Bad Advice

Trunks and Vegeta were in the G.R. training diligently. Vegeta was blocking Trunks's attacks easily.

"Keep your guard up!" Vegeta yelled as launched Trunks across the room.

"Ugh! How can I keep my guard up and attack you at the same time?" Trunks yelled back.

"Remember the basics boy!" Vegeta yelled.

Trunks groaned and jumped back up, flying at his dad again.

Hours passed and by the end of their training, both Vegeta and Trunks were sitting on the floor drinking large amounts of water.

"Dad," Trunks asked breathlessly, "Can I ask for some advice?"

Vegeta wiped his mouth with his arm, "What, boy?"

"Well, there's this girl in my class. She's new, and she's really pretty. I want her to be my girlfriend, but, I can't just ask her. How do I get her attention?"

Vegeta made a face, "How should I know?"

"What did you do to get mom's attention?" Trunks demanded.

Vegeta tapped his chin, "Eh, your mother was the one doing idiotic things to get my attention. But, it was different for your mother and I back then."

Trunks threw his hands up, "I know, dad, we've already gone over all that," he sighed, "But, what about Saiyans, what would they do to get a girl's attention."

Vegeta thought back to his father, "I vaguely remember my father telling me a story about that. I believe he said that the best way to gain a female's affection is to show her the might of your power. Proving that you're the strongest man around."

"So, what should I do?"

"I'd say you fight the biggest guys in your class to show her that you're stronger then all those other weaklings who want her attention." Vegeta said.

"But, wait, won't I get in trouble for fighting?" Trunks asked.

"You're trying to win the affections of this young girl, I'd say go for it. If you really want this woman's attention, then nothing matters." Vegeta said.

Trunks nodded, "That's a good idea. I really do want her to be my girlfriend."

"Well, there you go boy."

Two Days Later

"VEGETA!" Bulma screeched.

Vegeta made a face, knowing that tone. He walked into the kitchen where she was standing in front of the phone with her hands on her hips.

"What?" Vegeta demanded.

"Do you want to know what your son did at school?" Bulma asked.

"Tch, why should I care?"

"Your son got into a fight with three other boys from his class. He pummeled them! They were seriously hurt! Why would he do that?" Bulma said.

A small smile appeared across Vegeta's face. He knew his son would prove his strength. If the girl didn't recognize his power, she wasn't worth the aggravation.

"Why are you smiling?" Bulma demanded.

"He had a reason for it."

"Oh?" Bulma asked, stepping closer, "And what exactly would that reason be?"

"He was trying to get the attention of some girl in his class. He needed to demonstrate his power to prove to her that he's the strongest one in the class. He did better than I thought he would." Vegeta crossed his arms, smiling.

"You—Why—You!" Bulma sputtered, "Why in the hell would you tell him to do that!"

"Because it's the Saiyan way." Vegeta said.

"The Saiyan way—," a realization dawned over Bulma, "Oh my god. Is that why you beat up Yamcha? Jeez."

A blush appeared on Vegeta's cheeks, "N-no—I—That was—,"

"Vegeta, Trunks cannot go around beating up other kids. That was horrible advice. You should've told him to make her something cute, or just tell him to tell her he likes her. Now, he's probably going to get suspended."

"I'm not going to tell my son to make something cute or share his feelings. He's a man, and a man doesn't—,"

"Then you should've sent him to me," Bulma said, "You're not on Planet Vegeta, you're on earth. And here, we don't beat up others just because. Next time you want to give him advice on anything, run it by me first."

Vegeta made a face, "Hey, I'm allowed to give my son advice. I don't have to get your permission."

"Whatever, will you please just get dressed into normal clothes, the principle wants to see us."

"Wait, what?"

At Trunks' school

Vegeta and Bulma walked through the hall to get to the principal's office. Bulma was ignoring Vegeta's fuming. He was pissed that she had made him come with her. But, he figured it was her form of punishing him for giving Trunks bad advice.

The principal was standing beside Trunks who was sitting in one of the chairs outside of his office. His head fell down when his mother shot him a dark look.

"Hello Mrs. Briefs and…" The principal stopped short upon seeing Vegeta, "Um, I don't believe we've met before."

The principal extended his hand but Vegeta just ignored him. The principle stood there awkwardly.

"It's nice to see you again," Bulma said, taking his extended hand.

"Nice to see you too, though, I wish this was on better circumstances."

Bulma and Vegeta sat in the chair across from his desk.

"As you know, Trunks had a run in with three other boys from his class. One of the boys broke his arm and another one had his tooth knocked out."

Vegeta was smiling proudly at his son's handiwork.

"Yes, we are so sorry. I have no idea what's gotten into him." Bulma said apologetically.

The principal nodded, "It was very alarming. Trunks is always such a pleasure to have. But, we can't overlook this incident. I have no choice but to suspend him for three weeks."

"Three weeks seems somewhat harsh," Bulma said, "But, I can't say I don't understand."

"Thank you for understanding my position."

"Yes, well, I can assure you that Trunks will be receiving a punishment when he gets home."

Bulma and Vegeta left the room, Vegeta snapped his fingers at Trunks.

"Let's go boy." He said.

Trunks walked with his head down between his parents. He knew they were fuming. He wondered how much trouble he was going to be in when he got home.

The tension could be cut with a knife as Bulma drove back to capsule corp. Trunks kept his head down the entire way. He knew he was in a lot of trouble, but, in his defense, his dad told him that it was okay to fight.

But, then again, if he sold his dad out, his parents would fight and then his dad would become extremely cold and distant. Well, colder and more distant then he already was.

"Trunks, go to your room." Bulma said.

"Yes, mom," Trunks said, rushing to his room.

"This is your fault," Bulma said, "He's suspended, and now that's going to be on his permanent record! And I can't be totally mad at him, actually, this is all your fault that he's in trouble!"

Vegeta crossed his arms, "I gave my son advice, I did some parenting. Don't you always complain about me not parenting the boy?"

"You told him to beat up his human classmates! He could've killed them!" Bulma shouted.

Vegeta grunted in annoyance, "Ridiculous, why should he have to hold back his Saiyan heritage? Why should he reserve his strength?"

"Because. We. Live. On. Earth." Bulma said, "Look, it doesn't matter, please just go tell him—, no, don't tell him anything. We're going to tell him that beating up his classmates is not okay. And we're also going to ground him for two weeks."

"Tch," Vegeta snorted, "You tell him, since I'm apparently incapable of even speaking with my own son."

"Now. We're both telling him and then, you and I are going to go over perfectly acceptable things to tell your son. I'll even write it all down for you, so you can remember."

She turned and walked to Trunks' room, leaving Vegeta glaring after her. When he didn't follow, she paused and yelled back.


"Tch," Vegeta scoffed, "Infuriating woman!"