He loves the sound.

Viktor's heartbeat.

This fetish isn't qualified as "normal" — Yuuri has already figured that much out. "Normal" people don't get erect by the obvious sensation of a pulse thudding against them. "Normal" people don't ask their partners to run up and down stairs before intercourse, just for the foreplay.

"It's okay — I don't mind, milyj," Viktor huffs.

He collapses onto the bed, giggling a little when Yuuri presses his wet, warm lips to Viktor's exposed belly. He rucks up his husband's tee-shirt, pressing another kiss to Viktor's hipbone.

Yuuri can feel it best when Viktor lies down, hooking his legs carelessly around Yuuri's waist, trying to not wiggle while the other man touches an ear to Viktor's chest, Yuri's mouth holding against Viktor's wrist, and — oh, yes yesyes

It's a comforting sound… yet, mesmeric and tormenting, timed with hitches in Viktor's breath.

He's a whining, incoherent mess when Yuuri groans into an open-mouthed kiss, arching, hips rubbing down onto Viktor underneath him. Their cocks side-by-side against Viktor's abs, slippery with pre-cum and thrusting unsteadily.

To feel Viktor's heart like this, beating without hitch or interruption, masterful, alive

To not to be judged, being loved.

Yuuri figures he's okay with being not so normal.



Yuri on Ice isn't mine. BACK AT IT AGAIN. Now I never heard of "heartbeat kink" or cardiophilia being a thing, so I did some research and ended up trying it out to the prompting of "Yuuri Katsuki/Victor Nikiforov - heartbeat kink" off the yurionicekink dreamwidth! Never had the opportunity to try my hand there, and I figured why the hell not! Right? This is more like a minifill but whatever... anyway, hope everyone enjoyed! Any thoughts/comments appreciated! :)