Dahlia Evans is sorted at Ilvermorny where she'll meet her best friends; book smart and chatty Kimiko; and rough and tumble Cassandra. Five years later. After so many peaceful years free of Voldemort a new darkened force arises, and it will drag Dahlia and her friends into a fight for survival as someone knows a tragic secret, and comes seeking revenge. Post Battle of Hogwarts.

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"Dahlia Evans!"

Dahlia was startled out of her worry as she was in amongst the throng of other first years within the huge entrance hall of Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It was huge around with huge raised balconies around the hall in tiers looking out and down on them. It had a huge glass ceiling domed over and reflecting a prism of light down the walls.

Well it was HUGE!

Maybe even huger than huge if you could believe that.

To her left were two huge (everything was kind of just – huge – plus she was eleven and considered slightly smaller than average for her age) wooden carvings watching them: one of a massive horned snake, and another of a gigantic bird with six sets of wings large to small going back and spread open wide with two smaller wings, one on each tail tip.

To her right, two more large wooden statues stood proudly over the first years. The first was the cat of all cats in size – well if you hadn't seen a Nundu (and not many people lived through an attack by one of them) while the last was more humanoid, squat with spiny hair – ugly and creepy.

She knew what these were. The first was the fabled Horned Serpent while the bird was a Thunderbird. Thunderbird's were cool. She liked them. They could actually create storms. Now that was awesome magic. Then the cat was more of a panther and was called a Wampus. Last was a Pukwedgie – she thought they were strange little creatures and they weren't the most pleasant beings. The carving one held a sharp looking arrow in its pudgy fist. Worse was that some Pukwedgie still lived at the school, supposedly the descendants of the first to work for Isolt Sayre one of the schools founders.

Stepping forward, Dahlia shivered as she looked around at all of the eyes on her. There was a teacher up front. Professor Hubble. She taught Herbology. She was a kind looking woman, young, eager, slim and fit with a tan that suited her soft brown eyes and slight Hispanic features. She wore brown robes over her pant suit left open in the heat, and a smudge of dirt on her left cheek.

"Come on now, Miss. Evans, don't be shy," Professor Hubble said kindly with her soft Southern droll that was somehow comforting.

Professor Hubble. kindly pulled Dahlia in front of her, facing the large carvings. The carvings that represented the four houses of Ilvermorny. She stood on a large carving of a Gordian knot. It twisted and tightened into itself in seemingly impossible ways.

Dahlia tugged nervously at the sleeves of her cranberry coloured robes. She felt lost in them. It didn't help that everyone seemed to be holding their breathes. It was too quiet. Too still. She watched and waited when the Thunderbird statue started beating its wings. It made breezes of wind blowing and tugging at all the first years cranberry robes.

It was a relief to Dahlia. It was awesome. She was in Thunderbird House. Thunderbird House was awesome. Thunderbird's were awesome. Well any house but Pukwedgie house was awesome in her eyes. Pukwedgie's were kind of 'ew'. Though, Dahlia wasn't the biggest fan of snakes either. The snakes she had met were kind of annoying.

The other students started to applaud Dahlia after a few moments more of complete silence. Those of Thunderbird House were the loudest to applaud and cheer Dahlia on. But that only happened for a moment when the Wampus roared and overpowered the noise from the students startling everything into abrupt quiet. It seemed like the two carvings were trying to compete with each other, demanding her for themselves.

Dahlia shrunk back more nervous than ever but Professor Hubble. stopped her from stepping off the impossible knot. Dahlia looked up as her new teacher held her shoulders gently and smiled down at her proudly.

Gulping, Dahlia stood up straighter and took a deep breath like her Daddy taught her.

Be brave.

Be brave.

Overcome fear.

Be brave.

Don't ever give in.

Neither Dahlia's manta or deep breath got rid of all the staring students and teachers; nor did it make her feel that brave. She was just as scared. But that was bravery. Being afraid and doing the scary thing anyway – unless you could cheat. Dahlia's father said that if you can cheat; as long as it doesn't hurt anyone and wasn't an organised sport that cheating was okay, especially if it was a life or death situation.

