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Truth had been the one to greet Ariana and Roy when they passed on, the god far different now that he had been healed from the faceless being he'd been.
With golden eyes and white hair, but most of all a smile full of life, the young god seemed just as grateful to the young goddess now as the day she'd healed him.
"We've been waiting for you! Everyone is really satisfied of your work in Hagaren, and mother has been looking forward to seeing you again!"
"Mother?" Roy mouthed
Ariana shrugged "Well, Life did call Death my brother, and you are now considered her brother, so I guess that it would make Knowledge Truth's mother."

"Indeed it does." a midnight blue haired, azure eyed elf-like beauty agreed "It's a pleasure to see you again, Shadow..." she turned toward Ariana's husband "I guess you would have to be Light to go with our naming tradition..." she added with an amused smile
"I like it!" Ariana recognized Chaos, one of the gods she was the more familiar with "A hit-man as god of Life with a name like Light, it's fun!"
"Not everything is made for you to have fun." Order sighed, before turning to greet the two newcomers "Still I guess you do need a name, and Light is good as any other, if you're alright with it."

Roy considered it a bit, and shrugged "It's good as anything else. After all, I am going to follow the bambina around, so if she's the Shadow, I can be the Light."
"So," asked Knowledge "Are you staying for a while?"
The couple shared a glance.

Ever since her first life as Harriet Potter, Shadow had directly gone back to life as Sawada Kazami, growing up as a mafia leader and falling in love with Renato Sinclair, then after dying young, had immediately been reborn as Ariana Elric.
As a goddess whose task was to help heroes meet with their destiny, she had lived several lifes in the Mortal Realms – and while she had loved each of her life, taking a break for a while and getting to know better her fellow gods and goddesses would be good.

Time doesn't really flows in the Immortal Realms, so it would be hard to say how long the couple stayed – but they did take advantage of their vacation, visiting in Death's Islands, and spending quite a bit of time with Knowledge.
The goddess was grateful, as Shadow had healed one of her secondary deity, Truth, which she viewed as her own child. Realizing that one of her children had been hurt by his siblings hadn't been easy for the goddess.

Science, Learning and Teaching had been harshly punished, the three young deities forbidden from gaining any new powers and responsibilities for the next ten millennium – and worst, forbidden from taking part in Chaos' latest endeavor in allowing the immortal beings in the Mortal Realms like he'd managed with Shadow and Light by temporarily restricting their powers, something all the deity were looking forward to.
The three punished gods had found no help from the other major deities, as Truth weakening had caused all of them problems with taking care of their own jobs' in Truth's world.


The time spent in Death's Island, Shadow spent mainly visiting two men that had, against all expectations, learned to respect each other in death – James Potter and Severus Snape.
Both had decided against going back in the reincarnation cycle, preferring to wait for Harriet Potter to succeed in her self-assigned task: saving Lily Potter's soul from the Purgatory where she had been thrown as payment for saving her daughter's life. As such they spent their time in the after-life keeping an eye on her progress in the Mortal Realms, and had met people from all her previous life thanks to that - or rather, James had met them, and Severus and sulked in the background...

Of course, she also spent time with people she held dear from her other life – Von Hohenheim, her father as Ariana Elric, she had seen a few times before he went back to the reincarnation system, hoping that Fate would reunite him with his wife; she had also seen Tsuna, her twin sibling from her second life. The mafia Don had lived a long life after her death, ensuring his Famiglia's status as protectors in the underworld – and most of their friends from that life had come by to see her at least once before going back to the reincarnation cycle.
The one friend she missed had been Luna, the blond Fae knowing she would outlive all her humans friends had progressively cut herself off from them after Shadow's death, eventually disappearing...

The young goddess also spent some time with her newest and only Disciple, Wrath. The former homunculus, who had decided to serve her in death, had already done some work while she was alive, learning about her former life, and checking over the dozen of Holy Servant she had left behind on Earth during her stint in the mafia.
The man also got along exceptionally well with Severus Snape, which didn't surprise the young goddess all that much – and enjoyed picking at Light, something he had already demonstrated when he was still alive.

With her brother Death, she made one special trip – along the edge of the Immortal Realms, to the border of Purgatory.

