Harry was happy with his 2 younger sisters; his famous twin brother; his parents, & friends & family. After his 5th year & some business where Voldemort was finally revealed to the public. He & his family met on the Plat. 9 & 3/4's, & attacked by Death Eaters; his youngest sister was hit, which causes Harry to run away with a mission to train & avenge her, & return Justice!

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Harry Potter hadn't been having a too bad day. He had did this that and whatever as he made sure he had packed all of his things before going home for the summer holiday. He had just said good bye to his few friends, got some hugs from the girls and left to find his mum and dad.

Though, he could actually feel the fear in the air since everyone now knows the truth for certain; the Dark Lord Voldemort has actually returned. He had just finished his fifth year at school and other than the Voldemort thing, well, he feels good.

However, he quivered thinking back to how stupid his brother had been, running off to rescue their dad just because Voldemort manipulated that connection thing. If it weren't for Harry being the good and responsible big brother he could have gotten killed.

Chasing after Timothy 'Timmy' Potter and friends wasn't really on Harry's too do list but Tim really isn't very bright and the idiot is always getting himself into stupid and dangerous situations.

Harry didn't even get any recognition for his help at the Ministry, doing some rescuing, but he's never really cared about that. Sure, he sometimes feels hurt that his twin brother gets praised for doing stupid and dangerous things while he gets reprimanded.

It could be worse he supposes; at least his parents care about them both equally, but Tim being the Boy-Who-Lived is expected to be some great hero. Though, Harry and Tim get along OK, Tim has become quite the arrogant prick, and enough of a bully that they get into fights enough, Harry having to stop him bullying.

Tim doesn't seem to get that just because a Slytherin (normally a girl) from their year is alone doesn't mean she deserves to get hexed. Honestly, Harry doesn't like bullying at all, it just continues the cycle of idiocy. Anyway, there are a few Slytherin girls he fancies so he's happy to go to their rescue.

Harry also knows that if Tim tried harder he could get some better friends, not that Weasley fool. Ronald Weasley was almost always the instigator for bullying, and fair-weather. It just takes one bit of jealousy and Ronald runs of sulking.

He shook that off, looking to his parents as waited where his fourteen year old younger sister Laurel and his youngest sister, twelve year old, Artemis had beaten him to them. There are only four in total, Harry, Tim, Laurel (going with the flower theme of their mum, Lily's family), and Artemis, named after their grandma on their fathers side.

"Harry, Harry!" Artemis cheered waving and bobbing up and down, her short, yet long on top black hair waving in the wind, (she's quite the tomboy).

He laughed as she grabbed his hand to hold it. "Calm down Tinkerbell," he said, using his nickname for her because she's really small for her age.

However, she smiled brightly. "I was given homework, and because you're so smart I figured you can help me?!" she said, excited after finishing her first year at Hogwarts.

"Arts...!" Laurel complained all pristine and proper in her neat robes while Artemis's and Harry's are crumpled. She flicked her scarlet hair back; straightening one of the hair-clips holding it back that Harry got her for Christmas. He still hadn't figured out what to get her for her birthday next week she's so hard to buy for.

"Behave," she continued. "You're going to make our family look bad. We already have to worry with Timothy always rushing off to do something stupid without the talent or brains to do it. If it weren't for Harry all the time going after him he would be dead, or worse, now behave!"

Harry couldn't help but laugh, leaning over he caught her cheek in a kiss, laughing more while Artemis giggled as they watched Laurel's cheeks streak crimson.

"Harry...!" she reprimanded, but she didn't seem all that convincing as she sighed and gave in trying but failing not to pout.

"Don't be so stuffy sis," he replied, laughing as he offered his hand; she sighed and held on with a small smile.

"Well, at least you're a good big brother," she said, sighing with a huge exaggeration. "He would never hold our hands or hug us or give us a kiss on the cheek. Oh, talking about kisses, Ginny still fancies you; she spent half the train ride talking about you, and it wasn't all good girl talk. I really didn't want to hear any of my friends talking about how hot you are, and how they want to run their fingers through your ruffled black hair while staring into your amazing emerald eyes. They keep staring into mine while picturing you; it's creepy. Then they want to put their hands in your shirt, or naughtier, down your trouser. Did you know they forced me to tell them whether you wear briefs or boxers?"

"Well, no," he said, shrugging and trying not to blush. "Umm... well its boxers, less constraint," he said, snickering while she blushed but laughed anyway, Artemis blushing and giggling with her.

"Nice!" James interrupted snickering; Harry let Artemis's hand go to fist bump his dad.

"James!" Lily reprimanded, smacking him upside the head.

"Ow!" he complained while Harry and his sisters snickered.

"Harry do you know where Tim is...?" Lily asked her son after several more minutes as the platform started clearing up.

Harry looked around, surprised, having been chatting to his sisters about well... Laurel's friends; he had kissed Ginny once, but he supposes that doesn't count since he was saving her life in the Chamber of Secrets and was desperate to comfort her, lavishing her with kisses and cuddles like he knew would have calmed and comforted his sisters. They had cuddled for hours before Harry took her above ground, and he introduced her to Laurel and now they're best friends.

"I don't know," he said, concerned. "He was with Ron when he got on the train. I was sitting with my friends."

That was when they heard a large commotion coming from the train where, with a flash of blue light a brown haired boy came flying out of the door, whimpering as he crashed to the solid ground.

"Tim!" Harry said, groaning as he let his sisters go as they moved behind him and he drew his wand. He had moved before his parents even registered what was going on; then in a flash of light nearly before the black robed man stepped out of the train, Harry fired, blasting him away from his brother.

The Death Eater skidded across the platform and didn't get up as more turned up. There were few screaming people lest on the platform. Lily and James drew their wands quickly and started fighting, hoping for some kind of backup, and soon.

Harry was defending his sisters as they came at him, considering him a threat, two went at him. They couldn't have been too good as he wasn't having much trouble holding them off, but they were really trying to get at him.

His eyes lit up after a few moments and a gust of wind picked up and blast his opponents flying into the side of the train where they crumpled to the platform unconscious. He watched as his brother was pulling himself up, looking over to Harry his eyes widened just as Harry heard the screech.

He turned to see the horror; a Death Eater had snuck up behind them and he looked Laurel was holding Artemis as blood started pooling on the youngest Potter's lips, eyes wide with shock. He looked her over to see the blood on her back, pooling and staining Laurel's robes.

Harry looked up, the ugly face of the Death Eater was grinning in joy. Harry aimed his wand; he could hear the mock without the monster having to speak.

"Aveda Kedavra!" he hissed the word with such hate. The Death Eaters eyes widened in horror as the emerald curse burst out and tore towards him at unmatched speeds.