Unfortunately, this wasn't a situation where she could cheat. Maybe she could ask the teacher for help. Her Daddy had taught her that their wasn't anything to be ashamed if she asked for help. But that was no good. It wasn't like a maths problem or something. And she couldn't quit this and run away. And she didn't like running away. Her Daddy stood up to any and everyone so she would too; and be as brave as she could.

Brave enough for Thunderbird House.

Dahlia was just getting to grips with the fact she would be fine when her mouth dropped open when the gem on the Horned Serpent's forehead lit up brightly with a magnificent white light that was trying to outdo the flapping bird and roaring cat. She felt sick already – and worse the Pukwedgie held its arrow, rising it up over its head.

At least the Pukwedgie didn't seem that bothered by her choice.


The next few deep breaths did nothing to help either. Not even following up with a deeper breath helped – or maybe it did. She hadn't tried to escape yet or sunk into a puddle of goo.

But Dahlia thought magic would tell the statues she didn't like Pukwedgies; but maybe they didn't care. It wasn't like Pukwedgies liked humans either so the feeling was mutual.

Dahlia felt faint as the teacher leaned down behind her. "Well… surprises like this are rare," Professor Hubble whispered kindly in her right ear. "Now they've chosen. Its your turn to choose. Go ahead, place your hand upon the house you wish to claim as your own."

Biting her lower lip Dahlia took a small step forward as the carvings all settled and waited. She looked around at the carvings. Around the base's stood a few other kids she hadn't taken much notice of. But they had been chosen before her. They watched in awe. Like they had never seen something so amazing in their lives. And if the last like her was in sometime before the twenties; in the nineteen-zeros? – they most likely never would again.

Her Daddy was a historian (studying magic's history) so she took in some things, but dates. She could never remember things like that. He might have been a bit dorky at times but Dahlia loved her Daddy more than anyone.

Taking a few more deep breaths Dahlia forced a smile onto her face. Though she was sure her smile looked sick. Worse, Dahlia could feel some moisture forming in her deep jade eyes. She brushed a stray strand of black hair that had fallen free from her tightly kept ponytail and blue hairband, pushing it back behind her left ear and out of her eye. Dahlia really hoped she didn't pass out or something embarrassing like that.

Dahlia felt a small nudge on the small of her back as she realised she hadn't been moving, and her kind new teacher saw fit to give her a hand (quite literally). That got her going. And it felt like an age when Dahlia finally reached her small right hand out, and her fingertips brushed the huge carved birds flank as she stood next to a slightly smaller girl with oriental features and pale skin and short dark-brown ruffled hair and sparkling dark eyes.

The Asian girl smiled at Dahlia as the Thunderbird squawked and flapped its wings one last time in victory. The hall finally exploded into applause and older Thunderbird students seemed to be gloating that she chose them. But what else would she have chosen? The Wampus? Maybe. The Horned Serpent? Certainly not. That was creepy, but was only barely better than the Pukwedgie? As if she would ever consider the gross Pukwedgie.

Pukwedgie House also sounded super silly.

"Wow," The Asian girl whisper shouted over the noise and holding a light Eastern accent. Japanese if Dahlia guessed right. "I read in A History of Ilvermorny that the last Quad House chosen became President of MACUSA in Nineteen-Twenty. Seraphina Picquery," she said excitedly. "That's so cool. Maybe you'll become President one day?"

Dahlia was blushing up a storm. "Umm… okay…?" was all Dahlia could say as she was confused by the strange girl. Dahlia's Daddy probably told her that too but she might not have been listening as she had games to play too.

"I'm Kimiko Honami," the Asian girl introduced herself shaking Dahlia's hand. Dahlia couldn't even remembered offering it.

"Dahlia Evans," she replied automatically with a polite smile. Dahlia hadn't managed to make any new friends on the journey to school, so this was an opportune time to get around to that. Dahlia's Daddy said that at school would be a great time to make some new and lasting friendships. "It is very nice to meet you, Kimiko," she said smilingly over the noise.

