Hey Guys. Because I enjoyed writing my What If story so much. Thank you so much to everyone who has read and reviewed that story. I decided to write a small collection of tie-ins and outtakes that didn't make it into the story. Conversations Luce and Daniel could have had if she had her memories back. You don't have to read What If to understand this but it will probably make more sense if you do. The first chapter is just after Daniel saves Luce from Sophia. I thought that we never got to see Luce say goodbye to Penn. Hope you like it.


Luce buried her face in Daniel's chest sadly. "Penn's gone Daniel Sophia killed her. I thought she was going to kill me to." She whispered

"I would never let that happen" Daniel whispered firmly tightening his grip on her. Luce smiled up at him.

"I know" she whispered. The beating of wings made them both turn round as Gabbe and Arrianne flew in. Luce smiled at them. "Show offs." She muttered fondly, Arrianne grinned and gave a small curtsy, Gabbe just smiled at her.

"It's good to have you back sugar" Gabbe said glancing at Luce's wings.

"It's good to be back" Luce answered before turning back to Daniel "so what happened?"

Daniel shook his head angrily "nothing, nothing ever happens in angel battles we go on fighting and fighting until one side gets tired and calls a Truce till the next morning." he muttered angrily , his wings shaking slightly in anger.

Luce nodded in agreement lowering her eyes. As she did she noticed blood on Daniels arm. "Your hurt" she gasped. Daniel shook his head.

"No I'm fine" he told her reassuringly.

"But…." Luce trailed off

"It's Penn's" Daniel whispered. Luce closed her eyes sadly.

"I need to see her" "I need to say goodbye" she whispered

"Lucinda…." Daniel started. Luce shook her head.

"I won't leave her without saying goodbye Daniel" Luce said firmly.

Daniel nodded slowly. "Come on" he told her softly, taking her hand and leading her up the stairs.

Penn was lying on a small table in the other room. Tears welled up in Luce's eyes at the sight of her.

Letting go of Daniel's hand she slowly walked over and stroked Penn's hair. "I'm so sorry Penn" she whispered. The tears spilled down her face in a sob. Daniel wrapped his arms around her. Luce curled into him as she cried.

"she shouldn't have died" "The only reason she died was because she wouldn't leave me, she was innocent" "I told her to go back to the dorms…..Why didn't she go?" Luce cried in between sobs. ".

Daniel kissed the top of her head "she didn't go because she loved you, you were her best friend." "She loved you she would have hated herself if she left you" "It's not your fault you did everything you could" he whispered. Luce looked up at him.

"We should bury her next to her father…it's what they both would have wanted" Luce's voice cracked. Daniel nodded

"Of course" he promised. Luce smiled weakly at him then turned and kissed Penn's forehead.

"Goodbye Penn and thank you" she whispered. Luce pulled slowly away and turned to Daniel.

"What happens now?" she asked him

Daniel slowly led her away. "First we find you a new outfit; we can't have you walking around in a ripped jacket" He told her glancing at her shoulders. "Then we have a meeting with the others"

Luce walked out of the bathroom of Daniels dorm wearing a black tank top, blue jeans and a blue denim jacket. Daniel, Gabbe and Arrianne were waiting for her, Daniel sitting on one twin bed, the girls sitting on the other.

Luce took her spot next to Daniel. "So what do we do?" she asked leaning into Daniel's side as he put his arm around her shoulders.

"We or more to the point Daniel needs to meet with Cam to discuss the Truce" Arrianne started

"But more to the point we need get you out of here" Daniel cut in looking at Luce.

"What? Why?" Luce cried

"This is your last lifetime Lucinda, there are a lot of angels who will be interested in your new mortality status" Daniel said softly

Luce looked down "the outcasts" she whispered

"Exactly Gabbe broke in, and the best way for them not to find out is for you not to be here honey."

Luce nodded "ok so how do we arrange that?"

"We have someone on our side who will take you some place safe" Arrianne told her.

Luce nodded again "when do I leave?"

"Tomorrow" Daniel said tightening his arm around her.

And that is the first chapter. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I'm not sure how big this collection will be I have ideas for the next two chapters. But if you guys have an idea of a chapter I could do review and let me know. Let know what you think.