Las Vegas Challenge fic by Blood Brandy! Femme-Harry, Tori wakes up with a strange and deadly young woman, and they're both similar in that someone else wants to use them for some kind of gain. And WHAT? They some how got married? This is just great... and what the hell is the Avengers Initiative? Yuri! Harry Potter/Marvel cross over. Fem!Femme!Harry-Tori Potter/X23-Laura Kinney!

Crossover - X-Men & Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Fantasy/Sci-Fi - Chapters: 4 - Words: 18,475 - Reviews: 119 - Updated: 4/4/2014 - Published: 5/5/2012 - [Laura K./X-23, Harry P.]


"S-shit..." she moaned to herself. "Hurry up and heal already, dam this stupid headache!" she complain, groaning and wishing for something less than this aching head, like one full of hope and dreams, and cute little bunnies and kitties.

It felt like someone was not only playing the drums inside of her head, but a whole rock band preforming at a concert. Though, it could be worse and be like a magical band, and have the bagpipes too. She has to wonder… why? Like seriously, bagpipes, worst sounding instrument ever to have in a rock band.

She tried opening her eyes but could not quite peel them open as the slightest crack and her head pounded even in the dull light of her room. She is so never drinking anything alcoholic ever again... well that is what she says now, but isn't that what everyone says after waking up like this?

Though, she must say she felt relaxed and comfortable... well other than the headache. She just snuggled contently up against the soft warm body in bed with her, silently cussing Sirius Black, her godfather into a... well, hell.

The bloody moron only went and committed fake suicide, (in other words faked his own death if you did not get that) because otherwise. Well, she would not be able to come on this stupid trip. His 'death' had legally had his will read, and other than getting all of his money, (other than what he hid away for himself) she was emancipated.

Though, it always brings a chuckle to her lips thinking of Albus Dumbledore's expression when she told him to go screw his greasy haired toy boy (Severus Snape).

She told the old man where he could get off and that she is no longer going to live with those douche bag Dursley's. He had tried many times leading up the Christmas Break of her fifth year of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to convince her to see 'reason', and that her 'relatives' 'love' her.

He really must be stupid to believe that, or really naive... 'yea'... stupid and naive! She had just smirked and reminded him that she is now legally allowed to perform magic outside of school. He did not seem to like the implication of her words. She so would turn them into maggots and take up fishing.

Then she booked herself out of school for the Christmas holiday, and he once more tried to make her stay. (Yea... as if she wants to stay with that evil toad Umbitch ruining school with all of her bull-crap ministry decrees, she is such a loser).

Therefore, she ditched the bitch, (the old man too), and just used the Three Broomsticks Pubs floo fire to get to where Remus waited at Sirius's old house (her new house) with their packed suitcases and her fake ID.

It was really quite clever of the goblins when she asked them for a custom job. They of course got her a British passport, which is legit. Its the psychic ID that made her day though. She had just mentioned about this piece of paper she saw on a TV show once, and they were interested, then made her one, and even patterned it in her name for a fee of course. Those goblins, they really do love gold more than anyone else does.

She supposes the goblins could have just made her passport suggestive, but... well, she did not think of that at the time. This way, her psychic ID can be anything, even a driving licence if she wanted. Though she has never driven a car before so maybe she should actually get a proper licence when she is old enough in case she ends up hurting herself or some innocent bystander joyriding.

Anyway, after meeting with her werewolf 'uncle' they headed off to the airport (rather than using magic) as the old man, Dumbledore knew she planned to head off on vacation for the first ever time enjoying her new freedom. The old man can be sneaky in finding this crap out. It's just a good job he can't use his mind reading bull-crap on her or he'll be way more forceful in 'protecting' her.

In other words, taking away her freedom by any means necessary for the 'Greater Good', and her 'safety' of course (insert sarcasm). Trying to have full control of her life. Yea. Like she would not just beat him up and run away. There has to be something better than this crap.

She held in her groan as she finally let her eyes peel open fully, blinking several times to adjust to the light and let her eyes focus. The curtain was not fully closed for some reason and maybe torn. She realise that is why there is so much light in the room.

However, her eyes widened in shock and confusion as the emerald scanned the room. This is not her room... well she does not think so; she supposes she could have gotten an upgrade while drunk.

Yes... that must be it. She silently agree as she looked around the room to the giant sized flat panel TV hanging off the wall. To the expensive looking cabinets and chairs. The room was nicely decorated and even had a huge fridge, and fluffy looking carpets, and even a couple of bathrobes hanging on what must be the bathroom door.

Though, she wondered why the fridge was empty with wrappers all over the floor along with empty bottles, and the door hanging off its hinges. Or why the TV has two long slash marks across the screen, or the cabinets are in pieces. The robes looked to be the only thing not in ruins when she noticed her suitcases in the far corner had not been harmed, thankfully as they have some of her stuff.

Looking to the huge four-poster bed, she is in she saw the covers were quite tattered, and one of the posts had been crushed with what was unmistakably a small handprint.

She could not for the life of her think of what she had done last night but she must have been losing at the games or something to have been this pissed off.

Though, now she wishes she didn't leave her wand back in the UK knowing that jerk Dumbledore has it spammed with loads of crap, half of which stop it working to its fullest she had no choice.

She had figured she would get a new one in Vegas or New York or something. Though, now wishes she got it first so she could fix everything, or at least she could have brought a spare one from home, but none of them worked right, they felt off kilt.

Sighing quietly she relaxed back into the comfy bed, and closing her eyes snuggled up into the soft warm flesh in her arms before her eyes snapped open in horror as her brain screamed 'NO' repeatedly in her head.

She is so going to kill... well, she paused that thought in surprise, and her eyes opened wider as she found a girl in her bed, not much older looking than her.

The girls skin was a nice natural tan (a fair bit darker than hers, as thankfully she didn't get fair skin that burns in the sun or anything from the red head thing), and she has a cute face with small nose and pouty lip, and long raven black hair.

She, herself had once had vibrant flaming crimson/scarlet hair, but it gave her something too in common with that prick ginger Ronald, so she changes her hair colour on a regular bases still not having found one she prefers.

She had chosen dark green at one point. It actually did not look bad even though she only did it to piss off that prick Ronald Weasley with his hate of Slytherins as that is their school colour, and apparently, they are 'evil'.

She had bought a really-expensive comb with a colour dial with every colour one can imagine, and then even more. It was just another thing she asked the goblins about. It did not exist until they created it and got her the patents. Those goblins... why none of the other wizards and witches gets them to make them cool stuff... well she can only believe it's their arrogance and super-ignorance!

The comb is quite unique and one of her favourite things. It is easy to use as she just selects the colour and slides it through her hair once if it is on the complete setting.

However, on the normal setting she has to slide it through every bit she wants coloured, and can even put multi-coloured streaks in her hair if she wants. Though, she is thankful it has a reset function, which will return her hair to normal any time she wants.

However, now she just went for a dark creamy-blonde, as she wants to be noticed, but not noticed as though a Vegas sideshow freak (if they still have them) or something stupid and crazy like that klutz auror with bubble-gum pink hair.

She has seen pictures of her grandma Evans in a photo album Hagrid had managed to make up for her, so copied her hair colour. Her red hair used to be more like her mothers, though maybe a little darker and brighter. If she did not have to go back to the magical world UK at the end of the holiday, she would possibly change her hair back to normal, or maybe she just won't go back.

OK, she took a deep breath. So she is not only in a new room, but also in bed with a strange girl she's never met before, that she can remember. And...

Yep, she is certainly completely naked, but then so is the other girl by the feel of her soft flesh, and yes, she knows that sticky from when she feels the urge to touch herself at night, but... with a girl. It reminded her of that stupid, annoying and slightly amusing time Hermione tried it on with her for the 'Greater Good'.

She felt her heart beating faster in panic unsure of what to do. No one had ever taught her what happens if you get drunk and wake up in the morning in bed with someone you cannot remember, let alone another girl.

"Well, at least she's cute," she whispered to herself trying to calm down. "And... not some filthy old guy who took advantage of me that I have to murder. Though, looking at this mess I might have snapped his neck like a twig before anything could have happened. Then how come she's not dead...!"

The brunettes brown eyes flashed open in that moment, and the blonde haired girl cried out as she felt the sharp sting of twin blades stabbing/slicing through her left arm. She moved quick, throwing the covers back and throwing herself out of bed to the floor and grabbing at her wound as it slid off the blades and bled gritting her teeth in pain.

She looked up to see the beautiful body of her attacker as she stood on the bed in a crouch almost like an animal with two sharp metal blades coming out from between each of her hands, between the knuckles of each clenched fist.

Her brown eyes were glaring in anger, confusion, and worry. It was a multitude of emotions. She was so confused, but that just gave doubt to her having broken anything, maybe this girl did most of the breaking in some mad passionate-super-lesbian-screw.

"H-hi," she tried to calm the wild girl, and getting a good look of her now she is sober, she can see why she lost her virginity to her. She is fine, tight and tone with lightly defined muscles like hers, without losing any of her womanly curves. Though, this girl's breasts are smaller than hers, perfect, perky, and looked oh so soft.

Her eyes travelling down to pause between the girls legs to see that the girl has more hair downstairs than her, and its black, not fine 'yellow' like hers is, (the comb works there too), but not very thick.

Trialling her eyes further down the girls legs, they are soft, smooth and so very... dam touchable. She wasn't sure she should be thinking naughty things like that about a girl that she doesn't know, apparently had sex with, her very first time, (though it looks like it was hers too as she took the morning after very badly), and then stabs her with her metal claws.

If it were not for the fact she has special powers herself she might find metal claws odd, and possibly frightening. However, she found them quite amazing, and though it is not magic, they are like her other power in a way, awesome, and cute, she likes them a lot.