It was only luck that saved the Death Eater as the ground shook and the Death Eater fell, the killing curse hit the far wall. However, once Harry regained his balance several white beams smashed into the Death Eater throwing him onto the train tracks.

He then went to Laurel and Artemis helping lower his youngest sister while Laurel was in hysterics, crying, whimpering, tears leaking unhampered down her soft cheeks.

"No no no!" he said over and over as she looked up at him; his wand forgotten, in his arms while Laurel just sat crying. "Come on Arty, you're going to be OK," he said though even as he did he watched the light leaving her eyes. He pulled her tighter to him, kissing her blood socked lips, tears flowing from his eyes as he just knew, she went limp.

He kissed her blood soaked lips one last time as he looked up at the fighting. Laurel looked to her brother and for the first time in her life; Harry scared her, really scared her. His eyes were dark and full of a rage she had never known he was capable.

Everything seemed to stop as if they sensed the anger; the hate, the untapped rage as the air thick enough around Harry that Laurel could feel it weighing down on her, but she kept close to him, holding her sisters cooling hand.

The quiet was deafening when Harry spoke. "I will punish you all for this. YOU TOOK MY SISTER!" he roared out; his scream like death itself, the glass throughout the train exploded, shattering with accidental magic like a Mexican wave. "I'll get you, all of you; you will never be able to hide from me! I will avenge my sister and everyone else people like you have bullied, tormented and wronged!"

It was a surprise to Laurel that the Death Eaters reeked of fear. Her big brother was scaring the Death Eaters and moments later they just seemed to look at each other before disappearing in several loud pops.

Harry turned from them to his littlest sister, holding in his emotions. He could sense his parents hovering over them; their mother falling to her knees and breaking down, their dad trying to comfort her without falling apart himself.

Tim had finally made it over, shaking. Until now it had never seemed so real; it was like he was untouchable and maybe he was, but not his family. He watched as Harry was holding their smallest sister tight to his body, holding her, rocking back and forth.

He had never seen Harry lose it before, but then Harry had always been protective of the girls. He was kissing the Artemis's face over and over and Tim wouldn't try to get too close, Harry's magic was still making the atmosphere thick enough to cut with a knife and he wouldn't want to tempt fate, knowing accidental magic can be vastly unpredictable.

He didn't know how to react as he watched as Harry suddenly laid Artemis's body down, his tears gone. He helped close her eyes before turning to Laurel and kissing her forehead. Standing Harry looked at him; his emerald eyes like ice making him flinch, before moving closer, his eyes look puffy and red around the edges.

Harry reached out and gripped his shoulder so tight it was painful. "Look after Laurel!" was all he said and before anyone realised, he had left through the barrier into the muggle world.

"Harry!" James called; his voice shaking he left Lily to chase after him, coming out into the quiet muggle platforms he couldn't see him. Harry was gone, disappeared.

James felt like someone had reached into his chest and grabbed his heart, squeezing it tightly as if to tug it out while ripping his world apart. He's not stupid enough to think that he'll be able to track Harry if he doesn't want to be found. He knows Harry takes after his mum in the brains department, and him in the areas of imagination.

He felt empty and lost as he tried to find him anyway, searching desperately not to lose his son down a dark path of vengeance. He felt tears falling unchecked from his eyes as he searched for what might have been hours all over the station, even asking the muggles even though he knows Harry could have used magic to teleport.

Though, Harry's underage so shouldn't know how to apparate he also knows Harry knows many magic's he shouldn't. The feeling of loss was almost overwhelming as he hadn't just lost a daughter but a son too. He doesn't want to think how Laurel and Lily will cope, and then Tim too.

Tim would have probably gotten himself killed without his big brother about to bail him out. Harry had always taken great care of his sister, more so than him, he regrets. This had to feel different to Harry being closest with Artemis having looked after her when he and Lily wanted to go out when they were younger.

He slumped down on a bench next to a large train with people boarding it sobbing into his hands, not caring that he was getting looks. He felt like everything around him was crumbling to the ground, breaking apart, lost and forgotten, missing, never to be found when he started as he felt a hand on his shoulder.

Looking up he was met with the grim face of his best friend sitting next to him looking pale and sick. "They said..." Sirius Black began but paused for a moment to swallow the lump in his throat. "They said you ran after Harry," he finished, pushing the words passed the rising bile.

James tried not to look too pathetic as he wiped his eyes. "I can't find him," he muttered, sounding so desperate that Sirius hated that it made him feel worse. "I won't ever find him... this is Harry, Harry, Sirius. If he wants to run away he will and unless he wants it we won't find him. I've looked everywhere, even on trains but he's gone Sirius, long gone!"

"I'm sure we'll find him," Sirius said trying to sound brave for his friend, trying to sound sure. "Dumbledore will be able to find him... after all, this is Dumbledore... I'm sure..." he said trailing to a stop not so certain of his own conviction.

Shaking his head, James looked to his friend. "Let's go... we have... I don't know what to do Sirius."

"I know man, neither do I," he replied patting his friends shoulder as he stood, James getting up with him. "We... I don't know but we can't stay here. The longer we wait the further Harry will get and the further he gets the harder it will be to trace. If we start now we'll be able to track his apparition trail."

James nodded, wiping his eyes and trying to be brave. "OK, I know, let's go," he said leading the way back to the magical world platform hidden behind the barrier.

However, unbeknownst to them they had been watched by a young man in black cargo trousers, white tee shirt, white running trainers and a black open hoody with large baggy hood over his head. His green eyes stared out in sadness as he pulled the hood back holding his train ticket.

He ran his fingers through his ruffled black hair before slipping onto the muggle train as the bleeping signalled it was about to close doors and leave. He walked in to the far end of the train away from anybody and slumped down in an empty first class compartment.

It didn't take long for the train to close up and pull away from the platform steadily gaining speed. He likes the muggle world. It was so easy to find a store to buy a quick change in clothes. This is easy since the year before he sorted out a secret muggle bank account and stocked it up with a few million pounds just in case. He had honestly never thought hoarding a secret stash of cash would really be needed.

Leaning back in his seat he kept shaking off thoughts of his little sister. Though, watching his dad he felt guilty and bad, but at the same time wondered whether he should have felt some amusement that they would think he's stupid enough to apparate and risk them tracing his trail.

He's lost... well figuratively. He doesn't know how he's going to go about getting some form of justice and avenging his sister. They had been enjoying each other's company and then boom, the racist haters because they like to see others suffer, and now his world had been taken with Artemis's life. So if that's the way the filthy purists want it; he will become justice and put an end to them.

Shuddering he grabbed at his chest taking a few deep breaths to calm himself before he puts innocent people at risk by losing control of his magic. He knows he isn't unusually powerful or anything, but he's smart and physically strong.

