Authors Note: I know many will be annoyed to see this here, but right now I have no idea where to take this... story. Its another of my oldest fics so it will have a little mixed up grammar, but I'll try to sort out its spelling with a clean spellcheck. Following this will be my attempt to revamp this idea in a higher school year.

What if you could become anyone you want to be? Before his 3rd year at Hogwarts, Harry Potter got that dream in the form of new powers. He can become any living person or creature he wants, But what he wants most is to disappear from the word and enjoy his life. So he does that, becoming Eva 12 year old owner, founder, and CEO of Fairytale out for revenge on the Magical World.

Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 12 - Words: 61,269 - Reviews: 561 - Updated: 7/24/2014 - Published: 8/14/2008 - [Harry P., Ginny W., Astoria G., Luna L.]


Harry Potter was a young boy nearing his thirteenth birthday. He screamed out in pain as blood spurted from his lips, and staining his mess of black hair. His glasses were smashed, now in pieces on the floor. His otherwise stunning emerald green eyes were red, swollen, and sore with tears.

He was a boy wizard, and he didn't know how to use magic without a wand, so he couldn't defend himself as it was unfortunate that he never saw the attack coming from his racist non-magical uncle. His wand was now lying beside him useless as his uncle had been clever enough to get to it, and now it was in several pieces of brown wood with a twisted and once majestic feather looking like it could have came from a pigeon rather than an elegant phoenix.

Harry was not having a very good day as he withered on the floor of his room. It was a small room, and the Dursley's, his 'family' (and yes he did air quote within his thoughts when referring to them as 'family). He used to sleep and spend a lot of time in the tiny cupboard under the stairs, but once he received his invitation to magic school addressed to that cupboard they got scared and gave him his cousin Dudley's second 'SECOND' bedroom.

He was only blood related to his cousin and aunt, but never wanted to openly acknowledge that. It was his Aunt Petunia's lasting hate and jealousy that Harry's mother Lily Potter nee Evans for being a witch, something that one was born to be. It was in the blood, or DNA that some normal people could have children with magical powers, and they got invited to a school for magic to learn to control their powers.

When Lily Potter, nee Evans died at the wand of the darkest, (in his opinion at least), wizard of all time - or at least in the past few centuries, that Petunia was given custody of Lily's son, Harry. Petunia was still bitter, and in her pettiness she started taking out her anger and hate out on Harry, which transitioned on to Vernon her husband, and he grew to hate the child when he had never even met the boy's parents before.

Harry wrestled with the burning pain in his ribs while his uncle looked down at him in hatred. Harry didn't know where his aunt and cousin were, but suspected Vernon sent them out. His aunt may have been malicious, and hit him on occasion, but if not for her, Vernon would have killed Harry long ago, but then she did have a healthy level of fear for the magical world, so wasn't completely stupid as she knew that Harry would be famous.

He would be the Wizarding Worlds Saviour. They would all know of him and praise him for the Dark Lord Voldemort's vanquish from their midst, and if they discovered they had hurt him; they would likely end up as toads for the rest of their lives, or worse, wizard prison.

However, Vernon didn't seem to care any more He sneered down at the small boy. He was a huge man with a twitching grey moustache, and short swept hair wearing a white shirt stained with crimson life. His face was an unhealthy plumb colour from his anger, and his eyes were bloodshot.

Indeed, it had not been a good day for Harry James Potter, The Boy-Who-Lived, The Saviour of the Wizarding World, and insert other titles he would be know by in other countries who felt relief that Voldemort was vanquished and thankful of the Potters, and mournful at their great loss.

Harry had just gotten 'home' (yes, the air quote again, as he had no home, and if he did he would consider Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry his home, thankful that it was a boarding school so he didn't have to be 'home' except for the summer holidays, unfortunately).

His uncle had picked him up from Kings Cross Train Station. He knew there was something odd about his uncle. He was happy, fake happy, but happy; he was 'trying' - well that was what Harry had initially thought.

He thought his uncle had come to his senses, or at least someone had used magic to make him seem to have seen reason, but it was all a ploy of his uncles.

Then they got into the house things turned dark, or Harry at least as he was startled as he was dragged up the stairs with his trunk that contained all of his personal effects and belongings that need used at school, books, potions supplies, clothes, uniforms and other things.

Vernon took great pleasure as he slammed his giant foot through Harry's trunk before grabbing Harry and finding his wand hidden away in his pocket before snapping it into several pieces before he first slammed his meaty fist into Harry's face, knowing him to the ground in dizziness.

The behemoth of a man made Harry watch as his Nimbus 2000 was shattered to pieces, and that was a gift from his Head of House, Professor McGonagall his first year as a present for her new seeker on the Gryffindor Quidditch team.

Vernon didn't stop at Harry's broom but went on to systematically destroy everything Harry owned, except for 1 thing that wasn't breakable, his Invisibility Cloak.

Harry had screamed himself hoarse for the man to stop, but he took great pleasure in everything he did, but had to settle for throwing his cloak to the side for later disposal.

All of Harry's stuff, and he never did have much, from presents from friends to school supplies all lay around the room in pieces, even his cauldron had been en-caved by a large foot slamming down on it. It was lucky his familiar (snowy owl) Hedwig had flown from Hogwarts as her cage had been squashed to a non recognisable mess. He didn't know what his magic would have done on its own if he watched this monster hurt his pet.

Harry looked up from where he lay on the floor; a bloodied mess. "I'll get you b-back Vernon!" he spat out through his fear, after all he fought a 70ft. long basilisk the year before, and won.

The man snorted and sneered down at the boy. "I should have drowned you as a baby! You no good for nothing sponger!" he hissed out enraged.

Harry spat out blood at his feet. "Me…! You crap for brains! It was you sponging off my hard work! You were treating me like a slave!"

Vernon roared out in anger and kicked Harry into the wall behind him where he fell sitting up against the wall limply. "I don't care boy because I'm going to kill you and then take my family far away!"

"Someone will find you, and you will die!" Harry roared back as he tried to find a way to escape. He knew the neighbours wouldn't do anything if they hadn't already. He knew they were nosey enough to know the Dursley's were lying bastards.

If someone had ever called in the authorities then someone came and got the Dursley's freed. But then it was more than likely that whatever wards Dumbledore had around the house kept the other muggles ignorant to keep him 'safe', (note the air quotes).

Harry shook from fear and pain. I wish I was as big as Hagrid, he sobbed to himself as he knew he had to do something. I would show him. He would finally understand what it's like to have someone bigger than him beating him up.

Harry felt an odd sensation through his body as he chose to die fighting, and maybe his magic would save him. He charged on a broken leg with several fractured and broken ribs but he didn't feel the pain he thought he would as white light swished like a river of rapids through and over his skin when he slammed into Vernon as the man's eyes widened in terror.

Harry stopped still where Vernon had stood before and looked to the wall to see Vernon on the floor clutching his gut with blood splattering from his mouth.

Looking to him the odd white light was gone and Harry had originally just brushed it aside as accidental magic, but no. Scratching his itchy beard he realised his head was not just brushing the ceiling but cracked through it where he stood.

He had stopped crying and he couldn't remember feeling so good in his life, but he didn't feel completely like - well himself. He was Harry Potter, but he was certain he wasn't as well; his appearance at least. He ignored Vernon where the man whimpered and cried while blood was gushing from his mouth to the mirror Dudley broke on the old cupboard in the room.

"I'm Hagrid?" he asked himself in Hagrid's voice with Hagrid's Northern accent with Hagrid staring back out of the mirror at him with a huge dent in the ceiling from his massive height. "I never imagined Hagrid was as strong as this, but to hold back so much strength; impressive. But more pressing what the hell am I? And how do I change back?

"I can't be a meta-umm…-morph person, well a magical shape-shifter," he said unsure what the correct term was as he heard a brief bit about them in transfiguration. "They don't change like me, and certainly can't change their clothes forms too," he said as he looked down at his large brown outfit with huge overcoat.

"Anyway, a meta-whatever couldn't emulate feelings or accents, and… wow, I can see… without my glasses!" he declared in awe. "That is incredible, and I never realised how blind I must have been before, and… yep, going mad and talking to myself!"

Harry-Hagrid turned to Vernon with a grin while he was whimpering on the floor. Before, Harry realised Hagrid didn't understand the concept of child abuse, but now he could, or Harry could now he used Hagrid's form as his own, and he realised that from the emotional response he had in Hagrid's body that the normally friendly giant of a man would have killed the Dursley's back when they first met.

The fat man struggled as Harry-Hagrid squeezed his throat tightly as he hadn't realised he had moved. "Not so tough now I'm not a twelve year old little boy, are you, Dursley!" Harry-Hagrid growled out. Vernon didn't even struggle as the life left his eyes; he wasn't able to, and Harry-Hagrid almost had a panic attack when he realised he had just killed someone's.

He dropped Vernon's lifeless body to the floor and shook his head as he realised those were the emotions Hagrid would have felt losing control of himself, but he wasn't Hagrid. He calmed down with deep breaths as he thought about what he could do, and more importantly, how to cover up the murder.

He frowned as he ducked his head and grabbed the door handle, and accidentality ripped open the door breaking it off its hinges. He shrugged as he threw the door to the floor and tried to fit through the gap, growling in frustration. He was now too big to fit. Why the heck couldn't he be someone smaller, like himself?

He had to change back to fit; the problem was he did not know how to do that or he would have already. If only Hermione was there, she would be able to figure out what was going on. He sighed; she was the smart, yet bossy and condescending friend. Though, she really needed to learn when to shut up because nobody cared all that much about everything she read about, she wanted to brag about, especially him.

He felt something stirring within his magic as the white ripple of light caressed through his skin again and he started shrinking with his clothes changing into a Gryffindor school uniform. However, it wasn't the type the boys wore, as this one had a skirt. He gulped as he put his right hand up his skirt to find he was the first girl he touched there before, or when he rushed back to the mirror, Hermione.

His mind was on overdrive trying to recall books she had read but couldn't as Harry had never read those books. He wondered mildly as he stopped enjoying the feel of his first ever, 'girl part' (even over panties he thought it was pretty cool) with blushing cheeks as his crinkled brown haired friend stared back at him with brown eyes.

He gulped as he felt his long hair, opening her robes looked down at his figure and mildly noted that she would be pretty easy on the eyes in a few years if she got over being so rough on the ears. Some boys in his dorm thought looks was all that mattered, but if you didn't like what spewed out of their mouth too, and vice versa then that was no grounds for any kind of 'thing'.

It was kind of weird having the outline of her intellect, and knowing she wasted it on books written in most cases but morons. He smiled as he thought that as he realised those thoughts came from the Hermione 'extract' he supposed; a portion of her genetic that he - maybe he took from touch or something.

Magic did like to do odd things, and with who he was, it would be unjust if he didn't have his own super awesome magical gift to even things out, or at least make life more bearable. He had to put up with so much crap because of the old Headmaster Dumbledore and whatever it is he wanted.

He mildly wondered whether he could mishmash physical aspects of other people so that he could be someone new before he saw Hermione sigh in the mirror, drooping her shoulders before he remembered that was him and grinned evilly. The grin surprisingly suited Hermione more over the normal good girl reprimand everyone, look. She could have gone far as an evil mastermind, but books and authority were all she cared about.

Hermione didn't see herself as able to become someone important. He realised that she cared so much about the books someone else wrote, even if she question (but did nothing to prove or disprove) someone's work because they had never bullied or hurt her.

Then Hermione was so 'authoritarian' because figures of authority, teachers, and her parents were all she had before Hogwarts. They had protected her from bullies at school. She had admitted because she liked to read and answer all of the questions that she got picked on and before Harry never had any friends.

Harry was sure she considered him her first ever friend, and from her feelings; he was her best friend. He couldn't get much in the way of feelings towards Ron, except she thought he was an idiot, and never going to do anything with his life.

It was interesting what he could gather from walking in another person's shoes, quite literally. Hermione really didn't consider Ron much of a friend. He was selfish, ignorant, and arrogant, especially in his stance that all Gryffindors were good, and all Slytherins were bad.

Thinking hard, trying to find her feelings and tiny shadows of thought that it drove Hermione crazy when a pureblood mage, or magical raised couldn't take one moment to remember the muggle names of things so simple while she had to remember so much more and didn't screw up.

"This is one freaky, yet very interesting power," she mused to herself thoughtfully.

"I'm a freaking girl!" she laughed, and it was much more unrestrained than Hermione ever let out. "Hermione will kill me if she ever finds out I just felt her up!" she laughed. "But then - I never know, maybe she'll gained a sense of humour over the holiday and would at least fake being flattered or something."

Her evil grin returned a moment later as he would have to strip naked later to have a good long look. It wasn't like he would ever tell Hermione because she would likely freak out, but first thing first. He had to find away to hide his murder and get away from the Dursley's when an idea struck.

"If I burn down the house with Vernon in it…" she said, trailing off as it was weird to have Hermione's much more proper accent and feminine voice before he continued, "Then before I do it I make a distress call to the police; maybe if I'm lucky they'll think I died in the fire and was incinerated, and that Vernon murdered me!"

But first he had to change clothes. He looked down and thought hard. It all seemed quite simple after that as streams of white light burst around her clothes leaving her wearing dark blue hipsters with white running shoes with a blue top and black hoodie with red stripes on the sleeves.

"Best power in the world!" she praised himself.

"Okay," she giggled. "So, these powers won't be hard to master. Much easier than normal sorcery anyway."

She then looked around the floor, grinned as he found her moneybag, picked it up, and checked his cash and vault key. He was thankful that it had fallen out of his broken trunk and his uncle didn't see it. If the Dursley's thought for a moment that Harry had money they could take they wouldn't hesitate.

She looked at Vernon a moment later, and smirked at the dead man finding that she didn't care much, even if she would have bitched.

"Time for you to pay up," she muttered as she pulled the man's wallet from his pocket. It wasn't like a dead man needed it. "Hmm, five hundred pounds," she commented as she placed the muggle cash into her trouser pocket with his wizard money. She found Vernon's car keys and grinned as she walked out of the room with an idea she felt content with.

He or she, he wasn't sure what to refer to himself as so was somewhat confused about that, walked into the kitchen, and turned on all the stove hobs, oven and grill. She took a breath to steady her nerves as the gas was making her a little dizzy; as she picked up the phone she dialled 999.

"Hello Emergency Services! What service do you need!?" It was a woman the other side of the phone line. She was calm, and collected, as Hermione would have thought if she had really dialled the number.

"There's a fire…!" she called out in a panic. However, this time with his original voice and accent, which surprised him as he was still Hermione, but felt a small tingle in her throat. He had just thought that it would have been better for the call to come from him.

"Please help me!" he cried out trying to keep the panic in his voice, and add in some hysterics even though he felt so calm. "The house is on fire, please help me!" he begged again, adding in some fake coughing. "It's my uncle; he went crazy this time, nobody ever believed me! He tried to set m-me on fire!" he faked choked and hacked.

"Calm down, please," the woman replied. "I have the address here, and I have fire and ambulance rescue on the way along with the police!" she said in a calm manner. "Where is your uncle now?" she asked quickly.

"He's in the kitchen!" he said in a 'choking fit'. "He banged his head while attacking-!" he hung up and ripped the phone out of the wall, smirking. "Hmm… voice emulation, quite the trick!" he said with Hermione's bossy pants voice back.

She smirked, as she searched the cupboards. He wasn't surprised to find some lighter fluid as his uncle and aunt both 'secretly' smoked. She grinned widely as she ran upstairs, and poured some on his ratty old bed and on top of Vernon.

Hopefully the crime scene team would assume that it was what Vernon used to set Harry on fire, and got it on himself in the struggle, helping to hide Vernon's real cause of death, or at least enough that they couldn't tell a man strangled him to death, and that he was attacked in the gut, which likely would have killed him anyway.

She left the empty canister in his uncle's hand, when something hit her foot, she smiled finding his invisibility cloak as he had almost forgot about it, which would have been a shame.

Giggling she walked back downstairs coughing a bit as the smell of gas thickened. She opened the front door and approached the car, completely invisible. She opened the car door and took the handbrake off, and set the car in neutral gear. He had listened, and watched his uncle with the car long enough to know a thing or 2 about some of the ways it worked.

Placing the keys in the ignition, he, or she, let it roll back into the road before heading back into the house. She had seen this neat trick once on TV while he was cleaning the lounge. She grabbed some metal cutlery and opened the microwave door, and flinging them in.

She smirked as she hit the maximum time it would stay on for, and hit start. He knew that it wouldn't take more than a few minutes at the most for the fireworks, so ran, fast, leaving the house and closing the front door behind her.

Harry wished she was someone who was in better shape for running than Hermione, but honestly couldn't think of anyone. She saw the speeding fire engine as she fled, and they were followed by 2 police cars and an ambulance, all with sirens blazing.

She almost fell down when the boom rocked the ground as the house exploded the other end of the street with flames blooming up to reach the sky with thick smoke. She paused to watch for a few moments hoping he hadn't hurt any innocent people in the process of his escape, or her escape, but he couldn't afford to dwell on that.

She calmed her breathing down as she didn't need to run from the explosion now it had happened and he was still in 1 piece. He could still barely believing he blew up the house. It was invigorating to pay them back, and take a step on the dark side of the force, but that wouldn't mean he would be anything like Voldemort and the Death Eaters, and what he did was self-defence.

Though, killing to defend himself or not, he had a feeling if he hadn't just faked his own death he would be sent to Azkaban, and Dumbledore would likely lead the charge. The senile old nutter did put him with those 'people' after all.

She did not stop moving until she reached the local shops and pulled off her cloak out of the way of cameras, and hid it in her pocket. Grinning as she saw a taxi dropping off a fair, she charged over. Before the woman driving could say or do anything she jumped in the passenger seat with a relieved sigh, wiping sweat from her brow as she was drenched from running so much, so fast as Hermione wasn't very fit physically.

"Hope you don't mind," chimed Harry-Hermione happily as she told them that she wanted to go to the record store that was located next to the Leaky Cauldron.

"Of course," she agreed with a smile as she pulled out into the street. "But where are your parents?" she asked.

"Oh, I'm meeting them there," she lied. "I'm just going home from visiting a friend, but my dad's car broke down," she rolled her eyes. "He's so silly, we can afford a new one, but he likes the one we have too much, something about it being a classic."

The taxi driver laughed. "Well that's men for ya; don't like throwing things away, especially a car they've grown attached too, and even if they could afford it they don't think of getting a second to do the normal things."

Harry-Hermione nodded in fake understanding. He wondered whether Hermione was that good at lying or whether that was him when he remembered lying was his go-to response of self-preservation with dealing with the Dursley's.

It didn't take long to get to the Leaky Cauldron, and waving the taxi off, after paying the lady and tipping her for having to drive so far into London she turned to the dirty old looking building with plans and schemes to get himself into Hogwarts as someone knew.

He just had to chosen who he was going to be, as he knew he could become anyone he wanted now, and create a new identity.

"Finally. After so long. I'm free!" he muttered, smiling at the disgusting looking pub entrance, but it was better than many alternatives; it wasn't as bad inside as out, and the rooms had to be cleaned and freshened at least.

Harry-Hermione walked into the Leaky Cauldron pub. It was smoky and grimy but it was better than nothing because it had wards to protect him until he found a place he could use, and set up some wards of his own.

He was glad it wasn't crowded, and managed to get a room without the man behind the bar even looking at her. He walked into room 9, closing and locking the door behind her. He sighed in relief; she may have gotten away with his 'murder', and uncle Vernon's real murder.

She flopped back, laying on the huge bed. It had huge covers of pure white cotton that were soft and so very comfortable. It was squishy to the touch, and the room was spotlessly clean and bright, just his sort of place without being too tidy. It even had a homely feel to it. He felt exhausted and sweaty so as soon as she, or he was different, or there about, after a good long rest in the bed he would have a nice long shower in his private bathroom.

"Wow," he whispered to herself smirking smugly about her newfound freedom. "So, time to see Hermione starker's," she giggled as she hopped off the bed.

She hesitated for a moment before she shrugged as she looked into the body length mirror, and stripped down until she was naked, blushing brightly. He looked down her smooth body, stroking her fingers down her soft flesh from her small, growing breasts to her smooth 'area' wondering why he felt so embarrassed when he felt his touch, not Hermione.

"Hermione need NEVER know about this!" he said to herself giggling in more embarrassment as she felt tingly in her lower region, as he quickly pulled her clothes back on. He wasn't sure how girls solved 'that' problem, and it would take some self-investigation another time to figure it out.

He honestly hadn't thought that Hermione got those feelings. Though, he was sure he wouldn't be able to play with himself as Hermione because her annoying conscience told him that it was naughty and wrong and that it was her form, not a toy, and he didn't want to feel awkward doing 'that' because he figured it was supposed to be fun.

Harry-Hermione sighed and rolled her eyes while thinking. He needed to learn how to control his shifting power. Therefore, he concentrated on thinking about his other best friend, Ron, and being Ron because he was the first person who popped into his head. The light burst through her skin in moments as he felt his body reforming, getting taller, Gryffindor, black and red robes folding out, and then it was done.

Staring in the mirror, he shook his head, trying to not look so dopey, but he could feel the lack of - what - intellect? There was certainly an abundant lack of common sense too. And no matter what he couldn't wipe that stupid look off his face.

"Wow, Ron..." he mumbled to himself in Ron's voice, shaking his ginger head as he even sounded dim if that were possible. "You look like an idiot. I wonder why I never noticed before. You got a small dick too… no wonder you always covered up in the showers," he laughed, amused with himself, but he didn't like Ron's laugh; it was, he couldn't tell, but reminded him too much of Dudley.

He shifted his form again, and this time it took little thought on his part to turn into one of the Weasley twins. He frowned as he suddenly had the urge to cause someone some mischief. He wondered whether that was his own father coming out in him, as he was a mischief maker, or some kind of pranking gene the twins had that he never inherited from his father.

He shrugged as he shifted again into Mr. Weasley. "Ha-ha, I'm thinking about muggle things but have a feeling like I won't ever understand them, odd… the only time I touched him was when we first met; I shook his hand, and he asked me about a rubber duck. I thought he was joking but he really was seriously asking what muggles did with them. This is brilliant, now who next? Mrs. Weasley," he shivered in disgust. He had nothing against the woman, but she ate too unhealthily for his liking and he would rather not deal with giant well, no.

"Um… Ginny…?" he suggested to himself as she wouldn't have that problem, and if she stayed thin and healthy and got blessed with, large, assets was awesome. He took a quick breath before shifting into her. She was small, and wearing Gryffindor robes like the one's she wore when he saved her life from Riddle and the diary a few months back. The cute red haired girl in the mirror looked concerned and frightened; her brown eyes were wide and tearful as she felt fear, shame, guilt, and anything in-between.

"She-she feels so unhappy, scared, worried. Holy crap, I-I didn't think about her, she must be terrified of what she did in the chamber," he sighed sadly in her voice and it made him smile a little to hear her properly before Harry-Ginny brightened as a clear thought came to mind, and it didn't hurt that Ginny's mind was surprisingly as smart as Hermione's in a more imaginative way, but thinking about it he was surprised that Fred was secretly smart.

"I know. I'll find a way to cheer her up!" She grinned. "I wonder whether I could shift into someone who doesn't really exist. Someone I could just make up from scratch? And then I could become her friend and go to Hogwarts with her, as a girl friend, or girlfriend if she was - well.

"I don't think she has any friends… I could feel a connection with the others, but not her. Though, could I really hide out as a girl...? Well I suppose it makes sense nobody would ever expect me to be the new girl? It might even be fun to have a… new experience that isn't terrifying and involve Voldemort trying to kill me?"

She took a deep breath, concentrating on a girl in his head. Her eyes shifted emerald green, and her hair darkened; the cute freckles around her nose disappeared, and her uniform changed into black and blue with Ravenclaw crest; his choice because he wanted a change. Her skin got a light tan, and her nose shaped slightly differed from Ginny's. Her hair flared out naturally, longer. She was still around Ginny's age and had small feet and small soft hands; she was really pretty.

"Not very imaginative are you, shifter!" sang a highly amused voice.

She spun from the mirror in shock. She had never imagined to be found out, yet at least, but sitting on the bedpost was Fawkes, Dumbledore's phoenix familiar staring at her. He had only just arrived as she saw the flaming embers flutter to the floor around him. He was staring at her. He was quite the beautiful bird, scarlet and gold, and she was sure the bird had just talked to her.

"D-did you just speak to me Fawkes?" she asked with an uncertain waver in her new softer voice as she felt stupid asking a swan sized legendary bird whether he could speak when she had super powers and magic, so of course the bird could speak, well he was the only other creature in the room, and it was a male voice, so she felt validated that she was correct.

"Yes, of course," the bird chirped with a regal and smug tone. "You are the first shifter I have met to just make themselves into the female version of themselves to hide. They'll think Lily and James had another baby before they died. In fact, if I'm not mistaken you have only taken your mothers form when she was twelve. I would try again if I was you, and go for something different rather than making Harry Potter into Harriet Potter," he chuckled amused with her.

She looked back into the mirror, surprised the bird was right, and smiled a little as her mother was really cute, but no wonder her mother was so good at magic, now she took note that her mind was better than Hermione and Ginny's, but in a different, more scientific way where Hermione was the research, Ginny was the imagination, and his mum was the experimentation: the practicality.

She scrunched up her face, and concentrated again. She couldn't let a stupid bird make fun of her like that so she had to do it right this time. She could feel the change again even as she felt tiredness creeping up with hunger as she hadn't eaten anything since the Leaving Feast at Hogwarts, and she was using so much magic it was tiring.

Her eyes changed from emerald green to a sharp forest green colour, which held an odd and unusual pigmentation that seemed both wild and deceptively innocent at the same time, and a beautiful shine to them as she mix and matched her mothers, Hermione, and Ginny's intelligence and added to it with her own, Harry's untapped mind held potential he had never noticed before he looked inside himself and others that she wanted to keep.

Her hair increased in length down to the small of her back, and slowly shifted colour, turning a creamy blonde, smooth and loose down her back with two long tails of hair falling over her shoulders and chest, and her fringe was loose and even, falling gently just above her creamy blonde eyebrows.

Her teeth straightened to near perfect white, but not so they shined or looked too perfect. Her skin was the perfect alabaster white, milky smooth. Her nose was small and cute, and her lips a perfect red like the colour of fresh blood.

Her clothes shifted next. She wore a long black satin skirt tight to her butt with slits either side, showing her creamy soft thighs and legs. The slits started a few inches below her panty line with the skirt flowing down loosely to the ankles of her black half boots where white cotton socks poked out.

Her black top curved her body fitting perfectly with a blood red jacket on left open. She wore a thick red leather belt around her waist hanging loosely to a slanted angle over her right hip.

She turned and smirked smugly at the bird. "Now tell me that anyone will ever suspect a cute, beautiful, hot young lady like me of ever having anything in common with Harry Potter, let alone blood," she asked. She had even changed her accent giving it a semi-royal 'queens English' flare

"Okay, Shifter... that is a lot better," agreed Fawkes, surprised with her quick grasp of her new powers.

"Yeah, but how can we speak to each other? I've never heard you chatting before, and Dumbledore never mentioned phoenixes talking," she asked worriedly when that made her frightful. "Y-you're not gonna tell Dumbledore are you?"

"Even if I could communicate with him I wouldn't tell him anything of worth, lest of all about you," the phoenix said. "The reason you can understand my language and vice versa, though I can understand humans through years of watching is because you're a Shifter, and you've touched me before. It is more of a mental communication to each other, since neither of us has the vocal capability to speak each other's language, but you would find you spoke other languages that you do have the vocal needs for. It also means you can turn into me, and use all my abilities, and can now speak with me. I suppose you could also make a phoenix form that is different to me."

"Huh? I don't quite understand," she replied, frowning in confusion as she wasn't sure she had read anything about this ability before, and she had read up on a lot of weird powers, making sure she kept Harry's parseltongue ability as it could be useful talking to snakes.

Fawkes sighed. "A Shifter can turn into anyone he or she physically touches; skin contact is needed. However, you can also make people up as you have with this form. You can also transform into any creature, though with magical creatures you have to have touched one to be able to shift into one because otherwise you won't get a piece of what one is and their abilities would be lost to you until you touched one."

"Oh, so I could change into a Norwegian Ridgeback Dragon if I wanted?" she asked eagerly, as the thought honestly intrigued her as dragons would be cooler if she could turn into one, though frowned thinking about it as she realised Norbert the dragon was female, odd how she just knew, and maybe she would drop hints to Hagrid one day that the dragon would need a new name.

"Yes," Fawkes agreed. Though he looked disapproving at the mere thought, or at least sounded it through the song notes she could hear of his real voice and language; it may be a part of that expression?

"A shifter can also shift other things," he said while she listened with rapt attention, "such as clothes and even other people. You could shift the wind around you into a weapon if you chose. Shifters are very rare. I believe you are… well… let's say one of a pair, and there is only ever a pair.

"I sensed what you were as soon as I saw you in the Chamber of Secrets. I'm afraid that I was too out of it to notice the first time we met, and after that was still immature from after the burning as my kind, Birds of Rebirth grow up fast because of necessity. I decided to let you discover your ability for yourself.

"Though, looking at the circumstances everything may have worked out if you discount the original beating because now you have no desire to tell Dumbledore of your abilities for him to try suppressing them, afraid of you growing a mind for yourself, and I don't have to try persuading you to see him for the silly old fool he has became in the past twenty or so years."

"Oh, well that's cool, I suppose, if a little - well..." she smiled and sat on the bed beside the post the bird sat on. "Anything else you think I should know?"

"Yes, maybe you should name this new form of yours?" he suggested reasonably. "Humans tend to like names, but I suppose it is better than just calling out because then everyone nearby would turn to you too," he said jokingly.

"Oh, you're right," she said with a giggle, hoping he didn't think she had too much time on her hands that she had thought about it before, while still a boy.

"Um… err well, how about… ...Eva?" she suggested with a grin. "After all in Latin it's supposed to mean 'breathe of life', so I figured it was kind of ironic," she laughed sheepishly, but Fawkes secretly agreed with her. "Well… umm… how about my full name being Evangeline, to add more flare… uh… McDowell… just because…!"

She said the last and Fawkes was startled as her accent changed further with little effort as a stream of white light momentarily caressed the girl's thin neck. She now sounded posher than she had before. She wanted to strengthen the accent to make her stand out a bit more, and honestly, it sounded a bit intimidating before, she just wanted to push the level up a little.

"Yes, well - anyway if you're done trying to become someone you were not," retorted the bird, shaking his head in mild fascination. "I have a friend for you to meet."

In a flash of black and blue embers, she appeared sitting beside Fawkes. She was a beautiful black feathered phoenix with the tips of her feathers coloured a fiery blue.

"This is my mate, Nifes," Fawkes introduced her. It took all of Eva's (that would take getting used too) willpower not to laugh at the 'cutlery' birds.

"Um, Hi, Nifes," greeted Eva with a smile, trying to hold off the laugh threatening to escape.

"Hello," the black phoenix sung trying not to notice the pale girls red cheeks from suppressed laughter before looking to Fawkes with narrowed yellow eyes.

"She is the Shifter you want me to stay with?" she asked interestedly.

"Yes," he agreed with a chuckle. "This is, or should I say was Harry Potter, she is now Evangeline McDowell, Eva for short. I suppose that is less of a songful."

"Actually," Eva piped in, interrupting them with a smirk. "That would be Evangeline A.K. McDowell," she laughed as she had thought some more about ironic names she knew about. "Athanasia, which has a Greek origin for internal life, again has that lovely irony, and next Katharine, which also has Greek origins, which are pure, or from the name Hecate the Greek Goddess of Magic, or the meaning of torture, so in a sense I suppose the names fit me soundly. Plus, A and K, initials for Avada Kedavra, the killing curse that I survived."

The two birds just stared at her with slightly widened eyes, which caused her to laugh nervously. "Hey, I seriously had nothing better to do than read at the Dursley's, and books like that were easy to get from the crummy library near when I had to stay. So I know a few useless facts here and there, and know the meanings of some names. Anyway, Evangeline A.K. McDowell sounds high class!"

"Well, if you say so," Nifes agreed just to humour her. "But I am confused as to why you choose this female form."

"Well," began Eva nervously. "I was just feeling bad about not being there for Ginny after her ordeal through her first year and the chamber, and um, thought she could use a friend. But I guess I think I'm going to grow attached to this new me as I certainly won't have to worry about Voldemort or Dumbledore."

The black bird nodded. "I suppose that makes sense," she conceded. "So how are you going to make friends with her?"

"Um, I don't know yet," she replied sheepishly. "I'll think of some-way It can't be too hard, and I could always be upfront and force her to let me be her best friend-."

"Well I should get back to the old git," interrupted Fawkes watching Eva nervously and wanted to get away from her in case odd ball rubbed off, but then crazy from Dumbledore hadn't, so maybe he would be fine for a while. "... Before the idiot does something stupid, no doubt he has already found out that you're no longer at your home, and that his devices will say you're dead."

"They will?" asked Eva, surprised by the revelation as she had expected the old man to 'monitor' her, but he wasn't doing a very good job as he would have let Harry die. In his ignorance he probably didn't even consider death by muggles, just death by magic.

"Yes," he agreed. "When you shift you don't just change your appearance; you become that person - ish - or someone entirely new, down to the exact genes."

"Oh, so whatever monitoring charms he had on me and the house no longer work because my blood is different?" she asked interestedly, and both birds nodded in agreement. "So you think Dumbledore's an idiot too?" she asked in surprise.

