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"…" is speaking, '…' is thinking

/…/ Ryou to Bakura and Yuugi to Yami

//…// Bakura to Ryou and Yami to Yuugi


Yuugi stirred lightly in his sleep, longing to feel the familiar warmth from the spirit of the puzzle. His amethyst eyes opened sleepily to discover that his lovely guardian was no longer beside him, or stroking his face so tenderly. The small boy sat up straight, glancing down towards the puzzle and wondering if the spirit would be angry if he were to ask him to emerge once more; for Yuugi's sake. He didn't know when exactly he had become so dependent on the spirit, but somehow, having there beside him was all the security he needed to feel completely safe and protected.

However, Yuugi didn't know how to talk to his ancient guardian. He timidly tapped on the puzzle, hoping to receive a response, but found to receive none. He tapped again and frowned, all at once feeling horribly silly and ignorant.

/I just want to talk to him/ Yuugi thought.

//Are you alright, aibou?//

Yuugi yelped aloud at the sudden voice that had intruded into his mind. The small boy shook although he knew it was his guardian's strong yet gentle voice calling out to him.

/W-Where are you? Why can I hear your voice in my mind?/ Yuugi asked the spirit.

//We are connected. As long as you have the puzzle, I will be here. I can listen to your thoughts as you can mine, but if you wish, you may keep them hidden from me, as I can from you.// Yami explained. Yuugi nodded, despite the emptiness of the room. //What is it that you desire, aibou?//

Yuugi clutched at the blankets and looked at his hands as he fought down an oncoming blush. /I-I was just wondering if you can come out again and k-keep me c-comp-pany./ Yuugi blinked when he actually felt the spirit grin. The puzzle grew warm and a quick flash of light appeared. Beside him stood Yami, smiling down at his precious little partner.

"Oh!" Yuugi blushed. "I didn't think you'd actually come out…" Yami chuckled despite himself.

"Of course I would, aibou." He spoke with such a tenderness in his voice that it made Yuugi blush even more. "I would never deny you anything." The two sat there in an awkward silence, and Yami noticed that Yuugi's blush would begin to deepen every time the two made eye-contact.

After a while, Yuugi took a deep breath and looked out his window, the moonlight shining brightly as it pooled into the small room. "You know," he said softly, "Every time you're near me, I seem to hear the strange song in my mind. I don't know what it is, but it's very lovely, and I really like it." Yami smiled kindly at his aibou and scooted closer to him, wanting to wrap his arms around the boy and never let him go.

Of course, this boy had no recollection of their past together, and although that hurt the ancient Pharaoh, he knew that from here, they could create a future; One that had been denied to them 3,000 years ago. And although Yuugi would never remember exactly what they had gone through together, somehow Yami knew that deep within the boy's mind, the love for him was still there, and in these few moments, it seemed, that it was beginning to surface. Still, the Pharaoh knew better than to get his hopes up. After all, it had taken time for the both of them to fall in love in the first place and it only seemed logical that the same thing would happen again.

"Oh? Well, that's nice, aibou. But I think it would be best if you slept now," he whispered. Yuugi gave him a pleading look.

"You don't like talking to me?" Yuugi asked, feeling slightly hurt. Yami's eyes widened and he leaned into his partner, staring deeply into his eyes.

"Of course not! I love y-" Yami stopped himself before he went any further. Yuugi stared at him with a puzzled look in his eyes, wondering what had caused the spirit to suddenly stop. Yami looked away, his cheeks slightly flushed, scolding himself for almost letting the cat out of the bag. It would be too much information for the boy to handle at once to know the enormity of the spirit's feelings. Yuugi timidly reached out and took Yami's hand in his own. The spirit turned around to face him, his cheeks glowing even redder. Yuugi smiled at him kindly, his eyes shining.

Yuugi giggled softly. "You're really cute when you blush, you know," he commented. The shorter boy giggled again when Yami's face turned even redder.

