fired a beam of blue energy, freezing them in place. But I noticed as the beam blasted across the road, the pendulum in the monster's chest glowed the same iridescent blue colour.

"We can't wait anymore," said Teresa, and we spun back to Zordon. "We have to go help those people!"

"Yeah, the monster's only a few streets away from the city centre," Kim added.

"Good luck Rangers," said Zordon. "We'll teleport you into the city immediately. Be careful. This monster is very dangerous."

"Okay Rangers," Jason began, and everyone reached for their back pocket. "It's morphin' time!"

Following the sound of the alarm, I stepped into the shadowy main room of the Command Centre to see Alpha bouncing between three computer consoles at once. Something terrible had happened. I knew it instinctively. But seeing me appear, both Zordon and Alpha turned to me with surprise.

"Aye yi yi Scott!" Alpha exclaimed. "I didn't see you teleport in!"

I held up my journal. "I just came in to do some work," I said, and rested the book on the console closest to the viewing screen. "What's going on? Is there a monster?"

"Not quite," Zordon boomed. At full volume, he has a voice that you can not only hear but feel inside your head. It can be a little unnerving sometimes. "I'm glad to see you Scott. We may have need of you. If you can give us just one minute?" I stepped out of the way as Zordon turned his gaze back to his robotic assistant. "Alpha, have you been able to reach them at all?"

"No Zordon, I haven't," Alpha replied. "I've been scanning every frequency and trying every channel! But there's total silence. We can't even scan the inside of the city because it's so far away! Whatever's happened there, nobody's replying to any of our messages."

"Then it leaves us with no choice," Zordon said solemnly. "Call in the Rangers."

I spoke up. "You won't be able to reach Peter and Sarah, they're down in Brisbane with their grandparents this morning," I said. "And I know Billy and Trini have a study group today."

"He's right Zordon," Alpha said. "From what I can see, Brendan and Kimberly are the only Rangers available!"

"Bring them in," Zordon said.

A moment later, Brendan and Kim appeared beside me in two flashes of aqua and pink light respectively. Glancing around to catch their bearings, they soon saw me standing there and jogged over to greet me.

A member of the original six Rangers, Kimberly was fierce and strong, and a frightening opponent in a fight. I always feel a little intimidated around her, I think, just because she's such an amazing Ranger. But when Kim's just Kim, she's sweet and kind, and I know that Brendan has a crush on her. It's kind of funny. For his part, Brendan is a bit of a jokester who doesn't take a lot of things seriously. Don't get me wrong. I think he's hilarious most of the time, and everyone loves him. But I've always felt like he and I just didn't have a lot in common.

"Hey dude," Brendan said. "Never a dull moment, right?"

"Good to see you Scotty," Kim smiled, then looked to Zordon. "Is there trouble?"

I'm not sure about the nickname. It's nice to be part of the group, but it always sounded like they would've preferred to see Billy, and had to settle for me instead.

"I'm sorry for interrupting your morning Rangers," Zordon said. "But we have a situation."

"It's all good," Brendan replied. "So what are we killing today?"

"Far away on the other side of the galaxy," Zordon began, "lies a planet classified as XT-50, orbiting a small yellow star. The planet is inhospitable to most lifeforms, but it has a rocky moon much like Earth's. Many years ago, a team of engineers and scientists from the planet Techthon built a city on the moon, naming it Lumelian. A testament to science and discovery, Lumelian has been there ever since, attracting some of the finest minds in the galaxy."

"Lumelian?" repeated Kimberly. "Cool name."

"Roughly translated, it means light of the moon," Zordon explained.

"So it's like under a giant dome or something?" Brendan asked.

"No, that's only in the movies," I said. "If one part of the dome was ever damaged, the whole city would be in trouble, particularly with the vacuum of space outside."

I glanced up to see Zordon smiling at me proudly. "Rangers, if you could turn to the viewing screen?" he asked.

