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17 year old Harry Potter had done everything right except he didn't see Dumbledore for the frightened fiend he was, scared of a child, just like Voldemort. However, he didn't have the guts to try killing Harry. Instead he sealed away parts of him. His undisired possibility. His personality. His drive. His strength. His intellect. His magic. It was surprising he could function.

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It was one of those reoccurring days for one Harry James Potter. He was bored out of his skull as he lay on his bed in his room at Privet Drive. He felt dreadful, and he wanted to be anywhere but here, but with a certain dark wizard out for his blood, he had nowhere to go… nowhere to feel safe. He had just turned seventeen and he felt as if he was five, not being allowed to leave the house by himself, and even then not allowed.

He sighed as he ran his fingers through his unruly mess of black hair, his emerald green eyes staring up through his round glasses preferring to stare at the ceiling rather than the shit room he was barely permitted from his so-called aunt and uncle. He had lived with them for most of his life and they had always hated him. The only reason he was not still kept in the cupboard under the stairs being they were afraid of wizards coming and turning them into toads or something.

Harry was scrawny and not very tall because his aunt and uncle had never fed him correctly, and before he went to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry he hardly ate anything but scraps. It was sometimes surprising he was even alive, and he had never even had a friend before starting at his school. They had always kept people from him, which could have done more damage than it had.

It has now been roughly two months since Albus Dumbledore died and Harry being the good boy he returned to his aunt and uncles house. It is his birthday today and he did not even receive a card from any of his friends, or a note saying someone is coming to collect him. However, he planned to leave today whether someone comes for him or not, he hated this place and now he is seventeen he has every right to leave if he chooses.

He missed his girlfriend, or ex-girlfriend Ginny Weasley. He had foolishly dumped her, 'for her own good', but the more he thought about it the more his chest hurt. It was as if he had a steamroller driving around on his heart, and it made him feel sick every time it crossed his mind. He realised that dumping her was unnecessary since the Dark Lord Voldemort and his minions did not know he dumped her and might not care anyway, so he was just causing himself and Ginny pain stupidly, and prayed she will forgive him and take him back.

He also had the worry of the horcuxes on his mind, those blasted pieces of Voldemort's soul, and had no idea where most of them are or how to destroy them. He was just so lost in despair, and the old bastard Dumbledore had said the power Harry has to defeat Voldemort with is love. Harry was not even completely sure he knew what love is, except for maybe with Ginny, the way his heart was caught in a vice thinking about her, or not being with her.

He was tired of his thoughts rolling over him bringing him deeper into despair; it only made him angry, or feel like killing himself. He wondered what would happen if he ended his own existence. He wondered what would happen if he just runaway from his destiny. He even wondered what would happen if he chose a dark path, and the thought brought a dark smirk to his lips as he thought about crating his own dark army to conquer the world and defeat Voldemort.

Harry wondered mildly whether a mud-blood army has ever existed before, and guessed he could get the answer from his friend Hermione when he next sees her. She is so into books and stuff she is bound to have ran across stuff like that. He let a slightly twisted chuckle escape his lips before laughing outright… maybe he was going nuts he was so bored.

He was supposed to be going to Bill Weasley and Fleur Delicour's wedding sometime during August but was not too sure when, but knew it might be nice. It was a bright event in such dark times and Harry wondered whether he will ever get married; he doubted it since he will probably be dead soon, its not like he will actually manage to defeat some seventy year old super powerful dark wizard is it?

Suddenly he shot up out of his bed grabbing his wand from the table beside his bed and pointed it into the shadows of the corner of the room where a chilling cold laugh reverberated through the room bringing a chill down Harry's spine. Then out walked a young man who looked very familiar to Harry.

His face was pale, and his eyes a deep ruby red, blue veins protruded from his eyes over his forehead and down across his pale cheeks, standing out of his pale skin, and a small slash scar down over her right eye. His raven black hair a mess of spikes standing out in different directions, and he was at least two inches taller than Harry was. He wore black combat trouser, black leather boots, and body armour vest with a leather holster on his left forearm with a black metal plate over the top with a wand in it underneath.

He smirked smugly with his muscular arms folded across his chest. He looked lean and strong, radiating a dark aura of power and strength. However, what Harry noticed most was how this young man looked like a stronger, cooler, and taller version of him.

Harry took a step back gulping as he held his wand shakily. "W-who are you?" he demanded sounding braver than he felt.

"I'm you dummy," he replied in a dark tone. "I've always been here waiting… waiting to break free, so we can come together… in you I could only watch in disgust at what that old bastard turned us into," he growled in annoyance.

"W-what do you m-mean?" asked Harry gulping. He was worried because he could not help but trust this man, and he wanted to know what was going on.

The Dark Harry glared causing his lighter self to flinch slightly. "He suppressed us," he said angrily. "He suppressed me, your darkness, he suppressed your light, he suppressed your strength and power, your stupidity, and even your sexual mojo, and he suppressed your mind. He made us stupid compared with what we could have been, and worst of all HE SENT US HERE!"

Harry took another step back and gulped at what he had learnt, was he just… just the product of suppression spells, was this darker version of him his true self. "No!" Dark Harry interrupted his thoughts. "I am not, you are the fear, love and guilt, and without the rest of us you are not truly complete," he then smirked. "I can't wait to get out of here, my seal has been broken and we have a certain hot red haired girl to make up with soon."

Harry gulped as he lowered his wand and Dark Harry walked closer… he wondered what would change about him and hoped Ginny liked him still even if he might be slightly insane. Dark Harry finally reached him and they both started to glow bright white, the light slowly filling the room before it splashed away leaving only one Harry behind.

He expected something bigger and found he was a little disappointed.

He was a little taller than Dark Harry, but he wore the same clothes except he now wore a long red coat missing the left sleeve, his wand still in place and the metal plate on his holster had a red phoenix engraved on it. His muscles were defined and strong, and across the chest of his body armour a dark burning phoenix with its wings spread. His raven black hair waved in messy spikes, and his right eye was ruby red with two slash scars over it, his lightning bolt scar gone, while his left emerald green, his skin lightly tanned and he still had the veins on his face only they were lighter and not as defined as Dark Harry's had been.

He looked himself over with wide excited eyes; his glasses were gone, and he was taller, and for some reason he knew spells he thought he should not. His dark side really had a lot of spare time while sealed away to create plenty of dark spells and figure out others, along with the fact he had master control of the element of fire. Harry also felt as if a small weight had been lifted from his mind, and did not seem to care, as much about people he does not know as he did before.

His power though, that was what he felt, it was as if magic was buzzing, coercing through his veins begging to be set free on the world… to destroy, and fight, and it was the most incredible feeling he had ever felt. He barely had any memories from Dark Harry, mostly spells and knowledge of his new skills; it was as if he was really just a piece of personality and power, which had been stolen and now returned.

"I-it's because Dumbledore's dead, the seals broke!" said Harry to himself gritting his teeth angrily. "That bastard stole my existence!"

He took a deep breath, pushing his hate for the bastard old man to the back of his mind. He had other people who are alive to hate right now, such as Snape, and Draco Malfoy, the scum-fucking bastards. He would kill them both and enjoy doing it, but right now, he had to leave, he had to practice his new abilities with his new body and magic.

He had a dark lord to destroy so he would need a place to stay, preferably away from the Order since they are idiots, and Harry wanted to kill all the death eaters. He even had a weird urge to cause chaos and mayhem, and it was a little annoying knowing he could not do that… well not yet anyway. He would cause his chaos and mayhem against the death munchers; it would be fun giving back what they have given for so long.

He could only think of two people who might be able to help him understand, and hoped they would let him stay with them for a while, but he had to find them first. He just hoped he could.

With a smug smirk, Harry James Potter shrunk his trunk and placed, it in his pocket, freed Hedwig and told her to find him later, and then disappeared in an eruption of power, ripping the wards to shreds as if they were tissue paper as he left.

"He's not here," growled an old scared man; his large right eye spinning madly in its socket as he stood with several other people in the garden of number four Privet Drive. "The wards have been torn to pieces from inside, and only Potter could rip them down before tomorrow," he declared with a frown.

"B-but that means Harry left himself," said a bushy haired girl worriedly. They had just arrived to collect Harry and discovered he had already gone and she was worried about her stupid emotionally inept friend to take care of himself.

"Don't worry too much, Hermione," sighed a greying tired looking man. "I'm sure we'll find him before anyone else does."

"Remus is right!" agreed the scared man. "Potter's not exactly the brightest candle on the tree."

"Hey!" complained a young pretty woman with long bubble gum pink hair. "We idiots take offence to that."

Ginny Weasley was bored and feeling like crap, she had let her idiot boyfriend ditch her just because he was worried. If there was, something in her life to regret it was not slapping him upside his head for even thinking it.

She lay on her bed looking towards the window and the bright blue sky outside imagining watching Harry flying through the sky playing a game of Quidditch. She sighed in annoyance with herself when she jumped as a piece of parchment appeared out of nowhere dropping onto her lap.

She sat up and rubbed her fingers through her long dark red hair pushing it out of her eyes as she took the parchment and let her chocolate brown eyes scan the note someone sent her. She blinked several times in surprise… it was certainly weird but it brought a smile to her lips.

My beautiful hotty,

Hey babe, its me Harry, I've left those bitches already, and I'm fine, so don't worry…

I'll see you soon… and I had a slight 'accident' and hit my head and somehow forgot everything I said to you at Dumbledore's funeral, so if you wouldn't mind having a similar 'accident' I'll see you soon.

Love Harry

Ginny held back from laughing at how Harry was trying to apologise with a little humour, and smiled widely as she too was likely to forget the whole event, at least Harry had gained some sense over the past month. However, what she had to hold back from laughing at was the crude drawing underneath. He had drawn a naked picture of the two of them in each other's arm, labelled to prove that it was them, and they were doing 'the' deed.

She let a small giggle escape her lips as she stared at the silly picture. "I hope you're okay Harry," she sighed laughing at the picture again.

Meanwhile, Harry walked up to the front door of an extremely large house with a frown. It had taken his a surprisingly short time to find out where these people lived, and then it was easy finding the place.

With a sigh, he rapped on the door with the knuckles of his right hand and waited. He waited only a minute when the door was pulled open, and standing there a woman who looked to be in her late forties with a smile. Her light blue eyes held motherly warmth, her brown hair was tied up into a bun with a tail stringing down just below her neck.

"Hello, young man, how may I help you?" she asked with a smile looking him over she only mildly wondered at the clothes, red eye and scars.

"Are you Perenelle Flamel?" he asked hopefully.

She nodded her head. "Yes I am, and who are you?"

"I'm Harry Potter," he answered, and her eyes widened in surprise; he looked different to what she has heard and seen in the papers. "I uh, need some guidance, help, and place to stay for the week, and I don't have anyone else to turn to right now."

She frowned in thought, as she looked the boy over. "Why not, don't you have some friends, or the Order?"

Harry sighed and nodded. "Yes I do, but they can't help me with this, and I doubt they would believe it even if I told them. Dumbledore screwed with my very existence," he said the last with a growl clenching his fists in anger.

Perenelle nodded uncertainly, but she knew Dumbledore well enough to know if this boy had grievances, they were probably well founded and that peeked her curiosity. "Well okay, Harry why don't you come in, Nicolas is in the sitting room," she said standing aside for him and gesturing a room off to the side. "I'll just go and fetch some tea, you go introduce yourself and make yourself at home, dear," she added with a smile as she closed the front door and walked passed him and through a different door.

Harry just stood nervously for a moment, looking around the large white painted hall and cream coloured carpet for a moment surprised to see a wizarding home looking so, well… so muggle clean, and wondered whether the Weasley's were just really messy, and if Hogwarts could not afford anything new.

He shrugged those thoughts away for now as he walked into the sitting room where several large flowered sofas sat with a couple of leather chairs next to each other opposite a large flat panel TV on the wall, which was strange for wizards but supposed they just aren't stupid and know a good thing when they see it.

A slim man maybe a bit younger than Perenelle sat in one of the leather chairs with a fold up table in front of him with some tools and what looked like a watch in pieces. He had greying black hair, and green eyes, and a goofy smile as he fiddled with a screwdriver Harry cautiously moved closer to see what he was doing… the man did not seemed to notice him.

"Hey boy I dropped a smaller screwdriver under the table, fetch it for me would ya?" the man suddenly asked making Harry jump. He looked up and grinned. "Come on, I'm an old man you don't expect me to bend down there do you?"

"Uh, of course not sir," he replied quickly dropping to his knees and grabbing the small star-head screwdriver before standing up and handing it over.

"Thanks," he replied with a grin as he got back to work. "Oh and don't just stand around making the place look untidy my wife will have ya head, take off ya coat and take a seat," he said gesturing the chair next to him. Harry quickly removed his coat, put it on the coat rack by the door with some housecoats, and sat down in the free leather chair. "Who taught you your manners anyway, were you born in a barn or something?"

"Uh, no, I'm an orphan," he replied nervously as the man looked up interestedly. "I err, lived with my magic hating aunt and uncle so they taught me nothing, and if they did I would be a fat hateful ill-mannered jerk, and I like to think I'm quite a nice person all things considered."

The man just stared at him for a moment uncertain before he let out a chuckle. "Well, when you put things that way, I feel bad for suggesting you have no manners."

Harry shrugged and was spared from answering when Perenelle entered the room with floating tray holding a teapot and three cups with a plate of biscuits, and landed it on the coffee table before taking a seat next to Harry on the sofa. "Well it looks like you two have met," she said amusedly as she pored some tea into cups. "Do you take cream and sugar Harry, dear?" she asked smiling at him.

"Oh, yes please, Mrs. Flamel, um two sugars is fine," he agreed with a smile.

She chuckled softy as she placed in two sugars and passed him his drink before dealing with her husbands. "Please just call me Perenelle dear, you're making me feel all six hundred something years of my age."

"You're Harry Potter?" interrupted Nicolas suddenly in surprise as he took his tea from his wife. Harry nodded. "Oh, well am I supposed to bow or something," he asked in amusement.

Harry coughed nervously while Perenelle glared at her husband. "If you do I'll be forced to kick you," he replied with a small smile.

"You do that Harry dear, teach him a lesson for being a git," said Perenelle smirking at Nicolas. "So Harry you came here for a reason?"

He nodded with a sigh as he took a sip of tea. "Yes… Dumbledore surprised my magic and portions of my personality, as you could guess from the red eye my darkness were unlocked first, his seals are breaking, and I'm not sure how to deal with fighting the impulse to cause havoc and mayhem."

Both Nicolas and Perenelle stared in wide-eyed horror. "That dirty slime!" roared Nicolas angrily as he swiped out his wand from his pocked and waved it over Harry before looking even more enraged. "That moron… he could have caused a lot more problems than the fool thinks he's solving, its lucky the old fool died when he did, these charms would have forcefully broken in a few years, all at once, it would have driven you insane trying to incorporate them all at once. What was that fool thinking, not only is it morally wrong but all of that suppressed magic could have seriously hurt you!"

"S-so, I'm going to be o-okay?" he asked worriedly.

Nicolas nodded and took a deep breath to calm himself. "Yes… you should be; they are slowly breaking one by one with some of your extra power with each new trait of yourself. All I can say is you'll have to continue fighting those weird urges you find dangerous, they should slowly filter away with each new facet of yourself, and once all the seals are broken you shouldn't have any problems."

"I can't believe Albus would be that stupid and selfish!" said Perenelle angrily. "Suppressing a babies true potential, was he jealous that someday Harry might become greater than he ever could?"

Nicolas sighed in annoyance. "Probably," he agreed. "Probably convinced himself he was doing it for some greater good, and that Harry was going to be the next threat to the world," he snorted at the idea. The boy was here finding answers and fighting his dark urges, which proves the boy is well on his way to being a great wizard.

"I-I'm not evil," whispered Harry to himself as he looked down at his lap in thought. "I'll show him, I'll show everyone, I'll destroy all of the death eaters while dealing with my new self, and I'll kill Voldemort… then I'll remove Dumbledore from Hogwarts forever," he looked up at the Flamel's his eyes glowing with power. "I-I think I want to be a teacher, and unlike Dumbledore I won't harm my student, I'll encourage them, and build powerful wizards and witches. I'll remove all four houses from that blasted school, so they'll be no more discrimination, and no more hate for the sake of hate."

He looked down sadly as the glow in his eyes dimmed. Perenelle and Nicolas watched him sadly for a moment. "Well, Harry that's a noble path, well would you like to see your room?" she asked kindly standing up.

Harry looked up at her in surprise. "O-okay, thank you," he smiled as he to stood up.

"Oh, Harry after you've unpacked, meet me in my lab," interrupted Nicolas with a smirk. "We'll get you started."

"Started?" he asked curiously.

His smirk widened. "Yes," he agreed. "My new apprentice needs to know his way around a cauldron as well as spells."

Harry blinked several times in surprise. "Apprentice?" he asked feeling both stupid and hopeful.

Nicolas nodded with a twinkle to his eyes. "Yep, you'll need help if you want to make that ambitious dream of yours come true."