She tried to offer a smile but was more a nervous upturn of her lips as the girl would not stop her eyes from drawing all-over her in curiosity and – eagerness - taking her in.

Her eyes kept lingering between her legs, and she even licked her lips a couple of times before staring at her supple breasts a bit more than necessary. She wondered whether she remembers, and is just as confused because she liked it or something.

She probably would have covered herself out of embarrassment if for one: she were not holding her bleeding arm, which still stung a little but the Basilisk fang a few years ago hurt a lot more. Two: she felt that any sudden movement might have the brunette attack her, and then their fight could draw unwanted attention, and before anything like that she would like to get dressed, or avoid a fight altogether. Last: she was flattered, embarrassed, but flattered the girl seems to be enjoying the view so much, and it was making her a little horny as her heart rate increased.

"M-my names Tori Hope Potter," she spoke as calmly and as non-threatening as she could, hoping that her new smile eased the girl some and was pleased when her muscles relaxed for a moment. "But everyone just calls me Hope, ironic…? I think I like the irony of it, huh. Though I suppose I do not mind, as names go its cool, but I really do not want to be their hope…

"I despise them a lot for how they treat me. I want to be my own person and live my own life out of the control of foolish morons…" she finished, pausing a possible rant and hoping her 'lover' calms down more.

However, before she could ask the brunette girls name she flew off the bed with a growl swinging at her with her claws. However, the blonde girl moved back and raised her uninjured right arm to defend herself.

The brunette didn't look very surprised as deep black 'rock' materialised creating some kind of half-arsed defence, but it was thick enough to stop the claws from slicing her arm off and coated the top of her right forearm.

Hope pushed her back and off her where the wild girl crashed into the wall cracking it in a spider web pattern. Hope returned the girls glare as the blood from her left arm started bubbling and her wounds started healing over as she had a moment to concentrate, until there was not even a scar.

The black rock on Hope's arm also healed before it burst open and out facing the brunette beauty. Sparkling in the dim light was a diamond blade wrapped around the girls arm as she charged.

The brunette girl blocked the sword with her claws and Hope was shocked that although the claws did not do much they had chipped the diamond, and she watched the flakes falling away and de-materialise into dust. It seemed impossible the metal in her claws was stronger and sharper than diamond blades.

Hope moved back and took a swipe with her sword, but the brunette stranger ducked and tried to attack her tummy. However, Tori's left hand moved and shot out and caught her wrist, where she swung her over her shoulder and threw her across the room, cracking the window as she hit it with a bang.

The Brunette just bounced right up to her small and deceptively delicate looking feet, single blades surprisingly coming out from between her toes. She was about to continue her charge at Hope when several loud thumps alerted them to the door. She turned to it as Hope did, but someone just called out.

"Miss. Potter!" it was some guy. "Are you OK in there. I've gotten a few complains about the noise coming from this room!"

"Y-yes I'm fine thank you!" she was quick to answer. "It was the TV... sorry," she said quickly trying to make an excuse for the noise. "I turned it on and it was on full blast and couldn't find the controller to turn it down! I just turned it off instead!"

"OK!" he replied foolishly buying it. "I'll have a new controller sent up to your room with breakfast Ma'am," he said sounding relived. "Would you like to order now?" he asked through the door.

"Sure, I'm starved," she replied in thought. "Just send up two of your largest breakfasts, some juice, and coffee. And take your time; we're in no immediate hurry!"

"Of course Ma'am," he agreed through the door. "I also have a message from a Mr. Lupin saying that he's left the hotel for the day and that he's gone to meet up with an old dog and hope he knows some new tricks."

"That's fine," she answered with a small laugh. "Uncle Remus does like silly little puns, but not as much as the dog," she laughed. "Thanks! Sorry about the noise! But could you please tell me how I got this room?"

"Oh... yes Ma'am," he agreed quickly. "It has been comped as such a valued customer with... substantial wealth we only thought it was fitting, Ma'am. Anything you need we'll be happy to get you free of charge."

"In other words I was actually doing really good last night," she replied with a slight laugh, as he did not comment. "Well, I don't plan to leave yet. That will be all!"

"Of course Ma'am," he agreed as they heard him walking away from the door.

As soon as he was out of hearing range the brunette girl turned back to Hope with narrowed eyes, but at least she seemed calmer now and was checking out the blonde girls' body again, frowning. It was then... then, that the brunette girls' eyes showed something that Hope often sees reflected in the mirror when she looks. Heartache, sadness, uncertainty, but most of all loneliness.

However, moments later she was glaring again and took a step forward as Hope looked at her imploringly. "Please stop! I don't want to fight you! I don't want to hurt you!" she said, her eyes watering slightly as she begged the girl to stop, and was almost surprised when the girl did stop, her eyes softening a little.

"T-Tori," the girl spoke in a very soft quizzical voice.

"Yes, that's me," she agreed nodding, hoping they could get somewhere other than into a fight, it sounded nice, having her used her first name, sweet, and final about who she is to this beauty. "So, what's your name?" Tori, 'she would have to get used to that' asked hoping that she might finally tell her.

"I was," she spoke again, her voice underused, but it was music her ears over the battle cries. She was starting to worry she's a mute or something and would not be able to communicate. "I was designated X-Twenty-Three!" she said surprising Tori, and she did not like the way she said that. Nobody should say they were designated a name. "However... my birth mother had given me a name... six days ago before she died. It's... Laura... Laura Kinney!"

Tori gave her a sympathetic look. "I'm sorry...!" she spoke gently and kindly. Laura's eye still freely roaming over her body without any shame or modesty darkened a little and looked lost before she spoke again in her quiet underused voice.

"Why do you apologise for something that you were not responsible?" she asked, cocking her head to one side cutely in thought, her smooth forehead crinkling up with the bridge of her nose.

Tori just quirked her lips up sadly. "I don't know. It's just... more along the lines of me feeling sorry for your loss than apologising over anything else."

"I see," she answered with a short nod, her eyes rising to look at Tori's face more in wonderment, as the blonde girls' eyes are so expressive, so beautiful. She likes the blonde girls' eyes very much, so she noted to look at them more too. "So that same word with the exact same spelling can be used with... a different meaning."

The blonde girl nodded and smiled. Laura thought about that smile. It was nice. She wishes she knew how to smile like that. Would her smile be pretty too?

"Why did it feel so good last night?" Laura suddenly asked, startling Tori and causing her checks to light up brightly as the brunette girls claws, feet and hands slid away, and she moved closer to the blonde girl, but not too close as she eyed the diamond sword.

Tori knew it was showing faith in Laura as her blade deteriorated leaving her bare arm and giving Laura the confidence to move closer, stopping only a foot or so away, facing each other.

Laura just looked down at the blondes' body before back up into those stunning green eyes. "When you touched me here," she said pointing to her breasts before her vagina. "And here... when you licked, and...!" she trailed off unsure what words to use.

Tori was feeling the heat in her cheeks right now as she looked down, finally taking notice that both of Laura's small nipples are rock hard and her vagina had a small trial of fluid dribbling from her slit as she was obviously getting aroused thinking about it.

The brunette girl did not say any more, but grabbed Tori's right wrist and forced it to touch between her legs. She let out a shuddering moan, as Tori looked to her face, she... her eyes were actually begging her. She was so soft and wet, it let her picture bits and pieces, drunken smiles, love, lust, need, and hope.

She could feel the soft slippery folds of Laura, as well as her soft black hairs, and felt herself getting turned on too as Laura moved closer, showing the wild girl is an inch or more shorter than her, but their bodies meshed together perfectly, her soft body against the blondes.

Tori could not help but lick her lips as she looked into the other girls' amazing dark eyes rubbing her slickness with her moving her hips to enjoy it more. She could not help but comply with the girls' need, a need she was feeling also, a lust and love she could not quite understand.

However, before they could get further into it as their breathing had become laboured and erratic, and Tori could feel her need so much more, there came a knock at the door. She could understand how her intoxicated self so easily took this beautiful scared girl: a girl with a longing to feel, who reminds her so much of herself.

She didn't feel like opening the door as Laura reached up with surprising gentleness, squeezing her breast, playing with her stiffened nipples, but the door knocked louder and the spell was near gone as they stepped away from each other.

"J-just a minute!" Hope, Tori, or whatever name, first, second, she is using now called out breathlessly, looking to her sticky fingers while Laura just stared at her.

She smiled, unable to resist the aroma, and tasted the sticky juices, liking her digits clean and realising why she enjoyed this girl, she taste delicious, strong and musky with a slight unclean taste and scent to it with sweat.

She shivered at the look Laura gave her and felt the electricity running down her spine before she remembered the door. She quickly pulled herself together, and grabbed the dressing gowns, completely ending their spell of lust and pulling on hers before Laura was obedient in allowing her to put the other on her, tying them secure.

Checking they are both modest, Tori gave Laura this look and quivered as the girls dark eyes were so piercing they seemed to look through her robes at the delights hidden within them, licking her lips.

She almost gave in right there just to destroy the room some more in some wild animalistic 'play', like last night as titbits of their night tried to flash her what they could get up to, what they had done, and what this time she will remember fully, the lust, and pleasures.

It took all, no most of her willpower to resist telling the 'visitor' to piss off, but they need food even if she has to resist using Laura, her X23 as a plate for her food while letting her eat off her in return, she quivered just thinking about it.

When exactly did Laura become hers? Maybe about the same time she wanted to belong to the brunette temptress. She fought herself just to keep her hands at bay as she finally pulled open the door.

It was a young woman wearing her uniform, and she was smiling as she pushed in the trolley into the room. She has short crimson hair down her neck, and this fine figure. She did not seem to give the rooms condition much thought as she set out the girls' breakfast on the table between two chairs, with a new TV controller.

"Do you need anything more?" she asked in this soft Russian accent.