He had learnt at a young age to control magic without and wand he needs to control his own mind and emotions. Though, he can only do big uncontrolled things such as banishing, summoning, and manipulating the waken elements around him in small bursts.

Harry had never had much need to practice any form of magic without his wand but now, now he would become better. He knows that for intricate things he'll always need some kind of focus, but for kicking the shite out of the baddies he just needs big and dangerous.

Taking a deep breath he was startled as the door slid open just after stopping at a platform. He looked to his right to see a young woman. In fact she couldn't be too much older than him, maybe eighteen, nineteen years old.

She's beautiful with red hair to her shoulders and light brown eyes; her figure is striking, wearing slim line black hipsters and half boots with a form hugging blue top, and carrying a small bag she dropped onto the seat where she sat opposite him.

"I don't want company, so get out!" he demanded, and was surprised when she just looked at him, half amused and sat back in her seat.

"That is no way to speak to a lady!" she amusedly reprimanded in this hot Russian accent. "The other first class compartments are full of stuffy old people; so boring and not nice to look at; not like you anyway. Where are you going, looks like you're running away from something, and have you been crying?" she said, asking the last as she looked closer.

"My sister was just murdered!" he spat out and she chose not to push too much as she felt a pressure play down in the compartment and she has heard rumours here and there and doesn't want to be on the wrong side of finding out the truth.

"Sorry," she chose to say before continuing as he looked off out of the window. "So, I guess you're not running away but seeking vengeance?"

"I don't seek," he retorted not looking away from the window. "I will avenge my sister and I will bring her justice so she can rest in peace."

"For some reason I don't doubt you!" she retorted, shocking him; he looked to her. She smirked, semi-amused. "Me, I'm just here for some... business myself and I can't say I know how you feel, but be careful when doing what you have too. You don't want to become what you're... beating," she said, seeming to purr the last word out.

"Maybe I can help you... forget, for just awhile?" she suggested slipping off her seat and crawling onto his lap, pressing her chest into his face; her fingers racking through his hair

"I'll never forget," he answered, confused. "Who are you...?" he had to ask her.

"I am Natasha Romanoff," she said sensually, her red painted lips near touching his before they collided, lips to lips, tongues to tongues, and he forgot, just for a short while, he forgot his pain in his lust, not realising the danger he's in.

Years Later!

The party had been quite the family gathering until 'he' turned up. They didn't know who 'he' was, but 'he' was dangerous, deadly, and destructive, and to add to that he was highly intelligent, powerful, and magically gifted. He was toying with them, playing games, enjoying every last one he put down like vicious animals that needed culling, so they didn't gorge any longer on other animals.

He entered the house as if the wards didn't exist to stop him, but they were still up. 'He' called himself Justice. He wore a long white coat with black boots, trousers, top, and skin tight white leather gloves. His collar folded up his neck smoothly. Then he wore a white hood hiding his face in shadows with a black mask around his unearthly glowing green eyes.

The guests had tried fighting, using magic, but he moved so fast, beating them to death and their spells hit invisible walls, reflecting back at them, and so they ran; they had little choice if they wanted to live; he had killed so many powerful Death Eaters before they took sense to flee the more powerful predator. He had told them in a cold sharp voice that he was muggle-born, and that he would bring their victims justice.

Draco Malfoy shivered in horror as he remembered the cold eyes of his hunter; they were almost mocking them. Everything they tried to stop him failed. He was a superior warrior, and because of their misdeeds they had signed their own death warrants.

Running away within his own home to escape this murderer was sad and ironic on different scales, as he now knew how others had felt when Death Eaters hunted them in their own homes. The floo fires were out of commission, and somehow the wards wouldn't even let family apparate out of the manor.

He felt cold dread run down his spine as the mud-blood attacked coldly and without mercy. Blood was spilt, ruining the halls and rooms. He came for them. He had heard about the hunter – Justice – before, but he had laughed the rumours off while culling filthy mud-bloods for his dark master. He was 21, and bringing such honour to his family had made him happy, but it seemed to have pissed the killer off like nothing else could.

Running around a corner Draco sighed in relief as he almost ran over his father; his muscles ached and his lungs might as well have been on fire while sweat poured down his face, but his father didn't look any better, and didn't look as fierce and noble as he had an hour before.

Lucius Malfoy didn't seem to care about looking relieved that he didn't bump into the killer while he tried to stay calm. "D-Draco!" he said coolly. "Where have you been? That mud-blood is still in the house. He dare murder upstanding pureblood wizards!"


They paled as they turned to see him standing at the end of the hall. "You fucked with me, and that was where you inbred filth made your greatest error!" he said coldly with a modulated voice. "I'm going to kill you all. I'm not like Dumbledore, and I am certainly not like Voldemort. I am much worse!" he hissed out and the Malfoy's took steps back, shivering in a cold sweat of dread.

The 2 Malfoy's ran, fleeing for their lives as the man in white and black raised an automatic muggle weapon at them and fired. Bullets hailed forth, tearing into the walls as they fled. Draco cried out as several bullets tore into his right leg, but Lucius escaped around the corner, and not even looking back, or feeling any pity for his son if it helped him survive he could make a new heir and marry a new wife after all.

Draco cried on the floor as he looked up to see his executioner leering down at him now holding a giant black sword. "It's been awhile Malfoy!" he commented whimsically. "My little sister was murdered by scum, and nobody has done anything about it. The man responsible was never even convicted when there were so many eyewitnesses. But I suppose stringing him up by his balls and leaving him in the ministry auditorium after flaying him was amusing; especially since he was still alive when they found him."

Malfoy looked up, passed the hood to the dangerous green eyes within the mask, horror in his expression. "P-Potter!" he spat out shaking worse than before.

"Then I heard you attacked my other sister a few months ago," he commented as he continued and stood on the boys right hand, crushing the bones while he screamed in agony trying to push his boot of his hand as all of the wizards in the house lost their wands ages ago, having each one destroyed.

Harry smirked smilingly. "What is this I see? Draco Malfoy doesn't like pain? But he sure enjoys torturing girls, so I thought he had a thing for pain. You see Mr. Malfoy; you screwed up when you went after my Laurel. I would have hunted you, of course; a dead Death Eater is a happy Justice, after all.

"But it wouldn't be so personal. I would have just killed you all already. But you should think yourself lucky that Laurel was saved before you managed to touch her because I might have kept you for my amusement before handing you over to...

"Let's say some people who would appreciate an evil mage to experiment with... or should I say experiment on, and they would keep you alive for years, cutting you open while awake, playing with your insides while you watch and scream in terror," he said just to scare the hell out of him some more.

"P-please P-Potter...!" Draco cried out, tears in his eyes, whimpering. "I'll do anything; y-you can't kill me, come on – your brother and father are aurors. Y-you could cost them their careers!"