However that was as far as they got as the applause wound down to silence and within a moment Kimiko was hanging off Dahlia's left arm smiling wider than anyone should. Dahlia looked to the other first years with them while the sorting continued with no more fanfare.

Though, for some reason the other first years seemed to be ignoring Kimiko.

Dahlia sighed. Peppy was better than douchy and or evil. She could even deal with annoying. Sometimes annoying people could be funny, so having her own personal annoy-girl might be-. Dahlia shook her head clear and smiled sheepishly at her newly claimed friend. Maybe she was just too 'in-your-face' for other people. But to bother Americans with that – wow, Kimiko had real talent or – maybe she should wait until they got to hang out to judge why everyone else was avoiding her.

Or Dahlia thought worse. What if they didn't like Dahlia because all four houses wanted her or something.

Could they be jealous?


No one would want that kind of attention.

It was mega-embarrassing.

Dahlia paused and took three deep breaths before she went all paranoid and read too much into what was likely nothing. They were all a bunch of scared first years starting their first year at school; just the same as her and Kimiko.

Therefore, Dahlia let Kimiko (she liked her name. It was cute) continue cuddling her arm and watched the rest of the sorting.

The sorting was over fairly fast and all of the other years on the top balcony's were quickly lead away to get dinner or wait for the first years or something like that.

That left the first years on ground level – or as American's called it – the first floor for some weird reason.

"I can't believe all four houses wanted you!" Kimiko declared in delight. "Where are you from? You have a different accent. I know. I heard it. Are you Australian?"

Dahlia grimaced while shaking her head. "No. Don't be silly. I'm Irish… where… how can you get Australian from an Irish accent… well its not that thick as accents go. But I spent most of my life in Dublin with Daddy when I had school. We had a really nice flat there too. But we sold up and moved to Manhattan so I could come here."

"Oh. that's cool. And sorry I guess I didn't hear you say much before, but definitely not Australian," Kimiko said sheepishly. "Well, I was born in Japan and moved around a lot, so I've heard loads of accents when people are speaking English. Both my mother and father work for the International Confederation of Wizards. We only stayed in Australia for like six months. But we've been here for the past three years now. But now I'm at a school mum and dad wont have to worry about working wherever they're sent as long as they can come get me over the holidays."

"That's cool," Dahlia said while smiling as a few teachers joined Professor Hubble to lead the new first years into a side chamber to find their wands. "Daddy's taken me to loads of different places all over the world. Daddy was just offered a job over here and since I have school and he doesn't think much of Hogwarts he took it so he had something to do while I'm here learning to be an awesome witch."

Kimiko giggled as she tugged Dahlia after her as they followed the teachers and other first years towards the side chamber.

"Wow… now we're going to get our magical stick!" Kimiko sang happily. Dahlia was pretty sure she now understood why some of the other kids were keeping clear of Kimiko, but Dahlia thought she was fun. Plus Kimiko travelled a lot too, so they had that in common. They might have been to some of the same places.

However, they stopped before they reached the side chamber doors as a beautiful blonde girl stood in their path. Her blonde hair was up and over curving in a messy cascade of waves down her shoulders with hair-clips holding her hair from her eyes. She was athletic. That was the first thing Dahlia noticed. The next thing Dahlia really noticed was the cool deep blue of her eyes as she stood with arms folded over her chest.

"Why did you choose Thunderbird?" The girl demanded angrily with her cool New York accent and her small fists clenched while Kimiko coward back behind Dahlia while Dahlia looked unconcerned. "If I were in your place I would have chosen Horned Serpent! All the best wizards and witches come from Horned Serpent. But I'm stuck in Thunderbird!"

Dahlia smiled slightly. "Thunderbird's are super awesome. They're like the most awesome magical creatures ever. EVER!"

The blonde girl scowled as she stepped closer but Dahlia didn't even flinch. "Are you an idiot?" she demanded. "You don't get the opportunity to pick any house and pick the one you think has the coolest mascot!"

"First years!" Professor Hubble called as they were the last in the hall. "You can chat all you like during dinner."

The blonde girl rolled her eyes, turned and charged out through huge oak doors and into an adjoining chamber with the teacher following with a shake of her head.