"No thank you," Tori replied shaking her head.

"Are you sure?" she asked, making steps towards the door as Laura gave her a look that could possibly kill if left too long.

"Umm… yeah, thanks… here," she agreed picking up a white betting chip from the floor and handing it over.

She looked to it in surprise. "Five thousand dollars?" she asked, confused with the high tip.

"Yeah, thanks for the breakfast," she agreed nervously looking to her 'lover'.

"Now leave!" Laura startled them both as she spoke, and the maid nodded quickly and left, closing the door behind her.

"So… are you hungry because I'm starved?!" Tori ask after a moment to stop herself jumping Laura and getting it on, just like that, not that Laura does not look like she was not hoping.

She sat at the table taking a good sniff, just encase, and Laura sat opposite, her toes reaching across to touch Tori's. They sat, eating, hungry for a few moments, having a good fill before Tori asked her a question.

"So, are you... you know, looking for the guy who... you know... killed your mother?" the blonde asked out of curiosity and pity for her, feeling a kinship with her as she would like to get the man who took her mother, which allowed the old basket case to take so much of her freedom.

"Negative," she answered straight to the point without elaborating she continued eating hungrily. She obviously had not eaten properly in a while so let her have what remained of hers too as she is full already and it was a large meal.

"Oh... umm... why not?" she asked as she poured them both some orange juice. Not that everyone on the planet should seek vengeance on murderers.

Laura looked up from her food, and Tori could see the answer even before she spoke it. "Because I have already killed him?" she answered, nonchalant and without any guilt, she could learn from that as Laura can learn to feel.

"I see. So why are you in Vegas?" she had to ask out of curiosity trying not to look too sad, or too nosey.

"I ended up here while fleeing The Facility at first... just outside of the city in a small village," she began confusing Tori so she frowned as she realised she does not know what that is. "I was created from the mutant genes taken from... I am afraid I do not know. However, using his DNA and that of my mother's I was created as a living weapon by an illegal and unsanctioned government agency called The Facility. I am the twenty-third attempt and only success. I was born sixteen years and three months ago.

"However, I destroyed the last of The Facility," she continued looking down at her food as Tori felt like she should be hugging her, but couldn't just do that or they might end up fighting again over a misunderstanding, or having violent sex, yeah violent sex sounds like fun, but she needs to know her lover more.

"I... was then fleeing away from Nevada... but SHIELD had tracked me down. They are a world government military task force," she added as she realised Tori does not know of them either. "They attacked me, and tried to capture me. I ended up here as I fled from them.

"When you invited me to... drink that stuff with you… I saw you as a way of hiding. They would not attack just like that. They have to think about the consequences, and get permission now I am inside a public building, and with a civilian.

"However, other than the touching I have to wonder what that place was with... I believe you called him Elvis."

Tori were blushing up a storm as she licked her lips thinking about the 'touching' before frowning in confusion, and tying to recall 'Elvis' with no luck. Why would they go to a place with an Elvis impersonator, was it a concert or something?

"Elvis...?" she asked in curiosity.

"Yes," she answered as she finished off her breakfast, dabbing her lips clean with a napkin. "There were some people there. Mutants that had odd little sticks that did stuff. The 'Elvis' wore an odd flared white suit with big hair with a quiff out at the front. He was also on the tubby side.

"He said 'ah huh', and 'baby' and 'thank you very much' often in an exaggerated fashion with an odd little shuffle of his feet, and hands pointing at us. Then you gave me this gold band to hold and you held another before we copied what the 'Elvis' said until we put the rings on each other's fingers and did that... lips touch thing, which is... it feels nice. I like the lip touch thing."

Tori had paled and looked faint before looking down at her left hand feeling sick as she had not noticed it before now with runes running around the elegant band, and yes, Laura has one on too.

"OK... so I-I got married to another girl. In a magical chapel by a bad Elvis impersonator to an escaped girl born to be a weapon. This is...! You know what, sure. I'm fine with this.

"After all, I have an evil Dark Wizard trying to kill me, and a pathetic old man always trying to control me like I'm some kind of weapon he wants to just throw to the wolves, powerless, when he thinks the time is right, and he doesn't know I'm a mutant! So not quite powerless in one respect, and I'm not too bad at magic either, and then I have my secret 'weapon' if I can ever figure it out again."

"Then... we are both in rather... interesting situations," she replied with a thoughtful frown, not in the least surprised about the magic as even she had heard rumours about sorcerers. Though, Tori is glad she took it in her stride. "This marriage. It is supposed to be a binding... contract of sorts, revolved around affection and the emotion love? My mother taught me that much, but I did not love her... I do not think I did. I do not think I know how."

Laura was startled as Tori suddenly reached over the table and took her left hand, her claws reflex kicked in but they missed the blonde girls hand and Laura just watched. She was fascinated as the blonde haired mutant witch let her fingers feel the metal and stroke her fingers smiling in understanding.

"I understand how it feels... being ignorant of something as important as love is to a human, mutant, mage or otherwise," Tori spoke of her own knowledge as Laura watched her in amazement as she knows no one who would dare touch her claws let alone so casually.

Though, she was letting her, enjoying when her fingers then touched hers as she listened attentively. "Even now after having interacted with so many people. I know... deep down inside that... I do not love them and they just pretended to love me.

"I was fifteen months old when my mother and father were murdered by one of the most evil and dark wizards to have live. Then when he tried to kill me something odd happened, and a curse designed for nothing but death was reflected upon him. So he didn't truly die, and escaped as little more than a ghost."

Tori smiled weakly while Laura stayed quiet and listened more, letting her hold her hand. "Well, then I was taken from my home by this old guy... Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of a magic school, and supposed to be, Great White Wizard," she rolled her eyes snorting here. "He left me with my mother's sister and her husband... where because of their hate for magic they beat, starved, and treated me like a servant and yet I did everything they should do around the house they called me worthless... useless... and a waste of money when they spent little if any on me."

She trialled off there, pulling back from Laura as her other claws came out in reaction to that black rock circling Tori's right forearm as she clenched her fist at the memory, and exploding out into three huge black spikes curved backwards at a slight angle.

"S-sorry," she was quick to say and was glad that, although Laura was tense and ready for a fight she stayed seated. "So, anyway," she continued as the black rock fell away from her and disintegrated trying to just play off her anger as nothing.

However, Laura now knew to be more cautious of this mutant's power.

"Just before I turned eleven I got my letter inviting me to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Though my 'family' tried to run from them, I eventually went to school; maybe it would have been better if I did not.

"I noticed something really messed up when some giant idiot of a man was sent to take me shopping. I asked him questions about this strange new world of magic he should have known, as one would, but about the only thing of use to me he could tell me because he isn't very bright is about my parents murder, and me being famous for destroying The Dark 'Lord' Voldemort.

"That was my second clue to the whole fucked up stuff about there being something seriously wrong. Though, I wouldn't notice it until the train ride to school. You see the magical people fear Voldemort's name, and I had to force it out of the giant guy.

"So on the train I met some dipshit that's only one attempt at getting me to be his girlfriend away from having a diamond spear shoved up his ass.

Well anyway, he knew I was there and who I was, and his family just happened to be those to help me find the hidden platform. It's surprising how his mother shouted loud enough for all to hear about a Platform nine and three quarters and yet none of the non-mage noticed," she added the last bit sarcastically.

"Well, I hadn't much thought about muggle-born's before. They are mage born from non-mage like most mutants are born from humans, but there are less of them. It took me a few years to find a hint about mutants, and still it's on such a down-low, the mage are organised and hide better, but it's only a matter of time and technology.

"Well anyway, I met her, this girl, first year witch like me, and she went on about me defeating 'You-Know-Who', which is what the cowards call him, but I said 'no I don't' before it clicked and I said, 'oh, you mean Voldemort'. She flinched in fear... yet... I have looked in every book that he is mentioned in and not one says his name.

"Why would she be afraid of a name of someone she has never known, seen or heard about... a name she's never even heard before? She only knows 'You-Know-Who' or He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. It doesn't make sense unless the muggle-born's have been cursed, jinxed, or hexed to fear his name... but why...? Even now that makes little sense."

"But it does make sense to those continuing it," Laura replied startling the blonde witch. "It's quite simple. If the wizards and witches think that, those who so easily and openly flaunt his name are great worriers or heroes. It would give this, Dumbledore some leverage of control over the weak minded humans that will so easily bow down before him without even realising what they're doing."

Tori's eyes widened impossibly as she thought it over and watched as Laura's claws finally retracted, as she gets comfortable again, as she watched Tori's expressions of sadness to anger and then those she could not yet fathom, but hopes to someday comprehend.

"That's why he wants so much control over me because he left me omitted from his jinx. He needed me to speak the name since I had originally vanquished Voldemort, or the masses might find that odd and have less respect for me, and therefore him too if I can't speak his name."

"In deed," she agreed nodding. "I am to presume that this Voldemort has been brought back, most probably without the knowledge that Dumbledore was most likely assisting him in his deeds to some extent to keep so much control."

"Yeah," the blonde haired witch agreed. "He let me compete in some tournament that I didn't enter stating that it still constitutes a magical binding contract even though a magical contract cannot be factiously made, so without all parties' perfect consent it doesn't exist, which means that I would have had to have signed it, and placed it in.

"You wouldn't be able to use my writing from something else either, magic would call you out, and on a powerful artefact like that, and trying to control it would end up breaking it.

"Though, the bastard made me compete anyway, and all of my not-friends said I was a cheat and stuff, and ditched me. I had actually been happy with that, but they came running back at the end of the first 'task', which involved fighting a dragon.

"I knocked the idiot boys' teeth out, one punch, and the look on the girls face was priceless," she said smirking at Laura before looking sad. "I feel happy to have been fucking up the old man's reputation during this new term, but...!