"Yeah, don't care!" he commented, amused as his boot left Malfoy's hand and shattered his jaw. Malfoy screamed and cried as blood exploded from his mouth and nose. "Wow, would you look at that!" Harry commented with a grin. "You'll have to torture and murder yourself soon because you're getting your blood all dirty on the floor!" he said jokingly while Malfoy cried like a pathetic waste of human flesh.

"P-please...!" Malfoy begged when suddenly the sword sliced through his neck, removing his head. His eyes were watching as Harry crouched down and picked his head up by his hair, horror clearly written in the expression.

Harry pulled his head to face him, and smiled. "When has begging ever served any of your victims?" he asked whimsically as he looked up as a girl with black hair cut into a bob watched from the door opposite, retching her guts out, and her weak stomach became her death. After all, he was going to kill her anyway, and he couldn't let her survive to tell anyone who the killer was.

"Ah, Pansy Parkinson!" he commented whimsically as he threw his sword without any effort and it slid through the door and through her head, staking her to the other side of the door. "It was lovely killing you, and since you weren't really much in the way of anything; I grant you a fast death, don't let it be said that I have no mercy!"

"So you call that mercy?" someone interrupted, and he turned as he tossed Draco's head to the floor.

His eyes scanned the girl in front of him, though girl really wouldn't be correct, young woman perhaps, late teens. She was pretty with black hair to her neck ruffled and framing her face, tied at the crown into a ponytail. She was shorter than him and wore all black including boots and a leather coat halfway down her bare thighs.

"The last time I met a strange girl who seemed to come out of nowhere I got laid, but then she ditched me!" Harry commented, enjoying the memory. "Then I was chased all over Glasgow by SHIELD because of what she left in my pocket!"

She rolled her brown eyes. They were shadowed a deep purple. She was certainly working the Goth look. "I would expect mercy to be letting them go or dumping them in Azkaban... well, maybe not Azkaban," she replied, as she tried not to look at the dead bodies.

"I just heard about this sorcerer," she continued whimsically. "He was going around, slaughtering his own kind, and I got curious since some events cause me and mine to check out these murdering mage. I had been eyeing this place for awhile now, me and my... friends. But I couldn't figure out away passed the wards to get to the filth, but then you turn up and somehow take control of the wards as if they wanted to be yours!"

"I'm awesome, so what's your point is?" he asked.

She smiled a little. "Come on, with that kind of talent you could join me!" she answered, with a smirk on her black painted lips. "With help you can put down all of these mongrels within the month!

"We've already scored many locations where we can hack away at the Death Eaters and put them down for good. If the idiots won't do their job and protect people who need protecting, there are always others willing to do what needs to be done, and quite capable of doing it," she said, motioning him. "Point and case proven," she said using him as an example.

"And you are?"

"Nico!" was all she said on the matter. "So... Justice; you in or what...?"

He actually thought about it for a moment. "You know what; if I can get this over with faster; all the better."

"Well, I'll let you finish up here, and make sure never to interrupt you when you're punishing someone again because now I feel sick," she said before she turned around and walked away around the corner.

"Dam, why the hell can't I say no to a pretty face?" he cursed himself before he remembered he was busy.

Lucius was running as fast as he could through the huge manor house, completely forgetting about his son, and knew he was already dead, so it was a cert that if he survived, which didn't seem likely that he would have to make a new heir, and remarry, and if he survived; he would do that miles from the UK and swear off violence case Justice find out and the hunt began again.

The prestige and luxury of his position was forgotten in his horror. Blood soaked down his face with sweat staining his luxurious satin robes. He quivered as he had watched his wife and several family members die by the power of this monster. He had never thought he would see someone more deadly than Bellatrix Lestrange, other than the Dark Lord of course, but here he was, gutting so many pure-bloods and making it look easy.

Coming to the front hall doors, like all others it was sealed shut just as he knew it would be. He panted, as his chest constricted in pain and stitches stabbed at his sides. The wards were locked and there was nowhere to hide, and he could not run forever. He had lost his wand and it had been shattered like a useless twig by this reaper in the dark.

His lungs bunt more as he charged up a large rounded staircase in the dark of night, thunder roaring outside with a powerful storm. He could not hear the monster after him, but he knew it was here, watching, following, ready to take him. It hunted to destroy him; to erase his bloodline from the world.

He and his kin had finally gone too far, and they had made a god among wizards furious. He didn't dawdle, or demand anything, but he just slaughtered them without care or mercy, no jail to escape this time. He hadn't thought the rumours of an avenger calling himself Justice was truth but now wished he had ran far away with his family, never to be heard from again.

However, Justice was real, and he wasn't like the Death Eaters. Most of them were incompetent and weak. They let people slip away, but this man knew who his targets were; any other Death Eater to get in his way was likely just a bonus to him. He had seen it, the writing in blood on the walls.

Justice was hunting Voldemort. It was ironic that a beacon of destruction sort to destroy a beacon of the dark. It would be an incredible battle some day, but Lucius feared he wouldn't live that long if he couldn't even escape his own home. He mildly wondered what would have happened if Dumbledore's Order of the Phoenix turned up because he was almost certain that Justice would consider them fair targets if they got in his way.

This thing, this man, this so-called Justice had ruined everything; his life; his family; his home, and his bloodline was about to expire. It was odd how it wasn't until now that he wished he had done things differently; that he had changed; that he had taken all of those fruitless second chances Dumbledore had always happily, yet foolishly offered.

The decorations were still up, still dripping with the blood of his closest family as they had been staying the night. He had thought a party for Draco's 21st was a good idea at the time, but all it did was put all of the Malfoy's and a few Black's in the same location with others, close family friends, so they were easier to kill.

He shuddered as he leant on a bloodied wall to catch his breath for a moment. He had never seen Bellatrix so afraid when her husband and his brother had dropped to their knees, holding their heads and screaming in pain. Lucius had never seen that particular torture curse before, and blood trailed from their ears. They obviously could hear what no one else could and it was agony.

It was sickening to watch. Everyone was in so much shock that no one tried to help them as the pain got to such a state that they could only watch in horror and awe as the 2 men started smashing their own brains out on the white marble floor of the entertainment hall.

The muggle girls they had kidnapped, ranging from 15 to 19 to dance naked in cages for entertainment and later use under the imperious curse were gone, and in their place were several pureblood woman from the party, naked under the imperious curse, 2 per cage, doing unspeakable things to each other that left them dead or dying, biting into each other, tearing each other apart in hardcore sexual ways, and wards were stopping them from interfering; his own wife was included in a cage with that Carrow woman.