Just standing there, Ariana knew she wasn't powerful enough to survive the region.
"You aren't as far off as you think." her brother corrected softly, his red eyes full of understanding – she was one of the only people he showed any emotions to "You have progressed exceptionally fast in mastering my powers, and even if it had a negative impact on your body in the Mortal Realms, here, there are no drawbacks."
She nodded, realizing he was right – she was a bit too used to have her power restricted, and had nearly forgotten that here, in the Immortal Realms or in Death's Islands, such restraints didn't exist – here, she had access to any and all powers obtained during her multiple life.

"By the time you've mastered my powers and started gaining your own, you'll be ready." he affirmed, squeezing her shoulder
She smiled, silently musing that she would miss him in her new life – but Death had been quite busy, what with having nearly half a million newly returned souls to take care of, and as such, they hadn't spent as much time together as she'd have liked.


Finally, both Light and Shadow felt ready; and soon they were meeting with Chaos, and surprisingly, Truth.
"You've helped me quite a bit," the god explained "And I know other deities have given their input on Chaos' work, so I decided to help a bit too."
"Or rather, he asked me to help!" a young looking goddess corrected with an amused smile "Hi, I'm Magic! I've been looking forward to meeting you!"
Shadow smiled – having been born a witch in her first life, she had been looking forward to her first meting with this goddess too.

Magic had blood-red hair, and black eyes, and was wearing a classical witch robe, and a cute witch hat, and while right now she was looking very whimsical, she knew this wasn't a goddess to underestimate – Magic was, after all, Knowledge's sister, and one of the higher deities.
"You were one of my chosen in your first life, but we've always missed each other since you ascended!" the goddess pouted "So when Truth asked for a boon, I thought : this is the occasion I was looking for!"
"Magic was one of the greatest gift I had as Harriet Potter." Shadow admitted with a smile "Thank you."

"And this is why I liked you even as a mortal! You do understand the value of the gifts you're given!" Magic nodded approvingly, letting her powers come to life in a vague of bright violet light that swirled gently around Shadow
"What was that?" the younger wondered "It feels so... familiar..."

"I granted you a minor affinity for one of my holy powers. You are now Spiritually Attuned, in other words, using mystical energy will come more naturally to you. This is a stronger version of a gift you had, yet didn't know about, as Harriet Potter..." the goddess' smile grew "It means that while you won't be a witch in each life, you will be able to handle better the use of whichever ability you have, and more importantly, your body will handle better your holy powers, just like a priest's does."
Light eyes widened at the affirmation – with how many times his wife had been consigned to bed-rest after having used too much of her holy powers, it was hard not to realize how much this gift was worth! He bowed toward Magic, saying as much – and making the goddess smile "My, a polite bad boy, you chose him well little Shadow." then a wink "And don't worry, Light, you are making your own reputation among the gods, you'll have a gift of your own soon enough!"

"I already received the greatest gift when Life made me her champion to allow me to follow my bambina." Light contradicted – his tone light, but his eyes conveying how much he believed in what he was saying
Magic smiled, happy to have finally met the two newest gods – and most of all, that both of them were reasonable beings.
Young gods could gain an over-inflated sense of self-worth sometimes, feeling special for having ascended, and forgetting that all the other deities were much older and much more powerful. But those two - neither had meant to ascend, and that in turn made them much more reasonable than quite a few young deities, Knowledges children among them...

Finally, Magic left, and Chaos was free from working his gift – Shadow and Light now expecting the excruciating feeling that came with restricting their powers, and adapting their immortal soul to a mortal form.
Darkness surrounded them – and when Shadow finally got used to her surrounding, she was once more alone, something she had expected as Chaos had stated it wouldn't be any fun for him if they knew all the choices the other made.
He was Chaos Incarnate after all, there was no denying him his fun...


Elegant handwritten words glowed a familiar AK green once more as the Game's Interface appeared...

[Welcome to Chaos' Game 3.0]
[New log entrance:
Fate's update

welcome to the Magical-verse
Summary: You're back into your birth world, little Shadow, but this time you'll be born in a society you've both familiar and unfamiliar with: the Japanese magical society. While in Europe most mystical species, like the Fae, distanced themselves from the wizarding world, the Japanese magical species, on the contrary, grew closer as they started to hide from the mundane world - youkai, wizards and holy people creating a unique society.
Your role is to help young shrine maiden Higurashi Kagome grow into the legendary Shikon Miko. Born into the modern era, her dormant powers won't be found out by the authorities in charge of finding magical being when she's young, and she'll not realize the existence of the preternatural before she's thrown out into a well, and five-hundred years in the past.]

Like always, two silhouette appeared in the darkness – one child-like, the other more adult, both clear representations of the same person.
Her future appearance.
And this time, this was the first choice she was asked about, which she soon understood as she read the information written in glowing green letters...