Harry had finished unpacking all of his things in his new room, and wished he ran away to the Flamel's years ago, they were some of the nicest people he had ever met, and took him in so readily; it was nice. He made a silent promise to make them proud and to work his hardest to accomplish his dream. It was weird he had never actually had a dream before and it was nice to have a goal in life even if it did involve killing, Perenelle had told him not to dwell on the lives he would take when he asked her what she thought. She told him to think about the lives he will be saving and let that be his guide.

His room was nice and larger than he could have hoped. His walls a creamy colour; with a large king-sized bed, a wooden wardrobe, a desk, and night stand with a lamp by his bed, and a large window over looking a huge and beautifully kept garden. It was quite impressive since it was now his, he had a home, and he was now the apprentice of the most famous alchemist to have lived. It was not exactly what Harry expected to come from this meeting but he was not going to complain it turned out a lot better.

Perenelle had left him to unpack by himself and gave him directions to Nicolas's lab, so he soon found himself walking into a huge chamber with wood walls a floors lit by torches on the walls. Bookshelves lined the walls, and tables and cauldrons were scattered around the floor.

Nicolas smiled as Harry entered. "Ah, nice of you to join me, well let's begin with a little lecture, I'll try to keep it as simple as possible, please take a seat," he said gesturing a stool before him with a grin. Harry quickly took the seat eager to hear what could be so cool about alchemy. "First there is one law that you must fully comprehend before we begin anything; the law of equivalent exchange, to gain something you must give something of equal value…"

Over the week, Harry found out one perfect word to describe alchemy: fuck. Yep, it was fucking hard to understand and even harder to perform, but Harry was persistent and determined, and was thankful Nicolas was a very patient man. They had not yet started with any practical work yet because Harry was still trying to comprehend the intricacy of the art, though he felt he was getting there, and it was keeping his darkness occupied.

He was sitting at the desk in his room the evening before he was going to the Weasley's for the wedding, Perenelle had even gotten him a nice suit for the occasion… to make sure his girlfriend was satisfied with the way he dressed. He just hoped Ginny had forgiven him.

Harry was reading one of his many alchemy books; one of the few subjects that always held his interests was transmutation, because it held so many possibilities. It was similar to that of runes in that you needed to mark a patterned circle around what you wanted to fix or change into something else, but it was still difficult to channel your energy into the transmutation circle, as you could not use a wand. He had thought that it might be possible to transmute without a circle, or maybe make one out of light using wand-less magic.

Nicolas said it could be possible but he had never really tried to learn that kind of control since he had no use for using transmutation as a weapon, which brought other possibilities to Harry's mind. He had not thought about using it as a weapon but his dark side ran many deadly possibilities through his intrigued mind.

"Ha, you should just kick ya enemies asses!" interrupted a voice. Harry looked up in shock to see another him wearing black combat trousers, and a deep blue body armour with metal forearm guards and a blue metal forehead guard with deep blue boots, and his hair was long and wild hanging over his forehead with two scars over his right eye. His eyes were both a deep purple and sparkled with power as he smirked, and he had a little stubble over his lower face.

His hands wore black gauntlet like gloves tight to his skin for easy flexibility, and under his left forearm guard, his wand was housed. In his right hand, he lent on the hugest sword Harry had ever seen, its blade was black tinted yellow with a dark yellow hand guard going up in the form of a dragon protecting the large white leather bound handle. The swords blade almost reached his chest in height, but the handle reached just above his chest.

"Whoa, so, um, what part of me are you?" asked the real Harry curiously.

Sword Harry smirked smugly. "I'm the fighter, or strength, or I suppose you could call me bravery and courage."

Harry nodded. "O—kay, so you like to hit things?"

"Yeah pretty much, oh and my element is lightning," he agreed as he moved closer. "You'll be much cooler now my seal has broken, oh and about the sword we can make it using our magic so design is up to us as a whole now," he chuckled as they both started glowing white just as the first time filling the room before dispersing.

Harry shook his head clear as he stood from his seat and looked down at the weird outfit he now wore. It was the same as Fighter Harry's except he wore a long blue coat over it with no sleeves and a huge black and yellow dragon on the back with blue and white sparks of lightning running around it. His hair was only a little longer, still tidy in its wavy mess of spikes, and both his eyes had a flush of purple in the red and green, and he might have gained an inch in height, though gained some muscle too.

Harry groaned, but was thankful he actually understood a little more about alchemy, and he smiled because his fighter side came up with a few more attacks using transmutation. Shaking his head clear he clenched his left fist and it sparked blue and white for a second before he rushed out of his room and quickly downstairs and into the sitting room.

He found Perenelle and Nicolas sitting on a sofa together watching TV, but their eyes widened when they looked him over. "It happened again, and now I have the urge to go to a pub get drunk and pick a fight with the biggest and ugliest bastard in there and kick his ass," he whined.

"Mind your language Harry," reprimanded Perenelle trying not to laugh. "It's not too bad, if you keep changing like this, your little girlfriend will never want you to leave her sight." Harry groaned while the two ancient alchemists laughed at him.

"It's really a shame two more negative aspects came out first," chuckled Nicolas before elaborating for Harry's confusion. "I mean, you would understand all aspects of alchemy better than just transmutation if the seal to smart Harry broke, or bookworm Harry or something like that."

"Oh, well I suppose I must have them in me," he agreed with the old man's reasoning, and felt both his darkness and fighting sides could not wait to get those extra brains to start practising transmutation. He just sighed. "Well I still don't get why my clothes changed."

Nicolas shrugged. "Magic can sometimes just be weird, and even we don't have the answer, but just be thankful you have an interesting new outfit to add to your collection," he chuckled.

The wedding was beautiful. The marquee was huge and covered nearly all off the Weasley's back garden, and all of the guests sat around a round white tables drinking or eating, or could be found on the dance floor having a great time. However, Ginny just sat in her beautiful silver dress and watched all going on in a depressed mood. She had hoped Harry was coming and was starting to worry again.

She knew Harry had left the house himself, but did not know where too, and it did not help that everyone thought he had been captured by Voldemort. Ron and Hermione kept talking behind everyone's backs about something, and these stupid French idiot boys would not stop asking her to dance, and even if she did feel like it there is only one person she would dance with and he was not here.

"Care to dance!?" someone suddenly asked her.

"For the last t…" she trailed off as she looked up at the young man with miss-matched eyes and veins visible on his slightly tanned face. He wore a black suit; shirt and tie included, and just happened to be the man of her thoughts. He offered his right hand and she nervously reached up and took it with her left.

He pulled her from her seat with a simple tug up into his arms a cheeky smirk on his lips. "I missed you Ginevra," he whispered, his voice sending a soft chill of excitement down her spin. He let her go and led her towards the dance floor with a powerful grace she had never felt in him before, something other than his appearance had changed it seemed.

When out on the dance floor he moved her to face him and the other people seemed to subconsciously move away, and the music cut out. Ginny could only stare dreamily into his eyes as a new tune began to play and he led her in the dance, moving with powerful, determined steps, he never broke eye contact, his eyes held love and compassion… the same look she held for him.

"W-what happened to you?" she suddenly dared to ask, keeping her voice low as they span fluidly around a dance floor only they controlled very much aware they had a large audience.

Harry just smiled as he flowed through the movements glad Perenelle saw fit to teach him some moves, and vaguely wondered whether he had a dancer Harry. "I found my self, and I found my destiny, Ginny… part of that I hope is with you," he answered giving her a cheeky grin.

"Where did you go?" she whispered as her heartbeat quickened at his admittance. "Everyone has been really worried about you… I've been worried."

Harry smiled as he held her a little tighter their noses almost touching. "I'm sorry I worried you Ginny, but I have found myself, and I'm afraid I can't feel sorry for worrying anybody else, as I'm not sure why they care, was it that they were afraid for me, or for the boy-who-lived, because the later is not me. I'm not a hero for people to only need me when it suits them, I'm going to change our world, and do something good for the heck of it, not because I have to."

Ginny looked into Harry's serious eyes and it brought a smile to her eyes and heart as she rested her check on his chest, they continued moving as if gliding across the floor. "I-I'm glad Harry… you shouldn't do something because people expect you too, but because you can, because it's the right thing to do… I love you."

Harry smiled brightly as he moved his left hand up her body and stroked her soft red hair. "I love you too, Gin," he replied kissing her on top of her head, she sighed in content.

They continued to dance until the tune had ended before pulling back and smiling for each other, and Ginny led him by the hand off the deserted dance floor and back to her table where they both took seats next to each other holding hands. "Where did you learn to dance like that?" she asked after a moment of staring at each other, he actually expected a comment on his eyes, but Ginny was just special he guessed.

"My… uh, well Perenelle taught me when I said I was really lame," he replied with a chuckle.

"Perenelle?" she asked curiously.

"Oh, yeah, I'm living with her and her husband," he replied with a shrug. "Don't tell anyone, but I'm studying to become an alchemist." Her eyes widened in shock while he grinned, she realised who he was talking about now, and was very impressed. She was about to reply when they were interrupted by roughly twenty people surrounding them and their table.

"Potter!" growled Moody looking very stupid in his suit. "Where have you been and what the hell have you done to yourself?"

Harry looked up at him with a raised eyebrow. "I could ask the same of you," he retorted with a shrug. "Now as far as I'm aware I'm seventeen, which makes me an adult so I don't have to answer you."

They just stared at him with dumbfounded expressions for a moment. "But Harry we've all been worried about you," said Hermione.

"Well that's very nice and all, but as you see I'm fine," he replied with a grin. "Now run along and leave us alone, can't you see I'm here with my girlfriend trying to have some fun before the death eaters turn up to ruin the party."

"You have information on death eaters Harry?" asked Remus in a rush,

Harry rolled his eyes. "No, idiot, that's what death eaters do, they ruin peoples parties, didn't you get the memo?" Ginny snickered while the twenty or more idiots just stared at him as if he has grown a second head.

"This can't be Potter," growled Moody twitching for his wand. "Potter would never speak to his superiors like that!"

Harry stood so fast they thought he apparated, and kicked Moody with his right leg in the nuts so hard everyone winced as they heard the crack. Moody bent over with buggy eyes before falling to the ground holding his crutch and whimpering, while everyone stared in shock.

"Moody is a werewolf, Hermione discovered before me but wouldn't say because of some stupid argument," he began with an angry hiss. "My patronus is a stag because it represents my father, because it was his animagi form. My greatest fear is fear, and when I get to close to a dementor, I hear my mothers' screams. And you are not my superior arsehole, and next time you speak to me like that I'll rip your bullocks off."

He glared at everyone else daring them to challenge him but they just shook their hands in defence while Remus helped Moody up and they slowly moved away as Harry retook his seat with a sigh.

Ginny laughed to his shock. "That was awesome, all of those feared dark wizards couldn't defeat him and you got him with one kick."

Harry chuckled and was about to reply when a large silver cat patronus burst in through the tent grabbing everyone's attention. "The ministry has been taken and death eaters are on the way!" it said in a booming voice before fading away.

Everybody was quiet for a moment before panic issued and mostly everyone began running around screaming like headless chickens. "Told ya so," said Harry to Ginny over the noise.

Ginny looked at him, frightened. "W-we should get out of here," she said standing with him as he nodded.

He suddenly stopped as he felt a weird tingly feeling roll over him. "Too late the wards just went down," he said with a sigh.

Just as he said it, many popping sounds alerted as many black robes people appeared wearing white skeletal masks. "Harry," said Hermione as she and Ron rushed over she suddenly grabbed his and Ron's arm. "We have to go," she said over the noise and the three of them disappeared both annoying and scaring Ginny before less than a second later Harry reappeared looking pissed off.

"What the fuck," said Harry shaking his head clear checking himself over he smiled. "I hope I splinched her," he said in annoyance.

"W-what happened?" asked Ginny in confusion.

Harry shrugged. "She tried to apparate with me but I ripped free and returned."

Ginny just nodded uncertainly.

"Look what we have here, two kids," a death eater approached with his wand pointed at them, and Harry moved between him and Ginny with a glare.

"You're going to die!" growled Harry as he wand shot into his hand before the muncher could do anything a huge slash as if a sword smashed across his chest ripped across the death eaters chest. He gargled as blood pored from the wound and dripped from his moth, he looked down wide eyes through his mask before he crumpled to the ground.

Harry turned and grabbed Ginny's hand about to apparate but then stopped as he saw a young blonde girl under the torture curse, she looked familiar, and he realised it was Fleur's sister. "Shit, follow me and stay close," he ordered and she nodded her head as her eyes darted to the death eater he killed.

Harry ran towards the eater and reached him in seconds, his left arm rapping around his neck from behind and squeezing tight, his spell let up as he struggled to breath. "Don't ever hurt people I like!" he roared as he snapped the man's neck and let him drop to the floor.

Ginny was already at Gabrielle's side checking her over. The young girl was crying and breathing heavily, and Harry moved quickly as another two death eaters made their way over. His wand fired twice before they realised he was there, slicing them both in two falling to the floor with puddles of blood.

Harry turned to the girls as they stared at him. "Let's go!" he said as he just reached down and grabbed Gabrielle's arm, she squealed in shock as he pulled her from the floor and threw her onto his left shoulder. "Come on," he added to Ginny as he dodged as spell and his wand sliced the offenders arm off. Harry just walked fast straight to where Remus Lupin and Tonks were fighting together.

He came up behind one death eater and tapped him on the shoulder, the man turned and found Harry's wand in his face, and the last thing he saw was a green light as he hit the floor. The other death eater turned to see Harry glaring at him and got hit by Remus's stunner.

Harry just walked up to Remus and almost threw the girl into his arms. "Leave now!" he commanded of the werewolf as he turned grabbed Ginny's hand and they disappeared without a sound.

Remus looked from the confused shaking girl now in his arms to Tonks and she nodded, the three of them disappeared.

Remus and Tonks arrived at Grimauld Place with the young girl to be greeted by her worried and thankful parents. It was the only place they could think to look to find everyone who fled, and they did not really have anywhere else to hide anyway.

"Remus, Tonks," called Mrs. Weasley as she ran over with an angry Ron and Hermione on her heals. "Have you seen Ginny, I can't find her!" she cried out in worry.

"Yeah, Harry apparated her just before we left," said Tonks getting the older woman to calm down a little. "He protected her and rescued Fleur's sister to, before handing her to Remus and leaving with Ginny."

"What?" demanded Hermione angrily. "I tried apparating Harry out of there and that idiot somehow broke free and returned, he could have been killed! He could have splinched both me and Ron!"

Tonks and Remus looked at each other nervously before back to Hermione.

"He saved and protected both Ginny and Gabrielle so shut up!" interrupted a very angry French voice as Fleur stood by them having heard Hermione. "My sister was being tortured and all you can do is think of yourself and what almost happened because you tried to force someone to run away to safety with you, you coward!"

Hermione gulped and backed away from the angry blonde-haired woman.

"B-but where are Harry and Ginny n…" began Mrs. Weasley but trailed off as a piece of parchment appeared out of thin air and drifted towards the floor.

Remus quickly snatched it up and read it over. "Uh, it's from Harry. It says he took Ginny home with him and he'll bring her back when it's safe to, or when we have a new place to hide, or never it's safer where they are anyway..."

Mrs. Weasley growled in annoyance, snatched the note from the werewolf, and read it herself.

Hey Mrs. Weasley, its Harry, just thought I'll let you know that Ginny's safe and I took her home with me, she was concerned so I sent this.

I'll bring her back when its safe, or when you have a new place to hide. Or never since its safer here anyway… don't worry I'll take good care of her. If the Order can take control of Hogwarts before Voldemort, we'll both visit you there but we shall not be attending, as it is not too safe at the moment…


The most excellent Mr. Potter

She then frowned as Harry had drawn a rather crude picture of himself beating up a death eater while laughing insanely; he even labelled the characters.

"What the hell?" said Ron looking at the note snickering. "Is Harry spanking that death eater?"

"I thought he was," agreed Remus trying not to laugh.

Fleur rolled her eyes and grabbed the note having a quick read before the picture. "Oh," she said before stifling a giggle. "You're right he is spanking a death eater, see," she showed it to Tonks who nodded in agreement.

"Why are you more interested in a stupid drawing over the fact Harry's gone missing again and this time taken Ginny?" demanded Hermione suddenly. "We should start looking for them, and find out what he did to his face."

"Well he's obviously safe," said Remus reasonably. "And drawing attention to us not knowing where he is will alert the death eaters to look for him as well as us, and for all we know he might have left the country."

"And why would he do that without telling us?" asked Hermione red faced with rage.

"Well if that's the way you treat him its no wonder," said Fleur in annoyance. "It is obvious he has a safe place from his note, and it seems safer than here, and he'll probably turn up when he feels it safe to go anywhere, if you didn't notice we are now at war."

Harry, Ginny and the Flamel's had just settled down in the sitting room with some cake and tea about fifteen minutes after they left the battle, Ginny and Harry sitting close on a sofa with the Flamel's sitting opposite. "Harry, by the way what was the deal with that silly drawing on that note you sent?" asked Nicolas suddenly trying not to laugh at the memory of it. "Was that picture of you spanking a death eater?"

"Oh, yeah, those little pictures are my new signature, cool huh?" he replied with a smug grin.