Then 'he' was there; the other side of the room. He had used the brutal deaths of the Lestrange men to take the muggle girls. They were wrapped in sheets of pure white bundled behind the killer. They were still under the imperious curse but it was no longer his. The killer likely believed that they were better off not knowing and freaking out, but it was Bellatrix that freaked out.

The killer carried a staff in his right hand made from some kind of metal and curving open at the top, but the bottom reached the floor. Though, not used much in modern wizardry, staffs weren't too uncommon. They were mostly used in old pureblood houses for ceremony, passing the torch from father to son.

However, this man had no qualms against using a staff in a fight. The opened top cone contained a dark green gem that matched his cold unearthly green eyes, glowing faintly like his eyes. The staff was a matte silver with green marking engraved along the shaft that were too fine to understand their meaning.

Bellatrix screamed and charged at him; drawing her wand she fired the killing curse. The emerald beam smashed into the man lighting him up. They had thought she had ended him before – nothing – nothing happened. The killer looked more amused than anything as he made a 'come here' gesture with his left hand, not even using the staff, Bellatrix's clothes were torn from her body, leaving her naked for all to see.

Then he used the staff, and one by one they could only watch as she screamed as she was lifted from the ground by magic. Her fingers were torn off, piece by piece at the joints. Her toes went after her fingers, and whatever the killer was doing; he stopped her from bleeding to death. Then her hair was torn out slowly, sickeningly, and though the killer watched in fascination; he didn't laugh as she would have, doing that to someone else.

Piece by piece she was pulled apart, legs, arms, breasts, until she was nothing but a head and torso, barely alive to stare at him in terror; her tongue and teeth having been removed she was less than the frightening freak she used to be. She had been punished for all of the people she had relished torturing.

He had then let her drop where she had a look of relief as her blood finally pooled around her and he let her die. That was when they ran, fleeing, spreading through the house, but he hunted them. Lucius heard their screams, terrible screams, and for the first time in his life he sympathised with the people he had so joyously murdered, hunted, tormented and tortured.

This killer; this Justice had entered; he had hijacked the wards, and then he had began exterminating the Malfoy's, and his friends and other family, some of which were higher ups within the Death Eaters ranks; himself included.

However, Justice didn't try to get information. He didn't need to know what they had been doing, or what they planned because they were going to die anyway, and the rest would hear the truth, and they would finally fear Justice. They were being put in their place by a mud-blood

Tears poured from Lucius's grey eyes as a dizzy spell hit as he started up some more stairs, and he tripped up, painfully falling to the landing below him. He quickly pulled himself to his knees when a flash of lighting illuminated the dark. There was a dark figure standing at the top of the stairs before the dark returned in full, and it was gone.

He yelped in horror and staggered back, slipping off the step and crashing down, crying in pain as he bounced down the stairs, cracking his head open to lie at the bottom in a heap, his breathing uneven. He had never known such terror, and apart of him wanted it to be over.

It took a moment but whimpering he pulled himself up. He had fallen on something and looking down it was the crushed and decapitated head of his son, his blood all over him with a look of horror and pain contorted in his death. He had seen so much he couldn't even throw up.

He screamed and screamed in horror and anguish scooting back from his place on the floor until he bumped into something, and he was certain it wasn't the wall. He slowly looked up shivering and he had already emptied his bowls twice he just kept leaking now.

It was a dark hooded figure boring down on him with a large black sword, all he knew was pain as it sliced through the top of his head, down the middle slicing him in two and opening him up to deaths cold embrace.

Mid-afternoon and the mansion was a completely different place. The wards had fallen and all of the doors and windows were shattered open. This was why a large force of aurors from the Ministry of Magic could enter when 'watchers' reported the disturbance, hours after it had finished, finding the ancestral home of the Malfoy family looked as if a war took place, and all of its occupants were found slaughtered.

They had found masses of evidence that could have put each and every one of the dead occupants in jail. However, they did find survivors. Several muggle girls were wrapped up together within sheets without much else to hide their nudity, under a sleep charm, showing physical signs of abuse, and mental signs of the imperious curse, but otherwise unharmed. They had been sent to hospital before they would be woken as the shock of where they were could do them more harm than good.

The investigators had been putting out yellow tags and tapes, marking possible evidence, and the body pieces were collected, tagged, and bagged, for evidence, and then for any surviving members of the family to collect if they weren't running scared already. It would be a surprise if any surviving family members were in the country rather than the other side of the planet under a fidelius ward.

James Potter felt sick as he stood in the main hall as he looked to the writing on the wall, in the blood of a family line the killer had likely wiped off the face of the planet in one simple night. It was quite the genius that waited for everyone to meet and then attacked, but what happened to Bellatrix Lestrange even made him feel pity as it wasn't a quick death, but drawn out and agonising as this killer had much more imagination than the Death Eaters.

'I'm coming for you Tom' was scrawled on the wall in neat script with trails of blood leading from the words, dripping down the walls.

He shuddered, as he knew whom this killer meant by Tom. Tom Riddle, AKA the Dark Lord Voldemort. It was the same message. The same had happened to several other Death Eaters, and the message was left in their blood, warning Voldemort that he was not just being hunted by the law and the light, but he was being hunted by a killer too, and a competent and powerful one.

"You have to have some serious balls to go after Voldemort!"

He looked around to see his son, Tim, grimacing at all of the blood. He honestly had not known that people had this much blood to spill. It was disgusting, but honestly no less than they deserved. He had seen the muggle girls these monsters had kidnapped, and they say muggles were beneath them; the Death Eaters were nothing but scum.

"I just ran across the Minister!" Tim said, mocking the word minister. "The measly little bastard is going off on a rant about a filthy muggle-born Dark Lord trying to take over from Voldemort by killing off outstanding members of pureblood society! If he doesn't start doing some good, this Justice will hunt him next!"

"Yeah, well I won't doubt that," he said looking away out of the window. "But I doubt this man is a Dark Lord in the making when he saved the muggle girls, and even protected them from the horrors he was committing."

Tim placed his hand on his dads shoulder, getting his attention. "You think Harry's come back, don't you?" he demanded.

He kept his voice low so none of the other men in blue auror robes overheard them, to protect his brother if it was him. Not that he thought any of their colleagues could stand against Harry. He had always been strong and magically talented, but now it had been a few years he would have only improved.

The truth was that Tim was certain that he would have lost a fight to Harry now even if Harry was still a kid before he left to seek revenge. Before, he had brushed off Harry being better than him, but after that display back on Platform 9 and ¾'s he couldn't lie to himself any more, and took stock. Harry had used magic without his wand; he had done it a lot, and made it look easy.

If Harry had been the hero instead of him, life would have been simpler. No, who was he kidding, Harry had been the hero, but he was too big headed to realise that everything, Harry had bailed him out. Harry had always been there looking out for him, protecting him from his own stupidity.