[There are a multitude of species to be chosen from! Your choice will affect your whole appearance, abilities and characteristics so be choose well!

Note that with youkai half-breed, the strongest parent's feature are usually the one inherited
A youkai life-expectancy spans millenia, a hanyou will live several centuries, and a human with mystical powers usually live well into his first century.

- Inu Youkai: +4 Strength, +3 Wisdom every decade
- Ookami Youkai: +4 Strength, +3 Agility every decade
- Kitsune Youkai: +4 Agility, +3 Wisdom every decade
- Tengu Youkai: +4 Intelligence, +3 Wisdom every decade
- Ryu Youkai: +4 Strength, +3 Intelligence every decade
- Shika Youkai: +4 Endurance, +3 Agility every decade
- Neko Youkai: +4 Agility, +3 Luck every decade
- Nature Spirit: +4 Charisma, +3 Luck every decade
- Human Priestess/Priest: +2 Wisdom, +1 Intelligence every year
- Human Witch/Wizard: +2 Intelligence, +1 Wisdom every year
- Hanyou : +2 Main youkai Characteristic, +1 Secondary youkai Characteristic every decade
+1 Endurance every 5 year

youkai and hanyou gains +1 to all Characteristics every five years, humans every year and spirits every decade.]]

After shifting between the different options for a while, spending quite some time wondering whether to chose the Tengu – if only to have wings – or even whether to become at witch once more, the young goddess decided that with all the canine youkai she had seen during her first reincarnation, and with Luck having admitted to meddling for these encounters, she had better chose one of them.

In her two previous life, her speed, be it mental or physical, had been her greatest strength. But even weak youkai had been far stronger than her when she encountered them in her second life – with the way she tended to built her abilities, maybe choosing a race with natural Strength would help her not to fall behind too much.
And well, while she liked dogs well enough, with her loyal dogfather, and easily befriended foxes, be them animal or youkai – there was just something that called to her in the idea of being a wolf.

She would be an Ookami.

As soon as her choice was made, her appearance changed to reflect it – and by the human looking representation's side, was now her animal from.
The first thing she realized was that her eyes were golden, while her fur and hair were snow white – something that couldn't be changed. Hereditary traits, then.
Then, she remembered that even reincarnated as a human, nearly all of the youkai she had met had soon recognized her for what she truly was – a holy being.

She was going to be born wearing the Alpha Mark designing her as an adult in a family that would probably sense that she was a goddess.
This life hadn't even started that it already was strange...

[Main Characteristics/500
– 11 (physical attribute, influence your damage output)
Agility– 14 (physical attribute, influence your speed and flexibility)
Endurance– 7 (physical attribute, influence your life points and defense)
Intelligence– 11 (mind attribute, influence your theoretical comprehension and learning speed)
Wisdom– 10 (mind attribute, influence your metaphysical comprehension and aptitude)
Charisma – 10 (general attribute, influence how people see you)
Luck – 10 (mind attribute, influence your loot, critical chances and random encounters)

unspent: 5
Gain rate: 2 every 5 level and 1 of each every five year
note that soul-title, soul-mark and unlocked perk existing have all been applied

Secondary Characteristics/5000*
(these are calculated according to your main characteristics but can be changed by some bonuses)
Health Points HP: 390*
Health Regeneration Rate: 3 per minute
Youki Points YP: 450*

Youki Regeneration Rate:4 per minute
Reiki Points RP: 510*

Reiki Regeneration Rate: 5 per minute
Shield Point: 245

Shield Regeneration Rate: 4 per minute

Defense: 43
Damage: 61
Speed : 55
Critic: 56
Mind Power: 52
Mind Speed: 53
Mind Critic: 51

(note that HP, YP, RP and SP can go up to 50000 and your SP are calculated in relation with your soul-mate's Main Characteristics)
would you like to make any change?]

She took a moment to bring up her weakest characteristic, pushing her Endurance to 10, then upped both Strength and Intelligence to 12 with her two remaining points.

Warning! Several of your Skills are all ready at level max. You can reset them – each Skill reset will grant you +1 Beginner Skill Tome, and the Skill itself will be marked as a Legacy Skill, slower growing but unlocking more powerful Abilities

(note that Language Skill can't be reset)]

Shadow nearly immediately accepted the option – while her role was to help others, stagnating wasn't really interesting, and any option to improve was as such to be taken.
And anyway, gaining back the skills lost would only be a matter of patience, training and time, things she had in spades.