"Well it certainly was amusing," he agreed with a chuckle. "But where did that spell to send a note come from I've not heard of it before."

"Oh, my darkness invented it," he replied proudly.

"Darkness?" asked Ginny interrupting.

"Yeah," he replied looking at the Flamel's and they shrugged. He looked at Ginny, and began his story all about his suppressions, and even went on to tell her about Voldemort's soul fragments.

Ginny stared at him ghostly while for a moment, ignoring the fact she had been attacked by a piece of Voldemort's soul in that horrid diary. "Dumbledore assaulted you?" she asked quietly and he just nodded slowly. "And now all of these assets of yourself are awakening both physically and mentally?"

"Yeah, it kind of sucks, but at the same time its cool," he replied with a sheepish smile. "You don't think I'm a freak or a-anything now do you?" he asked sadly.

"Of course not," she said straight away snuggling into his arms she gave him a quick kiss on the lips as he held her back. "I love you, I'm just mad at that thing for hurting you while everybody loved him. The power he stole from you is probably what defeated Voldemort in the first place, and he stole it from you… you would have had it so much easier if you had it, and you wouldn't have been hurt so much being your silly hero self."

Harry smiled as she snuggled her head into his neck and kissed her head.

Nicolas and Perenelle smiled at the sweet scene. "I remember when we were like that," said Perenelle smiling at her husband.

"Me too," he agreed with a chuckle.

"Bet you don't remember being as young," interrupted Harry with a smirk while Ginny stifled her giggle.

The Flamel's looked over with open mouths before laughing. "He actually has a point," said Nicolas with a nod. "I don't remember being that young," he said getting three laughs as Ginny sat back up and wiped some tears from her eyes.

Harry was lying in his bed later that night with a few things on his mine. He had actually killed death eaters, and the strange thing was he did not even hesitate. It was an odd feeling, killing so easily. However, he did not feel any remorse… he did not care and he felt he could and would do it again with ease.

He was scared at the concept that life was so easily taken, but his inner self was sick with death. He just wanted this pathetic war over, so he can get on with his life and forget about the death.

It was just lucky he went to the wedding really, since Ginny and Gabrielle might have been killed or worse if he was not there to save and protect them from the death eaters. He wondered what happened at the ministry, or how the death eaters managed to conquer it… whether the ministry put up much resistance, he doubted they did.

He had always known that under the surface the ministry was weak, and too full of morons in power to be much help. They were mostly worried about image, and when Fudge was in power all he worried about was keeping his power, which in the end lost him power. The ministry was corrupt, weak, and stupid and because of this it has lost its people its freedom, and now muggle-born's and muggles were in danger because of it.

However, Harry worried more about the muggle-born children who have never been to Hogwarts and their families, and what would become of them now. Harry would protect them all if he could, but knew right now he was not strong enough and prayed Voldemort and the death eaters might be too busy for the next few years with resisting witches and wizards to bother with those innocent people. Harry would be their hero eventually but not before, he was strong enough to be a good hero.

He sighed tiredly as he tried to sleep, but it would not come, his mind was too clogged with thoughts and concerns. He then started as someone knocked quietly on his door. He turned to lie on his side to look at the door. "Come in!" he called confusedly since no one has bothered him this late before.

The door slowly opened to revealed Ginny, she walked in wearing only a pair of white shorts and tee shirt. "H-Harry… I-I can't sleep, c-can I stay with you?" she asked nervously but hopeful.

Harry smiled at her a nodded. "Sure," he agreed lifting the covers revealing he only wore black boxer shorts.

Ginny stood staring at his muscular body for a moment before smiling with a blush and closing the door. She quickly made her way over and climbed into bed facing him, he pulled the covers over them and she snuggled tightly into his arms.

"So what's bothering you?" he asked quietly giving her soft lips a loving kiss.

Ginny sighed dreamily as her small fingers felt Harry's solid muscles. "Every time I close my eyes all I see is death… I see poor Gabrielle being tortured, and it's horrible, I wish I could have done something, but… but I was scared, all I could do was follow your orders."

"You know, I was scared too," he replied with a sad smile. "But I did what I had to do, and I guess I'll do it again. You'll get stronger Gin, especially now your Perenelle's apprentice, in a few years you'll be even more awesome at magic."

Ginny smiled gently at his confidence in her. "I never thought in a thousand years I would be training to become an alchemist, or even training under such a person as Perenelle Flamel."

Harry chuckled as he planted another small kiss on Ginny's lips. "I had never thought of becoming an alchemist either, but the more I think about it the cooler it sounds," he answered carefully rolling onto his back, pulling Ginny to lay half-on top of him, she just rested her check on his chest.

"We'll be fine won't we, Harry?" she asked in a scared voice. "When we're older we'll be able to free everybody from Voldemort, and save all of those innocent children from ending up either dead or hating people because they're different. Its so disgusting just thinking about it, why can't they just get along, is it really because of the School houses, because no other countries seem to have this problem?"

Harry sighed. "I guess it is, Gryffindor and Slytherin are still warring with each other after all of these centuries," he said sadly. "Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff are both neutral but secretly cheering for Gryffindor, and without ridding the world of all four the circle will continue endlessly."

Ginny nodded against his chest stroking her finger absent-mindedly around his abs. "Well, then we'll have to get rid of them."

Harry chuckled lightly. "Yeah we will, but get some sleep Gin, get some sleep," he said stroking his fingers gently through her hair as they closed their eyes. "Goodnight sweetie, I love you…"

"Goodnight," she replied. "I love you too…"

It had been three weeks since the wedding and Harry was outside in the garden with Nicolas collecting some potion ingredients he has been learning to recognise. He was wearing some cream cargo shorts and a white tee shirt with blue trainers in the hot weather, with an open black pouch to place in ingredients around his right hip. It was a nice day and the sky was blue, a complete contrast to how the wizarding world felt.

Hogwarts had been taken by the death eaters and was due to open to pure-blooded wizards come September, and Harry was concerned the kids would be taught nothing of real use but how to use magic to hurt others or each other. It was a disgrace to spoil an innocent child's youth with dark magic and the likes, and if any of the parents of these children had any sense they would send their children to Australia, New Zealand, or the US to study magic, since they are English-speaking countries.

He sighed in annoyance as he picked a bright pink bud and stared at it for a moment. "Hey Nic is this one even a Cornaya bud?" he asked looking it over it looked different to the rest, but it was the correct colour and growing on the correct plant.

Nicolas looked up and stared at the bud as Harry held it up for him to see before grinning. "Ah, a most excellent specimen Harry," he replied with a nod. "The more they look like that one the better, its almost perfect, I didn't expect to find one like that during this heat wave, they prefer cool weather."

"Cool," he replied as he placed it in his pouch. "So what kind of potion uses these anyway… a super cool potion that could give me super strength, or maybe super speed?" he asked hopefully.

"No," replied Nicolas with a chuckle. "Nothing as complicated as that, these give you temporary night vision, like those interesting goggles from those muggle spy movies I enjoy," he told Harry with a smug grin.

"Oh," replied Harry a little disappointed. "Well I suppose that's still pretty cool," he added brightening as he picked another bud and put it in his pouch. "So what else do we need?" he asked.

"Hmm… um, could you fetch some aconite?" he asked hopefully. "There are some at the end of the garden, just one petal will do."

"Um, okay, oh that's wolfsbane isn't it," he answered cheerfully remembering his first year at school when Snape had picked on him in his first ever lesson with a question about wolfsbane.

Nicolas nodded. "Yes it is, but it is used for more than just wolfsbane potion," he agreed. "Well off you get that petal isn't going to fetch itself."

Harry laughed as he walked down the path. It did not take long to find the assortment of white flowers, and he quickly and carefully plucked a single petal placing it in his pouch. It seemed odd picking flowers while a war raged on around them, but he had to start slow he guessed. He practised his spell craft, potions, and transmutation. It was still odd doing potions with a competent teacher, or that it had its realms in alchemy, but he tried not to think about that much.

"Potter, picking flowers, I never thought I was the type!" hissed an amused voice suddenly.

Harry span around and came face to face with himself, this one looked exactly like him except the suit and neat waves of spiky black hair pulled back going down his neck. His suit was black but he wore a dark green tie. He wore a long black business like coat hanging halfway down his legs. His clothes were pristine, and his shoes sparkled.

He smirked smugly at Harry as he stood with his hands in his trouser pockets, Harry started as he noticed within his coat underarm holsters under both arms each holding a large green and black handgun, and if he was right they had silencers in the nuzzles. His wand was hidden and Harry guessed it was up his sleeve since they are the same person so that is where he would put it… plus the other two had theirs on their arms.

"So which me are you?" he asked his suit wearing counterpart.

He smirked wider. "I'm… hmm… I guess you could call me your more Slytherin side," he answered smugly surprising Harry. "Well, I'm the cunning, ambitious, uh super secret agent, assassin, swift killer Harry, I'm you're coolest self."

Harry just stared at him in surprise before laughing. "Wow, well I do look good in that suit."

"That you do," agreed badarse Harry. "Oh, I'm the wind elemental, so get to practising so we can cut our enemies to pieces," he laughed as they both glowed white, the light spreading out for a moment before fading away.

Harry looked down at his suit a little surprised it had no altercations except he now wore skintight leather gloves. He felt a little different to, his mind seemed to run through many possibilities to defeating death eaters and most involved explosives. He shook his head clear of his weird need to blow things up or shoot them he looked under his coat checking his pouch was still there and sighed in relief when he found it.

However, he frowned when he saw the guns were still there but shrugged from his weird and confused memory he knew how to use them and they never ran out of bullets, which was good in his book since they might come in handy. Sighing he put his hand in his inside pocket and grinned as he pulled out some stylist rectangular green framed sunglasses and slid them on his face to block out the sun.

Chuckling he turned round and walked down the path back to Nicolas, the old wizard stared at him in shock when he turned up before laughing. "Wow Harry you look like a mob assassin or something," he laughed. "Well did you at least get the aconite?"

"Yeah, it's in my pouch," he agreed gesturing it.

"Well pass me the pouch and I'll take it to the lab while you go and change or you'll get heat stroke or something," said Nicolas. Harry unclipped his pouch handing it over before hurrying into the house. He was just walking towards the stairs when he spotted Ginny exiting the library with some books in her arms.

She stopped upon noticing him, dropped the books and her mouth dropped open trying not to drool. "Wow," she finally whispered. "You look super cute in that new outfit Harry."

He smirked. "Well you look super cute no matter what you're wearing, but I bet you would look super awesome without your clothes."

Ginny blushed while narrowing her eyes. "Harry is this new one a pervert?"

He laughed shaking his head. "No, just… hmm… I don't know but I should at least be allowed to be rude with my girlfriend… shouldn't I?"

Ginny frowned in thought before brightening. "I guess so, but you be a good boy, maybe we could…" she left the sentence unfinished with a smirk as she picked up her books and walked off.

"We could what!" he called after her but she just ignored him as she walked through another door. Harry sighed in annoyance, did all girls do things like that, or does Ginny have a special talent. Shaking his head clear he headed upstairs to get changed.

Harry was sitting up against the wall of his and Ginny's bed only wearing his usual nightwear of some blue boxer shorts. Ever since the first night Ginny slept in the same bed as him, she had moved in, not that he would complain. In fact, he found it easier to sleep peacefully with her warm body pushed up against his. They had not done anything more that cuddle, kiss, and the occasional grope yet, but he did not mind; he would wait until she is ready.

In fact, he was waiting for her to exit their private bathroom now. She has been in there for a while now and Harry was wondering whether she was okay. Sure, she normally takes ages but this seemed longer somehow, and he was tired from making that night vision potion. It had only taken him twenty minutes in the shower, and all Ginny did today was spell work and some reading.

It was then that the bathroom door opened and his eyes shot open so wide they resembled owls. Ginny walked out with a wiggle in her step but that was not what was making his heart flutter and beat faster. She was wearing a white silk nightdress with spaghetti straps over her shoulders that left not much to the imagination, it was lacy, almost transparent but not quite, but he could still see the outline of her perfect breast and nipples. It was short, so short in fact; he could see her tight white silk panties just barely covered.

Her long soft pale leg moved her forward, and her lips held a cheeky smile as his blood rushed south for the winter and he was trying his hardest not to think dirty thoughts, but nothing seemed to work. Ginny's beautiful silky long red hair was loose down her back, as he moved to a stop before him, Harry thought his heart was going to rip its way free from his chest.

She giggled as she gave him a slow but fluid spin, giving him a good look at her tight and firm butt before facing him, her sparkling chocolate brown eyes flicked down to his crutch briefly, widening slightly at the huge bulge she noticed before her smile widened sweetly.

"What do you think, Harry?" she suddenly asked in a soft sweet voice with a light blush on her cheeks. "I made it myself since we can't exactly go shopping."

He almost choked as he fought to reply. "I-it's… y-y-you're gorgeous," he managed to reply breathlessly.

"So you think it's sexy?" she asked as her eyes flicked down to the huge bulge in his boxers again.

He nodded his head in agreement. "V-very sexy," he breathed out.

She smiled sweetly at him as she slid up onto the bed in front of him on her knees giving him a better look at her panties. She leaned over to him and their lips touched in an electrifying kiss, their tongues touching as he slowly wrapped his arms around her, pulling her closer, her hands leaned on his solid chest as she carefully sat on his lap, kneeling either side of him. She could feel his bulging and throbbing penis on her tight little butt as she put some presser on his lap, and enjoyed the feeling.

Their kiss depend with their passion, as their hands explored each other for a moment before Ginny slowly moved back from the kiss gently kissing down his jaw line. She moved slowly further down his body until she reached his waits line, her eyes flicked up to his face smiling before to his boxers.

Ginny carefully placed her small fingers in the elastic band of his boxers and he allowed her to pull them down. Her eyes widened even more seeing it for the first time; his cock a huge ten or more inched and had a large diameter too springing free from its containment. It throbbed with excitement and anticipation as Ginny pulled his boxers off and let them drop to the floor.

She moved back up her hands shakily sliding up Harry's muscular thighs, and stroking across his balls sending a pleasant shiver down his spine before her fingers wrapped around his ready cock. He had a small dribble of pre-cum on the tip, as Ginny held it tight in her hand she smiled as she flicked the tip clean with her tongue bringing a groan from her man.

The red haired beauty smiled as she licked her lips and moved her head down, slowly taking in the tip and sucking on it, she felt and tasted some more pre-cum before taking more in. Harry groaned and mumbled in joy, his noises incoherent as she moved her head up and down on his cock while sucking as hard as she could, her tongue working inside her mouth to taste every inch of his rock solid penis. Her right hand holding it tight at the base as she pleasured him, enjoying every moment she could feel her lower region getting hotter with each passing second, dampening her panties.

Then it happened he erupted in sound and pleasure holding her head to his cock he thrust a little deeper in her small mouth as she felt wave upon wave of a sticky substance shooting all over her tongue and the inside of her mouth. She struggled to swallow the sweet cum down as there was so much, tasting every last drop as she sucked hard to draw out every bit, enjoying the taste, the thought of swallowing something so intimate from her love.

She sucked up off his cock, looking up at Harry's glassy eyed face before he looked down at her and smiled he pulled her up quickly and rolled over onto her staring into her eyes as she grinned widely. He kissed her lips briefly before nuzzling at her neck causing her to moan, her breathing already deep and ragged.

His hands feeling her breasts through the thin silk, feeling the sold nipples, her breasts were only two handfuls each but that was more that enough before they wandered lower. She allowed him to ease up her nightdress, his cock throbbing again at the sight of her smooth stomach; he lifted it above her head and dropped it behind them.

Harry licked his lips as he looked upon her smooth soft breast, his hands moving to feel them, gently squeezing the soft flesh, his fingers and thumbs tweaking gently on her solid pink nipples. Ginny gasped slightly at the touch letting out a soft moan before Harry leaned down flicking his tongue over each nipple in turn, Ginny groaning at the touch before he sucked in her left nipple, tasting her.

He moved slowly down her soft body his lips kissing her skin, his tongue tasting her beautiful body, as his fingers slid into the band of her soft silk panties and pulling them down and off in one move. He looked at her soaking swollen pussy, some thin red hairs above her slit. He licked his lips as he watched her, he lifted her legs up onto his shoulders, his face going down to her pussy as she watched with eager eyes, a light blush on her cheeks.

Her body quivered as his lips touched her pussy, kissing her juicy slit softly, before his tongue stroked up her soft pussy slit tasting in more of her. He got more into it with every passing second his cock throbbing with anticipation, and the red haired girl groaning and thrusting her hips before crying out, her body quaking, she held his head between her legs. He felt a wave of pussy juice erupt a beautiful taste passed his lips and across his tongue as he swallowed.

Harry licked roughly up her swollen pussy lips, cleaning her briefly before he came up for a fresh breath of air, Ginny wearing a glazed expression as she smiled down at him. He smirked up at her and lowered her legs from his shoulders as he moved up her body, kissing her breasts before facing her. His eager cock throbbing eagerly above her slimy pussy; she pulled him down to her lips kissing with renewed vigour as she reached down with her free hand holding Harry's cock she rubbed it roughly over her juicy slit for a second, groaning.