Harry had been better at helping him than Ron by far, and even better than Hermione. He had thought back over the years. 1st year Harry had given him heavy hints that Snape wasn't after the Philosophers Stone but Quirrell was then arrived just in time to save Tim's life and stop Voldemort.

2nd year Harry had followed him down beneath the school into the Chamber of Secrets to save Ginny. Lockhart might have modified his and Ron's memories otherwise. Tim had never before then seen Harry angry as staring dumbfounded as Harry beat the 10 barrels of crap out of Lockhart in Ginny's honour as Laurel was apparently crying because her friend was lost, so he went to fetch her as if he was popping over to Ginny's house rather than a secret evil lair.

He never realised it, but Harry would do anything to make his sisters happy. He even fought a seventy foot long basilisk with a sword he found in the chamber, and won. It was amazing and though Ginny and Laurel knew who the real hero was, Harry brushed all of the credit onto Tim.

Then during their 3rd year with Pettigrew's escape from Azkaban and the dementors. When the ghouls attacked the Quidditch Match, Harry fired a patronus that encompassed the whole stadium in a galaxy of stars and planets.

4th year Harry didn't even try to be subtle as he told Tim what every single task for the tournament was the day after he was forced to compete in the tournament as the fourth champion. Since very few people were talking to him because they believed he put his name in somehow, and Ron was having a temper tantrum Harry was his only help other than Hermione.

For once he listened to Harry's advice over Hermione, and he sailed through the first task. However, Ron returned and he stopped listening to Harry like an idiot because Ron didn't get on with Harry, and Tim was foolish. But Harry did continue helping him, and he wouldn't realise until Hermione broke down with guilt of taking credit as she had been asking Harry.

Then Harry had followed him and his friends on that foolish misadventure 5th year that could have got someone killed, and Harry saved them before the Order turned up. Then everything changed at the train station, following the year. It had promised to be a great summer break, but the world fell apart, and without Harry, 6th year his luck almost ran out, and if not for his mother, would have died.

"You think he did this don't you?" Tim asked after his long internal thought process, but the silence was all the answer he needed. "You don't honestly think that Harry would think for a moment that he could beat Voldemort in an upfront fight?" he asked, but he was unsure of a lot now; he wouldn't suspect anyone could walk into a Death Eaters home and slaughter them all, including several of Voldemort's inner circle.

"I don't know," James replied with a tired sigh. "However, I do know that if this was him, maybe Voldemort won't see it coming. This is messed up, but at least innocent killings have dropped since this Justice Reaper or whatever the papers call him later, has been killing them.

"The Death Eaters are not as brazen; the upper tiers never believed he existed while the weaker Eaters tend to be superstitious, and now it will become very real, and Voldemort will likely try to fight back. They're scared of this guy now, because he isn't afraid to take the war to them, when they least expect it; in their own homes."

"Yeah, this is… he's done more in one week then the Ministry and the Order combined," Tim agreed with a shrug. "I guess we should keep this from Laurel or mum, or they'll likely try to find him and get into trouble."

"Sounds like a reasonable idea to me," he agreed with a shake of his head. "How do you feel about all of this? Draco Malfoy was your school enemy."

"Actually it feels like a weight lifted," he replied with a nod. "That bastard attacked my sister and because of the minister and Dumbledore's endless second chances for these shits he got away without anything; if he hadn't been stopped before hurting her or touching her, I would have killed him myself."

"You would have had to beat me to him!"

Tim smiled faintly. "Let's just get out of here; I hate this smell of decaying scum!"

"Yeah, me too...!" James agreed leading his son out and away.

It didn't take the 2 long to apparate away, back home to their large family estate. It wasn't ridiculously huge like the Malfoy's but it was nice. Tim didn't actually live at home any more since he was still at the auror academy mostly, so he stayed in the dorms. He used to bunk with his best friend Ron, but Ron couldn't cut it and ended up quitting after just 3 months.

Ron wanted Tim to quit with him, but he wouldn't do that and disappoint his mother and father. Since then he hadn't spoken to Ron much since the git was still sulking. It wasn't Tim's fault that he was better with magic than Ron was, and in better shape with the motivation to improve.

They entered the house and walked into the main sitting room when Laurel bounced up from where she had been sitting on some young man's lap, which made James pause with narrowed eyes, but confused as Lily was sitting next to the boy looking as if she hadn't been so happy in a long time, which may have been true, no matter how much he tried to make her laugh.

Something was definitely going on, and he was sure he was about to find out what. James looked to his son before looking back to his daughter as it was nice to see her smiling like that again.

James and Tim Potter entered the family home and walked into the main sitting room when Laurel, Tim's younger sister, and James's oldest daughter, the usually restrained and reserved Potter bounced up from where she had been sitting on some young man's lap, which made James pause, as Lily was the other side looking beside herself with joy, which was strange in the midst of war.

"Dad...! Tim...!" the young woman squealed in delight as she gestured the young man. He had long black hair in a nest of controlled chaos to his upper neck, fanning around his face, and deep green eyes. He was about 6ft. tall if he were to stand with a lean muscular structure.

He was wearing beige cargo trousers with brown walking boots and white tee shirt taught to his muscles. He was wearing a thick brown leather strap on his left wrist with a silver watch attached, but no sign that he was even carrying a wand, but the way he was relaxed and uninitiated, but keeping observant eyes showed strength of character, and that he was likely more than met the eye.

Laurel was being very out of character, but she was still the same wearing a white summer dress with flowery pattens on it and her favourite white cardigan, white socks and black shoes. Then she wore some stylish black framed glasses in a shape that the muggles used these days unlike the round glasses her father wore.

"What's the matter?" James asked suspiciously. "Who's this boy?"

"Its Harry; he's come home!" she declared in joy as she threw herself into Harry's arms again, sitting back on his lap, cuddled to him in happiness while he chuckled and held his sister protectively.

"Don't worry Laurel!" Harry said, stroking her cherry coloured hair back and kissing her on the lips. It was just a quick kiss full of joy, but it was the sentiment that mattered most as she was content and for the first time in a long time she was truly happy. "I'm here to look after you now, and no one will ever get near you while I'm home!"

"What do you mean?" she asked, sitting up on his lap to look at him in worry, concerned he only came home to look after her because she was in trouble... well more trouble.

His eyes flickered to each family member. "Dumbledore hasn't told you his foolish little idea to unite the 'unruly' Potters to the subservient, minus a few, Weasley's, yet; to pull in the reigns? Or whatever bull crap he comes up with to try 'convincing' you that it's all for the 'Greater Good'."

"That old man best not be thinking what I think he is!" Lily growled angrily as she stood up and glared at her confused husband. "You best tell that blasted old man that that lazy good for nothing Ronald Weasley isn't going anywhere near any of my daughters!"