Fawkes rolled his little black eyes. "Of course," he agreed. "An example being where he made you stay for most of your life, with those horrid people, with no friends, no love, and no life. Then letting you take a beating for their enjoyment, and that fat human male trying to kill you today. If Albus doesn't know how you have been treated I'll eat the Sorting Hat!"

"Alright, alright, I already knew he was an idiot, and... that! There is no need to remind me of why, as this body may look small and weak, I assure you I made myself… so much stronger, in every way possible," she sighed falling back on the bed. She shifted her clothes without thought into black PJ's with little red bats on them, and her half boots and socks faded away into nothing, leaving her small feet bare

"You can go home now Fawkes," she said with a tired sigh.

He chuckled in good humour as he flamed away. Eva watched as the little phoenix-fire embers of red and yellow drifted down and reached out. One passed through her hand and disappeared. It felt warm to the touch, and like a sprinkling of sand through her fingers.

"Get some sleep child; you'll need it to be awake when you go shopping tomorrow and arrange for Hogwarts," commanded Nifes motherly. "The goblins will keep your secret when you arrange for your inheritance to be your new-selves. I shall watch over you," she continued as Eva crawled into bed, pulling the covers up over herself, she snuggled into her pillows.

"I'll pretend to be home schooled," mused Eva suddenly. "Then, um, my parents moved back to England from travelling with me in tow, and I decided I wanted to go to a magical school so they're sending me to Hogwarts, so they'll be free to travel for business and stuff."

"It should work," agreed the bird. "Especially since you chose that accent, they would realise the lie if you weren't born and raised for most of your life in the UK."

Eva put her hand out and the air vortexed softly, and sparks of light created an envelope. She smiled as that was quite simply the coolest thing she had ever done; turning the fluid state of air into the solid form of paper and ink as she concentrated on the message she needed to convey.

"Could you take this to McGonagall Please?" she asked her newly equated familiar hoping that her owl Hedwig would find her, and not be annoyed that she didn't get to deliver the post. "It's still early enough; I don't want to leave it too late, and I'll need to get myself a Hogwarts letter with school supplies and stuff."

Nifes sighed, flew up, and snatched the envelope in her beak, flaming away in a flash of black and blue embers while Eva smile with dreams of phoenix travel and being an awesome dragon, drifting off, finally free and happy.

Albus Dumbledore was sweating with nerves and feeling a cold dread forming in the pit of his stomach, as his bones felt like they wouldn't stop shaking. He was wearing a crisp muggle business suit and half moon spectacles when he finally got a good look of 4 Privet Drive, even though he could already smell the smoke and hear the roar of the fire. He stared in horror as the flames still poured out in a raging inferno, and having spread to the houses either side.

Vernon Dursley had not made it out of the house alive. From the reports he was still inside, but so was the innocent young lad, Harry Potter.

Petunia Dursley, Vernon's wife was with their son, Dudley. They stood by the police and it looked like Petunia had just been arrested by the muggles under suspicion for child neglect and abuse, possibly more but his lip reading skills were rusty, and he couldn't quite hear over the roar of the flames.

Albus watched as Petunia was placed in the back of a police car while Dudley was taken away by a policewoman who was looking to be on the verge of arresting him just for being a selfish pain in the rear, and by the sound of it he could use a good hiding to sort him out. Albus knew that people didn't do that sort of thing to straighten children out any more, but it never did him any harm. But then it didn't work very well, just made him sneakier, so maybe it did work out for him, helping him find some craftiness.

He shook himself out of thought and strode over to the police car, as the officers stood by with the door open, and when Petunia saw him she paled and tried to shield away within the car.

"Where's Harry!" he demanded, his voice full of venom.

Petunia quivered under his gaze. "I-I d-don't know," she replied shaking while the police looked at them in surprise. "P-please!" she turned to them quickly. "This man's mental!" she declared unable to mention the 'M' word even if she wanted too.

"Do beg my pardon officers!" Albus said as he stood up straight, trying to keep his cool as was his thing, but under the circumstances wasn't very easy. "I am the headmaster of Mr. Harry Potter School for Gifted Children, and a dear old friend to his parents after they left the very same school. When young Harry's parents died he went to his only living relatives. What happened here?" he asked, hopeful. "I heard that young Harry was attacked by someone."

The two police officers frowned before one spoke, "yes," he agreed with a tired sigh. "We got a call from a hysterical boy, said he had told people that the Dursley's were hurting him before and nobody believed him; they were already led to believe he was a troublemaker before anyone had supposedly met him, and some people believe things to readily without evidence to back up the claims.

"But we've spoken to a few kids around the area, some of the older ones admitted that they tried to tell their parents that Mr. Potter didn't do anything wrong, and that he was being blamed for things Dudley Dursley had done. And some have even admitted that they knew that the Dursley's were abusing Mr. Potter because Dudley Dursley bragged about it, but no one would ever listen to 'kids making up stories'.

"Anyway, the phone went dead not long into the call. It's only speculation, but we believe that Venom Dursley caught the boy on the phone and he either killed him or the explosion got them both. The gas was on, and the boy said his uncle was trying to set him on fire.

"We'll have to wait until they get the flames out to be sure. Though, this fire does seem determined to burn forever. From what a neighbour said, Mrs. Dursley is a neat freak so all of those chemicals are probably accelerating the blaze."

Dumbledore nodded, shocked. This couldn't be happening. He needed Harry. The world needed him for when Voldemort returned to destroy him once and for all, like the prophecy foretold. Now what does he do?

It was then an idea sparked into his mind; it was crazy and likely wouldn't ferment too much, but it was something at least. The other potential boy of the prophecy: Neville Longbottom. He would do, wouldn't he? He just had to make sure Voldemort marked him too, and yes, he did realise he was being crazy and grasping at straws but he was desperate.

"Yes, I understand," Albus sighed in frustration as he was nearly 100% sure his Longbottom plan was flawed to abysmal failure. He finally regretted leaving the Boy-Who-Lived here, and perhaps he should have heed Minerva's warnings.

He walked away with his shoulders slumped in defeat; he knew the more he thought about it; he knew that the Longbottom boy would be a useless substitute for the real deal, no offence to the boy, but he would never do, but his hands were tied; he had to try something.

The headmaster soon found himself back at Hogwarts knocking on Professor McGonagall's office door to tell her the dreadful news. He didn't know how to word it but he knew he should be prepared to run for his life as she might actually hex him to death as she had grown attached to Harry, even though she should have probably listened to him more.

She called him in and he noticed a black and blue phoenix sitting on the back of her chair, and McGonagall placing a letter into an envelope. He was tempted to overlook this unusual mail deliverer but it was a distraction at least for a moment to gather his thoughts.

"Where did the phoenix come from?" he asked only to stall having to tell her of the death of the Boy-Who-Lived.

"A student request," she replied as he took a seat in front of her desk. "A new girl... Evangeline Athanasia Katherine McDowell just moved back to England with her parents. They've travelled a lot for business and other things recently so she hasn't had a chance to settle into another school.

"She was homeschooled, and now wants to join the other second years as they intend to live permanently in the UK, which will allow her parents to travel for business without worrying about her all the time I suppose. I was just about to send her acceptance letter with this phoenix they sent."

"Oh," the old man replied as it was over too quick, why couldn't her transfer be a long tale of adventure? "I'm sure she'll enjoy it here," he replied as he had to steady his breathing and ready himself for a fight that he was sure he still wouldn't see coming.

McGonagall nodded as she passed the envelope to the bird and she flamed away. "So what happened, Albus? You rushed off quite fast earlier."

So he slowly told her what happened…

And yes, he did have lots of hexes to dodge...

... The nurse chose to see no reason why the old man would need her assistance and assured him he was perfectly fine...

... Albus would have an all over rash for a few weeks, and have to use muggle creams because Severus, his Potions Master was too terrified of the nurse and McGonagall to go against their ruling...

Evangeline woke the next morning with a stretch and a cute yawn. She had had an amusing dream about Dumbledore. McGonagall had hexed him for being partially responsible for Harry's death, and even Snape wouldn't help him because he was too scared of McGonagall and Madam Pomfrey, the schools on-site medi-witch.

Eva grinned as she sat up in her large bed. She spotted Nifes asleep on the headboard so she quietly climbed out of bed, and sat on the edge with her bare feet dangling. She stretched a few more times to get the kinks out of her little bones.

She stifled her joy as she saw her Hogwarts letter on the bedside table, and smirked in satisfaction before opening the letter, she read:

Blah blah blah

The usual twaddle she skimmed through,

It was just an acceptance letter. She thought it was unusual for it to be that easy to get into Hogwarts, but shrugged it off as a magical world thing. They did tend to be idiots sometimes – well thinking about that, most times. Reading some, it said she would get another letter before term with everybody else in year 2 with her school supplies list.

Grinning at a job and successful lie well done she hopped down off the bed landing on her feet. It seemed odd being smaller than she was as Harry. However, it didn't really bother her. She felt fitter than she ever had, and so much stronger.

She yawned and stretched again as she walked into the bathroom, turning on the shower, she waited for it to heat up by unwrapping her toothbrush that came with the room freshly sealed with some toothpaste she brushed her teeth fresh and cleaned before she slipped out of her pyjamas.

She stopped suddenly with a light blush looking down at her smooth, firm, and tight body and smirked, as she had lightly defined muscles that she knew were a lot stronger than they might look. She liked what she saw; her body was incredible, especially with all of the extra modifications she made that went unseen.

She hadn't yet gone through puberty, or even started it yet, and hoped she wouldn't have periods, from what she had figured out, they were a nightmare. Though, she figured she probably would get them as she was a real genuine girl. Well she would have to take the bad with the good, and she would be a better person for that.

She stepped into the shower, letting the warm water wash over her new body. It felt nice and refreshing just to bask in the warmth of her 'first' ever shower. The water removed the stress clean from her body, and letting her forget her woes. She had lots of woes to forget, but whatever. She would so kick arse now and not ask questions, questions were only asked to find more enemies to kick.

It was too much to keep thinking about upcoming business, but maybe she should just go with the flow and see what Miss. Fate and Lady Luck throw in her face. The major points were all that mattered at that moment anyway, such as vengeance on her enemies, even if they didn't yet know they were her enemies; she could be sneaky about it.

When she finished her shower and washed her hair, she stepped out and dried herself on the hotel towels that were clean and fresh. She realised now why girls spent so much time in the bathroom. It could take forever, or nearly forever to dry their hair, especially if it was as long as hers. When she was Harry she used to rub his hair with the towel to stop it dripping, and then not care whether it was still wet, but doing that now would get her clothes wet.

However, when she finally finished she shifted the air around herself, creating the same outfit she had on the day before as she liked the whole Goth vampire thing she had going on; it was cool, and kind of made her feel nice.

"Good morning, Nifes," she greeted the bird upon exiting the bathroom fresh and wide awake. She pocketed her money and bank key as she found it by her bed. "I need a new wand," she said happily bouncing on the spot.

"That sounds like a good first plan of action," agreed the bird, flying up she landed on Eva's right shoulder.

Eva grinned stroking the bird as she grabbed her room key and exited, closing the door and locking it behind her.

She made her way to the back door leading to Diagon Alley. She got some curious looks from the pubs few morning customers but stopped at the bottom of the stairs, frowning.

"Nifes, can you flame me to the other side of the barrier? I can't get in otherwise. I don't have a wand," she complained rather childishly.

Nifes chirped and they flamed away only to reappear the other side of the barrier into Diagon Alley within a brief moment.

"Thanks. Now on to Ollivanders wand shop," she giggled happily as she skipped along in the correct direction.

Nifes was highly amused that Evangeline was fully accepting her new emotions and hormones as a girl. It was very interesting to watch, though all of the idiot witches and wizards staring at them as they passed were annoying to no end. Though, she figured that was because it was rare to see a phoenix let alone one with a human companion.

"Hey look," muttered Evangeline suddenly. She stopped and looked at a shop she had never noticed before, claiming that it sold books, wands and other magical items one might need if they had plans for being… awesome. That was totally an odd thing to put on the sale sign, but it did captivate her imagination as she wanted to be awesome.

"Maybe we could look in there?" she said, not awaiting an answer she just walked into the shop with a tingle of the bell above the door.

The shop had no customers but loads of books on shelves and wands of the likes she had never seen before, along with wand holsters, and glass cases with other super awesome cool things.

A young blonde woman with large bust wearing gold silk robes was the only other occupant in the shop. She looked like she could have been around 22 years old, and the store clerk, so Eva approached her, smiling nervously as the young woman was just so radiant.

"Hello," she greeted with a beautiful smile. "I know what you're here for Miss. McDowell," she said taking her hand and leading her towards the wands.

How the young woman knew her was a mystery. Maybe she had some cool magical device that displayed a person's name or something. If she did, Eva was just thankful that it read her new name, because that would have been weird and uncomfortable.

"Hmm," the woman ran her hand along the shelves until she reached a weird looking wand. It seemed to be a fusion of three different thin strips of woods intertwined and fused perfectly into a straight wand with beautifully crafted handle bound in pure white leather with the inch tip, a crystal of some kind with red, yellow, orange, blue, and white energy-mist swirling within it beautifully.

"Cherry wood," the woman began, which must have been the red wood. "White birch," she continued smiling, which was the dirty white coloured wood. "And holly," she finished, which was no doubt the dark brown, near black wood. "It contains three cores; the first, the Diamond Dust Phoenix tail feather resides within the birch wood, while the Imperial Griffin's wing feather is within the holly wood… and last, the hair of the enchantress, the Siren within the cherry wood.

"The Phoenix represents the cold of night, water, while the Griffin represents the warmth of day, earth, but the Siren represents the harmony that is magic, fire."

Eva just stared in awe as the young woman placed the wand handle between her small fingers. She lit up startled as the wands energy buzzed and exploded around her and through her fingers like electricity before it died down. She could still feel the energy. It was far more than her original wand could have hoped to be.

"B-but how!" she whispered as she looked up into the blue eyes of the blonde as she smiled. "Err… well what about the tip…? What's up what that, huh?"

The woman laughed at her a little and shook her head. "It is the offered essence of the lord of the skies, the nameless Sky Dragon, air, and together they represent four of the five elements of magic."

"T… then what's the fifth?" Eva asked expectantly.

The blonde woman smiled a little brighter as she reached out and placed her hand over Eva's chest. Eva blushed brightly as the woman leaned down and lovingly kissed her lips with a radiant smile she spoke but a few words.

"You; the Void…!"

Eva gasped and took half a step back, which caused the woman to straighten up but she was still smiling before turning back to the shelves and pulling down a black thigh wand holster.

The blonde woman didn't wait or offer the holster over, but just opened the left side of Eva's skirt, causing her to blush brightly as the young woman could see her plain white panties. However, she strapped the holster onto her left thigh, took the wand and safely secured it in place before letting her skirt drop back into place.

The woman stood up smiling before she returned to the wands for only a second before pulling off a black coloured wand and holster before returning with a wide smile.

"African Blackwood with dragon heart-string core, eleven inches," she spoke as she handed it over, and Eva was gobsmacked that this wand chose her as well. "I believe it best to use this as your primary wand beautiful as it is weaker and not unique like your main focus," she commented as she slid it in the holster and placed it around Eva's left forearm, under her arm and under her sleeve.

"W-why a-are you kitting me out with these wands?" she asked a little worried.

She just grinned and walked away. She opened a glass case and returned with a black leather collar with a beautiful red pentagram on the centre with metal buckles. She then fastened it loosely to Eva's neck adding in some extra Goth if that made sense; she never understood why any girl would want to wear a collar.

"The collar will shield your mind," she commented kindly, giving her a reason why a collar was actually a good idea. "There is a skill called legilimency, which allows one to see another's memories. The collar will make anyone using this on you unable to find your mind. I would suggest teaching yourself occlumency, which is the defence for legilimency."

Eva's eyes widened in horror… that would explain how…! "Yes and there are two people at Hogwarts that do not think you kids are deserving of private memories?"

"W-who?" she asked shakily, horror written all over her expression. "That's sick. T-that's-that's rape. They've raped our minds?"

The woman nodded sadly, as she walked back to the cabinet she hesitated a moment before shrugging. She came back with another collar with blue pentagram and a palm sized little box.

"A gift for a trusted girlfriend," the woman giggled sliding the spare collar into Eva's inside pocket. "This is a multi-compartment trunk with built in shrinking charms. It is attuned to your magic so only you can open it or shrink and un-shrink it, even call it to yourself if you need it. It also houses plenty of protection charms. Inside you'll find two thousand books on spells, of all types the likes Dumbledore would never allow you to learn. Spells you may need to win the coming battles. But maybe you should start with occlumency first."

"B-but who uses legilimency on us?" she asked desperately as the woman slid the tiny trunk into her inside pocket with the collar. Though she knew she already knew, she would feel better hearing the truth out loud.

"Dumbledore and Snape," she whispered seductively.

"Who are you?" Eva demanded quietly.

The woman smiled and licked her lips as she leant down, stroking Eva's hair and left cheek. "My sister, my lover - Fate she is cruel, but I interfere, because I am Destiny, and whereas Fate never cares one way or the other, and messes with the night and day. I do tend to favour the hero, especially when they're as cute as you."

Destiny given form, Eva didn't think it was possible as the women's mesmerizing blue eyes captured her. They were hypnotic and intoxicating. Then they kissed, long and passionate while Destiny pulled Eva tightly into her loving embrace. Eva's eyes had closed feeling the wonderful softness of the 'goddess', tasting her probing tongue, and then it was gone along with the feel of Destiny's body.

Eva's eyes snapped open in shock to find she was outside in the street standing still. People were giving her weird looks but said nothing as they passed.

"What just happened?" she asked herself as she could still feel those soft lips on hers, and that divine taste. She looked around, but she couldn't see the shop she was just in. It was as if it never actually existed, and thinking of that she looked to Nifes, and the bird hadn't been with her in the shop.

"You just stopped still," replied Nifes worried about her young and impressionable charge. "You just stopped and stood there for about twenty seconds or so."

"Oh. I-it must have been a dream. My imagination," she replied subconsciously reaching her neck she felt the collar. She then felt her thigh, feeling the 'special' wand. She patted her left arm, and then pulled out her black wand, looking it over in shock.

"Where did you get that?" asked the very surprised phoenix. "I thought your wand was broken."

"It was," she agreed in awe. "I have two now. I-I got them from this woman, just now in a shop," she said confusedly. "She-she didn't even charge me. She said she was Destiny, and kissed me."

"Ah. I hear the kiss of Destiny is an opening for Miss. Luck to bless you at some point in the future," she said thoughtfully. "I have lived long enough to know that there are many things in this world that have some truths to them, but many lies and misinterpretations.

"I have heard of Destiny's phantom shop, but to kiss a customer, unheard of, to me at least as that is as I said an opening for Luck, so she must have faith in you. The shop is said to give things to people normally lovers and heroes, as Destiny's way of beating Fate."

Eva sighed. "So she gave me two thousand books, a miniature trunk, two wands and two mind shielding collars to mess with her sister?" she asked as she put the wand back. Why did these things have to happen to her all the time?

"I believe so. Well at least you won't need a new wand. Or have to worry about underage magic since those won't have tracers."

Eva sighed again. However, let a small grin spread to her lips as she realised she wouldn't have to go shopping right away and could get lunch as she realised she was starving. She would have to see if Tom could order her some pizza or more, and some Chinese noodles and pork or beef wouldn't go amiss. She was sure using her powers needed food with high calories, and without any side effects like getting fat. So why not eat all the delicious food she wanted?

"Well, flame me back to my room, please. People are staring because it looks like I'm talking to myself. And I'm hungry anyway, so this worked out for the best."

After a nice breakfast in her room, McDonald's had luckily still been serving breakfast when she asked the Leaky Cauldron's landlord to get her breakfast out. She had looked over the food served, and it was fresh and everything, but it was low calorie, and it made her annoyingly realise that potions were added to make even fried food 'healthy', so she had no choice but to get muggle takeout food. Maybe she could find a house elf at Hogwarts who would willingly make her real junk food or she would have to eat a lot to keep her energy levels high enough to be normal.

Eva began looking through her trunk, finding books on legilimency and occlumency. She lay down on her tummy to read. It seemed simple enough to shield the mind. However reading memories looked quite a bit harder indeed. She would practice the art of course! Why wouldn't she? It sounded like with some modifications wherever that it could be used to talk to people telepathically, which would be totally awesome.

Later that evening Hedwig actually found her. It was a surprise. She had one super smart owl. Though, the smugness in the bird's expression when she spoke that out loud was funny. Considering Eva figured that her owl was smarter than most humans she knew, or used to know.

After some haggling with her owl about shifting her colours, she relented and let Eva add beautiful black feathers throughout her white, and changed her name to Nightwing, as well as increasing her wing span, and strength so she was faster. She got the name from some comic books she once read. Hedwig-Nightwing seemed to like her new feathers and speed, so she stood a bit straighter with pride. Glad she gave in, but it would take some time to get used to her new name.

Over the months leading up to Eva's birthday, which she changed to the 7th of July, so that it was just the 7th day of the 7th month, and therefore easy to remember and 7 was a supposedly magical number anyway, and it was easy enough to shift so that that was her actual birthday.

She trained in a lot of the defensive spells she found in her new books as well a lot of good hexes and curses. She even studied in some interesting spells that could have amusing effects if used correctly.

She had managed silently casting most spells she knew, which she was very adept at as it was a lot easier than teachers made it sound. She would promise herself to not believe the teachers or even books about what was hard or impossible until she had practically tried. Even if something was supposed to be hard and the teachers really thought that, it didn't mean other people would have a hard time too, as one girl who walks out onto the ice rink with her skates could stay up and skate while others would fall and have to get up and try again.

Her occlumency shields were coming along nicely, and she felt confident that she could at least sense an attack without her collar. She wasn't confident enough yet to take her collar off. She had too many awesome secrets she needed to hide from evil potion 'teachers', and dippy old headmasters.

She had met a real goddess for one, and then the whole thing with her really being Harry Potter, or that she used to be, but now she was Eva, and liked who she was better. She was more fun and didn't like authority figures at all, and the thought of messing with authority made her happy.

All was going brilliantly for her. The only thing that nagged on her nerves was a mass murderer escaped jail, and the idiot ministry was too inept to even capture one dementor weakened man. To be honest it all sounded blah. It was like a remake of the Fugitive, but they forgot they needed their very own Tommy Lee Jones to find out the truth.

That was another slight worry: dementors! They were nasty creatures that suck the happiness from the very air, and could even suck out a person's soul through their mouths, which was creepy and gross. Supposedly, they were going to be guarding Hogwarts, and so she looked them up.

She discovered a repelling spell call the patronus charm. Therefore, she concentrated as much of her spare time to the difficult spell as she could all the while cursing some douche bag for thinking for a moment that planting soul eating monsters around a school full of innocent children was a bright idea, something was going to go wrong, no if about that.

The charm wasn't as easy as she had hoped. It was one thing to make the charm while warm and safe but another to use it while feeling the dementors cold, and having the happiness sucked away. After all, she needed that happiness to fuel her spell.

Something happy that played on her mind though, other than the newspapers mentioning Harry Potter's murder every day. The Quidditch supplies store had the new top of the line racing broom. It was smoking awesomeness, and she wanted it. She would have to wait until she finally got to Gringotts, but she had enough money to last her a while longer at least.

The Firebolt was so sleek and awesome. She had gotten a catalogue. They had other awesome brooms too and she was horrified to see some of the prices of brooms that would be classed as better than the British Firebolt because of import taxes the UK ministry charged was outrageous. She didn't doubt there was something corrupt going on there as Firebolt was owned by Nimbus.

Nimbus was the only successful broom manufacturer in the UK as others were falling apart. It made her think, without competition Nimbus could overcharge, and knowing the price of the Firebolt was sure they were. Eva had wanted one, but didn't want to pay those ridiculous prices.

She made a mental note to look into the broom market if for nothing else but to ruin Nimbus she would be happy. She hated the corruption in the magical world, and stopping a free market meant it was damaging the economy, so maybe she could do something about that.

Eva also bought many new sets of clothes for herself, mainly from the muggle world. Though, she barely wore them, as she could just shift anything she needed she found shopping to be… kind of fun, just buying things, and they gave her new ideas for outfits.

She had received her Hogwarts letter and bought her things, and actually couldn't wait to begin Hogwarts free of fame… well fame she didn't deserve at least. She was too cool not to draw attention, and would just have to go with the flow.

She had also practised her sifting, using smaller animals. It became easier and easier the more she practised She had some fun flying with Nifes as a scarlet and black phoenix with silver claws and talons.

She was actually tempted to try shifting into a dragon as well. It would be awesome no doubt. However, Nifes wouldn't let her in case she was spotted. That was not needed at all; the muggle newspapers reporting a dragon flying over London. How would the magical world hide that? It might have been amusing to see them trying too, and maybe they would try to push it off as aliens or something.

The next few weeks passed by in a flash, and Eva was quite content and happy. It was the week before school was due to start when a large group of depressed looking people walked into the pub asking for a few rooms.

Evangeline was finishing the snack she had bought at the local sandwich shop at a table in the corner. She watched them with interest as she finished off the cookie and placed her book away as it was small enough to fit in her small white leather backpack.

She was wearing a long white dress that hugged her nicely, hanging halfway down her shins, she was wearing white underneath so nothing stood out. It was tied around her waist by a crimson silk sash, and her pumps were crimson, opened toed and heeled. It was quite the warm day so she went with a summer dress.

Her forest green eyes scanned the new people as she was surprised to see them before school. It was Ron and Hermione, the twins Fred and George, Percy with his mum and dad, Arthur and Molly Weasley. However, it was the small red haired girl with cute freckles and teary brown eyes that stood out in beige short, white tee shirt and pink trainers.

"Could I have four single bedrooms please?" Molly Weasley asked as she smiled slightly at the landlord, Tom, "a room with two beds, and one with a double please?" asked Mrs. Weasley to Tom the owner.

"Sorry," he replied. "We only have three singles left. Though, we do have the twin room and a double you could take."

Mrs. Weasley frowned in frustration, "are you sure you don't?" she asked desperately. Tom shook his head with a tired sigh as he likely knew why they were all so down and would have liked to help.

"Maybe I could help," Eva interrupted as she had skipped from her table to join them, causing them all to look at her to see her smirking. They just threw a plan straight at her. She could and would use this to make friends with Ginny.

She grinned confidently. "Hi I'm Evangeline A.K. McDowell," she introduced herself smartly. "Please, I don't mean to sound out of place ma'am but I do have a large double room all to myself, and I'm sure it might be fun to share with one of the girls.

"I've been here for a while, while my father is still arranging a house as we've only recently moved back to England. I shall be starting in second year come September. So I'll be new to Hogwarts, please, it will help me out a lot."

"I don't know dear. That's kind of you to offer but I wouldn't want to put you out."

"Nonsense," she replied with a sheepish smile. "I'll be happy to have company."

"Well," she answered uncertainly as she looked to the stunning girl's beautiful eyes. She could see through to the look of hope, and knew she would give in before she let a small smile slip to her lips, and nodded her consent. "Well, I suppose. Ginny since you'll be in the same year dear maybe you'll be OK with sharing."

"Oh… OK," she agreed shyly.

Her brown eyes travelled over the blonde girl with a light blush over her cheeks, and her heart was betraying her with how hard it was pounding in her chest. She had never seen a girl so radiant before in her life, and she reminded her of someone. There was something special about her that drew her in.

Eva grinned as she took the red heads hand in hers and started pulling her up the stairs before anyone could change their minds. It felt nice to hold her hand, as she hadn't had much human contact in a while, not that she looked for any.

"So what's your name? I'm Eva. I think I already told you, huh?"

Ginny nodded dumbly before shaking her head clear. The girl felt so familiar and warm. She felt safe and kind of content with the strange blonde.

"Um, I'm Ginevra… umm… I mean Ginny, Ginny Weasley," she replied. "Thank you for letting me stay with you. It is really nice to meet you," she said politely.

"You too," Eva replied. "And don't mention it. It's been getting quite boring around here with no one human to talk too, just my familiars really."

Eva smiled secretly as she opened her door and led Ginny in. The red haired girl gasped upon seeing the black and blue phoenix. Her jaw went slack while Eva tugged her into the room, closing the door behind them.

"Beautiful isn't she?" she asked the red haired girl. She could only nod dumbly in response. "Her names Nifes," she informed her simply.

"Hello," whispered the red head in awe, stroking the bird she gave a thrill of courageous song looking smug about something that made Eva suspicious.

"Why do you and your family look as though something bad happened?" asked Eva suddenly, eager for information, and feeling guilty about making them all so sad. It was too easy to talk about herself as Harry as if they never were the same, but again that made it easier for her to adapt.

Ginny looked up teary eyed and slumped onto the bed. "H-Harry Potter saved my life," she just blurted out. "H-he was m-my brothers and that brown haired girl's best friend."

"Wasn't he your friend too?" she asked sitting next to the girl taking her hand for support. She felt bad that before she had never considered Ginny as anything more than her - his best friends little sister.

"N-no. He never e-even noticed me," she replied as tears slowly leaked from her eyes. "A-and nobody cares a-about h-how I feel. He saved my life. T-then he's gone. I-I couldn't pay him b-back," she sobbed.

"Why don't you just say thank you first and see where that goes," suggested Nifes, laughing as a note of calm momentarily brought peace to the room.

Ginny just glared at the bird. "I can't because he's dead you idiot bird," she hissed angrily taking the peace away, and then her face dropped into a look of shock.

Eva turned to the bird. "Um… did she really understand what you said?" she asked with a look of wonder.

"Yes," she agreed. "She is of course a shifter just like you," she agreed, straight 'faced'.

"Shifter?" the girls both asked, both surprised for different reasons, though one didn't understand.

"We… come in pairs!" Eva whispered with wide eyes.

"Yes," the bird agreed. Nifes turned to Ginny with a calming note. "Shifters are powerful beings of magic that can take on the form and life essence of other beings, even their powers. They can shift matter, and… well honestly I couldn't tell you what more they could do."

"But that means she's just like me?" Eva asked in awe as she looked at Ginny in another light. She had realised that potentially she could live forever because of her powers, and forever would have been a long and lonely existence without a companion.

"What!?" asked Ginny looking at Eva in shock and confusion. The creamy blonde haired girl's cheeks stained pink. "T-then you can turn into different people!"

"Um," she blushed brighter. "Only if I've touched them before," she agreed sheepishly.

"W-who are you, really," the redhead asked slowly with realisation and comprehension coming to her eyes as a smile slowly spread to her lips.

"Harry," Ginny whispered as she wiped tears from her eyes.

Eva nodded slowly. She was startled as she hadn't expected Ginny to squeal in delight and throw herself into her arms. But Eva smiled as it did feel good not having that secret hanging over their heads and held on to the girl tightly while she basked in her discovery.

"Oh my god you're alive," she grinned as she pulled back with an impish look on her face. "A-and you're a pretty twelve year old girl," she blushed brightly while trying to suppress giggles.

Eva blushed too. "Um, thanks. You're a pretty twelve year old girl too," she replied impishly.

"Warning…! Someone's about to barge in, Evangeline," interrupted Nifes quickly. "Remember Harry Potter is dead." The two girls nodded and quickly moved further apart.

"Oh and this is my owl Nightwing," said Eva, winking as she introduced the owl to Ginny who smiled guessing who the bird really was, and quickly patted her just as the door banged open, and Ron stood there with an angry looking Hermione behind him and glaring at the dopey faced boy.

"Ronald! How dare you just barge into a girl's room!" the brown haired girl yelled angrily.

Ron snorted, amused. "It's just my sister, and-!" What the 'and' was went unheard when he yelped as he was suddenly thrown from the room and the door slammed shut leaving only the girls, one, a green eyed blonde beauty with vengeance shining furiously within her expression.

"Hey, you!" she shouted angrily. "Foolish little boy outside on the floor…!" she began, her accent coming on very strong, and overpowering with superiority. "You dare barge into this room again! I'll hex you from here all the way to the Aurors office where I'll have you charged with being a perverted trespasser!" She put her wand away and smiled smugly as they heard him running away.

"That was awesome," declared Ginny overjoyed.

"You'll get in trouble for underage magic," commented Hermione worriedly.

"Na I won't. My wand has no tracers as I didn't get it here," she replied sheepishly; her lie slid off her tongue without effort. She was tempted to tell Hermione her secret but having been Hermione she knew that unfortunately she couldn't trust her to keep her secret from Dumbledore, and then the world would likely find out. She didn't know what she would do then; likely disappear into a crowd one day and never return, taking Ginny with her of course.

"Oh... that's not fair," she moaned.

Eva shrugged with a huge grin. "I'm Eva," she said, deciding to offer her hand and maybe someday she wouldn't bow down to authority or bull crap any more "And who are you? You are not that perverts girlfriend are you?" she asked with a suppressed snicker as Hermione looked disgusted at the thought, and even shivered.

"No. I'm Hermione Granger," she said taking Eva's hand. Eva shook her hand blushing a little when she remembered checking her old friend out naked. "Well we were sent to ask Ginny what she wanted for dinner."

"Oh. Don't worry about that," interrupted Eva before Ginny could speak. "I'll have something for us brought up. We have to get to know each other after all. We'll be in the same year at school, and I'm sure we'll have a blast together."