(your Legacy Skills have been taken into account, note that Battle Related Skill are automatically reset at the start of a new game, except for the Strategy Skill)
General Skills:

- beast tongue: 100
- English: 100
- Latin: 100
- French: 84
- Japanese: 100
- Italian: 100
- Chinese: 100
- Korean:79
- Amestrian: 92
- Xingese: 90
- Xerxesian: 72
- Ishvalian: 65
Communication: 39/100
- Negotiate: 1¤
- Persuade: 1¤
Intimidate: 1¤
Bluff: 99
Seduction: 91
Awareness: 1/100
- Meditation: 1¤
- Intuition: 1(¤)
- Empathy: 1(¤)
Survival: 60/100
- Lock-picking: 90
- Pickpocketing: 83
- Parkour: 1(¤)
- Discretion: 1¤
- Wild Life: 87!
- City Life: 96
Elemental Affinities: 56/100
- Fire: 75*
- Water: 48*
- Earth: 54*
- Air: 52*
- Light: 40*
- Darkness: 65*
- Ice: 41**
Storm: 43**
Past Life:
- Hallows: 50/100*
- Metamorph: 77/100*
- Night Flame: 68/100*
Knowledge Skills:
General Knowledge:
- Earth: 66
- Amestris: 73
Mystic Knowledge: 1/100
- Runes: 1¤
Arithmancy: 1¤
Rituals: 1¤
Scientific Knowledge: 92/100
- Mathematics: 93
- Physics: 92
- Chemistry: 88
- Biology: 97
- Mechanics: 90
Fighting Skills:
Range: 1/100
- Close: 1
- Middle: 1
- Long: 1
Weapon: 1/100
- Unarmed: 1
- Blunt: 1
- Blade: 1
- Throwing: 1
- Shooting: 1
Ground: 34/100
- Strategy: 1¤¤
- Battle Sense: 1*
- Killing Intent: 1*

Unspent: 12 Beginner Skill Tome (120 SP)
Gain rate: 1 every level, naturally while using the skill

*mark slow growing skills
** mark very slow growing skill
¤ mark Legacy Skills (slow growing)
¤¤ mark Legacy Skills (very slow growing)
(¤) mark Legacy Skills (normal rate)
! mark fast fast growing skill
! mark very fast fast growing skill

note that most skills are automatically translated in active or passive Abilities ranked out of 10 and evolving every 25 skill point : basic, beginner, intermediate and advanced Ability]

Here, the goddess didn't waste any time putting most of her points in all her Fighting Skills, the one category slower to grow than the other as a child – and the remaining skill points, she dropped into Discretion and Parkour, both useful to have during a fight as much as in normal life.


Chatter-Box 1/4 (Communication 25): +1 Charisma
Survivor 2/4 (Survival 25): +3 Endurance
Soul Art (Hallows 25): your link with Death has developed enough that souls and their magic have no secrets for you, +5 in all Communication and Awareness Skills
Blood Art (Hallow 50): you now know everything about blood related magic, +5 in all Mystic and Awareness Skills
Shape-Shifter 3/4 ( Metamorph 75): +6 Charisma
Speed-Runner 2/4 (Night Flame 50): +3 Agility
Mad Scientist 3/4 (Science 75): +6 Intelligence
Natural Elemental 2/4 (Elemental Affinity 50): +15 Elemental Resistance
White Wolf Inheritance: the famous Witcher is not only a womanizer, he really does know how to use his swords
+2 Agility, +1Strenght every decade
Dog General Inheritance: the old dog was a famous samourai, and so are his descendants
+2 Strength, +1Endurance every decade
- Canine Youkai Inheritance: double learning rate of Intuition, Empathy, Parkour and Wild Life, divide learning rate of City Life and Meditation

