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"I was falling.

Falling through time and space and stars and sky and everything in between.

I feel for days and weeks and what felt like lifetime across lifetimes. I fell until I forgot I was falling."

Jess Rothenberg, The Catastrophic History of You and Me

There were a few things that Tsuna knew about Reborn that no one else did. Even if the hitman himself had never said so.

One; The hitman's real name had been Renato Chaos Sinclair

Two; Reborn hadn't entered the mafia willingly.

Three; His parents were still alive.

Four; Reborn was not aware that Tsuna knew this.

Tsuna through extensive research, a bit of hacking and a few well-placed questions had learned that the two had sold their son to the mafia. The Sinclairs had retired at the healthy age in their late fifties and were currently living in a comfortable summer home with the money they had gotten from selling their son.

The young Vongola Boss had personally rooted through reports of Reborn from when he had first appeared to his latest hits.

Renato had been born on October 13th in Padua, a small town next to Venice, Italy. His parents were a middle-class couple. His father was an ex-military member who had been dishonorably discharged and his mother had been a college professor.

In a series of unfortunate events, Reborn's parents had lost their jobs and taken out a loan from a member of the mafia. However, with a stroke of good fortune, the couple had won the lottery.

By that time the loan shark was already demanding extra compensation. Renato had taken several jobs and managed to rummage up the remainder of the debt.

The loan shark had been a member of a small famiglia and Reborn had unintentionally attracted the boss's attention. Renato's parents had been offered a deal.

They would receive every dime they owed him in exchange for their son. The two were greedy enough to agree.

With that, Renato Sinclair was thrown into the mafia world and he had thrived.

The boss had been a cloudy storm who had taken over the family once his sky had died. He regaled stories and adventures that they had gone through, how they built the family from the ground up, the trials and hardships with a fond smile on the man's face. The boss had even given Reborn his love of fedoras after he had given his late sky's fedora.

When the boss had fallen ill Renato had taken over managing the family. When the man had died (of natural causes) the family had split up.

Renato had discarded his original name and been dubbed as Reborn. The thirteen-year-old was harassed by several different families from all over the world.

Over the several years, the scattered family members were picked off one by one, some by Reborn himself, and anyone who could identify one Renato Sinclair faded away.

Reborn still held a kind of respect for his parents. If only from a hitman's point of view. He sent them funds through a private account and waited for the day they would pass away with a sense of cold indifference.

Tsuna wondered when Reborn had last heard his real name. He decided that he needed to burn the paper trail that he had gained through several different families.

Sighing Tsuna stood from his desk gathered up the papers and threw them into the fireplace, with the flick of a match the fire roared to life. He watched as the paper curled, the tips turning brown and black ashes falling to the ground.

Tsuna let it burn, watching it thoughtfully. Perhaps it would be good for him to take a little trip.

Going to Venice had been a rather relaxing adventure. Sure he stopped a gang war and was mistaken for a deity but compared to babysitting Lambo it was as easy as riding a bike.

He'd tracked down Reborn's parents politely asked if they had anything they'd like to 'donate' and proceeded to collect a series of toys to be auctioned of to support a small charity that he sponsored during the week he was in Venice.

Mukuro, who had been rather tedious in watching him, had raised an eyebrow but said nothing when his sky had asked him to buy souvenirs for the rest to take back home with them.

When they returned Tsuna put every item his mist had bought and placed inside a box and had them each draw randomly pick an item.

It was a tradition he had started in order to curb his shopping habits and improve the relationship between his family.

Meaning if they hated the gifts they chose they had a few options when they wanted to trade. Tsuna had given them a few options when he had worked for hours cooking their favorite meals only to have the servants mix the carts.

Everyone had received the wrong meals and an all-out battle had erupted. Most of the food had been destroyed and Tsuna had calmly stated that the next time they wanted something they could either trade or not have it at all.

Tsuna had, after shoving down the hurt, given them options.

The first was to do their own paperwork for a month. This option had been met with deadpan expressions and scandalized faces.

The second option was to not fight each other for a week. Some of his more behaved members seemed accepting of this while the unruly ones were more reluctant.

"You can hold hands for thirty minutes, hug for ten minutes, or cuddle for five." He said.

Reborn had looked almost proud at that moment. Until Tsuna's very small Reborn's-Kinda-Chaos streak shone through and he beamed at them and said, "Well… If you really want to you can kiss each other."

The looks on their faces made the whole thing worth it.

"For thirty seconds." He had tacked on just for fun.

Gokudera got a little keychain with a knife that doubled as a pocket knife, Takeshi had gotten a stuffed leopard with red eyes. Takeshi was grinning and Hayato looked at the rain warily.

Bell had already wrapped Mammon into a hug the moment he had seen a set of old-fashioned knives in their hands. In his hand, he held a decorative charm bracelet. The information broker accepted the hug with some reluctance.

Hibari had picked a decorative white owl hairpin, Mukuro a giant round fluffy stuffed version of a yellow bird, Dino a trident earring and Chrome a horse figurine.

Tsuna honestly could not wait to see how they figured that one out.

Xanxus had picked an old Italian sword and Squalo a European gun. Tsuna shipped them. He really did.

Perhaps the best part about that day was that Reborn had pulled out a green stuffed cow and Lambo a tattered chameleon with a small black fedora stitched on its head.

Lambo immediately looked up at the hitman with wide green eyes. Reborn's black eyes stared back.

Tuna excused himself from the room so he could laugh.

Three days later Lambo was seen happily snuggling with the green cow and Leon had started a staring match with his toy counterpart while Reborn ignored everyone's questions.

(On a side note Hayato hadn't been able to look at Takeshi without blushing. Chrome had admitted to holding hands with Hibari, Dino had gladly agreed not to fight Mukuro for a week and Hibari had punched the blonde after they completed their deal.

Hibari refused to call it a kiss but Dino's pleased expression screamed otherwise.)

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