Daring Train Journey

Ruby Rose Potter frowned as she sat down in an empty compartment of the Hogwarts Express on her way to her sixth year of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She was sixteen years old and bored, and she wasn't the greatest 'people' person. She was almost on par with Luna Lovegood for being weird.

She looked out of the window at her reflection. Her left eye was a dark emerald green, and her right was a vivid silver. Her silver eye was magical. It was a replacement for her broken eye-allowing her to see better than ever. She no longer wore her glasses and her new eye had some special features. Though, she wouldn't go around telling anyone what her new eye could do.

Ruby was slender and small chested, which didn't bother her much. She wasn't very tall, but she wasn't short either. She was just below average height for her age. She was wearing a black skirt that hung halfway down her thighs with a red strip around the edge, and a black corset top with white sleeves to her wrists and red ties up her chest, and black boots with red lace up her shins with long red socks up over her knees, and last a red cape hooked over her shoulders with a baggy red hood.

Her hair was short and dark, black into red. It hung to her shoulders, longer over her small ears past her chin. She had a few strands of hair loose flowing over her forehead.

Brushing her hair from her eyes she was startled as her door slid open. She looked up to see two girls standing in the doorway glaring at her as the train started moving. Their glares bounced off as they always would, and the girls didn't try that hard to intimidate her anyway.

The two girls were beautiful-wearing Slytherin robes, and had some very nice tits, not that they even suspected she had 'peaked' on a few occasions but this was the best chance she had in a while. But she had to shake that off or they might start suspecting her of being a pervert and looking through their clothes.

The first was a girl with long blonde hair tied back in a plait, to her waist. She had cool grey sexy eyes that Ruby wished she could stare into longer than she was allowed as she looked away as she always would after the initial staring match.

The other girl had shortcut brown hair and dark blue eyes. She locked hold of Ruby's stare and didn't mind holding that smothering look. They were both taller than her with much larger chests with tight little bodies and firm butts, and in the same year as her. But they were different. They were naughty Slytherin girls.

"Get out of here, Potter!" the brunette demanded coldly while not sounding all that convincing in her demand. "We want this compartment. Why don't you piss off and find somewhere else with some other piss pants Gryffindors where you belong!?"

However, Ruby only gave them a cool glare in return. "Why don't you kiss my tight little arse? And then I'll piss on your face," she replied in nonchalance while keeping her expression monotone pleasant.

Though the blonde, Daphne Greengrass let her pale cheeks light up; the brunette, Tracey Davis smirked coolly as she replied. "Bend over and I'll lick your arse! And you can piss on Daph's face," she said sneeringly.

Ruby stood up glaring in mock coldness in replied, arms folded under her small chest. "Oh yeah, Davis?" she replied while Tracey stood her ground. "You wouldn't have the guts to grope Greengrass's tits through her robe, and she's your friend! So what makes you think you have the guts to lick my arse? Even more while I'm pissing all over your blondie there?" she said and asked smugly.

"Tracey! Don't even think about it!" Daphne interrupted as Tracey turned to her with raised hands. But Daphne moved away and sat down on the seat opposite where Ruby had been sitting. "I'm not having anybody peeing on me thank you very much. And if you want to touch me you at least have to take me out on my first ever date first!"

"Being told off with that sexy English accent?" Ruby said with a mock quiver. "I'm so jealous of you Davis. Before I met Daphne and her younger sister I thought that accent was only put on by American idiots."

Tracey pouted and rolled her eyes as she slumped down into the seat next to her friend. "Well I get to hear it all the time," Tracey said after a few moments of thought with a smug smirk.

"Yeah, well a certain Astoria Greengrass owes me two huge no-questions asked favours," Ruby said with a huge smug grin as she got up in Tracey's face. "I could get her to do any-thing," she said snickering.

"Whatever…!" Tracey said coolly as Ruby retook her seat unconcerned with a smug grin still in place as the other two girls were very special pieces of eye-candy; even if they were wearing their Hogwarts robes; they left them undone on the warm train so Ruby could see the cute Slytherin coloured uniforms underneath, and their lovely legs in their black school skirts.

"Please stop talking about me like that while I can hear you?" Daphne asked hopefully. "And please don't tell me what kind of trouble my silly sister had you bail her out of because I would rather not know. Its bad enough that she thinks you're funny."