"What...!?" Laurel demanded with her pretty green eyes going wide in her horror. "I'm not marrying that loser. I would rather marry a freaking girl over him!" she said with a scowl-pout and a light blush as that had likely just jumped out without her thinking much about it, as she likely didn't want to say someone she hated or disliked, or whatever.

Harry got a crafty look on his face hearing her. "How about we see how far we can take this," he said, startling them. "Let's see how far Dumbledore's power runs; how deep in the Weasley's... Ginny's single, right?" he asked, and she nodded, confused.

James grinned as he looked at his family; almost completely whole again, but he would have to speak to Harry alone, later. "I get it... the ultimate prank. We say she can marry a Weasley only if said Weasley is Ginny, and knowing him he won't care whether they're both girls.

"Though, knowing Molly she won't like it at all, and it will amuse the hell out of us, and keep Ronald away while keeping Dumbledore happy enough to not try forcing issues and going to battle with him, and him deciding we're dark like he did with the Lovegood's because they thought he was a crackpot and said so in the Quibbler."

"When Luna's dad says someone's crazy, you should believe it," Tim said with a smirk.

"That's my friends' dad you're talking about!" Laurel said with a glare. "Sure, he's crazy; even Luna says so but that doesn't mean you have to say so out loud; it's rude."

He shrugged sheepishly. "Anyway, back to the topic," he replied with an impish smile, "will Ginny even agree to this?" he asked, concerned. "I mean, sure it would be quite amusing, but they'll expect to see you dating, and holding hands, and-and, and having 'sleep over's'," he said the last 2 words making air quotes with his fingers and trying unsuccessfully to hold back his blush.

Laurel glared at him in annoyance. "That's easy stuff, and she'll just stay over lots in my room, no big, we used to stay over here a lot when we were younger, and shared a dorm at school stupid. If it will keep that senile old-fart away from bothering us, and your idiot friend from trying to get too close to me then I'm all for it. Heck, to keep Ron away from me I would actually marry Ginny, and she's cool so I have no doubt that she would go along with it!"

"Well, Ron's still in a huff with me!" Tim said impishly. "Doesn't like that I wouldn't quit the academy with him, but now all he does is sponge off his mum and dad! Well dad, so I suppose he takes after his mum for being a sponge!"

"Yeah, Ginny doesn't like staying at home while he's there!" Laurel said thoughtfully before a wide grin spread to her lips. "Ginny will just have to move in with me, and then we can go to the hospital together, and we'll be the best healers ever!"

"Interns!" Tim corrected, smirking.

She glared. "So, you're just a Junior Cadet and have to follow dad around while out in the field!" she said smirking smugly while he pouted and half-sulked.

It was nice to have the whole family back, somewhat together, James thought as he had made excuses to see his son, Harry, alone; man stuff, or something. He led him into the library and sealed the doors. He absent-mindedly played with some books on the shelf for a few moments while Harry was doing something with what he called a smart phone before putting it back into his pocket.

"So," Harry decided the uncomfortable silence was too much and to let his dad off the hook. He had been missing for the past 5 plus years after all so maybe he owed him that much at least. "Yes is the answer to your question," he agreed with a shrug. "I slaughtered them all and ended several pureblood bloodlines."

James looked up sharply and rubbed his eyes under his glasses. "So you think you can defeat Voldemort?"

Harry rolled his eyes. "I've met tougher people than him!" he answered, shrugging in non-committal "Artemis is dead because of these fuckers, and I'm going to tear them apart!" he hissed out, shocking him.

"Artemis isn't dead!" James said quietly, surprised a young man with such intelligence gathering wouldn't have discovered that.

Harry turned to him sharply. "What do you mean; her heart stopped!?" he demanded, looking highly dangerous.

"It did," he agreed, looking away. "She was dead for several minutes. Laurel brought her back with some kind of healing magic; she isn't even sure how, really, but. It's why she's training to be a healer; she wants to be able to heal Artemis fully. She... Artemis suffered a lot. She's not all there in the head any more, magically at least, but her mentality too is half stuck in the past.

"She reminds me of you at that age sometimes, only your powers never went haywire. She has become a danger to others, and can't control her magic. We can't even enter her room or let her out.

"It's like a cell keeping us from her and her from us. Her rooms are shielded with wards to protect her and us from her magic. Dumbledore would have had us dump her in Azkaban so the dementors would feast on her power, because I saw the fear on his face; afraid of what, I could only guess he was afraid that she would learn to control her powers and be better than him.

"I honestly don't know what that old man fears from anyone he forces to be his enemies. I'm inclined to believe that the reason Dumbledore wants us to 'connect' with the Weasley's is to try getting rid of Artemis. He's ignorant enough for the time being to believe that Ginny would ever agree to help him get rid of her, even though she loves her too. Artemis is just an innocent young victim, and he doesn't care about her or her dreams and hopes for the future, just what he wants.

"Her attacker went free because of his endless second chances to murdering scum. The way 'he' died; it made my day. The man who hurt my baby girl! I'm sick and tired of watching innocent people and children suffering while the law and the so-called good-guys do nothing but give them a chance to change that they would never take, and they had committed crimes that they deserved to rot in jail for anyway, just because of their pure – blood, and Artemis has to suffer, and that old bastard wanted us to make her suffer, more while the villain runs away, laughing!"

"Take me to her!" Harry ordered after his father stopped speaking as he was so angry he couldn't continue. James couldn't bring himself to refuse as he led Harry out of the library and up 2 floors to the 3rd floor.

"We had the whole top floor converted for her, and give her anything she wants," James said with a lump in his throat as they came to a door. He slid open a hatch in the wood to reveal a glass shield over it, seeing into the dull cold room that didn't feel lived in and there she was; five years older, she should have still been at school taking her OWLs, and Harry could see signs of magic having destroyed things; toys, dolls, anything.

Artemis was alone sitting in the middle of the room hugging her knees in distress. "NO!" James cried out as Harry swished away to reappear next to his little sister, cracking the anti-apparation wards around the room, and they fell just like a tower of playing cards; he was too powerful and knew what he was doing or Artemis might have accidentality gotten out herself. James could only watch in worry as Artemis looked up at her big brother.

"Harry?" the small girl looked at him with tears in her eyes as he knelt beside her and pulled her into his arms, holding her she pulled herself into his embrace, sobbing. "Oh Harry, where have you been...!? I've been so worried about you!" she cried while magic exploded all around the room, but it wasn't affecting Harry at all, but reflecting off a shield.

"It's okay now sweetie, everything is okay!" he said in a soothing voice as he cuddled her with tears trailing down his cheeks, and rocked her in his arms. He silently swore that he would destroy anyone who would dare to harm his baby sister.