"Oh," she replied before smiling as she shrugged. "Well I'll tell Mrs. Weasley, but don't expect her to accept that. She'll probably be up here in an hour if not sooner."

"Well as long as she knocks and waits for the door to open. After all a lady should not forget her manners," replied Eva smugly as Hermione left, closing the door behind her. Eva then sealed the door with her wand and sighed. She slumped onto the bed next to Ginny, but smiled at the red-haired girl.

"So you can be anyone you want?" asked Ginny bluntly.

Eva shrugged with a cheeky grin leaving her clothes the way they were she shifted into Ginny smirking smugly as the real Ginny's eyes widened. Fake Ginny leaned over and gave real Ginny a small kiss on the check before giggling as she burnt bright red.

"It's not every day you get to kiss yourself, huh?" asked fake Ginny in real Ginny's voice.

"Whoa. T-that was just beyond weird," she agreed with a giggle. "You know they say that the first sign of madness is talking to yourself."

"Do you wish to know something even weirder?" she asked with a crafty smirk. "Something that could bring you more madness...?"

Ginny nodded, curious.

"I'm really you… every inch… from your toes to your hair. A genetics spell wouldn't even call me your identical twin sister. It would say I was 'YOU'; I even have your personality and emotions. I have 'everything'," she said slowly lifting her dress.

Ginny blushed as her eyes widened and she grabbed fake hers hands and stopped her. "Everything?" she whispered in horror.

"Everything," she whispered back smugly. "I know you better than anyone could! Not your memories, but imprints of who you are – enough that I doubt anyone would notice, ever."

"You haven't-haven't looked a-at me have you?" asked Ginny with a deep blush.

"Here," said fake Ginny touching real Ginny's hand and shifting her into a fake Eva.

Ginny looked in the mirror shocked."How did you do that too me?" she asked, startled by her new accent.

"I think I can shift anything, so I can shift others into someone else," she explained to fake Eva. "You can check out me without any clothes now if I can look at you?" she asked barely suppressing her snicker.

"What!?" fake Eva turned around looking shocked. "This isn't even really you."

"Oh. You want to see Harry naked," asked fake Ginny smirking as she shifted into Harry wearing a black suit with long black coat and red tie looking very smart with shiny black shoes. Harry grinned at her smugly as her jaw dropped open. "I could just shift my clothes away?" he suggested, amused as he shifted Ginny back to Ginny.

Ginny narrowed her eyes suspiciously. "Go on then," she said with a smirk.

Harry shrugged. "You'll be disappointed. I'm a skinny pasty pale runt."

"I don't care," she replied smugly. "I want to see before you're gone forever," she said the last with a sad look to her eyes. Harry smiled as his clothes melted away in the stream of light, leaving only his boxers. "Hey," she moaned, "and the rest."

Harry blushed shaking his head. "You can't have me," he replied sadly. "No one can ever have me," he said as he shifted back into his new female form wearing her summer dress again. "Unless you want me…?

"That form has too many bad memories, and I've grown to like being Eva. Harry was always being stared at for being a freak," she sighed sadly. "The Boy-Who-Lived in a cupboard under the stairs of his relatives home for nine years, went to Hogwarts and stared at like some kind of side show.

"The Boy-Who-Was-Accused by most of the school because he speaks snake and commanded one to not harm another student. The boy-who-can-not-exist if I want to be happy.

"Dumbledore left him there supposedly for his own protection. So he wouldn't be corrupted by fame," she laughed humourlessly. "No. Instead he grew up alone, hated, beaten and starved.

"I don't plan on being his puppet with the inferiority complex. I plan to grow strong and powerful. I'll become the most powerful sorceress the world has ever known and I'll-," she sighed. "I don't know what I'll do after that… I've never thought of a future before."

Ginny stared at her with sad tear brimmed eyes for less than a second before flinging her arms around her, and holding on tight. Eva was startled before hugging back enjoying her warmth as she buried her face into Ginny's neck, feeling the red haired girl's warm hug and cherishing it. It was nice to have someone who would love her.

"It'll be okay, Ha… Eva - Evie," whispered the red head, snuggling into Eva's neck. "I'll always want you, no matter what… even if you are a-a girl now."

"You-you mean it?" asked the creamy-blonde haired girl hopefully.

Ginny smiled as she pulled out of the hug brushing tears from her eyes, still holding Eva with her arms around her neck. She leaned in and captured Eva's lips with her own, tasting the other girls kiss.

The two slowly closed their eyes as they moved their lips. Eva snaked her hand around Ginny's waist, and Ginny snaked her arms, pulling tighter around Eva's neck. Eva's tongue brushed Ginny's lips as they kissed, like Destiny kissed her, and the redhead opened her mouth more, letting Eva's tongue slid in, tasting Ginny's tongue in return.

The warmth and companionship helped them deepen the kiss, drinking in each other, holding the other tighter, needing each other more than they could have imagined when a knock on the door interrupted, and startled them.

They groaned in frustration, and pulled apart; their lips slowly peeling away as they pulled back breathing heavily and blushing lightly. They held nothing but affection in their eyes, need, and friendship, each other; they had felt each other's essence so knew each other better than anyone ever could.

"We should answer that," whispered Eva startling Ginny as another knock sounded.

The redhead nodded sadly. "I-I think you're right," she agreed in a whisper as they let each other go and straightened out their clothes before Ginny took a seat on the giant bed.

Eva walked to the door, opening it to find a plump red haired woman that looked around the room suspiciously before placing on her motherly smile.

"Hello dear," she said kindly. "Hermione said you both want to eat up here? Are you sure you both wouldn't like to come and eat downstairs with everyone else?"

Eva nodded her head in agreement. "Well I don't mind Mrs. Weasley. But I thought it would be nice to eat alone with Ginny tonight so we can get to know each other without being interrupted," she grinned. "I'm starting Hogwarts this year like I said, and I'll be in second year with Ginny. We'll be the best of friends. I know it," she said excitedly.

Mrs. Weasley was taken aback by such a long-winded answer before she smiled slightly as she remembered her first year at Hogwarts and how terrifying it was not knowing anyone. She also saw it as an opportunity for her daughter to make a friend since she didn't with the trouble the year before, and that was partially what school was for, making life long connections to people.

"Well… okay dear. If you want I'll have something sent up for you?"

"Oh, okay Mrs. Weasley. Thanks… um, could I have a two beef chow mien," she began. "And two portions of sweet and sour pork balls. I'll also have a large pepperoni pizza, a large spicy chicken and mushroom pizza, all stuffed crusts on the pizzas, and a large portion of chips with several buttered pitta breads," she then turned to Ginny. "Hey, what do you want?" she asked cheerfully.

Ginny just stared dumbly at her for a moment before shaking her head clear. "Um, a pepperoni pizza?" she suggested unsure whether Eva was joking or not, but it looked like she was being serious.

Eva grinned and turned back to Mrs. Weasley. "Make those two large pepperoni pizzas."

Mrs. Weasley nodded dumbfounded. "Are you sure you want all that?"

Eva nodded her consent. "Yeah, just get Tom to add it to my account," she agreed with a large grin.

"Well, okay if you're sure." Eva nodded, smiling. "Well okay, but you girls be good," she added shaking her head, amused. She was almost out the door when Eva stopped her.

"Oops, I almost forgot. Can you ask him to get me five big bottles of cherry coke, and five bottles of Sprite and some sauces? I've ran out." Mrs. Weasley nodded. "And some clean glasses." She nodded again and left without a sound, closing the door behind her.

Eva grinned in amusement and bounced over to the bed, sitting down next to her 'friend'. "Hey where's Nifes gone?" she asked looking around the room.

"I don't know," replied Ginny shaking her head clear. "Can you really eat all of that?" she asked, smiling and looking befuddled.

Eva nodded. "Ever since I started using my powers I've been eating tons. Fawkes says it's because I use a lot of energy shifting I need all of the extra calories. But I pretty much figured I would anyway as I started getting hungrier when using magic too, but they use potions to lower calories to stop us gaining too much weight, but I can't actually gain weight unless I want to anyway."

"Fawkes?" she asked, surprised. "Dumbledore's Fawkes...?"

"Yeah," she nodded. "Fawkes and Nifes are mates. He introduced me to Nifes and made her my guardian."

"Oh," she grinned and burst out laughing while Eva just grinned. "Oh, sorry, but that's just hilarious…! Do they have a baby phoenix called Spoons?"

"I had wondered that myself," she replied laughing.

Ginny quietened down after a few moments with nervousness creeping into her expression. "Um," she bit her lower lip. "W-what are we?"

"Huh?" blinked Eva in confusion.

"You know. W-we k-kissed," she said blushing.

Eva smirked. "Well I thought we could be together. Like you'll be my girlfriend and I'll be yours."

She giggled throwing her arms around the redhead and pushing her down onto the bed and sitting on her lap, her blonde hair framing her perfectly as she looked down.

"I-I think we'll work out fine, don't you?" she asked lying down on top of her kissing her soft lips briefly.

Ginny smiled. "I-I think we'll-we'll be perfect together," she agreed pulling Eva's face down to hers, their lips touching, eyes drifting shut, their warm moist lips moved as their tongues slowly entered each other's mouths tasting each other.

They drowned in the others taste, enjoying the warmth of each other's bodies. The comfort they felt in each other, the companionship… the love, the bond that grew from their contact.

They must have been making out for about an hour, with only the brief stops to take a breath when a knock on the door disturbed them and Eva pulled back groaning.

"I'll get it sweetie," whispered Eva with a loving smile she kissed Ginny's nose getting a giggle from the redhead as she slid off the girl.

Ginny sat up straightening her clothes as Eva brushed hers down and opened the door with a smile.

"Hey Sally!" she greeted the pretty young waitress pleasantly as she walked in with a wide smile. She was in her mid twenties with short cropped straight brown hair, and brown eyes wearing a grey robe with a white apron over the front.

She was carrying three large pizza boxes in one hand while levitating 3 bags, 5 bottles of cherry coke, 5 bottles of sprite and 6 pint glasses into the room.

"Good evening, Evie, sweetie!" she said with a wider smile. "I see you've made yourself a cute little friend!" she commented, smiling at Ginny and giving her a cheeky wink, as she landed the pizzas on the dresser with the 3 bags. She opened the fridge and the cokes and sprite flew in before she closed it with the glasses landing on top.

"Good friends are hard to come by in the wizarding world!" Sally said as she patted Eva's head. "So try to keep a few. Life is harder in the magical world when you're muggle-born like me, or even half-blood like Evie, even if she is a little more well off than most. I got lucky when Tom gave me a job because my old man used to run a pub before he retired and I knew the way things worked. Just a word of advice girls, everything goes to the old families, and everyone else suffers for it, and annoying outdated traditions.

"So the point is, find a good few friends and stick by them, they'll do the same," she said with a smile. "I still have a few muggle-born friends who work in the muggle world that still keep in touch. Anyway; its just a piece of advice; especially for you Evie, starting Hogwarts for the first time will be hectic.

"Well, Would you girls like for me to bring up some plates for you to eat off, or are you okay with them as they are?" she asked.

"I think we'll be okay thanks Sally," Eva said giving her a quick hug.

"Well anything for our favourite guest," she replied as she headed for the door, blowing them a kiss each.

"Thanks Sally," she replied, giggling as she left, closing the door behind her.

Eva turned to Ginny, and grinned as she brought the food over to the bed placing it between them. The two girls leaned over and kissed briefly before boxes were opened.

"Well cutie lets dig in," giggled Eva as she handed Ginny her pizza.

"Where'd she get these?" the redhead asked opening her box, looking at her food with her mouth-watering.

"Oh. There's a whole nest of takeaways around the corner," she replied opening her chips. "Want some chips?" she offered. Ginny shook her head.

"What's a takeaway?" she asked as she bit into the juicy delicious pizza slice. "Wow, Eva… this is the best pizza I've ever had. It's freaking awesome."

Eva laughed as she ate a few chips. "A take away is a junk food place that makes deliveries to people's homes or you walk in to get food to take with you so you can eat and go about your business, or take home yourself like Sally does for me."

"So it's a muggle place?" she asked surprised. Eva nodded. "And Sally doesn't mind going for you?"

"Oh, of course not, you saw that. She's fun, always imparting knowledge about the unfairness of the wizarding world to muggle-born's, taking them, and leaving them completely unprepared for the reality of after school in the magical world. Plus she so fancies me, but because I'm only twelve she can only flirt and play around. If it was a guy, I so would have beaten him up," she said laughing. "Sally's really nice anyway, has a secret girlfriend who's married to some douche bag rich pureblood or something, older lady too. Sally said she's 30-something, I forgot, but Sally's only twenty four.

"Anyway," she continued, shrugging. "I pay them extra for her to go and tip her well. I found this great pizza place, and then around it were other places, and I guess I was really lucky to find such good takeaways. No offence to the Leaky Cauldron's cooking or anything. But their food doesn't have enough calories because of potions they use, and I need the calories to keep me going without eating absolute tons."

"But what will you do at Hogwarts?" she asked worriedly.

Eva smirked. "Fawkes said he'll show me how to get into the kitchens, and I'll be able to get the house elves to make me whatever I need. Well you and I more 'appropriate' food."


"Yeah…! I'll help you shift, and then you'll need the extra calories without the downer of getting fat too."

"I like the sound of that… junk food without any downsides."

They laughed together before they soon finished up their food and had some ice-cold coke that Ginny discovered she enjoyed, 'much better than pumpkin juice'. Then it was time for bed. Eva made sure to lock and sealed the door: to keep perverts away; or nosey parent.

"Hey. I have to go get my night clothes," complained Ginny as she watched in shock as Eva took off her wands and holsters placing them on her side cabinet.

"Oh. You walked into a weird shop too with some odd blonde lady who said she was Destiny?" asked Ginny as she also removed her wands. "I did wonder whether I was going nuts or something," she added as she dropped them and a tiny trunk on the bedside table next to her side of the bed.

Eva stared at them for a moment before grinning and pulled the other collar from her draw, and clipped it carefully on her girlfriend's neck, smirking smugly.

"Yeah…! This will keep filthy headmasters and incompetent teachers from raping your mind."

Ginny shivered at the thought, "and here," she touched Ginny's sleeve and shifted her clothes into a cute pair of red pyjamas with white fluffy clouds while hers shifted into black PJ's with little red bats, and their shoes disappeared leaving them bare foot.

Ginny smiled wrapping her arms around her girlfriends waist, (girlfriend, she was so happy; she got who she always wanted, so the wrapping was different, it was what was inside that mattered to her, as long as she's cute too, she had some standards). Eva returned the smile, and wrapping her arms around Ginny's waist kissing her she slid her hands lower groping the red heads soft firm butt playfully giggling.

Ginny gasped as she felt Eva's hand squeezing her butt, "are you enjoying that?" she reprimanded playfully.

"Very much so," agreed Evangeline with a cheeky smile, she kissed her girlfriend's soft nose.

"Well. I'll have to try with yours," she retorted cheekily kissing Evangeline's small nose in return; her hands sliding down to Eva's bottom. "Nice, tight, and soft," she grinned as they slowly let each other go, and walked together towards the bed, crawling under the covers they curled up in each others arms contently.

Ginny let a huge grin crack her face in two as held on to her girl tightly. "T-thank you for saving me from the Chamber... I never really got a chance to really say thank you before with everything-.."

"It was something I shall never regret, and do again without a second thought," Eva interrupted laughingly as she tightened her grip possessively. "Plus, I'm The Saviour, so rescuing beautiful damsels in distress is in my job description"

"You'll always be My Hero," the redhead replied kissing Eva's neck enjoying that it made her squirm a little and giggle. They slowly entered a content silence as they drifted off into the land of wonderful dreams of each other.

Evangeline woke with a surprised, but very welcomed warm moist kiss on her lips. Opening her eyes she came face to face with Ginny as the red head's small body lay on top of her. She smiled as her lips moved, returning the kiss, eagerly. It felt incredible to have someone like Ginny all to herself, and she basked in feelings that she never had as Harry.

"Good morning," she whispered with a smile as Ginny laid her head on her chest content to snuggle, their legs entwined and Eva's arms around her, stroking her hair in comforting strokes.

"G-good m-morning, sweetie," yawned Ginny cutely in return. "So, um, what um, happened to? Well, it's been driving me crazy since I woke up, but you freaking killed your uncle! Then you faked your own death, which by the way was genius that you got away with it!" she asked in a desperate rush. She had wanted to ask the day before, but kept getting distracted.

"Oh, um," Eva sighed as she slowly and carefully told her what happened. Ginny just lay still listened until she stopped. "I really didn't think they would think I was dead - well I had hoped but, I guess things like on TV don't always happen and they let it drop or something. I just wanted to get away. And once I actually killed my ungrateful uncle, I think I knew Dumbledore or anyone in the wizarding world wouldn't care about the self-defence, and call me a muggle hater, and try to throw me in Azkaban!

"I have no real reason to trust the magical world. They treat me like the greatest thing since Merlin one moment, and then the greatest villain since Morgana the next. The worst thing is, when they've been proven wrong they don't apologise, but they just go back to things the way they were as if I had no right to an apology, but worse, I can see it, they would jump the bandwagon again and again!

"Dumbledore never gave a crap. I bet the only thing he even cares about is losing the wizarding world's saviour for when he secretly helps Voldemort return for whatever stupid plot he has up his sleeve that will get muggles, muggle-born's and half-bloods murdered and worse.

"That's why I need to crush the old man, but I have to play this smart. Killing him would only make a martyr. However, with Harry Potter's death comes an opportunity to completely obliterate his most important aspect: his reputation?

"Before I would have felt guilty, but now, nothing but anger; I hate that old bastard, and he ruined any chance Harry Potter had of having a proper future. The more I think about it the more it seems that things were placed in such a way that-."

"Well I don't think you should feel guilty at all," the redhead interrupted. "They got what they deserved, and now you're free, but what do you mean placed?"

"Well, Ron mainly, and possibly your mum," she replied quickly, shocking Ginny. "It seemed odd at the time that when we first met on that platform that your mother shouted out at a muggle train station that is always busy being packed with muggles right when I didn't have a clue where to find the platform entrance.

"I had been at the station looking for over an hour. I hadn't seen one muggle-born student use that entrance," she said while Ginny looked at her with wide eyes. "Then your family came along. Pure-bloods using the muggle entrance - did you always come through that way?"

Ginny shook her head thoughtfully. "Well, no… we usually used the floo-fire systems; there are loads that land us on the platform. I never thought about it before, but that was weird."

Eva nodded her head in agreement. "Then Molly Weasley who is a pureblood witch, and had been to Hogwarts for seven years herself, so she had taken the train a minimum times of fourteen when she went to Hogwarts, who has seven kids two of which had left school screams out what platform to Hogwarts?"

"Oh," Ginny said with wide eyes as that did sound like a set up.

"Next Ron, seriously, the more I think about it the more troubled I get," she continued thoughtfully. "I don't know why I never cared before but Ron is a bully. I've been bullied all of my life by my cousin, and my freaking relatives. I would have never been friends with him. I-I remember things that I just overlooked before. He used my name to pick on people, Hufflepuffs, Ravenclaws, and even Gryffindors, and Slytherins."

Ginny had wide eyes with tears bubbling up. "You must have been under a spell, but because of your powers, you broke it!" she said quickly kissing Eva and lavishing her with affection that she was happy to accept, brushing Ginny's tears away.

"It's okay Ginny!" she replied with a smile, holding her girlfriend tightly. "Let's just change the subject, okay!

"Your family hadn't found out about Destiny have they?" she asked quickly as the thought came to her. "Because if they did Dumbledore will come along, likely trying to steal her gifts thinking he has a right and Destiny might get pissed, and who knows what would happen!"

"No, they don't have a clue!" she replied thankfully, "and I've been learning some really cool new spells. I've even managed this cool one called a patronus charm. It forms a silvery-white griffin to defend me from those horrible soul drinking monsters I heard some idiot thought would be ideal for protecting innocent kids," she announced proudly.

"I started learning it when I heard about the Dementors guarding the school too."

"When I thought y-you were dead. I thought I would have to take care of everyone to pay you back for saving my life," she said with a hitch in her throat as she snuggled to her girl as tight as she dared.

Eva giggled kissing her forehead. "Well now we'll both be able to make sure everyone's okay," she replied. "My patronus is the sky dragon, and she's pretty cool, but performing under dementor free conditions are easier that if the real thing was nearby."

"Yeah, I figured that one out," the redhead giggled. "You had the same thought as me. Those Dementors are disgusting creatures…" she trailed off and smirked up at her girlfriend. "So you blew up your relatives' home as Hermione?" she asked with a smirk and an eyebrow rose as she sat up on her girls lap, letting the covers fall back behind her.

"Um, yeah," Eva replied blushing sheepishly.

"You've looked at her naked haven't you?" she accused amusedly.

The creamy blonde haired shifter coughed nervously. "Well. It's different when being someone else, rather than who I am now. I still felt like me, and since I was a boy, I was curious, if that made sense. Well I also felt kind of like Hermione too, but it's hard to really explain," she defended herself.

Ginny giggled. "It must be refreshing being able to turn into whoever or whatever you like. I so can't wait to try it."

Eva shrugged. "I guess it is cool, but I like the way you look best," she agreed as she shifted. Ginny looked down startled to see she was looking at a green eyed version of herself. "I could be your twin sister?" she suggested, showing she still had Eva's super cute accent.

Ginny shook her head giggling. "That's too weird. You just look like me with green eyes."

"Aww...! I had even come up with a name," she moaned, pouting. Ginny laughed. It was funny hearing herself with a different accent.

"Okay. So what's my twin sisters' name?" asked Ginny, interested.

"Guinevere, of course... Gwen for short," she replied giggling smugly.

"You're weird, but it suits me, umm, you, I suppose," laughed Ginny. "Now shift. It's weird sitting on my fake-twin-sisters' lap."

Gwen grinned and shifted into Hermione. "Then how's this. Do your homework Ronald Weasley! You'll get into trouble if you don't and you're not copying off of me!" she glared disapprovingly at Ginny, her voice now Hermione's.

Ginny burst out laughing. "That's brilliant," she giggled. "Who else can you do?"

She grinned as she shifted into a large fox vixen with dark red fur and white under belly and chest, black tips to her ears and white tip to her fluffy red tail. The vixen slid out from under Ginny staring at her through ruby red eyes, looking smug.

"Awe," cried out Ginny, sitting up after falling backwards, and knocking the covers to the floor. "Aren't you a cutie?" she declared stroking her soft fur.

"Yep," the fox yelped happily jumping up onto Ginny licking her face.

Ginny giggled. "I can understand you," she said happily.

"That would be because you are both shifters. No creature's word will go unheard or not-understood by either of you," interrupted a male voice. Looking to the end of the bed they saw Fawkes sitting with Nifes. The fox shifted back to Eva wearing her black pyjamas with little red bats, kneeling next to Ginny.

"But Nightwing… Nighty hasn't ever spoken to me before," whined Eva sadly.

"Well you never asked," interrupted said owl landing on her shoulder.

Eva slapped her hands to her forehead. "Never asked? How was I supposed to know I can talk to animals?"

Nighty seemed to shrug as she flew back to her perch. "It's not my fault Fawkes never mentioned it till now, blame him," she retorted smugly as she hooted.

Eva turned to the scarlet and gold phoenix with a small glare before she sighed. "So Fawkes what can we do for you? You don't normally pop by just for a chat."

The bird nodded. "I've come bearing news of Albus' scheming," he sighed disapprovingly. "Now that he has no Harry Potter he's planning on having Neville Longbottom taking your place as hero. He plans on taking the boy on as apprentice."

"You're joking. Neville's not even very good at magic," replied Eva, amused. "And why didn't he ever offer me extra training?"

"I don't know. All I know is he's an idiot," he replied with a sigh. "Well I have to go and keep my eye on him," he said as he flamed away.

"Wow that's cool that you have a spy," Ginny said, impressed. "And who would ever suspect Fawkes?"

Eva shrugged with a soft chuckle. "Wanna get a shower and get dressed?"

Ginny nodded. "Sure," she agreed. They both hopped off the bed. "Did you mean together?"

Eva blushed. "Um; no. unless you want to?" she said nervously.

Ginny blushed too. "W-we shouldn't," she conceded. "You can shower first."

"Na you go first."

"No you first."

"No you first."

"No you; you are paying for the room."

"So, you're my girlfriend, and my guest, and guests go first; it's only polite."

"Humans!" interrupted Nifes, amused. "Ginevra just go and take your shower, Evangeline can wait."

Ginny sighed. "Okay, okay," she conceded defeat, kissed Eva's lips and proceeded into the bathroom before she stopping in the doorway. "Um, Eva...? My clothes are in my Hogwarts trunk and my mum has that. Um, do you have something I can borrow?"

"Oh, um, sure," her girlfriend agreed with a grin as she pulled out some items from her trunk and handed them over. "There. I'm even loaning you underwear, but they are brand-new," she said. "It was like really embarrassing buying them."

Ginny grinned, kissing Eva one last time. "Thank you," she said as she closed the bathroom door.

"Fawkes was correct," Nifes mused when Eva pulled some cold chow mien out of the fridge, sat on the bed and started eating.

"Correct about what?" she asked curiously.

The phoenix laughed. "You and Ginevra being destined to be together," she said honestly.

"Oh," she replied blushing. "D-do you really think so? I guess that whole only ever two of us thing was a bit of a clue."

Nifes nodded. "Yes young shifter. He said as soon as he saw you together. Two shifters down in the chamber, he knew. And yesterday when you met again I saw he was very correct."

Eva smiled about the news, after all phoenixes were supposed to know this sort of stuff or something like that. After all they were immortal, right, so had plenty of time to get wise.

It took about twenty minutes before Ginny exited the shower with a grin. She wore a black and white rippled skirt that hung halfway down her thighs, a black form fitting top and a thin black jacket. Ginny's feet were bare and her jacket left undone, and her hair neatly tied back.

"Wow, you look great," chimed Eva. "Soooo cute," she giggled smiling.

Ginny grinned shyly. "Thanks," she said with lightly pink cheeks. "Y-you can use the shower now."

"Cool," she said jumping off the bed bouncing over she captured Ginny's lips in hers before she slid into the bathroom, closing the door behind her.

Ginny sighed contently as she walked on autopilot to the bed, collapsing onto it.

Eva had just finished her shower; dried up and gotten dressed in some new clothes she liked. She wore a long black dress with a body hugging white corset interwoven into the dress and over her chest, and a black and crimson leather coat to her ankles with black boots.

She opened the bathroom door and walked out. "Wow Ginny, did you darken your hair, and it's shorter? I like it," she asked and complimented, as she checked the girl out. Her hair was more of a scarlet colour and hung to the bottom of her neck, short and flared out.

Ginny blushed as she checked out her hair in the mirror. "Thanks. I thought that now I could try something new," she said laughingly.

Eva laughed with her while Ginny wrapped her arms around Eva's waist and looked down at the mounds of her chest smiling. "I love this dress on you, Evie," she whispered as her lips gently kissed Eva's lips.

They laughed, their lips touching for a moment more. "So what shall we do?" asked Eva as they pulled apart and she started putting on her wands.

"Um, I don't know," replied her girlfriend thoughtfully as she grabbed her wands too. "Mum won't let me do much with Sirius Black on the loose."

"Hmm… I've read about him lots in the papers," Eva said frowning thoughtfully. "I'm not so sure it can be believed. It just doesn't add up. Plus he never even got a trial.

"I also did a bit of research on the Blacks. All of them were dark and supporters of the dark twat, except two, Sirius and his cousin Andromeda. Sirius was even in Gryffindor while the rest of his family were Slytherins and a very wealthy family too. One of those Slytherins actually married a muggle-born man. So she and Sirius weren't bad I suppose, and then out of nowhere Sirius Black is a traitor?

"It just doesn't add up. If he had a trial and was guilty he could have easily bought his way out, and if he had a trial and was innocent he would be free.

"I read that the bastard Malfoy had a trial and claimed to be under a curse called imperious, that controls others and unsurprisingly the ministers' bank account had an extra quarter of a million galleons after he was released. They didn't even use truth potion, and from what I found out the trail was more for show than anything, even Dumbledore voted to let him go."

Ginny gasped. "How did you even find that out?" she asked in shock.

Eva grinned evilly. "I'm a shifter remember, and I'm a curious shifter. If I cared right now I could get enough evidence against so many corrupt officials it could screw up the ministry. But that's a no go they would all come together to stop me, and to bull crap their way into the loving morons who want to believe their government looks out for them while damning my attack, and ignoring my evidence as fictitious no matter the proof to prove it.

"Minister Fudge is right on the top of the corruption list, always taking 'campaign' money from the Malfoy's among other, though at least most of them aren't doing so for the right to get away with being evil, but more selfish in their pursuits. It gives the bastard more power within the ministry, and then the ears of people with power to share, and favours get more favours making it a vicious circle of corruption that will only end when someone chooses to put a stop to it from the outside."

Ginny shook her head in disgust. "But you don't plan to let them get away with this! So you're going to play them all, and come along and invade, but doing it the sneaky way!"

Eva smirked, leaned in and kissed her nose. "Oh MY Ginevra," she whispered, causing Ginny to shiver in delight as her full name spoken in Eva's accent was… well explosive.

"We shall not let this go. For now we shall pretend ignorance, and come in, slowly, just an annoying buzz until they were the explosions and gun fire, by which time it would be too late. When the time comes, we may need to use some, blackmail, and or take people to civil court... or hostage, or outright-. However when their use is over we'll bitch slap them with the use of the papers. Well with the exception of the Prophet since they're ministry property."

"I didn't know that."

Eva smirked. "I'm a shifter. It's a ministry secret… secrets aren't safe from us. Dumbledore, Fudge, all of them will pay big. Though I still can't get my parents will. It has a powerful wizengamot seal that will destroy it if I try opening it, but with public pressure they wouldn't have a choice. However, you don't need to be a genius to know my parents' wishes were ignored."

Ginny nodded disgusted with the old man. "But what if Black was innocent? That one would be hard to prove, without…-." She trailed off nervously.

"Speaking with him first," agreed Eva frowning curiously. "He may have a way to prove his innocence, and proving that would damn Dumbledore further than ever! Sirius is probably going to Hogwarts for some reason, hence all the dementors they're stationing there, which in itself is more dangerous than the escaped 'killer'."

"Okay, but how will we find him?" asked Ginny curious and concerned.

"I-I don't know. Just hope we stumble across him before anyone else does?" She shrugged. "Well enough about our scheming. I have to go to the bank. I've been putting this off for too long."

Eva then took Ginny's hand and they both shifted into adults. Ginny became pretty petite 29 year old woman with creamy blonde hair tied back and green eyes wearing black business skirt suit with white blouse. And Eva turned into a handsome lean and muscular 31 year old man, about 6" with short brown hair gelled into a forward quiff with brown eyes wearing a black business suit with white shirt with the top few buttons open with long black heavy coat.

Ginny looked at herself in the mirror surprised. "Why are we like this?" she asked startled by her new voice that would match Eva's.

"Um… I'm Nathan McDowell, Evangeline's father and you're… um…" he trailed off looking unsure, but his accent was slightly Americanised

"Elena McDowell? Eva's mother?" piped in the blonde helpfully.

"Yeah, that will work," he agreed with a grin. "We're archaeologists from rich families, and met on a muggle site," he said holding her hand he grabbed the room key and exited. They walked down into the pub without getting many looks and passed the Weasley's without a word since they didn't know them, and out into the entrance to the alley. Pulling a wand from his sleeve, Nathan opened the arch with a grin.

"I still can't believe this," laughed Elena. "I have boobs."

Nathan chuckled nervously. "I noticed."

They laughed together as they continued straight towards the bank barely paying any attention to those around them. However, 'Nathan' did notice just next to the Leaky Cauldron Pub that three large shops were empty and up for either lease or sale depending on the offer so stored that knowledge away for later use.

Soon they were walking into the bank and Nathan walked directly up to the nearest teller and went to tap his hand to gain goblin form and was surprised when the goblin moved his hand away glaring at him.

"Um… I would like to speak with someone in private please," he said nervously.

"Of course you would," the goblin replied rudely. "And please refrain from touching my kind; we won't be able to detect you if you do."

Nathan and Elena started, shocked. "Y-you know?" said Nathan smirking he moved fast and touched the goblins hand. "Now you won't," he chuckled when Elena did the same.

The goblin glared with a sigh. "Whatever," he said, "just follow me," he said hopping down from his seat and leading them through a set of doors into a nice long hallway, then into a large office with an older goblin sat behind his desk, and offered them a seat. "These two 'gods' have some business," he said rudely.

The goblin behind the desk narrowed his eyes suspiciously. "... 'Gods'...? Ah, shifters, and you foolishly let them touch you?" he accused with a growl.

"No. I was unsuspecting that he would try twice on me," the other scowled. "Humans are so unpredictable."

"Very well, you may leave," he said and his colleague immediately took his leave, closing the doors tight behind him. "My name is Goldbrick. What can I do for you both?"

Nathan slipped him his key. "I want all of that gold transferred to a new vault, under my name, Nathan McDowell, and my twelve year old daughters' name, Evangeline Athanasia Katherine McDowell. Though, I only need one key as of now.

"I want it untraceable, so no paperwork. Also this is to be kept completely confidential and I shall make it well worth your time as manager of my accounts."

Goldbrick eyed the key suspiciously. "But Mr. Potter is dead," he said blandly.

"Don't believe everything you're told, Mr. Goldbrick," replied Nathan, amused.