Ruby couldn't help but laugh, Astoria's pretty cool," she said thoughtfully before smirking. "And she's never been on a date before, either," she said teasingly. "So, Daphne Greengrass has never been out on a date of any kind?" Ruby couldn't help but ask as she turned her full attention to the blonde peace of hotness.

Daphne's cool grey eyes looked to her with a shrug. "No I haven't, and I don't care what you think of me. Tracey hasn't either. Unless you count the times Tracey and I have eaten out together at Hogsmead? So, what?"

Ruby shrugged. "It's just… well okay. I've never been out with anyone either. But if we are counting girl friends then I've been out with two different girls to Hogsmead. But if we're not counting other girls… well I would have thought that two girls as hot as you two would have all the boys at school asking you out. Heck, some girls too!"

"We're picky, okay. Drop it Ruby Rose!" Tracey said coolly. "But I so would have the guts to kiss your arse! But us Slytherins can't be too chummy with Gryffindors; especially not you! Hero-girl! Only Astoria would be so brazen," she said, saying the last mockingly. "And you shouldn't put yourself down like that. We know that you know that you're beautiful. You wouldn't put so much effort into your appearance if you didn't!"

Ruby rolled her eyes coolly. "Whatever, Tracey!" she replied, turning from the two girls to look out of the window, watching the world go by as she hid her blush as it was always nice to be complimented by someone you fancied even if they didn't feel the same way in return it was an ego boost.

They were all quiet for a few minutes before Ruby turned from the scenery outside her train compartment to the scenery the two Slytherin girls presented her inside her compartment. Once she had regained her composure and evened out her breathing.

"Okay, girls, I'll bite. What do you want?" Ruby asked thoughtfully. "Neither of you have actively gone out of your way to bother me like this before. And where is that annoying stink-bug, Parkinson you're normally with anyway? She's normally the one coming to bother me with that idiot Malfoy!"

"Well they're not here, obviously!" Tracey said coolly. "We don't do everything those idiots say! Probably off doing fuck knows what! We caught them in the same toilet cubical once… well we heard them!" she laughed while Daphne bit her lower lip. "We heard Pansy at any rate. 'Look how fast it gushes out of your fanny, Bianca!'," she said mocking the other girls squeaky and annoying voice. "Daph and I just walked slowly away before we heard any more. I know Malfoy's probably hard up because barely anyone likes her because of all the trouble she causes but doing things like that with a girl too embarrassed to use the showers regularly… just… just gross."

"Saw her naked once last term!" Daphne said with a smirk on her lips. "She didn't notice me and I snuck off before she did. She obviously stuffs her bra-a lot. Her boobs are barely there. Just nipple topped cones, and a hairless crouch. I bet Malfoy gets to see it all the time as she stops anyone from using the bathroom when she's in there! But Pansy still only showers once or twice a week!"

Ruby was having trouble keeping from laughing. "Maybe Malfoy gets off on the smell!"

"I wouldn't be surprised!" Tracey agreed laughingly as all three girls were red cheeked from suppressed giggles. "But that isn't why we're here. We need your help. And this seems to be something only you can do. It's about Daphne's younger sister, Astoria, and you encouraging her. She has a serious problem-!"

"Oh, you mean because she stalks me!?" Ruby asked reasonably, shrugging as the two Slytherin girls looked at her in surprise. "It's really sweet that you wouldn't think I know that Astoria is a nutbar who wants to do some really naughty things to me. And amusing because she's in Slytherin. She even sends me these cute love letters, and sometimes her used underwear!"

Ruby turned to Daphne and shook her head sadly. "Your sister is really kinky… and that super sexy accent of hers, so gets me wet," Ruby said while they both blushed brighter than ever while she held in a snicker. "But I see you want something, and you were going to try bargaining for it? But I'll tell you girls what-since I find Astoria's advances rather… adorable and harmless, I'll do you a favour… sort of I scratch your backs, and in return when I have need of you both, you scratch mine; deal?"

"Deal," Daphne said nervously. "B-but please don't hurt my sister or break her heart or something; let her down gently if you have too."

"I would never hurt her," Ruby said seriously this time.

