Daily Prophet Special Edition

International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy Broken!

By Rita Skeeter

This Daily Prophet was shocked to find that muggles are not only aware of magic, but have documented ways of controlling witches and wizards. While working a different story, the Daily Prophet's reporters were assigned an investigation in the muggle world.

Our reporters were amazed upon seeing a device which allowed remote viewing. It was called a "Telly". Imagine our disgust when we saw a documentary detailing the life of a pure-blooded witch and a muggle. The title of the documentary was "Bewitched". In it, a pure-blooded witch, capable of wandless magic, was married to a muggle. Her entire family displayed the ability. She had to swear to never use her magic. Thankfully, she was smart enough to not swear on her magic or her life.

The show came from America. However, the witch Samantha had British roots. Her mother, Endora, a beautiful pure-blood Lady, detested the muggle, Darrin Stevens. She strove to free her daughter from the clutches of the man who makes her daughter live as a squib. Endora was a proud witch. She refused to bow to Darrin's demands of not using magic. She never used the muggles true name. Derwood, Darwin, Dummy are some of the names she uses for him. We respect her and will follow suit.

We were able to see how the witch, Samantha, was enticed into marriage. Our viewing of the event showed that her "love" began while they were eating a meal together. Why would a strong, independent witch deign to have a meal with a magic hating muggle? The only explanation available was that she must have been potioned. Dare we say, Amortentia? We do not know. What was evident is that Samantha fell deeply in love with someone she had nothing in common with. Additionally, upon learning of magic, Derwood derided it and asked for the above mentioned oath.

Like any good mother, Endora tried to discover what had happened, but was rebuffed at every turn. Endora even went into the past and gifted the Stevens family with magic. When the muggle began performing accidental magic, he forced Samantha to remove his magic. Yes, dear reader, you see it right. He rejected the gift of magic. Of course, it required Samantha to use magic to remove his gift. That was an acceptable use of magic to him. Why? He gave permission.

Maurice, Samantha's father, has the look and demeanor of a pure-blood Lord. He speaks correct English, not the American slang. He, too, attempted to break the hold the muggle has on his daughter. Alas, whatever purloined potion used on poor Samantha is still effective.

Why was this allowed? What is MACUSA doing? Does the ICW know? The Supreme Mugwump Albus Dumbledore was asked. His quote, "Love is the strongest power in the world."

The Daily Prophet's editorial board has called for an investigation into the chilling enslavement that has befallen one of our own. We await either the Wizengamot's or ICW's response.