"Ah. I see," the goblin chuckled. "You decided you would be better off without all of the staring and Dumbledore messing with your life."

"Exactly," agreed Nathan with a nod of agreement. "My relatives are not the type of people a sane man would give custody of a magical kid."

"I completely understand, Mr… McDowell," Goldbrick nodded in approval. "Would you like all of your family assets and other vaults transferred as well?"

"Other vaults?" he asked, confused. "I'm afraid I have not been made aware of any other vaults or assets."

The goblin scowled but nodded, and a large file of parchment appeared on his desk as if he pulled it up from the wood while pulling his hands back.

"Let's see. The short list is; you have three family vaults. Hmm, you have the Potter vault, the Fay vault and the Black vault," he didn't miss the surprise at the last two but continued. Honestly he wouldn't have expected to have the boy aware of his heritage.

"You also have twelve houses around the world; three mansions, two castles, thousands of stocks in all sorts of muggle companies that bring in a sizeable income. Oh, you're lucky to have come in so soon, Mr. Dumbledore is at the moment attempting to take claim over your inheritance."

Nathan nodded unhappily. "Why do I have the Black vault? That is the same vault that should belong to Sirius Black, correct?"

The goblin nodded. "Yes it is. You're his heir hence you get control of his vault should he be unable to claim it."

Nathan's eyes widened. "Why do I get his money?"

"He is your godfather," he replied. "Since he has no children or any other living relatives that constitutes family you became his heir the moment your parents passed. I understand in the muggle world things aren't that simple, but the magical world is a wholly different and interesting place if you learn the system, most of which even I'll agree is dated and foolish with loopholes galore."

"Hmm, my godfather," he growled. "Dumbledore did this. Now I'm nearly one hundred percent sure he's innocent. Thank you this has been most illuminating."

The goblin nodded respectfully as the goblins had never been convinced that Sirius Black had actually committed any crime. It was just luck and lore that saved the Black fortunes from going to Malfoy's or worse and going to Dumbledore for him to get his grubby paws on it.

"How much in total do the three vaults amount too, in muggle currency as well please?"

"In total," he said looking over the ledger. "Just over seventy two billion pounds, works out at around eight and a half billion galleons, and that is not including the gems and other precious jewels the families have accumulated over the years. The Fay vault actually holds no money, but books and artefacts that could possibly be worth millions or more alone. As you will come to see, pureblood families tend to scrimp and save rather than wasting money, or even spending it on interesting things or helping others.

"Though, sometimes, maybe they'll find an investment that will make them power, political, or otherwise. They can be very greedy that even as a goblin I shake my head at such notions. Money comes second to us over family – without family who do we have to leave a legacy to?"

"Good point and I think I have a cunning plan," Nathan said quickly after only a moment to think. "I want it all transferred. As far as you and this bank are concerned Harry Potter is dead, and as per his will, which you offered him to make out his first year of school his money was dealt out to children's charities throughout the muggle world.

"That it's to help all those children that are beaten and abused by their relatives, make it known he didn't even know how much he was willing away upon his death because of... well, you get the drift. Make it clear that he hoped it would help other children whereas nothing and no one ever wanted to help him, and maybe it could save some lives.

"Make sure the papers print the story, and make it clear the Potter's will was wizengamot sealed and Albus Dumbledore left him with people that his deputy head Minerva McGonagall had watched and knew Harry would not be treated with love or kindness, but he ignored her. That he had so much power within the government and over the people that she could do nothing without him taking everything she had, especially her job as a teacher.

"I want you to set up a children's aid charity with a billion pounds to protect children worldwide, working with charities worldwide to make sure children see this money, and get help so that when they are adults they can have a good life. And make sure they know it came as the wish of an abused child. I want every muggle and magical paper around the world to be reporting this for weeks, months, even years! I want Dumbledore's name to be mud with the magical world and muggle world!"

The goblin and Elena stared at him in a state of semi-shock. "You're willing to give away all of that money just to begin the destruction of Dumbledore?" asked Goldbrick shaking his head clear with a look of awe and wonderment.

"Partially," he agreed. "The other part is because those kids need it more than me."

"I am honoured, sir," he replied with a grin. "It shall be front page news tomorrow. What else can I do for you, Mr. McDowell?"

"I have a business opportunity your bank will be interested in," he chuckled. "I have a map with the précised location of several famous and 'undiscovered' areas with full blueprints of their treasure vaults.

"I'm willing to give the bank ten percent of the findings; the rest goes into my children's foundation. However, anything of scientific or historic worth goes to either a muggle museum or magical, under conditions that they spend the 'cost' of the items on school field-trips to visit them. And then everything of magical power, I want catalogued and placed within my new vault. I want Harry Potter to get credit for everything and anything that lets say is discussable about the discoveries as per his continued wishes.

"Liquidate all of my properties, anything of value, sentimental or otherwise is to be taken out and placed in my vault, and paid for as if they were liquidated, and add all of those funds to the foundation. Also I need a home, somewhere within Ireland, in the country would be nice, perfectly warded-to-the-max, and to include all of the muggle and magical conveniences people like us could need and then some.

"Fawkes!" he called and the scarlet bird flamed in carrying the maps and dropped them for the goblin. Nathan didn't know how he knew to bring them but was grateful it would all wrap up father like that; he needed to make good ground with the goblins, because if they invest in him, make money with him, they will be loyal and powerful partners. "Thanks, Fawkes." The bird then landed on Elena's shoulder, standing proudly.

"That's Dumbledore's familiar," the goblin commented as he looked over the maps.

"Or our spy," laughed Nathan, amused as he handed the goblin information to show that he was trusting them, so they would trust in return and a healthy business relationship would form, and that was what they needed for Eva's plans to work. It was just a good thing the plans were so flexible, and could easily change if the need arose.

Goldbrick chuckled. "Well, these are very impressive. Ten percent seems more than reasonable considering what you are doing with the rest. Yes, some of these places we have been searching for for a very long time; thank you."

"Don't worry about it; it's all in my plan to gain power, and politics is by far the hardest and least useful area to do that," he answered and the goblin nodded, as he knew that goblins were limited to what they could do, so Nathan was in a roundabout way telling him that he could do things for them. "I trust as my new manager you'll make sure that if anyone undesirable were to try alerting the wrong people about our business dealings that might be a little more questionable, legally – that they would... disappear never to be heard from again while bearing in mind, if they potentially have important information, maybe holding them for a while, and handing them over to us would be prudent."

Goldbrick nodded in respect and admiration of Nathan's request as he saw him as a very lucrative business, and playing right could help his people a lot more than siding with Dumbledore and his stupidity ever did, considering the old human was a lying backstabber who never tried to get them recognised to sit on the wizengamot to have their say.

He could read between the subtle lines like all goblins, it was natural, and this man didn't promise to try anything for them; he might as well have came out and said it would be a done deal. Working with the McDowell's was going to be an interesting adventure, yes, very interesting. He would have to speak to the elders of Gringotts afterwards, as finally they had met a human would didn't say 'try' but said 'yes', 'no more lies to use goblins as cannon-fodder'. He couldn't quite remember ever meeting a mage who could be so cunning, and truly dangerous.

"Of course, sir," he agreed with a nod, after a few moments of thought. "So a dungeon and cell set up for your new home would be appropriate... just in case?" he asked while Nathan nodded. He liked the idea of that; his client was a thinker, not a person who rushed in head or arse first unless necessary.

"Now, on to other business I think, as I need a cover, or should I say, starting venture that will keep eyes away from other ventures for a while… hmm… I've decided to call it Firefly."

The goblin began writing quickly as Nathan spoke. He could feel some interesting ventures about to cross his lap, and he would be sure to follow through with everything. If it angered pureblood wizards; all the better in his opinion.

"I saw three buildings next to the Leaky Cauldron that are for sale… buy them for me," he said smirking. "I want a modern… muggle design used, and it magically expanded inside to the max, all three buildings turned into one containing a restaurant, pub, and hotel of the highest standard.

"I want everything set up, and running as soon as possible." The goblin nodded his head. "I want it clean, fresh, and perfectly family friendly, so no smoking inside. I want you to hire the staff, waitresses, waiters, bartenders, receptionists etc. I also want it primarily staffed by muggle-born's, half-bloods, and throw in some blood traitors too."

Again the goblin nodded his agreement as he thought about it. "But sir, putting it… The Firefly right next to the Cauldron will lose it business…!"

Nathan just shook his head in amusement. "I want you to under-price the Cauldron in everything, and not only that but have a nicer, spotless clear atmosphere even if it costs us money. I want to own the Leaky Cauldron and if running at a loss, or just breaking even is what it takes to take the muggle main entrance then it's a small price to pay. Take the Cauldron as soon as you can as I have a plan for that cesspool."

The goblin laughed as he got over his surprise. "I admire your underhandedness sir," he replied respectfully.

"In addition," Nathan continued. "I want you to start buying out as much of Knockturn Alley as you can, starting with those closest to Diagon and working your way down."

"Yes sir," the goblin replied as he wondered what Nathan wanted to build in their place, and the amusement it would garner to see the look on people's faces when one person owned the whole alley would be priceless; he could certainly admire a man who would waste money for a good cause, just to get what he wanted. Then the Potter Children's Foundation could grow into its own, and become something special in the muggle would too.

"If you have too…!" Nathan scrambled for words. "Well, sometimes such… filthy people may need other means of persuasion too… shall we say get out of the way. Sometimes they're so fixated on the past that they forget they need money, and accidents do happen, especially to pureblood mongrels that won't get out of my way."

"So a little short of killing them…?"

"Exactly…!" he agreed smugly. "But if their accident is fatal, as long as they deserved to end that way, no big deal!"

"N-Nathan…!" Elena suddenly reprimanded.

He smiled at her, rolling his eyes. "Just think about it… everyone complains about that cesspool yet no developer has ever just bought the place out and made a difference. I was down there once yet saw no law. It's lawless because the ministry doesn't care. They like it that way. Its apart of their history and tradition. It's full of murderers among other things that always get away with their crimes! Because their crimes are against muggles or poor witches and wizards who don't have protection! Crap like Dumbledore think that because the victim 'forgets' that the crime ever happened that it didn't, but it still did! It's time we start putting a stop to it, anyway possible, no more second chances."

"Elena, if proper development gets underway," he shrugged. "The law have no choice but to start doing their jobs or else I'll have no choice but to start my own security organisation to do the job for them, for me. To protect the people of my new district..."

She eyed him suspiciously for a moment before a small smirk lined her lips. "You don't expect them to start patrolling the alley even after it's been fixed up do you?"

"No…! Well not without me paying them too at least, but I would rather pay people I can trust. If people were paid enough they wouldn't need to skim some from innocent shop keepers for 'protection', or take back alley hand outs to look the other way. The Law Enforcement Department is hugely underfunded while the Department for Magical Sports is way over funded, then let's not talk about the Minister's office."

"Underhanded Mr. McDowell," the goblin commented with pride. "It shall be a pleasure working with you… and your daughter in these matters."

"I thank you sir," he replied. "And I look forward to seeing The Firefly up and running, but it shall be my 'daughter' you'll be working with from after this meeting as she is the owner of this company. How about a proper company name…? How does, Fairytale, sound…?"

The goblin smirked with a wide toothy grin showing off his sharp teeth as he nodded his head in agreement.

"Fairytale…?" Elena asked in surprise, looking confused. "W-why that?"

Nathan smirked smugly. "Because the world we live in is like one messed up fairy tale, it seems to fit quite… ironically… as this Fairytale plans on messing with their messed up little world, and maybe we can finally give it that fairy tale quality it was always lacking," he laughed.

Elena's eyes widened in surprise and awe as she actually realised what it symbolised. It symbolised the fantasy, and story book quality that the magical world had come to represent, trying to show itself to muggle-born's as Cinderella or Peter Pan when it wasn't happy and sweet like that, and it took too long for them to find out, but Fairytale could bring back the magic that children felt in their hearts to the disillusioned adults they had or would become.

"In this world," she spoke while smiling. "In this world we'll make our own happy ending!"

Nathan laughed and nodded in agreement as they finished with their meeting.

It had been several blasted and horrid days for Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and head of the Wizengamot. The next day was the first of September and the students would be arriving, and he was too busy avoiding hexed letters and howlers to get much done in preparation.

Somehow Harry had paid him back, even in death for leaving him with those blasted muggles. How was he supposed to know that those blasted people were really that bad to him? He thought that Harry just didn't get along with them because he was too different, being a mage around mortals. The magical world didn't have child abuse – well it did but it was kept so well hidden that it was nearly an urban legend, but now Harry's death had set off a can of worms even through the magical world.

He found himself grounding his teeth, as even his teachers weren't speaking with him – with the exception of Hagrid, Severus, and Minerva. Even though he knew that both Minerva and Hagrid blamed him. He was sure Hagrid only kept on speaking terms out of some kind of loyalty because of the opportunities he had given him after he was expelled, and Albus just prayed that it would never dawn on the friendly giant that he did barely anything considering how much power he had, even fifty years ago.

Minerva was only speaking to him because she had too as deputy headmistress, but that didn't mean she had to be civil as she regretted that she also left Harry without ever checking up on him. It was also Albus who brushed aside the schools own medi-witch's concerns with Harry's health. She had reported that he had malnutrition and 'mysterious' scars that were more mysterious than the one everyone knew of on his forehead.

He had brushed aside all of the warning signs of abuse, even the most obvious, when Harry practically pleaded to stay at Hogwarts and never go back that first year at Hogwarts. He had just brushed it off with a smile, and didn't even look into the boys memories to see the truth for himself, and maybe he was subconsciously afraid that he had reason to be concerned and didn't know how to deal with that.

Then Severus didn't care that his arch-enemies son was dead. In fact, the greasy – teacher had seemed happy that Harry was gone. Albus had thought about just firing the man for being so callous and spiteful. Harry's death was becoming his downfall. His idiocy involving the boy would cost him the support of others, and now he had to deal with dementors, and even though he was against them being near the school, and it was Minister Fudge insisting on them, it would lose him more loyal friends.

Harry had done in death what no one else had ever been able to do, be it by accident, and begin crushing his reputation, and cutting down his power, and even told the magical world that his parents will was sealed by him and that he gave the boy to people who were 'NOT' approved guardians. And almost as bad the boy had a will that gave everything to children's charities, and liquidated his properties. Some muggle charities with the help of this new Potter Foundation the goblins set up on Harry's behalf even built the boy a memorial. They had discovered his body had been destroyed in the explosive fire. It was so the children he would be helping could pay their respects and gratitude that he would help save them whereas no one saved him.

He had seen pictures on the front page of every muggle newspaper around the UK, and knew that it was reported worldwide, so he knew other magical communities would be seeing him as dirt too. It was even reported in all magic papers and magazines worldwide after a few days of nothing, and it likely took the goblins to clue them in.

It was a huge and beautiful monument in the yard of a huge ground's where they were renovating a huge building into a children's care centre: the 'Harry Potter' child protection orphanage in his honour.

The memorial wad surrounded by beautifully crafted benches, donated by a master carpenter along with a huge play park for the children to enjoy. It had a beautiful pond surrounding the mass of marble, with a waterfall running down all sides.

Hundreds of reefs were floating on the water nearly completely hiding the pond, and he had never seen so many bouquets of flowers as they surrounded the pond, and cards and letters to the boy, to read from heaven from other children as local schools had taken trips especially to pay their respect and give him their cards and flowers as his donations would also go to help small struggling schools keep afloat and become Academies under the Foundation.

Then Sirius Black was on the loose. If the truth about that was proven, Albus doubted very much that he would be headmaster of Hogwarts any longer. People would lose faith in the administration of the school. He dreaded to think about what would happen to the school if all of the admin, board of governors and the ministry were barred from Hogwarts affairs. The school had money that hadn't been used for anything more than scholarships, and he didn't know how much the school had, but unless the school could make money rather than running even or at a loss it wouldn't be able to self sustain for more than five to ten years at the most.

Then the parents and other 'people' would claim he was unfit to take care of children, or himself, and he could even now lose his place on the wizengamot for abusing his power and sealing the Potter's will. Well, he supposed that the worst that could happen would be that he would get sent to a retirement home, which thinking about it sometimes felt like a good idea; he had even gotten broacher's for magical world and even muggle retirement homes.

Though, absolute worst case was that he might end up with a small stint in jail. He was definitely going to hell for his scheming. He would be okay with that though. Facing Lily's wrath in heaven would be a lot worse. That woman could have taken his place as most 'powerful' of the light if she had survived. She was a truly terrifyingly powerful witch, which proved that muggle-born's' had power if only they got up, stopped listening to pureblood propaganda and used it like she did.

Albus Dumbledore had gone from most loved wizard in the world, or at least the UK, to most hated, in the world, and yes, he meant world that time, in just one day. Then it got worse, because of one article, which spread as other reporters began their snooping. It had even dropped Sirius Black off of the front page when the reporters were not subtly trying to question Sirius's guilt and incarceration.

He was so screwed as the kids might say. He had to somehow redeem himself. Neville's grandmother had even turned down his offer to tutor the lad because of what happened to Harry. Not that he thought Neville was all that good at magic, which was why he offered the training he refused to, give Harry.

Albus sighed in exhaustion and looked over at Fawkes. He was started – the bird seemed to have something akin to amusement shining in his eyes for a brief moment. Blinking several times Albus looked back at his familiar to discover it was just his mind playing tricks on him. He sighed again. Maybe he was just a nutty old man?

Sighing tiredly he thought back to a recent meeting he had with the wizengamot, after some more talks about Harry Potter and Sirius Black they brought up the subject of Fairytale. He was baffled that he had missed this very new company and blamed it on more important things. Though, the meeting did enlighten him to the new project being built next to the Leaky Cauldron. The Firefly: pub, restaurant, and hotel.

It seemed to him that most of the wizengamot seem to think the place would be a passing fad… something new, and that some wizards and witches would probably have a quick look out of curiosity before heading to the Leaky Cauldron for their lunch and or drink.

However, after receiving a new newspaper free of charge the next morning: The Mystic Frontier newspaper: a paper seemingly ran and owned by Fairytale (free now while it was small and in the beta stages, but soon to cost the same as the Daily Prophet come September the first, and even he had made a subscription), and seeing the huge ads for Firefly he had to disagree with the wizengamot.

Although the wizarding people might not like change they did like a bargain like any normal human being, and with their opening prices… well even he would go there for a drink and some lunch. It honestly sounded like a nice place. It would be a hotel, restaurant and bar, which sounded quite nice as he liked choice, and before his only choice had been the Leaky Cauldron in Diagon, or the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade unless he wanted to stay in his brothers cesspool of a bar.

The meeting had not been very nice about Fairytale, though he had to admit it was mainly the Minister and his supporters as nobody else, himself included seemed to care that much, (well he had his own problems right now).

In fact, several people tried to change the subject but it was brought up again and again. It seemed several people didn't trust a little change, (or they were afraid they would be ran out of business or lose money in some investment), or believe in healthy competition as the place would be putting the Cauldron through the ringer.

Though, in all honesty Albus knew that Tom, the landlord of the Cauldron could not possibly hope to compete with an actual company that might actually be starting a chain like with some muggle places he had heard of. However, he shrugged that off as he didn't actually care as it wasn't his problem, and he had important things of his own to worry about.

However, he had to admire the Mystic Frontier newspaper as its puzzles were so much more challenging when compared with The Daily Prophets, and its comic strips so much more entertaining. At least they were something nice to take his mind off his woes, even if it was for only a short while until something new knocked him down a few more levels.

Also, he noticed that the journalism in the Frontier seemed a lot more impartial to the Prophets. The Frontier was actually a refreshing change of pace and seemed to cover everything from the league quidditch matches, to celebrity gossip, to real headline news, even if the headline news was mostly muggle related. At least it was more interesting and worthwhile compared to a lot of the drivel that the Prophet came up with on slow days.

It was the first of September, and it was a nice bright day on Platform 9 and ¾'s. Evangeline and Ginevra heaved their normal trunks into the empty compartment at the back of the train, and slid them under their seats, trying to be as quiet as possible not to wake the greying brown haired man sleeping on the seat opposite.

Ginny wore a white summer dress that hung below her knees with trainers and a thin black jacket with white lining that Eva let her keep since it suited her best. Eva was wearing a red summer dress with thin straps over her shoulders that hung above her knees with black half-inch heeled half boots. She wore black baggy sleeves attached by cords around her biceps, and hanging down to her wrists, and slightly over her small hands, and a wide black leather belt around her waist, slanted to her right hip with pockets and pouches around the sides.

They sat opposite the man, next to each other. Eva sat by the window, and Ginny took her right hand in her left; they interlocked their fingers with their hands resting on Ginny's lap as they sat back. Ginny's main wand was up her left sleeve while her special wand was up her right. Eva's main wand was in the sheaf on the back of her belt, handle facing to the right for easy withdrawal while her special wand was in the holster hidden up her right sleeve.

Throughout the last week of the holidays, the two girlfriends had both studied everything as hard as they could; concentrating mostly on occlumency and the patronus charm for obvious reasons. They were quite confident in their abilities in these areas, but they still wore their collars for the time being, partially because they were a part of their outfits.

"So who do you think he is?" whispered Ginny curiously pointing out the strange man sleeping soundly opposite them. He must have been on the train for a while, but then it was supposed to get in at nine, so he had plenty of time to fall asleep as the train wouldn't leave until eleven on the dot. "I've never heard of an adult other than the drivers and snack lady being on the train before."

"Um... Professor R. J. Lupin," replied Eva with a huge grin just as the train bumped forward and their journey to school began. They had been running late, but for Weasley's that wasn't unusual, or they could have gotten to the train half an hour before because that was when Eva and Ginny had finished getting ready.

Ginny stared at her in shock. "How'd you know that? Are you psychic or something?"

"No," she replied while stifling a laugh. "It says it on his suitcase," she disagreed, pointing to the battered case next to him, held together with string, sitting under the window.

"Oh," she giggled. "I didn't notice; his case looks to be in ruins, a museum piece maybe," she added causing them both to laugh.

"Right you are Gin," agreed Eva mischievously. She placed her free hand on the case and shifted it without thought. The light from her fingertips pulsed, and spread out, around the case, morphing it into a beautiful brand new black plastic shelled case with his name engraved by the handle on a gold coloured plaque in black.

"Do you think he'll like it?" she asked her amused girlfriend as she sat back admiring her handiwork.

Ginny smirked. "Do you think he'll mind us shifting his clothes too?" she asked eagerly as she gave his battered clothes a look of disgust. Her family was poor too, but that didn't mean they had to wear rags, but then she did have a wealthy girlfriend who annoyingly wanted to damn her pride and buy her lots of things.

"Yeah, I think that's going too far," she playfully reprimanded just as the door slid open. They looked over and saw Ronald scowling and Hermione looking as polite and nice as Eva remembered her, but she was still too opinionated on books being 'the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth'. And that was not mentioning her behaviour when it came to authority figures.

Hermione was about to speak when Ronald beat her to it. "You two get out! We need this compartment!" he demanded heatedly.

Ginny and Eva glared. "No," replied Ginny angrily. "Hermione can come and share 'OUR' compartment but you can get lost, Ronald for speaking to us like that! Who do you think you are?! Malfoy!?" the red haired girl demanded.

"I'll tell mum about this!" he yelled just as a spell flung him from the compartment and another pulled Hermione in and a third and forth closed and sealed the door.

"I told him before about not knocking," said Eva happily with a wand in her right-hand. She slid it back into her belt before sitting back. She had let go of Ginny's hand to draw her wand and quickly reclaimed it.

"Take a seat Hermione," she said as they ignored Ron as he was banging on the compartment door, and yelling something that was muffled and likely many insults. Hermione sat opposite though not too close to the new teacher as she eyed him nervously.

"I'm surprised Ronald didn't wake Professor Lupin," Eva said sighing and shaking her head in disapproval.

"How did you do that?" asked the bushy haired girl suddenly. "With your wand…? You just used some really advanced magic that shouldn't be taught till fourth year and without speaking, like the banishing charm, summoning charm, and locking charm."

Eva shrugged. "Just practised.. who said we can't teach ourselves useful spells in our free time? Anyway, I didn't summon, I used a locomotion charm, and the locking charm is quite simple, and banishing… well it helps when you're angry, but banishing and summoning aren't all that difficult once you've got the hang of them, anyway."

Hermione nodded thoughtfully. "I guess, but you're only a second year and you're pulling off advanced spells like they're easy."

"They are easy once you've mastered, or got them down, or whatever. Then with plenty of overkill practice they become like second nature," supplied Eva with a grin, rolling her eyes as if that should be obvious.

"Oh. That makes sense I suppose. I like to practice lots too. I guess I'll have to try some more advance stuff. You're probably going to be top of your classes then," she nodded in approval.

"Maybe," conceded Eva. "But my spells are mainly flashy and spells useful in a fight or something, so I can defend myself and cause as many problems for some horrid criminal as I can."

"Hey…! Check this out," interrupted Ginny pointing to the door. Ronald had gone and Malfoy and his goons were trying to open the door with little success.

The three girls laughed at him. It took him about ten minutes before he realised he couldn't open it, and didn't know the right unlocking spell to even try overpowering and overriding Eva's magic before he stalked off with his minions.

"I can't believe how long it took him to get lost," Ginny concluded after he had finally gone.

"Yeah, what a pleb," giggled Eva.

They soon settled down for some games, keeping quiet but still surprised the teacher didn't wake up, even when the snack lady stopped by and Eva bought them all some snacks to share.

"We've only got about half an hour before we get there," commented Hermione. "We should…" she trailed off in confusion as the train lunged screeching its brakes almost causing them to go flying from their seats.

"What's going on," asked Ginny a little panicked. She held onto Eva's hand tighter.

"Why is it getting so cold," asked Eva worriedly as the train finally halted, she stared at the windows as the condensation froze over. Then the lamps blew out, pouring them into darkness. "Crap. I wish I could see in the dark."

"Cats and dogs can," commented Ginny helpfully.

"Some primates can too," added Hermione trying to keep the conversation nice. "And most birds."

"D-dementors are boarding the train aren't they," gulped Ginny worriedly.

"Yes," both Hermione and Eva replied nervously.

Eva then stood letting Ginny's hand go as she took some shallow breaths to gain her nerve. "But- Eva, where are you going?" the redhead asked.

"I-I'm going to blast my patronus down the train before it's too cold to think straight," she replied, pulling her wand from her belt. "This is stupid. The ministry bastards are risking all of our lives," she growled angrily.

Ginny stood with her, pulling a wand from up her left sleeve. "Okay then. Let's get rid of the horrid things together!" she declared proudly while Eva nodded.

"Ginny, Eva, you shouldn't," whined Hermione, worried.

"Don't worry Hermione. We've been practising," said Ginny reassuringly as Eva opened the door and the two stepped out, not noticing the teacher step out after them still looking sleepy.

Ginny and Eva raised their wands as they saw the foul creatures gliding closer through the train, and they could hear the whimpers of other kids, some even crying. The cold deepened through skin, muscle, blood, and bones, rattling through the soul, but they both stood fast and wouldn't back down because they had to protect themselves and everybody else.

"I have a new happy memory, Gin," said Eva with a cheeky grin.

"So do I," Ginny agreed smiling at her affectionately.

"When I met you!" they shouted in unison.

Their eyes hardened as they looked back at the dark creatures. "EXPECTO PATRONUM!" they screamed.

The professor watched from behind with his wand ready, but he was rightfully startled as two explosions of silver light roared out from their wands, ripping through the train, cracking and smashing windows, glass exploded, lights that had flickered out because of the cold blazed back to life, flickering in the dark, lighting faces of awe and horror in flashes like lightning reflecting the silvery beasts in their eyes as the glows of power passed them by.

The creamy blonde haired girl's was in the form of a serpent-like dragon with two sets of eyes and huge head containing row upon row of sharp teeth. It seemed impossible that it would have fit on the train it was so huge. It had four huge silver wings that sliced through wood and glass with huge clawed feet and hands, even with its wings folded as it charged. It tore down the corridor roaring its eternal fury with clawed hands and feet tearing at the floor.

Next to it an equally sized silvery imperial griffin, with the huge eagle head and strong beak and lion's body. It screeched its fury, roaring as it charged at the soul feeding daemons with flapping feathery silver wings that buckled and crushed the wood either side of it.

The dementors scattered in pain and panic as some were hit by the light alone, burning their spectre-flesh. Some were being smashed around by the two angry and powerful patroni, fleeing the train, trying their hardest to get free, screaming in panic, their cries almost begging. The dragon caught one in its mighty maw and sliced it into a whaling cry of multicoloured pyreflies.

Lupin almost gasped as many more were torn apart because they were too slow to escape when the last Dementor was trapped in a corner and the two patroni encircled it and literally ripped it to pieces between them, and it burst into ashes, dark grey-green and multicoloured energy erupted from it with screams and wails of torment, soaring around the train like the colours from before had with the dark light, disappearing through the walls and ceiling along with the sound slowly dying out.

The mighty beast gave one final roar that shook the ground before they finally faded away leaving their two summoners exhausted and breathing heavily while they stood with their mouths hanging wide open and in shock as the lamps finally flickered back into a fully on state.

"Well I can see you two girls will be interesting students," said Lupin chuckling as other students stared out-of their cabins at them in shock.

The girls shook off the shock of what happened, returning their wands to their holsters and smiled as the train began moving again.

"Well, we practised really hard," commented Ginny sheepishly.

"Or we're just that freaking awesome!" Eva suggested with a wide grin.

"Yes. I don't doubt that," he agreed with a kind smile and an amused chuckle. "Well shall we head back in," he gestured the cabin that Hermione sat in gawking at them. "We're gathering quite an audience."

The two girls nodded and the three entered the compartment, closing the door and reclaiming their seats. "How'd you destroy it?" Hermione suddenly blurted out eager for knowledge. "What were those screams? What came out of them?" she begged hurriedly.

Lupin held up his hand for her to quieten. "Country to popular belief a dementor can be destroyed by a patronus. However, it takes masses of power, which is why they all started freaking out and panicking to escape them. What those screams and the coloured lights were… maybe you could tell me?"

Hermione's eyes widened. "S-souls being s-set free...? That's terrible."

Lupin nodded in understanding. "Yes, it is. However, those souls are now free to pass over to the other side."

"Wow and we did that?" whispered Ginny, shocked.

"Yes," nodded Lupin. "You also seem to have caused a lot of property damage," he said, chuckling as the train started moving again and he used his wand to repair the glass in their compartment windows that had been shattered. "It is lucky that we have magical powers or the ministry would have to pay to repair the train for allowing those monsters onboard," he said before he spotted his case. "Um, w-what's this?" he asked, surprised.

"Oh, um... I'm a mistress of transfiguration," shrugged Eva lying with a huge grin. "Oh, by the way, I'm Evangeline A.K. McDowell, but just call me Eva, and this is Ginny Weasley, my best friend, and Hermione Granger."

"Well it's nice to meet you all," he smiled. "Did you lock the transfiguration? I was always useless at locking spells. Though, I'm not that great at transfiguration either. However I make a good defence teacher."

"Um, well yeah, the spells locked," agreed Eva hiding her confusion as she hadn't heard of locking spells before. "It will last forever. I just thought you might lose all your stuff in the state it was in."

"Well thank you," Lupin replied with an embarrassed blush.

"No worries Professor," she giggled. "So, why did those dementors attack the train?"

Lupin chuckled, amused with her. "I don't believe that was an attack. That was more likely the ministry searching for a lost prisoner."

"Well they're idiots," said Ginny angrily. "How dare they think our safety is so unimportant as to send foul soul devouring monsters?"

Lupin nodded in understanding. "Yes I quite agree. Give most people a choice between facing a convict or dementor they'll take the former."

"Yeah," she agreed, not very amused as she subconsciously took her girlfriends hand. "And they made the train cold and dark," she shivered at the memory. "If I was part kitty it wouldn't have been that bad and they have those things around the school."

"Oh. I could make you part kitty," giggled Eva amusedly as they had something's to show off, and what better opportunity. "I'll give you the tail and ears; it'll make you look super cute."

Ginny snickered. "Only if you give yourself, um… foxy ears and tail," she giggled remembering how cute she was as a vixen.

"You're on," she grinned evilly. "Well we need to get our robes on anyway," she smirked inwardly as she and Ginny dug in their trunks, pulled out their robes and sped off to the nearest toilet.

"You don't really think they'll be able to transfigure tails, and ears do you?" asked Hermione worriedly as she dug out her uniform.

Lupin chuckled. "Um… I'm not too sure, err, um… its possible," he nodded. "I heard once it was kind of a fashion trend before my days to add a tail or ears. But animal transfiguration is near impossible to lock so it only lasted maybe a day or so and they got bored of doing it every day and the fashion ended.

"However with their power I wouldn't be surprised if they could lock it. But still they won't have the animals' senses or anything… well I don't think they will."

Hermione shook her head, amused, wondering whether Eva really was good enough at transfiguration. She laughed at the thought as she left the compartment to go and change.

Hermione arrived back to the compartment in her uniform and started as she only saw Lupin sitting there.

"They're not back yet?" she asked, speaking her surprise as she took a seat.

Lupin shook his head. "No," he agreed with a frown. "Maybe they did try transfiguring themselves and went wrong?"

"Or..." Eva interrupted in an amused voice from the doorway. "I could have done a perfect job because I'm super awesome!"