"Phew," Kimiko muttered with a sigh of relief. "That is Cassandra Morgan. I met her on the way here and she's scary. She just looks like she could beat up anyone. I think everyone is scared of her already."

Dahlia smiled as she was tugging Kimiko after her this time. "Then maybe we could make friends with her and she wont be so scary," she suggested. "Daddy said that back when he was my age he had plenty of opportunities to befriend people he could have helped. Then maybe they wouldn't have turned out to be jerks. We should at least try, right?"

"Okay," Kimiko said doubtfully. "But you're the only person who hasn't thought I was too annoying yet-."

Dahlia smiled as she finally lead Kimiko into the next chamber with the doors closing behind them. "Its okay, Kimi," Dahlia said – to which Kimiko smiled widely at the nickname. "I think I can stand you being annoying if you want to be my new friend. I couldn't bring any of my friends from school back home as they were all muggles. It should be fun having a magical friend."

"Wow. You went to No-maj school?" Kimiko asked with wide eyes on her new friend so she missed the racks upon racks of wand drawn out of the walls as the doors closed with the chamber seeming to expand into oblivion. "And don't forget its No-maj to Americans. Anyway, I wish I could have-gone-to- ...muggle school," she trailed to a stop as she looked around in wide eyed awe.

"Bloody..." Dahlia muttered as she looked around as she was alone with Kimiko until Professor Hubble rounded some shelves with Cassandra.

The draws were like unknown amounts of file cabinets opened up endlessly from nowhere, but with shelves lining the sides of the draws and no compartment inside. Each wand had a little silver plaque underneath it with wood, size, and core written in neat script about the wands. The chamber was vast and magnificent. Solid oak with ashen shelves; it was like a maze of wands and Dahlia was fascinated.

"Don't just steal a wand!" Cassandra interrupted as Kimiko had happily picked up a wand, but sadly put it back.

"It didn't chose you, Miss. Honami," Professor Hubble said with a smile. "And that is exactly what I want you to do. Keep picking up wands until you find one that will be yours. The more you touch; the faster you'll be lead to your wands. You'll feel which directions to move in.

"The faster we do this the quicker we get to the Great Hall for dinner. The rest of the school will be waiting and wont like having to wait too long to be fed. Normally it takes fifteen to thirty minutes. But last year we had a few more first years than normal and it went on for nearly an hour."

"Then lets get started!" Dahlia declared with a huge grin as she grabbed Cassandra and Kimiko by their hands and tugged them over to another set of shelves while the teacher laughed and followed to look after the three girls as they had separated from the other first years.

"Who said I want to hang out with you two idiots?" Cassandra demanded but she didn't pull her hand back.

"Oh?" Dahlia asked while looking around. "And you have some better friend requests elsewhere?" she asked with such fake delight that it made Cassandra smile a little.

Rolling her blue eyes Cassandra reclaimed her hand. "Whatever. I suppose since I'm stuck in this house with you I don't have a choice!" Cassandra pout-sulked, but she didn't seem to have her full heart in it.

However, those words would resonate with Cassandra throughout her life as the best words, in the best sentence, at the best time in her entire life. Words she would never regret saying – though they could have been nicer.

Cassandra, Dahlia, and Kimiko made the best friendship any of them could ever imagine having. And for the next four years of school they had fun, enjoyed school and had many wonderful adventures.

But something new was waking.

Something dark and selfish.

Their fifth year at Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry wasn't going to be as carefree.

The world for these three girls would change for better and worse.

Authors Note: I've had this idea lounging around in my head for quite a while now. And I was trying to write a chapter for another story but kept letting myself get distracted. I've never tried to write a Harry Potter fanfiction that didn't have Harry in some kind of staring role. And I've for the most part kept to Hogwarts, so this is new ground with me for the Potter-verse.

I'm hoping you've enjoyed this start to a Ilvermorny tale. I'm not sure whether I'll leave it as a one-shot or continue it as I have plenty of ideas. I guess that depends on the reaction I get. And using Ilvermorny and MACUSA as my standing point I have more freedom to just make up what isn't canon.

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