"One of Dumbledore's fucked up tests got an eleven year old girl into some serious trouble during my second year of school. She was too stupid to say no, but then I do not know whether they would not have forced her or not anyway!

"I went rushing to her rescue anyway, but it turned out differently from what I'm sure Dumbledore would have liked. For one, Ron the idiot, her brother even… he did not go down with me, terrified, likely knowing what lurked beneath the school, and that is the day... I found my way... and I evolved!"

"I see, you don't have to tell me about that," Laura said looking her over. "I believe in a situation like that, you need time to… time to gather your thoughts. I would like to hear of these events if you will allow it someday, but maybe, if you could, what brought you here, today?"

Tori let her thoughts drift and smirked. "OK, I'll admit I had quite the bit of fun this last year at school, showing the morons that I'm nobodies' puppet, and certainly not a fool. So listen up, I'll try to Cliffs-note it up for you, or we'll be here forever…"

"So it all started with that whole dementor attacking me thing. They're like soul drinking demons or something like that. I really don't have the full details on that. I asked a few people and got different answers, so I say they're demons, have a problem… well, if you ever see any you choose.

"So, its not really a shock to me or anyone that I don't actually have any friends. Well, it would be a shock to 'outsiders' as I'm the Girl-Who-Lived, Tori Hope Potter, famous and all that bulls shit.

"I don't know what my parents were thinking with the Hope. Its used instead of my first name, likely because Dumbledore in all his 'cleverness' thought people would prefer a saviour with such a… hopeful name.

"Hope Potter, the Girl-Who-Live. See what I mean, its so much more, HOPE than simple old Tori Potter, my real name, the real me. Though I don't really mind. Its only a name, but only this really weird girl, Luna ever calls me Tori, and I suppose for that I can say I love her to bits.

"There are people who say they are friends, and that they care, like that Weasley loser. In fact, I hate all of the Weasley's. I will always swear they suck Dumbledore's wrinkly little pecker. He drives me crazy and now I have that picture in my head, eww!

"I've never really outright said I hate Ronald Weasley, but it is massively implied in my 'I hate you' attitude. What the hell do I need, 'I hate Ronald Weasley tee shirts'? He is so stupid I doubt he would get the message even then.

"He's got this demented image in his head from somewhere . That I'm going to consent to marry him someday, him? Seriously, I would rather marry Bellatrix Lestrange while she uses magic to grow a prick. Oh, she is this cruel evil, sadistic bitch Death Eater for your information, and not that I need the prick, its icky thinking about that now.

"I know it may seem big headed but I am so out of his league. Then Dumbledore and his family encourages this creepiness. It has gotten really disturbing, so much so I sometimes feel the need to just use the killing curse on them all and do the world a favour.

"The Wizarding World can be quite the joke, and I've grown too loath it. They don't give me a moments peace, and I'm not talking about my ignorant fans, but the rest. They won't let me live my life the way I want to live it. Then worse, they honestly think without any doubt that they have any right too!

"I was dumped on the doorstep of some abusive racists who hurt me any chance they could. Then these people come alone expecting me to agree to their idiocy? After all I have had to put up with, they expect me to care what they think I should do with MY life!?

"I can't truly understand happy feelings because I've known that I'm not happy at Hogwarts, knowing I have no friends there. Then when I try to make friends, Ronald Weasley or Hermione Granger come along, jealous and ruin it for me.

"How I want to just kill Ronald and totally humiliate Hermione for turning her back on her morels, her good NON-magical parents had instilled into her because Dumbledore and the magical world teach her different, a different right, the right to follow the 'leader', that there is a light which is good and a dark that is bad.

"If you could see the way the so-called light in the form of Ronald Weasley starts trouble with the dark. I just don't understand how he can think he's good. Worse, the way Hermione thinks that everything Dumbledore says she has to do for/too me to keep me good is good.

"One day I will get them all back for the way they have no love for me. They lie and pretend. Thinking I'm the idiot who can't see through the control, the desperate need to own me. They are nothing to me but a dictatorship in which Dumbledore is their Emperor!

"Sure Voldemort is the murder and the 'evil' one, but maybe Dumbledore isn't far off the title evil. He has just gotten in differently, controlling everyone with his benevolence. Though, I know there are others who see Dumbledore for what he really is.

"He has groomed so many naïve morons into his Wiener Crunchers that they don't want to believe he isn't thinking of anything but what he wants, and I doubt most would care.

"Then Dumbledore indirectly provokes the Slytherin hate. He makes most think that the schoolhouses are Hufflepuff, idiots, Ravenclaws, nerds, Gryffindors, his favoured, the heroes, and Slytherins, the evil villains.

"It makes me wonder whether he does it so that the people look to the Slytherins in suspicion rather than him. If he is the head, the head of the light and the Slytherins are bad he has to be right. Not that there are not bad Slytherins, but Ronald is a bad Gryffindor, think on that.

"I have to worry first about Hermione Granger, the muggle-born I told you I met on the train. She is seriously unhinged. I don't know who's idea it was, but after taking a little note of my loathing of Ronald, someone, probably Dumbledore suggested Hermione try it on with me instead, to keep me in the light obviously I need to date someone so 'good'.

"I'll admit I was quite shocked as I had been changing in the girls' dorm when I had removed my top she came over, grabbing my boobs, actually propositioning me for sex. I still cannot believe she of all people would have the guts, let alone to grab my bare chest.

"I can say she's not bad looking, but certainly not my type. I like the mind of their own kind of person for one. She might have even went and tried suckling my nipples if I had not punched her and broke her nose. She ran crying out of the door, and the next day she just pretended nothing happened.

"Though, that didn't stop her being touchy-feely, trying her luck. I just let her make a fool out of herself. It had gotten out of hand during one transfiguration class with the Slytherins so rather than punching her again I slapped this cute Slytherin girl's ass cupping a good feel and told her I would rather fuck the 'bad girl'.

"It was pretty funny; the 'bad girl' had given Hermione this wicked grin before grabbing my butt licking her lips with this sexy wink before finding her seat. Hermione gave up after that, but I have to wonder about that girl. Hmm… I should probably have at least remembered her name; it was either Tracey or Daphne, one of the two.

"I have to say I haven't gotten to remember many other students' names because of Ronald and Hermione. I feel bad for that, so many friends I could have met, so many fun people to hang out-with. Girls I would not mind cuddling with as we sat around with other girls after dark and told scary stories, but Hermione always ruins that sort of thing, or snacking in the middle of the night too, she is so boring.

"Anyway, off-track, if I was going to fool around with another girl at that time, I would have had a better selection I would choose from, some of which would be Slytherin. Anyway, I have seen Hermione naked plenty of times, and she seriously needs to think about weed whacking the bush between her legs, or a poor girl could chock trying to pleasure her.

"Hermione has magical powers and doesn't think that spending a few seconds on one spell is good when I'm not the only girl in our dorm who makes fun of her for it.

"Though, the hygiene of the magical world is… well gross. The entrance into magical London is a filthy pub ran by a filthy man. I shudder just thinking about it and even a muggle-born, daughter to dentists cannot see it is wrong.

"Worse still is the filthy jerks who smoke in public buildings chocking poor innocent schoolgirls? Then this arsehole, invited into my house into my kitchen thinks he can smoke where food is prepared! I'll say I threw his pipe out of the window with him still holding it.

"I thought I had broken them all when they saw me effortlessly throw an overweight man out of the window like it was nothing. Though, after a little time and someone letting him back in where he promised not to light up again, they brushed it aside as an accidental bout of magic.

"It was odd that they didn't all agree with me that smoking inside was filthy. They were bitches about it too, so I told them if they do not like my rules, they could fuck off out of my house with my godfather Sirius backing me up. He is an innocent escaped convict, and well… they're the magical people, so I'm sure you get why I wasn't allowed to live with him.

"I went around putting up no smoking signs everywhere just to put my point across. Though, that hag Molly Weasley, Ronald's bitch mother kept taking them down. How I wanted to murder the bitch. She drives me crazy with hate for everything that leaves her mouth; she might as well be under another's absolute will.

"The filthy smoker… well, I got him good when I caught him trying to sneak pictures up my skirt while I was climbing the stairs. He ran, but I ran much faster. I broke his face and his jaw, and shattered his camera and took the film before continuing to beat the living hell out of him.

"He was a bloody mess by the time someone found me still beating him. It was OK since it was Sirius. He helped me get rid of the evidence by throwing him through the fireplace that teleported him away. Sirius had said at the time that we sent him to the magical hospital. I heard later that he was found dead having trespassed in Gringotts wizarding bank using the teleportation entrance for noble and wealthy families, and not having any access the goblins felt no need to go into the secure area to 'rescue' him until it was at their convenience.

"I guess I was responsible for his death as I later heard that it wouldn't have mattered if the goblins had cared to rescue him. Though, I hear the teleportation chamber is like a vault, and once in, without the 'codes' you can't even leave the way you came.

"Thinking back, maybe I should have just given him super-piles instead. I may have overreacting and took out all of my murderous rage on him, but I suppose the world won't miss him. Though, the super-piles would have likely been better for my 'don't mess with me' rep as I could admit to that.

"This was shortly before our secret meeting, well mine and Sirius's, along with his oldest and closest friend, a kind of uncle to me I suppose, Remus's.

"We knew the old man was obviously off his rocker. Dumbledore had actually made plans for me to share a room with Ronald "the bastard" Weasley, as if. The filthy bastard would probably try touching me, or something worse and then end up mauled to death by werewolves, or a huge dog as Sirius can turn into one.

"I'll admit I laughed in their faces and the ginger-twat Ronald ran off in a huff. He probably had been planning horrible things that would mean revealing my mutation. Though, he would be dead soon after so all would be awesome with the world.