She then slid it gently into her hole gasping a little as it stretched her open. He kissed her lips as he pushed his cock deeper into her pussy, it tightly contracting around his cock, feeling better than he could have imagined. Ginny looked a little pained but she said nothing in protest so he continued gently sliding his dick into her body.

He only got a little way when he felt a small obstruction, but looking at her, he knew to continue. Therefore, with a little effort he pushed through feeling the obstruction give way as Ginny gasped out with a small pained expression, but Harry just slid his cock in further groaning with the effort to fill her completely. His cock finally filling her fully, they both panted for breath Harry's balls resting on her pussy.

He looked into her exhausted eyes as they stared at each other offering her a small smile, she returned it as he kissed her lips, their tongues moving in each others mouths as Harry carefully began to pump his cock in her pussy. They groaned, moaned and panted with the effect, Ginny's vagina walls clamping tightly on Harry's throbbing cock, as they moved faster in rhythm, Harry pumping and Ginny bucking her hips.

The faster they moved the louder Ginny began in her vocal enjoyment. They kept at it for a full ten minutes, Harry suffering to hold back when Ginny let go, her body a quivering mass of ecstasy as she squealed out in excitement. Her pussy clamped down tighter as she grabbed his ass and pulled him as deep in as she could just as Harry let go groaning out loudly as wave after wave of cum burst free from his cock, filling her with its milky goodness.

Both of them went ridged as they had an extreme orgasm together, Ginny's pussy squirting around his cock, as his cock filled her up before they both collapsed, Harry on top of the red haired beauty. They both panted heavily, sweating profusely unable to move, Harry's cock still buried deep inside Ginny, throbbing and letting the last few drops of cum enter her body.

It had been five months since Harry and Ginny began the sexual aspects of their relationship, and they were honestly happy together. Harry had not had any more aspects of himself awaken yet, but he was vigilant for when a new side of him makes an appearance.

Ginny was studying hard with Perenelle, as Harry studied even harder under Nicolas. He had managed some transmutation impressing even Nicolas with such determined progress. It just goes to show how much hard work can pay off, though he could not for the life of him, figure out how to transmute without drawing a transmutation circle, not that he could do anything really big anyway.

Harry had even began teaching Ginny to use magic without a wand, something his badarse Slytherin side was rather proficient in. she started out slow but with determination and hard work was getting there. She could at least summon and banish small items already, but it was slow going having to stretch her magical muscles so to speak.

The Flamel's were very happy to have the two apprentices, mainly because it gets lonely even if they have each other is good to have someone else to talk too. In addition, they were glad to have two students to part their knowledge to finally so it is not lost, and they knew they were leaving it in good hands.

The war was another story, they talked of it very little, as it seemed it was completely lost, and everyone who had resisted Voldemort, had either gone missing voluntary or not, or they were publicly executed. muggle-born's and some half-blood's were treated like criminals and sent to Azkaban prison, so it was a touchy sentence around the house.

Ginny was worried about her family, and prayed they are safe and hidden well… she wanted to see them to make sure they are okay, but even if it was safe for her and Harry to enter the wizarding world they doubted it would be as simple as asking around to find them. They had to continue studying, and training to become stronger so they can finally start picking death eaters off one by one.

However, they still need to find the horcuxes and have them destroyed, and he only knows where the snake, cup, and dilemma might be. He figured the snake is with Voldemort, the dilemma is at Hogwarts since Harry remembered seeing it in the room of requirement when he was hiding Snape's potion book. The cup they figured might be in Gringotts wizarding bank, probably in one of Voldemort's generals' vaults. He also remembered seeing the locket in Sirius's house, how it got there; he had no idea, and knew it might not be there now, and it might be hard to recover.

If only he knew about the horcuxes a while back he would already have the locket because he would have recognised it for what it is, but Dumbledore's secrets prevented that. Now they had a lot of hard work on their hands, protecting people, taking out death eaters, finding the horcuxes, killing Voldemort, and finally retaking the magical world. It sounded easy like that but they were only a few people with no way of contacting others. Maybe after they begin fighting others will come out of hiding and fight for their freedom too, all they could do is hope.

Life just did not seem to be fair, and everything had to be hard… too hard, it was frustrating but they knew they had to win or the world will go to pot.

Harry and the Flamel's knew that eventually the muggles will find out, when the death eaters start attacking them, they will find out the truth and fight back with deadly force. They will not see a definition between light and dark, they will just see a threat to them and the world and retaliate with military precision, and magic will be a thing only muggles do by accident.

Harry was sitting on a leather sofa in the library reading a book and trying his hardest to fully understand the concepts in words, but he swore whoever wrote the book had no concept of simplistic. "Are you really that stupid sweetie?" interrupted a soft amused voice.

Harry turned his head and double took. "No freaking way!" he demanded angrily. "There's no way I have a girl side…"

In deed, Harry was staring at a beautiful girl with long raven black hair and her eyes a deep sea blue. Her hair had yellow blonde highlights scattered throughout, and she wore white silk trousers with two pink lines down each leg, and a light pink top accentuating her large chest. Her running trainers white with pink laces, and silk robes hanging loosely on her slim and soft frame, left hanging open, he guessed her wand was up her left sleeve. She was shorter than him, maybe the same height as Ginny.

She grinned cheekily with a little wave of her right hand and she bobbed up and down happily. "I'm your intelligence, well super intelligence," she giggled proudly. "You'll control the water with me."

Harry just stared blankly for a moment wondering whether it was wrong to fancy a girl version of him self. "This cannot be happening," he whined. "My girl self shouldn't be the smart one," he pouted. "So what are you, me if I were a girl?" he asked and she nodded cheerfully. "So um, I ain't going to change into you when we become one am I?" he asked worriedly, though more so that he might like it, but worried Ginny would not, and now he was confusing him self.

"How should I know," she replied with a shrug. "But I am super awesome, so what does it matter?" she replied as she moved closer and they both started glowing white, the light spreading out filling the room before splashing away.

Harry was not sure what to think as his mind moved almost too fast to even keep up, and his emotional state was hard to control, very hard in fact. He looked down and groaned internally correcting himself, she looked down and saw her large chest. She was exactly like the other her, him… he/she was so confused, but one thing was certain. He understood the book she, uh he was reading.

Grinning smugly, she dropped the book to the sofa and bounced up, running fast she sped out of the room and into the back garden moments later where the Flamel's and Ginny were collecting plants to restock the lab. "Hey hey hey!" she cried out in joy getting there attention they stared at her with open mouths. "I can do it! I can do it! I can do it!" she squealed in delight as she bounced from one foot to the other.

She clapped her hands together and sparked of gravidic lighting bounced around them before she paled them apart and slapped the ground, a wind and electro-magnetic energy pulsed and exploded as a yellow patterned circle erupted around her feet. The concrete of the path around her feet suddenly exploded into sand before she stood with a bright smug smirk.

"See see see, transmutation without a drawn circle," she giggled overjoyed as she danced her victory dance on the sand. "I'm so awesome! I'm so awesome!" she sang beautifully as she danced stupidly.

"What the hell?" demanded Nicolas suddenly. "Harry you're a bloody girl!"

"And what's wrong with being a girl?" demanded his wife glaring at him.

"Yeah!" agreed Ginny also glaring at him while her boy… girlfriend she corrected hoping he can turn back; she does want kids someday, danced around looking all too smug and cute.

"But I just did transmutation in such an awesome way!" interrupted Harry or, hmm… she really did not have a name. "I'm so cool, and so smart."

"Err, can you change back?" asked Ginny thoughtfully. "Not that you're not nice and all that, but your bloody better looking than me," she whined sadly.

"Aw, no I'm not Ginny!" she squealed in delight as she threw herself at the red haired girl giving her a big hug and rubbing her check on Ginny's happily. "You're so beautiful, and cute, and awesome, and cool… you're the greatest Ginny!" she chimed cheerfully in a rush.

"What the hells wrong with her?" asked Nicolas looking worriedly at his wife.

She burst out laughing. "I think her intelligence level just went through the roof, and she's having a difficult time adjusting, and by the personality, she is his light."

"Ohhhh, Ginny you are so cuddly," the girl chimed out holding the freaked out looking red haired girl tighter. "I love my Ginny soooo much!" she cheered as she finally let go and Ginny could breath easier.

Ginny shook her head clear and smiled lightly at the brightly smiling girl. "Well, I love you too, but you've gone insane."

"No no no!" she disagreed, pointing to her head with both hands, her beautiful blue eyes large and alive with madness. "I see things so much clearer, so many ideas, so many possibilities, too many possibilities… blow up death eaters, shoot them… nuke em'," she laughed insanely at her last idea throwing her head back before the world went black and she crumpled to the floor unconscious.

Perenelle sighed as she put her wand away as the other two looked at her strangely. "What? She was talking about using nuclear weapons; she needs to rest to absorb her new smarts. Now Ginny could you take your adorably insane girlfriend to your room and put her to bed, and watch over her?"

Ginny nodded with a light blush as she pulled out her wand and levitated the nutty unconscious girl. "S-she will be okay, wont she?" she asked looking worriedly and Perenelle. "She isn't going to always be crazy right? She just needs time?"

"I'm sure she'll be fine, dear, a little rest will do her a world of good, let her absorb her emotions," she agreed with a kind smile as Ginny nodded and floated the girl towards the house.

Ginny had just laid her crazy girlfriend on their bed and carefully pulled off her trainers, and her pink socks, placing them on the floor she gave a small smile. She looked the beautiful girl over in thought, first thing first, she had to give her girlfriend a name until she becomes Harry again, and an idea popped into her head… Twilight, it was nice and the opposite of Dawn, and if Dawn can be a name why not Twilight.

Twilight is beautiful just like twilight, so it is a good name she guessed; and hoped Harry, or Twilight will like it.

She watched Twilight's large chest drift up and down as she breathed for a moment before sitting beside her on the bed. Looking at the door to check it was closed and locked before looking back at her 'girlfriend', she bit her lower lip nervously as her eyes lingered on Twilight's chest again. She slowly moved her right hand and placed it on the girls' breast giving it a soft squeeze through her top; she paused with wide eyes as Twilight stirred for a second before going quiet.

Ginny continued with feeling her girlfriend up, squeezing those awesome soft breasts of hers. She hoped Twilight did not wake up while she was being pervy, or maybe she hoped she would wake and want to fool around. Ginny was a little excited at the thought of having a lesbian experience, and even more so since it wont be cheating and she loves the girl… person involved… it was all confusing but the girl was too captivating not to think about it.

In a cottage sitting room, several hundred miles away in England under the fidelius charm sat the remaining members of the Order of the Phoenix, and some younger new members such as Hermione and Ron, not that it mattered much the Order pretty much did nothing now anyway with few spies.

"Augh, I'm sick and tired of sitting around doing nothing!" whined Charlie Weasley in annoyance. "We don't have any information on anything."

"And we still don't know where Harry and Ginny are," agreed Hermione in annoyance.

"No news on their location is good news," said Bill Weasley with a tired sigh. "And why do you have to keep bringing them up everyday, are you jealous or something, or is it still that stupid mission you think your supposed to go on with Harry for Dumbledore that you wont tell anyone about?"

Hermione glared at him. "Harry has to fight, it's his purpose."

"Its no wonder he's staying away then," interrupted Tonks with a wince holding her swollen stomach. "Though I would like him to see his godson while he's still little," she added with a small laugh.

"Don't worry, I'm sure we'll see both him and Ginny soon," said Remus taking his wife by the hand. "Our son also needs his godmother."

"Hey how come they get dibs if you two kick the bucket?" interrupted Ron frowning.

Everyone just looked at him strangely. "Because they have brains," said Tonks rolling her eyes. "And I trust both of them more than most people, and Remus trusts Harry to take care of our son… anyway we don't plan on dying so shut up."

"You know even if they were looking for us," snickered Charlie suddenly. "Or we were looking for them, unless we were all looking at the same time we would have no hope of finding each other since they're probably under a fidelius too."

"Good point bro," piped in Fred Weasley nodding his agreement.

"Yeah, we'll probably hear about Harry when he starts kicking ass again," smirked George Weasley. "He was awesome at the wedding; he just waved his wand and sliced death eaters in two."

"Yeah," agreed Fred. "Maybe some kind of super cool power came to him, which is why he ran away before you got to his house on his birthday, and could explain his eyes."

In a dimly lit chamber within the ministry of magic, a shadowed figure sat upon his high golden throne with deep green cushions, blood red eyes stared out of his hooded robes at the row of white masked generals standing in a semi-circle in front of him.

"Speak," he hissed. "What news do you bring of the broken Order?"

One masked man nervously stepped forward and bowed. "We have not discovered their location, they are hidden well, but we have finally discovered Potter is not with them."

The dark figure raised his head slightly in interest. "Then you know where Potter is?" he demanded angrily.

The death eater flinched. "I-I'm afraid we don't My Lord, he has disappeared off the radar completely… we understand even the Order has lost him. We believe he-he may have just run away."

The Dark Lord hissed enraged. "Nonsense, Potter would not run away… he's a foolish boy who thrives off being a hero, and he'll show up eventually, and when he does I want the pleasure of finally ridding my world of him once and for all, and the resistance will crumble when his body is dragged through the streets." He laughed menacingly before raising his wand. "Crucio!" he roared.

The death eater fell to the ground withering in agony; screaming his throat raw.

Ginny smiled sheepishly as Twilight's eyes flickered open. Twilight lay on the bed now only wearing her pale pink bra and panties, and Ginny was only wearing her white bra and panties having gone a little far in molesting her girlfriend. Twilight's sea blue eyes looked down at her undressed state before looking at Ginny; she wiggled her cute little toes before giggling and looking back at her girlfriend.

"Ginny were you molesting me?" she asked with narrowed suspicious eyes.

Ginny smiled impishly as she shifted uncomfortably. "Uh… I'm sorry I didn't mean too, well I did but… I'm sorry I was just curious, Twilight I didn't err…" she replied stumbling over her words.

"Twilight?" she smirked in thought. "Cool, I like it, but lets have some fun with your tight little butt," she giggled as she sat up and grabbed Ginny pulling her over her lap getting an 'eep'.

Twilight slapped Ginny's ass with her left hand, the red haired girl gasped in surprise, before Twilight continued with stroking the tight butt. "Naughty Ginny, molesting me while I was napping, maybe you need another slap to your bum until you learn to wake me up before molesting me."

Ginny turned to stare at her with wide surprised eyes. "You're not mad?" she asked in surprise. Twilight just shook her head and spanked Ginny's butt again getting another gasp.

"Of course not," she smirked squeezing Ginny's tight little ass, receiving a soft groan in return. "But I am really horny, so I'm going to have my wicked way with you before I try to change back into Harry," she giggled insanely as she rolled over onto Ginny kissing her lips, forcing her tongue in the younger girls mouth, Ginny had to move fast to keep up with her tasting her tongue.

Twilight's hands were all over Ginny's breasts when she pulled back smirking. "I think now I've tasted your beautiful lips and tongue," she said looking down at the breathlessly giddy red head. "I'm going to have to eat your tasty pussy… yummy!" she squealed as she just ripped off Ginny's panties, dropping them to the floor; she buried her face between Ginny's legs, licking at her soaking pussy.

Ginny gasped out squealing in delight as Twilight's tongue worked on her before she came up with a grin, slimy juices over her lips and around her mouth. "Um, Ginny why was I sleeping anyway wasn't I in the garden?" she asked as a bewildered expression found its way onto her pretty face.

Ginny giggled before nodding. "You were kind of acting really nuts, so Perenelle stunned you to rest because you seemed to be having trouble processing your new smarts."

"Oh," she replied thoughtfully liking her lips clean she smiled. "Well I feel fine now, I think my brain might have been on overload with all those new thoughts and the whole girly emotion thing as well, and everybody has their limitations, even me!" she smirked looking back at Ginny's pussy. "But where was I," she grinned as she buried her face back in her girlfriends crutch, and Ginny squealed out loudly in pleasure as her small fingers wound there way through Twilight's soft hair holding her tighter and in place as she bucked her hips.

Twilight Potter frowned in thought while she was outside in the garden with Ginny. They were sitting together on a blanket with a picnic basket. They were both wearing simple white summer dresses, short to their thighs and enjoying a day off from their training. It had been just over a month since Twilight came into being, and Harry sometimes liked to hide out as her to get away from his thoughts. Not that it helped much. But as Twilight, Harry felt differently, worried wasn't sure why, but it brought him some much needed peace of mind.

The Magical World was going to the dogs and he found that it was harder to stay hidden when they could be doing something, anything to help protect people. He or she now had to wait things out. She couldn't run off to save the world while she was incomplete. It wouldn't be proper, or safe. What if they lose? That would be bad, especially if waiting a little longer gave them all the strength they needed to tip the scale in their favour.

It already seemed too late for the Magical World. They knew that when the last spell had been cast that they would have to rebuild. And why not? They could start over. They could reshape the Magical World. Dumbledore had obviously feared that for so long it would be a shame not to do what he feared most out of pure spite. Though it would be good for their people to change, to grow up and stop being apathetic bunch of losers. But what the future holds for a good guy victory would have to wait until Harry knew for certain that he was complete. He would not risk defeat just yet. Twilight knew they just couldn't afford to take chances, even though she was confident that even now there were few people who could stand toe-to-toe with her. But they still had an army, and unfortunately numbers did make up for lack of talent.