"Wow, the thought of you and Astoria is so hot!" Tracey interrupted with a wicked grin while Daphne and Ruby rolled their eyes. "But not as hot as the thought of Daphne and her sister. They look so alike if Astoria weren't grinning with 'evil' ideas all the time and did Daph's Snow Queen routine they could be twins."

"Shut up, Trace," Daphne said coolly. "I am not that cold. I'm a Slytherin. That is what we do. Like the way, Ruby is reckless?"

"at least I think things through first," Ruby said. "So what if sometimes I choose the more violent way; it's more fun."

"I don't think that's the Gryffindor way either," Tracey said impishly. "I think that's more like the Ruby Rose way. There are some really weird rumours about you and your not-very-Dumbledore-Gryffindor-ish ways."

"So I should take Astoria out on a date and be nice to her," Ruby blurted out the first thing to enter her head to change the subject.

"I think you owe her a kiss!" Daphne said with a shrug as Ruby's eyes widened. "On the lips. Open mouth. With tongue. But I thought we established that she wasn't a problem. You scratch our backs, and we scratch yours?"

"Okay..." Ruby said slowly. "Other than wanting to watch me snog your super cute and sexy little sister… well what is the favour you want from me anyway?" she asked while Tracey giggled and Daphne went redder in the cheeks.

"I bet you really do want to snog Astoria?" Tracey interrupted with a wicked grin. Ruby's face lit up red. "Oh goddess! I bet you've even kept her dirty knickers too, haven't you? You did! Didn't you? I bet she diddled herself in them and you put them to your nose and mouth. Didn't you?" she demanded more than she probably should have and sounded much too eager to know.

Ruby folded her arms defensively over her chest. "She spent a whole five pages-double sided telling me what she wants to do with her tongue and my arsehole!" she said while her face was almost glowing. "It was kind of nice having someone so pretty like me that much… and not be afraid to say so, even if it was only a pervy-love letter; it did express all of her feelings. So leave her alone, and can't we let this drop?"

"Whoa, Daph, Astoria's worse than we thought? Love sick for a Gryffindor," Tracey said while giving her friend a mock worried look before turning back to Ruby with a teasing smirk. "You'll have screw her senseless to show her how much she means to you and let her do all sorts of naughty things to your tight little Gryffindor arse to make her happy."

"Oh, bite me!" Ruby interrupted laughing to try and get her blushing under control and shake off those pleasant thoughts. "Anyway," she said to change the subject quickly. "I don't buy any of this bull shit! I think the reason you mentioned Astoria's pervy crush on me is because she has some dirt on both of you. And I think she's now blackmailing you into trying to convince me to give her my first kiss. Or something… so much more. What a conniving little witch she is, huh?"

Daphne and Tracey paled as Ruby grinned wider as she hit the nail on the head. "But I already have you honeys at my beck and call. So out with it? What does she have on you? And maybe I'll let her have a taste of my lips, and in exchange you'll both owe me another favour." she asked interestedly.

"Y-you won't tell anyone will you!?" Daphne asked nervously.

"My lips are sealed!" Ruby said while making a zipper motion over her mouth. "So out with it? Don't leave a girl in such suspense. What does she have on you both?"

"Well..." Daphne began while looking to Tracey.

Tracey nodded slowly so Daphne returned her attention to Ruby and began the story. "It all started with an argument with Pansy and Bianca," she said while rolling her eyes. "They were saying we were gutless because we didn't participate in their stupid pranks or racist abuse, or trying to bate you. So, they dared us to prove we had guts by stealing something from a Gryffindor. It was Pansy's idea to steal from a Gryffindor. But Bianca said we're to steal a pair of your knickers by the new term."

"I bet the bitch wanted to sniff them or something with Parkinson?" Ruby asked with a sad shake of her head.

"Probably," Daphne agreed. "I sometimes wonder about them as I swear they're just idiots who want to worship you so much but get it wrong."

Ruby rolled her eyes and sighed. "Okay. So, you were trying to rob a pair of my knickers-."

"Used," Tracey added smirking. "So they definitely wanted to sniff them."

"O-kay…" Ruby agreed while shaking her head. "And then the lovely Miss. Astoria caught you, leading you to this moment, right?"

