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Dedicated to: Maiden of the Moon

Note: This story contains Yaoi/shonen-ai. Couples include Y/Y, B/R, and S/J. Slight Anzu bashing


The Pharaoh reached out and touched his lover's face, gently brushing away the tears. The moon shone brightly, as the silent whisper of the wind sent shivers up the Pharaoh's spine. The palace and the towns below were silent, sleeping no doubt, or gathered inside their homes, surrounding a glittering candle. The Nile River ran soundlessly, as the small boy in front of the Pharaoh embraced him, burying his face in the Pharaoh's broad chest, silently crying, yet screaming inside. His heart felt heavy, bruised, beaten and shattered. The Pharaoh lifted the boy's chin up, ruby meeting shining amethyst. The smaller of the two trembled, tears dancing on his eyelashes.

Wordlessly, the Pharaoh closed the space between them with a gentle kiss. The smaller boy whimpered into the Pharaoh's mouth as tears slid slowly down his cheeks. He cuddled closer to the taller man, never wanting to part, his head echoing with his silent cries. The wind blew briskly as the two parted, the Pharaoh's eyes clouded over.

"Do not forget what I have told you," the Pharaoh whispered.

"Why?" the younger boy asked. "Why do you have to go?

The Pharaoh stared down at his lover, toying with a golden bang that dropped over the boy's forehead. The night was silent as the Pharaoh fought against his emotions, striving to keep a straight face while fighting against the tears that stung in his eyes. He had never cried in front of anyone, and he certainly didn't want to cry in front of the boy he loved, especially now, since the final decision had been made, and the fate of the world rested on the Pharaoh's shoulders.

"If I could stay I would; I'd never want to leave you, or the love that we've shared, but…" the Pharaoh glanced over to the palace. He tried to swallow around the lump in his throat. "…They need me."

The boy stepped forward, tears streaking his face. "But…," he whispered. "…I need you, too." The Pharaoh reached out and brushed the tears away, holding back his emotions, taking the boy in his arms, holding him close. He buried his face into the boy's hair, shutting his eyes, the warm tears slipping down his cheeks. The boy sobbed into the Pharaoh's chest, clinging to him like a flower needing rain. The two stood silent, in each other's arms, listening to the silence of the night.

"I promise you. I will protect you, no matter where I am, or when," the Pharaoh whispered.

"Do you promise?"

"I promise."


"The preparations are set."

"Bring in the Pharaoh."

"Yes sir."

The Pharaoh stalked into the luxurious room, two guards by his side. The High Priest stood by a golden table, the 7 Millennium Items set on it. The hot Egyptian sun shone brightly down on the Items, making them shine brightly in their own eerie radiance. The damp air hung thick and humid, making the scenery blur with heat. The High Priest cleared his throat as the Pharaoh approached the table.

"Your Majesty," the High Priest began. The Pharaoh rose his hand.

"Seth, I think we should go without formalities, this last time," the Pharaoh requested.

"All right, then. We…We should start this then."

The High Priest raised his arms towards the sun, and began to chant a prayer. The Pharaoh sighed as his heart began to pump hard against his chest. For the first time in his life, fear began to instill itself into the Pharaoh. Fear of being locked away forever, fear of not being able to join his family in the after life, fear of leaving the one person he truly loved forever. The High Priest grabbed the Millennium Rod and continued to chant. Soon, a light began to glow from the tip of the rod, shining brightly.

The Pharaoh's eyes began to feel heavy as pressure began to press against his chest. He leaned against the table for support, shutting his ruby eyes tightly. The pressure grew more as the Pharaoh slowly felt his very soul being ripped apart from his body. The ritual continued, and a cloaked woman approached the Pharaoh, the Millennium Puzzle in her hand. She removed her hood to reveal her tanned face, long, thick black hair, and ocean blue eyes.

"My Pharaoh…please, hold onto this," she whispered. The Pharaoh nodded weakly, his skin growing pale and cold with each passing second. His head pounded in pain, making his vision blur and split uncontrollably. A wave of nausea washed over his as his head throbbed. The High Priest continued with the chanting, the light growing brighter and brighter. The Pharaoh cried out in pain, grasping the Millennium Puzzle with all his might.

"Isis…," the Pharaoh whispered. "Tell my lover…tell him…that I am sorry."

Isis nodded, tears pooling in her eyes.

"I will tell him, my Pharaoh."

The light shone at its brightest, blinding everyone in the room. The Pharaoh's glass shattering cry ran throughout the palace. A soft thud was heard, and the light cleared. Isis shut her eyes and let her tears slip silently down her cheeks as she saw the Pharaoh's lifeless body. Seth turned around, and picked up the Pharaoh, carrying him out of the room.

'His soul is no longer here,' Seth thought sadly. 'This is just his body.'


As fast as his legs could carry him, the Pharaoh's lover ran up to the palace. Seth had asked to see him that night, having important information about his lover. Heart pounding strong and tears that were beginning to pool in his amethyst eyes, the Pharaoh's lover continued to run, reaching the palace with an aching heart. He scampered onto the grounds secretly finding a faint light lead to a small room.

Seth sat inside, the Pharaoh's body laying before him. A blanket covered the figure. Seth heard light footsteps approach and stood, ready to inform the Pharaoh's small lover. The boy approached the table, tears filling his wide amethyst eyes, his small hands trembling. Wordlessly, Seth removed the blanket, uncovering the Pharaoh that now lay silent in death. The young boy suppressed a sob as he gently touched the cold skin, now pale and lifeless. He looked at Seth with pleading eyes, wishing to be alone.

Seth, reading the boy's eyes, nodded slightly and walked away, covering himself with his cloak.

The boy shut his eyes, resting his head against the Pharaoh's chest, longing to hear the familiar, strong heartbeat. It was silent inside. The boy sniffed, hugging the body gently, before standing straight and wiping his tears away.

He grabbed the blanket, and covered his lover gently, lovingly. He gazed at the covered figure, his heart breaking.

"Good-bye, Yami," Yugi whispered.


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