"I'm not quite sure how I know," Twilight said after a few moments of thought. 'I'm not a freaking walking encyclopedia of everything, you know?" she added with an amused grin while Ginny rolled her eyes, amused.

"I know that silly," she replied laughingly. "But you are the brainiac here. So how many more yous do you think you might have because we can't wait forever. Too many good people have either died or are cooperating with the Death Eaters as it is."

" I know that!" she replied while gritting her teeth in frustration. She looked down at her orange juice while absent-mindedly moving her left hand around the rim of her glass. Ginny watched her as the juice started swirling in a tiny storm. "I think I might have more than one more aspect to unlock. I just wish I could have gotten to kill the old bastard. And that doesn't make much sense. Dumbledore went through all of this trouble just to end up dead with Snape betraying him. But if it were a trick then I would still be bound."

"Don't worry, beautiful," Ginny interrupted her moping as she reached over and took her girl left hand in her right, stopping her stormy orange juice. Twilight looked up at her in surprise, and a small smile formed as Ginny tugged her closer, pulling her into her arms, cuddling her and planting a loving kiss on her lips. "We'll get there, and we'll stop these monster, rebuild, and then go on a lovely holiday, just the two of us,okay?"

Twilight laughed as shed cuddled her girlfriend, nodding her head while she relaxed her cheek on Ginny's chest and curled up, snuggled in her arms. "That sounds wonderful," she agreed as she took a deep breath, taking in her girlfriends delightful scent. "I've always wanted to try skiing or snowboarding."

Laughing Ginny shook her head. "I was thinking more like lounging around on a beach."

"Well I suppose that would be nice too," she replied while closing her bright eyes happily. I love you so much."

"I love you too," she replied kissing the top of Twilight's head.

"This is so cute!" they were interrupted by a feral female voice. Though Twilight looked up with wide eyes Ginny didn't react at all as she had closed her eyes contently cuddling her girlfriend. "But I want to go exploring the Amazon. The online version too, thinking about it. If we can't go shopping we could at least bring the shopping here."

"Oh," Twilight muttered as she started glowing a soft green colour, "Well this was unexpected. My nature?" she asked to receive an amused nod.

Ginny pulled back from the cuddle, confused, looking around to see no one else. However, looking at her girlfriend her eyes widened. "Twilight! You're glowing!" she stated the obvious in surprise while her girlfriend smiled at her through the glow as it got brighter.

Once the light completely obscured Twilight from view it splashed away. Ginny blinked away spots from her eyes as her mouth dropped open in shock. She had the same features as before, but everything about her seemed more somehow while other things were different.

Her eye were different for example. Ginny could see the animalistic pixelation in the bright green eye like they had little lamps behind them. Her hair was a deep crimson to the roots, thick and luxurious down passed her shoulders where it started to fade to black ending at her waist, and hanging over her shoulders. It was wild but kept neat and loose. Her complexion was different too. Her skin tone was pale white with a slight green tinge. Her breasts seemed perkier, fuller as they were hidden away in her new top. It was bright red curving around her boobs with a tear across to show a little more flesh, not that she needed too as so much of her perfectly tone body was showing. And she was wearing matching bright red hot pants with a slender black pocket belt hanging off her slender hips.

She was bare foot with red painted toe and fingernails. Her lips were deep red and pouty, and her eyes haloed with a soft rose colour making her brilliant eyes pop even more with the colour blurring into the whites of her eyes. Ginny could only stare, mesmerize when she felt those brand new lips on hers and melted into Twilight 2.0's arms as her mouth eagerly accepted her tongue her eyes drifted closed as she ran her fingers through her older girlfriends luscious hair.

They were kissing and cuddling for several minutes before they had to pull apart for breath, breathing heavily, laboured and horny. "Whoa!" Ginny breathed out smiling while Twilight gave her one of her biggest grins.

"Yeah, whoa,' Twilight readily agreed. "I so have to take you to bed, right now! I've never felt so bloody hot!" she said while licking her lips with her cute little pink tongue.

"Don't make me beg Light, because right now I'm not above begging!" she replied as they both still held each other, panting for breath.

"I would never-!" she replied with a cheeky grin but stopped as Ginny gave her a disbelieving smirk. "Well okay! Beg me baby-!"

However, they both stopped their game, letting go of each other and turned to see Nicolas Flamel rushing out of the back door towards them. "Twilight! Ginny!" he called as he came to a stop by them out of breath. They quickly got to their feet as they realised it was something important. They pushed their earlier naughty thoughts aside to give him their full attention, waiting for the old man to get his breath back.

"This is not good!" he said after a few moments. "Our spy with the Order just got in touch. Somehow that old bastard is back!"

"No!" Twilight whispered in doubt. "That's impossible. I saw him die. He was hit with Snape's killing curse. Heck look at me! All of his magic has broken. I'm still waking up."

"I can see that," he retorted in concern. "He must have cheated somehow. Brought himself back-!"

"His own horcux!" Ginny said startling them, their eyes widening. "His power would have weakened so much that, Harry's power could overcome the binds. Now the bind are gone we don't have to worry about Dumbledore regaining control of anything."

"Except that he's taken back the Order!" he replied with a frown showing his worry line. "Your friends with Perenelle. I'm sure you'll want to see her too, and ask her questions. I swear I'm getting to old for this crap,' he said leading them away from their picnic to the back door.

"What do you mean getting?" Twilight jokingly asked.

He just glanced back at her, rolling his eyes as he pulled the backdoor open. "The old jokes are getting old, pun intended. Anyway put some clothes on. I feel like I'm seeing my granddaughter dressed up for a rave," he said, shivering as he lead them inside.

"Shesh, you old prood!" she retorted as she pulled her (well, Harry's) long black coat from the coat-room as they passed. She pulled the coat on and it was baggy on her, hanging to her lower calf, but she didn't do it up. "There, better?" she demanded while they entered the living room.

"Not by much," he said but relented as the two girls were glompped in a surprise hug by the odd blue eyed blonde girl.

"Hey, Luna!" Twilight greeted her first as she and Ginny cuddled their friend and kissed her cheeks each before they all pulled back to take seats and discuss important business.

"So the old basket case is really back!?" Ginny asked because she felt as if she needed to hear it from her friends own lips.

"Yes," she agreed with a sad sigh looking to Twilight in worry as she had only met her once but the new look was promising. "I was there. I saw him with my own eyes. Albus Dumbledore has returned and taken over the Order. They told him about the new murderous Harry and he looked terrified for a moment before he schooled his fear away. But I saw it, and I think others must have too. He's going to get what little remains of the Order killed. He was already shocked that both Voldemort and Harry were still alive. He's ordered the Order to start searching for you both,"

"That is not good!" Twilight hissed out angrily. "He fucking comes back. And now he's going to get what little forces we had killed."

"Dose he have everyone's support?" Nicolas asked.

Luna shook her head in the negative. "No. Remus and Tonks are against his plans to find them. Ginny, your brothers are with us too, except Ron. Your dad seems on the fence, and your mum is Dumbledore's, but there are others who don't seem keen on dying for the old man while others are already blindly following. He's adamant that we find Harry before Voldemort dose, even though we know Voldemort isn't trying much any more. But Dumbledore has invited Snape right back into the will only be a matter of time until all of the Orders security crumbles to dust and every Order protected safe house is raided. There are kids spread out through most of our safe houses, Twilight. We cant let the old man's fanatics let him take over. The Death Eaters will kill them.

"We also have a large network set up protecting muggle-born's and their muggle families. If that collapses they'll be killed, worse,or sent to Azkaban. It seems inconceivable that anybody could be this foolish in their own selfishness that they wouldn't just risk all of the work we put in. But all of those lives just to play games sacrificing so many pawn. Pawns that aren't even on his playing field. Not everyone can fight like us."

"I need to get word to the Order!" Twilight spoke coldly. "They are to split from Dumbledore before its too late. Dose Dumbledore have access to your safe house?"

"No," she replied, and I won't give up the secret either. Most of the safe houses are secure for now. But Hermione Granger, Ronald and Molly Weasley have."

"Shit my brother and mum are idiots!" Ginny muttered darkly. "And I had always thought Hermione was redeemable. I was obviously to kind. The bloody idiots going to get her family killed."

"I need to head a meeting," Twilight said, shocking them. They all looked at her in surprise. "Well my other self dose."

"And what do you plan on telling them?" Perenelle asked.

"The truth," she said surprising them. "Dumbledore lies and misinforms them enough as it is. Luna arrange it for your safe house for six this evening. I'll be going alone, Gin."

"No you won't!" Nicolas said with a cool look. "We'll all be going together. We're all in this and we can take care of ourselves."

"Okay,' she reluctantly agreed, but smiled as Ginny took her hand in a show of support. "Thank you Luna for being such a good friend."

"I should thank you, silly," Luna replied smilingly as she hugged her friends each before jumping up from her seat. "I should get going if we're going to set up a secret meeting."

"Don't tell then that I'm the one arranging this meeting or it could get back to Dumbledore," Twilight said as she got up from her seat and leading Luna to the front door. "And stay safe, okay, Luna!" she ordered as she opened the front door, giving her one last hug and kiss on the cheek before the blonde apparated away and she was gone.

Twilight sighed as she closed the front door leaning up against the door with her eyes closed when she felt Ginny crawl into her arms as they hugged tightly. "This day had been going so well."

"I know love, I know," Ginny replied in understanding.

"How could things have just dissolved like this?" Twilight asked while looking at her watch with a sigh. "We have four hours until our meeting, and we should prepare, right? she asked while feeling more confused than when she first became Twilight.

"I suppose-but then, maybe not as I know you. You'll prepare and then go straight off tangent and do a better job of winging it anyway. We can't let Dumbledore get away with this," she said mumbling into Twilight's hair while taking a deep breath. "Too many innocent people will die if you don't gain control over the Order, and tonight. Dumbledore has obviously used some very foul magic to keep from staying death, and I bet that slimy bastard Snape was in on helping him. "

"You're right!" she replied as Ginny pulled back from the cuddled. "I have to stop him before anyone dies hunting for me on his orders. Or worse he lets Snape hand over some of our safe houses just to keep Voldemort sweet on him. I bet Voldemort will be just as pissed when he finds out the old bastard cheated death too. We cannot let Dumbledore regain any more strength as a symbol of hope. He's been gone long enough that his charms have been broken to set enough people free. We just need to keep him down. Hopefully it will take him time to try restarting that bullshit!"

Ginny nodded her head in agreement. "Don't worry Light, I'll be standing right beside you when you talk with them. They;ll listen to you. I know they will. They'll understand that we left and hid to plan our attack strategy. That we need to train. That you need to wait until you're fully awake before we can think about going on the offensive. The world will change for the better, and you will bring them real hope. Not false promises and death."

Twilight smiled widely at her girlfriend and kissed her eager lips before pulling back. "At least this time I'll get to kill the bastard myself for what he did to me-once we find and destroy his horcruxes."

Ginny nodded as she planted a kiss on Twilights lips. "There is always that to look forward too," she readily agreed as she pulled back. "We already know how to find Voldemort's, and I'm certain it won't be hard to find the old man's. After all, he'll be just like Tom, hiding them in places of significance to him. There has to be one at Hogwarts at least, and maybe even Godric's Hollow."

"Well that's two places to investigate!" she answered after a moment of thought.

"Well you should go upstairs and change-in more ways than one," Ginny said pulling her away from the door and smirking smugly while they laughed and Twilight grinned and gave her a quick kiss while hurrying up the stairs.

Ginny sighed as she watched her girlfriends retreating arse as she ruched up the stairs when she was startled as Perenelle placed her hand on her shoulder in a comforting manner, and gave her a reassuring smile. "Have faith in her-him, Ginny," the old woman said. "He is a special sort of person. They will listen to him. They have too. If not. Then they're signing their own death warrants. I feel afraid-if Dumbledore gets any more people killed for his ideals, Harry will-I fear Harry will do something terrible in retaliation. Watch him, Ginny, loved him. Protect him. Because he needs you now more than ever."

"I know," she whispered sadly. "I love him so much. I don't want anything bad to happen. I don't want him to do something he'll regret," she said while sighing. "He already does so much. He worries all the time about the people we have working for us-especially those in the ranks of the Death Eaters. I still can't believe he went out and found anyone in the dark to work for him," she said chuckling slightly at the memory. "Goddess forbid anything happen to them. He promised that he would protect them. The Death Eaters wouldn't know what hit them if Harry lost it, and all of those weak-and I suppose innocent idiots that folded so quickly would likely fall with them if he went on a rampage though the ministry. But... right now I don't think Harry would last long-especially once the stronger Death Eaters enter the battle."

"I know dear, I know," Perenelle agreed. "You found yourself a good man-err person," she said and corrected, which caused Ginny to smile. "We should get ready for this too. Prepare some defences, just in case any of them try something stupid."

"Okay," she agreed while taking a deep reassuring breath and smiling. "I'll help out. I can only hope that most of the Order see reason," she said as she followed her mentor, to prepare for the coming confrontation.

"The Order will belong to Harry!" Nicolas interrupted as he joined them from the lounge with a look of determination on his face. "Harry is the leader of hope now, and nothing Dumbledore can stop him from leading our people to salvation."

"You're right!" Ginny agreed with a determined nod.

"Don't let it go to your head!" Perenelle said, poking her smug husband in the chest while Ginny laughed and he stuck his tongue out childishly.

Meanwhile Harry was upstairs after having undressed, transformed and pulled on a all black suite staring into the bedroom mirror with his mismatched eyes. His left was a luminous green while his right was luminous red, the colour of blood with a scar like a blade cut running down the right straight of his nose and ending on his cheek just before his lips. He could do this. He had to. So many people were counting on him, even if they didn't realise it. He ruffled his long black hair, neatening it, wondering at the crimson tipped highlights but he shrugged that off as it looked tastefully done.

He smirked at himself in the mirror. "Nether Dumbledore nor Voldemort will get away with perverting the course of nature! I won't let them!" he hisses angrily, clenching his fists and gritting his teeth. "They'll both pay with their lives!"

"Of course they will!"

Harry was startled as he looked into the mirror at the mercury eyed teen behind him.

The Order had arrived at her summons like she knew they would. Luna called and they came running like she knew they would. Most, if not all of them expected Dumbledore to be hosting the meeting. But they would be sourly mistaken, but she knew most of them would be pleasantly surprised by the outcome of the meeting. though, Luna did feel quite apprehensive about all of this. She smiled a little, amused with some random moron who couldn't wait to see Dumbledore. As if she would ever let that moron though the wards of her safe house. It had actually been quite easy to get rid of Dumbledore for a few hours as she sent him on a fools errand.

She needed rid of the old man for a short while so he didn't find out about the meeting and try to prevent the Order from going. It was actually too easy, but that was to her benefit, so she wasn't going to complain.

Her safe house was very large, which was good as it had its own hall. The Flamel's had set her up with this place, and now she knew she had to reward the house after to keep out those who will not listen to what Harry has to say. But that would be fine by her. And though after this she wouldn't be able to spy on Dumbledore-they have other people who have been in contact with Harry and Ginny. Or should she say Harry and Ginny had been in contact with them, and they'll know to keep their true allegiance hidden or else they could lose spies. Not to mention if Dumbledore is capable of using such foul magic to stay alive-what else would he to to regain his power over the Magical World?

Shaking those thoughts off she looked around her hall from where she stood up front watching. She had already been told that Harry, Ginny, and the Flamel's had arrived, which was good news, as everything was going smoothly. She looked out over the growing crowd and shook her head in mock pity as she saw Ronald and Hermione looking so eager in their seats. They were supposed to be Harry's friends, but they had never acted like it. It was a good job that Harry had woken up and dropped them like bad smells. They-well Hermione at least had almost got that adorably odd Gabrielle killed during Bill Weasley's wedding. Though she was pretty sure she shouldn't be calling anyone adorably odd as she remembered that was what Ginny called her.

Shaking that thought off she saw quite a few other members of the Order looking just as excited as them. However, it did amuse her that there were others sitting back looking bored or annoyed with the situation. She could promise they wouldn't be like that soon.

Mad-Eye Moody was there sitting back looking as if the world was out to get him, and who knew. It might have been. he was always watching his mack with that freaky magical eye of his spinning around in his head. Luna would have put up charms to block it if it actually saw through things properly, but it was more like a muggle x-ray, or sonogram. Even magic had limitations on what it could do.

Luna averted her gaze as the old ex-auror looked to her suddenly-suspicious, and let her eyes rest on Tonks and Lupin. The purple haired woman was well and truly gone. Her bump huge. She was around nine months pregnant, so she didn't have long to go. A month at most. She couldn't be happier to host the couple, as they were good together, and couldn't wait to get the chance to coo over their baby when it was born.

Turning from them she grimaced as she saw Mrs. Molly Weasley sitting at a table with her family. She looked like she might wet herself in excitement if she's not careful. Her sons were giving her plenty of space (well minus Ronald as he sat apart with Hermione and looked just as bad). Even Mrs. Weasley's husband gave her space and looked concerned. And Fluer-Bill Weasley's wife was talking to him in hushed whispers while gesturing to his mother about something while he was nodded in agreement. The twins looked like they were-yep. The twins were slipping away as fast as they could to get away from their Dumbledore obsessed mother.

