Epilogue 1

Peyton was dancing to "I Will Survive," ignoring everything around her, until Rocket shouted for her.

"Pey!" Rocket yelled he ran into her room, and Peyton shut off the music "Our son did it again! He won't put down that game. Maybe you should talk him out of it.

" Oh not again," Peyton snapped.

She walked down the steps to Groot, who was about the age of a teenager. His room was a mess again. She stepped on some vines.

"Ugh, kid. Seriously? You gotta clean up your room. It's a complete mess."

"I am Groot. (You're boring Mom,)," Groot responded.

"Don't you dare call your mother 'boring'," Peyton scolded her adoptive son. " I am not boring. You're boring. You know what's boring? Sitting there, playing that mind-numbing game. What's boring is me tripping over your vines every day! I'm not boring!"

"I am Groot," her adopted son mocked her.

"And now I know how Yondu feels," Peyton said in exasperation. Just hoped this family would change one day.

19 Years Later...2018...Present Day

The guardians were flying around on their ship. It had been a very long time since they saved Xandar and the universe from Ronan and Ego. They travelled differently ina ship, that Peyton called "the Benatar" after a singer her mom liked. They were all singing to one of her songs, when Peyton saw her girlfriend Gamora, singing. Mantis and Drax were kissing each other again. She just couldn't believe that they had actually gotten together. Mantis was eighteen when they met her and Drax was twenty five. Now, they were old enough and had a relationship that ended in them marrying each other. The times were changing. Groot was playing his video game while Kraglin and Yondu were playing a strange game. Suddenly, two men landed right onto their windshield.

"Ah Wipers! Get it off!" Rocket shouted.

"No wait, it's two men. They're still alive!"

"Rocket, Groot, them in here!"

"Yes ma'am!" Rocket shouted. He went up and dropped both the blond haired and black hair men. The guardians helped the muscular men inside the Milano.

"Who is the hell is he?" said Yondu.

"How are they still alive?" Said Kraglin.

"No idea." Peyton said. She looked at Manrtis. "Hey, sis, can you wake him up. "

"I can, Peyton, " Mantis said. After the battle on Ego, Peyton and Mantis realized that they were technically adoptive sisters and started referring to each other as such. Mantis walked over to the unconscious man and pressed one of each hand against the men's forehead.

"Wake," Mantis said gently. Suddenly. The men gasped and looked at them in they eye.

"Who the hell are you guys?" the blond man said.

"Might ask you and sir glares a lot the same question, Rocky, " Peyton said. Everyone looked at her confused. "Long story. Who are you?"

"You first," said the black-haired guy.

"My name is Peyton Quill, Star-Queen, used to be known by Star Lady." She said, gesturing to them as they looked around The creature whose not a fox's name is Rocket, the walking tree is Groot, guy with the red fins my dad Yondu Udonta, girl with green skin is my girlfriend Gamora, that's Drax, my brother Kraglin and my sister Mantis. Were known as the guardians of the Galaxy. Now, who are you. "

"Well, Lady Quill, " said the blonde man. "My name is Thor Odinson, the king of Adgard. And this is my brother, Prince Loki,And the universe is in grave danger."

The end. Now, headed for Infinity War, but it won't come out until late November. Thank you to those who were being patient for this chapter to come out. I couldn't update because I was too busy with finals this week,

The second half will be called second book will be titled "Hooked on a Feeling: Road to War, a re-telling of Avengers and Avengers 4