"I wonder whether I could get Dumbledore sectioned in the human world if I took his wand and found a way to stop him teleporting or his pet phoenix finding and saving him.

"Even now I shudder thinking about Ronald. I am way out of his league, heck even Hermione is out of his league, and with a little shaving downstairs and some nice clothes might get lucky with a cute girl, or boy, whichever way she really swings. She did seem upset when I kept turning her down, but maybe she was just frustrated that I was being such a bitch or something, or that I didn't want her, some people can't handle that kind of rejection.

"Anyway, everyone seemed awkward with the way I acted, except me, I was pretty happy to put everyone down. The house, my godfathers house, my house is massive so I found plenty of rooms to choose from, but had to keep using spells to check my things daily, sometimes finding loads of unknown spells, having to use the houses library to research protections, some of which are called 'dark' but really they just attack intruders.

"I even had to check my food, which I made obvious and found all sorts of crap from love potions to potions designed to make me tired, and docile, easier to control, more suggestive, to poisons that could take away any control over myself while I'm sick. The mere thought sickened me, so when I found these I was not happy.

"It's quite a clear memory, looking up at Molly Weasley as she watched me, encouraging me to eat. I do not think anyone saw me checking my food that first night.

"I cleaned up that night when I swished my wand and everything on the table flew at her, from food to dishes. She had to go to hospital for that, and I was please to beat down Ron and the other Weasley's with Hermione too with the help of Sirius and Remus they were all restrained, though a part of me had thought about how easy it would be to kill them.

"They come into my home and think about using terrible magic against ME! I bet there is some kind of ancient magic lore somewhere that would have protected me if I killed them.

"Dumbledore was 'displeased' with the whole event, with me; no matter the fact that bitch was trying to drug and poison me. I have no doubt that he was the mastermind. She is far too incompetent and stupid to come up with any kind of plot of her own. If it was her idea, Dumbledore might have used that to his 'advantage'. It would not have worked but it would have been 'interesting', maybe.

"I could have blown my biggest secret. It's lucky I only banished crap at her. It was after that that Remus; the smarter of the two adults actually on my side had done some tests on my wand. He was simply astonished I could actually preform magic with it let-a-lone the fact I could perform some advanced stuff with it.

"The wand was in a sense holding back nearly everything I could do. It was through sheer determination and power of will that I could perform with it. I don't know why Dumbledore would do this to my wand, but it explained why he always looked amazed when I learnt a new spell. He might have even been afraid that I get hold of a wand that should really choose me, and that I could be something spectacular or some such.

"So, anyway, Sirius had made up a will, which will emancipate me upon his death, as he couldn't do it in person because of the whole, not-a-criminal thing and no one caring. So he faked his death, and it wasn't even a very good attempt, but everyone believed, even Dumbledore.

"The old man had looked so very smug as he told me how I was all his to command. He had even taken me to the will hearing, playing the 'kind' old man, holding my wrist the whole time so I don't run away. I wanted to stay so he need not have bothered, and the old man went off into a raging rant when he heard I had been emancipated.

"He tried dragging me out with him, threatening that he is in control. I laugh because Sirius had thought this threw and the goblins and aurors were armed and waiting, thinking something was going to happen as per Sirius's will, and the old bastard was arrested.

"It was nice while it lasted and Dumbledore came back to my house trying to be 'nice', 'learning' his lesson. However, now I could leave whenever I wanted. He sent, 'guards', but really they were watchers. He was so desperate he had started getting to the fast food joints before me with love potions to spike the food to get me to 'love' Ronald.

"I don't know what would happen if they succeeded or not, but I like to think my will, who I am IS stronger than lies. So with them spiking everywhere, and Molly Weasley spiking all of the food, well, I had to go further a field.

"It was only a matter of time before one of the spikers screwed up. This was when I was buying my meals from the hypermarket, ASDA or Tesco or something, they both sat opposite each other so I can't remember which I was in at the time.

"I could check the food in the hypermarkets, and it was unlikely they could spike anything with the thousands of non-mage passing through each day. It was on this one day that I was buying a chicken and bacon, pasta salad pot with a chicken sandwich and a chocolate snake for afters.

"Standing in a queue to buy my food I didn't notice the oddity with the black man at the checkout until I was up close. The oddness of the clothes, the way he acted. Wizards and witches born in the magical world just don't know how to fit in.

"So, I pretended not to pay attention just for a moment before screaming at the top of my lungs about the man tampering with my food. Security rushed over, seeing the vile of pink liquid and the half-opened pasta pot. He was dragged away with a dumbfounded expression on his face.

"I got lucky, the store got me a new pasta pot, and let me have it and the rest for free as well as a fifty pound gift card. I was walking out when I noticed this other one, female, shape-shifter, and very clumsy. I leaned over at her, giving her my best 'I hate you stare'.

"I think I said something along the lines of. 'I hope you enjoy your master's tainted hands all over your body and soul!'. Then I walked out leaving her to look like she was going to be sick. I got a taxi home and ate in the back since I needed to be quick, before her master gets his other minion out of trouble.

"Contacting Amelia Bones, head of Magical Law Enforcement, Kingsley Shacklebolt's boss was a stroke of genius. She has a strong hate for Dumbledore, and finding out her aurors are on his 'payroll' (ironic considering he doesn't even pay them) pissed her off beyond anything, almost as much as finding out they were trying to spike me with love potion for the Weasley's.

"Nymphadora Tonks, the female auror, which means top brace cop basically, and Kingsley Shacklebolt were both thrown out of the force with dishonourable discharges. It was quite the debacle, but Tonks also got thrown out of her parents' house for her crime; they were apparently furious. I don't have a clue what she did after that.

Though, she was lucky she wasn't put in jail. I heard her having a huge argument with Dumbledore before she disappeared; calling him all sorts of things I think were true before swearing vengeance upon him, and leaving. I really didn't know she had it in her to seek vengeance, but unless Dumbledore murdered her or something, I'll expect to see her someday in the future while I'm seeking my retribution.

"Amelia Bones also made a promise that if Ronald Weasley is ever caught touching me he and his family will be arrested for attempted bloodline theft, which is a very big deal to them. Even promising to capture me should we be in a relationship because of the now common knowledge of my hate for the Weasley's

"It was all over the Daily Prophet, magical world newspapers, that and the bit at Sirius's will, and how unhinged Dumbledore is. It helped that the idiot Minister of Magic wanted plenty of ammo against the old man, and me turning on him was like a bazooka.

"This was when we waited; using magic dumped all of the Weasley's and Hermione out of my house in the middle of the night and changed the fidelius charm from Dumbledore to me. It's a charm that hides a location with magic in a single secret, and evicted them from MY house.

"Though, that was all fun, you wouldn't believe the crap they all pulled at Hogwarts and the 'tear' is barely over. It is supposed to be a school for heck sake, not a war zone, but whatever.

"But anyway Laura, that doesn't much matter now. I think we should get dressed and out of here before these Shield people turn up.

"By the way, you're a great listener. It is great to vent, thanks! I think I need you, so much…!"

Tori and Laura had gotten dressed after breakfast, and after Tori's vent, which gave Laura a lot of interesting insight into the other, younger girl.

Tori had given Laura some clothes, just a skirt and a hoody top as she can wear her own boots and underwear, and the mutant witch made sure her friend has the hood up to hide her face. Tori herself put on some beige cargo hipsters with a black sleeveless tee shirt and some white running shoes.

Tori knows she can just get Remus to pick up the rest of her things and use magic to escape if she cannot return. However, she looked to her… wife… wow that will take time to get used to, but she has to get her out of here, murderer or not, she had never been given a chance for a normally life.

This gives them both something seriously messed up in common, but on the plus side, Tori's now legally an adult so technically she does not have to return to the UK if she applies for a visa. She will have to hide from Dumbledore and his Order, as well as hiding Laura from Shield, but she cannot and will not let anything happen to her. She would feel like a tool, and she will not be used by anybody like that.

"Come on, and keep calm," she finally said with her left hand taking her right. "Don't let anyone spook you and we'll be able to get you out of here."

She just nodded as Tori opened the door and they slipped out closing the door behind them they came out into a well-lit and nicely decorated hallway. Tori pulled her wife along after her and thought about using the elevator before just charging down the stairs with HER girl, as there will be more avenues of escape.

However, they got to the ground floor where two security guards stood and Laura tensed. "Excuse us, ladies, but maybe you would like to come with us," one of the men said as he moved his jacket to show off his gun.

However, even before Laura could react Tori's right fist exploded with black rock, becoming twenty times larger and knocked both out in that one shot before dissolving. "Come on, let's get out of here," she said concerned for her new partner, someone to love, and someone to love her.

She led her wife out into the main foyer of the hotel, and, holding hands, they both felt shifty and nervous, as they made straight for the exit outside. Tori was surprised no one else tried to accost them, but they are in a public place so she doubts they would where innocent people can get hurt, but then, she can't be too sure they'll care about that.

"Alright, we have to get out of here and I can't apparate," she said, holding Laura close to her while her weapon-wife was keeping watch. "We could get a taxi," she said looking out over the busy road full of cars, many being yellow taxis.

"Taxi!" she yelled waving, and one pulled over when people screamed out as another smashed into the back with three large men in business suits getting out with handguns aimed at them. However, Tori kept hold of Laura tightly to stop her giving anything away, yet.

"Ladies, N.S.A!" one man said showing a government ID. "We would like you to come with us please, and no… funny business or you could hurt somebody!"

Tori looked this way and that when she saw the white and blue motor cycle. She had had a sneaky ride on Sirius's old bike when she found it stashed away in one of Hagrid's sheds. So, this one is brand new and top of the line, doesn't fly and is faster, it's basically the same principle, right?

