Blood Red Sky


"Oh god, get me out!" Maddy and Rhydian looked over at the frantic cry. A young girl had fallen in the river to their left and was clinging frantically to the wreckage of an old gazebo that someone had dumped in the water to avoid getting minced by the weir. Maddy and Rhydian raced across the bridge they'd been crossing and Maddy advanced to the water's edge. Black veins raced up her arms as she started to transform.

"You're going in your wolf form?" Rhydian rolled his eyes. "Maddy that could scare her so much she lets go anyway." Maddy knew he was right, but she was a stronger swimmer in wolf form. Besides, it wasn't like he was pitching in to help for some reason. He was just standing off to the side watching. She didn't know why, but there wasn't time to think. She jumped into the water, instantly able to smell all the rubbish people threw in there and dreading what that would do to her fur. As she pushed forward and reached the girl, her wolf suddenly abandoned her. She transformed back against her own will and ended up also clinging to one of the metal poles overhanging the water to save herself. It must have been because she was out of energy. She'd tough this out for two minutes to recharge before trying to transform again.

"Don't worry. I'll have you out soon!" Maddy called to the girl over the roar of the water. Suddenly, a voice seemed to invade her mind. It seemed foreign yet familiar at the same time.

" That's right. I have to get out!" Maddy looked over at the girl and nearly let go in that second. Instead of a human face, the head of a wolf stared back at her. But what freaked her out the most was the fact that she knew this wolf better than any other. Her own wolf was glaring at her with blood red eyes. "If you want to help someone in need, let me out!" Maddy couldn't hold on any more. As she let go, her body was spun to face the weir. But the weir was gone and so was everything around her. A gigantic version of her wolf's head stared back at her. As she was pulled toward it, it opened its mouth. She didn't have time to scream as she vanished into the darkness of its jaws. The only thing she could feel was a frantic shaking. Someone was shaking her awake. She opened her eyes and was blinded painfully by the light through the car windows.

Author's Note: This is the Prologue to Blood Red Sky as a taster, just like I did with Blood Moon. The rest will hopefully be up soon. I'm also toying with the idea of adding to Uncertain Future once I've finished this story. If you'd like me to do that, please feel free to review/message and say so. As always, feedback is welcomed so please review.