Luna smiled as she found it all quite amusing as she found some other people looking away from Molly Weasley-actually grimacing was Amelia Bones, former head of Magical Law Enforcement. And she only joined the Order to protect her niece (glade Dumbledore wasn't running the Order). Her niece was sitting with her looking worried. Amelia had been leading the Order for a few months and doing a good job of it. Harry had been happy to leave her in charge. It was a better option than alternatives, and Amelia had been wonderful in setting up safe houses, especially for muggle-born's and their muggle family's to hide.

Though Luna was aware that some families who had the money jumped on planes and left the country as soon as they could-the muggle-born's getting asylum from foreign ministries for themselves and families. But too few people could afford to do that, and some didn't want to run away. They wanted to fight for their rights and freedom. Luna completely understood that as she could have ran away but chose to stay and fight. She wouldn't be ran out of her home just because of a bunch of racist terrorist conquered the idiotic ministry. It was her home and she had every right to fight for it and protect who she could.

Luna had many children within her safe house (or safe mansion would be more right) and she had to protect the. She had been worried about all of these people being there, but she had gotten some of their goblin allies to ward up some extra sections of the house individually to keep any of the Order from finding them, with some guardians to look after them. She wondered what Dumbledore would have thought if he knew there were goblins in the Order. Amelia sure as heck wouldn't tell him, and many of the Order mage didn't even know that the goblins were around, several of the higher ups sitting quietly with a drink each in one corner with some notice-me-not magic.

The goblins weren't stupid. They knew who had control of the Order, and it wasn't Dumbledore. And it also wasn't Amelia Bones either. Luna was sure that Amelia knew she didn't actually run the Order. Not that she had been sure. But Amelia was smart enough to know it hadn't been Dumbledore from the shadows. He had been dead after all. And everyone knew Dumbledore well enough to know that all of the changes to what the Order did and how it operated was way out of how Dumbledore worked or thought. No. She wouldn't even entertain the idea of that at all, she was just too clever.

Looking round from Amelia, Luna spotted her old transfiguration teacher. Professor McGonagall. Well, she supposed, not a professor any more, since Hogwarts had been taken. It saddened Luna to think about the school. From what information they got the school wasn't even being used. Death Eaters had looted the place of what they could and left it be as even they needed money to run the place and with the lack of student numbers it was a financial mess.

Professor McGonagall did run the Order in the beginning, but she gave it over to Amelia, and was one of the few people that knew who actually ran the Order. She had been assigned an important mission. There were still muggle-born children out there, unaware that they had targets on their heads. She had been finding them with the help of a team she chose and warding their homes against magical intrusion, and shielding their magic from undesirable forces, then keeping track of them to reverse any accidental magic they perform. Luna had to admire her old professor and her team for that.

Shaking her head clear Luna smiled as she watched the last few stragglers wander into the hall and find some seats when Perenelle slid through the crowd to her, smiling as nobody knew who she was. Well, almost nobody as she took note of a few surprised faces in the crowd, such as Moody, Amelia, and McGonagall. Also to her amusement Hermione Granger seemed to know who she was and looked shocked-awed even.

"Harry's ready," the centuries old woman said with a smirk while she made a discrete motion to the side where her husband stood up against the wall by the side door that lead up to the stage and podium set for the meeting with microphone.

Luna nodded with a smirk as a few people spotted the famous alchemist, recognising him and whispers spread through the hall. "then lets get this show started," she said while Perenelle walked back over to her husband where a hooded girl stood the other side of the door with her arms folded across her chest, but she was ignored as people would rather strain their necks to see Nicolas Flamel. Not that he gave them any attention as he looked bored, but Luna knew otherwise as she saw his small smirk.

Luna smiled as she stepped up onto the stage and the hall started quieting down as they took note eagerly awaiting whatever was going on. She smiled wider as she stood at the podium while everyone waited with baited breath.

"Welcome everyone to my home!" Luna greeted them like the polite host she was. "Thank you for coming. I'm sure you're all very curious about why your here!?" she asked and she got plenty of shouts of agreement and smiled, but her smile widened as some called out for Dumbledore. "No!" she said shaking her head, her voice bouncing off the cold walls from the speakers as all sound dropped in shock at that one word. "Albus Dumbledore is not here!" she quickly informed them.

"However," she added as several people shouted out, asking what games she was playing. They quietened down again at that word. "The leader of the Order is here to speak with you!" she said and the quiet became more so somehow. She had baffled them-well most of them, but some were now paying much closer attention to her. She knew a few of them may have even guessed who they were going to see next.

"I am proud to introduce to you!" Luna said with a big smile. "Harry Potter!"

Those two names caused a collective gasp as she stepped away from the podium and then in a swish and warp of space, Harry Potter was standing before the podium while Luna crept away to take a seat. The hall shuddered as they looked at him with swirling eyes of liquid metal, captivating and dangerous His hair was short around the sides and back, but long on top and to the front, pitch black with crimson tips like blood.

Harry wore a simple amused smirk on his lips as he wore an expensive custom fit suit with waste jacket and tie, all in black with black shiny leather shoes, and an expensive looking black watch on his left wrist with crimson hands.

The hall had gone deathly quiet and Luna quivered in excitement as Harry looked even more powerful than the last time she saw him. His suit fit him perfectly but it did nothing to hide his muscles, and he had grown a few inches since most people had last seen him. He looked like a dangerous and imposing figure staring down at everyone from the stage, and though Luna hoped no one started any trouble, there were a few people Luna would like to see get into trouble because Harry looked like he wasn't going to take any shit tonight, and that was fine by her.

"Thank you Luna!" Harry said, smiling down at her as his eyes softened slightly; his voice bouncing around the chamber from the speakers, strong, powerful, and in command before he looked back up towards the rest of the hall as they stared at him in shock, unable to believe this young man was there with them with a new scar down the right side of his nose, the white of his right eye was a light red like the blur of a light while his left was green.

"Thank you all for you... I'm going to say unusual welcome!" He continued with a small amused smile, which startled so many of them that some even tried to give a late applause but it was too little too late and that died down in moments embarrassing them. Harry just continued with his small amused smile. "If you hadn't figured it out already, I called this meeting, not some bastard old man who should have stayed dead!" he growled out and though Luna saw some of those in attendance glare and looked tempted to shout out they could feel Harry's presence in spades so they kept their mouths shut, though for how long that would last, Luna didn't know.

"I've come to speak with you-warn you even!" Harry said while he had everyone's full attention. "Albus Dumbledore should be dead. And now because he cheated death he has returned to put everyone's lives in danger. I have been running the Order behind the scenes for quite a few months now!" he said shocking them. "I have been arranging for safe houses, and to protect the muggle-born's, and their families. I have been making sure everyone was well hidden with protections. I've been away from you all, training, and waking from The Long Sleep. A name I derived for what Dumbledore did you me when I was just a baby. It broke with his magic when he died. This is why aspects of me looks different. With each knew aspect of myself to awaken I gain ... a new look with new abilities.

"These are my Hidden Possibilities. Dumbledore feared what I might become. A greater sorcerer than he could have ever hoped to be!" he said loudly and defiantly while everyone watched on in awe and horror, or anger and disbelief. "The Order must not turn to Dumbledore! He shall only lead you to ruin!" he said speaking over some angry hisses. "But I-I shall lead you to a new world. I shall lead you to victory where you shall not die needless deaths.

"Some of you have even handed him over your safe houses!" He said this coldly as his eyes flicked to certain people, Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger before other. "You had no right to give away what neither belonged to him or you! You have just doomed your families, or innocent civilians, or both!

"What is wrong with you people!?" he asked coldly. "Dumbledore just comes waltzing back from the dead with his murderer in toe, and then starts giving you orders to capture me! In all the time he has been gone, you have been safe, waiting, bidding time. Under my authority you have been safe and well provided for. Yes. I also hate having to hide away. Having to wait. But I was left with little choice-."

"Then why didn't you come back sooner!" someone shouted out from the crowd, interrupting him.

Harry laughed humourlessly. "Would you have listened to me at the time, let me lead you without your heads up your own arses thinking that there was no way a seventeen year old could lead you without evidence. I have been leading you. I have been keeping you safe. Keeping your families safe. What has Dumbledore done foo you, except for die? Then miraculously return to life, only to start taking away the responsibility. The trust I gave you by letting you run individual branches of the Order."

Nobody said anything as Harry's cool mercury eyes scanned over his audience as he had them in the palm of his hands. "I thought so. Nothing. Dumbledore gives you nothing. And you were going to blindly hand him MY ORDER!" he roared out and his power engulfed the hall raising the temperature several degrees and causing many to flinch back as if slapped. "I shall NOT let innocent children and civilians die because you're happy to follow Dumbledore's ridiculous orders! Its always about me with him! He can't stand not knowing what I'm doing! He doesn't give a shit what Voldemort and his fucking bitches do to you and your families, or the muggles, and muggle-born children still out there, oblivious about magic when they should be at Hogwarts!"

He glared around the room coldly, and so many people were glued to their seats listening in rapt attention that none of them even flinched upon hearing Voldemort's name. "I don't scheme and make ridiculous plots that will get people killed. But I will offer you battle strategy, and plans of WAR!" he roared out making some flinch, but others started cheering out loudly in agreement. "Today we start fighting back! No longer will we quiver in the shadows like scared little cowards! The Death Eaters declared war on us and because of Dumbledore and his bullshit with folded in hours! Fucking hours! No more! No fucking more!

"Now we fight back! Today! Today we declare WAR!" he boomed over the speakers and Order members stood up applauding and cheering while other stayed seated watching in horror. "We are The Order! The Order of our own destiny!" He finished while Luna watched, quivering as she was standing with so many others cheering.

Luna looked around as Harry had done it. He had shown them that he could be their leader. That he was their leader, and The Order was reborn. She looked round to see Moody staring at her. He nodded to her with a smirk lining his lips as he applauded, but stayed seated. She looked away to McGonagall. She was standing with a few of her fellow ex-teachers and applauding with relief. She turned to see Amelia Bones with her niece, Susan standing and clapping loudly. There were so many others she remembered from Hogwarts cheering and hooting along with the crowd.

The Weasley twins were among the loudest shouting out Harry's name. Today was a day to celebrate, while tomorrow the war truly begins. They could worry about what truly fighting a war was like then. But Luna knew Harry well enough by now to know that he would do everything and anything in his power to keep the death toll on their side to an absolute minimum, because she knew that he knew that not everyone would come out of this alive.

Looking around the hall, Luna watched as Molly Weasley stormed out in a hurry with Ronald and Hermione. Others were quickly following them, fleeing the hall, and she knew that Dumbledore would hear about this tonight, and innocent people were going to needlessly die. But she had already gotten word to some of the stolen safe houses and many of them had left for safer house. Using this meeting as the perfect opportunity to get away without being confronted, and she had some of her people picking them up to get them to safety. But she knew that too many of them would stay, and that saddened her, but it couldn't be helped

Luna nodded to the goblins in the corner and they quickly snuck away to start renewing the wards to keep out the undesirable as fast as they could get it done. They each gave her a nod of appreciation as they accepted Harry was their new leader, and had been protecting them just as well as he protected any human. Harry Potter was a different kind of man to any they had met before and they would fight by his side. Luna knew that as fact, and it made her smile.

"Well that went better than I expected!" Ginny startled her as she had moved over to her while pulling her hood down and smirking. "I expected mum to have something to say about this! It will be fun weeding out our spies and feeding them false information to the old bastard though!"

"I know!" Luna agreed, hugging her friend while Ginny hugged back before they pulled back from each other with grins. "Oh, I almost forgot!" she said as she snapped her fingers and the tables around the sides of the hall filled up to the brim with a huge buffet feast and drinks while music started playing. "I figured we could use this as opportunity to have a party!" she said as she saw Ginny's shocked face, giggling.

"A brilliant idea, Luna!" Harry said as he hopped down from the stage with a grin to greet them, and Luna jumped into his arms for a hug while grinning wildly as he wrapped his arms around her. "Everyone looks like they need this, just as much as us, huh, Gin?" he asked laughingly as she shook her head clear and returned his grin while Harry let Luna go.

"Yeah, I guess you're right!" she readily agreed.

"Ginny!?" She was startled as she turned to see her father before he pulled her in for a tight hug. "Thank the gods you're okay!" he said in worry as he let her go and looked her over as she wore brand new muggle clothes with a hooded coat.

"Dad!" she said in surprise, smiling. "I'm fine. I've told you that plenty of times. So are you staying, or running off to join mum and Ron-oh and Percy by the looks of it!?" she asked as she noticed that Percy had also left.

"I'm staying!" he said with a sad sigh. "Whatever Dumbledore did to come back! I don't want to know, but any kind of necromancy is bad news in my books. I tried to explain that to your mother when he came marching back, but she wouldn't listen, so overjoyed she was to see him return. She then handed over our safe house without any thought about what she was doing! I know some our our residents will have left by the time Molly gets back."

Mr. Weasley then turned to Harry while he stood by waiting before the man surprised him with a smile and a pat on the shoulder. "Thank you for looking after her!" he said with his smile. "I know everything-that all of this can't be easy-especially with what Dumbledore has done to you!"

Harry chuckled lightly and rolled his eyes. "Actually, I think I should be thanking you for letting Ginny look after me!" he corrected jokingly.

"Harry!" Ginny reprimanded playfully.

"Potter!" They were interrupted as Mad-Eye Moody clunked over as not many members of The Order had the guts to approach their new leader-or more accurately put their revealed leader.

Harry smiled at the old man sheepishly. "Umm... no hard feelings about what I did at the wedding, right?"

Moody smiled a bit. "Water under the bridge. I was actually impressed. You taught me to wear a protective cup. Constant vigilance, Potter!" he said with a gravelly chuckle. "So we're finally declaring war on the Death Eaters, but what are we going to do about Dumbledore! How do we get rid of a man who can just come back!?"

Harry frowned in thought before smiling slightly. "Unfortunately the same way we kill Voldemort!" he said causing him and Mr. Weasley to look surprised, horrified at the outright implication that Dumbledore and Voldemort used the same method. "I know I can trust you Moody, Weasley!" he said looking at the two men. "Moody. You know the old bastard better than most. And Weasley, you know your way around the muggle world well enough, or should with what you used to do for work!

"Build a team of your most trusted allies, of members whose talents you can have to find Dumbledore's..." he paused and looked around to make sure no one was listening in when he snapped his fingers and the five of them bust away to reappear in an upstairs room away from every one else in an implosion of air, startling Luna, Mr. Weasley, and Moody, but Ginny only smiled, amused with her boyfriend.

"You have to find Dumbledore's horcruxes!" he continued and Moody paled with wide eyes, for once looking terrified.

"T-that sick bastard!" Moody said shakily as he looked to Mr. Weasley while he looked confused. "A horcrux is a fragment of soul, torn from the body and stored in an object. From what little I know!" he said while Mr. Weasley looked sick. "You have to kill an innocent person to create one! It is the most foul of magic. Necromancy at its worse!"

"Damn him!" Mr. Weasley said before looking to Harry. "But-You-Know-V-Voldemort. T-that's how he survived too... isn't it. But then-where-where are his. Shouldn't we be looking for his too!?"

"Don't worry about Voldemort!" Harry said coolly. "Ginny and I are working on that one personally with Nicolas and Perenelle!"

"So that's where you've been!" Moody mumbled appreciatively "That's why they're here. You're their apprentices I feel quite a bit better now! They're good people! Always said they wanted kids of their own! But-well prolonged use of the philosopher's stone isn't healthy if you want to get pregnant, or get someone pregnant Didn't know until it was too late. Had no one they could really pass on their knowledge to!"

"Okay, didn't need that lesson!" Ginny said quivering.

"So. Shall we return to the party?" Luna asked with a smile. "I think Harry owes me and Ginevra a dance!" she said smirking.

Ginny giggled. "I believe you're one hundred per cent right, Luna!" she said as she latched onto one of his arms while Luna took the other laughing as Harry shrugged at the men sheepishly before the five of them burst away to reappear in the hall, startling other guests.

"We'll discuss this more latter!" Harry said to the two men before leading his girlfriend and friend off towards the dance floor that had been set up after some people had moved some tables out of the way.

"Don't move!" A growl made them pause as Harry felt the wand pointing in his back and the girls let go of his arms. Looking around it was a large black man, Kingsley Shacklebolt. "Dumbledore would like to have a word with you, I'm sure. He'll be happy that I've stopped this foolishness before its started!"

Harry yawned as if bored with the ex-auror already. "You're not worth my bother, mate!" Harry said over his shoulder.

"Get the fuck away from them!" Remus Lupin interrupted with a growl as he grabbed the man by his dreads and threw him into a table where he crashed down, dropping his wand; he had several pointed at him in seconds.