"OK," she said raising her hands as she saw the valet just standing there watching, key still in the bike. Laura just copied her. "Hey Laura, slice and dice the guns!" she said quickly and the men started as claws came out from between her knuckles and the ends of the guns came off in bits, a flash of movement before the blades were away, so quick people didn't know what happened.

Tori pulled Laura along and in a second jumped on the front of the bike, Laura behind her. Holding onto the back bar thing to give Tori some room. The mutant witch twist the key and revved the bike, shifting gear just as she figured out, it was the same on this bike, but instead of up, it zoomed forward, flicking its kickstand up as they went.

She tried not to cry out too much as they weaved through traffic. She just had to picture she was flying her broom, flying in an air race. She had always wanted to try that but her ideas of fun are always pushed aside for quidditch and boring stuff that her 'friends' like.

Even though she had collected Sky Race Magazine ever since first seeing a copy with the World Valley Championship on the front cover before her first year of Hogwarts. She would love to fly those 'tracks', picturing her victory.

"We're being chased by several cars!" Laura commented nonchalant from behind as she watched. "It is likely that they will open fire given the chance, but I can't be sure what they will do with all of these potential targets!"

"Shit!" Tori replied as she skidded round a corner and rightened the bike easily. She could get used to riding a bike, it is actually quite fun, but that police car that just did a U-turn with flashing lights and sirens to follow is ominous.

"Well Shield is obviously using the cops since it's only us they're after!" she said weaving through the traffic as they tooted horns or in some cases they heard cussing. She found riding a bike to be like when she first flew a broom, natural, and exhilarating, beautiful, peaceful, like she was born for the thrill.

"Just drive faster, but I do not think this is Shield," Laura replied as she moved her position, leaning into Tori's back, holding on around her waist, looking over her shoulder as police cars in their direction were driving ahead, slowing down to stop them.

"Shield are not this reckless or desperate. They should know that backing me into a corner is not good for their lives. I also do not believe they would risk the lives of the local law enforcement."

Tori grit her teeth at that as she passed into such a small gap between two police cruisers that she was surprised she fit, and the cops surprisingly gave her more room as her engine roared in her ears egging her on.

However, the moment they pulled out from between them. In that moment, both cars went bang as Laura sliced into their front tiers. They flipped up and back; crashing down on the road; skidding along taking out a third cruiser.

"Whoa babe, you done that before?" Tori asked as they whizzed through, round some noisy cars and a van onto an intersection and just making it through some green lights at a crossroad.

"Have you ridden a motor cycle before?"

"Flown a magical one, does that count?" he replied but did not get an answer and she's certain it does not count, flying and driving are completely different things. "Oh, crap…!" she added as she looked up to see not one, not even two, but five helicopters, four of which didn't look like they belonged to the police as they were military green gunships.

"I don't suppose you can slice them from here could you?" she asked her wife hopeful but doubtful as they continued, picking up speed as the traffic had thinned out on the highway out of town. "I didn't think so," she replied, as Laura did not answer, she will get the hang of her eventually.

They both watched; blasting along the road as it became empty, as two military helicopters lowered with gun turrets aimed and boom they were pelted with gunfire. The last thing Tori would have expected on this trip was a face full of bullets.

Tori veered the bike as Laura jumped off, and she hopped up onto the seat as she jumped back covered in black rock, even under her clothes. She crashed and rolled on the road, black rock breaking away from her with every skip and skid.

The bike however, it kept going and smashed into the side of one of the helicopters in an explosion. The chopper had no choice but to crash down on an outcropping of desert, but its rotors kept spinning at speed. The craft leant sideways and boom, it broke apart, blowing up in a fireball.

The witch climbed painfully to her feet as the black rock melted away from her skin and a few cuts took a moment to heal up while Laura limbered over, holding her arm as she wrenched and moved it until it set right before looking as if nothing happened except for her dirty clothes as they stood together.

They watched as the police helicopter had left, leaving the military; though the downed chopper was in pieces scattered all over the place with the main body a husk of flames.

"Oh crap, this can't be good!" Tori muttered as they looked around as more helicopters had shown up, and as they had once evaded the cars, not having noticed until now they had caught up, the police now suspiciously missing, pulling to a stop, men and women getting out with oddly designed riffles aimed at them.

"Now what?" she asked her partner in 'crime'.

Laura just stepped towards them with a swish, twin metal claws slid from between her knuckles on each hand. Tori sighed as blasts of black rock burst up over her arms and hands splitting open in a moment to reveal huge diamond blades with bone blade horns running up her forearms.

"I guess they want a fight!" she said flexing her neck free of kinks to get ready. "I won't let you have my girl! She deserves a chance at something more!" she yelled out at them when suddenly one man fires a beam of orange light, and Tori deflects it with her diamond blades.

However, his premature fire sets off the others and Tori drops, smashing her blades into the road slicing her blades in, and the concrete bursts up, crumbling into steel beams that layer over them like a shield. She was panting for breath as she held her position, taking the hits.

"I can fight," Laura said, touching Tori's cheek, and surprisingly holding her from behind, nuzzling at her neck. "Do not try to defend me, I am very durable," she said, and Tori nodded, letting the metal crumple down as asphalt.

X23 was in her element as she shot out and charged the cars while Tori found herself caught off-guard by how beautiful and elegant she can be, and her ass in that skirt. Yep, apparently she does swing that way. She had been so caught up in her terrible life she had never given it a thought before now.

She dodged a beam shot and looked up as she heard the scream from her wife, Laura; she was captured in some kind of electronic field.

She had not even managed to hurt one of them and she is the trained killer. Tori's heart was braking, just like once before where she was too weak, too young, the scream ringing in her ears and heart.

Tori stood with her eyes wide as she cried out in rage, the wind around her swelled and all she heard were her Laura's screams. "I-I-I won't let you hurt her!" she roared out as her eyes had gone from emerald green to a glowing sapphire blue. "Not again, I won't fail again!"

She saw it, the world, the beautiful white castle, the sword. The moment she thought of that sword she exploded into a column of blue light, engulfed in the power.

"Excalibur!" she hissed the name, the word travelling to every ear on the wind, and the swirling wind and light splashed away, and all was quiet except X23 as she fought to stay conscious. She just had to watch her saviour, her Hope, her Tori.

Tori was the same as she once was. Her hair tied back wearing a tight form hugging dress of deep royal blue with some white with slits down the sides showing her long smooth legs and armour plated half boots. Her top half hugged her curves perfectly, with armour plating over her chest and arms wearing gloves.

However, in her hands she held a large silver sword, a heavy bladed sword with light blue across its blades, and patterned out along the silver in runes. Its handle is wrapped in white leather, and long with a finger guard of blue running its length.

It looked like she should barely be able to lift it, but to her it was obviously not that heavy. She moved, charging and they opened fire again, but they were too slow as she freed X23 from the electro-blasters, slicing them in half.

The men went next, sliced in two with looks of horror. Laura was now free and more men followed them into death as they stalked through the men and women as they fired guns, neither Tori nor Laura let some burns and blood stop them from fighting.

Tori's sword swung down on a car as some of their attackers tried using it to escape, but she felt different, content that justice must be served, and boom, in a blue light the sword sliced the car in two in an explosion.

Laura sliced another car open as a cowardly man had lost his gun and tried to hide within. She pulled him out and did not even hesitate to slice him open like the fool he is.

However, it was moments later that one of the gunships opened fire with rockets, not caring whether they hit their own people. Laura and Tori moved, jumping and diving out of the way, as the force of the explosions carried them further.

They landed together in a ditch beside the road when the helicopter turned to them, this time with another two, and boom. It came out of nowhere but one of the helicopters was suddenly hit by something. Then again, boom, boom, the other two went down too as two grey coloured military jets shot by, turning around and aiming at the other helicopters.

It was amazing as the remaining helicopters started pulling away, but missiles fired and took them out with ease before the jets just flew off leaving the broken wreckages to hit the road and desert.

However, as soon as Laura and Tori climbed to their feet black cars with sirens and hidden lights came screeching onto the scene. They watched cautiously when this bald black man stepped out of the back of the lead car walking forward while other men captured and arrested stragglers.

He was standing tall in a long leather coat and black military uniform under it with an eye patch over his left eye. "You young ladies have quite the talent sets!" he said, sounding with a strong, commanding and powerful voice as he stopped several metres from them.

"I am Commander Nick Fury of Shield," he introduced himself. "If you are curious, they are another unsanctioned government agency that wants to… use people like the pair of you," he said with a sigh. "Trouble, there is always trouble… Carbon if I were to hazard a guess from your powers. We analysed some leftovers from your room. You can manipulate carbon, but this sword, Excalibur, its exquisite. But I believe to create such a thing you would have had to touch the real deal at the least."

"I-I could not have. I just know that… this… it makes me act oddly!" she said, her accent having changed from outside-London to a more regale, posh tone and accent, more, English of the past, and her posture was proper, her eyes never leaving him.

She held her sword, point down in a gentle manner, but she is aware of everything around her, so she is in control, and her senses are sharper than ever, and she just knows how to use a sword like this.

"Its most intriguing the things magic can do," he answered with a look that showed some compassion, and that not all muggles are blind to magic. "I have recently had some unusual encounters as such. We had a battle of godly proportions. Then we have powerful heroes cropping up all the time, but with them comes the powerful villains, or maybe they come because of the villains, because they can. I would prefer to think of it that way. However, eventually there may come a time where one 'hero' is not enough.

"If you want to keep X-Twenty-Three," he said gesturing the smouldering girl resting against her side, and she held onto her tighter. "When that time comes… you will fight for this world and its people!" he finished pulling out a folder from his coat and throwing it over where she caught it, looking it over.

"The Avengers Initiative?" she asked, curious and concerned.

He just nodded. "A last resort… a just in case scenario!"