"Maybe you should go to sleep, aibou," Yami mumbled. Yuugi sighed happily as he gazed at his soul partner. He slowly took his hand away from Yami's, frowning when he had to do so. Laying down, Yuugi snuggled comfortably and stared at his partner with half-closed eyes. "Mou hitori no boku?" he mumbled.


Yuugi yawned. "You'll stay with me forever, won't you?"

Yami looked at him and blinked. But he slowly gave Yuugi a warm smile. "Of course aibou. I'd never leave you." Yuugi nodded at him and shut his eyes, falling asleep almost instantly. The spirit sat there and stared at his aibou for a few moments, contemplating the night. For a brief moment, he could've sworn he saw love shining in Yuugi's eyes. The same, warm, tender look he had seen so many years ago. Could it be possible, that so soon, that same feeling was returning? Yami could only hope that it was.

The spirit of the Sennen Puzzle stood and walked over to Yuugi. Timidly, Yami leaned down and pressed his lips against Yuugi's in a ghost-like kiss.

"I love you, aibou," he whispered before vanishing into the puzzle once more.

* * *

A hot wind blew by, the thick lemon grass swaying in the breeze. The moon shone brightly as it's light was broken up slightly by the clouds that hovered in the sky. Faint sounds of the Nile River echoed throughout the desolate land, each splashing sound slowly fading into nothingness. And in the middle of an empty field were two boys standing before each other, staring into one another's eyes. The taller of the two leaned in and kissed the shorter boy hungrily, forcing so much passion into that single gesture.

The shorter boy wrapped his arms around his lover's neck, pressing his lips further to deepen the kiss and ignite the burning love he felt in his heart. Both pulled away for air yet continued to stare into each other's eyes. The shorter of the two leaned into his lover and pressed his face against his chest. No words were exchanged as the warm wind whispered it's hidden secrets to them both. A tender hand stroked the shorter boy's hair lovingly while the other encircled his waist protectively.

"I love you so much," the shorter boy whispered. "You can't imagine what you mean to me." The taller boy lifted his lover's chin and pressed their lips against one another to drown out the boy's words. Somehow, silence was the most beautiful of sounds when two lovers are together. To hear one another's heart racing in their chest and to hear their soft, love-filled sighs is a sound that nothing in nature alone can create. The taller of the two pulled away slowly and held the boy close to his heart. Both stood in the field as the hot, spicy wind whipped around them. The grass swayed, shivering back and forth, making it seem as it if were dancing to some invisible music that lingered in the air.

"And I you," the taller boy replied.

The shorter boy looked deep into his lover's eyes, taking in the dark pools of ruby. His love's look of sheer adoration and his smile; so kind and sweet. His deep voice echoing so strongly in his mind…

Yuugi's eyes flew open as he sat up in his bed, red-faced and panting. He looked down at the Sennen Puzzle and his blush grew even darker. The blushing teenager on the bed shut his eyes and tried to recall his dream. A hot breeze on a summer night…and…swaying grass. But what of him and that boy? That boy who kissed him so passionately…so deeply. He looked just like the spirit of the Sennen Puzzle! Yuugi thought back and recalled the look of adoration on that boy's face, and at once realizing that the spirit had been looking at him the very same way. With the same yearning and the same adoration.

Could it possibly be that there was something more to the spirit that met the eye? It all seemed plausible. And perhaps the attraction that Yuugi felt to the spirit, both physical and emotional, could that also be connected to the dream? And what of the song he continued to hear? …That too; it seemed so familiar yet so strange. But it made his heart feel warm and secure. The small boy touched the puzzle, feeling so confused and frightened at the same time. Yet for some odd reason, Yuugi wanted the spirit to hold him in his arms, just to see what it was like. If it was as beautiful as it felt in his dream. So warm and strong.

Yuugi blushed again as he lay back down, shutting his amethyst eyes and snuggling against the pillow. He breathed in deeply as he held the puzzle close to his heart. A part of him wanted to forget everything and just pretend it never happened.

But another part wanted to have that dream again.

* * *

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