"Lock him up!" Luna ordered, gesturing to some of her house members. "We'll ask him some questions in the morning!" she said stunning him as he went to dive for his wand. "Keep him unconscious! We'll ask him some questions in the morning!" she said while gesturing around the room as her people got to removing him. "Please, everyone!" she called. "My apologies for the disturbance! Continue with the celebrations!" she said and everyone slowly got back to whatever it was they were doing before.

"Remus!" Harry greeted him with a quick hug. "Looking pretty good considering the full moon tomorrow!" he said laughingly before turning as Tonks had waddled over smilingly while getting a hug from Ginny before Harry pulled her into his strong arms, and placing his left hand on her large baby bump. "So what are you guys expected, boy or a girl, huh?"

"W-well that's been a bit inconclusive!" Tonks said sheepishly. "One medi-wizard said boy, another said girl-!"

"Doesn't sound wrong to me!" Harry said as his hand holding her tummy was rippling the air slightly. They just looked at him, confused. "Twins!" he said shocking them, he laughed. "They'll be troublesome if they're anything like the pair of you!"

"W-we're having twins!?" Tonks asked as she looked down at her belly with wide eyes.

"Well yeah. I can feel them-the twin cores-and the two strong heartbeats!" he said smilingly as he pulled away from her as she and Remus hugged in excitement. "You know-if you wanted, maybe you could ask Perenelle to be your midwife. She's told us she's delivered a fair few baby's in her time! Probably no one more experienced!"

"I would love to!" Perenelle interrupted as she and her husband had snuck over. "If you don't have anyone yet! In fact, I would like to insist on it!"

"T-thank you!" Tonks breathed out as a smile graced her face.

"Well, why don't you guys talk it over," Harry said with a huge grin spreading to his lips. "I did promise these two lovely young ladies a dance each!" he chuckled as he lead both Ginny and Luna away and finally to the dance floor where they could forget about the war for just a little longer.

Time moved in mysterious ways, or something like that. Harry wasn't sure. But having two aspects of himself come in one day was a good sign that he was nearly whole. But not quite. It had been two weeks and his last self had not been revealed yet.

At least Dumbledore and his phoenix minions hadn't been seen since those who left the party. But still, The Order had spies everywhere they could, and they were watching them just as diligently as they watched the Death Eaters. Though, Dumbledore's absence didn't stop him from sending out search parties, one of which fell foul to some Death Eaters and died horrible, pointless deaths. It was a shame that that didn't seem to put any doubt in the old bastards believers. But it did prove Harry's point to The Order. Dumbledore and his 'Order' of the Phoenix were already a disorganized mess.

Harry and the actual Order didn't refer to Dumbledore's group as such, and just called them the Phoenix Minions just to amuse themselves. Harry still couldn't believe that hypercritical old bastard believed he and his minions were the good-guys. Some of the things he was apparently telling his minions were damn right ridiculous. And Harry didn't have a clue why he took that greasy bastard Snape back. Maybe Snape was in on Dumbledore's resurrection from the beginning. He supposed that would have made a lot of sense.

"Let's make this quick!" His thoughts were invaded as he watched the black robed figure approaching him down the alley, hidden away in Hogsmeade while another stayed by the entrance to the alley keeping watch.

Harry watched as those pale grey eyes stared at him through the hood. "Draco!" he greeted with a nod. He wasn't too sure on Draco's true motives for agreeing to spy on the Death Eaters for him, but he did know that his old school enemy hated himself. He could sense it through and through. He got trapped in his fathers web, stuck doing shit he didn't want to, so he either bowed down or became a Secret Agent working for Harry.

Draco wasn't the only young Death Eater who wanted an out, and took up spying, but he was one of the few close to the inner workings of the Inner Circle. It was his girlfriend keeping watch, and Harry knew that that was likely a big reason for wanting to put an end to the Death Eaters. He didn't want her to get hurt. He didn't like the way Voldemort's filthy minions would look at her or some of his other female friends. Heck, Astoria was only sixteen and Harry would do everything within his power to protect her and her friends. Her sister too as she worked for him behind the scenes, but he also knew that Daphne and Astoria could take care of themselves, but Harry knew he was a bit of a sap so he worried anyway, and it seemed Draco was becoming undone with his concerns.

"Of course!" he agreed as he also wore a cloak with hood up hiding his face. "And yes, before you ask, Dumbledore is really back. It seems these evil bastards don't like to stay dead for too long. But we'll deal with him eventually. Its Voldemort we should be concentrating on first!"

"Yeah, I get that!" Draco replied coldly; he had even started looking ill. "We need out of this. I don't know how much more I can take. I can barely look Astoria in the face sometimes with the things I've had to do!"

"I'm sorry!" Harry said looking his spy over as he could really see the torment on his face. "I just need information on what Voldemort's plans are with Dumbledore back. The old bastard is already talking about taking claim of Hogwarts and sending out letters."

Draco snorted coldly. "Fucking idiot!" he hissed in anger. "Who the hell is he going to send letters too when you have all of the muggle-born's and most of the pure and half-bloods that aren't in his hands hidden!?"

"Don't have a clue, Death Eater kids?" he suggested with a shrug.

"I wouldn't put it passed him!" he replied with a tired sigh. "Anyway, about the Dark Lord. He won't admit to anyone how he thinks Dumbledore came back, but it does seem to make him-well; he looks concerned. He said he'll deal with that personally. But I also haven't seen him in such a good mood now Dumbledore's back with so many minions running back to him, to die!"

Harry nodded. "Yeah, unfortunately they chose their beloved grandpa cock!"

Draco smiled a little at that. "The Dark Lord isn't worried about Dumbledore or his Phoenix Fodder as the Death Eaters have taken to calling them, especially after. Well. He's more concerned with what you're up to with The Order! You bloody declared war on him. Snape told him everything he was told about your meeting. He's trying to prepare for your first strike. But he doesn't get you. You're not like Dumbledore so he knows you won't go after their main base at the ministry, not yet anyway. He's concerned you might try to take the school. He knows Dumbledore so he plans on taking and holding it first. He doesn't want to leave a a huge and powerful fortress for you to wage war from. I don't think he cares whether Dumbledore takes it as much as he cares about you taking it.

"He knows Dumbledore will only ever think of the castle as a school. He knows you're not that stupid."

Harry shook his head, amused. "Oh, I like this Draco, but we don't plan on taking Hogwarts back anytime soon. Let the castle crumble to the ground for all I care!" he said surprising his spy. "I have better plans in the works. And Voldemort just made it easier. I take it he'll be pulling his minions out of Diagon Alley and Gringotts so that he can secure the ministry and Hogwarts?"

Draco nodded in surprise. "Yeah-I see so you want the alley! But from a strategical stand point what in the hell benefit will that give you!?"

"You don't need to know that Draco!" he answer and the spy nodded in agreement. "Just make sure you're there with Astoria and Daphne. If you want out, the alley is yours!"

"So you're-you're not after holding the alley. You want Gringotts. No you want something Gringotts has!" the spy muttered in shock before a smirk lit his lips. "I'll help you take the alley, but there is no way we're going back to the Death Eaters afterwards. And you'll remove the mark from us like you promised. You said you would find out how; that you could use alchemy to get rid of it!"

Harry nodded in agreement. "And I did and I will. I am a man of my word. You and the girls have done enough. After this I'll get the three of you out of the country like I promised, fake ID's and shadow'd magical signatures."

He surprisingly shook his head with a frustrated frown. "Daphne won't leave. Once she has that mark removed she wants to join you and fight. She hates them too much. They took her parents away for not playing ball, and Astoria won't leave without Daphne, so she'll join you too. Me. I wish I didn't feel this way because then I could just go, find someone else, so I'll be staying too!"

"I see," he said with a nod. "Very well. You should get going now. Contact me if you run into any difficulty."

"Of course!" he agreed and turned around walking back towards where Astoria was to see her struggling with three skeleton masked men.

"So Draco Malfoy and his little bitch are traitors!" one of the men jeered as he held the blonde girl by her throat, and she had tears in her eyes. "Whose your little friend, one of Dumbledore's fodder's!?" he laughed when he blinked, surprised as Draco was alone.

"No!" Harry hissed from behind and he turned as Harry grabbed him, pulling him off Astoria. His hands gripped the man smoking with fire while he started crying out in pain. "Fucking die already!" he hissed as blue flames burst up around him and he fell down in the alley crying and rolling around on the floor.

"I-its Potter!" one of the other two said in horror as they both drew wands.

Harry raised both of his hands as he blast away, reappearing within the outstretched arms with a hand on each of their chests. They screamed as he pulled back, and in a distortion of space bloodied ribcage, and spines appeared and the men could only watch as they collapsed with their bones on the outside to the ground.

Draco looked close to throwing up while Astoria was. "You have to leave!" he said, reaching out to them they imploded away. The men on the ground were still wheezing and coughing up blood when five more Death Eaters turned up. "Ah well," Harry said as he looked over at the Death Eaters as they stopped to stare in terror as the de-boned Death Eaters finally stopped crying and died, and the flames had gone out on the other.

He pulled his hood down and smiled while flipping his cloak back to show his black military combat wear and body armour, and skin-tight black gloves. "Oh, what a lovely surprise! More new friends to play with!?" he asked hopefully while they started moving back as they eyed the wand he wore under his left forearm as he hadn't drawn it yet and done all of this, and they were already holding their wands.

"Lets have some fun!" he said as he started walking towards them and two fired the emerald coloured killing curse. However, Harry just faded as they almost hit him, reappearing slightly closer to the Death Eaters and they moved back, looking at each other in worry as the two curses harmlessly hit a wall. "Now that was amusing wasn't it! Why, whatever did that wall do to you! It must be avenged!"

Harry smiled his widest as lightning crackled around his right fist and he aimed, and fired a concentrated beam of plasma and it burst through one of the offending Death Eaters face and out of the back of his head, carrying on the other Death Eaters turned in horror as it hit the abandoned candy store and ripped through it in an explosion, rocking the ground and blowing the shop to smithereens. Glass spray out and fire burst up through the building as bricks crumbled, and Harry let his attack drop, almost as surprised by his lightning power as the Death Eaters as the offender fell down with blood pooling from his melted head.

The Death Eaters were shaking as they looked back at Harry as his grin had somehow gotten bigger. "Well that was fun wasn't it!?" he asked while laughing before he stopped so suddenly that they flinched. "Oh, I have a joke I've been working on!" he said suddenly in thought. "What do you call a useless Death Eater!?" he asked and they stumbled back as they tried to move away. "Don't know? Well, you just call them a Death Eater!" he chuckled as he raised his left hand and splayed his fingers and they all flew up and back, screaming as the wind exploded up and around them, splitting the flesh, tearing them up and throwing them into the burning building to die.

Harry turned to his right as he left the alley to see several new Death Eaters charging towards him. However, they came to a quick stop as they got near enough to see who he was. All of them except one were wearing masks. Snape. Harry didn't think he could let this opportunity slip him by. If it were just random Death Eaters he would have left. He needed to bring some fear and decent into their ranks anyway.

"Long time no see Professor!" Harry greeted him while they all held Harry at wand point, but looking at the destruction he had already caused rightfully concerned them. "So Dumbledore's bitch or Voldemort's-or maybe both. I can't tell whether you really care about anyone but yourself. But then I'm pretty sure you helped Dumbledore to return. I doubt he could have done that alone!"

"Potter!" the grease ball Death Eater hissed out. "What are you doing here!?"

"Oh, just a little rampaging, killing a few Death Eaters! The usual fun things really!" he said whimsically. "Checking up on my new school!" he said looking out over towards the huge dark castle in the distance. "And you Severus!?"

"Putting a stop to your foolishness!" he sneered as he fired a silver beam but Harry just seemed to after image to the left a step and it completely missed him. Snape stepped back while gritting his teeth as other than moving where he was standing he hadn't moved at all.

"I'm sorry, did you want that to hit me!?" Harry asked. "Because seriously, you'll have to use a much faster spell than that!"

Snape accepted the challenge while the other Death Eaters could only watch as Harry just folded his arms over his chest and after imaged after after imaged left, right, back, forward, and even diagonally. However, after a few minutes more Death Eaters showed up and Snape stopped, panting for breath, but he had a huge sneering smirk as they outnumbered Harry thirty to one.

"Get him!" Snape roared, but Harry boomed away, ripping up a huge crater of path as he went as the Death Eaters opened fire. then they cried out as rocks and stone flew at them from behind as Harry reappeared silently with the ground he took with him extended out floating before his right hand, having slit up into hundreds of small pieces it shattered into the Death Eaters at bullet speeds.

Snape had managed to drop to the ground, covering his head with his arms, screaming as a piece clipped his left ear. But the other Death Eaters weren't so lucky as they were torn to pieces, dropping, dead, dying, or in need of immediate medical attention.

"Well that was-anticlimactic!" Harry commented whimsically as he started walking slowly towards Snape while Snape had dropped his wand, blood pooling around his ear as he turned to see Harry. His eyes were wide with terror as he finally felt that fear he should have from the beginning.

However, Harry stopped suddenly as he swept his left hand up and a shield of wind took the force of six killing curses, pushing him back before they stopped. He looked to see more Death Eaters charging towards him and sighed as he didn't have the time or patience for this. And thus far, minus Snape, the Death Eaters had been useless weaklings. He would get another chance to kill or capture Snape, but today wasn't that time.

"Well, I guess another time, Severus!" Harry said with an amused smile as beams of light headed his way and he imploded away.

Harry sighed as he returned to The Orders headquarter (Luna's Safe House). He slumped down onto a chair within Nicolas' new lab in the basement while the old alchemist had been startled by his appearance.

"Bad news Harry!?" he asked as he came over and sat opposite his apprentice.

"Na, not really, just a little tired is all!" he said, shrugging. "Just planning on taking Gringotts. We need to watch Hogwarts. Voldemort thinks we might take it, so he'll be moving his forces around, taking Death Eaters from Diagon Alley, so it would be an opportune time to strike and take the alley for a while, and raid Gringotts! Rob the fucking place dry of all the Death Eaters loot, and the horcrux Bellatrix has stashed away in her vault!"

"Good plan!" Nicolas agreed. "But maybe pissing off the Goblins by robbing them is going too far. The horcrux yes, but we could use them on our side. And with the goblin families we already have on our side... well they could help convince the Gringotts families!"

Harry sighed and rolled his eyes. "I was only joking about robbing them," he said exasperated. "But do you really think they will side with us. They've never taken sides in a human war before. And the only reason the goblins we have took sides is because I offered them and their families safe haven from the Death Eaters! Gringotts can protect itself! But then-eventually, I don't see Voldemort leaving them alone forever."

"We'll just have to hope they're smart enough to realise that too!"

"Yeah," Harry agreed. "Anyway, you need some help down here!?"

"If you have some spare time I wouldn't say no!"

"Sure!" he agreed as they got up and started brewing some potions together to fill up The Orders arsenal and infirmary. They were going to need it. They were at it for a couple of hours when Ginny came down looking angry about something and marched right up to Harry in his white lab coat as he had removed his coat, and glared.

"It was nothing!" he pre-empted.

"Harry!" she sighed. "You didn't even come and tell me! I was so worried when I found out!" she said as she deflated as he wrapped her in his arms.

"What did he do?" Nicolas asked.

"Got into a fight with some Death Eaters!" she said, pouting. "Killed a lot of them too before he left!"

"Hey, the first three, had no choice!" he defended himself. "They followed Draco and Astoria," he said with a shrug but he smiled. "Don't worry, they're fine. I jumped them away. The next lot. Well, Snape was with them. Unfortunately the bastard survived! And more Death Eaters turned up, better Death Eaters! So I left, just to be on the safe side."

"Well your safe. That's all that matters now!" Ginny said with a relieved sigh as she snuggled in Harry's arms.

"Don't worry too much!" he replied, kissing her lips. "I know when to stay and fight and when to leave!"

"I know, but that doesn't stop me from worrying."

"Okay, lets go get something to eat, I'm hungry, and we need to leave the cauldrons to simmer over night anyway," he said saying bye to Nicolas they dissipated.

It was later that evening and Harry slid out of bed, careful not to wake Ginny. He was just having a bad dream. No matter how strong he became he couldn't control his dreams. He walked naked into their adjoining bathroom and turned on the light, looking at his tired eyes in the mirror. The past few weeks were pretty good. They had more company than they thought they would, and The Order actually looked up to him. They knew who their spies were. That was ridiculously obvious, and it was kind of fun messing with them, and Moody and Mr. Weasley had set together a team.

It would be hard to get the horcrux in Hogwarts, Dumbledore's and Voldemort's once one of them, especially if that is Voldemort takes over the school. But they could all worry about the others first and foremost. As long as they had access to one of the unrecorded secret passageways into the school, and the Marauders Map they could easily sneak in, through, and around the school without anyone knowing while invading through the front gates and forest as a distraction.

Harry closed his eyes as he turned on the cold tap and splashed his face before drying off with a towel. "Took you long enough!" he said as he turned to see the dark, shadowy cloaked figured with hood up standing behind him. The other him didn't speak or even acknowledge him short of just staring into his eyes. But Harry couldn't even make out his facial features as he took a step towards him and burst into golden cogs and power, engulfing the room in images of Harry's life flashing through the room. Ticking and bell burned through his head as he grit his teeth in pain and held his ears, staggering. Then it was gone and Harry was still naked gasping for breath.