"I guess I'm in then," she replied tiredly as her sword started dissolving away and her new change of clothes reforming back into their original state as she lost that sense of purpose that seems to bring her that power.

"Good, we'll find you when the time is right, just keep her on a tight leash!" he said before walking back over to his car and climbing in, taking off and leaving them alone wherever they are.

"Jerk!" she hissed out, annoyed as she held Laura with a smile, holding her sizzled wife in a cuddle, enjoying the feel of her body pressed to hers as she used her to hold herself up.

"What do we do?" Laura asked looking baffled and out of it, but from observation this girl heals faster than she does, so all will be right if they can find a place to hide out.

Tori smiled and startled her as she kissed her on the lips ever so lovingly, tasting the sweetness. "We go home and remember to kick that Fury guy's ass next time we see him for not giving us a ride back to the city!" he said amused and panting for breath, wondering how long it will take to get to a place to get a taxi.

However, Laura did not speak as she pointed and the Shield people had towed away all of the cars except one silver one that looked undamaged.

They looked around wondering who is going to clean up the helicopters when they seemed to shrug and rushed to the car, getting in, Tori found herself in the driver's seat.

"I don't know how to drive a car," she said looking at the keys in the ignition.

"You managed the bike," Laura responded nonchalant. "This is an automatic," she said pointing to the gear thing that just had 'drive', 'neutral', and 'reverse'. "It should be easier than the bike. Unfortunately I haven't driven before either."

"OK," Tori said with a shrug as she started the car and revved the engine a bit before taking off that parking break thing and then placing the car in 'drive' she was gentle on the 'go' peddle as she turned around as the road ahead is blocked by burning metal.

It did not take too long to be zooming along the road and back into Vegas; though Tori had trouble with not speeding none of the cops they passed seemed to care.

Driving a car was cool, but nowhere near as awesome as driving a racing bike. Though, maybe she should get herself one of those racing cars or something, and probably a driving licence wouldn't go-a-miss either.

It was not long before they both got back to the hotel and parked up outside before climbing out. The valet guy gave Tori a ticket and quickly left with the car, not that they were ever going to claim it again. It's time to check out and disappear for a while.

Tori did not care about telling Remus, or contacting the 'dog', they needed to leave and let things cool down. Hopefully, Shield will keep everything low key and A-OK for them.

It had been five months since Tori and Laura had gotten together that weirdly annoying and delightful day in Vegas. However, since then they had been living happy normal lives in their penthouse apartment in New York City opposite that eyesore Stark Towers.

However, it was a nice deal and being on a corner, they had a balcony that didn't only look over there. Tori had just bought the place outright (and regretted it when Stark put up his name in giant letters), and warded it to the max, including the whole building, just to be on the safe side from Tori's douchy people.

The place was large and airy with white leather couches, a bar, and open lounge and kitchen with several rooms and bathrooms. She had never felt so free while she spent time teaching Laura how to be relatively normal, which wasn't exactly easy when she wasn't normal herself. They ended up snuggling and having lots and lots of hot sweaty sex wherever they could.

That had to be Laura's favourite activity. Not that Tori would ever want to deny her anything like that. It was one of her favourite activities also. Marrying her girl had been a shock. Sleeping with another girl and realised she was gay was an eye-opener, but she was pleased for it all.

Tori loved Laura, but sometimes felt like she was Laura's bitch when it came to their bed, but being honest with herself. She liked that and it turned her on like nothing else. She loved being submissive in bed (or wherever they might be doing 'it') with her girl, and her girl enjoyed her like that. She loved Laura's aggression in the sack, and she put it to good use.

Tori was laying, curled up on a couch with her head on Laura's lap while she stroked her hair with her small yet deadly fingers. Tori was wearing tight cream coloured shorts and a white top without the sleeves and black and white soaks while Laura went for the whole leather 'hot-biker-chick' deal she enjoyed, and Tori liked that about her as it was hot seeing her girl wearing tight black leather.

They were relaxing comfortably when they both lazily looked up from enjoying each other while the radio was on in the background coming from the mass surround sound system towards the window.

They looked outside to see that idiot neighbour of theirs from across the street in his red and yellow high tech battle armour as his own name lit up on the side of his building, lighting the dull darkness of the early evening, night even further.

Tori groaned as her right eyebrow twitched with her annoyance while Laura didn't react, but watched as her girl climbed up glaring out of the window as the peace was ruined. She was a red head again having reset her hair to its natural crimson, and loving the way Laura seemed to be a really big fan of her natural hair colour. It hung long and wild to her butt, framing her face perfectly as it hung over her shoulders.

Laura gave a small smile as she found it satisfying and cute to watch her Tori getting angry at someone. Tori stormed over to the balcony and opened the doors and charged out while Laura watched from her seat with a light and slightly befuddled smile. She still found things like getting annoyed with someone like Tori was, confusing, but her expressions were cute so she enjoyed watching.

When it came to what she knew as 'bedroom' activities, she was in charge, but for everything else she wanted Tori in control because she knew she could hurt someone otherwise. She didn't want to hurt anyone unless she had to, and she enjoyed leaning from within her wife's arms where she found comfort and her newest and most precious emotion: love.

"Stark!" Tori hissed while glaring over at the armoured man, and he looked over as he could hear her because of the armours functions, and she figured he would. Laura enjoyed her English accent. It was sweet and cool and she liked the way it rolled off her tongue. "If you don't turn that blasted sign off I am going to come over there and rip it down before shoving it up your bloody arse!"

She glared as she practically sensed his amusement before giving him the finger and storming back inside. "Shutters, close!" she said, annoyed and the window shields slid down blocking out the bright light. She sighed tiredly before looking to her wife and smiling. "Do you want to go out some place and get some food, or attack Stark Towers?"

"You are bluffing," Laura replied, getting better at detecting empty threats, no matter how much fun it could be to teach Stark so manner. She spoke in a slight amused monotone, small smile aimed at her most important person. "You wouldn't attack Tony Stark or let me, so I believe dinner is the option I should choose."

"Good call!" Tori replied, smirking as she stole a loving kiss her girl returned with vigour and love. "Come on, I think a nice casual place with some good food will be great. I know you love that pizza place a few blocks away, we can take a walk."

Laura nodded her consent. "Yes," she agreed before taking Tori's hand and leading her out of the apartment. They used the elevator and waited together in a comfortable silence, which was nice in their relationship as they didn't need to speak their feelings all the time as they were both girls with who actions spoke louder than words ever could.

Tori hadn't had much contact with her family. Well, Sirius or Remus since hiding away. She had contacted them and told them to stay away, and that she would contact them in a year or so. She wanted to settle herself down before dealing with the magical world again, and she was sure SHIELD had an extra hand in keeping them out of sight, and keeping any undesirable mage away from them. That was a bonus to her deal with whatever SHIELD was supposed to be.

It didn't hurt that she apparently had a hero complex so if some big super douche bag came along she was likely going to try saving people anyway. At least this way she would have the backing and resources of SHIELD. The only real reason she let Voldemort go rather than going after him was because the so-called 'good guys' wouldn't get out of her way. If they did, she was certain she could have brought the megalomaniac douche bag to justice by now.

Tori doubted that she would ever understand the idiots of the 'light' and the way they feed off Dumbledore's crap, mindlessly believing in his bull-shite. She wondered whether any of them had any sense of right or wrong. They likely gained their belief in Dumbledore because they shared his moral compass, which was out of alignment.

It was one of those unanswerable questions she had heard about. She doubted very much whether she would ever get any kind of answer to the big questions like that. It was like the meaning of life, shrouded in mysteries, or Dumbledore had created the ultimate hex that only worked with 'evil' to fight, which could explain why he was so keen to scream evil at people and get his minions to believe him, along with allowing evil to hang around.

Tori shrugged that thought away as they exited the elevator together, and walked hand in hand passed the front desk and out into the cool evening air. Looking up towards Stark Towers she was pleased that the metal menace had flown away to wherever it was he went while not bothering innocent young girls with light pollution.

Leading Laura away from the building they passed a beautiful shiny sports car as it pulled into a parking space next to their building. It was one of them old classic cars she saw in magazines. It was quite beautiful. It was a shiny red Chevrolet Corvette. Tori couldn't help but pause to admire the car while the man with thinning dark brown hair in the grey suit stepped out, grinning at the 2 in amusement.

"Lola is beautiful isn't she!" the man startled them as he spoke before offering his hand. "Agent Phil Coulson, SHIELD!" he surprisingly introduced himself and lowered his hand when he realised he wasn't going to get a handshake. "We have a situation, and we're calling in the team!"

"We were about to get dinner!" Tori complained while Laura was glaring at him.

"En-route... my treat perhaps?" he suggested as he gestured towards the car.

Tori raised her right eyebrow. "It's a two-seater Agent Coulson!" she commented, rolling her eyes.

"I'm sure you can both fit, the Quinjet isn't far!" he said with a shrug.

Tori sighed and shook her head before she thought of something. "Is Stark coming?" she asked, curious.

"I believe so. I have just been to speak with him," he replied with a nod.

"Good!" she growled out with an evil grin. "That jerk will be taking down that stupid sign when I'm through with him!" she said pointing up at the neon sign of his name. "Do you have any idea how annoying it is to buy an apartment, and then for some rich dick from across the street to put up his name in huge glowing letter?!"

"I gather, not very nice," he said looking up. "I'll see about getting some people looking for a more... Stark free property, as I'm sure I can get SHIELD to buy out your property and leave you better off. It is hard to find enough good locations to keep an eye on him."

Tori sighed. "Yeah, whatever," she replied as she climbed up over and into the car in the passenger seat with Laura climbing in to snuggle on her lap while Coulson climbed into the driver's seat. "If we get pulled over and you don't flash whatever super secret agency badge you have to get rid of them you're paying the fine."