However, Daphne shook her head. "No. well, not quite," she disagreed sheepishly. "We knew that would be too difficult because your laundry doesn't get done the way ours does. So, Pansy suggested Ginevra Weasley's instead. Probably thought of some other Gryffindor who's crutch she wants to bury her face in, and Bianca agreed. They didn't want to make it too easy as you know Ginevra Weasley's quite talented. We had managed to get into the Gryffindor hamper-."

"How do you know I don't use the Hogwarts elves?" Ruby interrupted after a moment of thought.

Tracey snorted. "We know you stole that weird elf from the Malfoy's and then that other one from Crouch! They wouldn't let you use the other elves for something so important.

"But anyway. Astoria caught us. Now we must get her a make out session with you. And the worse thing is. We forgot to take the knickers. Now we'll each owe Bianca and Pansy a no-questions asked favour."

"I see your problem!" Ruby said in understanding before a crafty grin spread to her lips. "I'll deal with your adorable Astoria problem. However, If I get you a pair of Ginny's knickers. You'll both owe me that favour, each, as well as the one for keeping Astoria's lips sealed, deal?"

"Okay," Daphne agreed carefully.

"Deal," Tracey said with a slow nod. "We'll owe you twice," she said. "But we know how easy it will be for you to deal with Astoria, but how will you get us a pair of Ginevra's used panties? They'll know if they're new or something or we might have cheated."

"I dread to think what they might ask for if they win," Daphne said with a grimace. "I don't think it would be hot to have them peeing on us or something."

"Or even making us watch them pee so they could get off on it," Tracey said with an odd expression. "Or watching them play with themselves… or each other, or wanting to play with us like that-."

"Okay, Tracey, I get the picture," Ruby quickly interrupted her rant.

"So, how will you get us a pair of Ginevra's dirty panties?" Tracey asked as she regained her composure.

"Well, I don't know about dirty, but I can guarantee they'll be used and unwashed.

"Are you going to rob her?" Daphne asked thoughtfully.

"Don't be silly," Ruby replied laughingly. "Just give me a minute!" Ruby added before getting up and leaving the compartment and the two confused girls alone.

Daphne and Tracey waited silently as they wondered what sort of favours Ruby Rose might ask for when they were surprised when she returned dragging a confused red haired beauty into the compartment with them.

"I can't say I'm not glad to be free of that idiot-!" Ginny said glaring at Ruby. "But what do you want? And was it necessary to kick him in the nuts and threaten to kill him if he ever comes near me again!? With all of those rumours of you with a huge arse scythe he'll believe you!"

"Oh-rumours. Yeah," Ruby replied nervously before quickly changing the subject, which caused the three girls to look at each other, nervous and wondering whether there were more to those rumours. "Anyway, Ginevra!" she said with a cute little purr and sweet 'smile'.

Ginny sighed with a shake of her head. "What do you want, Ruby!?"

"You...!" Ruby said poking Ginny in the chest with her 'sweet' smile still in place. "...Owe me a no-questions asked favour!"

Ginny groaned while pouting. "Ruby… come on. Two Slytherins!" she said looking at the two girls, pouting. "This isn't going to be good is it!? What are you up too?"

Ruby laughed sheepishly. "Hey, it's nothing Ginevra!" she said. "It's just… well, no-questions asked. Remember? That's kind of the rule. And I helped you out and still have no clue what that was about."

"Okay. What do you want?" Ginny asked, pouting.

"Your knickers?" Ruby said while Daphne and Astoria went deep red and wide eyed, Ginny's eyes flew open and her face bunt more than either Slytherin girls.

"You want my panties?" she asked because she wasn't sure she heard right.

"The pair you're wearing. Yes," Ruby corrected and agreed.

"B-but why?" Ginny asked squirming in embarrassment and licking her dry lips a little. But Ruby just gave her a look. "Okay. Okay. No-questions asked. Okay, just make sure no one's looking. But I'm staying here until I can get some new undies!" she said while Ruby moved to block the compartment window.

Ginny turned from them and hitched her skirt showing her pale blue panties to her tight little butt before squirming them down to drop to her ankles. She unintentionally flashed them her bare bottom for a second before setting her skirt right. She then bent down and picked her panties up before sitting down opposite the Slytherin girls.