"No Harry; you'll get hurt!" she suddenly yelled in fright, pulling back from him but he wouldn't let her go. She could see things flying around her and Harry and smashing into a shield around him, like the one that automatically protected her from her powers.

"You can't hurt me short-pants!" he said playfully as he kissed her gently on the lips and pulled back, grinning smugly. "I'm the Invincible Harry Potter, and I'm going to help you learn to control this odd little malfunction of your magic, because who is the best big brother in the whole world?"

"You are!" she declared with a watery smile as she slid onto her brothers lap, cuddling him and ignoring the destruction her magic was doing, but she was aware that Harry's power had started weighing down on hers, not stopping it, but lessening the stress she felt in her head.

James could only stare in awe as Artemis barely spoke any more as she was chatting away to Harry and he started telling her a story about a red haired spy he met when he first ran away, and then running away from a secret muggle military that wanted something she left in his pocket.

He slid the hatch closed and smiled sadly. At least Artemis would have someone now, and he quickly returned to the family room.

"Where's Harry?" Laurel asked quickly, hoping he hadn't left them again.

"With Artemis," he said which brought the mood down. It was normally Laurel who spent the most time with Artemis, outside her door talking to her, or reading her books while holding back her tears.

"When you say with?" Lily asked, concerned.

"Umm," he nodded. "I mean he's in the room. I was amazed. He created some kind of shield like the one that Artemis makes to protect herself and he's in there telling her about his adventures when he left, actually holding her."

"Then he can teach me how to be with her too?" Laurel asked in excitement, as she felt her heart soar.

Meanwhile Artemis was giggling as Harry talked. "I know right; this weird guy had metal claws and super healing, and we kind of got into a lot of trouble in the bar and had to fight this loser and his gang to get away. I suppose it was fun and we got along so well because of that. He taught me how to properly kick some butt in a proper street fight, and he was cool. We spent a few months travelling together from place to place, trying to find something, but I suppose neither of us knew what.

"He lost quite a few memories awhile back, and he's been trying to recover them; to find himself I suppose, and it wasn't magic that wiped his mind so I was curious in suppose. I think he was shot in the head with some kind of bullet from the tiny piece's I got from his mind. I was trying to help him uncover his memories. I could reach out to his memories, and pulled a few easier ones, but most were so disjointed that I just couldn't repair them; he'll need a much stronger mind than mine to fix that mess."

Artemis was giggling while Harry had moved them to the side of the main room, leaning against the wall. It took him a while to realise his now 15 year old sister was only in her pink panties and white tee shirt, not even wearing a bra, and he wasn't sure whether she even had anything like that.

She was curled up on his lap, happy, and content to have her most favourite person back holding her. "I love you so much Harry!" she said with a sigh, capturing his lips before he could respond and kissing him. It wasn't anything too much, but it was long and lingering before she pulled back, blushing before cuddling into him, content.

He smiled after a moment of shock. He wasn't going to say anything, or discourage her attention if it was going 'that' way. She hadn't had human contact in years, so he wouldn't have the heart to refuse her some innocent kisses, even if she thought they were more, and he would help her, and talk to her about her feelings if that was what they were, while hoping he WAS reading too much into things.

"I love you too," he replied, and he felt her happy sigh, and wondered whether he could refuse her anything when his phone rang and he pulled it from his pocket while she looked at it in wonder as he answered.

"Nico?" he said before he listened. "Oh, the greasy one, really, how interesting... keep watch for now and maybe he'll lead us to others, or at least get some info; he's inner circle, and we still need to find Tom; then we can take them all out at once, right!" he said before hanging up and putting his phone away.

"Who's Nico?" Artemis asked looking worried. "Is she a girlfriend?"

Harry shook his head. "Na, just a new friend I made recently," he replied, smiling as she looked relieved before snuggling back up to him.

"Will you sleep in my bed with me tonight?" she asked hopefully.

He chuckled. "I suppose, but I can't stay every night as I'm a busy man with things to do!"

"You don't have to kill anyone for me you know?" she said, looking at him he was startled. "That man they found in the ministry; he was the man who shot me and got away with it. Laurel told me that I didn't have to worry about him hurting anyone again, and told me that someone had killed him and left him in the ministry with a message saying 'justice is served'. I think I knew it was you, deep down inside my heart there was no one else who would get us justice."

Harry sighed as he stroked his fingers through his sisters long black hair. He couldn't remember seeing her with long hair before. "Maybe not, but they don't deserve any more chances; they killed and tortured people for fun, and Dumbledore and the ministry didn't do anything to stop them.

"If I have the power to put an end to them, so that no one else has to suffer what we went through, what I went through when I thought you were dead. Then I believe I have a duty to innocent cuties like you everywhere to do whatever it takes so that they can't harm them."

"I understand, Harry!" she said contently. "You're like a hero... no... You're a superhero!" she declared in glee. "My big brother, the awesome-est superhero ever," she said rather childishly, giggling.

"You do realise you're fifteen, right?"

"Of course; I didn't have boobs when we were attacked back then!" she said squeezing them through her top, and Harry had to gulp and wished Nico had wanted to have sex because then he wouldn't have to have weird thoughts about his little sister, and he hadn't been with a girl in a while.

3 Days Later

Over the Atlantic Ocean, floating above the clouds was a ship. It was massive. It was like a flying aircraft carrier. Onboard the large high-tech bridge was a bald African American man wearing an eye patch over his left eyes and a long black coat over his uniform. In front of him stood a young Russian woman. She was a red haired beauty wearing tight black leather.

"Natasha Romanoff!" the man said with a strong and powerful voice. "It has come to our attention that your friend Mr. Potter has returned to the United Kingdom, killing many of his own kind. These men this... Justice has killed are wanted fugitives, most, somewhere having been caught on camera; not very smart."

"And after what I put him through you expect me to ask him to join your team of... heroes?" she asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Well, yeah, to put it bluntly!" he agreed. "Be extra careful as I have some intel that a small group of super powered teens calling themselves the Runaways is in the UK, and I have a feeling that Justice may have become a recruit, or they at least have their eyes on him."

"Great!" she mumbled with a sigh. "Kids with super powers and an estimated A-ranked warlock I might have pissed off before SHIELD finally caught me, because of him!" she babbled before looking into the man's cool dark eyes. "Can't you just send Clint?" she asked. "He has this whole military thing going for him, much more the right seen, or at least Coulson?"

"But you already have the repertoire with the young man!" he replied, shaking his head and enjoying her discomfort. "You seduced him, and then left him with a microchip you stole from us; having him hunted all over Glasgow. It was only because of his significant talent that he out moved us."

"Okay, I'm on it!" she said sadly as she realised she wasn't going to squirm free this time.