Hermione and Lupin looked over, startled as both wore their black school robes undone over their clothes, however, what startled them were their ears. Ginny's cat ears were long, and fairly wide with dark black fur with little dark red tufts on the end. They poked through her short dark red hair at the sides to the top of her head. Eva's fox ears were slightly wider and higher up, creamy blonde furred with dark black tips.

They grinned as they removed their robes, dropping them to the seat, revealing their tails seemingly sticking out of their dresses. Ginny's tail was long and a fairly thin dark black cats' tail with specs of dark red throughout, swishing around playfully behind her. Eva's long and fluffy creamy blonde fox tail had a dark black tip, also swishing around gently behind her.

"So what do you think?" asked Ginny grinned in amusement

"Whoa," smiled Lupin, amused. "You really are good. Do your ears work fully?" he asked curiously. He had a funny feeling they did, no matter how improbable it might seem.

Eva nodded. "Yeah, so no using a dog whistle around me," she giggled as she and Ginny pulled their robes back on, and hopped down onto their seats together.

"Why haven't you both got your full uniforms on?" Hermione reprimanded, but none of them seemed to be listening to that as Lupin continued speaking.

"You should be carefully Miss. McDowell, or you'll have the other girls after you to do the same for them," he said jokingly.

Eva shrugged. "Then they'll have to learn how for themselves," she smirked knowingly. "Unless you mean you want a fuzzy tail and ears?"

"No no," he shook his head laughing.

"You might get into trouble about this," Hermione interrupted worriedly.

Eva and Ginny gave each other amused knowing looks before Ginny spoke up questioningly. "We won't get into trouble will we, Professor?" she asked, her ears playing the part and folding down sadly.

"Don't worry sweetie," cooed Eva wrapping her arms around her girlfriend and the kitty witch melted into the embrace.

"Well I don't think there's any rules against it," said Lupin a bit nervous at how comfortable the girls were holding each other. "Though, I have no doubt you're both going to get lots of weird looks?" he said as the train finally started slowing down.

"That's okay," said Ginny brightening. "They'll just be jealous looks!" The two girls giggled.

Hermione was still quite shocked as she looked at the kitty witch and foxy witch. They seemed so comfortable and happy together. She had to wonder though. There was something going on, and she wanted confirmation.

It seemed like they were a couple to her. However, this was the wizarding world and gay couples were rare to non-existent, let alone two pure-bloods – well one pureblood and a half-blood. Most mage didn't even realise that they had a choice, and even if they did most families would not allow that and demand for their child to marry someone of the opposite sex, just for a child to carry on the family bloodline.

Though, she was almost sure that using magic two girls could probably have a child together. Though with boys she was not sure how that would happen.

She sighed confused as the train had stopped, and followed the other two girls off the train. They were both holding hands with fingers interlocked, and for a moment, Hermione felt jealous that they were that close and she was alone.

Evangeline, Ginevra, and Hermione climbed into a weird white carriage pulled along by large black horse things with wings. They seemed to have their skin stretched over their skeleton without having any muscles. Though, Eva could see them, she had to wonder why the other two gave her a weird look when she mentioned them.

"They're called thestrals," a girl with dirty blonde hair and deep blue eyes commented. She was already in the carriage. She had an airy sense about her and looked lost while knowing where she was. She was wearing a blue summer dress with sandals and her blue and black Hogwarts robe was left open in the heat of the early evening as the sun was setting.

"They can only be seen by those who have seen and accepted death," she commented whimsically not bothered whether they believed her or not while Hermione sat next to her and Eva and Ginny sat opposite.

"But I read thestrals are bad omens," Hermione interrupted as the carriage started moving, looking worried. Eva grimaced as she could see that it would not end well with Hermione coming out to be certain that thestrals were bad, just because ignorant people wrote that they were in some popular book, which was likely more fantasy than fact because people in the magical world would prefer to label something as bad rather than the more complicated truth, which saw the rest of the colours in the rainbow.

The blonde girl just shook her head. "They are not," she disagreed, and she was surprisingly forceful with her adamants and her eyes cleared to shine through a glimpse of her intelligence for a moment, and they went cold, just for a brief flash, darkening before returning to normal. "Only foolish people who wish to blame something for their own incompetence will believe such nonsense!"

Hermione however shook her head. "No… it's written in a book that they bring misfortune," she disagreed heatedly.

"I doubt that the writer of that book had a clue Hermione," Eva suddenly interrupted as she could see why the blonde would react the way she did, likely having to deal with fools on a regular basis. "People tend to blame everything around them for their troubles other than themselves, probably because of the death thing, and the fact they look like they should be pulling the devils carriages, but I say they're pretty cool!"

"But the book…" she tried defending.

Eva sighed and rolled her eyes. "It's just a freaking book Hermione; it means absolutely nothing in the real world. If a book said that all pet bunnies were flesh eating monsters just waiting for you to turn around so they can skin you would you believe them?"

"Well of course not, that's just stupid," she replied. "But this was in a proper, legitimate textbook…" she trailed off as Eva was no longer listening and turned to the other blonde with a strained grin as even as Harry she had gotten frustrated at Hermione for believing everything she read just because it was the 'popular' book, or written by somebody famous or important – that didn't automatically mean the authors were clever.

"I'm Evangeline A.K. McDowell," she introduced herself taking the blonde girls hand and surprisingly kissing the back of her fingers, which caused her cheeks to light up, but she smiled rather than pulling away, "but you can call me Eva," she added as she let her hand go and felt amused that Hermione had lost her track of thought, blushing and looking away for a moment.

"I'm Luna Lovegood," she introduced herself as the carriage started trudging up towards the castle.

"This is my… best friend Ginny Weasley," Eva added as she introduced Ginny, and Ginny grinned, amused as she took Luna's hand and instead of shaking, kissed the back of her hand before letting go, and Luna looked positively delighted with the attention. "Oh, and this is Hermione Granger," she said Hermione's name with noticeably less enthusiasm as she calmed down from getting annoyed at the girl who saw reason, but couldn't be reasoned with because she saw other people's reason as long as it was written, or from older and therefore 'wiser' people.

Luna gave them both polite nods and a small smile with pink cheeks for Ginny before turning her attention to Eva with her eyes clearing slightly in more delight, or more importantly upon seeing the fox ears, and foxtail she could see to Eva's side moving of its own accord.

"Where would I get some cute accessories like them?" she asked with a hopeful smile, her light blue eyes taking on a faraway look, surprisingly the expression made the girl seem cute rather than just airheaded, even though they could tell she was likely one of the smartest and imaginative girls at school.

"You can't just get them-," Hermione began to say when her eyes widened and nearly popped out of her head as Eva pulled off the ears that were attached to a near invisible chameleon like headband.

"Do you like them?" she asked hopefully.

Luna nodded while Hermione stared with her mouth wide open. "They are quite interesting. I'm guessing they use some animation magic so they look so real."

Eva nodded with a smirk. "I have some more sets if you want one? Their retail price will be about between twelve and fifteen sickles, but I like you so I'll give you a free one."

"Wow, thank you very much," she answered smiling brightly as Eva nodded.

"Sure, I have some different ones in my trunk," she agreed while laughing with Ginny, mainly at Hermione's expression. "What kind do you want?" she asked as she saw Hermione's dumbfounded expression widen.

"D-do you have a white wolf?" she asked hopefully.

Eva just nodded. "Yep, I think it will look awesome on you babes-!"

"-Wait a minute!" Hermione interrupted in annoyance. "Those things aren't even real… you lied to us."

Eva rolled her eyes laughing. "I never actually said they were real, you just assumed that a second year was capable of that level of transfiguration. Hmm... or would it even be transfiguration? I suppose it is since we still use a wand, it couldn't be considered transmutation because even locked it can be undone as if it never happened I suppose, not to mention that even locked spells can run their course eventually running out of magic."

"W-well… …" Hermione stuttered at a loss for words, and blushing brightly, but her eyes narrowed in suspicion as Eva put her arm around Ginny and pulled her into a hug where Ginny wrapped her arms around Eva's waist snuggling. She thought the hand kissing thing with Luna was just to make fun at first but she was almost certain.

"I'll get you your ears and tail for you tomorrow Luna, unless we're in the same house, then I can give it to you later," said Eva winking at the other blonde.

"Talking about houses," Ginny suddenly spoke up. "I'm thinking about moving rooms to the spare second year girls dorm in Gryffindor by myself, as its overcrowded in Gryffindor, and it isn't like I made any friends last year with everything that was going on."

"I'm in the second Ravenclaw room all to myself because there were extra first years, last year," Luna spoke shrugging. "I don't mind. It just means that the other second year girls have less chance to bully me," she added nonchalant.

Eva frowned with a look of annoyance. "Don't you worry Luna, this year will be different. I won't let those no-talent hacks get away with bullying my friend!"

"Y-you… really mean we're friends?" she asked, hopeful.

Eva and Ginny both grinned. "Of course you are Luna…" Ginny agreed kindly. "You'll be hanging out with us from now on."

"Yeah," nodded Eva smirking. "We'll be the reject clique," she said laughing, which caused Ginny to laugh and Luna to smile brighter.

"Hey check this out!" Ginny suddenly interrupted as the carriage was just passing through the school gates. The dementors that were guarding the main gates were shooting off in different directions as fast as they could. They went whiling in fear, which caused more and more to flee from the fences and their stations, shooting off into the chilled sky.

"Wow, I think they're afraid of those patroni," Luna said with a smile. "I saw them. They were so powerful and beautiful. Patroni aren't normally known for causing physical damage to things, let alone destroying those monsters and setting those poor souls free. That was your magic wasn't it, Eva, Ginny?" she asked, but it was placed as more of a statement of fact rather than a question as she looked at them with her amazing eyes.

"Yep!" they both chimed with pride. They looked to each other with smirks as it seemed nearly certain that they weren't the only students with some hidden 'talent'.

"Now look at those filthy daemons," said Ginny smugly. "No more souls for them to devour with us around to chase them off or kill them. They're too afraid we might hunt them down now, and off the lot of them."

"Well they should flee from us," Eva agreed with a dark smirk. "Those things are filth in need of extermination!"

"Eva...! Ginny…!" Hermione reprimanded. "They have every right to survive, just as much as people do!" she said as if she understood anything.

Eva looked at her coldly. It just hit her. It was a bout of anger as she thought Hermione's words over. Those monsters had been used for centuries to imprison men, women, and children, and then after having to suffer the torture in jail while human those things got to devour the soul, torturing them for the rest of the dementors existence. That wasn't right at all. It was filthy, and cruel beyond anything the world had to offer, and that was humans, helping the monsters.

"Fuck off do they!" She hissed out suddenly as she thought about it more. She startled the bushy haired girl and actually for the first time made her feel a sliver of fear. "Those things suck out people's souls and you defend them? They spend their existence causing the suffering of criminals, some of who could be rehabilitated! You're one of those people who would scream about killing your enemy being wrong and then torture them for the rest of their lives in Azkaban!

"Then you try to claim that thestrals are bad news, bad omens when they're just like any normal magical animal? How do people like you sleep at night is what I have to wonder? You think you're better than the criminal that you've captured, forgetting the torture you are responsible for putting them under. Why do you think any criminal would beg for anywhere, or any punishment but Azkaban!?

"Then what about the one who is sentenced to death? They have their soul sucked out of them so that they're tortured for hundreds, thousands, millions of years? Tortured until the end of the universe, or further...?!"

Eva looked away from the girl in disgust as she couldn't hold it back. She hoped that maybe with a slight reality check that perhaps Hermione would open her eyes. Ginny glared at Hermione, not knowing her as well as Eva, she did know she was supposed to be smart. She quickly turned her loving attention back to her girlfriend. She knew that Eva had thought a lot over the holidays, and felt that her parents may have survived if they thought for themselves and actually fought back. If the dark had feared death from the 'light', then perhaps they would have not had so many supporters, and Harry would have grown up in a loving family with his parents alive.

The ride was quiet for the next few moments before Hermione foolishly spoke, "I don't see where you get off saying we should dirty our souls. Dementors aren't bad omens, we can see them…!"

She trailed off as Eva had moved almost too fast to notice and grabbed her by her robes causing her to squeal in fright as she was yanked from her seat till her face was up close to Eva's. The creamy blonde haired girl's forest green eyes were like sheets of ice.

"Muggles can't!" she retorted, causing Hermione to shiver. "And never can, but even muggles can see thestrals...?" she looked to Luna as she wasn't sure but she nodded, so she continued. "You are a selfish little bitch…!" she hissed into the older girls face quietly. "Do you not hear yourself Hermione, listening to fools who don't have a bloody clue… where I get off…?

"Well perhaps I have a right as I've lost nearly all of my family to Voldemort's bullshit yet I would rather slaughter the whole lot of them, rather than torture them for the rest of their miserable pathetic lives, because I am not like them, nor like you, seeing them suffer for a short while before ending their lives is all the satisfaction I'll ever need.

"So, little girl, don't talk about bull-shit your tiny little mind can't comprehend, because there is no bastard book about the real world, so grow up and get a life."

Eva stood as she threw Hermione back into her seat where she shook in terror as Eva flung the carriage door open and leaped out into the drizzle as the sun had finally set and it had started raining, likely because of the dementors swarming away from their potential slayers. Eva was thankful that moments later the carriage came to a stop outside the Hogwarts Entrance Hall, and Ginny joined her. She smiled at her girlfriend and took her hand.

Luna had cautiously joined them but was comforted as the creamy blonde gave her an amused smile, taking her hand in her free one, and led them into the schools entrance. Luna enjoyed holding her knew friends hand as it made her feel comforted that her new friends really did want to be friends with her and weren't going to make fun of her, even though she could see passed her own insecurities easily enough they were still there, but she knew neither of her new friends would betray her trust and heart.

Eva took satisfaction in the fact that Hermione had wisely chosen to not join them. She just… how the hell could Harry have ever been close friends with her? She didn't know and she was Harry! The stuff she came out with was ridiculous, like a book could display people's feelings, and convey morels as if using a daemon-spectre to hurt someone was any less like doing it yourself.

"Miss. Weasley," McGonagall interrupted the second and third year girls as most of the other second and third year girls had conveyed around Eva, Ginny and Luna looking at the accessories two of the three wore, "and Miss...!?" she asked with a raised eyebrow as she eyed Eva.

"McDowell, Evangeline A.K. McDowell," she filled in the gap with a small impish smile.

"Well what have you done?" she demanded pointing out their ears and tails, looking annoyed with them and trying not to scowl.

Eva and Ginny rolled their eyes in amusement before pulling off the ear headbands. "They're just headbands Professor," Ginny told her smiling, "and the tails are just belts."

"Wow, they're so cute!"

"Where do you think they got them?"

"I want some too!"

The girls close by were admiring the girls' accessories and squealing in delight, as the girls put their headbands back on, and some older girls were craning to get a better look. They all made plans to ask where they could get some, and by Christmas a load of girls would have them down on their Christmas list.

McGonagall rolled her eyes with a sigh, "very well, Miss. Weasley, Miss. Lovegood go on ahead, but Miss. McDowell, I need you to wait here to be sorted with the first years."

Ginny and Luna said a quick bye and good luck before hurrying into the Great Hall together. Ginny kept getting weird looks, (though from most girls the looks were admiring her accessories) as she split from Luna and found an empty seat down the Gryffindor table as the rest of the school was piling in with her, hoping for a fast sorting so they could get dinner as stomachs growled.

She waited, ignoring strange stares from teachers and students alike. Ginny held back her smirk when she saw Dumbledore looking like crap and miserable. It was so great when a plan was simple like Eva's was, because they tended to go so much smoother, and looking at how tormented Dumbledore looked it seemed many of the simple revenge schemes were working nicely to ruin him.

She smiled as she saw Professor Lupin and he smiled back, amused, and still unaware that the ears and tail was just a fashion accessory. When everyone was seated Dumbledore stood and the hall slowly silenced.

"Well, first today, we have a new second year student who was homeschooled as she and her parents had been moving from place to place," the old man said. Ginny and Eva expected him not to even mention Harry Potter's death because he would want to downplay people and lessen reaction at school at least. "So I hope you all welcome Miss. Evangeline McDowell first," he said. She entered the Great Hall on cue, and looked a little nervous with all eyes solely on her. She walked in down the centre between the tables with her ear headband twitching.

Eva found Professor Flitwick smiling with the sorting hat and three-legged stool. "Sit down Miss. and try the hat on," he squeaked out excitedly as he didn't get to do the sorting much.

Eva grinned and sat on the stool, took the hat and plonked it on her head. "Be in your bonnet McDowell… err Potter," the hat sighed as if life had to squeeze lemon juice over him.

"So Missy you want to go back into Gryffindor or do you want to have a new house? Ravenclaw maybe...? Or Slytherin even, huh? Pulling off what you have is a Slytherin thing I would think? I did once say you could have been great in Slytherin."

"You said I would do well in Slytherin," she corrected, amused as the hat almost laughed.

"Yes," the hat agreed. "And I stand by what I said before, but now, yes, I will use the word great!"

"I will be awesome wherever I go Mr. Hat!" she retorted confidently.

The hat laughed out within their private conversation. "I will not ever doubt that Saviour of Hope!" it replied before answering the question she hadn't yet asked. "It is what the school calls you; the ancient magic throughout this castle and its land. When you vanquished Voldemort you saved a dying hope. Children had given in to depression, and a few had sunk low enough to take their own lives, muggle-born's especially, but no matter that it seemed likely and accident, with Voldemort's destruction, whether it is permanent or not, brought hope back to the school, and you became its saviour, the Saviour of Hope, but where to put you this time?"

Eva smiled a little and sent out a private thank you within her mind to the magic of the school for thinking of Harry as something different to what the rest of the magical world had before she replied, and changed from the depressing subject back to the matters at hand; her sorting.

"Where do you think I would do best this time? Don't shout it just tell me?" she asked, quickly as her sorting was taking a bit longer than normal and she could hear hungry students getting restless.

"Hmm, okay, you would do well in either Gryffindor or Slytherin… but… Ravenclaw could help you be great with the way you can adapt and alter your mind, making yourself smarter."

"Oh, um… well… I don't care if you shove me in Hufflepuff," she said after a few moments of though, internally shrugging as she couldn't think of one without choosing based on what colour went best with her hair or eyes or something.

"Hmm…" the hat mumbled in thought before Eva felt the equivalent of a mental shrug.


Eva started as she heard the hat and frowned. "Err, why?" she asked the hat quickly sounding baffled, not that she cared.

"A truly cunning witch would go there," the hat said as it was pulled from her head.

She frowned in thought as she made her way to the applauding Hufflepuff table and chose a seat as a smirk aligned her lips as she realised the hat was correct. Anyone knowing how Slytherins were represented would never choose to be in that house. Hufflepuffs were the least assuming, and therefore, you wouldn't see it coming until it was too late, no matter how incredible she would become, arrogant idiots would always be arrogant idiots, stereotyping, even when they were proved wrong.

Eva looked to see Ginny staring at her in surprise from the Gryffindor table, as the first years were led in and winked secretly at her in amusement. Ginny grinned back and shrugged her shoulders and returning the wink as the proper sorting got underway.

It was later that evening, and Eva frowned in semi-annoyance as she entered her dorm room, but it seemed that it wasn't just Ravenclaw and Gryffindor girl second years that were over-crowded but Hufflepuff too, and she was the only one who wanted to move out. She had never liked big crowds when she was Harry, and still didn't as Eva.

She sighed as she closed the door behind herself; at least she had more space. Well, she thought she would have, but she was startled as she saw Luna staring at her surprised too from the other side of the room. It was odd. The room they were in had five doors. The one she entered through was yellow with the Hufflepuff badger crest on it with a huge yellow themed four-poster bed next to it with her trunk at the end and a desk next to it with chair.

However, Luna stood next to a blue door with blue styled bed and bedding with the Ravenclaw crest on the door. Then, the wall next to Luna's was decked out with a crimson bed and bedding with Gryffindor crest on the door, and the wall next to that was green with the whole Slytherin thing going on.

The fifth door had a nice elegant plaque with 'Bathroom' written across it. The carpet was fluffy and comfortable looking in a neutral cream colour while the walls were painted white. The room had windows which all faced the lake somehow from different angles and positions that shouldn't have been possible in that one room no matter how large it was. The windows faced out, planted nicely above each of the desks, and were huge and airy; open a touch to let in the breeze.

Eva looked to Luna, and the other blonde shrugged in as much confusion before they started as the Gryffindor door opened and a scowling Ginny Weasley entered slamming the door behind her in annoyance. Ginny looked up to see Eva and almost threw herself across the room into her welcoming arms, holding on tight.

"Damn, I never knew Hermione could be that arrogant!" she complained in frustration as she pulled back and didn't care that Luna saw as they kissed softly for a moment. "She was just giving me this darn awful lecture about how you're wrong and that killing is bad, and that you're probably going to be evil because she doesn't see that using dementors is just as bad, worse even than doing the deeds in person. I swear if that girl talks smack about you again, the unfeeling cow, I'm going to smack her teeth down her throat, the uppity little bookworm bitch!"

"Whoa, calm down sweetie," Eva answered in a soothing voice. "You should not be-little yourself by listening to her pathetic views about stuff that has never affected her. Someday, hopefully she will understand, but unfortunately, understanding in a practical way and surviving will probably break her; she isn't strong enough to survive with her full mental capacities the way she is."

Ginny sighed in content as Eva kissed her forehead lovingly before she looked around and finally realised what was odd about the scene. Her eyes drank in everything, from the beds, the five doors, and the Luna Lovegood that was with them.

"W-where are we?" she asked pulling back from Eva. "Oh… I get it, just dump the extras in the same magical space-time warping room together," she sighed in annoyance as Eva giggled and then looked at her girlfriend before grinning widely. "Well, at least we're together," she said kissing Eva sweetly before pulling back, startled, not by Luna; she didn't mind Luna watching as she could already tell their new friend would be very loyal to them no matter what.

However, the Slytherin door was yanked open and an unfamiliar thin, and small regal, royal looking girl stalked in scowling deeper than Ginny was. The girl was quite cute with long straight light blonde hair hanging down to her butt, tied back with a silver clip at the base of her neck, and clipped from her icy blue eyes that right then looked as if they could sink a ship or two. She was dressed neatly in her Slytherin uniform which was likely custom made with some richer materials, and likely lacking clothes underneath as most pure-bloods, mostly Slytherins, boys and girls wore robes like a dress.

"WHY THE HECK, DO I HAVE TO BE SURROUNDED BY MORONS!" she screamed in anger as she slammed her door closed. She had a highly posh voice and accent that even Eva's didn't have any of that royal snooty quality. Her normally pale cheeks flamed bright red, and there was a light yellow glow in her eyes. "And I had always thought my older sister had brains, but no, she goes around sniffing up that pug bitches arse, ugh, I hate the Parkinson's…!

"And she thinks I'm going to follow Pansy's sister around. I don't give a damn whether they're richer than up and supposedly more powerful, and they can supposedly help the family out, or whatever connections they have! And I certainly want nothing to do with that Malfoy prick, Pansy and her sister is always sniffing around! That jerk is bad news for anyone with half a brain! The ignorant-arrogant-racist-murderer-wanabee scumbag loser, hating just to be 'cool', and that's not mentioning he's brainless too-boot. And that's just the short list of his reasonless idiocy-!"

It was then she looked up from her little rant. Her cheeks paled at first before streaking red as she took in the other three occupants. She looked from one girl to the next before her eyes travelled over the four beds in the room before she groaned as if the world was out to get her, and right then the other girls would all agree that it was.

"Oh, freaking great," she complained. "I get rid of those freaking morons and what do I get instead? A blood-traitor, a nut-bar of a blood-traitor, and a useless Hufflepuff…!"

"That's useless Hufflepuff half-blood-blood-traitor!" Eva corrected while holding off her laugh as the blonde was absolutely amusing.

"Oh, and a comedian too," she retorted rolling her eyes.

"Her names Astoria Greengrass," Ginny spoke glaring at the Slytherin girl, "and this is Eva…!"

"Whatever," the Slytherin girl said rolling her eyes again as she stifled a yawn. "I don't care; it isn't like we're going to be friends or anything!"

"Why not…?" Eva asked startling all three girls, and they looked to her quickly. "I mean sure you're probably evil an all, but just you ask Hermione Granger, she'll tell you that I'm heading down evil-Vile because I believe it would be so much nicer to slaughter terrorists like the Death Eaters over torturing them in Azkaban prison with an army of soul eating daemons."

Astoria surprisingly snorted in amusement. "Then the uppity little mud-blood has been cheating to get such good grades. Heck, I would be happy to have my bloody head torn off over spending the rest of my life in that place. Those dementors are awful, and I was barely near them before they fled the patroni on the train. The two girls I heard that summoned them must be powerful; I wouldn't mind finding out…" She trailed off groaning as she looked at both Eva and Ginny's smug smirks.

"Oh great, it was you two," she complained with a tired sigh. "It's just my luck, stuck sharing a room with a powerful Gryffindor witch. I'll probably wake up bald tomorrow."

"I'm not going to attack you in the night Astoria," Ginny replied rolling her eyes. "I'm not an idiot like my brother Ron," she said in annoyance. "I don't see why we can't at least be friendly while sharing our room and the bathroom. I doubt you're as evil as most Gryffindors or you would want me to believe," she said with a small grin.

Astoria actually let a small smile line her lips. "Okay, I suppose you're not as bad as I thought."

"Then it's a deal, in this room there are NO houses, just us girls," Eva suggested to three identical nods of agreement. "What happens in our room stays in our room, and if we get comfortable enough for Astoria to actually be our friend outside of the room in the future then all the better."

"The last part ain't likely, but I'll agree to the rest," Astoria said nodding along with Ginny and Luna.

"Okay, well, good night angel's tomorrow begins your first assignment!" Eva said snickering as they looked at her blankly. "Never mind girls," she said shaking her head as she easily slid out of her clothes until she was only wearing a black tee shirt she slipped on from her trunk, and pair of black panties she had been wearing under her dress. It would take some getting used to, having to dress and undress again, now she and Ginny had room mates they couldn't use their gifts all the time.

She shrugged that thought away as it didn't really matter much as she climbed into her bed and snuggled under the covers only for Ginny to have removed her clothes, wearing white panties and tee, and snuggled into her arms moments later. Eva giggled with Ginny as they cuddled contently; warm and happy to be together as they thought they would have to wait until Christmas, or June to get to sleep in the same bed again.

"Are you supposed to be sharing a bed?" Astoria demanded while looking, and feeling confused as they looked so cosy together.

"We can do what we like," said Eva. "You and Luna can join us if you want."

"No thank you," the Slytherin girl said hotly almost pausing to think about it.

"What about you Luna?" asked Ginny as she looked the other blonde over as she had stripped to her underwear.

"T-that's a kind offer but I wouldn't want to intrude on your first night here together, maybe some other time," she replied smiling at her two new friends as she climbed into her bed at the same time Astoria claimed her own, mumbling about silly girls.

Eva and Ginny looked at each other and smiled as one of the other girls turned out the lights before they kissed each other's lips, deeply with tongue, and snuggling tighter as they finally drifted off into the world of dreams.

Evangeline frowned in frustration as she had misplaced her girlfriend. However, thinking about it she and Ginevra were heading back to their dorm so maybe she was not paying enough attention and had just gotten lost. She had only been a Hufflepuff for a day so far, and the first day of school had been very boring. She had been through it all before so she already knew she would be top of the class without even trying too hard, to start with at least.

She sighed in annoyance wondering how she even ended up – well upstairs; she was certain a few minutes before she was going down stairs. The Hufflepuff common room was in the basement of the castle after all, so she figured heading down would get her closer to her destination. She did not have any reason to be upstairs, but then maybe she could do a little exploring while she was there. She had never actually been in this part of the school before so it could be interesting.

It looked like nobody had cleaned this part of the school in a few years. The wood was covered in dust and spider webs. It was somewhat creepy, dark, and damp and if she didn't feel as confident in her cursing power she might have run away, but now she had gotten curious. This school should be considered a historic monument or something like that, so why don't these idiots treat it better? If it belonged to her it would have been awesomeness personified in its comfort, cleanliness, and modern conveniences.

She sighed and rolled her forest coloured eyes as she looked around poking her head in disused rooms with broken desks and chairs dumped in them, and busted blackboards and other broken things that someone threw out and didn't think to fix and recycle. You would think that with magic they would not have to be so wasteful.

Eva just shook those thoughts away as she finally opened a huge room with shelves full of dusty stuff she might like to take for herself, so she entered without a second thought. She looked around and found some really old looking books and all sorts of other stuff that might have been hidden away for centuries by hoarders. The books she had gotten from Destiny's Shop were nothing like some of these so she pulled off her school backpack and stole some that sounded like they would be entertaining, or contain some fun spells for later examination and use.

It paid to be smart and have a magically bigger on the inside backpack. She did wonder why space-time-dimension-altering-magic wasn't more restricted as it sounded Heller dangerous to her, just saying it like that sounded like they should categorise spells on danger, power, and use rather than light or dark (good or evil). She made a mental note to find someone boring enough, yet smart enough to choose letters for each type of magic or something.

It was only common sense to use the bag since she had it anyway, and she hadn't heard of any magic like it going wrong before, when you had to carry around so many heavy books it was a must have. It even had lightening charms. She noticed that quite a few of the books were on super-questionable magic (A and S rank magic she was sure, after they were properly catalogued), but she didn't much care about that right then as they would be cool to learn.

If she had to fight morons and whatever, it was best to know how to fight like them and what magic they might use and how to reverse them too. It was all good reading too so she would be happy looking through the books, and maybe take a few ganders and add letters herself while reading and learning the spells. She continued looking around at some mouldy old clothes that held no interest until she came across a dusty cloak that called out to her.

She was surprised as she used her wand to get rid of the dust that it wasn't mouldy or ripped like she would expect. It really reminded her of her Invisibility Cloak in that she could feel something while touching it. However, unlike her other cloak that felt soft like water, this one felt like nothing, like touching the air.

It was a soft black cotton-silk combination in appearance. It was long, and when she put it on, over her shoulders it hung to her ankles where it has a tattered effect at the end like a bats wings. It had dark, blackened platinum fastenings, a high black collar that folded around her neck, and a pointed hood. However, when she finished fastening it on with her uniform she was startled, and her eyes widened in awe and shock.

It spread out like bat wings, stiff, but rather than flapping it glided her off her feet. It surprisingly felt similar to a broom, but not quite – it was the same, but different. She took a deep breath to stop from panicking before her small black half-boots touched down and the cloak dropped back to hug her body and she grinned.

"Wow, this cloak is awesome," she said giggling as she started hunting for more cool stuff someone had foolishly hidden away in the room of cool stuff for her to rob, name pending.

She really couldn't find anything else but junk and was about to leave when she spotted a small nondescript black wooden box on a low shelf near the back shoved in a corner on a high shelf. She used her new cloak to fly up to the right level and pulled it down to the ground as she felt some tiny sparks of power coming from it.

Eva set it on the ground and knelt in front of it looking it over in confusion, as she couldn't see how it opened, but it had a really mouldy looking, and very old piece of parchment pinned to the top. She pulled it off, looked over the old cursive script, and read it aloud.

"I warn you fair-child, do not tempt fate, and do not open this box for within is a Menace Servant…" she read it over several times but realised that the rest of the warning had worn away.

She shrugged as she started fiddling with the box and cried out in triumph as the lid popped off and something rattled and fell out. She placed the box and lid down before looking down at this odd 'white' flesh coloured doll with green hair down to the bottom of her neck, and long ear like antenna things where her ears should have been.

Eva picked it up and almost dropped it in surprise. It felt soft and flesh-like. It even had tiny breasts that felt so real. It was a little dirty and took a few moments to de-dust. She was really quite a pretty doll with all of the joints being the only things about her that looked remotely artificial. It was certainly around the same size as a fairy, maybe a little bigger and looked like it should have been one of those string puppets, marionette things only without the string.

It had a dirty card attached by some rotting string around its right wrist. "So your names, Chachazero," she said as she read the 'hi my name is…' on one side of the tag before looking on the other side to see some Latin words before the dolls name. "OK, so that must be a spell… I suppose it won't hurt to see what you do," she said forgetting about the warning.

She cleared her throat for a moment before taking a deep breath and saying the spell. "Adspiro vita, Chachazero!" she said hopefully. She frowned as she shook the little doll but nothing had happened, and she had half expected some big display of magic, but nothing, that wasn't nice, and certainly not cool, so she dropped the doll to the floor and groaned.

"Ouch… hey, what's the big idea dropping me on my head!"

Eva looked down in surprise to see the little doll sitting up on her tiny little butt while rubbing her little head and glare pouting her little green eyes up at her. She couldn't believe her eyes, it now looked and felt so alive, and poking her she was no longer cold but warm.

"Hey, don't poke me," the small cute voice of the doll complained as her cheeks lit a little as she looked down at herself. "Hey, where's my clothes Master?" she asked looking around for them before looking up at one of the shelves with a little mahogany doll clothe-chest a few shelves high. "There they are Master, that's my clothes-chest…" she said as she stood up with her little antenna ear things twitching at the joints.

However, when Chachazero started jumping up and down trying to reach her clothes-chest Eva couldn't help but burst out laughing, which earned her the evil eye as she reached out and pulled the chest down and placed it before the little doll.

"There's no need to laugh Master," she said as she opened her trunk and started digging through some clothes. "I've been sleeping for ages, I'm still a little weak on my feet, but you're pretty powerful so I'm starting to feel better," she said as she pulled out some white panties before slipping them on before finding a blue dress and slipping it on over her head and with Eva's help did it up at the back. She then pulled on some little blue shoes and a white headband before pulling off the tag on her arm and lobbing it away.