"Here!" she said handing them over to Ruby, blushing bright red as she took them.

"Thanks!" she said throwing them to Daphne, the blonde caught them, blushing. "There. Still warm!"

"Umm… thanks," Daphne said before quickly stuffing them away in her pocket.

"Okay. I really don't want to know!" Ginny said eyeing the Slytherin girls suspiciously. "But I am so curious. Please tell me you're not perverting over me like Astoria is for Ruby. This Red Ridinghood, here," she said poking Ruby in the tone tummy causing a small giggle as she moved back slightly, "loves the attention. But I really don't think I need that kind of attention! Though, getting a close-up look, Ruby's right, you are both extremely sexy!" she teased.

"Ginevra. Please leave them alone!" Ruby said as she reclaimed her seat. "And me too, I know you would love to perv all over us."

"Oh, our dear Ruby Rose has guts, but come now," Ginny said with a crafty grin as she slid her fingers along the hem of her skirt moving it slightly to give the three other girls a very quick flash of the area between her legs, soft and smooth with a soft dusting of red hairs above the moist slit. "I know who the naughty girls are when I see them-."

"The-the knickers are for Malfoy and Parkinson!" Tracey quickly blurted out while her heart pounded painfully in her chest and she was feeling as if she had wet herself. "It was a bet," she continued. "We didn't want to lose. And Potter said she could get us your knickers in exchange for a no-questions asked favour from each of us in return."

"Wow. You girls have guts!" Ginny said sitting back and crossing her legs, giving them another daring flash, quick that time.

Ginny smirked as both Slytherins looked. She folded her arms over her black blouse, under her full breasts trying to hold in her own blushing cheeks. "

"I've been worried about what Ruby would ask for, from me," Ginny said sheepishly. "But my knickers is an easy one. And I still owe her a debt for saving my life...!

"But this feels really weird though," Ginny said with an impish smile as she caught Daphne and Tracey flittering their eyes to her legs while obviously hoping for another flash. "Sitting here without my panties on is an odd experience. And I'm only wearing a skirt. Maybe I should have worn some trousers. But with legs like mine. Why hide them away? You know right-? Checking out my legs, hoping for a free glimpse up my skirt, naughty girls."

Ginny grinned widely as she leaned over to Ruby, winking. "I know you love when we get to shower together, don't you? When you stay at mine? The way we wash each other's backs?"

Ruby rolled her eyes and pushed Ginny back with a finger poking her nose. "Stop being an idiot before Astoria shows up and hears you. Who knows what she would do to you! Having seen me naked. And touched me in such intimate areas before she ever got a chance," she said before turning back to Daphne and Tracey while they were both silently laughing and blushing as they let their imaginations take hold.

"I am surrounded by freaks!" Ruby said with a mock tired yawn.

"Says the girl that hangs around with Luna Lovegood at the expense of having many other friends!" Tracey commented whimsically.

"Hey, Luna's cool!" Ruby said glare pouting. "She doesn't treat me like I'm some kind of property to the Witchy World-!"

"Witchy World...?" All three of them asked at the same time.

"I'm not calling it the Wizarding World!" she replied while sticking her tongue out. "Anyway, Luna lets me spank her bare arse when I'm feeling angry. It's a great stress relief."

"You what?" The three of them asked at the same time.

Ruby shrugged smugly. "Yeah, so. Back during my second year when everyone was accusing me of opening the Chamber of Secrets I just said to her that whoever really did it needed a spanking. And she said I could spank her if it would make me feel better. And I think she only offered because I gave her the attention no-one else would, and now her butt is kind of a stress relieve aid."

"That explained why Luna offered to let me spank her that one time," Ginny said with a thoughtful nod. "But wait," she said looking to Ruby as she had a crafty grin on her lips. "No. Come on. You can't."

"I almost forgot about that," Ruby said with a vicious grin. "You girls can watch if you want!"

"Totally," Tracey readily agreed.

"I think you'll have to invite, Astoria too," Daphne agreed while looking at Ginny smugly. "She would be pissed if she missed watching that."

"Luna won't want to miss the fun either," Ruby agreed with a poisonous smile while Ginny paled and gulped but for some reason, the thought made her wetter than ever.