Summary: Peyton Jane Quill has a tough life. Her mother is dead and she was harshly raised by Yondu Udonta, the only father she's ever known. However, Peyton finds an orb that could be worth more than she is ever dealing with. Becoming friends with a green-skinned man, a talking tree and a talking raccoon and a maniac who wishes to kill Gamora wasn't part of her plan. They're just teaming up to save the Galaxy from an evil Kree wishing to destroy an entire planet.

Slow burn Fem!Peter Quill x Gamora. If this isn't your taste in interest, then feel free to cease reading it. Also, this story has Peyton being seventeen and Gamora nineteen, so they're starting as teenagers and this film takes place in 1999 as opposed to 2014.

Prologue: Earth...1988...

Six-year-old Peyton Jane Quill sat in the dimmed hallways of the hospital, listening to the awesome Mix Tape she and her mother made together. Peyton just remembered her and her mom, Meredith, lay in fields and listen to all the music they liked. Right now, she listened to "I'm Not in Love" by 10cc

"Peyton, your mom wants to speak with you," he said. However, Peyton didn't answer anything.

"Come on, Peyton, take off those damn things off," Mr. Quill said.

Peyton stopped the "Awesome Mix" tape and took off her headphones while also putting her Sony Walkman back in her purple bag and followed her grandfather to be with her mother on her final moments. When Peyton entered the room, everyone went silent. She looked at her grandmother, who was holding Meredith's hand, and gave Peyton sympathetic looks, as did Peyton's uncle. She came to her mother's side with Mr. Quill behind her.

"Have you been fighting with other children again, baby?" Meredith asked her child.

Peyton said nothing and just shrugged.


"They killed a little frog that ain't done nothin'. Smashed it with a stick." Peyton answered shyly. Her mother smiled.

"You are so like your mommy," Meredith said with a smile. "with a bit of your father in you. "Your father's going to love you, oh Peyton, your father was an angel, composed of pure light..."

"Mer? You got a present for Peyton, don't you?" Mr. Quill asked her.

"Of course. There," Meredith said weakly. She pointed to the wrapped up present. Peyton dared not to look at it. Her grandfather placed it in her small bag.

"You open it up when I'm gone, okay? Your grandpa is gonna take such good care of you. At least until your daddy comes back to get you."

Peyton heard the sounds of how much she had left with her mother. Meredith's time was running out of time.

"Peyton, take my hand," Meredith urged her daughter. However, Peyton refused to look her mother in the eye.

"Pey, come on," Mr. Quill urged his granddaughter. Peyton didn't look her mother in the eye.

"Take my hand," Meredith urged again. Peyton watched her mother die right in front of her. She looked and saw the machine went straight.

"Mom! No, mom!" Peyton shouted.

She suddenly felt her grandfather grab her around her waist and carry Peyton out of the room.

"No, Mom! No! No!" she continued screaming, trying to get to her late mother.

"You've got to stay here. Please." Mr. Quill begged his granddaughter. "Okay?"

Peyton ran out the doors of the hospitals and collapsed in the middle of the fields. Suddenly, a flash of light came over Peyton as the light swirled around her and the tractor beam brought her in.

"MOM!" Peyton shouted for her mother one final time.

The next thing she knew, Peyton was on board surrounded by many men wearing red leather jackets that were longer to their heels. She was scared out of her depths, looking at her surroundings. She didn't make one move, not even the blue-skinned Centaurian Yondu Udonta approached her.

"Please, don't hurt me," Peyton said, trying to shield herself. She was only six years old, meaning she'd be terrified easily. Yondu looked at the girl strangely, noticing that she was indeed a mini version of her mother. His first-mate, Kraglin Obfonteri looked at the girl named Peyton. Yondu eyed the girl carefully.

"Do you have a name, kid?" Yondu asked.

"Peyton Jane Quill," she answered out of her depth.

Kraglin, meanwhile wasn't so sure that they should give Peyton to the man they were hired to get her to. What if something tragic would happen to Peyton if they gave her away to their boss?

"Captain," Kraglin whispered in Yondu's ear. "You know what he will do to her if he finds out."

Yondu knew that if they delivered this girl to her father, it would mean certain death for her. For some reason, Yondu felt close to this little girl, like she was meant to do something. He approached the "cargo".

"Welcome to the Ravengers, girlie," said Yondu Udonta.

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