He turned to her with a grin. "Why would a super secret agency vehicle ever get pulled over?" he asked, amused as he skidded out onto the road and sped away.

"Good point, but don't forget our pizza!" she said, complaining. "Laura likes this place just...!" she trailed off as she realised they were pulling up outside of a certain pizza shop.

"We don't just keep our eyes on Stark," he said with a shrug at their look. "We have to watch out for... assets who are either dangerous or need protecting. You don't think that you're really that gifted that you can keep off the radar by yourselves. SHIELD is keeping you off the radar as well as Bruce Banner, or as you may have heard of him: The Hulk."

"Hey wait!" Tori said with wide eyes as they parked up. "You mean that green monster guy is on the team too?"

"Yes," he agreed, frowning. "Didn't Fury give you-."

"Yeah," she interrupted. "It contained mine and Laura's profiles along with a file on that jerk Stark, and a small bit about Thor, and only mentioned a small possibility of him being on the team, but that was it."

"Oh," he said sheepishly as he opened the glove compartment with a squeeze and pulled out a brown folder, handing it over. "Sorry, I guess we overlooked sending an updated file. It has the rest of your team in it. Stay here and I'll get you your pizza. I believe it should only take a moment."

"OK," she said waving him away as she and Laura read through some extra names and he left them to it. "Whoa, I always thought Captain America was just an urban legend or something, and wow, so that's what the Hulk looks like while not a huge angry kickarse monster. Then that idiot Tony!" she said carefully flipping through the pages. "Thor, and Hawkeye, and then... Black Widow, so it's only three girls on the team."

"What is the threat?" Laura surprised her by asking the obvious, and looking through the folder couldn't see what they were being called in for.

"I don't know," she replied with a frown. "I guess we'll have to ask Agent Coulson once he gets back."

She nodded with a frown as she looked over to the pizza house. "My Tori, those men carry guns," she said nonchalant, startling Tori and she looked over. She could see men wearing Halloween masks with handguns holding up the pizza place.

"Well stands to reason that robbing a bank at gun point is out when it's too late, and more dangerous," Tori commented as Laura really enjoyed this pizza place and hopped out of the car and headed straight for the restaurant with an angry scowl that Tori saw as adorable.

Tori shrugged as her girl was practically immortal as far as pathetic bullets were concerned. Therefore, she started playing with some controls on the sat-nav when a brunette woman came on the screen.

"Agent Coulson?" the woman asked, and Tori had to admire her looks. She was older than her, by quite a bit, but she was still pretty and thin wearing a blue uniform. "Who are you and what are you-?" she paused as they heard several bangs and shattering glass. "Was that gunshots and breaking glass?"

"Oh, umm... sorry," Tori said sheepishly while the woman's blue eyes narrowed in suspicion as she eyed her. "I was just waiting here and wondered what this screen did. I pressed a few buttons!" she said impishly as they heard screams, more gunfire and something breaking.

"I'm pretty sure that was gunfire!" the woman replied.

"Na, you must be hearing things, Miss...?" she replied sheepishly as she trailed off for an answer.

"Hill," she answered while looking even more suspicious. "Agent Maria Hill," she finished when she heard some man screaming and begging for mercy when a man in leather grabbed hold of the trunk of the car screaming and crying for help from a devil girl, his mask half on half off his face.

"He's bleeding, get him of Lola!" Coulson cried out as he ran out of the shop with his gun drawn after knocking a man out with a left fist, and the bloodied man was dragged away, off the car, and seemed to go flying.

"OK, what the hell is going on?" Maria demanded, annoyed. "And I'm certain that was a man having the crap beat out of him, and I heard Coulson, put him on, now!"

She shrugged sheepishly. "Agent Coulson!" she called out to him while he had collected a large pizza box. "Agent Maria Hill is on the phone; sorry I think I accidentality called her."

He came over quickly while Laura returned to the car sitting on Tori's lap, and he passed them their pizza, smiling at the woman on the comm. as he climbed into the driver's seat before speaking.

"Maria - is everything OK. I have Carbon and Ex-Twenty-Three. We'll be with the Quinjet in ten minutes. We just stopped because the girls wanted some pizza first, and Stark will likely turn up when he turns up. I'm sure you've read his records, not exactly the most reliable guy but he comes through when it counts."

"What happened?!" she demanded sternly. "And don't blow it off; the red head was just ignoring some kind of fight!"

"Oh that!" he said sheepishly as the girls had started on their pizza and he quickly began the trip to the pickup point without telling them to wait until the jet to eat. "It was just a bunch of armed robbers choosing the wrong pizza joint to stick up. We left them for the police to deal with, and I think they may have learnt their lesson."

"You let a super powered girl trained to kill people beat them all up!"

"Well, I took out a few," he replied, shrugging.

"You don't mess with a girl's pizza place!" Laura entered the conversation nonchalant while chewing a huge slice of pizza.

"Hill will you stop lecturing Coulson!" Fury interrupted her, but didn't step in front of the camera. "What's done is done, and I happen to agree. If it was a place I enjoyed, I wouldn't be too pleasant with the thief's either!" he said and the screen went blank while Hill looked like she was trying her hardest not to pout.

"Well, looks like we got away with that!" Coulson said, grimacing as he looked at the girls. "Please don't spill any food inside Lola. I don't even eat inside her. She's a collectable, not a food bar."

"She's also a car, not a person, you're creeping me out!" Tori said with a smirk while he had the decency to look a little embarrassed as he drove them on. "So... this file neither says what you need us all for, or who is going to be team leader, so dibs team leader!"

Coulson rolled his eyes. "You can't just call dibs on something like that. You're both the youngest and least experienced. Well as for a full briefing, you should wait until we're in a more secure location."

"Ah man!" Tori complained, pouting. "At least tell me that the Iron Twit isn't going to be in anyway the leader of the Avenger's!"

"I was thinking a certain Captain could real you all into a team," he said with a sheepish grin. "I doubt Stark would make much of a leader while half of the team would want to give him a hard time because he is quite..."

"Annoying – arrogant – ignorant - one of them?" Tori asked him reasonably, and helped fill in any blanks.

"Umm... well yes, I suppose," he agreed, amused with her as he turned the car into a closed road that had guards at the guard house, but the barrier went up without having to even stop.

"Whoa, this is going to be so cool!" she declared as Coulson cried out as a piece of cheese slid from a slice of pizza, Laura was eating, to the floor of the car.

"Any luck?" Albus Dumbledore asked; hidden away with his Order back in the UK. He was sat at the head a table surrounded by many witches and wizards.

"No!" answered Snape. He was a greasy haired waste of space as far as most of the members present were concerned, but Dumbledore liked him, so they had to put up with him. "The Dark Lord is not pleased that the girl has gone off screen. Two weeks ago several Death Eaters got close, and reported that they had some clues they tortured out of some muggles, but then they disappeared."

"Oh yes they would wouldn't they?"

They all span - wands out and pointed at the man who appeared in the large room. He was wearing black and green leather with slick black hair loose to his shoulders and green eye. He was holding a silver rod with his arms folding under his chest, and a smirk on his face as he watched them without a care.

"Who are you?! How did you get through the ward's?!" Dumbledore demanded as his wand was pointed at the man.

"I am Loki of Asgard!" he said pushing up from the wall and faded away but his voice suddenly came from behind and they spun again with wide eyes. "The girl is being protected by SHIELD. It was highly likely that those Death Eaters were, how should I say? Oh well, straight to the point, gotten rid of."

"Who...? What...? They were killed?!" Snape asked warily.

"Oh yes!" he agreed with a laugh. "SHIELD is a secret human military, and they won't distinguish a difference between you hunting Tori Potter or Death Eaters. They will kill you all."

"And what do you want?" the old man demanded straight to the point.

His smile widened impossibly. "There is going to be a huge alien invasion of the earth taking place above New York City very soon. It will be a prime opportunity to sneak passed SHIELD and try to capture the girl. She will be there to fight for the earth!"

"I see," Dumbledore agreed. "And you want us to keep some of them away for you," he said nodding his head in agreement.

"W-wait what!?" interrupted a young brown haired woman. Her hair was short cut and long to the sides at the front with some strands twisted into plaits. Her eyes were a bright blue, and she wore long white robes with a red cross on her chest. "T-this man just said he is going to invade earth with a freaking army of aliens and you're going to help him. And why the heck are the rest of you nodding in agreement to this. If this guy is who he says he is, then this is the freaking bad guy! Loki: God of Tricks!"

"And fire," he corrected, not denying anything, and while it infuriated her, it amused him as nobody was standing up with her.

"Miss. Jones... Hestia, we have to find Miss. Potter and bring her home. She is only safe while she is with us, and with Voldemort on the loose she is in danger. She may be our only chance at stopping him."

"So let's get this straight, you're going to attack a girl who is going to be standing on the front lines of a battle instead of fighting with her?" she demanded as if they were stupid, which thinking about that they were.

"You must understand!" the old man said with a smile. "Without Miss. Potter, Voldemort will continue to hurt wizards and witches."

"And the millions of people in New York?" she asked but he gave her a shrug. "Screw this. I'm out of here," she said, getting up and storming out. She was out of the house in seconds about to apparate when she paused as Loki was in front of her, smirking.

"Well, I honestly expected more than one person with a mind of their own!" he commented whimsically. "If it makes you feel any better, most of them, Dumbledore included don't believe who I am, and I'm sure only a few have a clue what will happen soon. Go girl, go and warn the girl, and SHIELD. I don't care whether they capture her or not, but with SHIELD on higher alert... well, the more the merrier!" he chuckled before he walked away and disappeared.

"How the hell does that jerk do that?" she asked herself before shaking her head and quickly apparating, gone as she had to find someone she doubted she could.