- Natural Genius (1/2): double rate of improving skills when learning about them (locks Hard Work Genius, unlocks Natural Genius 2/2)
- Hard Work Genius(1/2): double rate of improving skill when using them (locks Natural Genius, unlocks Hard Work Genius 2/2)
- Jack of All Trade: all skills' learning speed is now normal, but no other modifier can ever be applied
- Polyglot: double learning rate of all language, you can start learning new language simply by hearing them
- Carnivore Instinct: double rate of learning for Wild Life, Close Range and Unarmed skills
- Pack Instinct: double rate of learning Communication skills (locks Loner Instincts)
- Loner Instinct: double rate of learning Survival skills (locks Pack Instinct)
- Eye of the Storm: double learning rate of Meditation, Mid Range and Blade skills (locks Berserk)
- Berserk: double learning rate of Parkour, Killing Instinct and Unarmed (locks Eye of the Storm)
- Song of Ice (1/3): +10 to Physical Resistance and Spiritual Resistance (locks Song of Fire Perk)
- Song of Fire (1/3): +10 to Elemental Resistance and Poison Resistance (locks Song of Ice Perk)
- Faster than the Wind: unlocks Shadow-Step Ability (progress scaled on Parkour skill)
- I am the Night: unlocks Shadow-Blending Ability (progress scaled on Discretion skill)

Available: 1
Gain Rate: 1 every 10 level

note that a skill learning rate can only be doubled twice over the normal rate

Previous Life Perks
- Black Inheritance: unlocks Metamorph skill and ability
- Vindice Inheritance: unlocks Night Flames skill and ability
- Xingese Inheritance: unlocks Water Manipulation +5 (enhance Wisdom, you can shape and control your element)
- Cretan Inheritance: unlocks Air Manipulation +5 (enhance Agility, you can shape and control your element)
- Ishvalian Inheritance: unlocks Fire Manipulation +5 (enhance Strength, you can shape and control your element)
-Amestrian Inheritance: unlocks Earth Manipulation +5 (enhance Endurance, you can shape and control your element)
- Truth's Inheritance: unlocks Blood Manipulation +5 (enhance Intelligence, you can shape and control your element)

Available: 1

Alternate Life Perks:
- Ravenclaw Inheritance: +1Intelligence, +2Wisdom every decade
- Curtis Inheritance: +2 Agility, +1 Intelligence every decade

Available: 0

One-Tail Perk:
(as a youkai your power range is classed from one-tailed to nine-tailed, at each new tail, you'll unlock one perk to be chosen)
- Poison Fang: all your attack can be enhanced by your own poison, unlocks Poison Resistance as a fast learning Fighting Skill (inherited from father)
- Fox Fire: you can create real or illusionary flames, unlocks Elemental Resistance as a fast learning Fighting Skill (unlocked from alliance with Kitsune)
- Born Hunter: your powers are more efficient against corrupted beings, unlocks Physical Resistance as a fast learning Fighting Skill (inherited from mother)

Available: 1]

Here, of course, Shadow took her time – and decided that the Hard Work Genius perk had served her well in her previous life, and as such settled for it.
As for her Past Life Perk, while she was surprised by the way Chaos' Game had translated her Alchemy abilities, she understood that, like her Night Flame had been, they were far too powerful and versatile abilities to be given out as they were, which probably explained their change into Elemental Manipulation.
In the end, she settled for Truth's Inheritance, guessing that her Blood Art would fasten her learning rate with it – she had hesitated quite a bit, especially since she had a quite high Fire Affinity.

The One-Tail Perk had been a surprise – but after reading the description she guessed it was similar to the Tiers Perk in her second life, or the Class Perk in her third one... Finally, she settled on the Poison Fang Perk, even if all three perks had been really tempting.
As soon as the Perk were chosen, her stats were updated, leaving her quite impressed, since she never had so high starting characteristics – but then again, she was starting what should be a much longer life than her previous ones, and was going to be from a specie she'd never been before.

[Soul Imprint activated
Faded Scar (+2 Intelligence, +1 Wisdom)
Alpha Mark (+2 Strength, +1 Agility)
Soul Mark (+2 Charisma, +1 Wisdom)
Blood Mark (+2 Intelligence, +1 Wisdom)
Hand-fasting Mark (+2 Luck, +1 Charisma)
Automail Scars (+2 Strength, +1 Endurance)]

[Soul-Bound Titles activated
"Kitsune's Friend" you have been marked as a true ally by the foxes
+1 Agility, +1 Charisma, +2 Luck
"Two are One" unlocks shield in secondary characteristics
"Scarlet Philosopher" all your regeneration rate are now enhanced by your Blood Affinity
"Alpha" +1 Strength, +1 Agility, +2 Charisma

note that the "Kitsune's Friend" title unlocks more options to a youkai and the "Alpha" title has been unlocked by becoming a youkai and completing a coming a age trial]

[Characteristics updated!]

[System log: please note that Soul-bound items will be added to your Inventory upon birth and Soul-bound familiars will find their own way to you in the first week]

[Character's Creation Complete! Let's Play!]