Based on a true story

Donkey was awesome, he knew where all the greatest waffle houses were. He knew how to sneak into them and take a few for himself and get away from it. The problems started when as he went to do his usual thing and found out that the Waffle House shut down. Who was to blame? Not donkey of course...right? He only took a few for himself I mean who could blame him. How did he know the place would end up in ruins. He found the owner and asked him questions. "Who was to blame?" he neighed. "It's just not a profitable business" he said. "Not enough cash coming in so I had to close shop." Donkey was devastated. How was he gonna eat now? He didn't have a job to get money and buy food that way. He couldn't go to shrek since the bills to keep the swamp have skyrocketed since brexit happened. What was donkey to do?

The answer came to him, he should try to make his own waffles. It wouldn't fix the old Waffle House but maybe if he sent some to the manager then he would be reminded of why waffles are so important. He pulled out an old cook book which had recipes for all sorts of baked goods. Waffles in big bold letters appeared and donkey couldn't wait to get started. The first ingredient that was needed was a teaspoon of flour. Donkey using his mouth had to carefully measure and drop it into a bowl. The second thing he needed was to take some eggs and separate the yolk and the white which while it took a while was done. Soon after all the ingredients were put in he wisked away and put the batter in his oiled waffle iron. A while later it was ready.

Donkey could hardly wait. He plopped his perfections onto a plate and let them cool off. All he needed now was the mable syrup. He checked all the drawers and cupboards but no syrup was found. He couldn't believe what was happening. He now had only one option. He took the gun from shreks bed and did what he should've done a long while ago... He was found as a corpse at 10AM the next day. The police officials later confirmed it as a suicide. There only clue as to why was his message painted in a canvas of blood which wrote "waffles". If shrek had stocked up on his mable syrup, donkey would still be happy and alive. At least shrek had a nicely done pile of waffles in his kitchen...R.I.P? Donkey?