We turned around as the viewing screen flashed to life. Before us was a rocky landscape that instantly reminded me of the moon. But in the centre of the screen, lit up defiantly against the encroaching darkness all around, was the city of Lumelian. The colony was made up of about a dozen silver buildings, few of them more than ten storeys tall, all linked by narrow walkways and smaller connecting structures. Most of the buildings had telescopes or antenna equipment along their rooves. On the city's outskirts were several large hangars I assumed were spaceship bays, while a short distance across the lunar terrain was a pile of rusty spaceships and construction equipment, all things I guess were so old their pieces couldn't even be used for scrap anymore.

"Wow," I said.

Kim nodded. "It's amazing," she agreed.

"You're not wrong," Zordon said. "Lumelian is widely-regarded as one of the greatest scientific wonders of the galaxy."

We turned back to Zordon. "So what happened?" I asked.

"About five hours ago, someone in the city sent out a distress call," Zordon replied. "An urgent SOS. A rescue party was dispatched from Techthon, but given the distance involved, they'll take weeks to arrive. Rangers, the current population of the city is five hundred and twenty-seven people. There are scientists, astronomers, work crews, tourists, and yes, even children, some of them much younger than yourselves. And they may not have weeks to wait." He paused at that, and I felt my heart sink a little. Great.

"Do we know what happened?" I asked.

"No, we do not," Zordon replied gravely. "We've been trying to open a communication link to Lumelian for hours now, but we can't reach anybody. There's been no follow-up to the distress signal, no attempts to communicate, and no indication that it might have been a false alarm."

"In short Rangers," Alpha said. "We have no clue what's gone on in Lumelian since the alarm was triggered. And that makes us nervous."

"We can't even look inside?" Kim asked.

Zordon shook his head. "The city is very well-protected," he began, "which unfortunately is what's keeping us out. We can't even teleport you inside, thanks to the city's shielding. But we can get you onto the lunar surface. From there it's up to you. You need to get into Lumelian and find out what's happened."

"How do we get in from the outside?" Brendan asked. "I'm guessing there isn't a door-bell."

"Four-door airlocks with three internal chambers connect the city to the outside lunar environment," Zordon replied. "If one door fails, three more are still active. If one chamber is compromised, there's a failsafe of two more. If they fail, the citizenry can be evacuated to different parts of the city, and each individual section can be closed off from the others. Every functional aspect of Lumelian is designed specifically to keep its occupants safe. That's how you get in, Rangers. And once you're inside, do whatever you can to protect the citizens from whatever's happened to them."

"We'll keep trying to contact the other Rangers," Alpha began, "so we can send them after you. But we need to send the three of you at once. Given the orbit of the moon and several nearby stars, maintaining a communications link with Zordon and I while you're there will be extremely difficult. Once you arrive, you'll be out of range within an hour. Possibly sooner."

"Which is why we can't wait for the other Rangers," Zordon finished. "We need to get you there now."

"But if the city is shielded, how do we contact you once we're inside?" I asked. "What if we need to run a scan or something?"

"Luckily, Alpha has been working on a transmitter that should be able to help us," Zordon replied. "Alpha?"

Alpha reached under the nearest console and held up a black cylindrical device with a short antenna and blinking lights. Several cables were connected to the base, while firm black shoulder straps were attached to either end.

"Once you're inside Lumelian," Zordon continued, "plug the transmitter into any computer you can find. That should boost the signal from your communicators so that Alpha and I will be able to stay in contact with you, even behind the city's shields."

I reached for the transmitter and slung it around my back. "Thanks," I said. "I'll take care of it."

"I'm sorry for sending you into the unknown," Zordon said. "But someone in that city needs your help. Good luck Rangers. Go save some lives."

"Okay boys," Kim began, glancing from Brendan on her left to me on her right, "let's do this," and we reached for our back pockets. "It's morphin' time!"




To be continued.