"So… Chachazero, what are you…?" Eva asked after the little doll girl was finally dressed and had locked up her clothes-chest.

"I'm Chachazero, Master," she answered with a wicked smile. "You woke me up so I'll hang with you and stuff and if you need me to I'll do all of your evil bidding!" she said happily drifting off into thought of all of the evil she might do. Then somehow, she pulled a huge black sword out of nowhere and looked quite menacing. It had the whole army knife sword cross breed look and should have been too big and heavy for her to lift, but it was bigger than she was, and she looked like she wasn't even struggling. It would be considered overkill for Eva to carry a sword (to the doll), giant knife (to Eva) like that.

Eva smiled a little, as it was quite the amusing sight. "I umm… don't think I need any evil bidding being… well bided right now, but I'll be sure to call on you if I have an enemy I need cutting."

"Right, Master," she agreed as she placed the sword out of sight behind her back (somehow) and when she brought her hands back it was gone. Eva just sighed, and wrote it off to her being a magical doll and wondered whether she shouldn't have woken her before shrugging. She could be useful after all, who would suspect a cute little talking doll of being evil? A part from everyone in the world, especially those who enjoy horror films, or books, or games,

"OK, Chachazero, just, umm… at least try to pretend not to be evil," she replied with a smile as she placed the dolls chest into her backpack on her back and picked the doll up and sat her on her right shoulder.

"Oh, okay, I understand, I'll try," she replied as they headed to the exit and out into the hall. It had gotten darker so she was quick in moving in what she hoped was the correct direction to her common room. "We don't want everyone thinking we're up to bad stuff," she said before they started passing some reprimanding paintings.

"I wouldn't trust those people in the pictures if I were you," the doll whispered into her ear. "I bet they're all connected to spy on people. This is still a school, right?" she asked and continued at Eva's nod. "They always used the paintings to spy on the students…" she trailed off to silence as Professor McGonagall rounded a corner.

"Miss. McDowell, what are you doing here, the Headmaster sent me from the staff meeting?" she demanded eyeing her in suspicion. However, she didn't mention how or why the Headmaster would know she was there.

"Oh, sorry Professor," she said sheepishly. "I, umm… kind of got lost after I was with Ginny half walking with her to her common room so I started looking around before I realised it was getting late and tried looking for the way to the Hufflepuff common room."

She sighed while shaking her head. "There's always one…" she muttered to herself more than Eva. "You're almost back in the Entrance Hall; just carry on down this hall and through the doors at the end and you'll be back in the Entrance Hall. I trust you know the way from there?"

"Yes, ma'am," she agreed nodding as she quickly rushed off waving. However, McGonagall was startled as she watched the smiling little doll turn and wave happily to her too as they hurried away. She sighed. The kids sometimes had some really weird toys, but at least that one was just a cute little doll, she shuddered at the memory of others, and would come to someday wish for the terror of the others when she realised how wrong she was about Eva's doll.

Eva and Chachazero were soon underground heading through the basement. "Why would my Master be a Hufflepuff; they're useless!" the doll whined as they came to the entrance to the common room.

"No one suspects useless," was the answer she got while Eva smirked at her smugly. "But why aren't you speaking… old fashioned…?"

She shrugged her little shoulders. "Don't know," she answered. "Magic I s'pose," she guessed reasonably.

"Hmm… well, I guess magic is really odd," she agreed. "My cloak has flying powers. I found it in that room you were in; it's pretty cool."

"Wow, flying is useful when doing evil!" Chachazero said with a thoughtful smile as Eva opened the secret entrance into Hufflepuff. She didn't pay attention to the very few people hanging around as she quickly got to her room to find Ginny, Astoria and Luna.

Ginny looked relieved as she saw her. "Evie," she said getting up from where she sat on her bed with her homework. "I was worried," she reprimanded as they hugged and kissed, Luna blatantly watching in fascination and Astoria blushing and trying to stay looking away even though she watched out of the corner of her eye anyway.

"Master, who's she?" Chachazero interrupted causing Ginny to jump back staring at the little doll in shock and confusion, both Luna and Astoria now staring at her too, the latter in worry.

"Oh, right, Ginny, Astoria, Luna this is our… umm, new room-mate, Chachazero," she introduced her with an impish smile. "Chachazero, this is my girlfriend Ginny, and our room mates, Luna and Astoria," she said pointing them out in turn.

"Hi, I'm Chachazero, I'm not evil or anything," she greeted causing Ginny and Astoria to grimace but Luna to smile.

"Well, that's good news isn't it, Ginny, Astoria?" Luna said with her smile widening.

"You just believe her because she says she's not evil?" Astoria said in annoyance. "I bet that doll is so evil. I should know evil; I am a Slytherin after all."

"Wow," Chachazero said with a wide grin as she stood up on Eva's shoulder. "Salazar Slytherin was a dick… almost as much of a dick as Godric Gryffindor, but at least their student's waged war with each other and stuff! That's always fun I suppose."

"You knew the Founders?" they all asked simultaneously.

"Nope," she answered causing them to look dopey with surprise. "But the way their students keep fighting and crap they have to be dicks. The only reason Slytherin is slightly better is because they're not… or they're not supposed to be as stupid, but I'll always leave judgement open on that one!"

"At least I'm not a Hufflepuff," Astoria muttered, as she didn't think she could defend her house when she half agreed with the doll.

"Yeah…" Chachazero began but trailed off. "Umm… hey that's my Masters house," she said as she flew off Eva's shoulder with an oversized (for her) dark silver hunting knife in each tiny hand.

Astoria screamed but Chachazero never got near that far as Eva nonchalantly plucked the doll out of the air by the scruff of her dress. "Rule one, Chacha is NO killing, maiming or hurting ANY of my room mates!"

"Aww, but Master," the doll whined childishly. "Not even a… you know, a little?"

"Not even a little," she agreed to the pouting doll as she plopped her onto her bed where her knives had seemed to just not be in her hands any more

"S-see, that doll is evil…!" Astoria said looking both scared and grateful to Eva for saving her. "W-where the hell did you find her?"

"Umm… I'm not sure, I got lost," she said sheepishly. "I umm… found all sorts of junk but some cool stuff like Chachazero too," she said looking thoughtful.

"Where'd her knives go…?" Ginny asked eyeing the doll in curiosity.

"They're my favourite knives silly," she replied with a sweet innocent smile. "But I'm not evil… I'm umm… really good," she added looking to Eva. "They won't think I'm evil again, Master, I'm sure of that, right?" she asked looking at the three girls.

"O-of course you're not… y-you're definitely not evil…" Astoria quickly agreed looking at the doll nervously.

Ginny just shook her head with a sigh. "Okay, so you bring home a… not evil doll, can she at least do something useful?"

"I can smite your enemies," Chachazero suggested with a grin. "Anyone give you girls any trouble, you come and see me and I'll cut them for you since you're my Masters best friends!"

"See Astoria, she's very nice and not evil at all," Luna said with a smile. "She just promised to cut people who are mean to us… that's quite sweet isn't it?"

Astoria could only sigh sadly. "Damn, why can't you be normal, Lovegood?"

"What is normal but another person's abnormal?" Luna replied with a shrug.

"Wow, that actually made sense," Eva butted in awed. "I didn't know you studied philosophy Luna."

"Am I the only sane person here!?" Astoria demanded in annoyance.

"No," Ginny replied with a small smile. "You just haven't realised you're a nutter too."

Astoria pouted as she flopped back onto her bed. "I've been back at school for one day and already feel like I need a vacation."

"Well I'm going to go to sleep," Eva said while rolling her eyes. She just stripped down, hiding her new cloak away with her old one in her trunk and stripping until she was in her white panties and tee shirt sitting on her bed with a smile as Ginny had placed her homework away and copied suit with Luna before Astoria eyed the doll one last time before stripping too.

"I'm ready for bed now Master," the little doll interrupted the girls as she had stripped to just her panties and was surprisingly climbing into a small doll sized bed on Eva's chest of draws and snuggling under her covers.

"Okay," Eva said looking confused. "Wow, this school is messed up," she said with a shrug as she realised it sent her a tiny bed for Chachazero. Shaking her head she climbed under her covers and was surprised when after Ginny had snuggled into her arms that Astoria climbed in the other side trying to keep Chachazero in her line of sight. They both looked at her in surprise.

"I'm not sleeping alone, she might kill me," she answered their unasked question in a quiet whisper as she shakily held onto Eva.

However, before she could answer Luna slid in next to her and snuggled up to the Slytherin girl. "Wow, this is more comfy than sleeping alone," the blonde girl said with a content smile.

Eva just internally shrugged as she held the girls close and gave Ginny a loving kiss on her sweet and soft moist lips, which was greatly returned with plenty of tongue and a little groping before they finished.

"Well, goodnight girls, and sweet dreams," she said as she let her eyes drift closed.

Chachazero groaned as she kicked her covers back, and scratched her tiny right boob; her hair mussed from restless sleep. She just couldn't get to sleep. She had slept for so long that a proper rest would take a little while; maybe a day or two.

She looked from her bed to her Master and her girlfriend sleeping soundly and cuddling. Then that odd Slytherin girl had finally fallen asleep and was all over her Master too, but who could blame her when given the opportunity as her Master was beautiful, and last the blonde girl was cuddled with the Slytherin.

She yawned as she climbed out of bed and pulled her dress and shoes back on, as it was not proper for a young lady to walk around outside of her room and the wash-room naked, and the rest of her clothes were still in her Masters backpack. She smiled as she hopped down from the dresser and scampered to the nearest door. She didn't want to wake up her Master and friends just because she couldn't sleep as that wasn't proper either. She was sure she could find something to do without disturbing her Master or her girlfriends from their comfy slumber.

It wasn't very hard to open the door and climb up some spiral staircase before she paused at a door as she heard a voice. She was lucky the door was ajar so she could peek in to see these two girls trying to ignore this odd bushy-haired girl complaining to them about… her Master.

Well, she couldn't let her get away with that as she held some large and sharp silver coloured scissors and had a sinister grin on her lips. She didn't want to get into trouble for smiting without permission, but that didn't mean she would let this girl go free. She smiled wider as she watched the girl strip naked and climb under her covers.

It was amusing that this girl's room mates seemed to look relieved as the whining girl had shut up and was asleep pretty quick, but she didn't notice a few other girls were under their covers with curtains drawn pretending to sleep or hiding to read. Though, Chachazero couldn't blame them as the girl talked too much about rubbish no normal intelligent creature should care about.

"Can you believe Hermione won't shut up," one girl was saying quietly. "I think I'll take my chance with bad omens over dementors any day."

"Yeah, and if they are kind of like horses, that's just cool," her Asian (Indian) friend replied rolling her eyes. "Hermione's just angry that that cute Eva girl didn't agree with her books," she said as she sat on her white, brown haired best friend's bed with her since it was only the two of them 'awake', and as long as it was Hermione sleeping the others wouldn't care what they talked about or did in their third year Gryffindor girls dorms.

The other girls had skipped Hermione's complaining by quickly feigning sleep and then some really fell asleep into what are hopefully nice dreams while the others used silencing spells to finish homework or read their novels in peace.

"It's getting more annoying," she agreed. "Why can't we have some other girl in with us instead of miss-know-it-all-until-someone-comes-along-and-says-she's-wrong...!?"

"Yeah, well, short of killing her…"

The other girl snorted. "Or maybe we could start being rude… in a naughty sort of way and hope that gets her to back down. I'm sure the others would go along with it if it gets her off our backs, even Rikka, and she's weird."

"Yeah," she agreed giggling as she quickly leaned over and kissed her surprised friends check. "And if my parents ever found out they would be all religious and stuff and annoying until I tell them it was to get rid of an annoying bookworm."

"I'm a Catholic, girl," she replied pouting as her friend moved to her own bed. "I would have the whole homophobe thing to deal with too. Though, knowing my dad he would probably throw in some racism. I love him and everything but he can be really dense, and it isn't like he hates coloured people or anything, I just think…"

"He's like my dad and doesn't think before he speaks," her friend answered as she interrupted giggly. "Yeah, I know… we have it bad, but…" she sighed rolling her eyes. "Good night, Lavender," she said as she climbed under her covers.

"Yeah, good night Parvati," she replied as she slid herself under her covers yawning. "Sleep tight; don't let the Hermione bug bite."

"Ha-ha," her friend said while laughing before they both quietened and Chachazero waited until she thought they were asleep before creeping into the room with her scissors eyeing the Hermione girl with a grin.

Chachazero could just about keep in her giggle as she snuck in closer, stalking her un-expectant prey!

It was much much later, early in the morning where Eva was sitting in her uniform ready for classes with Chachazero sitting on the table next to her with a plate and oversized fork (it was a really a trident but Chachazero wouldn't listen to reason) eating breakfast. The little doll was getting open-mouthed stares by teachers and students before they just got back to what they were doing.

Eva had realised she might grow to enjoy Chachazero's company over time as it had to be a good idea to have a tiny minion like her on her side. However, she frowned as the Great Hall of Hogwarts (more commonly called the dining hall) started quieting. She looked around just as she took a sip of orange juice only to spit it all out into the face of an older girl, a quidditch team chaser for Gryffindor, Katie Bell.

Though, Katie didn't seem to notice as she had seen her too. Hermione Granger sitting down at the table looking confused at all of the attention she was receiving. However, it was the wiry goatee beard and moustache seemingly glued on around her lips that caught their attention.

Eva broke the descending silence as she burst into laughter with Chachazero and Ginny soon following her lead with others laughing right with them. The hall soon became a blast of noise as everyone was laughing, even a few teachers.

"Oh my god," Katie was laughing opposite. "Somebody gave her a pube goatee!" she laughed out, which made the laughter louder and harder, some people looking nearly unconscious they were laughing so hard.

Hermione's eyes widened impossibly as her cheeks flamed and she screamed when she touched her face before running away crying hard.

"I wonder what she thought when she saw it all shaved off?" Chachazero wondered as she had calmed down enough to speak. "Ah well," she said shrugging while Eva looked down at her nervously and Ginny laughed harder.

She could barely believe her new little friend. She would just have to remember to keep her from punishing her friends, and hopefully if Hermione comes around Chachazero wouldn't torment her… well too much.

Eva yawned as she woke up rubbing sleep from her eyes. It had been over a month since school started and all had been going well if you discounted the occasional mean prank pulled by Chachazero. She had interpreted don't maim anyone as prank them instead, but the pranks were against their enemies so they were funny.

She struggled out of Astoria's grip as she and Luna had grown accustomed to sleeping with her and Ginny, not that they minded because they didn't. It started out with Chachazero scaring Astoria so much she felt more comfortable in bed with the dolls Master, and Luna just liking the thought of sleeping in with friends as she had not had any before, but now they had grown complacent and enjoyed the sleeping arrangement.

Eva slid out of bed, shook the sleep away before she quietly snuck around the room, and found a fluffy towel hanging up on a cool radiator with all of their towels by the bathroom door.

"Where are you going?" she was startled as Astoria had woken up and clambered out of bed rubbing her eyes and looking cute and disorientated.

Eva couldn't help but laugh as she pulled off another towel and threw it on her head. "I'm going to use the showers silly," she said rolling her eyes. "Maybe you should keep the setting on yours cold to wake you up."

"Ha-ha, very funny, Evie," she replied pulling the towel from her head, and rolling her eyes but the effect was spoilt by the suppressed smile.

Eva laughed and stuck out her tongue. "I know you love this Hufflepuff, Tori, and this butt," she said giggling as she slapped her panty-clad butt before running away into the bathroom.

It had been a surprise when they had first seen the bathroom. It had an extra door leading into to four toilets with barriers so low that if they were to all use them at once they could see each other while chatting, and they didn't have any doors. The school was that weird, they didn't want to see each other while doing their business. That sort of thing called for privacy. It was their business, not each other's, so they made a deal with each other where if it was not an emergency only one girl at a time.

The showers weren't much different that they might as well be large and communal like the rest of their female housemates got per every two years with year seven getting a bathroom to themselves.

The 'cubicles' didn't have doors and the partitions only reached just below their shoulders, but the girls had one each, and after the initial embarrassment factor that they would have had in with the other girls anyway they had gotten used to seeing each other naked. In fact, Eva quite liked getting to see her girlfriend and friends during showers.

However, other than the four showers was a large bathtub that fit all four of them with room for several other girls too if they wanted. It was more like one of those do-it-yourself pools the muggles might buy, only sunken so they didn't have to climb any ladders to get in. They had used the bath a few times as it had multiple taps with all sorts of different soaps in like bubble baths, the magical kind; it was fun and super relaxing.

They figured they got all of the extras as a payment of sorts for not squeezing in with all the other girls of their year. It was a great fringe benefit, plus the bath had jets too, which felt really nice and very relaxing.

Eva hung up her towel by a cubicle while Astoria followed her in and hung up hers with a glare pout while they turned on their showers and checked the temperature before climbing out of their panties and tees and getting under the water. The water splashed down their nakedness washing away sleep and making them feel nice as they grabbed their shower gels as they were already hung up on shower racks waiting to lather them up and clean them.

Ginny and Luna had soon followed them in and were quickly washing too as they chatted and prepared for their day. It was a Saturday so they could take as long as they wanted as they didn't have classes. They hadn't yet decided to do anything, and they had finished their homework the day before since they didn't have much, so the day was theirs.

They must have spent around an hour in the bathroom as they had a lot of hair to wash and dry between them and while they were in front of the mirrors doing that chatted about school and what they might do during the day, Chachazero had joined them, getting washed by Eva and Ginny before they all left and got dressed.

Eva had sat down on one of the beds cross-legged wearing a black thigh high dress with long white socks up her thighs and black half boots and white sleeves held up on her arms by cords and down to her small hands.

"Since we're all sharing a bed," she said with a thoughtful pose, "why can't the other beds disappear and give us some comfy furniture?" she asked as the other girls were sitting around too.

"That would be ideal," Astoria had surprisingly agreed. "I mean, we don't use all the beds so why not…?" she shrugged sheepishly.

"Master, Master," Chachazero chimed out and interrupted as she jumped up onto the bed with her holding what at first glance looks like a dirty piece of parchment. "Look, look, hey Master, look at this Master!" she said waving the piece of parchment around.

"Huh, what is it?" she asked looking it over. "It's just that map you stole from Fred and George," she said taking it from the little doll and looking at the black ink with little people dots moving around it. It was surprising as when they first got it, the room they were in showed up as being in all four houses at the same time, so all of their dots looked like they were in separate locations.

Eva could not have been prouder of her little doll than when she handed over a unique and potentially (in the wrong hands) dangerous Hogwarts artefact. The Marauders Map, one of Eva's most useful magical artefact; it went well with both of her cloaks nicely. It had even shown them loads of secret passages and even entrances and exits for the school, and every password as soon as they were changed, even the Headmasters.

"No, look, Master," she replied as she turned the map over to the back part that showed outside and pointed to a dot. "Sirius Black!" she giggled manically as she tapped a dot at the edge of the map at the edge of the Forbidden Forest.

"No way," she said in awe while the other girls rushed over to look at the dot. "Maybe I should go and capture him!?"

"Can I cut him, Master?" Chachazero asked hopefully as she held her hunting knives with a large evil grin across her lips. "He's been a bad man so… I get to cut him, right?"

"Maybe," Eva replied thoughtfully. "But I'm curious… he's Harry Potter's godfather, maybe… it could be… na… I don't think he's guilty. Dumbledore… and no you can't cut Dumbledore, Chacha. I've already explained why, just stick to pranks and leaving fake evidence. I think I'll go and capture Black, but if he is guilty… if Chachazero accidentality cuts him to death… ah well," she shrugged as she hopped off the bed and dug out her flight cloak.

"Eva, it could be dangerous, he might try to kill you!" Ginny reprimanded worriedly as she watched her girlfriend opening the window.

"And I have Chachazero," she retorted as the little doll was now wearing little red devil like wings on her back and floating next to Eva's face, her knives now gone. They still couldn't figure out where they went or where she got her attachable wings from.

"Yeah, don't worry, I'll cut him good if he tries anything," Chachazero chimed cheerfully smiling as she pet Ginny's head. "We'll be back sooooooon!" she called behind her as she flew out of the window after Eva.

"Your girlfriend is insane," Astoria commented as they watched them flying off.

Ginny could only nod as she watched them fly off over the lake and towards the forest. "Yeah, but we love her anyway," she agreed with a smile while they nodded.

It was a dog that they saw in the woods not too far from the edge. It was big, black, looked hungry and was most certainly not a real dog, which was why it yelped as a silver coloured hunting knife swished out of the air and almost hit its right leg.

The dog looked up in shock to see a little green haired doll with wings holding a huge oversized sword in its little hands as it floated down. The dog didn't want anything to do with any evil dolls with a giant sword so turned around only to start as a blonde girl stood in its way. It tried growling but the girl just gave it a dubious look that quelled it.

"Sirius Black," she said quietly causing the dog to show surprise as she drew her wand from the black belt around her waist before she was almost completely hidden by her flight cloak. "If you don't show yourself I'll hex your dog…!"

"Umm… Master, he is the dog," Chachazero quickly chimed.

"Oh, right, then change back, Black or I'll hex you!" she corrected sheepishly with a growl. "I have some questions for you!" she demanded in annoyance.

The dog watched the girl cautiously before eyeing the evil doll before they watched it morphing back into a skeletal thin man with pale blue eyes and shaggy black hair and beard matted with filth.

"Oh, Chachazero, he stinks, that is nasty, and doesn't that prison have any showers?" Eva demanded; her accent coming on strong as she stepped back and covered her nose.

Sirius Black chuckled bitterly. "No, actually all they've got is cells no bigger than a cardboard box for us stay in, and gruel to eat."

"W-what, but that's mental!" she retorted with wide horrified eyes. "That moron Dumbledore preaches second chances and being better than Death Eaters and then tortures them. I thought the dementors were bad… this is ridiculous! It's inhumane!"

"Can't change the world, kid," Sirius responded to her rant taking a step forward but she was back to alert in moments.

"Come any closer and I'll let Chachazero cut you up!" she said with a glare. "Though, to be honest, I don't think you did betray the Potter's, and I don't think you killed all of those innocent muggles. I think you were set up because the so-called evidence doesn't sit right with me. Some of it seems false, not to mention you weren't tried."

"And what does a little girl like you think you can do about it?" he asked laughingly.

"My Master can do ANYTHING!" Chachazero retorted angrily. "So you should show the proper respect!"

"Why don't you just tell me," Eva said ignoring her doll. "Tell me the truth and maybe I can help you out!"

"It was Pettigrew… the bloody coward had turned traitor," he sneered out angrily, not sure why he was putting his trust in her but he was. "Everyone knew I would be secret keeper so I convinced Lily and James Potter to change to him… to the tag-along… I thought no one would ever think of him, but… I didn't know he had already chosen, Voldemort!"

"Well that sucks," she replied as her forest green eyes scanned over him for some sign of deception. "My name is Evangeline Athanasia Katherine McDowell," she introduced herself with a dangerous grin as she stepped forward. "Harry Potter is dead, and so is Sirius Black," she laughed as she reached out and took his hand.

Sirius started as her grip was a lot stronger than a small girl's should have been. He felt warmth spread from her, bubbling beneath his skin, and up his body. Light streamed around him, busting from every pour of his body, from every strand of frayed fabric, and even from the air around him.

He watched in awe as the rags he was wearing turned into a crisp clean black (with white shirt) muggle suit. His skin was clean, and he felt fresh and fit (though still hungry), and his muscles had increased and reformed. His hair had shortened and turned a rusty blondie brown colour with his eyes darkening to become a dark green.

Eva smirked as she held up a mirror to show him what he now looked like. "You're now, Nathan McDowell, my father," she said with a smirk as he snatched the mirror from her looking himself over in awe and shock. "All we need to do now is find Pettigrew or… someone equally deserving and Sirius Black will officially die!"

He looked from the mirror with recognition. "You're…"

She just snorted and rolled her eyes. "Was…" she half agreed smirking. "I have never actually spoken about 'my' parents, so my mother passed away a few years ago."

"G-got it," he replied as he just looked himself over.

"You can use the family vault. However, my company vault will even be restricted to you," she said laughingly. "Just trust me… I have some evil… well evil to the Ministry and Dumbledore, schemes to get on with behind their backs."

"And you created a company for that?" he asked and got a nod as his stomach growled. "Umm… I'm really hungry…" he said sheepishly.

She rolled her eyes as she swished her hand and some ID formed out of the wind and stuffed it into his hands. "That is your ID, the change is permanent… don't betray me and we'll be fine," she said pulling out some galleons and gave him them. "Go and buy some food and then head to Gringotts… by the time you get there they'll be expecting you. The house should already be ready so they'll show it to you, understand?"

"Just like that…?" he asked looking confused.

She shrugged with a smile. "Yep… by the way, you know Remus Lupin?"

He was startled and his attention perked up. "Yeah… so he had contact with…?"

She shook her head. "No… it's just I've seen his picture in a photograph with you and Potter," she answered thoughtfully. "He's here, teaching Defence against the Dark Arts. I think he's here because of you. I think Dumbledore might think you're after him to avenge Harry's death."

"I was," he replied as his eyes shone as if he just remembered something. "But it's not just that… it's him… Pettigrew… I saw him on the front page of a paper with Weasley's… he was a rat, see, a rat animagus and he's here at Hogwarts posing as someone's pet."

"Scabbers," she said with wide eyes. "Ronald Weasley's pet rat… damn, I knew I hated that thing!"

"I'll skin it!" Chachazero said gleefully.

"No… we need it captured," Eva replied smirking. "Then he'll get the dementors kiss and Sirius Black will be dead! So… Father, you be a good boy and I'll sort everything out for you."

"My goddaughter… umm… daughter is evil," he muttered as he watched her cloak float up like a gliding wing and she shot into the air, flying away.

"Wait for me Master!" the little doll shot up after her.

Sirius… well Nathan just frowned as he looked himself over. "Well… at least I've got my health… well health back. I wonder what she's going to do…?" he asked himself in confusion as his stomach growled.

He shrugged as his somewhat daughter was pretty awesome before he transformed into his animagus form not realising that he was now a white, grey, and black husky as he quickly hurried towards the village to get some food. He would think more about everything and his part in seeking revenge later as he could now buy a proper meal, and she gave him enough to gorge himself silly. Then he realised with his new health that he could find himself a cute babe and have some fun, but he would leave that out of any conversations with his – daughter as she seemed strict.

Eva returned to her room, which always surprised her that though the map said it was in all four houses the window in and out actually was too, which was freaky time-space magic again. She flew in with Chachazero to find the other girls must have gone to grab breakfast while they waited for her to return. Therefore, she checked out her watch before looking to the Gryffindor door and thinking about whether it would let her in to Gryffindor Tower.

She hadn't actually tested to see whether she could even open the other doors let alone cross the threshold. "Go on Master, it lets me in whenever I want," Chachazero said eagerly. "Before people start coming back from breakfast."

Eva shrugged as she grinned. "Yeah, you're right, Chacha!" she agreed as Chachazero landed on her shoulder; her wings having disappeared.

She then moved over to the Gryffindor door and pulled it open to the stairs out to the girl dorms in Gryffindor so she stepped out. She was honestly surprised it let her out and didn't even have some kind of alarms… maybe because she was supposed to be a trustworthy Hufflepuff, or the school knew she was hunting incompetent evil and liked her.

They looked both ways as Eva closed the door behind her and hurriedly snuck down the stairs into the 'surprisingly' red common room. She came to a stop as she started as she was spotted by the only person in the common room, or perhaps in the whole house just sitting in a corner reading a book.

She was surprised by this as – well, she had thought that only Hermione read or studied that hard in Gryffindor. She was small and had a soft half-oriental half-western look with short deep purple-black mused hair that had a thin yellow ribbon to the right side, hanging down a little way passed her shoulders. Her bangs covered her forehead with longer strands curtaining her eyes.

However, Eva was startled to notice a square shaped white eye-patch covering her right eye with elastic tucking behind each ear, one side going over her face, but she was still really cute, and she looked fitter than most witches. Her other eye was a startling deep blue colour that stared at her unconcerned but with a certain distant shy, cold calmness.

Her uniform was on proper and she looked both neat and wealthy with a small chest area. However, unlike a wealthy pureblood; the girl wore a muggle watch on her left wrist that said she was from the muggle world. She also had a slight aura of leave me alone mixed with mild curiosity, but not enough for her to bother Eva. If Eva hadn't been looking for possible interlopers in her plotting she would have just ran straight by without a thought.

"Umm…" Eva said with a sheepish grin as the girls dark blue left eye looked up at her from the seat, confused. "Umm… hey there… err… whoever you are," she said nervously. "I'm just…"

"I don't care," she interrupted blandly; her expression not changing the least as she returned her gaze back down to her book, which Eva glimpsed at to see that it was the Standard Book of Spells grade three, which suggests she was in third year.

That surprised Eva as she couldn't for the life of her remember-the girl, which made her feel bad. It looked like the girl probably didn't have any friends. They were in the same year and she didn't even know her name. That wasn't very good… though, thinking of it she could only name three Gryffindor third year girls, and she knew there were at least a few more than that from the Sorting… well, her first one.

The girl interrupted her thoughts as she continued speaking and almost made Eva jump clear out of her skin, "as long as it doesn't concern me I have no problem… well, as long as that annoying Granger girl doesn't find out I'll be satisfied…" she finished off just ignoring Eva to continue with her book.

"Umm… thanks," Eva replied more baffled than before.

However, after a moment of staring at the girl to see she wasn't going to look up from her book, let alone talk, Eva shrugged and quickly hurried up the boys dorms. She found the third year boys dorm room and pushed the door open to find it completely empty.

"This is great Master," Chachazero said giggling as she pointed to the far bed just as Eva caught a poetically ugly ginger cat before it grabbed the sleeping rat on the bed. She just glared at the cat before dropping it to the floor and letting it run out of the room.

"It kind of stinks in here," she replied as she grabbed the rat. It woke squealing before she smashed its head against one of the beds posts knocking it out. "Darn stupid thing tried biting me," she said swinging it carelessly by its tail.

Chachazero couldn't help but giggle as she watched the helpless animagus. "I saw, but it got punished like it should have been!" she agreed happily. "We should get out of here though, Master, some of them might be back soon since they don't have classes!"

"Good point, Chacha," she replied as she left with Chachazero back downstairs.

The odd girl was still in her corner reading, but now eating some kind of stick thing from a little long box with a lid open with more inside. Her eye flicked up for a moment but she just carried on nibbling the stick as if Eva wasn't there. She wondered how one girl could really be that odd. Though, thinking about it, she was not exactly normal, and neither were Ginny and Luna… she was still undecided on Astoria.

"You shouldn't leave that way," the girl surprisingly said as they were about to leave through the main exit. "It has a painting guarding it and she'll tell Dumbledore or something," she said nonchalant as Eva and Chachazero looked back to see she hadn't even looked from her book.

However, as Eva continued she pulled out a silvery cloak and threw it on over her flight cloak causing her and Chachazero to disappear. Though, they didn't think the weird girl was watching, she was, and showed a tiny bit of surprise before going back to her book as the door out of the tower opened and closed without a word.

Eva smirked as she found a painting free area and slid the cloak off before hiding it away. If Dumbledore ever saw it… or at least got a close look he might recognise it. She would rather not have to explain how she ended up with it. Though, she had deniability on her side. He wouldn't be able to prove anything.

She quickly snuck through the hall swinging the rat by its tail as she took secret path after secret path, knowing which one's avoided paintings having studied her map thoroughly, like a good witch. She now had one last thing to do before she headed off to get a snack for breakfast, and if she missed it Ginny should hopefully grab her something or she could go to the kitchens.

It wasn't long before she came out into the Defence against the Dark Arts corridor and just barged into the empty classroom as she knew it had no paintings since the previous Defence Teacher: the incompetent idiot.

She looked around but couldn't see the man she was looking for, for a moment when the old looking teacher stepped out of his office with a smile in greeting. "Miss. McDowell, what do I owe this surprise?" he asked as he eyed the doll on her shoulder in suspicion, as all the teachers were on edge about that toy, Snape especially as he blamed it for more pranks than he blamed Fred and George Weasley, and it had only been at the school for a month.

"Why hello, Professor," she said happily swinging the rat around by its tail, which caught his attention as his eyes widened before he was sneering at it. "Oh, you noticed my little friend, Peter… he's been a naughty rat, hasn't he Chachazero?" she asked whimsically.

Chachazero giggled as she hopped down onto a desk with her giant sword in her tiny hands, her little head nodding. "Yep, a very naughty rat, Master," she agreed licking her lips as the rat was waking up with little frantic squeals as Eva stopped spinning it, it's little black eyes locked to Chachazero's sword in terror. "I think I want to cut it…!" she hissed out giggly.

The rat squealed but one look at Eva and it knew that scratching or biting would be hazardous as it remembered what happened last time. "Hello, Peter, I'm so happy to see you woke up… oh, how nice it is to see you."

"But…" Lupin said as he moved closer, the rat looked more concerned if that was possible as it realised who else was in the room. "Sirius… he… but it was this thing… he took my friends… you took everything from ME!" the teacher roared and lashed out to grab the rat only for Eva to jump up and away, gliding back and landing on a desk without even using her cloak.