He looked down at himself. His skin had a light tan now, and he was pretty sure his muscles were somehow more and his 'equipment had even gotten bigger. He flexed his fingers in awe as he could feel a power far greater than any that had woken before. He looked around the room, startled as he realised that the walls were warping as he flexed his power and relaxed to put it right. He turned to the mirror and watched as his eye colour bled back, returning to something almost normal, emerald green alight as if they had tiny LED's behind them, and the whites were white again, but the colour blurred out into them.

His hair was pitch black in wild down curving spikes, and he had lost the scar down his nose. His skin was flawless and strong, his teeth perfect, his senses better than ever. He closed his eyes as he could now feel everybody, everybody for miles around, muggle, mage, even the animals, and life from the plants.

His eyes flickered open and he chuckled before outright laughing. "Now this is what happens when I'm awake!"

"H-Harry!" Ginny whispered from the door wearing her silk robe, it was open as she looked in at him, but he knew she would be there ready to greet him. He turned to her and she gulped as she looked down his body, licking her lips. "Good morning, sleepy head!" she said with a loving smile as she threw herself into his arms. She could feel it, everything, his power his everything as his lips touched hers, burning his essence into her as he pulled her up into his arms, sliding right into her to his full length.

Ginny gasped out as she pulled her head back, her eyes dark and lost as the world around them chimed away and they were in a realm of times own making with giant gold cogs floating around a dimension of non-existence. They were floating in nothing, dark colours swirling around them as Harry pumped within her. She felt like she was dying, living, being reborn to the world. She couldn't even pull in any breath but she didn't pass out of die, she felt more than anything as Harry pulled her back to face him from oblivion, and his lips captured her as her gown drifted off her arms as they had gone slack, floating away into time.

Every fibre of her being melted and reformed in a pleasure and agony all in one. Her body, mind, and soul broken and repaired in the infinite as he ravaged her existence making her his forever.

"Harry!?" he felt her voice lost within the essence of limbo and kissed her lips more while she kissed back, wrapping her limp arms around him. "I love you!" The words seemed hollow when they could feel each other so complete, but that was what they were, creatures of words and emotions, so dangerous, and yet so fragile.

"Beyond time and space!" he replied to her soul as her glassy eyes stared into his. "We shall be forever, my love!" he finished but yet his lips never moved, but nor did hers when she replied as they were kissing again, delving into each others spirits.


Ginny Weasley felt as if her senses were on fire once she slowly woke to an unknown sensation that flared within her. The world around her was glowing in sharper definition than she ever remembered once her eyes opened. She was lying curled up in bed with Harry, looking at him as if she had never seen him properly before. She could feel every glob of his cum still dribbling out of her from the most intense loving she could have imagined, and she was certain her imagination could have never come up with anything like that.

She knew without doubt that she could never describe what happened with anyone. She just didn't have the words. She snuggled tighter under the covers with her man, and smiled in content bliss. She lay her cheek on his solid yet soft chest hearing the pitter patter of calm twin heartbeats. She smiled while she stroked her fingers over his abs and chest. She closed her eyes because it was still dark out and yet the world looked as bright as day to her. But even as she thought that she could feel her senses dulling back to normal; the supercharge of her being fading and returning to normal.

"I'm so lucky!" she mumbled to herself when Harry tightened his hold on her, laughing.

"You!?" he asked as if she had lost her mind without opening his eyes he could see her everything within his mind. "No My Ginny! I'm the lucky one!"

"Luna will never believe where we were. What we did there. Oh goddess, Harry, I wouldn't be able to describe it!" she said with a content smile. "But you know us girls, we have to brag! Well Twilight does anyway! I swear talk about embarrassing telling her about every naughty lesbian thing we've done together!"

Harry laughed loudly while stroking her hair. "Hey, I-well I as me have no control over what I do as her. Well kind of because I am her, but she-well I tend to think somewhat differently when I'm-well-me!"

"Harry!" she complained giggling. "Do you like being confusing!?"

"Eh, it can be fun!" he replied while she laughingly poked him in the chest, and he caught her off guard by capturing her lips in his before pulling back. "Well this is it I guess. No more super weirdness, right?"

"Harry, you're always going to be super-weird," she corrected jokingly but he couldn't deny it. "But that's one of the things I love about you most!"

"I see-and you don't love my awesome sexual powers!?" he asked as he snaked his right hand down Ginny's back and squeezed her tight little arse.

"Well, there is that too!" she agreed cheekily as her hand slid down to grab his penis, filling her hand with it while it was still soft but she smirked as she felt it twitch; it was a good feeling to have some power over him after all.

However, they paused as there was a knock on the door. "Its Luna!" Harry said without any though. He had sensed her approach but didn't think much on it until then. "She seems to be agitated about something!"

"Hang on, Luna!" Ginny called out while stroking Harry's semi flaccid penis for a moment, which he got her back by stroking her tight little butthole. "We just need to get dressed!" she added as she had opened her eyes, smirking as Harry, but his eyes remained closed.

"How do you, smirk so cute?" he asked, eyes still closed.

"Its just a gift I guess-!" she said then stopped, pouting. "Goddess, Harry, you can see with your eyes closed!"

"What can I say?" he asked, shrugging impishly as he opened his lightly glowing emerald coloured eyes."Sometimes we see clearer with our eyes closed shut!"

"Well you might!" she replied as she stretched out and slid from the bed, and Harry's arms, knocking the covers to the floor and wiggling her tongue before she looked around for her dressing robe and founded floating by the window where time seemed to be out of whack, but as soon as she grabbed it, it fell. She looked to Harry and he shrugged as she pulled on her gown and tied the belt this time while Harry slid off the bed and pulled on some fresh black boxer shorts that were now a little tighter on him, bulging out, so she wasn't going to complain.

Ginny walked to the door while Harry was pulling on a pair of beige cargo trousers, but he hadn't even done the button up when Ginny opened their bedroom door and let the blonde girl in. Luna wasn't much better dressed than them, wearing her pink short-short PJ's, and got lost staring at Harry's top half before starling as Ginny playfully poked her nose.

Shaking her head clear Luna looked back at Ginny and waved a piece of parchment in her face, worry now etching her pretty face. "A freaking phoenix just brought me this. It was addressed to Harry at first, but then it had my name on it. Whatever your doing to stop mail deliveries has to be done over our safe houses. If it weren't for the wards stopping humans trespassing, they could use the bloody bird. I can't believe Fawkes went back to that loon!"

"Okay, what's it about!?" Harry asked as he forgot about his button, or belt and walked over topless. "Though, that does explain that weird flash of energy I detected a few minutes ago. I wasn't going to say anything until I checked it out as it didn't seem dangerous!"

"He wants to meet with you on neutral ground!" she said handing him the letter so he could read it for himself. "And alone! He-he. I can't believe this isn't some kind of trap. It says he's willing to hand over Severus Snape as a peace offering!"

"That bastard wouldn't hand over Snape!" Harry muttered while he read before a smirk lined his lips. "Hmm... Saturday, huh, interesting! that;s the day Voldemort plans on taking Hogwarts!"

"Its also the day, Dumbledore plans on taking, Hogwarts!" Ginny said in surprise.

"Crafty bastard!" Harry said laughingly. "He knows we know-or at the least suspects. He doesn't want me getting in the way of taking the school. But I'm guessing he knows that Voldemort plans on taking the school too, so he's going to try getting to it first. He wants to keep us occupied-or should I say more importantly, me! Fine by me! I'll just beat him up a little and we can lock the old bastard up and drug him to sleep until we've found his last horcrux... maybe truth potion will work, or something-more!"

"C-can we do that?" Luna asked in surprise while he shrugged and nodded. "T-then. If that works for Dumbledore, we could just capture Voldemort too!"

Harry frowned in thought. "T-that is a good idea? Why the hell don't we just lock them up, put them to sleep, and-and!"

"Vanquish their minions and find their horcrux!" Luna added in excitedly.

Ginny smiled widely. "Then slit their fucking throats while they're asleep!"

"Fuck the Gringotts plan. Lets put that on the back burner-!" Harry said before pausing and throwing his head back and laughing as an even better idea came to mind, and when he told the girls they could only stare at him in awe before they were smiling widely with him and giggling. "Oh yes... they won't know what hit them!"

"Then its settled!" Luna said with a triumphant nod while turning to leave, "good night, Harry, Ginny," she said smiling back at them as she went to open the door only for Ginny to grab her hand, stopping her.

"Or you could stay!" Ginny startled her but Harry already saw her choice. "I don't mind sharing for the night. You can't stay a virgin forever, Luna. And trust me," she smirked at her best friend. "Harry will ruin you for anyone else!" she said as she pulled the surprised girl into her arms and kissed her lips, but Luna didn't even hesitate in kissing back, and Harry gulped as it was too hot and snuck up behind the blonde grabbing her perky little arse and squeezing tight, amused as Luna gasped out with wide eyes, pulling from Ginny's lips while Ginny did the same as the world dissolved around them with chiming bells.

Luna and Ginny exploded into nothingness, entwined through and around each other, one yet separate while Harry pulled them into him and kissed them each in turn. Their hearts had stopped beating and their skin was cold and dead, their eyes blank and lifeless while they were warm soft, fresh and supple, every pour of their existence hyper aware of every detail of the world, of each others every thought, past, present, and future. They were outside of reality with huge golden cogs of varying sizes surrounding them, and Luna was sucking Harry's rock hard penis as they were floating, standing or kneeling on nothing, floating in the dark spaces between existence.

Ginny was teaching Luna how to do the perfect job, her words not from her lips or tongue but echoing within Luna's soul, exciting her as they all float clothes-less, their items flung through time floating into the void of empty space. Ginny's fingers rubbing over Luna's cute little puss while it leaked like a fountain, coating time with its fresh innocence.

The blonde girls jaw ached with every moment but it felt better than everything as it was forced to near breaking point as he pumped away within her mouth coating her throat with his creation, drinking all she could, gorging in a forbidden gluttony.

Luna's soul screamed through out space as the ticking increased the chimes grow louder while Harry was tearing her open as he ploughed her while she was lying on her back with Harry on top of her and lying on Ginny while her best friend cuddled her from behind, squeezing her smaller boobs, pinching her rock hard nipples so hard that her hands slid, morphing into her chest to hold her heart in an burning, tearing, cutting pleasure, better than any drug or potion, but worse than any torture. She could feel Ginny in her body while Harry made her feel beyond the universe, Ginny made that more, more beyond, beyond the universes.

Ginny's lower half melded and formed, becoming one with her, they got tighter together as they were being loved as one, together, two souls, one being. Ginny started sucking on her ears as they screamed and begged for more, resonating, voiceless, and whole.

That morning Luna had cleaned up and dressed, really, really sore, and still not quite sure what-or how Harry could do that to them. She had more than made love to her friends. She knew she would never feel so complete but with them. She wanted to feel Ginny holding her heart in her hands again, to share one vagina for Harry to use, to stop thinking like that while making breakfast for the kids as she looked them over at the breakfast bar through her dark glasses.

She couldn't see properly. The world glowed with so much energy that she actually had her eyes closed and she could see better than ever. Harry and Ginny did say it would fade away, and Ginny said not to expect such a treat every time, which made her realise that Ginny wouldn't mind letting her share their bed in the future, or time, or whatever that place was. Luna was quite certain that Harry had ruined her because there was no way any normal human mage or otherwise could do anything like that to her.

But Luna shook away those thoughts for now as she went to serve breakfast to the children smiling at them each in turn as their adorable little souls brightened throughout their bodies. She wasn't going to change her morning routine of making sure the little-ens get their breakfast because that makes her happy to see them smiling in the morning. Just because. Just because they have new plans to make doesn't mean she'll let her little monsters go hungry until one of the lazies get up to make breakfast.

However, she paused in her inner monologue with the cereal trolley as she looked down at the large table to see the kids already eating a proper cooked breakfast of sausage, scrambled egg, beans, and toast. She frowned as she certainly didn't cook that. She wasn't very good in the kitchen, and it looked and smelt very well made.

"Oh, morning, Luna!" Harry greeted her as he was fully dressed and sitting with the kids feeding a four year old girl as she happily sat on his lap, giggling. "Sorry, I'm normally too busy to make breakfast, but I made some time this morning!" Harry said cheerfully while turning back to the girl and the 'choo-choo' train crashed into her mouth while she giggled and mumbled with her mouth full about being too old for the 'choo-choo' train but loving it anyway.

Well that explained where Harry had disappeared to when she woke up naked in Ginny's arms. Ginny was pretty bad for getting up early if she didn't have too. Luna could remember all the times she was almost late for class, so it was easy to slide out of her arms to get the children's cereal ready.

"Umm... good morning Harry!" she said with a smile as she watched in awe as he glowed so bright with power, yet she could see him clearer than the children, but she could also see something strange. Their spirits, they all leaned towards him. "Umm... that's okay," she said in surprise as she didn't think of boys as being really good cooks, so chose to take the empty seat next to a small boy and grab herself a plate and scoop on some egg and toast for herself with some plumb tomatoes and sausage while he smiled at her.

"Eat up, there's plenty!" Harry said as he took his attention back to the small girl.

Luna blushed as she watched him, her mind flashing with images, her heart pounding like drums in her chest, her cheeks staining red, she couldn't help herself, she had been worse with Ginny as she and-well they had both been naked in bed together when she woke up.

Life was good, she reckoned. For now at least, but if their new plan panned out, this war could be over a lot faster than expected. She started as she tried some scrambled egg and almost melted as the pleasure melted on her tongue.

"Yep, boys a genius in the kitchen!" Perenelle Flamel startled her as she was enjoying her egg so much she didn't notice that the woman had entered the breakfast hall and took a seat. She smiled as she saw a small boy struggling to cut his sausage and helped him out to his gratitude before collecting herself some breakfast."You would never have thought it, Harry Potter, wizard hero and chef!" she said laughing.

"Somebody's jealous of my mad cooking skills!" Harry playfully mocked.

"Well I wish I could cook like this," Luna said as she spooned some more egg into her mouth with a delightful moan. "I can't even make toast without burning it, and this place has pop-up toasters"

"Didn't notice!" Harry said sheepishly. "I just shoved them all on that subway conveyancer belt one with some warming charms on the other end for them to stay warm!"

"See, even knows what all the machines in the kitchen do!" Perenelle said with a shake of her head while Luna laughed.

"Hey Harry!" He was greeted by two red haired boys as they seemed to have raced each other down for breakfast. "Oh, wow, not just cereal, sweet!" George finished as they took seats. "Morning everyone!" they added as they realised they were being rude only greeting Harry.

"Don't see you eating with us normal fellows much!" Fred said.

Harry pointed to his eyes, amused. "Kind of normal now!" he said with a shrug as the small girl on his lap had had her fill and cuddled up tiredly to his tee shirt while he cuddled her subconsciously in return.

"Harry, your eyes are freaking glowing," George commented with a sad shake of his head.

"Oh, and we have to warn you, Charlie and Bill want to have a few words about you and Ginny!" Fred said with a sad nod.

George nodded sadly along with his brother. "They asked us to discretely ask you not to hurt them!" he said snickering.

"But apparently they have to be brave to protect Ginny's virtue or something like that," Fred finished while they both snickered while eating breakfast.

Harry sighed while rubbing his neck. "Well thanks for the heads up, I'll be sure to never be alone with them. I am never having that conversation. Don't they know they should worry about Ginny getting them, not me?"

"That's what we said!" George agreed.

Luna smiled as she watched the amusing banter going back and forth while the children watched and giggled or looked confused or tired still. This was her weird little-huge family and she wouldn't have it any other way. Life was good. It was worth living. It was worth the fighting and the heartache if only to have a few moments like this.

She opened her eyes as she sensed her, and looked over to the far side door as Ginny entered as the glowing had faded. Ginny walked in like a zombie, sleep in her eyes, not quite there, hair rumpled and her clothes thrown on haphazardly askew. But she did smile as Harry pointed to the table behind him where the coffee machine was. Luna didn't have a clue how to use the thing like some of the muggle-born's did but Ginny didn't seem to be all there and she was making herself a jumbo sized moccalaté, pulling things out of the cupboard, creams, chocolates, chocolate sprinkles, whipped cream.

A couple of minutes later and a few sips of her coffee and Ginny somehow looked immaculate, and perfect, having fixed her hair and gotten rid of the sleepy eyes, and straightened out her clothes.

"W-what kind of potion is that!" Fred and George both asked at the same time looking at the wonder machine in awe.

"You two are idiots!" Ginny said rolling her eyes. "Its just a muggle coffee machine, we have a smaller one back at home-I mean the Flamel's. A delicious moccalaté in the morning is a lovely treat!"

Luna grinned as the twins looked to the machine doubtfully before they got up to try making their own with Ginny giving them instruction while laughing when they did something wrong while Harry teased them with the help of the children. They were a mess by the time they managed to figure out how to use the machine when more people arrived for breakfast, and the twins ended up getting chewed out by an annoyed young woman who had to clean up their mess before she could make her own coffee.

Yes, Luna thought as the twins were begging the young muggle born not to kill them, and quickly drawing their wands to clean up their mess.

Life was very good.

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