"Now, now, Professor, I can't have you ruin my fun and games now can I?" she reprimanded smilingly. "Peter here shall be getting the dementors kiss… but yet… no one shall ever know that it was really Peter. They'll think that, Sirius Black was given his rightful punishment… Peter shall die in his stead. It sounds fair compensation for all of the time served… don't you agree, Professor?"

"I… I don't understand," he replied looking at the girl in worry. "Y-you've been in contact with, Sirius…? Do you have pollyjuice potion…? Is that how you found Peter!?" he asked spitting out the terrified rats name. "I… I never even got to know Harry, and I have to put up with working for that stupid Old Goat!"

"Now, now, Professor," she said with a wicked grin as she wiggled a finger on her free hand in joyful reprimand. "Nobody actually said that… the… Child-Who-Lived is really dead now did they… well they probably did, but they forget themselves… or the evidence to support such claims, only that Harry Potter is gone forever," she said accentuation her previous name.

Lupin's eyes widened impossibly, and even the rat understood her meaning, looking at her grin shivered. It started messing itself as she throw him painfully to the floor where her wand was in her hand faster than the crunch of bones cracking and a disgusting fat rat faced man wearing tatty and torn robes appeared whimpering as Eva put her wand away.

"Hello, little rat!" she said giggling.

He looked to her in a panic shivering and was about to scurry nearer but winced as he realised he had broken his right arm and even more so as the doll had her sword to his throat with a look that dared him to move.

"You betrayed our friends…" Lupin said quietly, his voice cold and promoting pain.

"B-but, Remus my old friend," he squeaked out as he could feel the blade was no toy as he felt how sharp it really was. "W-what would you have done… the Dark Lord…!" he begged shakily.

"I would have died without question!" he responded as he lifted his foot; he smashed it into Peter's face, smashing him into some tables with blood and a cry of pain, whimpering and sobbing as he held his bloodied face.

He went to continue his assault before he stopped as Eva had jumped down from her place on a desk and got in his way. "I told you, he's going to take Sirius' place," she interrupted as her booted foot trod on one of Peter's hands crushing his bones.

Peter screamed out as his hand was broken but a white light passed through him, his voice became choked and wheezed; gone but for muffled sounds and he looked as Sirius had, broken and filthy, almost skeletal.

She smiled at him as he looked beyond any kind of fear she could imagine as she rose her foot and it smashed into Peter's face breaking his jaw in a huge crunch. The force blast Peter through several desks where he landed, crashing into the wall under the windows cracking the bricks in a spider web as he lost consciousness and slumped down in a puddle of blood and broken bones.

"That's how you kick someone in the face," Chachazero said proudly, her sword gone as Eva picked her up and placed her on her shoulder.

Lupin could only stare in awe. "Y-you're a shifter…" he stuttered out in awe, "b-but… they're only legends… myths… this is wow…!"

She turned to him with a wicked grin. "Don't be so silly, Professor… I'm just me… you of course stopped this evil criminal… I was just the innocent little girl who was mercilessly chased by this fiend, but you saved me, Professor… you're my hero!" she said the last very sarcastically.

He grimaced and rubbed his eyes as he looked to the girl. "Wow… I'm not sure your… umm… I mean Lily or James would approve of the whole merciless thing."

"Things change Professor," she remarked with a shrug. "Push someone far enough and even a saint can snap… after all, enough is enough!"

"Yeah," he agreed looking at their captured victim. "But why not just prove Sirius's innocence?"

"Because even if the Ministry would care, Dumbledore would keep too close of tabs on a man who has reason to betray him, to kill him even," she replied shrugging, as she looked him over. "I can remove your curse you know…" she said shocking him further. She shrugged. "It's quite obvious… you fight it so hard it's aged you a decade."

He looked away, staring out of the window. "Even if I accepted… people would notice…"

"Stay until Christmas… quit… you have nothing here to keep you," she replied thoughtfully while he looked to her in shock. "I can always give you a new identity like I gave Sirius," she said as she thought of something amusing. "With my power and wealth I can easily get you a new persona… you could even retake this job after Christmas… after all he'll need a new teacher."

"But Dumbledore and Snape know me too well, they'll get suspicious…"

She just laughed while rolling her eyes. "But why would they connect you to the woman you'll become, Aunty," she and Chachazero laughed while his cheeks flamed bright red. "Don't be such a fool… revenge is fraught with sacrifice, and you can still want to hump the ladies, and you'll no-longer be lykan!"

He shivered as he looked at her grin and couldn't find his voice. "Oh… you'll be so much cooler as a lady," mocked Chachazero while she giggled with a sinister grin that made him gulp. He didn't want to know what he had gotten himself into.

Elsewhere in the castle a large bulky Slytherin boy crashed into a wall as a girl with her long purple hair down her back like a tail to her feet with a silver metal clip near the bottom. She had kneed him in the face, crashing into the wall. She wore a short black skirt with her school shirt cut small so it just covered her large chest, showing off her beautifully toned tummy with a green Slytherin tie.

She looked around as several boys were all whimpering on the floor, crying. She looked up with narrowed light blue eyes at the remaining year seven boy. He took a step back, close to messing his pants.

"C-come on – we-we just wanted to feel her up a little, play with those jugs!" he stuttered out through his filthy teeth while his eyes scanned the ground around him as his friends were all down and bleeding, and one boy looked like she had knocked all of his teeth out and was spewing blood from his mouth and nose.

She narrowed her eyes dangerously. "I told you filthy morons to get lost, you chose to try touching her, so you get what you deserve!" she retorted coolly.

"Why should we listen to a filthy mud-blood like you!?" he demanded suddenly, drawing his wand. "Filth like you shouldn't be in our house anyway!"

He hadn't the chance to fire a spell as she moved swiftly through the narrow corridor, over his defeated 'comrades', and her knee shattered the wind from his lungs while he wheezed out, and a second latter joined his friends on the floor, but he passed out several metres back when he landed.

She turned around and smirked, "are you okay, Hakufu?" the sixteen year old Slytherin girl asked looking down at the fifth year Hufflepuff girl with the huge chest. She had long loose light brown hair down to the small of her back, wearing her Hufflepuff uniform without robes and wearing her yellow sweater with her large breast pushing against it from within. Her skirt was short and she had fallen to her butt with her feet planted, giving the Slytherin girl a look at her white panties.

"Yes, thank you, Kan'u!" she readily agreed as she was helped up onto her black shoes. "I don't know what those mean boys wanted but it didn't seem nice!" she commented with a black look of befuddlement in her stunning green eyes.

Kan'u rubbed her forehead in frustration. "You're clueless!" she said grabbing her left wrist with her right hand, and leading her away. "Let's just get out of here before someone terns up and we get into trouble for beating all of those boys up; they seem to get even more annoyed when you don't even use magic to best those pureblood idiots! Next time Hakufu, that some ugly bruit tries touching you kick the crap out of them, got it?"

"Got it...!" Hakufu readily agreed with a giant grin on her lips.

Kan'u groaned as she looked at her friend and rubbed her brow with her free hand. "Well hopefully news will travel and the boys around this school will understand that you are off limits!" she said sounding hopeful but she had come to realise that the school housed many arrogant idiots who had no self-preservation instincts.

"Right!" her friend agreed while she sighed again, but couldn't help but grin as her friend was kind of funny in that dense and cute way she was, and knew that without help Hakufu would be struggling more than she was at school and with the local perverts.

"So what are we going to do today, Kan'u-chan!?" she asked brightly.

"Hakufu, there is no need for suffixes here, and we've lived in the UK for eight years, how long will it take you to get used too..., but, you're not listening are you?"

"Look, Kan'u-chan!" she said, dragging her off with near monstrous strength, taking her wrist instead, to watch the music club perform in the Entrance Hall, trying to make some money for some charity or something for that Potter Foundation thing.

"Get off of me Daphne!" Astoria growled as she wrenched her arm back from her sister. It had been a while since Sirius Black had been captured by Professor Remus Lupin and the Christmas holiday was nearly upon them.

Her sister and her 'friends' had accosted her. If they could be called 'friends' (even with air quotes); she was sure her sister didn't actually like them, as her sister was out of most of their league, well, Tracey Davis was tops too. Her sister was like a slightly taller version of her. Tracey had short cut brown hair with a few skull hair clips in it going for a Goth look that she was secretly stealing her look from the muggle world.

They were being led by those losers Draco Malfoy and Pansy Parkinson. They had trapped her while she was passing from charm passed transfiguration, and she didn't have charms with Ginny, Luna, or Eva to help her out of 'trouble'.

Draco and Pansy were with a whole load of older Slytherins too, and Astoria could just make out the worry on her sisters face as she tried conveying her plead in her cool eyes; to 'protect' her. She was alone, but she didn't feel like giving up all she had gained with her new friends, but they were trying to force her to conform to her supposed role as Pansy Parkinson's sisters' minion, as if she would ever follow that ugly thing around.

"Astoria; you're not only making our family look bad, but Slytherin house too!" Daphne hissed out angrily. She was always a good actor, but it was only their idiot dad who would have been disappointed that Astoria chose to break ties with idiot racists. "And don't think we haven't noticed you hanging out with that filthy blonde Hufflepuff and… that dirt poor Weasley girl too… it's disgusting… its dishonouring our ancestors."

Astoria stepped back but managed a sneer, "I don't care what you think; I'm not going to be a pathetic, minion like you! Especially when I look like this, and she looks like… that," she gestured to the younger pug-faced Parkinson.

"How dare, you!" one of the large and older boy spat out. "She comes from a powerful, wealthy and old pureblood family," he went and stepped forward but paused as the classroom door opened and a Gryffindor girl with short purple-black hair wearing an odd white eye-patch over her right eye stepped out looking bored, her book bag over her left shoulder.

She paused as her one eye scanned the scene before she glanced back into the class but the door was slammed shut behind her by one of the boys, looking smug at cutting off her escape route. However, she unnerved a few of them as she didn't even bat her eyelid as she returned her attention to them instead of attempting to look for another way out.

"We'll deal with the filthy mud-blood Gryffindor next," the boy continued as he looked from her and back to Astoria as she seemed to be looking for an escape route, but unable to find one, and her sister was too afraid to help her. "No way out," he laughed as he clenched his fists and stepped closer he pulled his fist back. "It looks like I'll have to beat some respect…"

She had closed her eyes but they flicked open as she heard a huge crash and he was no longer in her sight and the other Slytherins had their mouths nearly on the floor with shock. The large ugly boy had the Gryffindor girls' left hand crushing his face so hard it must have cracked his skull.

His expression was blank with shock, his eyes looking dead as he was held up against the wall, the Gryffindors right knee crushed into his stomach, his mouth open as air had left his lungs. She then stepped back and let him drop crumpled and unconscious to the floor with complete nonchalance in her expression, except that one dark blue eye.

That eye showed danger, and not in the same way, Chachazero or Eva could show danger. This girls' look was no nonsense straight to the point whereas both Eva and Chachazero had that, I'll torment you while kicking your butt look, and then make fun of you. Both looks were dangerous, and shouldn't be messed with, especially after witnessing what they could do first hand.

"Let's go," she spoke, her voice soft and devoid of any real emotion. "These people are not worth any more of my time," she finished as she turned away and began walking away as if she hadn't done anything extraordinary. Though, what she had done was incredible, and terrified the rest of the Slytherins so much that they just let her walk away without so much as a word.

Astoria was startled as she looked down to the crumpled and bleeding heap on the floor before the dumbfounded and shocked Slytherins, and then she hurriedly caught up with the Gryffindor girl hardly able to believe that someone like her was for real. She didn't even look at the other girl for a moment as they walked in silence.

"T-thanks…" Astoria said once she was sure the other Slytherins couldn't hear her. "I… I thought I was going to get a pounding…"

"If anything, they should thank me," she retorted with a small smirking grin, shocking her. However, she didn't elaborate as they continued on in silence towards the Great Hall. However, Astoria knew she didn't need to give a reason, she knew why. This girl obviously knew a dangerous person when she saw one, and she had to wonder what Chachazero or worse, Eva would do to them if they hurt her, and it made her shiver in reverence to their combined might, and not even slightly evil (but still cute) ways.

"Rikka Takanashi…!" They were both caught off guard by the voice calling across the Entrance Hall. It was Hermione Granger and she was glaring at Astoria in loathing, but what was knew, only – well Rikka, if that was her name, wasn't as of late. "What are you doing walking around with her? It's bad enough that Ginny hangs around with her and McDowell, but you too!"

"We were both heading in the same direction," she answered with a chilled expression that Hermione didn't seem to notice. Astoria knew that Granger would stay clear of this girl if she knew what she was capable of, and that was without magic, and would realise that her look that half-heartedly threatened pain might not be half-hearted, or an empty threat one day.

"Hey, there, Tori...!" They were interrupted again, by Eva as she was with Ginny and Luna with Chachazero sitting on Luna's shoulder smiling in happiness, and didn't have an evil glint in her eyes as she looked at Hermione, which reminded Astoria of certain, not evil pranks pulled on the busybody Gryffindor bookworm. "We collected Luna… this will be our last weekend before we get to go home for Christmas, so we should make it last."

Astoria grimaced at the mention of home. She wouldn't have any super-powered witches to protect her there, not even her parents, no matter how much they (her mother) might want to protect her.

"Oh, hey, it's Rikka!" Eva finished off, as she was not worried about anything right then. She had plenty of schemes in the works anyway for dealing with helping out her best girlfriends.

Rikka looked to her in mild surprise as she gave a short nod and a small smile. "I'm surprised you know my name."

Eva shrugged while grinning. "Hey, what can I say…? I think I like you. I haven't decided yet," she said shrugging as Rikka walked away with a small wave of her left hand but without another word, and headed into the Great Hall. "Well, that's a shame; I was going to ask her to join us for dinner…" she commented, pouting.

"Well, she's a Gryffindor; she has some self-respect unlike Weasley!" Hermione interrupted glaring at Ginny as she stormed off into the dining hall with her nose stiffly in the air.

"I really don't get her," Ginny commented with a sigh. "I mean, seriously… without… well, Harry she doesn't hang around with Ron any more, and she doesn't like us any more because we think dementors are demonic monsters that need extermination, and because of crap she's read, probably crap Dumbledore wrote, thinks we're all going dark. She needs to slow down the reading and open her eyes to the real world or she'll never have any friends."

"Well, anyway, why were you with Rikka?" Eva asked as she turned to Astoria.

She looked nervous and ashamed before she spoke. "I got confronted by my sister and a whole gang of Slytherins. They want me to be Parkinson's minion just because of wealth and status. Rikka interrupted as she left the transfiguration classroom and beat this huge sixth year boy in one move without magic, and we just walked away."

"Wow, I really do like her," Eva said with a huge grin. "Let's go, girls," she said leading them into the Great Hall and straight down the centre of Gryffindor where Rikka sat at the very end by herself with room to spare.

Eva led her girls to the end and they sat down around her with Eva taking the seat right next to her with Ginny next to her and Astoria and Luna opposite. Rikka again didn't look up as she slowly and methodically ate her food while they dished out theirs.

They didn't talk to Rikka but didn't act like she wasn't there either. They didn't want to push but they didn't want to be rude either. She obviously had her own problems, which could account for how quiet and reserved she was. Therefore, they left her to eat but while talking they left their conversations open to her input.

"Do you realise that you're just angering people more sitting here?"

It was quite surprising that Rikka actually spoke after about ten minutes as she gestured to the Slytherins before the Gryffindors… well… Ronald's newly acquired gang of boys. How he convinced them to follow him was beyond anyone's comprehension. The other girls looked around to notice that Ronald and gang were glaring over at them, and Astoria commented that the other Slytherins that attacked her had turned up, minus one and were at their table glaring in the their direction too.

"Wow, we have some arch-enemies," Eva said in amusement high fiving Chachazero. "This is awesome… it makes things more interesting… right-?"

"Not really," Rikka shrugged thoughtfully. "They're not actually strong, talented, or smart arch-enemies, so how is that interesting!?"

Eva's shoulders sagged sadly. "Good point," she answered with a shrug. "Ah well… we just kick their butts and they'll leave us alone."

"They won't leave us alone," Astoria spoke up looking annoyed. "I have it worse… at least none of you will get attacked and then forced into being a minion over the holiday just because that bitch is rich. I've pushed my dislike too far for them to continue leaving me alone."

"Just buy out Nimbus and you'll own the Parkinson's," Rikka suddenly said shrugging in nonchalance, which shocked them all.

"The Parkinson's own Nimbus though," Astoria said with a sigh. "If my family was rich enough to buy them out, Parkinson would be grovelling at my feet and my sister wouldn't be such a bitch. She hates both Parkinson sisters as much as I do, but… ugh… it's a pureblood thing to her and them, and she was raised to be the proper little heir no matter that she hates it too."

"Actually, to buy out Nimbus would be relatively simple, and I could get it for chumps change," Eva said with a grin of pure demonic evilness. She giggled as she stood up and grabbed Chachazero while Chachazero grabbed her pie still eating it, and shot out of the hall like there was no tomorrow, and moving at speeds that seemed unreal.

It looked like even Rikka didn't have a clue what Eva meant. "B-but Nimbus is one of UK Britain's most wealthy companies," Astoria said looking baffled. "They make the Nimbus series, as well as Cleansweeps, Comets, and others. How could she get hold of the company? Even if she could afford it, the Parkinson's would never sell out."

"Have faith, Astoria," Ginny said smirking. "If she reckons she can, she can. You should know something though," she said leaning over while even Rikka leaned closer to hear. "Evangeline is a bitch who likes to take from the undeserving, and now she has a mission… she will crush the Parkinson's, and by the time she's finished with them they'll be begging their minions for hand outs…"

The Growth of the Fairytale

Growing Giant Fairytale announced this morning, it has bought out struggling broom manufacturer Arrow. However, many, us included thought that this was a ploy to shut them down and sell them off piece-by-piece, which would have put many people out of work, money in Fairytales pockets, and been a great shame to the people of the Magical UK, as it would mean the death of such an old company, as well as the loss of many jobs. It was in fact, the first company to start mass producing flying brooms.

However, a representative from Fairytale has officially stated that they are NOT closing down manufacturing of brooms or any part of Arrow. They we should all calm down and that no one shall lose their jobs.

Fairytale has officially stated that the name of Arrow will be continued; as they shall put out a new broom that Arrow couldn't afford to finish beforehand as a special tribute in time for Christmas with the name Arrow. The company name has now been officially change for a new and hopefully spectacular beginning, and has been announced as BRAND with the hope of bringing out a new racing broom in the near future.

We look forward to the release of the Arrow BRAND racing broom.

If not for Fairytale this company would have sunk and gone bankrupt within the year, and many people would have lost work. However, now Fairytale reports that they shall be increasing employment by an estimated three hundred percent. This will greatly help with unemployment and hopefully assist our economic growth.

It should be noted that the Fairytale Firefly bar, hotel, and restaurant in Diagon Alley shall be opening come 20th December, two days after school ends for the holidays, which will allow our children to attend and enjoy the grand opening too.

I'm sure you all remember the opening of the Firefly in Hogsmeade, formally the Hogshead Pub having been renovated beyond what we could have ever thought of or imagined. The whole building had been torn down and rebuilt three times its original size. It was a wonder to behold when we first stepped through her doors.

If the opening of the Diagon Alley branch can outdo that opening, I'm sure we'll all be surprised. It had done so well that its only competition, the Three Broomsticks was reportedly empty, and is now barely coping with a high loss of custom.

We have even come to speak to the bartender, and owner of the Leaky Cauldron, which will be Firefly, Diagon Alley's competition, and though he tried to hide it, we could tell he was nervous. He had even admitted that he was unsure whether his quaint little pub could hope to compete. We also feel bad that the Cauldron could potentially have to shut its doors, but we can also look hopeful, and into the future where Fairytale is leading us, and that maybe the new and strange isn't bad after all.

Fairytale has also opened a few smaller places in Diagon Alley such as a clothing store that sells everything from muggle fashions to wizard and witch fashions, called Strawberry Stripe. They have also opened a sweet store and even a large pet store where they have trained animal medi-witches/wizards (magi-vets) to treat injured or sick pets rather than such as what we might find usual to just hand over potions that could possibly do more harm than good.

It has been reported that many people in the Ministry of Magic are against anything to do with Fairytale, though we can only assume they are losing money somewhere. However, the thought that Albus Dumbledore, older brother to the former owner of the Hogshead, Alberforth Dumbledore had tried his hardest to get his younger brother not to sell his pub is confusing us.

Since then, Albus Dumbledore has attempted on a couple of occasions to revoke some of Fairytales licences for reasons we cannot see, but Fairytale lawyers outshone the supposedly great wizard at every turn. He had also quoted for this paper and our competition that he is against Fairytale changing so much of the traditional way the magical world had been. At first he had been OK with it, but when he realised how much Fairytale seemed to change he jumped sides and placed his support in the anti-Fairytale camp, which is losing, and support is firmly in Fairytales favour, especially with the vast majority of people its lower prices help out as believe it or not, but most mage are not ridiculously wealthy.

We should wonder why Albus Dumbledore doesn't want so much change as it is adding money to our economy and putting men and women who previously found finding work difficult in secure jobs with prospects of advancement. Then its products, some made and bought within the muggle world are allowing many families who struggle with simple things in pocket with cheaper and better quality wears.

Fairytale has been helping the Magical UK get out of the dumps we had been in and I personally wonder what else they might do for us as a nation that could grow and prosper. The thought of the wonders they could bring to our world and the jobs they could make is very refreshing from the fear and shame of not being able to afford simple things for your children that muggles could even while under the same equivalent in finances.

Remember to look out for the new Arrow broom, and hopefully we'll have pictures with broom stats and prices soon, along with order forms. I can personally see many people wanting to buy this new and iconic broom for their children or loved ones around the world as it could possibly be the last ever official Arrow broom.

Then just a note, BRAND has promised that the Arrow BRAND racing broom will be with 100% certainty one quarter the price of the CHEAPEST Nimbus broom, better quality than its best, faster with better breaking and control.

Report continues page 2…

Eva had a wicked grin as she read the front page of the Daily Prophet. It was because of the paper, now called the Fairytale Frontier that the Daily Prophet had no choice but to up their game and start reporting properly and fairly or they could be run into the ground. The ministry had no choice but to let the reporters and editors buy out the paper and report as they saw fit, so everything was looking up for that paper, and its staff.

She didn't care about the Prophet paper, and bought it just to compare between it and the Galaxy, but she was pleased they were upping their game and trying to compete. Its reporting had gotten much better, but they still fell short because of the way they used to obey the ministry, so wasn't quite as impartial as the Frontier.

"What the…?" Astoria asked in bafflement as she read her copy of the Prophet as she hadn't gotten a subscription to the Frontier yet, as she didn't want her house to 'kill' her over it. She was sitting at the Ravenclaw table with her friends, including Rikka as she had been dragged into their little gang against her will, but at least they kept Hermione's nagging and bigotry away from her, and though she knew about their room and hung out with them there to do homework or whatever, she stayed in her proper dorm to keep Hermione's nose out of their business too.

"Let me see that," she demanded, grabbing Luna's copy of the Fairytale Frontier newspaper and looked over the front-page article about Arrows purchase and BRAND brooms. "Damn, the Parkinson's must be wetting them-selves with panic that Arrow… I mean BRAND could compete with them. After all, BRAND is going to undercut Nimbus by a hell of a lot on their lowest priced broom, and if the broom is superior everyone would want it, but the Firebolt... if the Arrow BRAND outstrips it, the Arrow could replace the Firebolt for the rest of the Quidditch World Cup matches.

"If they could do that…?" she trailed off as she looked at Eva across the table where she sat with Ginny and Luna as she sat with Rikka the other side. "How…? We were talking about Nimbus last week and you just ran off with Chacha," she said gesturing the doll munching her breakfast while sitting on the table looking adorable. "T-then suddenly Fairytale decides to get into the broom making business and buys out such an iconic broom manufacture, and though they changed the name, named a quidditch class-broom after Arrow, and..."

Eva just shrugged in amusement. "What can I say?" she asked rhetorically. "Maybe I know some people here and there-," she tried blagging but it didn't seem any of the girls took her seriously.

"Her family owns Fairytale," Rikka announced nonchalant while shrugging as Eva glared at her.

It was pretty obvious to figure that out if you took into context that Fairytale were willing to run a huge lose just to destroy Nimbus for Eva's friend Astoria. It also begged the question of how rich and powerful Fairytale could actually become, and whether they saw running at a loss as much bother when they could take out Nimbus and then start balancing out a prophet with new brooms in the future, especially since the Arrow BRAND was already finished.

Astoria could only stare at Eva with her mouth hanging open. "Y-you did this for me?" she asked in a whisper looking around to make sure no one was listening, which they weren't as both Ravenclaw House and Hufflepuff House would leave them alone, which was why they now spent their meal times at those two tables.

Eva shrugged with a smile. "Sure… you're my friend and I don't like Parkinson trying to hurt you. She doesn't have friends like us, which is her loss and why she and people like her are so easily defeated."

"T-thank you," she replied blushing while Eva just smiled and reached over the table and held her hands and giving them a squeeze.

"Hey, that's what friends do for each other," she replied smirking. "It also brings lots of jobs for loads of people in need of work, especially for muggle-born's as all of these old companies choose pure-bloods first even if the muggle-born is more qualified. It's a racist world out in the magi-employment field, so we're evening things out I guess, and it is a part of our employment contracts to abide by an equality clause."

Astoria looked down at their clasped hands, as she felt bad for the first time in her life for muggle-born's She hadn't thought that even the so-called light treated them as lesser mage, even if their grades said they were not. Then looking to the paper, even the 'great' Albus Dumbledore seemed to want to keep things that way.

"Hey, don't be so grumpy girl and look to the Slytherins," Ginny interrupted the depressing mood with a grin as they looked over to see the Parkinson sisters with their copies of the Prophet looking freaked out. "It looks like Parkinson A and B aren't too happy to learn they have competition here in the UK, and they may be arrogant, but they are smart enough to realise that Nimbus is under attack by Fairytale. You would think that they hadn't heard of all the other broom companies on the planet, or something…"

"Actually, the UK Ministries import taxes are a crime," Eva said smilingly. "That's why all of the imported brooms are so expensive, which is money in the Parkinson's pocket as they can keep their prices high as long as they were in line with the foreign brooms, and cheaper, if only slightly, but now with the BRAND in the UK they will lose money. But enough about business, let's go, we probably have some packing to finish."

"Okay," Luna agreed nodding with a smile. "It's best to get it finished before the morning," she said with a wide smile.

"Yeah, you're right, Luna," Ginny said with a smile as she picked up Chachazero and plopped the little doll onto her shoulder with a cookie she had been enjoying half eaten as they all walked together exiting the hall before they split up to go their separate ways.

"We're being followed," Chachazero said after a few moments of walking having finished her cookie after Ginny and Rikka had split from the others to head to Gryffindor, Astoria going with Eva as the Hufflepuffs would let Astoria in their tower, so she could get to the room that way to protect her from the other Slytherins. It was surprising that the Hufflepuffs didn't question it but accepted that one of their own was being loyal beyond them, and that made them more accepting to make friends outside of the house.

"I know," both Ginny and Rikka replied together.

"It seems they've chosen us first," Rikka said with a tired sigh. "After all, to the Gryffindor fools we are traitors, and to Slytherins we are just the enemy."

"My brother can be a little… well a lot blind," Ginny said rolling her eyes. "And then the Slytherins… I don't know what they want. So… you want to run or fight?"

Rikka stopped causing Ginny to stop with her. "I will not back down. I had never thought I would find ... friends who think like me, or any friends, especially those that have skills like mine, even if they are a little different too, and well... I will not run away, even though we could flee now and they would stand little chance of keeping up, let alone catching us."

"I guess we kick their asses then!" Ginny replied with a smile at her new friend while she returned a smile and a certain nod.

"Yeah, let's cut 'em!" Chachazero chimed out happily with her hunting knives out as the two groups staring Gryffindors and Slytherins burst out from around two different corners, and neither side seemed surprised to see the other, so it was certainly a joint Gryffindor, Slytherin attack, even though they hated each other, they hated mud-bloods, and real blood traitors even more, even if some were muggle-born's, they were foolish and didn't understand the stance they were really behind.

"Let's," Ginny agreed with the doll for once as her wand span into her hand. "Ronald, hanging with all of these Slytherins, I am surprised and appalled with you!" she said with a smirk as her wand twirled around her right fingers as if it belonged through them.

"Ginny, you'll stop hanging around that Slytherin or I'll…!"

"Shut up, Weasley," Draco Malfoy interrupted. "We're sick and tired of Astoria Greengrass thinking that she's better than us!" he added in his two knutts. "Then she hangs around with poor blood traitors and mud-bloods, and that bitch blonde Hufflepuff!"

"Who you calling poor; mo'fo...!" They were interrupted by Eva from behind them. "Hmm… four against thirty three, seems like the odds are in our favour!"

They looked to her in shock to see she was holding two huge, limp, and unconscious seventh year Slytherin boys by the scruffs of their uniforms before dropping them to the floor at her feet. She had a huge grin on her lips baring her teeth, which caused them to grimace and take shuddering steps back, subconsciously they were all afraid, not because the girls were particularly intimidating, but because they showed no sign of fear.

"T-there are only t-three of you," Pansy Parkinson stuttered out in worry.

"I count you know, stupid head!" Chachazero called out in anger. "If you have a problem I'll cut ya!" she hissed out swinging her knives with a huge manic grin on her lips and they took a few more steps back as realisation dawned. The girls weren't afraid because they were planning on using extreme violence, and taking them out painfully, maybe even with deathly force.

"You have made a grave mistake this day," Rikka hissed out with her one eye practically alight with strength and anger. She moved around into a crouched martial arts stance without thought. They could see they were all starting to worry a little more, as they couldn't imagine others standing to fight like them, as if their greater numbers didn't actually matter to them.

"Who do you think you are mud-blood!?" a huge set Slytherin demanded only to have Rikka attack. She moved in and grabbed him by his hair, smashing her knee into his face and breaking his nose, spilling blood and causing him to girly-scream as he flew back and dropped to the ground.

Eva slid in from behind, her right fist causing an older Slytherin to squeal in agony as it crushed his spine from behind. She then attacked the next while Ginny was trouncing all of the younger attackers with binding magic.

"Mind if I have some fun?" asked a girl as she grabbed two Slytherin boys by the face and shattered their faces into the wall. "The name is Kan'u," the purple haired girl said while Slytherins all around stared at her in horror. She looked mildly amused as they stared at her. She was wearing a Slytherin tie, but that was the only indicator that she wore to say what house she was in.

"It's the devil mud-blood!" one Slytherin boy squealed in horror while others turned to her while a baffled looking Hufflepuff girl peaked around her before smiling.

"Hi, I'm Hakufu!" the brown haired girl said with a grin as she dodged a spell without even seeming to notice. "And this is my good friend Kan'u. I wanted to see whether my silly cousin was about. He's in Gryffindor too don't you know!"


They all stopped, and some were thankful, before the fight went much further, and with Kan'u, the attackers might have spent the month in the hospital wing. But at least Ginny got Ron as he screamed bloody hate and murder at her on the floor bound by her power, and silk strings that actually cut into him, making him bleed. Chachazero had only managed to beat up Malfoy as he lay on the ground crying as she stood on his chest having cut up his face with her knives.

McGonagall had shown up to interrupt, looking enraged as she headed over, plucked up the doll, and threw her at Eva, Eva catching her, her knives now gone. "I couldn't help but overhear your conversation, Weasley," she said in anger as she surprisingly looked down at Ronald.

"Then I followed you all, to try stopping you to see you teaming up with Malfoy and gang," she continued her rage bubbling higher. "Then, to make me wonder whether you're all a bunch of pacifist pixies you're getting defeated, and two of them weren't even using magic, a fourth and fifth comes a long, and again, no magic, and the sixth is a TOY!" she hissed out making them flinch. "You will all be having a week's detention as soon as the new term starts. If you even think about attacking fellow students again I will make you rue the day!"

She then let her eyes scan the attackers. "You best take your injured to the infirmary and I'll be sending letters home about this to your families, now get out of my sight… no… Miss. McDowell, not you or the 'others', or the doll," she added as they watched the bad guys leaving with their tails between their legs, and helping their injured to the medical wing.

"Miss. McDowell, exactly where did you get that doll?" she asked looking at it as it made raspberries in the direction that the Slytherins and Gryffindors went.

"She's a family heirloom," she replied having already thought this question out, just in case. "She's been in the family for generations. She's my guardian and protector."

"I see," she replied with a nod as she calmed down as she has heard about all sorts of guardians created to protect people before so the doll wasn't too odd. She took a deep breath while sighing. "OK, you should all get back to your dorms, but rest assured that Professor Dumbledore will most likely try something to keep the peace as you may know some of them Slytherins are wealthy pure-bloods, and…"

"We understand, Professor," Eva said with a soft smile. "However, you shouldn't worry. I have our backs, and trust me-."

"I am also in a position where pureblood threats of wealth cannot threaten me," Rikka interrupted. "They all seem to think that pure-bloods are the only people with money!"

McGonagall could only look at her in surprise, as she hadn't met a muggle-born who was rich enough to fight a pureblood at their level before.

"Miss. Eva, could you please lead, Hakufu back to Hufflepuff safely?" Kan'u asked quickly and got a nod as Eva took the smiling girls hand. "I hope to fight you someday soon as it becomes obvious that not everyone at this school is weak."

"It will be awesome!" she agreed, leading Hakufu away while she happily waved buy to everyone, and left with the other splitting off back to their dorms leaving McGonagall feeling confused and lost.

Lupin wouldn't say she felt uncomfortable as her new self, but she would say she had gotten used to all of it. It was odd and annoying, and her 'brother-in-law' was being a complete pain. Though, physically she did feel pretty good, no, better than good in fact. She felt great. She was petite with silvery coloured hair cut short to her shoulder blades and tied back at the crown of her head. She looked around thirty years old, and had dark silvery coloured eyes, and wore a neat robe set.

Her name was Ellie Cain, and she had just tried to be awarded the Defence against the Dark Arts after the previous teacher quit. She hadn't been allowed to take the job after Christmas even though Remus Lupin wasn't around, and Dumbledore foolishly dropped the class for the rest of the year, even though some students needed it, and this year gave it to Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody, but because of her 'qualifications' she managed to take the Ancient Runes job after the teacher had retired.

She had just arrived home at the top floor penthouse apartment in London she was staying at with her idiot brother-in-law and her niece, Evangeline and dropped onto the couch opposite the TV.

"Where's, Eva?" she demanded as her brother-in-law, Nathan was watching mid-afternoon cartoons.

He shrugged his shoulders. "She was with that Astoria girl she brought home, and I guess they're in her room, doing whatever it is they do, like plotting world conquest or something," he suggested, unconcerned.

Meanwhile, in Eva's huge suite Astoria was stifling her giggles as her older sister was chained to the huge four-post bed with handcuffs. Daphne looked up at her two capturers with angry tears in her silvery eyes while Eva was cuddled up to the incapacitated girl. She was wearing some white short shorts and a tight white tee shirt. Daphne was only in her underwear as they had stolen her robe and that was all she had been wearing, and Eva wasn't against squeezing the 'older' girls bra contained breasts to amuse herself and Astoria as the younger sister had been giggling and daring her.

"But pretty, Daphne...!" Eva complained, stroking her long, loose pale blonde hair, and nibbling her ear for effect, which sent a pleasant shiver running down Daphne's spine. "I got everyone some wonderful tickets to the Quidditch World Cup Finals; you too of course!" she said, grinning, and laughing.

"Never!" she declared stubbornly when the bathroom door opened and Ginevra Weasley exited with Tracey Davis. They were both sporting fluffy white bathrobes tied with fluffy white belts to cover their goodies, and fluffy white towels twisted over their hair to keep it from dripping all over the fluffy cream coloured carpet; fluffy stuff was really comfortable.

"See, I told you power showers are freaking awesomeness personified!" Ginny said as she closed the door to the huge bathroom that contained a huge wet room with power showers and a giant sized hot tub Jacuzzi that put the one they had at Hogwarts to shame. She had no choice but to eagerly demonstrate to the girl the wonders of muggle living.

"Oh, Daph, hasn't she broken you yet?" Tracey asked as she looked down at her friend still chained to the bed. "Well, anyway, you should try those muggle showers, and smell me!" she declared going over to her friend and making her smell her. "Its strawberry shampoo, doesn't it smell nice?" she asked quickly.

"No!" Daphne said, glaring at her. She was blatantly lying as she hadn't smelt magical world products that could smell of a fruit without smelling sickly sweat and sugary too. "What is wrong with you, Tracey!?"

She shrugged her shoulders. "Umm... well, I don't want to be a freaking minion to Parkinson any more, Daph, and neither do you! Look around you, girl, Eva's freaking wealthy and isn't a bitch! This apartment is much nicer than Parkinson's manor house too!"

"Don't be stupid!" Daphne retorted while pretending Eva wasn't stroking her fingers over her chest the way she was. "If dad finds out that I'm ruining any opportunity to advance the family, especially with a wealthy family like them, or the Malfoy's he'll disown me!"

"I just think my big sister is kinky!" Astoria piped in, smirking as Daphne's cheeks lit up. "She likes being tied up at Evie's mercy...!" she said playfully while the other girls snickered.

"Do not!" she retorted.

"Anyway, the Parkinson's are going broke after the year they've had!" Astoria replied, shrugging, and looked amused. "BRAND are destroying them, and they gave the whole school Arrow BRAND brooms, so how cool is that? Especially after what Parkinson tried, to promote Nimbus," she said as they thought back to that day just after Christmas, but a certain year six Slytherin had given Eva the 'heads up', so she had plenty of time to counter; it was just lucky and amusing that Pansy didn't know how to keep her mouth shut.

The whole school was sitting down; settling down at the house tables in the Great Hall a week after the new term began after a wonderful Christmas where Astoria got to stay with Eva to keep her from Parkinson's, and it only needed a little blackmail to get her father to agree to let her stay and her mother was all for it.

It was a Saturday, so the student body were in high spirits, as magic was awesome, teachers teaching it sucked. It was midday so lunch was served when a very thin man wearing expensive silk robes turned up with a wide grin on his face with seven boxes floating in front of him.

The boxes were long and thin, and landed on the Slytherin House table while he announced proudly that, "Nimbus makes a generous gift to Slytherin House," while winking at his daughter, Pansy while several reporters followed him, snapping pictures.

However, Mr. Parkinson wondered what was going on when the reporters turned from him and started snapping pictures of four men in pastel blue robes when they entered the hall after him. Each man came with a huge crate stacked with brooms, and a fifth man wearing a Fairytale BRAND logoed pastel blue robe like the other four men stepped forward.

On top of the each crate, stacked with the brooms were nine elegant cases, all of which were stained wood. The BRAND representative floated nine stained blue to the Ravenclaw table, nine, stained yellow to the Hufflepuffs, nine stained scarlet to the Gryffindors, and nine stained emerald to the Slytherins, obscuring the Nimbus 2002's from sight.

"Whoa!" Fred or George Weasley cried out in awe. "Arrow BRAND racing brooms!" he declared as he opened a case to show everyone what was inside the elegant and branded Arrow BRAND case to show everyone a red stained racing broom with sleek varnished wood. "And they've even been coloured for our houses, and have house badges on them!"

The man grinned proudly as even the Slytherins were amazed. "BRAND as a promotional offering has chosen to relinquish some gifts upon, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!" he declared while Mr. Parkinson fumed with his daughters. "We give to each house quidditch team, nine unique special edition versions of the Arrow BRAND racing broom, competition standard. These brooms are going to be the standard in the coming quarter finals of the Quidditch World Cup through to the finals."

The hall suddenly roared out in applause and approval. He waited for the noise to settle down before he continued. "Also, it had come to our attention that the rest of the school brooms are past due being replaced, so we have made some modifications to a standard broom design we had before we became BRAND, and this is our latest broom line as a standard for the average flying enthusiast, so we're giving the school two hundred, Solar BRAND brooms," he said to more applause as he pulled one from a crate for everyone to admire the sleek new designs.

Nobody really paid attention to Mr. Parkinson as he took his 'gifts' and left in a hurry, but it would be reported in the paper, not only the selfish act by Nimbus to increase the Slytherin teams chances (for his daughters house) of winning, but also trying to use that to get good press for a broom that was now twice as expensive as the Arrow, and not as good.

Nimbus even offered larger discounts for Firebolts to continue using them for the Quidditch World Cup, but Fairytale had already started a sponsorship deal with the World Cup where BRAND brooms would be a World Cup Sponsor, and offered the teams the one time deal of free brooms until they were out of the competition.

Fairytale itself had to find a quidditch team with really weak sponsors that they wanted or needed to drop because they were costing them. It was just by fluke that the Canadian team was still in the tournament, and those annoying Bulgarians had just about knocked out England, and Wales, (only because of their seeker getting the snitch and barely ending the games in the lead on points), Scotland and Ireland were still in but Scotland wouldn't drop Nimbus as their sponsor, even if they had to ride a BRAND broom.

Ireland's sponsor was from their land, so they respectfully wished to keep them. The USA had also been knocked out thanks to Ireland, and it would have been unlikely that they would have dumped their sponsors, so Fairytale offered Canada a deal. They got a new coach and manager, and several new and extra players with the larger budget, even though the players weren't too expensive to higher their previous manager was an idiot, and didn't have nearly enough players to make competent substitutions when the need arose since the match could go on for hours to days.

"Okay, so the look on Pansy's face was priceless!" Daphne agreed with a sigh, which brought them all out of their memories. "But you don't understand. I have responsibilities as the heir to the Greengrass bloodline, and our businesses and everything. And if that means kissing arse, apparently that's what I have to do!"

Eva giggled as she sat up and turned away, wiggling her butt in Daphne's embarrassed face. "Pucker up then baby!" she said, which caused the others to burst out laughing.

"Umm... Daphne, I thought you were cleverer than that!" Astoria complained slowly. "Eva is crushing Nimbus into the ground, and she's doing it for me!" she said while Daphne's eyes had widened and Eva sat down next to her, on a pillow, poking her nose. "Who do you think owns Fairytale?" she asked while Daphne paled looking up at the beautiful blonde girl with wide eyes.

"Yep, I'm awesomeness personified!" Eva said when the bedroom door burst open and Luna entered, smiling brightly, fully mugglised and dragging Rikka in with her.

"I've got her!" Luna said proudly. "Her big sister was happy to help me take her. She apparently needs to get out more! Are Hakufu and Kan'u coming?" she asked.

Eva frowned. "Yeah, but Kan'u said they have their own tickets and that I kept avoiding our 'battle' or something while I was avoiding her punches and kicks, running away so they wouldn't join us while the airhead was trying to get her to play nice! And Hakufu said, 'see you guys at the game thingy'!"

"Oh, but that was avoiding battle!" Luna agreed with a nod while smiling as Hakufu was too amusing in an adorably airheaded way.

She shrugged, smiling. "I did kidnap Daphne though, and now she's my toy!" she laughed evilly.


Most of them were startled as the little green haired doll poked her head out from behind Rikka's hair where she had been hiding.

"Yay Master, you kidnapped someone!" she said in joy before flying over to land on Daphne's tummy, which caused her to squirm and hold back from giggling. "What are we going to do with our victim now Master?" she asked, using the girls' chest as a seat. "Shall we try to turn her... umm... 'not' evil?" she suggested 'reasonably', and even used her tiny fingers to make air quotes around the word not before she said evil.

Eva rolled her eyes. "I think we've finished with her, you may let her go!" she said with a shrug and the doll pouted with a sigh before Daphne squealed in horror as a huge black sword swished out and sliced through her cuffs around her ankles and wrists.

"I meant with the key!" Eva corrected wiggling the key in the sheepish dolls face before plucking her up with her sword gone and placing her in Astoria's arms for safe keeping, and she didn't struggle.

"Don't worry, Daph, she is amazingly good with blades!" she said with a sheepish grin. "Why don't you and Astoria use the bathroom, and you can clean up!" she said shooing the sisters away, but Astoria was eager to drag her sister into the bathroom, closing and locking the door after them for some privacy.


They were startled as Nathan knocked on the door as it wouldn't open for any male, full-stop, or any female over the age of twenty five.

"The solicitors here!" he quickly said before they heard him mumble something and walk away.

Eva pulled the door open to see a well developed black woman. She wasn't old, in her thirties, and very pretty with smooth black hair to her shoulders, and cool dark eyes that scanned all of the girls in the room. She placed on a fake smile as if she was humouring them or something.

"Miss. Stanmore...?" Eva asked, even though she knew who she was.

"Yes," she agreed with a tight lipped smile with a smooth Southern UK accent. "I was under the impression that I would be working for the Potter Foundation, not babysitting some little girls!" she said rather rudely and her large chest bounced in her thin silk robe as she stuck her nose up in the air.

"Wow, this lady has game talking to you like that Master!" Chachazero commented from where Astoria must have left her on the side by some large cookies where she had taken to snacking on one, as Chachazero had a weakness for sweets. "If you wait a moment Master, I'll finish my cookie and cut her for you!" she said, munching away.

"No thank you Chacha!" she replied with a smile while the woman had paled as she looked at the doll, and being a muggle-born woman knew of certain movies where animated dolls were 'evil'. "I assure you, Miss. Stanmore, I am the CEO and founder of Fairytale, and that my company has secured its place at the head of the Potter Foundation, which is why you are here, as we have to deal with some problems that would, say damn Dumbledore to hell, and a vast many more people too. Severus Snape, doc-I mean medi-witch's and wizards, healers, politicians, and many people in the muggle world, teachers, etc., and even people like Lucius Malfoy can't be let off the hook this time."

"Sue him, for custody of his daughter!" Tracey said, snickering while the other girls were surprised as they didn't know he had a daughter. "She'll be a first year this year!" she said as she realised no one knew about her except her, so it had never came up, or Astoria would have told them.

"I see!" Miss. Stanmore said walking into the room while Eva closed the door. "This is above board. I expected your father too... but no, he had the money, and you, so young but, but you have the drive and vision to fuck over the moronic magical world."

"I like you lady, you wear tight clothes over those huge boobs, and you see the idiots the right way!" Eva commented with a shrug as she hopped up to sit on her bed. "The Potter Foundation was created around the same time as Fairytale. The goblins chose to trust the Foundation to me, so I want to do this right. I want criminal charges brought up on everyone who had a part in harming Harry Potter, and I want them destroyed!

"Then I managed to get a stay of execution for a hippogriff," she said as she handed her folders she had been holding, involving Harry Potter. "Draco Malfoy got into a truffle with it while he refused to listen to the new Care of Magical Creatures teacher and mocked and insulted the creature. I should know, I have eyewitness testimony myself, but only Slytherins became eyewitnesses to the 'incident'.

"Malfoy was injured and the creature was almost executed. If I hadn't used Fairytales growing influence the creature would have been destroyed for barely grazing the moron and the teacher managed to do that much at the risk of his own life and safety, but it seems the creature was well trained. Harry was a close friend to this teacher, and though Mr. Hagrid didn't save him either, he had been held back by a lot..." Eva finished offering a new, much smaller file and gestured for her to skim through it.

Miss. Stanmore looked through it with growing unease. "This is wrong, illegal," she said in worry. "He was accused of opening the Chamber of Secrets, and expelled for it for petrifying students and killing another. Yet he never went to trial, or Azkaban. He was expelled and then given a job at the school shortly after. He was caught by a head boy with a large spider. I may not have been the best at the subject but spiders can't petrify, no species can... this head boy?"

"Tom Marvolo Riddle!" Ginny interrupted hatefully as she spun her wand since the wards shielded from the outside. She wrote the name in fire and swished her wand. They formed new words that made the lawyer gasp and wince. 'I am Lord Voldemort' faded slowly in the air.

"Oh, my...!" Miss. Stanmore muttered, quivering as she scanned through the files to see the evidence that Tom Riddle had framed Hagrid, and the magical world hadn't even asked for any kind of proof. It had been a desperate attempt on Riddle's part but the magical people had been too stupid to look for, or want proof, even Dumbledore. They just cared that everything had stopped, and that the 'criminal' had been captured and 'punished'.

"I can make you a very wealthy and infamous lawyer in the magical world," Eva said as the woman flopped down to sit on the bed next to her, not noticing that Eva was groping her boobs with a crazed grin on her lips. "These people must be put in their place," she said with a cute smile, cuddling the dark skinned woman. "This world should have justice. People think it is there until one day they have lost everything while they had been the pinnacle of kindness, and the villains have their pockets stuffed with gold."

"Ashier!" she said, offering her first name. "Please, it will be a pleasure to work for you, Miss. McDowell."

"Eva!" she replied, smiling when the woman blushed as she realised how comfortable Eva was being with her and gulped. "Sorry, I just had to have a feel. Hakufu didn't mind, but then she is only a few years older than me, and dense," she said, giggling with her friends, minus Rikka as she rolled her eyes, but smiled as it was kind of amusing.

"So how are we going to steal umm...? What is the Malfoy girls' name?" Ginny asked with a wicked grin.

"Bianca!" Tracey answered with a grin.

"I like that name!" Eva said while giggling 'evilly'.

Bianca Malfoy struggled against the binds as the mud-bloods carried her away, and she was helpless as they mocked her, calling her escape attempts adorable or cute. She didn't want to be known as the cute kidnap victim: she was a handsome young woman after all. No one was supposed to even know about her, but she bet that her foolish 'big' brother couldn't keep his stupid mouth shut like a normal human being!

The quidditch world cup had been fun until the mud-blood girls kidnapped her. It was her big reveal, yay; the Malfoy's had a daughter to share her pureblood awesomeness with the world and all that boring stuff. Then she had been watching from around a tree near Draco while her father put the fear of pure-bloods into a muggle family, and then, boom, Draco got the ten barrels of crap beat out of him when he dissed one of the girls, and she had been kidnapped.

"Hey!" the lead mud-blood girl called out. They were all dressed like ninja in different colours, to at least look good and different. She was dressed in a white that somehow managed to not be bright. They had taken her out to where the honest and good pure-bloods were juggling a muggle family in the air with two little children to make them see who was better.

The pure-blooded Death Eaters were in black robes wearing different masks made of different materials. They turned as they were surprised to see a bunch of weirdly dressed girls wearing oni (devil) masks. The girl in white was wearing a white oni mask with fanged mouth and cold yellow eyes with long red tongue.

"Lucius Malfoy!" she called out and Bianca gulped as she realised they knew her good and honest pureblood father was a Death Eater. "We have your little girl!" she said, amused by the whole game they seemed to be playing as Bianca was brought forward by Red and Green, pushed to her knees with her ankles bound in shackles, and her wrists behind her back.

"Bianca!" one of the men muttered from under his mask while aurors who had been present stared at the scene in confusion (the oblivious), rage and horror (the traitorous Death Eaters, wannabes, and purists), or glee and humour (the good guys who wanted to kick ass), and then there were some who sucked old man cock, but no one cared about their opinions.

White continued, "if you do not put the nice family down, now, I'm going to pull her fingers off, one by one," she said laughing as she could see the trepidation on their eyes through their masks.

"You haven't the guts!" one man hissed out and Bianca knew it was her own father. She wondered whether he would give in to protect her previous pureblood fingers.

She pointed her wand at Bianca. The eleven year old girl fell under a magical grip, dropping from Red and Greens hold, to her face with her butt in the air. She was only wearing her PJ's, and how embarrassing that they had little ducks on them and were from the muggle world section at the clothing store as she loathed to admit it but muggles made nicer clothes.

Bianca cried in terror and pain as suddenly one of her fingers was torn free from her hand, spurting her pureblood, and she started balling her little pureblood eyes out, but the Death Eaters didn't believe she was bluffing any more as Bianca whimpered and cried.

"W-who are you!?" Lucius demanded as he tore off his mask, showing all of the aurors present that he was not the 'good' man he had 'pretended' to be.

"We are!" the one in black stepped forward. "The Awesome Ninja Oni Witch Squad!" she declared gleefully.

"O-kay...!" Lucius said while assessing that yes, they were more bat-shit crazy than he thought they were, which was of course the impression they wanted to give. "I-I'll do anything, j-just let my daughter go!"

The white Awesome Ninja Oni Witch girl stepped forward and threw a rolled up scroll at him. "First, sign and return, second, lower the nice people and go to jail!" she said, smugly, and Bianca could stifle her tears a little as her father would save her and he could get cool pure-bloods to reattach her finger easily.

He shakily signed without much thought, not even reading it before throwing it back. Bianca was rightfully concerned with that kind of behaviour and hoped that the contract wasn't too bad as she didn't want to be poor or worse, become a mud-bloods wife.

Lucius then got the other Death Eaters to lower the muggles and then they fled leaving Lucius to be jumped by aurors a moment later and he was arrested. He turned to see his baby girl. He was looking confused and her finger was where it was supposed to be.

"I-it was all a trick!" Lucius roared out angrily.

"Sorry Daddy!" she said with a sheepish smile as she was released from her cuffs, "but filthy mud-bloods or not, they're really fun, and made me an offer I couldn't refuse!" she said with a shrug and flick of her long blonde hair with sparkling pale silver eyes. "You always taught me to side with the winner, and I have, and you just haven't seen that a new champion has come knocking yet!" she said with a small smile. "It's also nice not having to be all cold and somewhat evil all the time; it's way too much work!" she said taking Blue's hand.

"Oh, and thanks for signing her custody over to me, much appreciated," White said when they were about to leave they got accosted by an optically ugly looking auror. "Hey, you happen to be in my way, so you have five seconds to rethink this!"

"You little bitches are under arrest!" he said smugly, drawing his wand, Purple moved, and slid her hands forward, and snap, snap, his wand and hand were shattered. Her left knee shot up, crashing into his gut and he dropped to the ground with a scream before her right fist connected with his face and he went down and out all in a fluid movement that only two other girls saw properly, and that was White and Red.

Bianca stared in awe before she turned back to look at her father. He had wide eyes and a slack jaw. She smirked. It may have been a rash choice, and probably because she saw the girl in the tight white leather deck her annoying older brother, but she was always a good judge of character. It looked like she made the correct choice to ally herself with real strength, and it was nice that they were girls too.

Amelia Bones, head of the Magical Law Enforcement Department watched the girls leave while Lucius Malfoy had been taken away. She had wondered what they would have done if their trick hadn't worked, or Malfoy let them 'torture' his daughter. Then she saw one of the girls, not even the leader, beat up one of her aurors as if that was child's play, and seeing she was just a child, she supposed it was.

"Who are those girls?" she asked the auror next to her.

"Umm... I don't know," she replied. She was a slender young woman with vibrant purple hair and green eyes. "But they were pretty awesome," she commented.

"I want to know who they are!" she demanded looking to the younger woman. "Auror Tonks that was an order!" she said and the young woman quickly rushed off after them while changing her age into a girl in her mid-teens at fifteen. She used her wand to adjust her clothes to size. She figured that she would have a better chance if she wasn't seen as an adult.

She ran around a thicket of trees and nearly lost her head as the girl in white flew at her at speed. She fell to the ground, and looked around as she heard a huge crash, and the blonde girls' right leg shattered into a thick tree trunk. She skipped back, just as the tree toppled over and crashed down to the floor below.

The girl had since removed her mask, and smiled at her, amused. Tonks gulped as that kick could have killed her. She went to speak when the girl moved in, fast and picked her up, flipping her over her left hip and she went flying with oomph. She looked up from where she lay with tears in her eyes, trying not to cry as she ached, and she was terrified.

Evangeline paused her assault on the shape-shifter. "That's it...? I've won...?" she asked, looking down at the girl. "You can make yourself stronger with your ability and this is all you do? That is simply pathetic!" she muttered as she moved forward and Tonks flinched but the girl just sat on her chest and poked her forehead. "You know, I've been looking through files on aurors, and yours came up very promising.

"Bottom of the class, barely graduated the Academy, but a metamorphmagus," she said with a wide grin, "and I realised that was why you graduated, even though you didn't deserve to. I figured that you pretended to be that pathetic, and then now, I had a moment of thought that you were that pathetic, but no, don't blame the student who has so much potential, blame the instructors who had no imagination.

"You aren't augmenting your strength or your senses," she said with a smile while Tonks could only stay still as she knew what this girl was capable of doing. "I think my lovely Dora that I can help you much more than being an auror ever could, and pay you more!"

"W-what do you mean?" she asked, stuttering slightly as she looked at the beautiful girl, illuminated like a fallen angel in the light of the moon high above.

Eva slid down her body to lie on top of her with a wicked grin as their faces were centimetres apart, and she moved closer so her lips were touching the aurors left ear. "I want to hire you as my personal protector, so when you're ready, after real training, you go where I go. It's only a matter of time before the magical world knows that I am Fairytale, and I already have some big enemies, and I'll help you make full use of your abilities in my service, but I want you to be mainly in this form!"

"You're offering me a job?" she asked in surprise while Eva sat up on her lap.

"Well yes, I don't need protection, but it will make my enemies feel better, thinking that I'm even a little afraid of them, and therefore they'll be less likely to try anything, and it places them off-balance," she agreed, grinning. "I'll get you some proper training, and with that, and my coaching, my Dora, I will turn you from a soft little auror, into a dangerous young lady who will have the words 'engage if you want to die' on every enemy's profile of you."

It was two days later and Tonks... nope, she would have to get used to being Dora as her new boss liked the name more. She had been ordered to leave her wand at home and that she was not allowed to mention magic, or use any while starting her training. She looked around in awe as she got off the normal muggle bus and walked over to the guard house at the entrance to the muggle military base.

There were a couple of chatty men that she met, and they let her walk by after showing them her papers, and she couldn't help but look around every which way at all of the muggle machines. She looked at her papers, and saw where she was supposed to be and went to knock-.

"Nymphadora Tonks!"

She was startled and turned to see an older woman; well she still looked fifteen so she would have expected that most people on site would look older than her. The woman looked around thirty with dark hair cut short and cool almost purple eyes and a grin that promised pain. She was dressed in green military muggle gear with the top few buttons open on her skirt to show some cleavage, and black boots on her feet.

"Y-yes," she agreed timidly as she wondered what she had gotten herself into when she agreed to take the new job. Fairytale was growing, and already powerful, and for once in her life she did something for herself, not because it was expected of her. She had always wanted to be an auror, but after accepting the job felt disillusioned as she saw the corruption she couldn't change, but Fairytale did what it wanted, and made peoples life happier, and looked after the world.

"That's yes, ma'am!"

"Y-yes, ma'am...!"

"Good, follow me!" she said leaving Dora to jog to keep up, while hauling her suitcase with her as she couldn't use a trunk as that was more cumbersome, and couldn't shrink it as she knew she was going to be staying with muggle women. "I am Lieutenant Melissa Mao," she said. "I am your instructor for the next three and a half months, and we're going to be great friends, I'm sure. You get up at five AM, and I want you showered and dressed by six, and fed by six thirty," she said leading her into some barracks that had several young women lounging around in their underwear until they saw her and scrambled over themselves or each other to stand to attention.

"That never gets old," she said, smirking.

"It's just you!" one of the women said with a sigh, she was only wearing her panties and had her large boobs on full and proud display with a tone figure. "We thought it was that bitch Major Stick-Up-Her-Arse!" she said, flopping down on her bunk. "Its freaking boiling in here, Lieutenant, can't you get us an AC unit?"

"I'm working on it lady's," she said, smirking as she turned to Dora. "These are the women's barracks, where we'll be staying with these fine young... I would say soldiers," she said with a sigh. "Lady's this is Nymphadora Tonks!"

A young woman with long black hair with the ends dyed blonde hoped up with a grin, eagerly shaking Dora's hand. "Nice to meet you Dora, we've been expecting you!" she said happily. She was only wearing green panties and a green sleeveless top, and was quite flat chested, but enthusiastic.

"Mimi!" the older girl without a top reprimanded as she pushed the girl out of the way, brushing back her long dirty blonde hair as sweat stuck it to her forehead. "I'm Connie!" she said, shaking Dora's hand while she blushed a little, but lack of clothes had likely gotten more common around the other girls as it was quite hot inside. "These two are Ellie and Sasha!" she said pointing to a brown haired girl and a brown skinned girl. They both had their hair short but not too short and tied into ponytails while only wearing their bras and panties.

"You can have the bed next to mine!" Mimi said, shoving the other girl away and pulling Dora to her bed, smiling.

"Well, since you're getting along so well, Mimi, you can take her to get her uniform," Melissa said. "Then show her around once she's properly dressed."

"Okay, ma'am!" she readily agreed, saluting. "I just have to put my clothes back on, first!"

Meanwhile, on-board the Hogwarts express, Bianca was happily seated with her new friends on the way to Hogwarts for her first ever year. Well she was curled up to Rikka's side, enjoying the way the older girls fingers felt stroking her hair absent-mindedly Oh yes, she never knew that she would like mud-bloods because her dad said they were weak and useless, but Rikka was anything but weak, and certainly not useless; she was awesome.

Chachazero was snacking as usual, and everything seemed awesome with the world, until 'he' ripped the door open glaring daggers at everyone. Draco Malfoy, Bianca's very annoying brother. They should have known that he would be bothering them eventually after they had all gotten Lucius thrown in jail and kidnapped his sister.

"Bianca you are coming with me, now-!" He cried out as Hakufu turned up and trampled him as she was dragging Kan'u with her, and he went bouncing along the corridor as if he was a paperweight.

"Here they are Kan'u!" Hakufu cheered, pointing in the open door before bouncing in and squeezing into a seat between Daphne and Astoria, and neither girl complained as they both thought the ridiculously strong girl was hilarious.

Kan'u sighed as she entered, and took the seat Luna offered before letting the blonde sit on her lap since she was older and a bit larger, wrapping her arms around the younger girls waist to get comfortable, and she sighed again as Luna used her chest to comfortably, and happily rest her head.

"Hakufu wanted to sit with you guys!" she explained why they were there before she seemed to double-take. "Was that that Malfoy idiot at the door?" she asked, and they nodded. "Why was he alone, he normally has his minions to back him up!?"

"Oh, they were expelled!" Eva said off-handily, which made the others stare at her. "Odd how no one noticed they were squibs when their fathers were big time racist D-bags!"

"Wait! They were squibs?" Daphne asked and Eva nodded.

"Well that explains a lot!" Kan'u said with a nod. "I never had seen them pull out wands, or do any magic, not even badly."

Bianca giggled. "My brother was angry that I like mud-bloods, and he was hanging around with squibs," she said, shaking her head. It was amusing how though she never really had anything against muggle-born's that she still used the term 'mud-blood', and somehow took away all of the power and hate the word was supposed to represent.

No one had a chance to reply as Hermione tore the door open, next. Well she didn't tear the door open, but pulled it open timidly. They all looked to her, and she looked nervous, and unsure. All of their eyes on her were scary as she knew they were some of the strongest mage at Hogwarts, and that the new breed of mystics was something else, out of her league.

"What's the matter, Hermione?" Ginny chose to ask as she was curious.

Hermione rubbed her hands together as she looked around quickly. "Its-its Dumbledore," she said quickly. "He wants me to make friends and watch you for him!" she said while no one showed a sign that they doubted her. "He wants me and Ron to come along and help him steer the trouble makers onto the right path!"

"So he wants us to be bullying twats!?" Eva asked while snorting in disgust. "I don't think so, Hermione, but why betray that moron anyway?"

"I-it was something he said..." she said timidly as she was opening up and most of the girls she didn't even know their names. "Before he left my house... he smiled and said good girl, someday you can marry Ronald and be a proper witch!" she cried out with tears in her eyes.

"I'll cut him Master!" Chachazero shrieked out and Hermione startled as she held a huge black sword in her tiny hands.

"Chacha...!" Eva reprimanded, "all in good time sweetie!"

"She could be lying!" Astoria suggested.

"Oh, she isn't lying. He said that, but she thought that would help her help him," Eva said, and Hermione gulped as the blonde girl stood, holding Chachazero back from slicing Hermione in two while still smiling. "Hermione if you don't follow me now, I won't stop her from taking you out when least you expect it!" she said leading the way from the compartment and to a bathroom a few carriages away. Hermione reluctantly entered with her, squeezing into the small space as the door was locked and sealed, then silenced.

Eva pushed Hermione into the wall. "It will come out soon but I own Fairytale," she said and Hermione's eyes widened in horror. "I have control over the Potter Foundation, and I have found out a lot of fucked up things about the incident! Dumped on a doorstep in winter in the middle of the night, after having been smashed in the face by Deaths own curse, and no medical attention-!"

"But Professor Dumbledore saw him, he would know-!"

"Yes, let's blow apart one of your legs shall we?" Eva asked, coldly pointing her wand at Hermione's right leg. "Then we'll see where you would rather go; hospital or Dumbledore's office?" she asked and Hermione paled as she thought about it; she would say hospital without a doubt. "He was hit by a curse that no magic could shield without physical presence, Hermione! Then he was dumped on a doorstep of strangers, who didn't want him, but he was forced upon them, and the old bastard never even had the decency to ask what they wanted!"

"But he was safe there-!" she defended.

"He's dead!" she spat out, shutting her up. "Harry Potter was the only friend you ever had. He loved you, and you spit on his grave! Because some bastard in authority says he tried his best, and made a mistake. He doesn't even bow down and beg anyone for forgiveness. He continues to say it was for the greater good Hermione. I have authority. I am Fairytale. One word, and I could collapse the magical UK's economy, but I don't let anger cloud my sensibilities. I don't let written words by morons cloud what is right.

"Why should I follow anyone based on past deeds? It is the here and now that proves who we are, because people change, they get old, and they lose touch with what is right. I don't control people. If I go wrong I want people, my friends who I love with all my heart to tell me to fuck off! I want them to set me straight, to tell me that I am wrong, and if they love me in return; I want to see them stop me by any means necessary!"

"But Dumbledore...!" Hermione spluttered out, unable to say much more. "He's a hero; he's a great man...-. He defeated Grindelwald, and stopped his advance across Europe, stopped him from attacking England."

Eva sighed in frustration. "Hundreds of thousands of muggle-born's died first throughout Europe first!" she answered, causing Hermione to break down, into tears. "Grindelwald is alive; the Goblins like my investment choices, and gave me a tip. Dumbledore was in love with Gellert Grindelwald, and if a fight hadn't broken out between him, Dumbledore and Alberforth Dumbledore, and as a result, Ariana Dumbledore hadn't died from the spell of one of them, Albus Dumbledore would have helped him conquer the world!"

"No," she whispered in despair.

"Alberforth Dumbledore owned the Hogshead pub. He now runs the Firefly in Hogsmeade Ask him yourself!" she answered before unlocking the door and stepping out, leaving Hermione to cry alone.